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<v s piKtJ<\ «'■>!. *r r 'l '
otiro th«» great American
National Hank has eomo
new because of * raid
j ;>>t daposlts.
T»» York »'men, Mr*. I
i U*tul *nd daughter. tourists.
* i w Tla Juana, M<\tco, and be
»e*mored with the Panama 1
* ,-ia) lnmK< * and bulltiicHt
if,air* which are kept on sale at
I! Msilcan tourist town. Th««
E* lo »a custom* law t penult i»>i
cfOMln* the borilei to carry
|1 worth of ftor. ki» merchan
£ fw* of duly.
»: tha vonirD !oa>t«d their
deslrod to
LfMfl I*T'— \V»r«.
yCftWICX. Eng. Vj rl! 7 A
m and costly r*»l<lenc* was
b,.r» today, and the police
• is.- blame at the door of the
Ept*. The building, which
|2ienpM, made a hot bluxe.
j firemen had trouble In sav
■ ike remainder of the block In
Heft it stood.
Suits Made to Order
$25 00 and $28 00
ti-d »,ir'»man»!ilp irunteed.
lie#' Tailor Suit Shop
pp.;«# L«mt>«r fit kluiMlikx
} teilni «<mr »■>) >1. -a. h*»»p,
f f «up i««hcrT). h»tr »r«»1
[«»»*! rtaha k«4
I i(4 n lh» •« » •«
hf w* -4 »«r rv*w vf
IT lUn* Hl.1« J
P. 50 !
f*r r»>u » fir»t claw
ith IT if
( 4 f • »•»» ««r
«**oJ»r*r \yt * «n!
« .
M »*ara of wp*rtwie iA hr«
* '
k' * <
¥ • « ff«
«•!r by mod*
iWlwtfi'-Al •}•«!-««.
In I t« 1 sx m
Union Dentists
tr< * ,
kw Oa
f"U. S. Government Inspected Meats"
Meat Specials Tuesday
The Best Meat Money Can Buy
fickled Pork 10c Pot Roast 12 J/*:
Hog Liver 5c Good Bacon 15c
Lamb Chops 15c Salt Pork 12j/£c
l*fOEß'B MARKET, New Corner Market 18 Ounce* to the pound
We return your money If any b.ilm we make you ar<> not aa
100 boys over 10 years of age may become members of the Y.M.C. A. without I
a penny cost. The Star has arranged to give away 100 memberships FREE. |
All we ask in return is a few minutes of each boy's time for a day. Come to E
The Star office as quick as you can get here and let us tell you how. Ask for j
Mr. Parish or Mr.Weatherbee. Every boy in town should try for one of these free memberships |
r „ „ Trn m jVjfxrpf irno I
I m i- SpMul your n 1 IS 9 M your boy to Tl may
r % v> V Gym, ■' •: Gaiir- R-iom }v»i 1 E secure a Free Membership- iv»uM do
If ■■■ ball pliiyeT, you may get on one of tlx- Jun:oi Y ivl. C. A. hall H B M K 'if B J could please the boy more, and you will be happy lo know that I
V J teams. Come to The Star Office and let us tell you easy it Is £ « JMm ho Is apoßding his afternoon* at Y. M. C. A. instead of on H
for you to Win this Free Membership. • street
oonooul aud smilingly approached
tho American customs men. to
whom they admitted having bought
a tow trifles of loSS ttlBU tl valu*.
Tho otfl«ers api>oarod skeptical, be
cause Something about the appear
urn'* of tho women noeuiod "Irregu
A woman Inspector was sum
moncd and this I* what she wit:
One Panama hat. one clay i>eon
pouadlng wheat bowl, on* highly
colored clay bull cliaigltig » fear
I una clay matador, two Moilean
lu-nnanta. threo aouvenlr i [hhh; ■'
with bull* engraved thereon, one
glass covered bo*. a lace shawl and
a hand oarvvil wooden bowl.
Women in the
News of Today
T ACX)M A. Mm. Km ma Smith
I Woe. president of tho Natloual
Council of Women Voters, at.
iionnced today the appointment of
.■» < otnnHtte* of Tottnit women fn»i i
:he »nfrail hlaeit slates to call upon
Pi . -Idem Wilson Monday In the In
teretil of the attll unenfranchised
women of all but nine states of the
| Inlon.
