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"Papr's Diapepsin" Gives In
stant Kcltcl and the
Kchrt Lasts.
F\. : \ ii mllllll MN than
It mil ...« -touuv h sufferers In the
1 nilo.l Suites Kngland and fan
Avfa lake I'ape'* l>tapep*ln. aud
r .. Iltr not only Immediate, but
lasting relief
This harmless preparation will
fli»;e*t auythtui >ou eat and overv
conic a sour. a»>is> or out of order
■toimi. It f|T# nllQtH alterwarda
If your nwala don't fit eouifort
■My. or what >011 rat lies like a
lump of lead In your stomach. or If
yon haw heartburn that it a sign
of Indigent lon
G< t from your pharmacist a fifty
rent of Tape's Olapepsln and
lake a ilim 1 Just a* noon ns >ou <an.
There will be no »our rising*, no
belching of undigested food raUed
with .o Id no stomach -:as or heart
burn. fullness or heavv fueling ICI
|h« rtMMKk, nausea, debilitating
bea.laches dullness or Intestinal
griping This will all go. und. be
•Ides. thire will be no sour food
left over In the stomach to poison
four breath with i auseous odors
Pape s Itlapepstn I* a certain cure
fnr out of rder stomachs because
It takes hold of your food and di
gests It Just the same as If your
stomach wasn't there
Relief In five minutes from all
•touia h misery Is waning for you
at nut drug store
These large fifty-cent cased con
tain more than sufft. tent to thor
oughly cure almost any case of d>s
p.'p»ia Indigestion or any other
ttotnach disorder.
Scenic Cafe
Our rural* art IS*
t>Ml tha retrkrta affor*!. »ntl o*»r
•fr \ lr» la j»arf#»cl Wa h»»# •*>
(Afrd Ih# lil|hr*t r!>« *auta.llla
#nt«rtaln»r• of lh« •(»!• In
riUM.K Wl
Ml«« Tlr!!• Manning
Hopr •*!»•*
dim H(I»H Vail r»;n«N| in
Mtta I'rawn <lrajr~- I yrle Soprano
Mim Sad la Walker
Mr Chaa Slllaman Vloltn Wondar
Wlnnlfrad Dolljr ..... I lanWl
J A Plum* floor Mgr
•44 r.Mr i w k
IMS Ural \\*
j v•» i nil rs..
Just Printers
1013 THIRD MAIN 1043
Fourth and P!k«>
Errett Gianettl. Proprietor
Cabaret Vaudeville
8 p. m. to 1 a. m.
Contestant* apply to E. K
Mb It land. Director. Thursday.
2 p. D).
French Dinner Willi
Bottle of Wine, 50c
Angeles Cafe
1422-24-26 Flrtt Avenue
Our 25c Regular Dinner
Our Special 50c Chicken
Served from 11a m. to t -.. rit„
Are Unexcelled Ir. S*attl2
Oyltert Dungenen C.ab*. Flsn,
Steaks and Chops
Vocal a'.d Instrur" ental Concert
Afternoon* and Evenings
— BY —
Prof Nipe'c Hi*, iian Orchettra
9—t rti-U—9
OHIO rate
Second Av. and University St
Opposite Stone-Fisher Ca.
We Stand Back of Our Work fsr
20 Yean' Guarantee.
Otlur Tj-Mitts' Ohio Cut K* I*
Prices. Price*.
Set of Teeth
Q4F Set of Teeth
yIU Guaranteed..
ASolid Gold or i'> 0%
V Porcelain Crownyy
<hQ Gold or Porcelain^ft
Bridge Work . . ~|§y
Solid Go'd [iiiings, Ik lip
Silver fillings, 25c Up
STAR i' *AIJS OUR "money
Good Work. Adolf. Good Wort! At This Pate Flies Will Be Happy
lljr I'mir.l I'roaa I f tati] Wlra
progrvsilvf democracy In full eon
trol. the rsnks of t lie re publican a
depleted anil their old leader* gone.
I*r«'aldent Wilson's social a aalon
of the tUrd congress Opened toda>
One of the features wa* a parad«
of f>3l suffrage!*. who, aceompanlcd
by two bands, marched to thr ri|
it >1 from their downtown headquar
tc i* They had pl.nty of police i r*>-
teetlon ttulay. Kach of the auf'r;«
get* * ;re a huge *M*h and each
carried a flag showing the congrea
a.ona: dietvie I ahe represented
I i thi renter of the proetaaion
wan a banner d« mending rongrca*
gi nt equal auffrage.
