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asMMn of Tim iK-Birr* nobtmwmt
UUUIIS or KKKiru'iu r ■»««■—* *•«
l«nlM at lb« I'alu4 Frmm Am i
Kmml lb* (w. MOO*. Waalk. mm mrmmt
riMa miltw ruMUl<r4 t* TH» Mm KM**
Company ,iMlm >IMV*
If the Chamber of Commerce and others, peeved at the
port commission, are sincere in wishing the commissioners
elected at large, why didn't they advocate »uch a change be
fore the last legislature?
Why didn't they come out in the open and a«k that all
the port commissioners should be elected at large, just like
all of our councilmen are? Why did they come to the
lature with their sneaking, skulking proposition to have some
superior court judge APPOINT two additional members?
The Chamber of Commerce did not concern itself then
with the question of whether the port commissioners should
be elected at large or by districts. Its chief purpose was to
gain control of the commission by having two more commis
sioners appointed. It did not even propose to have them
elected until that amendment was forced upon President
Chilberg by Senator Land on.
The pretended excuse now offered by the Chamber of
Commerce, that five commissioners are needed because it is
desirable to have two members elected at large, instead of by
districts, is nothing more than buncombe.
That is not the real purpose. If it were, the Chamber of
Commerce bill in the legislature, introduced by Senator Collins,
would have called for the election of all the commissioners at
large instead of attempting to get two new commissioners
The campaign now waged by the chamber and
the Harbor Island crowd is merely undertaken in the
hope that in some way they will be able to control the
two new members. That is the whole story in a nut
Henry Brown's father and mother were married when the aenior
Brown *>i earning It.SS a day. with occasional lay-offs. They started
housekeeping In two rooms. She did the housework, mad* and mend
ad the clothe*. took care of the babies and by her capable ways
made It posalhle for her husband to lay something aalde. Out of those
carefully, painfully accumulated savings Henry was educated
Henry expects to be married this June. Ha draw* a aalary of
ttS a week. Hia girl la the sweetest creature en the face of th*
earth—in Henry's opinion—but she cant cook, aha has to have a
maid, and ah* and Henry are planning ta start In a elaaay apartment.
At the beginning thalr horn* will b* awaiiar than that of tha old
folka aver waa.
But w« shall mlsa our gue*s If Henry, at the end of the first
7Mr, will hare anything In tha bank. Or at tha end of the second
of third or tenth.
Henry'a father used to make a very satisfying meal on mush
and milk.
Catch Henry doing that! Ha ral;ht. for sometimes man do hare
oM-faahloned longings. Rut Henry'a bride won't. Hump steak for
A ride by rail for even a few milee. especially for pteaaure, waa
•a event In the lives of Henrr'a pa and ma.
But we are willing right now to go on record with the prediction
that It won't be long before Henry and his frau will be whlszing through
town and country In an automobile It may not bo paid for. And
it may cut alarming holea In Henry'a 9X6 par. But the Joneses and
the Smiths have autos. and the Browns are going to be every whit
aa good as they.
Of course. It Is tight that the young generation should he better
off than the old. That's what progress Is for. The wonderful achieve
menta In wealth production during the paat two score of years would
be ghastly practical jokes If young Brown and the young Mr*. lirown
this ia to be couldn't start their home making nn a higher economic
plane than their patents knew in the scantier long ago.
But note that we said "better off."
What la "better off?
la It to b* In d*bt or right at th* *dg*. with no cuahlon for an
amergsncy ?
Or la It to uaa hard, practical aan** and self denial In the spend
ing of an Income, so that what's spent bring* in a toleraby durable
roturn: and ao that, no matter what's bought, something la always
Custom, the moat *ru*l of tyranta, makea spendthrifts of moat of
Whera aa, 40 yeara ago, euatom waa rather on the aide of thrift—
H waa faehlonable to *ave.
If cuatom la like a pendulum, swinging between axtremea, wouldn't
H be a pretty good Idea for the newly-weda this June to give It a
push bock toward frugality?
