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Fourteen thousand dollars would jiive fourteen hundred poor mothers and children a week's vacation In
country. Suppose Seattle should do that? The whole nation would approve and applaud, lil l SE
AI TLE \S ILL NOT DO THAT. Instead, this $ 14,000 of public money will he spent in {jivinji nine high
salaried judges a two months* vacation. One of these nine vacation-iirabbini* judges has a motto that he proudly declaims
tfhen the opportunity offers. His motto is: "LET THE PEOPLE RULE."
24 P er cont R A ' n ' n c< rcu '«t»° n
the boom times, while the other
3*ttie papers have, according to their
fyn boasts, only managed to hold their
indicates The Star is the paper
people want.
Thia anapahot photograph of Dr. Waughop. who la autng for an.
****** of Hit marriage to hla nurae-wlfe, waa taken aa ha waa leaving
*t|i Smith's court today.
Willlp H. Waughop did not
■ *** ths nam* of the woman
Intended to marry, and
to her merely as the "red-
RjM'sd nurse," only two weeks be
■i*J wedding day, according to
■ PIRMMiy offered this morning by
' rm * E. Bowman, a second
■J**s of the physician, In the doc
suit In Judge Smith's court
H** ,, "ulment of the marriage.
told Judge Smith that the
' HSJ™ _*ppear'"l stupid and under
*Mnmflaence of drugs, and that he
I ' n <leep gratitude
■ 'he "red-beaded nurse" be
'■ H?* *h« had saved his mother by
[ By the "red headed
he evidently meant Nellie
whom he married shortly af
said Mrs. Bowman.
Otttland, of a local safety
vault company, testified
■Pjton the day of the marriage. In
■fa Waughop continued
hi* wife by her maiden
■***. "Miss Kloss."
■yf' Waughop was always a
■ lfth- > ' 1, dre * H, ' r . but on the day
■ tt. " I#rr lage, he appealed In
office slovenly ami
■ JjV *as the testimony of K
■ •***", a deputy auditor.
H i_. *J" , t Becomes Angry
• Phillip Waughop Is a great.
■ '* "'afnlflcent when In
IttrJ . ron, "tl'>n; a «r at w ! olar,
BblnJ kind He Is i very
on'' well wish In a
'" J '°" was given I)r Phillip
d W »«Khop late 'lu. .1.1 by
Mrs Hilda VV ughop fol
: a dramatic tilt win At tor
■ Mr. Meade |„ the trial.
Waughop, am;' red by'
MSZt, *, tryln K wo -i examination.'
tllof.u "jard ,n h #, r <•\ialr and
■ [w r "a' it the, attorney.
claim* he contracted
■ fceiir.,**" whll ' (t " In
drug* administered by
I City a."?*' f'W'-lOT of tbe yue,.,,
■ iSt ~l Urlurn' wt '" r " >" *»« n I"'
gaWktif • r 1 " 1 "'f'tted, however, In
TlttT,[,"|'„ w *"*b"P. by his attor
I "'iter Keene, that he ban been
NO. 89
using drugs since 1888, when he at
tended Harvard.
Wife Denies Drug Story
"If he had known what he was
doing,' said Mrs. Hilda Waughop.
"we would not have objected to the
On the night of the marriage, Feb
ruary 4 last, according to Krnma
Bush, an artist, Waughop had lost
such control of himself that he had
to be held up by two men. Mr*.
Kloss-Waughop. the wife, denle*
tlat she gave him any drug except
when he asked for It.
Deputy Auditor Castle, who Is
sued tbe marriage license that
night, did not notice anything pe
culiar about Dr. Waughop. he said.
Sensational development* are
promised tn the suit of thd state
ugalHnt '> H Witoiey, former caah
ler of tho Henton Branch of the
I'nlon Ssivlnga Haijk and Tnmt Co..
who ia charged with grand larceny
of $45,343.66 from the hank
Wooley la defended by Walter Ful
ton, ex-Judge (irlffln an'l Koproiten
tatlve I'anl llouaer. The state's
i an" In conducted tiy Deputies M<i t -
lor and Wright.
