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Mr*tt«ctt or rut mri" NOHruwr*r
1 I Mil * Of \t\W«MM'KHH iv«"«r«ph >fM
•rrUrf »»f lhi> t iillcil X'rvm* %••«>.lit(lon
1 ptffv.l »t thr 1 s«M»ttl», \% l»h *• "*l
rln%s nmH*r. b> Tnt I'ublUhlni
firry rifiilni fr»»n«t*y.
Keep Yourself Well—Walk
Anions the helps to health is exercise.
Docs tl'at mean buying golf sticks and fancy clonics
•ml pavmg fat fees to a country club or an athletic
association? .
Not necessarily. They're all right if you can afford
'em. A mighty fine game is golf. So Is tennis or squash.
Most any game is good that gets you into the open air,
working vour muscles. Running a lawn mower or shoveling
anou is excellent for its own sake, to say nothing of its
•one) saving value. The Y. M. C. A. gym is line, too.
The little you pay for a membership card Is a tiptop
Kach of these, however, is of limited value and requites
you to go to a place.
There's a wav to exercise which costs nothing, requires
no special toggcrv. can be tried any time, anywhere, is first
class siK.rt, keeps a fellow's muscles In superb trim and
saves a pot of money in the course of the year.
It's to walk. Walk to work in the morning. Walk home
at night. Walk when chance offers during the day.
Street cars generally are stuffy and the fare counts up.
Autos are for the rich. But every man and every woman can
travel at will on shanks' ponies. The only cost is shoe
wear, and you save this ten times over in reduced bills from
the druggist and doctor.
Riding is mostly a habit. For each time that you ride
beeause you have to. don't you ride a do/en times just be
cause you've gotten out of the way of wa king.
Our sturdy dads walked. Walked miles. Never wsited
for street cars Didn't have street cars.
They ate good food, breathed fresh air, rested as nature
Intended—and walked. You can't beat that combination for
keeping the human animal well.
Why don't you get up early tomorrow morning and walk
to work? Then, if not too tired, walk home at night. Pill
the lungs, stretch the legs, enjoy the scenery, get back to
nature. It's as fine exercise as there is And it keeps the
liver working.
Lay the Cards Face Up, Woodrow
Owing to the stir made by the News-Post of Philadelphia,
it appears that some one hundred big firma, beside John
Wanamaker, have compromised their customs frauds by I the
payment of money, under the Taft administration. These
compromises were ma le, more or less "on the quiet," but
President Wilson's attorney general and secretary of the
treasury promise thorough investigation and full publicity.
Tins is as it should be, and this promise should be
fulfilled as early a« is possible, not for the purpose of muck
raking Taft and his crew, already completely discredited
and retired to merited oblivion, but for the purpose of
criminal prosecution of the guilty.
When "Holy John" Wanamaker planked down $100,000
to satisfy defrauded Uncle Sam, he probably thought he d
bought complete absolution, but no le«<s an authority than
U. S District Judge i.nndis has decided that in spite of any
monev compromise the defratiders can be punished with im
prisonment, if conspiracy can be proved.
Of course, anyone can make out how John and the other
hundred hortis%vaggled poor soft old Bill I aft and his
satellites The accused were of our best and holiest citizens
It wa> the first time they had sinned, or. rather, been caught.
The offense was not intentional, but due to the error in their
business system. So, they restored part of their swag and
were let off.
On with the investigation, the publicity and the pros
ecution. Woodrow! Maybe, when we get at substantial
justice in this matter, there'll be more of substantial justice
to pass around to the common folks.
Mothers, have you joined the Seattle Mothers' 1 rain
ing School?
It is worth a trial, at lea«t The school is dedicated to
great, noble and beneficial work. Will you help it along?
The second meeting; of the school will be held Wednes
day afternoon, beginning 3:30, in the B >n Marche building.
The le ture will treat < t the cate of the new-born. A prac
tical demonstration of the child's bath will be given.
The class is open to all mothers. Reputable, learned
physicians and trained nurses are contributing iheir services.
Now the co-operation and association of mothers is ncd.-d
to make Seattle truly the healthiest city in the v. rid.