IH'M'TH. Minn, Rather than
t*u'e hi* bride, Mar; 1 dwrhoer, on
th»lr hone)moon. with the story of
kS financial straits. William U
I edertw.cr. former!} a hotel clerk at
M <orhead. Minn , l«-s tIpJ her at
au exclusive hotel h> re to«!nj ami
hrrritfu hib llf.. and hl» wedding
Mar to a tragic rud b> ontmltting
suli Ide by poison In a smalt room
lug house on Iho Howe-jr.
Anon* th* i>n?»Hfnjc«*rn on thr
Prv»:i!*nt. *n rotit* f«»r San Pmn
i>i*co today. In MU« LiHIo KftcaM
i»f tb»* Hofol (Vdferiiurg. <116 Bt*n»" a
•t. # *ho It hotinrf for Aunirm'la.
when >b<? will w«jt| a v*. a!th> h mi
* » en ii'an.
I O.VDON All known birth r«
ords have been ihttlrrnl .>y the
of a wofklngrnan iit Harrow.
Uuiifliltt. Ou Kibriary Jt the
•:avi birth to a son Yesterday an
all r chllil a nil I •* na born
l»OHT OF BFAIN, Trinidad -
Her ro«al highness. Prim »s* of
SrMc swig, a ho la making a tour of
the West irdiew »«< ceremoniously
rri Itid upon her arrival hero yea
t-rda> e •ijlik •
LONDON. Hl>tlng at the suffra
gette i itKfMtn In Hyite park, which
! ts ">eet?tnr a r-gular Sunday after
noon dl" ■ rslon, wa» repeated to
day. Only tbe big force of police
prevented the rlot* r» front handling
the women roughly.
CIHCKA3II A. Okla In a written
, ma I" ti-«!ay to 'be coun
ty attorney, sheriff and mayor, Mrs.
R. S Woodward *uld that her hus
band. H. S. Woodward died from
poison that was given him, first In
a can of sardines and again In a
cop of tea She na: two others
aa members of the plot to kill htm
for |!0,.«00 Insurance.
irtl.lET. 11l Married at IS. di
vorced when 17, remarried at IS.
and a anlcide at 19 la th>' hl*tory of
, Mr* bena Feunell. The woman
wan fouiirl dead In a rooojlnif hou*e
with a rubber tube attached to an
, open Kan Jet In her mouth.
Hhubarb has very llttlo food |
i alue. but It Is a splendid spring;
food. It la rsally a vegetable usod <
as a fruit It contains oxalic acid |
and Is both a purgative aud an
The Klaut variety with the bright
red stalks I the heat for use Of
course, that raised under glasa I*
not aa large as If grown out of
Tho rhubarb should be used na :
*o,ui hs laisMhle after cutting. Tho
tart fr»sh targe la wntcomcd by I
most people. It contalna such a I
ipiantlty of water none need to bo I
add I In the cooking If very 1
tender the pink skin need not b*
removed. tut the rhubarb In Inch
pl«<ea. put lu a granite pan. mash
a ditto to start the Juice Set on
moderate fire to heat slowly, stir
iln>< often or It will burn Wben
thoroughly soft add one cup of
■»ui»sr to e>erv cup and a half of
thi! slowed rhubarb, boll about five
tut nuts* after the sugar has been
added or until of the right com- i
•latency. If tho rhubarb la very 1
amir, after rutting Into plrcea. turn I
bulling water over It aud let ataud !
fire inluiites, drain and put It over j
to »tew Sauce mud* lu tbia way ;
will not require aa rnucb sugar.
• • •
rhubarb pie.
Cut two bunches of tho giant
•Idte ToCynibkjQtcy
I tear Sllii Orey t barn lM<en a conataot nuder of your lattera
f'tf i I. rg time, and mint ».ty that your atlvlca haa txwn vary go<«l,
ii' tor 1 hi i uns .- r to Malxle h>ut knocked ma off tha parch. You
• vt> nily ai<oke your opinion In regard to th» matter, but when you
r-'i. then- ta n<> hartn In dan-lag, you mistake younn-Jf
Stattatlca show that i larga l*r cant of fallen glrla data their
first step to the dance. »nd not only girls, hut boys aa wall. There
fori I witnd a timely warning to the gtrl who write* for advlca on
dancing don't do It.
Mow long doe* anyone tiui poao the dance would be In vogi»# tf
> niren only wore (x-rmltted to dance with women, and rice *er*a!