Mooting the charge of the state
that Wooley loaned money to the
Orlllla Lumber Co., In which per-
IWIII friends of >iln wore Interest
od knowing the company 'o be 1n
an unstable condition, Wooloy sots
tip tho defense that the Union Hav-
In KB bank I* merely making a vic
tim of htm to at and for tho loan,
which, ho claim*, waa Incii r red In
a legitimate manner.
rOKNEMA tII.AKH. prominent
at tho Hroadwny high achool, will
a< i us queen of tho delegation
whl'h Ih to repreaent Heuttle at
he I'ow Wow In Bpoku|i'j. ,
The Seattle Star
Thla diagram, outlined
for The Star ar«l»t by De
tective Jonea. ihowa the
lay of the land at the end
of the Beacon hill line,
where Jonea and hla fellow
officer ahot down Abe Tur
ner. boy bandit, laat night.
Photographe ahow Con
ductor Jonea. who waa held
up: Detective Humphrey,
who waa ahot. and the
bandit, at he lay wounded
In the city hoapltal.
Seven little (tlrls, the oldest 10
and the youngest 2, today were
brought before Judge Smith on
habeas corpus proceedings Inttlat
ed by their father, W. S. Mathews,
from a sick bed In Vancouver. H. C.
Mathews alleges that his wife.
Marie, kidnaped the children while
he was sick, and that she plans to
get a divorce. He contends he !s
amply ahle to take care of his fam
ily and that Mrs Mathews has no
grounds for divorce.
Tuesday he telegraphed attor
neys here to bring the court pro
ceeding*. having received word
that Mr». Mathewa expected ta
leave for San I'Vanclsco with the
children on the steamship Queen
Tuesday night
Mr*. Mathews arrived here June
7, went to the Perry hotel. and took
the children to the House of the
(Jood Shepherd The children were
In the rare of a deputy sheriff at
the Perry hotel Wednesday.
IjONDON, June 11 —(Bulletin.)-
Assassination of Mahmud Shefket
Pasha, grand vlr.ler of Turkey. Is re
ported today In news agency dls
patches from Constantinople
I.ater advices confirmed the as
sasslnatlon. Shefket I'asha was
killed as he motored to the sublime
porte, and hi* companion, Ibrahim
Iley, was also slain.
With two servants accompanying
them on horseback, Shefket and
his friend were proceeding at a
moderate sped when they were met
by another motor. As the strange
automobile approached a i» rfect
fusillade of bullets rained Into Shef
ket's car The grand vl/.ler. pierced
In a score of places, fell dead In
LONO BKAf'H, June 11 .— At 8 a.
m. the Oige submarine, the Inven
tlon of John M ('age of l-ong Beach,
holds a new world's record for sub
mergence, having been under water
for 27 hours. Tbe previous record
of 24 hours was made by tbe United
States submarine Octopus at Nar
ragnnsett IMnr, It. 1,, In 1!»07
Word came from the boflt this
morning that everything l» In good
shape, and It Is expected the boat
will stay down until f> p. m , as or
Initially planned, making u record
of <16 hour*.
Bothell's Mayor Takes His Pen in Hand
to Write Us a Letter—And Such a Letter!
Hothcll, Wuh , Juno 8, IVJ3.
Kdltnr Seattle Star 1 see your valuable paper continue* to
treat Ki'-at happening* In Hothell In n frtvolou*. not to nay fippant,
jnanner Trained *nake* may have their u*es, a whistling cat U
certainly preferable to a yowling one. while a cow which klek* you
on the scat of the trouaera I* certainly more polite than one that
•pill* the milk all over your lap.
