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Spring rinlMni
filers J»»t
an Arr.»u«l Ml
lit# Nnll«iml
Ftf>« hand lal*
<ut In lh» latoat
MjrlM <«f »h<"
most »l#eJiaM*»
mAt*H*la in 4
l<i>pu:*r with n »
for aUwmiIOIVI
Phone Main 43
Tonight*—All Week
Pantages theatre
lUUiM Dell? Twlc Nightly
"The Police Intpector"
♦—OTHER 810 ACTS—»
10c and 20c
The Upstairs Suit Shop Will Save You Money
on Every Purchase.
Summer Suits yjra|
at half Price «9Rs|
Just 50 Tailored Suits in fine /
patterns (or Summer wear in . /*7SSuPI
English Whipcords and Diagonals. " IjWBnLl
plain colors, stripes and black and M f Kll
white checks. tailored in the
newest styles, are now offered r*/ l*j
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Saoond Avonuo. MwNn Union and Unlvaralty
■ A Good Woman
and a
Bad, Bad Man!
mHE story of "The Regenera
tion," now being produced at
the Seattle Theatre, is more than a
play—it is a sermon—it is a lesson
from life's own book. It shows not
only Darkest America, but the way
out. It portrays not only the un
derworld, but it shows what one
good woman can do. You can see
the play for a trifle —the best scats
are 50c, the balcony seats are 30c,
the gallery is 20c. This is not be
cause "The Regeneration" i s
cheaply produced, but beacuse the
Seattle Theatre is not in the Theat
rical Trust. Special matinees on
Thursday, Saturday and Sunday—
admission 25c for any seat in the
house. "The Regeneration" is a
play to see and remember and prof
it by. It will renew your faith in
the real good there is at the heart
of every man. Go and see itl
IVIIITTOIV? broiling, frying and roasting*
ITAU J. 1V7I1; recipes prepared by UNCLE SAM
In broiling thing*, you , ee*r
them quickly over a clear flra
to Keep In the delectable julcea.
If the meat lack* fat, *mear fat
at oncn over It. In "pan broil
ing" you u«e a very hot pan,
lightly greaied.
Chop* from the loin or rib.
cutlets from the leg or thick
piece* from partially boiled or
roasted mutton are suitable for
* e e
Broiled Loin Chop#
iMMTi superfluous fat and roll
tin' flank about ilia tenderloin,
fastening It with skewers. I'lace on
it broiler greased with aotne of the
mutton fat, Cook from six to elgh.
minutes. turning frequently during
! the ftrat part of the time
A sauce of butter, tr which a lit
tle lemon Juice and chopped parsley
have heeu '.titled. I* aotnetlmee -üb
ltd over the chops, or alnce the
i hop* themselves contain much fat.
, lemon Juice and paraley only may be
used, or the chop* may be served
on thin slices of lemon.
Onion sauce 1* by some pe«ple
considered a greut dellcary for *erv
1115 with bro'lcd chop*.
• | •
Savory Sauce
To tho fat In the pan In which
chopa have been hrolled—lf you
broil 'em that way add enough
butter to make about two table
spoona. In this brown three table
spoons of flour ami add oneK-up of
water or stock Season with salt
ard i>epper and add one half onion,
flt.ely mopped, and one tahli spoon
ea - K . of cai>er« and finely chopped
i pickle.
Billie Burke Says She Really
Likes to Wear Trousers; Tells
Star Readers Why and When
By Billie Burke.
I almost wish that Paul Polrfit
, had been able to make tho bifur
cated skirt of hi* the faahlon. Kor
since wearing boy'a clothes In "Tha
Amazon*" I find that no woman
can understand how we ara ham
pered by skirts until she woar*
trousers I have decided to wear
) regular riding breaches aud tha
' long coat In Kngtand thi* aummer,
i Imtead of the conventional riding
skirt when I go hunting
1 really wish It were poaalblo for
women to wear uiannlih dreaa, at
leaat when thay are In the country,
where they need to have their
Umb* unhampered
I have never been able to under
stand the conventional Idea which
1 believe originated at tho Court
of Spain with the *aylng. "The
Queen of Spain has no leg*." Ever
■ luce that time women have been
politely supposed to lie built like
one of those fu**y little Noah'i
wive* the children put In their toy
ark, all In one block.
If you are going to tako your
vacation In the mountalna or any
where a* far away from the mad
ding crowd thi* *ummer, I am
going to advise you to do a vary
unconventional thing Have a
khaki »utt made with knicker
bockers and a long Norfolk Jacket
which cornea to the knea and la
met with leather leggings or blgh
l'»e thi* for your ramblea, for
tennl*. for rowing and flatting and
see what a good time you will hare
and how much you will be re*ted
when you come back to conven
tional dress and society.
Dear Ml»« Orey: WUI you plaaae
puhiiab In your column* lb* ad
drees of the consul of tba Argen
linn Republic. also whera I can cat
Information about the Panama Ca
nal lone concerning reference# to
bualneaa opportunity or work?
Thanking you much for tbla In
formation. I remain, ROSAI.IE.
