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IV|# SUNSET \*»\
THE Southern Pacific has established an
office at 720 Second Avenue, equipped
to care for freight and passenger traffic
over that company's lines, which extend to
and through the states of Oregon. California.
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In conjunction with connecting lines excel
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District Freight and Passenger Agent.
720 Second Ave. Seattle, Wash.
Wouldn't you ttka Io b* tha man yntj wara a f**
y*ar« a*'. !• hava tha mum mMIIom aplrlt r% '
at ran*' h and % f?«111y that you ua»d *
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It genarataa a ronatant. unbrokan atraam of »l**-(rtr|ty. which I T j"
It a»nda through avary narva and tlaaua of thr body. r*atorln« ill ■ ■
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that alartrlHty aa a«ippll#-d by Klactra-Vlta will put II I |jj
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H M y Ri|
that It la tha irrandaat Invlgorator of th* aa«. \ B'l/ -'3
with firadl" - < B\
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m 0 » rn . rnflrrly n-niovlng ryetv *.«/• of lftroiihlr
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< Hurt An.lrm.-n l« thi» M«Mforrt c»r . |t|Mw»l|hl, who jutitj<--\ Info tha fr«»nt
rank* of th* lightwalg hta In «% |tl«ht
Mml Aitrtota.ut linn an i»ut <-f tha orrtiuary wallop H« hn« alt out of tha
ordinary ltu»ky build f<r a lightweight. and It* la out <>f tha-nrrtlnarr In prraon
ailty Kurt t* not a tMtkrr Prying <<>nrarantlon «ut of him la painful'
Now Hurt Anrt*ta«>n <*oma« through with an out «f th* otrtlnnty al"ty ffa
rtoaa not toll how h» llrkort •oittol'otly. or mlhiiil fighting nt nil ll* toll* hlvmil
ht« ranch. f<»r nt hmit ltu.l Vortargoit la not n flghlat hut * ftrmar Yat h«
la loutrrt aa of ehaniph-nahlp callhar. anrt may a*>m« »lay hold tha tit la )
By Bud Anderson
I'm not (tuck on the boxing game I may aa wall be frank and
tall you truthfully that I'm In It for the money. I'm not fighting for
the joy of the game, although I like to box. Nature gave me the
strength and stamina to fight, and I am going to uae fiat gift to put
me on a comfortable financial baala. Then I'll quit the game.
I'm not going to talk to you about boxing. I'm going to tell you
about my ranch.
To be a successful farmer la my ultimate dream. I'd ratner do
farm work than fight.
Ever elnce my first fight I have been aavlng my money towards
eatabliahlng a good paying f.irm. The first $5 I earned by boxing waa
In a four-round conteat In Portland. I waa happy aa a lark when I
got that five. I put It away, anil that fiver, with the money I got In
my following fights, started me on the road toward farmervllle. I
purchased a ranch near my home In Vancouver.
My ranch will be the pretthit In WayhlnKton when I set It im
proved the way I«mt I' It hna n splints and u brook on it, and some
of the prettiest *ro\ e scenery In the Northwest 11 (onalsta of about
17 nt'ifi, but I will Increase Itn slip after it tew more riKhta
Karni work Is one of the beat methods of tralnliiK I know of. |
have four horses and three cows When I want t» limber up, I curry
Well, that's one game Now tho
rest of >m. and th<v series ithiuiM
eouie right along.
The battle Monday only goes to
(how that Mike l.yut'h's think tank
, la aslnk, Knrly In the season the
| Champa -mutated Egyptian mum
-1 inles with a jvort slder In tho bo*.
l>-arlu« this In mind. Mike *«»ed
Kuntlehnor for tho opfiiliiit orra
alou. In wbleb Mike. of course, fig.
ured the lleea would glve_ Mcuttle
nil awful walloping
• • •
Jimmy Clark, who coached this
« Cniverslty of Washington
(•asehsll nine, ha* ahown little of
hla 1912 form In the two games
pitched thua far for tho Heavers
Bven Spokane hatted him all over
I the lot twice,
• • •
McGlnnlty will be in a sad fl*
If anything happen* to tirlndle
W. t Skin l Harris, the change
i-jtti her. haa Win out of the game
for repairs and In Mttil out I'ntll
j Harris |« aide to again wear a
tnaak. Mrtiltinlty has cause to
• • •
Hoorah! Bob Brown, the Beaver
magnate, hai announced the aale of
Pitcher Oecannlere to the Union
aaaooatlon. Lefty Oecannlere was
one member of the Beaver hurling
■tatf that had Seattle'a numeral.