You are pr> sitmlng a goo<l bit to Hny that friend haa Some "pet
hi l>b) •tnnlly tut bad as dancing Alas! for the person whose high
<>t liS> al Is the girl ol* boy who prm tUea dancing Will you please
print tbt*. aa I would like to hear from others on this subject*
Sincerely. WM DAVIS.
A.—How long would anything be In vogue If women only were
permitted to d<tsc:iate with women, and men with men? Dancing
la no inception; it would be It's same with every othsr amusement.
Again I aay it Is the spirit or minde of the people that makes
it good or evil. We may be intemperate In all thinga.
I condemn pub ic dances as a whole, for I believe many glrla
and bo/s are led astray through their Influence. On the other
hand, I do not condemn private dancing. Some of the broadeat
minded, noblest moat refined and best educated people In the land
always have danced ani are doing so at the present time
After all, your opinion and mine are but two In a vast throng,
and neither is proof that dancing Is right or wrong. So I, too,
wjuld like to hear from others.
or importance
(tear Miss Orey: I have before
found advice In your letters which
I a['i>r>'cial« very much Will you
pl'isc aftuw.T the following quea
tlons as soon as possible?
If a person comca to thla coun
try when a child, what Is the earll
en' tlnio he ran t(et his Urst and
*e«>"d raturallnatlon paper*?
Also. If hi* faiher become* nat
urailxed before he I* 21 vmiri of
Ui>, doe* he bet om* a rltlr.en?
Thirdly, fan a young tnin enter
ili J'nlt>*d Stale* military or naval
a'-id. my at Went Point and An
napolis. respectively, without bt-lnR
an Aid erica ti cltisen, illhnugli bav
in* lived In thl* «x:ntrv nl* y»-ar*
and hi* fa'her liken flr*t paper*
»•". en ye*r* u(ro? How cai thl*
younts man 17 year* of a«e no there
under these elrcumaianre-t?
A —If the father of a forelfln
born el lid become* a cltden of
the United States before his
•on I* of ago. the son it natu
ralized by hi* father's papsra.
If not, he must wilt until he I*
of age before he can take out
papers of hi* o*n.
None but an American cltl
trn can enter the above-man
tloned acadamie*. and then
only throt qh th<■ -Tppointment
of a eongresaman, ae oofy a
c-rtaln number are -»llo«ed to
1*!lK STAR—MONDAY, APRIL 7, 1913.
[ (arolitic
| HUtks of rhubarb Into Inch pieces.!
i rover with bulling water and al '
low to ataml 20 minute* to entract
sortm of th« oxalic acid In tha fruit,
j drain perfectly dry. To each cup of
rhubarb add ono cup of sugar Into
which ha* been sifted oue level j
tablespoon of ••om starch Add a j
pinch of salt, inti with the rhubarb
and turn Into a pin pan lined with '
(Ml ( nut, dot th« top of filling with j
' liltt of butter and put on top cruat ,
and bake 20 minute* In a hot oven. I
• • •
Two cup* of rhubarb cut fine (not
chopped), one and one half rupa of
KUK'ir. » pinch of aalt Twu level
tahleapoons corn March, one egg, all
tM>aton together. Turn Into pie tin j
lined with rich nmat (recipe for;
thin I have already given). Cover
with crust, wetting edge of under
crust before pinching down the top
crust. This will keep the Juice from
boiling ov«r 11»« or int. If one-half
cup of chopped ratal na are added
)ou will have a fine pie
• • e
Rake bottom crust name aa for
lemon or cream pie Don't forget
to put the trust on the under side
of the pie pan. When baked plaoe
In the pan correetly and you will j
find tha crust In per fact nhape. Add 1
attend at a time.
In »uch a cj*s whan tha 17-
yejr old boy become* of age
and take* out full cltlicnahlp
paper* and receive* an appclnt
ment by a congressman lie may
I»»>«r Mlaa (Irajr: I tm a young
man rf 19, and have read many of
j our lettsri of advlco to othar*. and
find thai In noma of thrin I have
found fault* concerning tnyenlf.