'Rah for philanthropy! Some of those Chicago department store*
bare rained tiielr Kill* wn ;ea .".0 cents per week How can a girl (Co
wrong with $3 Jingling In her pocket every pay night:
Pennsylvania legis'ature contemp ates a law for the reading of the
Bible In tbe public >,-bi I*. Might henerit boiiio, If bs< I• '1 up by a
law for ioa<liug t.h< criminal statutes In the I'ei.nsyl/aula legislature.
In 1912 one bride In ten, In California, had previously figured on
one or the other side of a divorce caw, while tlie marriages of lad lon
who have always been maidens are decreasing.
A Chinaman told a Spokane police Judge that he drove a crippled
liorse so aa not to break tt»e speed limit ordinance Every day one
read* of things making one regiet Hiving up his borne for an infernal
machine that won't run at all unless It can break the spaed ordinance
Drives Rheumatic Pains Away,
Relieves Backache and Blad
der Disorders After a
Few Doses Are
Sleep disturbing Mfcdder . uk
Besses, backache, rheun: .-Ism, and
Bie many other kindred ailmenla
which so oommonly com i with de-
Sllnlng yeer.i. net-! no longer be a
lource of dread and misery to
those who are past the middle ago
The new discovery, Croxone, re
llevßß ail such disorders because It
removes the very cause of the
trouble It soaks rl«bt In»o the kid
neys, through the walla and lln
Ings, clears Out th<- little filtering
glands and cells, and given ihe kid
neys new ilrenftli to do their fork
properly. It n>'i4ra)lzea and dls
Notice, Mothers!
solve* the poisonous urlo acid sub
stances that lodge In the Joint*
and muscles, causing rheumatism;
and makes fho kidneys f!|u r and
sift out all the poisonous waste mat
t«T from the blood and drive It out
of the system.
It matters not how old you are or
how long you have suffered, <'nix-
one Is so prepared that It Is prao
tlcally Impossible to take It Into the
human system without results
You will find It different frofn ali
other remedies There Is nothing
elso on earth like It It starts to
work Immediately and more than a
few dos"H are seldom required to
relieve even the <>w*t chronlo, oh
stlnato case.
You can obtain an original pack
Ht?e of Croxone at trifling cost from
imv first clriKH druggist. All drug
glut i are authorized to personally
' urn th" purchase price If tiro*
ioae should (ail It a single case.

Bought After.
"After yiw» b«rame wealthy,"
until the biographer, "you found
yourself nmoh •><'<ikltt aftert"
"Yet.'' replied Dmttn rttai; "by
iui Investigating committee."
After nil of Now York's allnlght
plm «« ar» closed ut 1 a. in. a lot
of fiillows down there will bnfo
difficulty In putting In tho time till
Things we never expect to se* —
An auto the that doesn't ftr*
out Jtiat At tho eisct moment you
need It most
A man who return* a book within
14 hour* of the ttmo l.» flnlshe*
reading It.
A man who returns an umbrella
within 41 hour* of the time It
•topped raining.
A doctor who wouldn't help lynch
Dr. KYledmann.
A woman who looks comfortable
In a hobble skirt
Frank Gould le giving up Hie
residence In the United Statee
beoauee the government le con
tinually Interfering with bust,
neu. But we don't eee where
Frank has any llcsnse to file a
complaint. The government
never Interfered with hie buel>
neae. He never had any buel
Ifnl This Touching*
Only on* •motional touch marked
th» prisoner at the bar, u tb«
•larva vital, all Important wordt
were solemnly Intoned by Jwlga
Hovtol), and verified. as thalr true
and faithful verdict, by the foreman
and hlii coadjutor*. Th« Adam's
ay pis In tl:o ruKxnd throat swollen
for th« moment with th«
Ifnvntll of the occasion, wav
•red and quivered, 11 tha da
fenlaut (rilped, aa If to swallow th«
choktuK Impediment Than grip
p!n«. nervously Interlacing flnp»r*
were unclasped, and the face took
on a glow of radeuit Joy, natural
to on« whoso feat have leen walk-
In* In thn very "Valley of tha
Shadow of I loath." And than all
•it aa ufiuaJ. In tha lineament* and
hearing of th» victorious man. —
lowa illy (la.) I»r<?ss
"Pr. Smith doosnt look yry
che< rfu! thin rooming."
