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itif r .jjto. ■
r•" '
OR. L. R. CLARK. □. D. 9.
FUllnn* that stay In orowus that
•lay on. plates that fit perfectly.
Irtdgework that so slu. ilatee tha
(atural t« > th aa to defv detection.
.It's tho htKh trade m.iterlal u»M
kitd the scientific manner In whtoh
a'. 1 our work la Inaartwd that ao-
C<>'inta for It* complete d»p«<nJab!l-
Itv and endurlu* quality People
irho let us do their dentistry have
Comfort, satisfaction anil J teeth
Our work Is flawleer. and strictly
guaranteed Cut mto \r! « nlways
Brevall In this office \\ < will make
luu an e\tru hesvy $1" ('.old Crown
Ibr 14.00 or on* of oni regular 110
Pl.'Uaa for J5 t>o
Regal Denial Office*
fcr. L. R Clark. D. D. S (Ma ager)
1406 Third Ave., N. W. Cor. Union.
NOTB —Brtng thla Ad with you.
On Whldby Island Jl4 to >40
per aero for land that will pro
duce a good crop of anything
that grown In Western Washing
ton. Mild clUnat>, good cropa.
bum market. School, atore.
hotel and postofflce. IHrect boat
servloe from both Seattle and
tCrer-tt. Only one-flfih cash,
balance a years at 6 per cent
Calvin Philips & Co.
L*mry fU* 1141 a« >!•!•» 7114.
Opmm "•turiU/ Kvrntnc*
L* shown by careful, sav
ing method*.
A Bank Account is the
greatest incentive to suc
cessful endeavor.
We invite you to start
one n>>w with us.
4\S> Per Cent Interest
Paid on Deposits
Deposit* of $1.00 an<l up
Ban't for Savings
Pike St. and Third Ave.
You Need Dental Work—
I Need the Money
—— j
I Am Now Giving My Personal
Attention to My Dental Prac
tice at 713 First Avenue
Vnq mi v* n dollar, I rnnk* n dollnr
•o )"inr d»nt»l work •* h-ri don* nt mj
I do rot w|fh p advoriU
fn« dit •* •. it <s*n"\. w, f.r pricM
" |»»y '» ' V d'ntnl offlct
lb |i'« " • 1«»rn th*ir pr' -% th«a cnl< at
r-.jr tor MCBllMtloa ind •■timAtt
without 'h*rs*
M / ft >MW bMB M(tbll|h|| »| 7||
#|rf *v In -hi ''r lon I i f, r o*«r <0
j* .% »r1 I I'tirv *11 ■ r'd. for If
fucra wi'h WlitUtt «'ikf»i/H Th«
'» '' (trial 4 iigh «at
i of ar.i ■•m n ret**4| tb«
' r th* !••*! IION'IT
* .th d' "» .* platta
•M tr!d*« - rk. w* id] «t tlAoUl
'»r hrldg* work Palnli-aft -itAct
ing 1 • fr*»
B«tt«r -work aM rr««t«r «ffl< i*n«9 h u
~«»» «B'iljr f « •
»• DwIW J mini K n n n
MrwttU's f^udln^
1 »o M Union Woolc. ?ll rirat Av
• t>9. firown In nay locality
el.'/ulo* to l>« Dr T- -I llroun
Oprn mine* nntlf M o'clock ,nd *OJ»-
4* > a mill t o'flnck for p«t»pl« who work.
111/ MTticU In tk« H*Uir<L*f Ht*r
thousand baneball bufa i
filled tbn urnmlstand mid blsachere
Rinl aurem! out onto tha flald to I
vr|tnp«~i t » laat of the threwaimie
oerlca between tht> colored Amer
ican llli.nta of Chic iko and tha
Seattle ctub Btmdav afternoon.
The ne«roee wero wearing their
hatlluK l.na. Whan tho alauuhter
end> d tho nmnerala at >od 17 10 T
nantuit tha white (Hants Tha vla-
Itlna baiamen found tha trio of lo
cal iwlitara. M«lklu, Mclvor and i
(»!l a, for SO aafo drives, elahl of
which ware two-bsagers and thraa
The Amur lean OUnta opened thai
game by crabblaf tbrve run* lu tha |
Initial a*avion. In the aocond, thraa j i
mora cam* aero as. | <
it waa In tha b»'nlnnlnf of tha
third that Mclvor «ua sent la to .