I would t!k« to have your opinion
about a certain question l-a»t Hin
day I wem to church with a young
lady friend. although I do not go
*llh her steady. In It proper for
her to write notes to soma young
men I «k of tm. or turn around and
talk to thetnl
Now, Mia* Orajr. I do not rare for
her more than Juct na a friend, and
•hould I fori Insulted by h«r ac
tlons? M
A.—lt I* highly In-proper un
der any circumstance* for a
younc lady to conduct her»elf In
»uch a manner, whether or not
■he I* with a hoy friend or In
any public place.
I cannot blame you for feel
ing Insulted. A girl friend who
was polite would not feel Irs*
Injured or Insulted.
t rich rhubarb filling made from
cither recipe given above for sauce
j Malt e mcrtngue of whites of two
eggs lieaton to a at Iff froth, adding
two tnblogpoons of pulverised sugar
for each egg Cover top of the pie,
| putting some of the marlugus In by
dropping from a spoon. K«t in hot
oven to lightly brown. Hurv* at
• • •
To each pound of rhubarb, which
Is pooled and chopped, add two cups
(of augur, ml* thoroughly, put on
nlow fire and cook until thick as
; peach butter. He careful not to al
low to burn.
• • *
Allow one pound of angar for each
' lMiund of rhubarb. Cut the frutl In
! aniail pieces, and put on HUgar
and allow to stand 2* houra Turn
off Juice and boll It down to one
half the quantity. Put In the rhu
barb and boll until thick. A few
raisins added Just before taking
from the flrn Improve! Oilh
• • •
Five pounds of rhubarb cut Into
ln> h piece*. Three pound* of fig*
j chopped coarae Five pounds of
sugar. Orated rind of one lemon.
[ I 101 l alowly one hour, c;k>l and put
I In glasses.
Hear Mtaa Grey: If yon can give
apnre to thla letter In your column*,
i plmae do so
I very much deplore the constant
quarreling and discord In ao many
MUM between iwrnnta of chil
dren The plaallc mind of the child
j readily adapts lta»lf to envlron
inents. Consequently. whatever Ita
«arly recollections and observations
\ are la liable to become second na
! lure to htm.
If your child, when grown to man
hood or wonuujhood. abuses you.
blame yourselve*; they have »een
and heard you doing the same thing
to one another. Vou rui mold the
mind of your child while It la In It*
Infancy- - klr.d and considerate or
sour and cranky, and altogether
miserable to himself and those he
conies In contact with.
The child's mind la a tender,
precious thing There Is nothing In
nature ao beautiful aa a tender and
loving little child, and It beboovua
the parent plan's to nourish It pert
> roueiy with geoulm affection. and
wlien the bud be el ns to unfold Its
petals It will show to the world that
|It has been nurtured In the sun
'shine of affection, nut stunted by
! disagreements and quarreling be
tween Its parents, and showing a
'sour, disagreeable temper, that
[ may come back to you as a boo me
A man l.aa no right to marry a
I woman If he Is going to domineer;
.let her run her own household af
, fairs It Is her bu*!ne- The aatm
holds true concerning the wife She
should not provoke her husband
1 t,et each one run his or her own
l.«t bygones be bygone*. It Is a
crtmn for supposedly intelligent
people lo snatch children from their
rightful home, which has been shat
tered and broken hy selfishness
and temper, and drop them In an
orphnnage or children'* home
Ilenr Miss Orey: As you are so
generous In gl\!tig your Rood I v ad
vice to every one whn asks for It,
please give me a bit of It now
If a young man !ti»pp» !i<»d to sit
down beside you on the car nnd
! after being there Rwhlle, offered
1 you the paper to read, would you
accept It or not? Would It be
proper to accept It' Please publish
tills as soon aa possible.
A—lt all depend* on the cir
cumstance*. Some men are sln-
J cere and offer It merely as kind-
Ummi Aomm W /'(». In CmomUm with /A KtKi MtCRBKH Y /% C<l. Nm YmA SUtn
In Large Varieties at Exceptionally Attractive Prices
BANZAI TOILET PAPIER, 7 rulls for ?(> . This in the regular grade which sells
usually at 10c the roll. It is Japanese crepe paper and is made in extra large
Nickel plated Sfeel Holders, tegular
10c, Tuesday at sc.
Wire Carpet Heaters with wood han
dles, regular at 15c, Tuesday at 10c.
Medicine Cabinets in white enamel,
French l>evel mirrors, plate glass
shelves, $8 75 size for $6.50; $10.75
si/c $8.
Scrub Brushes—22c Brush for 15c;
35c Brush for 25c.