He ua«a child labor, he'a niggard on pay, be acampa all hla work in
the crookedest way. ffla mill la a flretrap, a place of norm*: he treata
with hla workera on s|arvatlon terma; he vlolatee all of the law* that ha
dares. for justice and mercy lt'a little he care* Hla public career with
anklndness la rife —but then, he'a ao good to hla wife"
A senator's owned, mind and aoul, by a truat, hla alavery fills men
With rage and distrust; he doea what he's told hy the powera that prey,
and be Uvea at bin eaae on the brlbea that they pay; a crook and a traitor
to all that la right, the voters' deapnlr and the grafters' delight He'a
alwaya In aome aort of a acandal or other—but then, he'a ao good to hla
An editor's known to be venal and vlctoui, who seeks arter caah
with a zeal avarlcloua. He use* hla pen for whoever will buy, he'll color
and wary and he'll (table and He; he'a aervant of Oreed and a lackey
of Oold, whoae thought* and conviction* are bartered and sold: there
lan't an honeat thought "under hla dome" —but he'a good to hla children at
Tuesday l« a good day to buy Seattle made gooda.
The people would not object to two more port commlaalonera If
tbey were assured that Chamber of Commerce agitators would keep
their hands off.
A superior court Judge, with the necessary legal fixings In the
way of bailiffs, clerks, etc., coals the tax pajers over 18,000.
The bill for that two montha' vacation which our overworked Judges
will take, beginning In July, Is exactly 112,193 Ml. Who ahould worry?
Centime Tb e Food Drink for all Ages—Other* »re Imitations
Leave Seattle 10:00a.m.| 3:45 p.m.! 10:30 p.m.
Arrive Portland 4:45p.m.'10:00p.m.| ®
Leave Portland 10:00 a.m.! 5:00p.m. r 12:15a.m.
Arrive Seattle 4:15p.m.j1l :15p.m.l 7:30 a.m.
Parlor Observation Cart, Dining
Cart, High-Back-Seat Day Coaches
Standard and Tourist Sleepers on night traina, ready for
occupancy at 9:30 p. m.
Amm M a roHTUini and (Mm K^B]JU||MiKk|lQ|
C / kll Atrmuti H'>*K VtITIVAI. ' —
Columbia & Second Ave. * » AlL * i
I'hoiiM Main ii 7: T.iwnu Bwi
Pish Htorlea are back of the reaaon why nmiiv mm of estlmabln
character ar« aa popular Id a crowd a» a gooae-ivgg In the a»v«ntb
Home men ar« born to Hah Htorlea. Tha rent hava Klah Ktorlea
thruat upon them
A fl«h story la Ilka a miser a gold; the owner never geta weiry
recounting It
A mail may forg»t hla early moral teachings, the Important dat«'S
In American history and the st«e of hla hat, but dura he ever lose
memory of the "niuaky" that got away at l.ako Oochmacoocb. In the
summer of "»7?
If t « <Wa. then It la'bccaiise bii Iron sufn haa diopped <in hla b»an
from tho third glory!
Onoe upon a lime no courae In artlatlo HI ah Story spinning waa
complete without a few primary leeaona In practical bait casting
This idea bus been abandoned bb a waste of time which might better
bp devoted to developing the bice pa of the Imagination.
Mere FIHMINU la now left to practical, proaalc fishermen The
art of narrating a leu round raaale with a heavy-weight pike »o that
It llstena like a Homeric epic la not In any way allied to tho vulgar
trad» of affUlng weak kneed worm* to hooka.