check tha blacks lie did nicely,
hoMUif hla ebon; hu«d opponents i
scorelei>i hot In the fourth Mclvor I
followed M alkie's fojtatep* wbaa'i
tha visitors ponnill hla offerlms*
for a »e«tuple of t»l!U'* Ulpo re
lieved the southpaw, and four mora
nine came In before he retired tha
aide. Prom tha period on Ulya
Ma;iy handsome trophies have
been <><•' by prominent Jo# fan
cier* for the coming uln«t»«nth at*
nual d'g ahow to be gl*en the B*at
tie Kenuel club at tbs Boa March#,
beginning Wednesday and eudlug
The club will iMQo an elaborate
catalogue. It wl'J contain picture*
of the n 'ted roMt dog*, and *tort*e
asd *tan4*rd» of lb* prlndpal
l»r !*»••• * '**•«! rirt
LOS ANOBLES \prtl 7.— Haprr
Hognn'a Venloe dab haa *uffer»<l
the first «>Tere blow by Injury of
the e»ason. Cayt Roy Biaebear,
cleanup hitter. la lying In a hospital
with a briken leg Briuhear will
be out of the fan** at leut two
month*, and poeslbty will not taJte
the field again thle year. The In-
Jury aaa auatained In the aeooud
Inning of yeeterday'* game at
Venice. Jofcneon colliding with
Braahear at first base, which he
waa covering od the Ar.gr'.a' play
er a sacrifice hit.
Owner C'obn, of
the Spokane In
diana, may lose
I'pomla. a young la
fielder, who has
bem the star of
the Indian training
ramp thus tar. It
lias dPTHlnped that
fin ml* accepted an
offer from Milwaukee Secretary
Kurr' :i <>f the National commission
had notified Cohn to this effect.
• • •
With the *t*rt of the »eason the
'Jlanta will carry aboti'. 22 pliyrrs.
The club* may carry an many pliy
«r* as they *ee fit until Juno 18,
wh*n they muat cut down th«lr
squads to 18 player* It la not like-1
iy any of the twlrlera on the stsff
it present will bo vlc'lms of the
pmnlng knife until the aeaaon la
under way.
• • •
A special exctir'lon will be nin
from l<ewlaton, Idaho. April 15 to
wltne** the Spnkine Indians and
the Portland Colta In tie opening
! day clanh In Spokane The Com
merclal club In Indorsed
'he proposition and a rr.aaa m et
Ing waa held to Ulacuaa arriuife
■rata •
1o All Impatjent lans
And ealli ye Vmp an "Ivory knob,"
And eke a "robber and a alobbe';
.. __ /"Nw Ye aeaaon oi"D* April ninth.
CBv / y
A.L gV— / "ijjr What If ye Kn.iirifla ho i!"- ; n with
/Jf Y« »»-naon open* April ninth.
f \\ f at If ye mercury he low?
Ye hi op<-na April ninth:
MaBW Ye pitcher'* curve, ye nxdera'
h? cheer.
<L Ye crack of bat ye *phr>re,
T« ha 'hallo loverw alle take hn«rt«, t | lllnl 111 111 Ilium
Ye aeaaon opena April ninth; nj | »|—U|- 111 lyHt
'Tla thr-n ye bin league oontenta \WT I Ut TIT (II I|T l|Lj
Ye m aaon opena April ninth; iK.— —UV — ||1 111 TIL '
*Moat two weeka more /e needa 191) ! '
Amid ye maaae of "winter dope," V "Caf
Hut c.h«ero ye up, bo Rladde, take
Ye season opena April ninth.
Then ahafl ye hear the ory, Tlay i as
Ye nekaou opens April ninth;
Then aha]l ye feel the ancient —
Ye neaarra opens April ninth. T;
Then ah all ye oheer atte Walwh and .
ji ■ mm n—rawri^—rg—fcamwerT- -r--
Our Idea of • bonehaad-—« catcher who will attempt to beat a run-
Cir around tho boaea.
• • • • •
A !o* of baaaball holdouts who have advanced from smaller league*
are r»-Klnnlng J,l/ realise about this time why the toilary teiniH t«rn not
aa hl« ua they wanted.
» • • • •
Now that Jim Thorpe's nsms la no lonQer on th» publlo'a llpa, th*
ru;uor la out that Mtigijsy McUraw will gl*e the Indian athlete hla
.waikltig papers.
■ iwlrtod excellent bull.
Mnsgar Raymond dsclsred
thle mornlcg that ha *m aatle
fltd with tha showing made by
hla squad agalnat tha oolored
Itim. Tha negross hsvs baen
playing togathsr winter,
whlla tha looal bunch hava
batn togathar but a short tlma.