He beat ua twice In the earns week
at Vancouver. Brown says Oecan
nlere'a pitching wing la out of
• • •
itobbr Jnmea. one of the beat ]
third aaclters In the Northwestern
l.'.ir te In 1911. has been signed by i
the Kv-iett club There was often'
a doubt of whether or not Jumen
wan not Just aa Rood a a Art Hues
Seattle* sensational third base
man. the aame year, but Bues fin
ished the seaaoa with a better bat
tint as well aa fielding average
than hla Vancouver rival.
• « •
The Floaton Hravea need three
e*-Northweatem league pitchers
attaint the St. I/ottla Nationals
Monday and lost 12 to 6 Perdue
started for the bean-eaters, and
then James. Strand and Noyes
came along In order
s • •
Jim Thorpe, the famous former
Carlisle athlete, now with the New
York Nationals, waa actually al
lowed to participate In the gams
against C. Webb's Cubs Monday.
Thorpe battsd for Matheweon and
delivered a single. New York won
e • e
Nil I and KllHlay are getting fair
ly regular with their home run
swats. Klllllay has a hahlt of
pasting the l>aall nut of the lot Just
when that sort of a biff Is needed
Iloth came through with four base
; pokes Monday.
I)»nr» »t Dreamland tonight •••
The Electra-Vita Co.
DEPT. 4.
t'le«Rq wend m«, [irrpald, your frf-e, |iopnn«
Illuitrntcd bflhk. H iil l a
THE STAR—TL JUNK 10, 1013.
The R|iokane Amateur Athletic
club haa gent several telegrams to
Heattlv, asking for the where
alKiiita of Jobann Johnion. the
Swedish Riant who musaed up «ev
eral member* of the Spokane jio
lire forre, and aJ»o tried almllar
tactlca on a iouple of Seattle cltl
sens. Johnson la In charge of John
Her*, the wrestler. whoa trying to
make a 'hope' out of the buaky
The 8. A A. C. wants Herg for the
boslng and wrestling areata, which
are to be a feature of the I'ow
Word cornea from Spokane that
Harry Reed and Tom >1' Kevltt.
suspended for appearing In a hot
In* exhibition, with Jimmy llritt.
will not b#» allowed to compete
They hare been auapended for all
All entrle* for th» M&pound
claaa are in They are Andy Dm
vail. 8 A t' . Wm Sullivan. Fred
rtlost and Hoy Orton. of the S A
A. C.. and Murphy of the V A. C.
(ill./ Nolan. Mtrhta » muiili*. ard
Jnr l+vy. art.nt for Jo»> Rlvrra,
will im*t In I'romolrr Bddle Ora
iify i office thla afternoon ami algn
nrtlrlra for a rnatrh l> rr July I.
N'olan arrlv—l In- « 100 Into la»t
nl*M to «lnn artlrlra. hut «*ri i<d to
proportion for IJ4 pound*.
Klvera »»« prr««-nt at la»' Mini.' a
I no lip U )nl>llant ov«r No
lan a rapltulat < n and la hr w II
win by a kno< kout well wlt'iln ?0
We •mil#, nml «*» rid «nillee with wa
For 90 Days RATES
Albany Painless
Juat to to the people of
B*aHt« th* perfection of our high attain
m»nt In Dentistry. nml also in order to
demonst rut* our advanced methods and
r-apahlllty t« the Dental profnaloti In
fiftl* and vl-lnltjr especially the \dvrr
tlalnff DrntUU. wa nmkn the following
< ffer of $1,000
"(i«l It"—01.000 Chnllf(if»—"(t«| H"
We will give fl 000 to the Dentist or
person who ran pr'-vw that nil Oold and
Dental Puppllaa imed In our offli «a urn
not of the highest ciad* and duality,
oliaolut rl y the heat.
The* iav this rnnnot he done, hut we
ar*» from Missouri nnd will »hnw
(nit rfitea>, Our entlrs staff nre Orad ti
nt' Hegiatercd Dentists .f fr .m I r . t>>
20 years' experience.
Avail vourself of thea* rldtciloial v
low prices for n» «olutely (ha l»»-n
tsl work ever offered In Hrnttl* Don't
wait another day. You can't heat our
wr rk and prices
Rta'nlQe ttori free
Oold Crowns |!t Aft
Oold Hrldgework 8.00
Porcelain HHdaework s.oo
rorcalain Crowns .8 00
Oold Filling* 7fir
Mllvrr Killings 00e
Our work la sure to plenae; our prlcea
are aure to suit you
I'eopla s tinuk llldg , ta§ and I'lka ftt.