The professional or champion-amateur Hlah Htory fiend la not ..
larking In trochlea of prowess, by which ha can prove that hlB veracity S X.— x
la all wool. S* Inchea In breadth and band-atltthed down to U>« aeaiiial I
Vlalt hla charming home and you will think you are In a dry aquarium t J
The first thin* that lamb* your lamp* n» yon enter the hall I*
the figure of a portly tmss, reaching four feet from Bono to shoo*--
gleaming like-Ilk# against an oak board. A card beneath the fish
states the date and place of rapture, but Mr. Baa* la undoubtedly wink-
In* the other eyo- the glass glim turned toward the wall paper
Kvery summer, after a brief abneuce from his usual haunts, the
Fish Story fl.'nd returns to town with a soft boiled complexion and a
brand new fish fable of the northern lakes He will tell you about
gunning for blue finned salmon that roost in tree* with all the sincerity
of Jonah after he had given ttp his room and bath In the whale
The Klah Htory Is an Innocent hobby. Ho Is cornet solo playing, hut
both should be harnessed to Maxim silencers and banished north of W
Chicago has opened a school to
train suffrageta In oratory Chi
cago's suffragnts must all be un
married women.
• • e
Away With the Vicious Pleasures!
The county spelling contest will
bn very Interesting and should be
largely attended.
The old time competitive contests
In orthography were one of the
chief amuaementa of our fore
father*. In the !«»♦ Inning*. the
excitement *i>ee up like mercury In
August. The prlae I* the thrill of
victory The reward la one of the
moat de»lrable accomplishments.
To be awarded the palm aa the
beat apeller In the county will be a
great distinction To be the beat
■ peller In the atate will amount to
fame; the winner * picture will be
printed In the city dalllea. hla nam*
become known to everybody, and hla
home will feel honored
Let tia drop the domlnoea and
whlat and bridge for the time and go
to the spelling contest and watch
the game, which haa all the
fascination of card*, but more
merit of usefulness. —Moberly (Mo.)
What ha* become of the old
fa«hloned bootblack who carried a
box attached to a atrap thrown
over hla shoulder?
• » •
"It wna a rain of love at flrat
"I ihouKht ahn must have failed
to tako a aecond look at him."
Editor Moat Anything
Of coiirao you fcave «een the
peddler who carrle* In a ha*ket or
tray planter ca*t "art" work*. Well,
the other day I aaw n peddler I
one of the raata. —F. T.
• • •
We must *ay (hi* for T. R.: Many
men who have drnnk a Kreat many
! drink* could not remember any of
| them BO distinctly „«» he MMBk
bered the few he had (Alum
. . .
Now that. T. It ha* proven In
I court that he I* not a drunkard,°\vo
demand that he explain why ho
worti uldewhlitkerß at Harvard.
Lots of Folks Do This Every Day
• • •
But —
Q. ot U. K- C/ 5
P'p&fo'-,OUMW6R riMEri
JUFB^:O.CM j''Mciw<iAs, ,-^a
* • • • •
H. K F. who ha* an Inventive
mind ft well an a Mrfv heart, ha*
devised a ' death chair" In whlrh a
fly ran bo executed by electricity
and thiia killed suddenly and. there
for*, humanely, Indeed, death by
H. T K s Instrument will he a
pleasure to the fly. for It I* cun
ningly contrived to anuff out the
fir '* Ufa Just aa It la In the momenta
of anticipation of • feaat.
A. —Tincture of iron
B- Rlectrle light connection.
J)—l»ecoy. (Sugar I,ump )
B- Receptacle
F—The victim.
(i Chute down whlrh the vlrtlm
slides Into receptacle.
H. P. K given these direction*
Saturate well a aaucerrul of sugar
with it strong solution of tlnrture
of Iron. With the aid of a magnet
(one can lie bought for a penny),
two wirea and an electric light plug.
Mmstrurt the denth chair. The fly,
after partaking of the tempting
liquid, la attrnctcd to the lump of
sugar <f>> attached to the magnet
<C) It files to the lump of sugar
and thn magnetic attraction acting
I upon the Iron In the fly draws the
victim upon the magnet, when a
current from the electric light con
nection (B) kill* It Instantly. The
lifeless form drops upon the chute
(Ol and rolls Into the receptacle
H. P. K decline* to patent the
chair, bcllovlnK It hi* duty to hu
manity to permit anybody to con
struct and use It.