Dust Brushes, 15c for 10c.
Paint Brushes, 15c size for 10c; 22c
size for 15c.
I,i<|tiid Veneer, 50c size .19c; 25c size
for 19c.
Whisk Brooms, 30c Brooms for 20c.
SPLENDID values ha\e attracted hundreds of men to this store. The prices at
which these shirts are offered:
89c $1.15 $1.35 $1.65
There are all sizes, in all colors in many different styles of shirts for different
occasions. Tuesday is the last day of this belling. If you have not bought from
this sale he advised and come here Tuesday. The values offered are the greatest
that you have seen in a long time. The four prices should give you an excellent
range of selection. —Just inside the Pike Street Door.
New Silk Petticoat* at
Tilts Is the special Pettier nt
which has helped give 'bis
depart men* Us reputation for < *
rational vain*-* Th« materials
offered are Meaaallna and Chif
fon Taffeta The skirts are niad«
with bias flounces. finished with
knife pleate<J ruffle. They have
silk underlay Some of the one*
In the shorter lengths have Jersey
top# This petticoat la well msde.
The materials are flnit grade It
should really sell at quite a HtUe
more than Ita special price, which
» rz.o.v
—Second Floor.
The M.KDoug.ill Southwltk Co,
ne*a, other* take* this opportun
ity to open a conversation.
Nowadays, one cannot be too
It would not be Impolite not
to accept it. You can thank him
courteously and reply that you
hava read the paper, or do not
care to read.
• *
* All letters cannot be an •
w swered In the paper, and many *
* are without name or address *
* A stamped, self addn ased er *
» \elope always brings a prompt •
* reply. CYNTHIA GHKY. *
* *
Cynthia's Answers
to Many Questions
Siberia ha* only one railroad
The death rale among emplo>i >
ot tbo Panama canal for Is 12 wua
oo y 7 14 per thousand, as against
10.42 In 1911 and 45.73 in 19P5
The lieutenant governor of the
state of Washington Is hou!s P
Hart; superintendent of public In
struction. Josephine Preston, com
rnlssloner of public lands ("lark V.
Sn* idge
Jerusalem flow has a telephone
system, one having been Installed
that connects official points, bust
ness bouses and residences
The public service commission In
New York city Is located at 154
Nassau st.
at Special Prices Tuesday
HILDREN'S Muslin Drawers, hemstitched edge or
tucked with ruffle; formerly sold at Op
20c Special at OU
Children's Muslin Skirts, band or waist style, hem-
Mi:.!!.-.! ruffle. quality •<: muslin; ISn
formerly sold at 25c Special at tub
Slipover Clowns for children, of Nainsook, Torchon
edging or plain finish, rt:n with ribbon;
regular price 50c. Special ZJu
Third Floor.
John Slater, reputed the greatest
medium In the world, sjiokt" Sun
day night at Stevens' hall.
At this me.-ting, as a» the three
previous ones during the week,
Slati r t ild the first aud I 1 if nr- e*
Wanted for The Seattle
Daily Star
We want a live, wide-awake represen
tative to take subscriptions for The Seattle
Daily Star in every Town and Rural Dis
trict outside of Seattle.
We pay the most libera! commissions
Write us at once and secure the terri
tory around your place. Subscriptions can
be taken in spare time and considerable
money made.
Seattle Star Seattle, Wash.
Double Wire Soap Dishes, made to
hang between faucets, 30c dishes to
sell for 20c.
Wire Dish Strainers, 50c size for
40c; 75c size for 00c.
Wire Vegetable Washers, 75c size
for 59c; 90c size for 79c.
Wire Soap Shakers, 18c size for 12c.
Wire Kettle Bottoms which keep
food from burning, 15c ones for 10c.
Wire Dipper and Vegetable Ladles
with long handles, 15c ones for 10c.
Wire Toasters, 25c ones for 19c.
Wire Meat Broilers, 35c ones for 25c.
Wire Sink Strainers, 15c size for
10c. —Basement
Second Avenue and Pike Street
>f persons whom be had zie\er bo
fori- seen lis told where they
w«to born and save ih« full name#
of depurted rel*tlv»s and friends,
lie <1 ,<Tll»ed to different Individ
uals tbe kind of purses they car*
rled In inek.ts srd tol l how
■'lucli mopev *>« fit ti

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