• •
VICTORIA. It C. June 10
Meek'a attack In the opening In
iiittg failed to unnerve lanky
V. elaer llrll, the Seattle pitcher
II- twirled tluht ball and held the
V|i tvrla ll«-«-a to th<- abort end of a
jV! a-ore In the opening gutne of
the aerlea here
In the lira- Inning, one of I)»ll> i
; Nendera bumped Meek In the rllia
Meek hurled hla bat at the pitcher,
barely mlaalng hla head. They
■ ■llnched. but were aepnrated.
Meek'a action will be reported to
President Jonra The score
s«aitl*— aii R H ro A, It
|lbtl t I > *
Vlll ;b « I I 4 I ♦
••trail. If .. « • >
'*«<lman, e I ® I t I •
Kllt'Ur. ft ... J I 1 • ' '
fA'-aenn. lit ....4 0 • • a •
Wllena. rf . « 0 I t ♦ •
lt«t> monll, m . 4 I 2 1 1 I
inn. |> « 1 1 a 1 •
Total* M I II II U :
\..inri» All II II ro A g 1
All rt 4 • I • • •
' u««illr<r* •• 14 1)11
Hacln :t. i I • 1 > «•
Hxt II- I • • 1 * a |
I.tnrh rt I * * I I •
r>ua if 1 t I : • *]
! Ijimb ;b I « 1 1 1 >
RbM. a « a t • 1 a
I Kaatlahnvr. p »•« 4 • t • f •
Total* II I * IT • I
l<<. . a by Innlnva
1 > 1 • a * t 1 a I—T
Vj. inrta II I I I I I I t -I
s - nmarr Ta '• *>a»« lilt t.amb Itnm*
ruM Ml: glilllai »> ha»» Kh<«
11.. . - I aila Off Kanllohni-r J "ff l> II
T Hlru. Ill» '|l» Kanllahnf-p I. t.y |>*ll
* T'ma. !11 I'mplre R«l(tlna*r
Kn route to Victoria, n where
they ha\c match,n scheduled for
this afternoon and Wednesday. th"
Middle West golfcra punned through
Seattle Monday The team, com
posed of elsht of the brat golfers
in the country, will piny n (i»rles
of five matches in Seattle on Thurs
day. Friday and Saturday.
On Friday the famous golfers
will nie.'t the Pacific Coaat team
Two Seattle men are inemhera of
the Coaat squad They are A. S
Kerry, president of th'' Seattle fiolf
rlnh. and rapt. II A. Fleager Oth
era on the team are: .lack Neville.
Oakland; A V. McCann nnd .1. S.
Mattlaon. Victoria: Chandler
RaKan, Medford. Oregon; Harry
havia, Portland Ono member Is
yet to be choMD.
I'pon their departure from here,
the Middle Weal golfers will visit
Tacomn. and Portland. Tho team
la «omposed of ("apt. Chirk Kvana,
Jr., Fraaer Male, W. K Wood, Phil
ip Stanton, I). K. Sawyer. H. U.
Legg, C. U. Devol and 11. 11. Lee.
Won I ,*>«t Pel
x.nttl. :o «;i
Vancouvar ••• ...31 22 5*5
Portland 2* ;« ;.?o
Victoria 21 4 1
Tnriiinn 24 1?
Hpokan* 20 35 .Ift I
national i KAr.rR
Won I.o«t. Pel
Philadelphia 2» 11 726
Naw York 24 II RTI
Hi ooklyn 2* 1* sftl
21 .511
PltUbur* 21 25 . 4F»7
HI l<oula 21 147
floatnn 17 25 4»>5
Cincinnati 17 30 3A2
Won l«nat. Prl
PMindHphta ra io 72?
• *lr \ « litiitl ? 4 14 ft J"
WnnihlnKton |5 22 .5.12
» 'hl< hro 2« 2 4 fi?n
I'tmitMi 21 24 4ft?
l'rtrolt 20 31 11^
M Loula i'O 35 3 «2
New York 12 34 .244
Won I,ntt Pel
l.oa An*rl«a 41 I'ft ft 12
Oakland 34 30 f.31
Hun franolaeo 33 :ir» 4
Vanlna 31 37 4r.ft
Portland . . 2* 3 3 4-*.fi
Baeramanto 26 34 4.13
NEW YORK, Fnno 10 — Society
flocked to Mendowl ronw today for
the opening of the International
polo match, a! 1::!0 p. m AH the
fashionable hotels there are
England la greatly Inierenlrd In Hie
event, nnd the Hrltlxh four will en
ter the field heavily l.aeknd. \ upo
clal representative of th" king mia
arranged to cabin the result dliect
to llucklngham palace.