Wllaan waa out of y>a games
with a bad laf, and dtraft had
not arrlvad (r«m Naw York. It
might hava altarad tha raaulta
had thcee two ragulara baan In
I tha aerlsa.
• a a
Oatewood, tha narro twtrter. had
nil ktmta of ipoed, twister* and
i outroL hut tha plants solved hit
lellvery for IS hit*. NUI chunked
out three a! ales And Jackson,
Dean and Cadman follow »d with
(wo htti apiece I'can dropped tha
hull over tha hoards for a bonier
and clouted a two-ba||er. Holt
He keen and CadinaA poked tha
ph< re (or a trip to tha koysloua
a a a
Although Strait waa expected
In Seattle Sunday, ha did not
arrtva. If ha coma* In tlrna
tha big outfielder will ba ••an
In tha fray between tha Vet*
and tha Colta thla aftamoon.
The Colts AM not tr.aie the trip
to ICverett B'ui'lay, The rain in
| Hr«rett put the Bobttmnv field,
i where the game* art played, In bad
shape, which caused the poetpoue
menl of the gayiv between the
Vans and the Rverett dub.
• • •
The Vetg aid the Colte will
. tangle thle artertuun at I W
j o'clock. The last time the squad
was divided they played 11 Innings
to a i-I tie. I.lnd and Vally will
furnish the battery work for the
regulars and Bruwulnf acd Cad
man for the Yannlgmnt
• • •
After wttnceslnf tile conf'lot at
, Pug's par* S<ir>day, Bob Mrrrwn,
Vancortter preeldent. declarwl hf
j was not *urpfieed that the Tout
I leijrtie team* side etetrprd the col
<>r«d team. Th« following Is tlis
way Brown's team will Hneip this
lemon! W»!» or McMurrtO, first;
I Bennett, second; Rucll, third;
•4ch#rtiw -ber. short; Helstar. Iwft
flel4; Klppert, center fteld: rrlsk,
! rl|fht field; L<ewts er Konnlck,
catcher. M>'Crerry, Srhuiuta, By
raftj and Hall, pltrhet*
.C«VI RKiCTti*WWWOfI/ Mfc ■ j llliliiijl
Beau OwbteitaAn
Teasei^O 1 Butterfiojjers- -WSaBS
JSl* &J-MS
M (jft \AASt** PO*
/ &£. \ <4jw)SUP jM
neMiino WWWI jV ib
|T A WILD HEAVE Q*TE*n,^^ —-? B? 'JPk- cw*
EvW BATrcttS BT«H WOfcK *•; t; A t S D-RUWf*
Mi<-i 1 P* ■vrn
WAHIIINnTON, 11, A|.rll 7.-
Youth it nil Hp* i'il HfMiii till* coll*
I>luntlon t'lurku ■ Urlfflth dei>«ud»
H> wlu Ihn American Imiicii" p«n
nniit tn 1913 w 1 til Hit' onon di'HiiiM'd
Washington tram, luHt ynitr rurv
n«r tip In tho linn Johnnoii oroM
country chMft.
At ('lmrlottuiivflln, wlinr* th«
"National* tratnod. the "Old ¥Vx"
wui'VoU duy aftor day. auarohlttl
fur the combination that tnull
Kit* the iftm a out In the world's
Wrtna thla
While crltloa furor th« Athletlca
for the flu*, with the Ked rt«.* car
rytu* odda for pla< e, the "Old KVi"
I* nut bothering over the opinion Of
the "eiperta."
"1 had a mighty good teem last
year, didn't IT' demanda Qilffllh.
Weil, I *e got the aaine team now.
Furthermore, FTe plrked up some
of the moit promising player* I
over looked at They are younf
and fast. Thai's what I want—
and Speed These, with
what I know about baseball, Will
Hire ui» a ihance for the pennant."
Griffiths contention U sound.
Itta team today Is the same that
won 17 straight games la»t year,
liach player t> I rad Just M
much as a year'* esperlsttM glree
confldi'i ioe and arnoothnees.
Hut one lofle'd p'ace, second
►mao. U In doubt, and the "Old
Phi" has one of the beet looking
youngsters ever seen lo a major
league uniform In Joe (Wlk'H. laat
year »lth Han Franclaco. where he
play»d the outbid He threatens
to one' IfVank Ij» Portre. the aluf-
Ring veteran, and Kny M >rgaa. the
fast fle!dl»g youngster.
Oedeon It 1». a sli footer, fsst
Im a cricket, a reliable bailer, and
he has ihe nerre of a book sgent.