"No. h* do«*n'L lie's all broken
up H« lost a patient last night."
"lla must ho a very conscientious
4< etor If ho take* It to hard."
"You don't understand. Th»
patient called l»r. Jones " •
"I'll b'llld a fleet of aeroplane*,"
The kaiser doth declare.
Well, William's thuunhta hav«
mostly be<in.
Away up In tha air.
At the Clemmer Until V/edne*4oy
"The Flood at Dayton, Ohio."
• • •
At the Society Until Wednesday
"On" Good Turn," "The Sand* c»f
Time Will Willie Win?" 'An
• • •
At the Yesiar Until Wednesday
'Range Law," •'(Join* Home."
"Tim Uuos&n's Foundling," ' Tho
Lost Deed."
• • •
At the Dream Until Wednesday
"The Oolden Hoard or Hurled
Alive," in two ret 1 !*; "Putha Week'
ly No. 16," "He Answered tho Ad."
• • •
At the Home Until Wednesday
"Tho Vens:eance of Heaven," In
two parts; "Gaamont Weekly No
54, I"he Idol of the Hour."
* * x
At the City Until Wednesday
"Th<- Hpy'* Defeat," two reels.
"The IrMlmnma"
• • •
At the Class A Until Wednesday
"A C!t«nit« of Administration,"
two part*; "Patty 1 * Deception,"
"New York'* Public Market*."
• • •
At the Union Until Wednesday
"The Tintlln of Itloody Ford," In
two reel*; ' Near to Karth," "The
Unprofitable Boarder"
• • •
At the Melbourne Until Wednesday
"With \as* In Virginia." two part*;
"A Woman Who l>ld Not fare,"
"Her New Reiul," "On Hl* Wedding
• • •
At the Circuit Until Wednesday
"K« .'•••iit*d From the Burning
Depth*," In three reel*
Moore—"The Prince of Pllsen "
Se.'ttle Hulley % Mftehitll stock
In "The Thief "
Orpheum—V ri ikl«-t I Il«»
Hin pr e as— Van 1o v 111 e.
Pant ages—Vaudeville
GRAND —Vaudeville and motion
CLEMMSR — Photoplays mid
MELBOURNE —Photoplays and
ALHAMBHA — Photoplayn and
MODS elegantly rifmished
rooms at lowest rates at Hotel Vlr
glnu*, Eighth and Vlrglula, nenr
Westlak* Elliott HO*. •••
In Cloudland
' The ; i
By the Bosphorus
Tha sultan listened at tha phone.
Than sighed. "I gtieas I'tu In It,
I do not Uko to ds ve mysejf.
But aoon I*ll do the Turkey trot."
Udltor Tha Star:
Hurra (you may pronounce It
hurray, hurrah or htirrawi -Hurra
for slmpllfyed spelling! I bin
(or I* It bean?) an adn kat o* (or
la It u-*T) simplify apeHn* for many
yers and bar bad tha kuraj of (or
la It u-»t) my oonvlkshuna. alw-au
spiling wurds ai tba ure pr riounct.
Hut wurds ar pmnounat wun w« In
Boaton. auuthor «i In Kleviand,
anulher wa In Keokuk. anuther wa
In Atlanta, and atll another wa la
H««lford. Pie/ put me down (or I#
It d-iMi-n?! for lokallcd slmpllfytl
apellng - J. E. N,
When a man picks up a New York
l>ap«r those daya ha'* Inclined to
holtova that one-ha If tha imputation
"f that town la confessing md tha
other half la going to Europe.
"N i* i filters
through from
Waahln'ton that
Mockhlaer, after
grapplln' with th*
( mighty problema
that confront a
atateamen, la auf
fertn' with brain
fag. Conalderable
relief la felt, how
ever, at th'
• thought that In
his case It will be
Impoaalblt fer th'
dlaaaae tar secure
■ much of a foot
Steals to Keep
Love of Mere Man!