<hi arriving at the raj ltol, the
wome- were greeted by a commit
(At of congreaamrn and u-natoia
from th«' auffrage atnte«. Speech en
were delivered and af , * >r war« a the
women were eaeortfd to a aiMHrtni
aerate gallery which lia.l been re
served for 'hem
Absent from familiar stations
were "t'nele Joe" Cannon, long die
tntor of the houar. "Nick '
worth, sou In law t.f (VI Roosevelt;
Victor Merger, pioneer aoclillst
; I v I'r t**t ! r«u I#u<*tl Wlra
WASHINGTON. April 6 - Two
I iolf|vtmi were nil that were n*c*
I»unary todiy to appriae two (mill
; He* of the marriige of four of th»«ir
I nifnl>"ni wh» n !#ee K and Town
i send 11. Titus. brothers. of Lu k
oil*. V.i, and Mir> i* and Lucy K
I Stone bruntr of l-ovetavllle, slxter*.
from the nam*' stnte. br ke thr
| now* of their elopfnitut and iniir
I rltflre here. Thpy r«» wedded bjr
'he Rev Samu I Smith «f I't-in
aylvanl*. uncle of the brldt h. who
romantically aldrd In the double
Very Interesting." said the mir
rta-r llcrnar clerk ait be mad out
th- necessary ra|*»rs. In ca*e cf
children, what relation would"-—
"F*or goodness sake. spare mr
thit." Interrupted D- Smith, hold
fng up an appealing ha :d I've
b • n asked that t>efore."
The eloj>er*. fenring parental
storms, disappeared en a hnney
moon avd will return la'er whfn
the situation In calmer
fhc New MORGAN
Latest snapshot of J. Plerpont
Morgan, the second, taken since the
-Jeath of his father.
i '•< I i'n-0* f> ,a*,l wtr*
V AKHINOTON', April 7 »T«-mI
ti - r * Wll ».i will t;ix MrunHf $2.2*»0
w! ' n he affixea hi* hl<crint«ii«• to the
ItICOOIO tax law. If Will coMt Vlee
I'r« rblent Marahall $120 p»«r y**nr.
lid #-voiy meoibtr of eongroi* |?8
for the HH.ue period. There will be
r» > exemption* to tho new luw All
tin- nalarlea above $4,000 per year
v 111 pay ih«» graduated tax. In/in
murh an Prealdent WHson'a annual
Ht|pf*nd In $75,000, he *«*ta Into olhhh
('. the tax K ' per <ent hut
V ,ff I'ri Ul« lit Marahftll, with hlw
\ .'> h O, and Ihe aenatora with th»*li
$7.'»00, are In clan* A, and will pay
I per »f*nt of their ' ariilnK"
'AN JOSK .1 udge Wm IV Lyon,
for 25 yjira chief Justice of the
tVlacon: in aupreinn court, Ih d*?ad
here toU.'iy. lid wiu VI year* old.
member, and many anothrr who
figured largely In congreaslonal
ih *a of the [»a-t two years On
the new «aneaested benches half
encircling the roatrum, were the
iticcrggors of 11? members who
failed to return, and 3. r > men eltoa4*n
from additional districts or from
atntea at larirr Only five of the
Inew memb rs had ever sat in
congress before
The clerk announced a quorum
preaeiit. and stated that vacancies
estate l in three di trl< ta- th" thlr
t»»« nth, Maasachuaet'H. first. South
Carolina, and tenth Teiaa He an
nouneed the buaiu* aa to l<«
tiie « lection of a speaker
Champ Clark of Miaa iurl was
placed In nomination for a second
term on behalf of thr democratic
caucus James It M inn of lillnoU
was airnllarly presented by the re
publicans Victor Murdock of Kan
aaa waa named by the progressives
The roll waa called In alphabetical
order, and Clark waa declared elect
ed A committer of thr three par
Her* was named to escort him to th*>
chair, amid applause rhat the
gslleri* a and echoed through the
< hai »b« r and the corridors beyond
I 1 lljr t m»«1 f'r» •« l.no l \\ tra
NKW YORK. April 7 -Clashes
betweri* ih"* police and hundred# of
Great Whit** Way c*fe pstrona. who
were loth to lentil th«*lr tables
marked the lateat eff« rt to enforce
the 1 o'clock cafe and anloon elos
Inn order of Mayor (Jaynor
In Rrctor'i one young %oman
waa enrrle 1 screaming to thr street,
and the poller* were forced to hust?e
others out of thr place. Miny of
1 the ratro < there and olse»here
fought back
Similar an nea are eipected to j
The realty market north of Plki
»t. ban b«'rn a din ld««<] im
(H't u m with Iho r**j>ort of fc»ti r mlc*
by John Dtvit A Co. on Fourth av .