He mar not inert the art* r> at sec
ond. but will be there b«fore tUe
leaves begin to fall
Tho other promising Inflsid inar
tarlal consists of "Rebel*" Williams.
Six Seattle }»o wI mg teams will
compete In the bowling tournament
to be held In Vancouver, H this
week The Ham) Htsrs, Smith's
Hop® llolsum Making Co , Hon
Marche and two Shuttle Athletic
team» will participate.
• • •
With the clnse of tho Hankers'
le»gu« race drawing near, It look*
like the Odter Mortons for the tOi
rung. The Mortons are now leal
In* the race, but as each team at HI
hat h » rlc* to roll, the first N ,
tlonala, by taking three straight
and the Iraderi dropping the name
number, would land In first place
Bankers' League Standing
o w. i,. ret.
Deitnr Morton Na
tlonal bank 24 17 7 T
Seattle Nat'l hank 24 IB 9
Firnt Nat'n'l l>ank. 24 9 18 .37"i
National Bank of
Commaroe 24 7 17 .U9l!
• • •
Commercial League Standing
O w L. Prt
fltandsrd Fur Co.. 9 7 2 .77R
Pa n to r I u m Uye
Work* 9 7 2 .778
Latonas 12 fl 0 .500
lioicorn I-br. 00... 9 8 4 .856
Tucker Hanford Co. 9 4 8 444
Florists 13 1 11 .It
law basnbaU" means somethlnt:
mora thaa Uio sort of ball played
Independent gr Hie national oom
tuUslou !n tho Fol»nm State prison
leagiio, wbtrth has opened Its scnnon
In Foisom, near here, today.
Th« stars making up tho "circuit"
urn hi for everything from pi tit lar
oeny to manslaughter, The opening
4nnt# 111 between the Cuba liti.l
the lied hot, und Warden Johnston
pitched the first ball
In connection with the peniten
tiary league th«r« Is a "fonder" out
fit culled tho "hush league." The
season for thim latter aggregation la
also opened.
from Newark, O, and Mortar Jen
nings, laat year Kwoiviii.-'s short
stop Williams U It*. haa apetd,
an lvlt and liaa bacebalt bralna.
Nl'va outfielder* reported In Qrtf
flth, but tlia otlda luvr always fa
vorrd the veterana Milan. Shanka
and M ">!.er M"m led (ha coun
u j in stolen baaos Uat ft nr and
ha* no competitor. Bbanka wh»>ae
hitting wbji too light, and Moeller.
whoae shoalder bothered him laat
i fall, have a fight on ihelr bands.
Prominent OMnpetlUrs aro Ja
clr.to Cairo and Paldouiere Acosta.
j Cabana Cairo bit 3i« In th« Cuban
league. punlahti * Bcnilnr and
Conmba Uat fall. He la 20, fa*t.
KANSAS CITY. Mo, April 7.—
Han a suffering from a
torn Hgarnant tn his right l<noe. I*
Dot likely to participate In the open
lng game of the Notional Inaipi*
eeaaon. Manager Clsrk of Pitts
burg announced here lhat Wagner
Is now on hit *ay to *•»« Bon« natter
H< <>•» at Youngatown, 0., and prob
ably will not appear tn the opening
gaibn at Cincinnati.
A preliminary bout between Har
vey Dnnaldson and Hurry Watson,
fcoth Reattle boy*, will precede tho
big event. Donaldson Is 115-pound
national champion.
Don't Blame uk Postof fice
It's Your Own Fault!
The General Efficiency of A Thorough Knowledge of
the Postal Service, in All the Parcel Post and Its
of Its Branches, Depends Regulations Is Necessary
on the Co-operation of iiie if We Are to Increase Its
The Seattle Star,
Seattle, Washington.
You will find irvelosed the sum of three dollars
and twenty-five cinti (93.23), for which send me
The Seattle Star for the period of one (1) year, and
one of the new Parcel Post Maps containing a
complete map of the state of Washington, a com
pleter map of the United States and a complete map
of the world, a» per offer.
R. P, P. No Postofflca
mid lilla wllh Iho but moll otl th»
I num. I* Ml a lid l<*d lb'*
m|hhil nt hit In trulnlii* cmuip. M«*
mill Ilk a n vetnraa aud runt liaiiM
Ilk* Milan.
AI»o tber« nro lon f'orinolly, from
Miiitrml; Hill Alltii, from ribaiun.
I'*, and I lurry W«lcliun<», from
Nashville; they ran bit and rums
well r»cumm«-nde4. The Cubans
v/» favored, L.* cause the "Old f\ix"
demands youth and speed.