Because He admired
well-drrssrd women She
stole—stole right and left.
And llien site lied. \\ itli
wonderful felicity and
rare charm of manner she
lied Having lied onco
she must needs lie again.
Of course, the end came.
I,ike a thunderbolt out of
a clear sky the husband
learned that She was a
She told him then why.
What he did, what she
did afterwards is part of
a great story; a story
which, so the reports state,
made Mow York city, cal
loused, hardened and cold
as She is- "shed real
The tale is told by
living, breathing people all
this week at the Seattle
. "The Thief" opens to
night, but it will be
useless for any reader
of this paper to go to
night, for the reason that
Had He Been Properly Inapaeted?
The accident was caused by the
explosion of a blowout pipe from
the holler of the ooglneer Mar
Inetts ( \Vt».) H«,irch light.
"I suppose John D. Hnckefeller
la a* >k vlng a man a* the world
ever baa ee«n."
"Indeed ho It He only ««»««
hU own tnotiiy. but every tx>dy
elso'a "
What hat txcomt of the old
fashioned woman who uaed to
pour keroeene on the kindling
to stsrt tha kitchen fire ?
"I thought you said yu wt*r»
not going to more this spring."
"That's right. That's what 1
"But yotir wife tells m» she la
looking for a bona* and that you'll
move If she finds one that pleases
That's why we're not going to
Soma man hope for the beat,
but make the mlatske of prepar
ing for nothing else.
Have you no*l< «d what a lot of
women are wearing those hats
sold by aaffragets for II?
Neither have we.
Valuable Finds.
- Wombat claims to have found a
valuablo pearl In an oyster atew
Do you think he did'"
"Why not? Such things happen.
Otto* 1 found a valuable oyster In
Suburban Life
TNI« IT'S A wrtoj
•-— —— I "
'Tie now the poor suburbanite
Puts In his garden seeds,
And sparrows come and eat them
But never touch the weede.
the big theatre at Third
and Cherry st. is sold out
already. Hut on Tuesday
night or any night this
week you have an oppor
tunity to see a play which
made a profound impres
sion wherever it has been
It should be said in
passing that the Seattle
theatre is not in the
"Theatrical Trust" and
therefore instead of pay
ing $1.00 to $2.50 per se.it
one may see this plav at
20c, 30c and 50c. The
matinees, which arc given
on Thursday, Saturday
and Sunday, cost a
quarter for any seat in
th>' house. "The Thief"
will be staged in a sump
tuous manner, and crit
ics declare that the Hailey
& Mitchell productions
are fully equal to anything
shown by the Combine.
It is expected that "The
Thief" will fcreak a |[ rcc _
ords for (his Popular
I'lay House.
It Stir* Him Up
Editor The Star: Home time ago
an article appeared In The Httu
1 that appealed to lue u» an exem
plary discussion of waete, at, J
w!,< t)itir It waa n philanthrope <1
aire on the part of some Idle rl< h
to spend money for the perform
ani'u of some useless duty.
We hear lio many people win
metnl and defend tlio ways of the
profligate rich by maintaining that
money expanded by them In pur
suit of some UoVby or personal
pleasure finds Its way back to the
tollers. Along that line of reunon-
Ing, a nice little cruise around the
world In a ywebt, liidulg'd In by
some of our mlllloaalre*. Involving
the labor or services of probably
30 or 40 persons, la a generous way
to return a mite of whet has b*»n
sweated out of other employes In
their mills and factories.
ft,ooo Yards
Wash L aces,
Worth to 15e,
Per Yard, Bc.