Curriea horaea to develop bleeps
Milka cowa to strengthen wriata.
Dnvea horaea to Improve grip and develop forearm.
Moelng, ahovellny, pitching hay developa back and Improves
general condition.

them. The movement* from aldr to aide, running 'h« furry comb
up and down th>- anlmal'H hl<l< and over It* bad itn rreat. for th*-
iiiiihi U'H of 11»«* man, not the horae
Mll klii k l» another K"»'l training >111111. It Improve* ihs grip and
limber* th« wrlht* I'rlilng hora** I* alio good for the grip. It
h' 1 i-liv lien* tin- (ojrarm
Hit'a tnic wood Mreugthen* Urn Itark and nriiin
I'lthlng hay, t'lowlnK, picking fruit and all Kuril work In great
for Hi'' l>"dy. I luring, shoveling, raking, ■tump 1 Uing. '•' opplng wood
and all thorn hliiiilh will put any fellow Into fighting trim
I would riithn train for a fight by Ju*t working on my farm, but
my manager, Ihck Donald, Inalit* thai I do no me work in the training
gym. However, moat of my preparatory conditioning >onatata of
doing Juat thr commonest of farm dull*'* While training for the
flrown and Mandot fight* I paint"! buggle*. dug garden* and did ail
■uch work
lam tfolriK to Improve my farm an milch as |(or*lb|e When I win
the < hnmpionnhlp. which I at 1 nure I '*111. I Intend to May In ihe ring
only a abort while, and then hike for my ranch for good Affor that
you'll hear nothing of Hud Andenon. fighter, but only of Mud Ander
aon, farmer.
I lot ti Cliarli'* Smith and t'pham
*111 rrpri'Vlil l!«'• Rmlili Athletic
club In the I'aclflc Nnrihwdil .'llllll
««*• 1 r track noil field champloiiahlpa.
w i»lrh lake place at Port In ':d Hat ill
day, In the flve-rn'le ovent Coach
Vance had firm iiclded on a try
out between ilit two cfkclj to ilit
term ne which ahould run for tln*
blur (Ilium mi| and tbr>v made an
excellent allowing ngnlnat time
t'.oth will l><- taken alone Smith
«ni formerly a member of the
QttMfl Anne hleb #ObOOl track
►-1 ruf Smith and T'pham compb-t
ed the dlatance In I*-hi> than 29
tnln itea on the Madlann park track
Frlda> and Saturday.
Mthoiifth Clarence Kdmundaon
wrote that he wi.uld lie tillable to
rompete for the S A ('. In the
meet. Vance la atlll trying to i>er
auade the crack mller to com* here
to reprenent the blue diamond
Vance tirtd Kdiiitindaori attain to-
That the Broadway high nchool
will never aKaln comix*t•• against
the Stadium nigh achoo'. Tacona.
fr..' - k team, l« the declarat'on t day
of 1 ,Ach Powers of the local sc!iool.
i'ron 'way a* well a* the other cotn-
H-lliiK school*. in the utate morl,
last Saturday. «aa tdrtn the worst
of it n every ev-nt, I'ovrn claim*
He if» the placet of the athletes
were declde<l b the Tacom.' offi
cials Ihe night l>ef«-re the m»e.\
avk iik *v 1 l:4Ut ».
N»• * Y-f k « ax ■ I
H >•*<••» 4. r*i»t«t«iul ]
c \v»»h!ri|ion 4
I'hlla4»l|>t|!* I. P* Uula I
nohtiiwkmtkk* I RM.I b
7 Vlftaflft i.
1. Tfc'-mi •
ft, }*ortUnd }
Your Jy*-
ral atfd
J M Ml Ml MM Ortl 11.
701 ItM*
The club Ik KolriK to make a
itiron* flsht fcir tlx- charnplonahlp.
Tin S<-attli> entry lint follow*
PMIUpa, the big I'nlvemlty of
Idaho iavehn thrower; Olalr-Bow
man, hlich Jumper; fan Walsh,
weight thrower; Kinder and Tur
rene, aprlntern. Clyde, mil'- runner,
and Walter*, a Jumper, are some of
the H<-a'fle entrant*.