A.—The conaul of Ar9*ntlna
la R. M Bartlaman. Address
Buenoe Ayraa, South America.
For Information regarding
the canal write to Colonel Geo.
W. Qoathala. chairman and
chief engineer of the lethmla*
Canal comlaalon.
Pear Mt«i Oray: Can you pleaae
tell mi the meaning of the wort
"volatile"? I ran across It In an
English paatry book. O T M.
A.—The definition Webatar
give* of the word '•volatile la
liable to evaporate, or to paaa
off In fumea.
IVar Ml*a Orey: Would like to
have a little good advice lam a
young man 21 yeara of age. and
am In love with a pretty girl whom
I met about el* month* ago. We
went together ateady until recent
ly ah* and my alater. of her age,
started chumming together, and my
alater la trying to queer us ao they
can go out with other guya.
Tbey have tried this atunt sev
eral time* now. and 1 am beginning
to got angry about It. She Always
treata me well when 1 fttn with
her. anil when l say anything about
h<T going out with my sister, she
nays I should not care for that, as
»he doesn't want to lose her frlend-
Now, what shall I do? Drop her
and look for another girl, cr ah» u
I try to get ber to Cr "**'
are abaurdl^^i^^^^S^e^^^^
aeem to thln» sMMH ■ U'*"' •<>
cepts your company a few tlmea
that she Is as good as won. If
you are not engaged, both have
the right to go with whomever
you pleaia.
There la no reaaon to drop
the glrl'a friendship, If you car#
for It, and you may make other
glrla' acquaintance If you wlah.
Dear Mlsa Orayt Will you please
anawer a few questions for me?
I want to know If It Is right for
a girl of 1G to go motorcycling with
other boys and speak to aoldlera on
the street.
I arn a young man of 17 and con
sidered fairly good lookltit? Do
you think this girl love* me? When
ever 1 happen to pass by her house
aha always asks in« In; but when
1 am at work nights other boys
come to spe her and want tq, take
her out with them. Do you think
ah" should go?
I am doing my best to Wn her
love and make her happy. Should
I continue to go with her, aa I
have another girl acroag tha pond;
but being over 6,000 miles awny
It seems as though my love for her
Is growing cold. She la very fond
of tne and wants to be my wife.
Would you advise me to keep nor
* Kpondlng with her and drop the
other girl?
A.—You are qulta truly
"mother's boy" and will be for
the next four yeara. Put away
all thoaa allly thought* of love
«nd marrlaa#; you are not old
enough to knew the A, 8. C't
of ouch thing*, and you eannot
marry lagally until you are 21
yaara of ago- It will be ■ much
wleer plan to devote the next
four yeare to winning a posi
tion that will enable you to
keep a home, before you start
to win a wife.
It la Impoealble for me or
anyone elee to aay If the girl
lovee you. for aha la too young
to know her own mind. It la
not right for her to go motor
cycling with any boy, or to
apeak to eoldlera on the etraet
unleea ehe la acquainted with
A Night in China
At Dreamland.
7th and Union.
China Crockery Souvenirs
given to all.
Admlaaion 29c
Including I Dm«« Ttotrrt*
I/ad iet Pre*.
Ladies' Suits Made to Order
$25.00 and $28.00
Pit and workmanship guaranteed.
Ladies' Tailor Suit Shop
111 - $49 Lamt>ar Ksrbanga Bunding
Something New From
- »nan Specialist
Tonic foi
JJU*«*rVTtfTs~T)isor<)er#, Menta
Depression, ami in fact ever}
disease of the nervous system
A great help in relieving
Epilepsy and to purify th<
blood of all eruptions, pimples
blotches, boils and catarrh, an'
all obstructions arising fron
colds, biliousness and all dis
orders of the liver and kidneys
A sure thing for constipation
appendicitis and diabetes, rheu
matism, and in fact all cnronii
jdiseases can be helped and re
lieved It is a system-builder
and it excites the natura
cathartic of the bowels am
strengthens them. Poisonoui
matter must be expelled frnn
the system. Wood and Nerv<
Tonic will do that and stil
leave the system free frotr
medicine. This medicine ha;
been used by the specialisl
over 15 years ami is now pre
pared by the Otcrmarj Pharma
cal Co., of Seattle, under hi'
personal direction. There i«
over <?ne month's treatment
in e;i<?h package at $1 00 a box
FoP" sale bv Quaker Drun
Co., First Ave., and C.ilc«
Drug Co., 1125 Jackson St.
Tom will fln<l rntrn«n «n<l t•ntltnonnla
of p.opi. In .Art, pacing* DOCTOR niLL Is tho new tltk
P,n<l *11 Bom.nunlr.tlnr, th. of ( , )() Kmporor William. Ho gntl
German Pharmacal Co. thn degroo jointly from thn eleven
Corner M.rhrt .nd 1411. At. N. W. «"•' UobnlCftl Collogos Ot U«r-
Ml***. •**«>* VtHk, luuqr,
Roasting mutton I* cooking
It with dry heat, *o you've got
to be e*peclally careful to keep
the Juice* from escaping If you
want to retain the flavor. The
oven should be very hot until
the meat I* thoroughly seared,
then the temperature ahould be
reduced and the fat dripping
from the meat ahould be fre
quently poured over It.