Pigeon Is Back
After 6 Years
EABTON, Pa., June 10.—A
pigeon that Earl B. Reimer of
thle city entered In a homing
pigeon race at Qaitonla, N. C.,
six years agn, returned to Ita
loft today etlll wearing on ona
of It* lege the allver b.ind
bearing Ite regletry number and
Relmer's Initial*.
APHARU C O N'T A(1 lor fl.—
"Apha*la bride," who dl*apt><vired
on h«r wedding tour, now appeals
to the Boston police to find her
htißhand, who ha* tnUen n flyer In
the wlmronliontH unknown.
RUBBSR-80LJB pumps have
been brought out for the hunny
hug and Hlinllur dances, hm ihn
■mootlt bottom slipper was uiiHaU*-
The Sorrows of Youth
'Pray toll me. child, »hy do you
The kindly lady aald.
"Hava you met with an accident
Or ta your father dead?"
'It's worse than that.' tha boy
till* grief was moat Intense i
Home mutt has plugged up all the
In that old baseball fence."
To Protect Hair
and Skin in Summer
To quickly regain the rich color,
gloss and soft texture which the
h*!r loses through Improper c*re,
•hampoo frequently with a teaspoon
ful of ennthrox dissolved In a cup of
hot water It 1* unequaled both as
a cleansing preparation and a* a
stimulator of the hair root* *nd
ItaSOM. It leave* the hslr Boft,
fluffy, lustrous and easy to manage
Skin need* a thorough bath each
day to remove the dust and oil, then
a good face lotion, such as you can
make from 4 ounces of spurmax put
Into one-half pint witch haxel (or
hot water I, to which Is added two
teaspoonfuls of glycerine After
applying, rub face gently until dry.
Faithful use o( this lotion clear*
the skin of all Impurities, removes
the oily, sallow look, fine lines and
prematurely aged ap|>earance and
restores the youthful tint and fine
texture which paint and powder can
only Imitate Advertisement.
Meet These Seattle Manufacturers
You will be surprised how well their products suit your requirements. Notice the variety
of needs met by these products—get acquainted with them. A dollar spent with a home man
ufacturer means another chance at your money -and you get an article that can't be beat.
Bakeries '
■AdNNUfcVieUf PI E s
r « r.n, 'u MH, a,, v.
n 0 II Tamalc Grotto
|j K |f| Chili Con Carnc
• ~,# fhitken Tamales
Main 5306. We Deliver.
1511 Third Avenue
Wholesale und Retail.
"Centennial Best"
Fountain Pens
° Manufncturara of
lllllli Ornrt# louitftiln IVna nmt Ink
Fountain r«na Itapalrari
loo7Vfa Third Ava. I'hon* M. ISM
If You're Going to Farm, Advises Ex-Carpenter
Who Has Got Rich at It, Grow Something Your
Neighbors Don't; They'll Furnish Your Market
- " — o — -
Staff Special.
WCWIHTON. Ida, .Inno 10 I/nut
yeai J. K. Ilutler, n former HI I,oula
earpentnr. made an Irrigated moun
i»lii lop aupport hla luik<> family
iiikl add about $ 1 .(>OO to Hi** Mutier
liiuik a<count.
Ilutli>r, who tiaed to be ii rlty
workman, now "fartua for farmer*."
That la. In- grow* garden trurk end
am h "•mall thtnga" for |i«i|il« who
nrn too buay ralalng alfalfa awl
live atock.
Four yeara ago he acraped to
gether all the money he could
get and moved out here to a
wall-worn barley field. Bacauae
It wai Irrigated, Butler had to
pay $350 an acre for It. Ha
paid $'>00 down and aaaumed a
$3,000 mortgage. Then ha built
a ahanty on hla ten-acre gar
Juat a few weeka ago Butler
turned down an offer of $12,000
for hla ten acrea and the pretty
little cottage he built during
odd tlmaa.