amount log In the ajcprefcaU* ( ()
$f,i noo. (•inriro W. K| .*« her In r«
j ported l>y thla firm to haw aold
.lot block 22. In lipttiiy'i Tliirtl
iddltlon. for f Ifo,ooo.
The property In Improved with a ;
. fhreo atory brick building H.
i block 20, on the *a*t *lde of KYiiirth
iv. between Pike and I'nlon «t*
h reported nold for $ 12f\000 by
Itm Minnie K Cn ln«* to thn White
"fftate \a>l 6. block f»2, between
Pino and Stewart. ban b»rn aold J
f or $100,000, and lot* 10 and 11. In
I Jell A iN-nnv'n Third addition. the
uorthweat rorn< r of Fourth and V'lr '
slnla. have been nold by Mm. Mai I
•caret KelU-y for $125,000
f!» I'ril|"«1 I'rxi * a*' I ?,'!r»
I.ONOMONT. Col.. A i.rH 7 To
watcb the amputation of lilt rlnlit
le( belwrcn the Kn< " nn l lil|< wit;
out lonlriK » drop of blood and with
out pain or feeim# wan the experi
ence of Freeman Helrher, aire 7!'. a
civil war veteran her"'.
The lex ).»d bn'omr dead neatly
to the 1111> from senile k;itu;i •• 11«•.
and amputation wan derld''l upon
No annenthetlr kmr administered,
and Helrher watched every move of
tht) Hiir(?c .ins with Intereat and
naked many questions After the
Ipk had hern removed he hobbled
around the honae on crutches with
the remark: "That a better."
II ' ii l*rr>M I.»jn«fl Wire
KI'OKANK, April 7 The weights
for the jousts between the Hpokane
Athletic ( l ib and Portland Mil)trio
mah club, to he ataged here April
havn today been announced.
I ho bo«lns< events will ho 175 and
1,'., pound* and the wfesUittK lOf
and 115 pound*.
Men Mi.in. dto r« preHent Hpokato
are Torn Ilurke, 175 pound boier;
l lliston. 125 pound boxer; Thy. 15k
pound wieatler, und Uliihe, 115
pound wrestler
'i he Duwamlah Valley Corumei
rial <"Itil> lihh on r<■< ♦»r« Itn f.i
vol of hailng i h»- '<> ntj d
$1,600 to build a apur truck from
the ptreet railway to the county
poor farm, In aid of factory nit#- d«
vaJopmeut Tho county coinruiH
uTone i; will bt» tutkwU to appropriate
Uito ttiouey.
SI'KAItHSM. S 11. April 7 — l<*t
the people elict their OWN aaloon
Lce|» rs'
Why not *
It* Mayor Jim" Pike of Spear
fish who nr-kes the auKK'■•tloti. and
then ask* the question
"Why not?" he repeata and then
' add*
It A the dilution of the nail fit.
problem, Isn't It? Juat decide on
ho* man> saloons mh ii dlstrh t
, should hav and then let the pm»-
; pie s tvillots aelcet the men who
xhall run ihera,"
Starfish wa* flabberieaated * ban
Mtt>or Mm ' first spr utm the Idea
Mayor "Jim." who pr« Idea over
the destinies of Sptarflsh for a sal
ary of Juat fl a year, la no mere
theorist. but a hard headed, prao
lute old miner of the (told rrnre era,
and now n prospermia bualne • man.
lie runs a flour mill.
I'm no reformer," »av* J'lke.