Hut. while you are recording these varloua thing* about Hothell,
why don't you tell of aome of the really great advantage* which
Rotholl jHJssesses as a place In which to live, and of the wonderful
fertility of tlie toll? For Instance, laat Wedne*day evening John
Rodger*. of the American hotel, finished shingling hi* barn, and
Imagine hi* aatonlihment Thur*day morning upon going out to
feed the hor*e*. to find Mime 50 or more apparently new ten foot
crpwbar* (ticking In the ground all around the barn' Upon pulling
one of them up. he discovered that torn* of th* shingle nail*, car*
le»*ly dropped on Wednesday by th* ahlnglera, had b*com* covered
up by the *01l and by Thuraday morning had grown to full-*lzed
crowbar*. Itema of thin character will bring farmer* to our mld*t
and build up our country
Once more, your* for Ilothell, 8. F WOODY. Mayor.
IPSWICH, Ma**. June ll.—An
unidentified woman wa* killed and
•even other person* were wounded
by bullet*, and many other* hurt
by flying missile* In a *tnke riot
outside of the lp*wlch Hosiery
Mill* last night. Seven per*«.n*. In
cluding leaders of the Indu*trial
Worker* of the World, were ar
The dead woman was a specta
tor of the fight Five of th« wound
ed were hurried to the Salem hos
pltal In an automobile. They were
placed ujton operating table* be
fore their names had been Uarned.
PORTLAND, Juno 11—The Co
lumbia and Willamette rlvors,
which htvt boon lil«h for tho taut
week, have begun to recede, nnd II
was believed today that nil danger
from froahets had paused Tho
modi serious damage In lho Port
land harbor was lho collapse of a
portion of tho Montgomery dock,
dropping 200 tons of wheat Into
Iho rlvor.
JOHNSTOWN, Pa. June 11.—
Fire early today dealroyed tho min
ing town of llonz Creek, near hero.
The loan will reach $-00,000.
Score, 98 to 112. Bowling Game?
Nope, a 16-/nning Game of Ball
HOSBITKR, Pa., Juno It.—
All froali baseball records are
biukeii bore today by tho per
formances of two local teams,
who, In Ifi Innings. scored exact
ly 210 runs. The came was be
tween "♦cams from I'ppor Hon
alter and I.owor Hosslter for
the championship of the town.
l,ower Hosslter won.
„ The nummary ahowa 42 home
runs. Vi doubles, Oil trlpb-a
*cri*ta TAKEN i*i MOtnrat.
PORT AN'GKI.KS, Wash.. June It.
— Brought together through a me*,
sage written on a *hlngle. Mr. and
Mr* Koyal M l.n Flower are at
homo here today after their honey
IFlower, who Is n *hlngle edger
In a local mill, grew tired of Rlngle
bleasednen*. and wrote the follow
ing with an Indelible pencil on one
of the Mhlnglc* he made:
"I want a wife before 1915. My
addres* Is Royal M. La Flower, Port
Angele*. Wa*hlngton. May 15, 1912."
The Hlilngle was found by a car
penter In Dunmore, I'a , and a story
111 the local paper there renulted In
2N young women writing to La
Flower. Ml** May Matteson'a let
ter appealed to him most, and the
wedding followed.
Nighties Now
Pajamas will no more bo »een
In Rood society.
One reason la they're out of
Another, niodoaly.
and 74 errors fifty seven play
ers participated In the games
and eight umpires worked.
Throe of them were disabled In
tho war.
At tho end of the fifteenth
Inning the score was tied nt !IK
runs each.
Power Hosslter rallied In the
sixteenth, put 14 men over the
home plate, and landed the
Running away from home at the
age of 15, only to return, after hav
ing been married twice In the in
tervening all or *even years, to
te*tlfy agaln*t the character of her
sister, wa* iho unusual spertacle
pre*entcd Wednesday In Judge Al
bertson's court by Mr*. Amies
Mr* Moon wa* called a* a wit
ness In behalf of Charles tiro**,
who brought *ult again*) hi* wife,
t'lara, on the ground of Incompati
bility of temperament* In *up)>ort
of hi* allegation*. Mr*. Moon testi
fied that her *l*ter frequently went
out with other men Similar testi
mony wa* also given by Arthur
Sand*, brother of Mr* fSro**.