I.aat year ha rleared 11,424 In a
nine montha' garden a—on. Other
farinera around here uaed their gar
den aoil only on<e a year, letting It
ll« Idle after one crop had be*n
raited on It
Ilutler kept up aurh a anreeaalon
of vegetahl'-a grow In*, one a'tr-r the
other, thai he wan getting fine
prlrea for nlre. fteih lettuce after
hla neighbor*' had gone to ae.-d. He
hud lomatoea extra enrly and extra
late, while Ihe other fanuera had
tomatoea "at tomnto time" and
couldn't aell them be'auae tomatoea
In touiato time are a drug on the
Itutler ptddleg hla green corn,
rplnach, dewberrlea. tomatoea, wii
termelona, cantaloupe. gooaeber
nea. rahhage. onion*, a>|uaah, rhu
barb, heana; celery, pean. grapea. to
the number of 35 different kind*
Best tShort
of the Day
The m * urttO'il superintendent |
was talking to the squire of the
village, relatea the Philadelphia
Kvening Tim I"*. Th« superintend
ent said:
Most amusing thing happened j
today I wu questioning the
class over at lh« achuol. and I
asked a boy who wrote Hamlet.'
ll® answered tearfully, 'PpltMt,
air. It wasn't roe.""
After loud and prolonged laugh
ter the squire aald:
""Thal'a pretty good; and I atip
poae the little raacal had done It
all the time."
Two negro roustabouts at New
Orl«-aua mere continually bragging
about their ability aa long d'stance 1
swlrr.mera and a st*amt>oat man got
up a match The man who awam
the longer distance waa to receive
15. »ay* the Cincinnati Enquirer
The Alabama Whale Immediately
atrlpped on the dock, but the
Human Steamboat aald he had
some business and would return In
a few minute* The Whale awam
the river four or five tlmea for
enerclae, and by that time the
Human Steamboat returned. He
wore a pair of swimming trunk* and
had a aheet Iron cook stove strap
ped on hie back Tied around lila
neck were a dor en packages con
taining bread, flour, bacon and
other eatable*. The Whale gated
at hla opponent la amatement.
"Whir yo' vlttleaT" demanded the
Human Steamboat.
"Vlttlea fo' what?" aaked the
"l»on't von nak me fo' nothln" on
the war ovah." warned the Steam
boat. Ma fust atop la New York
an' mah next atop la Ixwdon."
"Who's that Improsstve-'ooklng
wotnan over yonder?"
"That'* Mr*. Peckum. She's a
remarkably strong minded woman,
and they do any that she com- j
maud* a very large »a!arv."
"How doe* ahe etin It?"
"She doesn't earn It Her hus
band e.-irna It and so she commands
Seattle Stove
IJMrnmmluV Schwthm. Mgr.
• *•-» CASTINGS.
I*linn«* Mila 3M4.
Hive Your Panama Hat Cleaned
Where They U»e No Acids.
Phone Ballard 586.
Free Delivery.
Washington Brand
Macaroni, Spaghetti. Vermlce'll,
Alphabet*. Elbow Cuta,
Egg Noodlea.
Mauufarturact bjr
Oil Clothing
Geo. A. Johnson Co.
Manufacturer* of
"John*on'n llcut" Oil Clothing
and White Duck Clothing.
11 111 W. Fifty-fourth Htrrrt.
I'hona KitUard 40«
| Kiirly aluff la forced under glaaa
Duller aet out to grow the beat,
j The ft rat fall he took prlzea for
fancy vec<lalil'-H hi the roil nf y
fiilr Thlit helped him In getting
unit holdliiK ' UHtomera
Having juit a little farm, But
ler could atudy and treat almoat
every aquara yard of It, and he
did that.
The worn out barley field now
produiea the rlrheat crop* in the
rounty, and the fruit treea that But
ler ha* been aettlng out ought to
put him on Ka«y at, for the reat of
hi* life.
"How did you do It?" bo waa
ojike<l. |
"Well, when I got Rood and nick
of working In the city. I rented a
farm In Teias I didn't know auy
thin* about farming but what I
Inamod in my iOii'O backyard tar
den and farm books. and I trues* it
was only natural that I should fall
to make good
"80 wo moved bark to the city
and I went bark to my ran>enter'i
job. Hut the old longing came back,
and after we bad saved up a little
more money we took a chance on
! this place.