The Incomparable Walter John
mm. the bulky Cart Caahlon, the
«*'d, crafty Tom Hughes ai*4 ths
altt.der Bob Oroom, mi He up ths
quartet of regular pitchers, but
Griffith wants others, youngster to
develop and to last for years. So
1 e la working with Joe Engle, Joe
Hoehltng and M.lrln Oallla, not yet
of age; K liot Dent, from Newark,
and Tom Drohan, Kuwanee'a wla
ning pitcher. The last pair hare
reputations but are not so youthfuL
ao must win from the start, to hold
Carroll Barton, a Washington
»andlotter: Victor Bickers. a Buf
falo semi-pro, and Bob Austin, a
Wualeyan college southpaw, under
21, are trying to tmpresa the "Old
IAjI" with their pitching
"Have we a chanoa for the pen
nant?" i«»» Griffith. "Of course,
» o hare Ol\a ua oar share of the
breaks and we will run over them
all rough shod. ! oan't kit what
my lire up will be until I find the
beat poanlble combination aa I
found It laat anaaon. Hut 1 aju sat
l»fl«d with tnjr vounga'era I want
klda, no matter bow young, and I
want them fant I've got them now
and I'll do my best to make them
floth Polly (Jrlmm und .John li«-r«
ara In excnllorit roridlll'/u for tlndr
I tout at the I<ahur Tmriplo Tu*sUy
Their tusale will nmrk Orlmm's
third appi-araiiea on the mat ha h
profenalonal wreatler fhivltiK nmt
both Zhyar.ko arid Put Connolly,
flrlmm and his ui(ifi«ir<-r, l»ri Hall,
flfura those two matches as auffl
rtent In tha wuy of »»jH-rlan(» for
hla aripirnont wjth ll«T*
Althourh a victory mean* *r. a«
er laurels for tie local «raplt
nevertheless moans as mnuh to
rWw K . as Orlmrn slready l»aa ana
tloti-wlde reputation. Orlmm will
apT"»tr on the mart wotfhlng close
to *18 pounda. whlla Her* will earry
174 p<»i!i<la liar* la «*[>«<• tad to
make up f'»r the weliflit daadvan
tage by hla airlllty
Drop $3,000 Cash
in Ten Years
That'i what YOU do at $25 per month for houio rent
THINK OF IT, and not a thing to ahow (or It
NOW, $5 cash and $5 prr month paid to Darld P.
Eastman, 503 Lowrnan B!dg., will soon put you in your
own BUNOAIyOW In a delightful
mir.utea' car rtda from your wor» —from vour thoppin®—
from the theatre and all comforta and pleasure of batng
In Seattle
Lota $250 to $350; level, ready to btiild on; city water,
city light—COLUMBIA ia th« place for you.
David P. Eastman
You'll Find Interesting Features at the Theatres Listed Below
OHpnn Thpatrp •
V/UCVII I llCllll rv.r. win ix two f .,ca i«ih
KIH.T AT PI KM T ° 4 * r *"'■
Thl ftattlr *f TorA," 4 ip«U
tf _ I I — P* _ Kalarn Jfir i. porxrl|df tfcu
II If Ifmif "™~ f faa>oua featt'.a at th« Cirtl W*r. U.i at
V. V/l livri ■ ir.taraalln, laaaMory "*mi U lank/
« al }i'cfr«i*h d'imi "TW U<
I'hlrd A*, at L'atoa. arar P. O. pr.,fit*bl. K,.«rJ.r." Eiiaoa aoMi*
C* _ -.. -_ C* _ "A Drama la tha All," tvo-raal faatara
I'lraf At m D»( Malltaa spring "Oil! What ft I!oob," ©omftdf.
tlk Mr. farmer:
Mr. Rural Man:
™ Don't Wait,
Renewals of _ #
Al .„ gy(- gg [j|, S
n rnrrr ®
1 ' "> BVICHBr t i.
"l- 1 ( - '"'VV,?
v.'.. -„y p:
' > ' - - flflh :, t „ »'».»
■ itv
i l>H. ...7„■, ,iV £
« IMKtir I UM|
A*#l«t*'l ),f
' MI«» Kim iium ~
lir.il> ..... '.[] ■:"* **■ N«m.
*T f evesl»g
"i.i *<>yr < ti p.
«• >.a H
'<" k 1
IK I 11„|,.., r
Phona Main ttl
Eyres Transfer Co.
Offloa 114 Ja?lcaon 81.

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