"I'm Juat < leanlnK up thin aal> on
business' We ran t run a dry town
with nelrhboriiiK lowns shipping
boor* In, and our people going to
lleitdwood, 1 .en 4 Sun liance and
llelle FYiurrhe to load up
IIASTINOS, Neb. April 7 After
a search of ;tO yeara. during which
lline ahe r.evor loat hop. . Mlaa
Kranre* Mclean, of Hull, York I
ahlro Kntcland, baa found h< i broth
er, David McLean, age 67. In the
Irißlcalde hospital for ItiHane, here j
Although lila mind haa been unhal I
anted for many year*. Mr Mclean
re(oKlll/.ed III* *l*ter and conversed
with her rationally, and physician*
at the boHpllal have hope that he
will recover.
"1 learned that he «oa In Ne
braska from the American consul
at my home," *ald Mb* Mclean,
"and I am very happy that ha
know* me"
Itnvld wan committed to
the aaylum In lkfcf>, but baa been
at the lla*tlngs I fist 11 ut ton only!
since IHH2 lie |o»t hi* reason
while working In Ihe hot *un on a
Maunders county farm. The family
Is wealthy.
When Ih KarhnKc RarhaKe?
It> up to Corporation Count >'l
Bradford to elucidate. Tin- iffli l« n
i .v I'ornfnllton of • In- iouik II n fu i*n
In iui»w»r ttn> rpientlon
In Weat<>rn av. produce RarbnKf?
An- giavi-l, broken kliihh, beer but
Um, liilik Of Mllb :iinl rock, ;■ ml
rip* watortnoUma f iHiaT
Tim j arbaKo rollnrlion Kraft In
vrHtliratlon will l»i rt-mimed tumor
row, nt which time Urnilfoni win
have Mi ' Ideil what Karbafcc Ih. If
th»i lhliiK« «'tiiliiicrat(«il ar<> garbage,
( ('iitiril nii'iiibrrK i litiin they are
vv -tli.- 11 iti c to ion 11 n lie Um prole
i.H ill' ni' «'|itatir«< of mil l) artli lcn
I i.v thn pity officials at tonnage
ratch would not In Improper.
' "The new date law aajs ther«
can b«' only orn
lat lon That ruts n do* I
four to two. Kvery city In the *tuti
now face* the same problrm
"I don't play any favorite* anionic
these barkee|>era The> re all m)
I friend* a* lons as they run clean
place* and close at 9 p m flut two
of them have got to g" The alder
ii.en don i Ilk- KI• kin* any of 'em
out. So I tcucsa we'll put It up to
the people'
"Thl* It a democratic gov
ernment. i»n't it? And a saloon
keeper it a sort of public of.
ficlal—he has a public license.
So why shouldn't the people
choose him?
"My Idea la to have a special
primary with the aldermen and
me acting at judges and clerka,
without fly
/mi ALL FR^k
For Every Boy in Seattle Who Is
* Willing to Do Just a Very Little M
/ Bit of Work for The Star - j/ zt / ;-jJA
/ajcy Here's Our Offer: • /jO/jlffi
bx&k #V VC cw JjJ>»
www- <1?L Subscribers ',7 \' sSSflj
And We Will Give Boys,
One You a Dandy Get a
f° r League Base Ball Base la
W& Worth $1.25 Bail Jl
YgofcZ Boy VU This offer is open to all boys. Just FfOO j
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«- ,t; cents a month and bring their yw '
V/jOb. names to The Star office with their \
\kSQLn telephone numbers, and we will give , \Jr Aj *
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collect the money. Just bring us the ~~ \m
names and addresses and telephone VT \ M /
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'■X one hundred of these balls and yoti
want one, so get busy right away and JVi/T
ask your people to take The Star for
a month, deli*ered to their home, and
Uicngrt four of your neighbors.