While one *l*ter and brother are
arrayed ngaln*t Mrs tiro**, the
little woman I* stoutly defended
by her mother. Mr*. Oeorge Sand*,
and another sl*ter, Mr*. Mabel Den
The couple have been married
since 1!>0«, and have two little
girl*. age r. and 2 Both are de
mandlng the cu*tody of the chil
dren Mm. tiros*. In her cross
complaint, alleges that tiro** I* of
extremely Jealous disposition and
possesses an ungovernable temper
She accuses him of having fre
quently beaten lier.
Mr* Cro*s will probably take the
atand th 1m afternoon.
A UIX'KI'TION. attended by 100
person*, wa* tendered Hev. Walter
H. Henrlck* anil hi* wife, the new
pawtor of the Halnler Heach Pres
byterian church, by the congrega
tion Tuesday night.
Better Get This
Shaving Outfit —
If you anticipate taking advantage of The
Star's free offer of a complete shaving outfit
with a year's subscription at the regular price
of $3.25, you had better hurry, for these out
fits are going fast. Here is a complete shaving
outfit, free. It consists of fine knurled handle
with seven guaranteed blades, nickel handled
shaving brush and shaving soap in finely
nickeled case and all packed in fine leatherette
case. This outfit would retail at $2.50 in any
store. We purchased a few hundred sets and,
in this way, took advantage of an extremely
low price, and we offer you the opportunity to
get one of them free. Send your subscriptions
direct to The Star and the shaving outfit will be
mailed at once and your subscription started
the next day. . *
As people tire of reading the skimmed
milk kind of papers, they come to The
Star. The Star has increased its circu
lation steadily and consistently for 14
years. The Star is established on the
foundation of public confidence.
Giles Humphrey, city detective, lies at the city hospital
with a soft-nosed bullet flattened against his thigh bone.
In another cot, a few feet away, is Abe Turner, alias Jim
McCoy, who, according to Captain of Detectives Tennant, was
sent to Monroe reformatory two years ago for robbery, for one
to 15 years. At the time of his first arrest he gave his age
as 18.
The two engaged in a thrilling revolver duel late Tues
day night. For Turner, the boy, according to the assertion
of Captain of Detectives Tennant, is the daring street car
bar.dit whose exploits during the past four months have
driven the police to distraction.
Detectives laid a cunning trap for him. A car crew had
been held up on the Mt. Baker line Saturday night. The
bandit's methods were identically the same as they have been
on the ether occasions, sometimes two or three times a week.
A lonely spot near the end of the line. A curt order to the
conductor and motorman to "throw up your hands. A
hurried search. Exit, bandit. _
So detectives, armed and vigilant, lay in wait Sunday
night and Monday night, near the terminals of all city car
lines. And then, Tuesday night, they got their man.
• But," said Detective Humphrey today, as he glanced
over at the other white cot, "he's such a kid.
Turner had emptied his gun at Humphrey, and had tried
to escape. Detective Ralph Jones tired at him as he ran.
Jones' £un barked three times, and the boy crumpled up and
went down. Two of the bullets took effect. One broke his
right leg. The other penetrated his side. Doctor* at the
hospital today thought he would recover. But it had been
a close squeak.
Humphrey and Jones hid themselves in the brush Tues
day night near the end of the Beacon Hill car line. So, too
it developed, did Turner. About 9:45 a car approached, anc
came to a stop. The coast seemed clear. The boy stepped
out, his face masked with a handkerchief, and "stuck up"
the conductor, W. E. Jones, and Motorman E. R. Davis in
the usual breezy style of the bandit whose methods have be
come so well known to the police.