"The Economy Store," Second Avenue, between Spring and Seneca. Phone Main 60M
MU »Al l Isi in,in- *t jr*
raiiM itAM'o*v
First Anniversary Sale
Began This Morning and Will Continue Six Daya
YOUR BENEFIT. A little over a year ago the Pariton & London Co. took ortt th*
business of the Edwin London Co. The first three or four months were devoted to
closing out of the Edwin London Co. stock and replacing it with merchandise of the
newest and most reliable character. Every department received a thorough overrul
ing and leceived its quota of up to the minute merchandise. Rome was not built in t
day, neither was any healthy business. Spasmodic adveitising and spasmodic bargains
are like moftquitos or traveling fakirs—they come and in the night time. But it
takes time to build a healthy, reputable lasting be : cS4 It takes time for peopk
to appreciate and know what we are doing for them, lotrf nave been buncoed so ionj
by unscrupulous advertisers and fake sales in every line of business that they in
skeptical and must be shown today that a firm's word is as good as its bond —that fht
promises in print are performed on the premises.
'Hie patronage our friends and patrons have given us during the past year con
vinces us that they appreciate our efforts. The steady increase in our business in the
past eight months,' thoroughly demonstrates that the people realize the savings they caa
make by trading here.
RtAD [Vtߥ IftM CARfftltLY
Ladies' Percale and Calico
Second Floor.
The loose-fitting kind; else* M to 40; all
lengths. Regular price# up to $1.49. QQ.
Anniversary Hale price Oww
Ladies' White Shirt Waists
Second Floor.
In lingerie. law* and embroidery trimmed;
long and abort sleeves. high or low neck,
"V" and square neck, button back or front.
A splendid assortment. Anniversary CQp
Sale prtoe Www
Children's and Miasea' Waah
Second Floor.
Just the thing for school or play. because
they will wear and wash wall. They are
made of faat colored ginghams, porcaios
and calicoes; some nre nicely trimmed with
Bulgarian colore. Wortk 794, 4Qr>
but our Anniversary Sate price 1i... Huu
Ladies' Trimmed Hats
Third Floor.
For this sale »ro havo selected one hundred
ladles' Street and Dress Hate In large, me
dium and email aha pea, no two alike; worth
!i to 13 M Anniversary * A Q
Halo price 4> ■ i^O
Corset Special
Ladles, tills Corset U made of a splendid
twilled coutll, in medium low bust, medium
long hip; has four bone supporters and good
ones. Nicely finished with Swiss embroid
ery at the top. It not only looks like, but
Is its good as some dollar corsets sold In
the city. Our Anniversary r Q
Bala prtoa is UjC
Boys' Samson Hose
Main Floor.
They l>ear the brand You all know what
they are the very beat wearing boys' heavy
ribbed Hose on the market, and the regular
price everywhere la iic. Our «J 9 E-*
Anniversary price Is L pairs. OwU
Hot Water Bottles
Main Floor.
Guaranteed for two years. Had rubber,
screw top, hanger at both ends; cheap at
$! IS. latU Sale pq
Fancy Ribbons
Main Floor.
About :tno pieces and 4 Inch Silk Ribbons
In sol! 1 colors, with fancy self edges, Per
sians, Brocades, etc ; all colora. 4 r
Anniversary Sale price, a yard... IDC
Crinkle Cloth or Ripplettes
"Economy Basement."
All the atapln stripes and colorings, up to
12-yard lengths; regular price 16c. r*
Anniversary Bale price, a yard JC
Men's Mule Skin Gloves
Main Floor.
With cloth top This Is a regular 25c Glove.
Anniversary Hale n nr
price £ pairs /DC
< l-lmlt. I ratra,)
Bleached Muslin
"Economy Basement."
One caso 30 Inch lull bleached Muslin; a
very good ololh; worth SVso. C 1
Annlvoi-iary Sale price, a yard. D^C
Wright's Silver Cream Silver
You all know what thlx polish Is. and that
It always sells nv.ulnily at 260.. Anniversary
Halo price In out Silverware depart- < r
merit on the Main Floor I DC
Bargains in Purses
Main Floor.
These I'urses eonslHt of all kinds leathern
and plain and fancy frames, assorted slzog.
In blncli and colors; some of them worth
up to 260. • Anniversary Salo r
ie». each JJQ
The Editor's Mail
Tbo labor of tboaa that make the
i rula't ait Ideal one, a*ld« from
iiilnta'aiini to tholr maatera' want*
and tolling Mol«iy for hla pleaaura,
la about aa productive a toil aa far
rylng atone* from one aide of a
field to tba other and thou return
inn tbein.