Ily I'fiMe'l I'fM 1 \\ I •
CKTTINJK. April 7. In defiance
to the mandate of the powira, tho
Montenegrin* and Herv.ann ar«-
plannlng a general aa*ault on
Bcutarl Freeh Hervlan artillery
haa been brought up to tho be
leuKuerod llirklah fortrea*. and the
Inatant thla la placed a general ran
nonade la to open, under cover of
which the alltee will advance to
etorm the elty
MonterHMlrlna generally todav are
c*pre»*lng delight at the doMane#
handed to a llrttlab admiral, who
apeaklng for the power*, demanded
that the *tcge of Scutari ahould bo
abandoned ti< orea of me**at>e* of
congratulation have been writ to
King Nl< holaa and to I'reinler tov
anovlrh. who told the Itrlilah com •
inander of tlie blockading wjtiadron
before Antlvnrl that Montenegro In
tended to reduce ami occupy Hcuta
rl, regnrdlea* of whether the jo*
era approve*! or not
VENICE!, April 7 —The Marble
llalla" dream of tho "Bohemias
Utrl" ha* be>*n put to abaine by
a wonderful *•*»»• etudded h.> I>t Ia t ion
■inearthfd hep- The Klltt* rtriK |J»i ;
itce la about th -ire of a man'*
flat anil It* dl»i every rained the
mlft from a mygtery that ha>! my*
lifted the Venice police alnre lui.l
Mr* Randolph SUlnbury of Kd
' monton, AllM*rta, occupied • collate
here, and one day *he reported the
"icft of irmi worth more than
>1.000 H"i" aald ik« had left her
treaaure* on th<> drenaer the night ,
before Whtn abo an>*o In the
: morning they wore gone.
Workmen ti irins down a wi>od
a bod In the rc«r of the houae oecu- i
pled by tho Klllaburya found a rata
M'«t lined with the Hat furnlahod'
hv Mm Hlllabiiry.
A silk flag was presented Sun
day afternoon to the "best police
band In Rcilllp," as SerKeai.t farr
'the bandmaster lovingly refer* to
i hlii hunch of wind puffers
Mayor Cott*rlll made the preaen
tat lon speech. The flat! was tin
appreciation of the hand from
wive*. sw<-cth<arts. sisters and j
frbnda of the Seattle police depart j
Ml I
IJKNVKK, Col. April 7 —
Jutn*'H II l<ee, lOh year* old, of
l«e|ianon, Ka« , la lure on hi*
way to aeek a new hum- In
Portland, Or.. wliei<- lie aiya
lie will grow up wltli the coun
try. Lee haa chewed tobacco
for ItO year*
Is t!:c !)<• ire of Every Gck*l I'UiMneu Man.
The National City Bank
Located at Second Av. and Columbia St. and Are
Interest .it 4 per cent paid on Savings Account*
Capital and Surplus jaid up $600,000.®
J. W. MAXWELL. Pre*.
M W. DAK MR, Vice Pres. J. H. BLOEDEL, Vice Pi*
J. L McLEAN, Cashier. C. D. WEST, Asst. Cashier.
Attend Shrine Performance, Moore Theatre, Tonight
The Middlemen Eliminated «t
Tomorrow (Tii«*<l»y> the following big specials will be offered at
our markets:
Loin Pork 10m Round |7«
Chop* lllC Ste.k lit
Pork C_ Anchor Brand 191 l«
Liver 3C Bacon
4 Cani Wild Ri>k OK** Beet Washington
Milk fcUC Creamery Butter WIV
Thr »T ov* e» \*f|! prtvil) At !!»• follonltef mar*»t»:
Ml \ MI'M M\MKi:r srr..Dd an.! Tlkr.
*1 UTI I M Wiurr. (»rr|,lratal linrt > »»lrr Way.
v% is 11 \m: %»r\ i « «».. cat inw. r nr.* n»r.
AMr.llll \> Ml.\r CO.. *1 bIrA noil
\\ I* I I I; N Vl' 4 I H» . Wreleri % * tnH **prln§
< Kit* MtVtM I I (mef KlMr ttr«<lakr Market.
11*11 Mill M\IIM I. H443 Mr.lli.rfl
«»l VI M'lTTOi I'i (»m r»*k!r ft ' ouie to r« ntwmvr"
Ouvr I NMPNT INS! 1 V.CTF.I» mkaT look for lh« 0. &
• tamp It f!r« parity «n«1 quality khnpa >p*« •■til *■
W..rd.byS chw ,
by Cond ft
Ayer's Pills
Good health !• mand» at lead omm»
mrnt of the tviweli each day. Jmih
Ay*fi I'll', at butt It. SaMbrMyHi
Your tM# Ux.

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