"We" means Mm. Butler. six chil
dren and the former carpenter.
"Don't get the notion." added
Hutler, that It wan ca«y for tis
We missed lota of thinks we had In
the city, the wife and kids more
, than I. but we Just sat fast and
I s< ratched gravel '
"I think I made my best stroke
'when t didn't no In for alfalfa, grain,
hay and live stock. These folks
who live right next door to fine gar
den lands were actually hungry for
, garden vegetablea. By giving them
XJLTE wish to announce that
TT we are now located in
our new store at 206 Pike
Street, People's Bank Building.
Formal opening on Thursday,
June 12th. There will be music
and flowers will he given to
our visitors.
& »
H. Harrington Co.
Florin t$ and Decorators
Ornamental Iron
M «n'ifiicti'rrrp of
ViS IMI. '
Anne HI'I W»h
Weitrrn Pattern Works
I-argeat and l>e«t rqulprM shop In
tha city.
Patterns, MmleU und Marhlna
latH Ilr*t Awn no South.
Phone Klllott :Rlfi
Whiting-Smith Pies
At Cafes, Delicatessen*. Mnrt'ot
Sta'la ana HoMaurnllts.
Phone Elliott 3631.
Portable Houses
Cottage*. Ammilow*. tlarnitea, Etc
All *l*e* nnd style*.
Mad* In HKATTI.K nnd .hipped
w.ill*rieil owner* me .i#r reference*
'lot our price* beftira you buy or b VII 111
\MKHIt *N l-OKT Mil K HOIHE « «>
"°' l :iom A erode Hid.
nLjnMCO Hon trttm I. >.•••«• r*m
rnviiU •vttai wiifc «ii im»rn««u
_ llf mall, daily. ®»»
RATES m*i .*i «»i »»• >>•'. f*
extra vegetablea earlier and fater
than they had ever gotten them bo
fore. 1 made a good living and *«
aalted away something every year."
How English Beauties
Keep Faces Youthful
Kr.f !t*h health ;'*rl sttrlb
utM the early aging of Amerl'aa *o«.»a
m&inlr to the "nations! r»rTou»n**s ' Th«
wf man of Eoflan4 they any. can tsael
us the inaatlmalla leaeon of r*fv>ee
Another valuaMa to learned
ff'tn the Knglish woman Is that aha <3oa«
not ro in f' r aoametlea. the continual use
•f moat ruin any complexion. Tb«
beauty devote** of King (ieflfft'i rea!m
here the m*r<r'-.>tged «n habit, a mora
wholeexne method of keaplng the fa'-e
girlish i'K.klr.r and healthy oritnary
mercollted *ax tike rold cream,
rejuvenate \h*> worst fanpUsi n Amrfl
| cin women may easily a«juir* the ha! It.
this was being ottalna) le at drugstore#
generally In the t'mted fit at* a It II
applied at night and washed off in tha
morning One ounce la sufficient ta
* ompletely renovat* a t-sd complexion It
has a peculiar action In keeping the fnc#
Ifrae from tha particles of lead ar.d
deritaiised a**arf akin which ara roa*
I stantly appearing —Advertisement
Rattan Furniture
Rattan Furniture Mfg. Co.
Makers of all kinds of
We Do Repairing.
2845 Sixteenth Avenue West.
Phone Queen Anne 474.
Salad Dressing
Mn. rnrtrr'i Intel? drpM
. im mad# for sulada—
r m con fetal nc
» If » product that la all
"flonttle mail*";
"hould have It on your
,abl * * v *ry day. If you
* r *
■ lift b®lp to boost our
clty'» local trade
Show Cases
Pfiono Main 2097
W* make Screen Door* « n <l Window*
LM ua help you to keep out the
KIM He* out It Avenue.
Soda Water
Distributers of
Bottled Coca Cola, Cherry
Cheer, Wyn Celery Phosphate
and all carbonated beverages.
I'hmie Sidney 69..

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