The Idle rich are vary well aut.
iafied that th«>ir aarvauta "ball on-
Joy aii of the "hon ir of toll" wbllt
they derive all of the pl«w»*ure of it,
Wealth wantonly aquandared for
Individual pluaaurn, If It Involve*
the labor of othcira. la Juat aa truly
waatud u* If aunk Into the a«a.
Wo find bo many tbouaanda of
people nontrlbutln* to tba hnppl
neae and pleal'iro of a few othera,
while they theinaelve* will never
> n]oy that pieaeure
If It wan but poaaible for ua all
to do our part of thx» productive
toll which criatea all wealth our
D ATTc'" /,% " r "*• Ifi .*
RAIFS «V t, , V'.,Y„
r> '*• • "*ont£
mv r. oi u -+Z 1
itr.dit to HtAk HATS
lAnniversa1 Anniversaf y a ' e ICr
IJt Granitcwarc IJt
96£j|6 and 8-quart ccveral
6<juart Pudding Pans .11s
Colsnders and Cuspldon,
1H -quart Tea Pota and CofTee Pets 15c
Lots of other Items. Finest double coated
gray. In vsluta up to 40c, pries, esch....lh
No phono or C. O. IX orders for these.
Knlvee and Forks, C _
each 0 C
5?15":.... 25c
Just like theas, k
$0-28 valus Dinner Set J3.98
lleauilfnl white and gold decoration, flneit
quality >itreous porcelain; service 00 QQ
for sis; special, per s<>t
Sold In open stock style—buy what yon
need —look at the prices. Large
Tumblers—6 for 29«
I-arse Berry Bowls 29c
Sugar and Creamer Seta, a pair.... 28e
And many other Items Come In and look
this lino over during the Anniversary Sale.
Don't Overlook
These Extra Special Bargain*
Read Every Item
They are money savers for you. No tele
phone order* Tor (ti*su.
Ladi ea* and
Misses' White
Lingerie k ''WJ
Second Floor.
Made of tare and nil
£* ■ i 'V
trimmed an 1 fin
luh< 1 In laor I
and Insertion*. 'I'hvri-jAßZjef VT
aro arvoral models \
■ly \ VVI
hurt :'i"i fi 11 1 bA
window and counter [\_- 111
displays. The former pi——l I 1 I
regular prle >i were I I 1
*<; B8 1,. 17.50. 1 IIM
is ■ . nijgj I Ll j
Anniversary Bale j | yTI,,
price for, c.fj qq ; L -/JvX ,
your choice ■uu "i?y*
Ladies' Long '
Kimonos— '
Second Floor. Vl J
Mailt) of *er[x>nt!no S -
ana challls. ) V \ Q
nicely trimmed with //v IJm
silk and satin fac- , tO^
liiKa: cheap at 11.76. **
Annlversu) 4 A
Sale price y li I g
Ladies' Man Tailored Skirts
Second Floor.
In all wool serffen and Scotch mannish ma
terlala; waist to "ti; skirt lanfj®
37 to 41 Inches Worth up to $4.#8. Hq
Anniversary Sale price 0n1y...
'' *" Id '.1 ki
1 ■<« .f '<".i 1 »tl n and
meat be lon*«r si, 4 our
be tter than tb,y . r .
It la i to |»bor h t fi
' rr O' * fa* abnormal L 2?
being* that p.,** a. men io4 *»
phllanthroptaia if the
< «a< t of u* *e«m uaelea*
Homo wall-to-do America# w
lie* «f today r'j'.ilro tb« M rv|^|
more vi].;'« and asalda to
to their p-r*onal wanta tl»a L
African priuca. ®
2040 24th Av W *
Plan Pair at Di/vati.
A fair will ba h«ld at DnraO t*
September, an asaoclatlon taiy
formed for that purpoaa tiers »»
terday. A atrong board of air*
tor* wu eluctod.
8 Bar* (wffr*
White Laundry
Soap, 24c.
No chene

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