He lined them up beside the car, with their hands in the
1 air.
And just then the officers strolled out of their hiding
| place. The boy saw them coming. Humphrey spoke to him
Turner wheeled and fired pointblank. Humphrey shot anc
missed. Again the flash of the boy's revolver, and again, anc
Humphrey went down. The boy ran. Humphrey emptied
his weapon and then, lying prostrate, threw the gun at the
fleeing bandit.
Detective Jones had gone around the other side of the
car. He opened fire on the boy. Turner shot back at him
"I fired three times. I guess, before I got him," said Jones.
On the way to the hospital. Hum
phrey and the boy exchanged con
fidences on how It felt to be shot.
Both agreed that It wan rough bus
Writes for a Barrel
of That Free Sugar
RATON ROt'GE. June 11.
—I Spl.The prospect of free
trade has been somewhat misun
derstood In some localities of
Terrebonne pariah. If i letter
received by Gov. Hall represents
the expectations of the people
there. The letter follows:
"Dear Sir, please send me a
barrel of free sugar 1 heard
there are Free Sugar. RO 1 wish
you to send me a llnrrel of It at
once. For 1 am very poor. Your
True Friend. "
The letter Is dated at Gibson,
U. The governor refused to di
vulge the writer's name.
HAMMI'RO, .Tune 11.—The great
new Hamburg-American liner lm
perator started from here tcday on
her maiden voyage across the At
lantic. She carried a huge quota
of passengers, every Inch of ac
commodation being taken.
Detective Tells Story
"1 Just got here from Portland,"
said the boy," and was up against
it. 1 was only there a few days.
I Came up from San Francisco. I
came from Kngland. but 1 won't tell
j you about my folks."
Further questioning failed to
make the boy tell any more about
"I don't feel very enthusiastic
over having to shoot down an 18-
y ear-old boy," said Detective
Jones, as he looked over his Sav
age automatic, while sitting on
'the side of his bed this morning.
"Old the boy die?" he asked,
and. on l>eing told that Turner was
still alive, he expressed hope that
I the youngster would pull through.
Watch Cars Come In
"I don't want to tell any police
secrets, but we were out there
waiting for something like this to
happen. From our hiding place in
the coal shed we watched while
the conductor of each car reported
in from the call box.
• j "Across the street. In a real os
-1 tate office, a bunch of young fel
lows were singing rag-time songs,
and at 9:40 they started for home,
j They were hardly out of sight
: when this car came in. and a mo
ment later we saw the conductor
and motorman standing alongside
of the curb, with their hands in the
air, and a man, who had walked
lout of the brush, talking to them.
Talks of Shooting
"Humphrey circled to the left
and I walked slowly across the
street towards them. When I was
about half way across, Humphrey
and the robber opened fire at each
other. They fired about three
shots apiece, and then the robber
I started to run back of the car.
"In the darkness, 1. saw another
man at the head of the car and
; realised that this must be a pas
senger. or someone the robber did
i not know, or he would have retreat*
[ ed in that direction instead of run
ning so close to me.
"I fired once as Tie passed and
i twice as he started nwaj He fell
just as he reached the curb.
"The gun I. shot him with is a
new one. Just bought It yesterday.
One of the first US Savage guus
I made, t guess,"
Judge Albertson today overruled
| the demurrer of the county com
missioners to the complaint filed
by the Barber Vsphalt company. In
! which the county is restrained
from receding on the contract to
pave the North Trunk district
partly with warrenlte. This leaves
the restraining order In force.
SllKtrnll .f II- F.H.-IU Hu»ln»M
*rh".ii «" to th» b«l in thl«
jelly, mill wtint'9 mnri\ lioM th*m l>y
rv*KOii .'r ilifir il.-nt Instruction nnj
Mrttlnlns -Advtrtlwment.

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