POHTI.ANP. June 10—Indira
tlon« today *trc that more than I'M)
athlete* would participate In the
Norths fill era track and f1«-Id chanv
plonnhlpt lo l«- held here .Saturday
on the Mi'ltnomab field Seventy
itthlew-v have already entered, witu
Si Ja'ii"* Hay Athletic dub of Vlc
t >rla. Sjiokane Athletic club, Ore
(.'.ti AKeles end Portland end Snlom
V. M (' A. to b* k h< ;.rd fttffl,
Some of the heat talent In the
North*"*! h;m been r c .fcterod, a:id
record* are expected lo be broken.
With the club cracka gradually
rounding into form, one of th<» boat
t»-:ml* meet* In th«- hlatory of the
Seattle Athletic club la ex[*>cted
when the fl\e-day tourney U-£lna
A. (! Spafford. Hob Rvana, Henry
Borlea, Kucker, (loodwln and Pal
mer have displayed im-at form In
practice niatf h<a on the Hlakiatone
court*. Palmer, the Franklin
racquet expert, freah from his
doublca victory with Hob Small as
a partner In the city Interacholaa
tic tourney. looka like one of the
moat formidable contender* Small
and Palmer cleaned up the title
with eaae.
POt'OHKBKPSIE, N Y . June 10.
—Water conditions were better to
day for workouts by the crews to
■ nrtl'-tpat* »ior«» in the on
June 21. The Washington varsity
four baa been unable to practice
yet, because Its racing sh«*ll Is de
layed The varsity eifcht, however,
la going over the course dally
Report of the Financial Condition
of the
Northwest Trust &
Safe Deposit Company
Colman Building, Seattle
at the close of business
JUNE 4, 1913.
Loans and Discounts $ 776,044.08
Municipal Bonds 136,772.99
Other Bonds 7,600.00
State and King County Warrants. 12,747.25
Stocks 3,750.00
Safe Deposit Equipment 14,800.00
Furniture and Fixtures 15,000.00
Real Estate and other Resources. . 28,054.11
Government and Rail
road Bonds $ 53,810.14
Cash on hand and due
from Banks 278,170.29
Total $1,326,748.86
Capital Stock paid in $ 100,000.00
Surplus and Undivided Profits. .. . 21,472.22
Deposits 1,205,276.64
Total $1,326,748.86
State of Washington, County of King, ss:
I, J. V. A. Smith, cashier of the above named
bank, do solemnly swear that the foregoing
statement is true to the best of my knowledge
and belief.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this Bth
day of June, 1913.
MAUD RHOADS, Notary Public.
MOIH.KM <•!< Kiinfljr W,..
T'Mitmi Ht low.-nt rutin a t 11,,/,
rln-n. KL-Mh ~,4 VlJ* £'>
U- h! I.*ll . Klllott -03
* •#
I- M - I Mi I "* r **|
111-Ml'l 111 „ "H
/ %4I
lln.il- 1 /
•until A J It
Kn« w m '
M. Jr
"Rush Jobt"
Mr <"' Prlr, I'craoMl
" <"" ''I
fr '"'. Nr-.lh. f 4.,
■'■ '• • " ■" ••
* '» ma t'j »2
"'"k 4««\,
"* "« "ill row.
I ....... '»•«•< x..« moUit
"i »!»•>. ,;J
t «r« of f »h )',».• "
I1"B« f.lliutl |(M
•■ »M mtAPy £ j
I )r H«T| (una
1/ OITOUTI coin** hm
frrrm rr m„,£.
Something New Froa
a German Specialist
P.k>od and Serve Tonic for
all Nervous Disorders, Mental
Depression, and in fact even
disease of the nervous systeoi.
\ preat help i n relierii.
Kpilcpsy and to purify ;h e
]>hmh\ of all eruptions, pimples,
blotches, boils and catarrh, jai
all obstructions arising froa
< "Ids. biliousness and all dis
orders of the liver and kidncrs.
A sure thing for constipation
appendicitis and diabetes, rhee
matism, and in fact all chnoat
diseases can he helped and rt
lieved. It is a system-builder,
and it excites the natanl
cathnrtic of the bowels »j
strengthens them. Poisotwe
matter must he expelled fron
the system. Blood and Kent
Tonic will do that and M 3
leave the system free froo
medicine. This medicine ha
been used by the specials
jover 15 years and ii now pn
pared by the German Phan»
cal Co., of Seattle, tinder ha
personal direction. Then a
over one month's treataxal
in each package at Sl.OOibcat
For sale by Quaker On,
Co.. First Ave., and Gikt
Drug Co.. 1125 Jackson St
You will find n*mM and !mUmh>
of Peat*!* p'-Mp:® Jn earh packa^a.
Bend ail commanleatloaa to At
German Pharmacol Ca
(one Mukrt u< tita At. X. %
Ballard. Seattle. WarfL

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