• • •
Roast Lrg o' Mutton.
The b»at thing about roast mut
ton la MINT HAIK U. Ho lot ua
tulie that flrat
Mli 1-4 cup of finely chopped
mint leaves (frenh or dried) with
1 taMcapoon of powdered augur,
half a cup of vinegar and a half a
taaapoonful of aalt. I.et tha mix
ture atand In n warm place until
the flavor of the mint baa aoak<-d
Into tha liquid Thn soaking
prorata ran lie hastened by boll-
Ing thn vinegar and augur, then
adding the mint and aalt
An for the meat, Just sprinkle
It with nalt and pepper. pi are It
on a rack In the roasting pan.
dredge It with flour, stick Into
the aforesaid hot oven. and baste
It. baste It, baste It If you want
It wall dona allow 16 minutes to
a pound.
For atuffad b*g o' mutton have
tha lag rut In two and n»a tha
thicker and Itaniova tha bona,
replace It with any »ort of dresa-
In* desired and tie up Into pre
sentable shape
• • •
Brown Gravy.
In making gravy for roast mut
ton allow 2 level tablespoons of
fat for aai-h tup of gravy desired,
pouring off any exresa of tht«
amount. To the fat add 3 table
spoon* of flour and cook thor
oughly. browning It. but being vary
raraful not to burn It. Add boiling
watar or broth and boll for a abort
time, stirring ronstantly Add salt
and pappar Tha prot>orttona ara
i tablespoons of fat. 3 tablespoons
of flour, and 1 cup of water or
stock. If tha flour I* not browned,
only 2 level tablespoons ara needed
for each cup
• • •
Baked Breast
Saw up a breast of mutton In a
vary thin cloth, put It Into a staw
pan. pour over It enough cold suited
watar to nearly cover It, and let It
almmar, allow lug 10 minutes to
earh pound Then take It out of
tha saucepan and out of tha cloth,
put It In a baking dl«h, rub It over
with mutton dripping*, butter, or
aavory fat. sprinkle «otne flour
over It. and baka for one-half hour
In a hot oven, baatlng frequently
with It* own broth. Five minutes
before taking It out of the oven
atraw fine dry bread crutnba thickly
over It. put little blta of butter
here and thara, and lat It brown.
Serve with a brown aauce made
from the broth In wblch tha meat
wai co<>kod.
on thi omf
Dear Mlee Orey: Aa you have
helped others by your good advice.
I am aure you will help me out of
my predicament
I ha\e been going with a pretty
blond, whom I loved very dearly
until about five mouths ago. when
she threw mo over for another fel
At the time of our engagement I
gave her a valuable diamond ring,
bat, though 1 have asked h»r for It
several times, abe has never re
turned It I have found out later
the reason she threw me over Is,
that I cannot afford to apend a lot
of money on her like my rival
does; but, Instead. waa saving
mine so we could marry. Now.
Mlsa Orey. can you tell me how I
can either get back the ring or the
girl? Very truly, EDDIE.
A.—When an engagement Is
broken. It Is customary for a
girl to give the ring back If the
gentleman wlahta It returned.
If ahe will not give It up peace
ably, I know of no other course
you can take without oauslng
much publicity.
Were I In your place I would
not care to take a girl baok
who had proved hereelf to be
ao fickle. A girl who chooses a
man according to the amount
of monay he can spend on her
will not make a good life part
ner, In my opinion.
Dear Miss Orey My husband
drinks, and I would like to know
If you can tell me anything to make
him stop l have one little girl,
and It Just breaks m.v heart to see
him drinking. Pleaae answer
A.—The real or permanent
cure for euoh habits must
oome through the mind of the
person addicted. All that any
medical cure does Is to rid the
system of the poisons and Im
purities left by the use of the
liquor, and after that they may
refrain from Its use If they
hsve sny self-control or will
If your husband refuses to
rtop drinking, I advise you to
report him to the Juvenile
judge, as he Is not executing
properly his dutlaa as a father.
Dear Mla» Orert 11 one has a
small amount of stock In a publish-
InK concern and that firm should
fall, with liabilities far exceeding
ItH assets, run the creditors com*
on to the small share holder?
By answering this us soon as
possible, you will confer a «roat
favor. Thanklnx you In advance, I
A. —The creditors may col
lect from the stock holders to
the amount of the debt, and
each stook holder must stand
his share.
T. H. Tahara. Japanese porter In
I'loneer building, was killed In
stantly Wedneaday afternoon when
his sltull whs crushed between the
elevator and the Krlllwork mir
roundliiK It on the fifth floor. Ta
burn wan cleanltiK the Krlllwork
when the elevator bit him.
u..nj Am~m mJ P*. 1w ft. Cmril.. milk A4W/TT MrCnP.KHY * ca. Ms M •*« ••»•»»<»•
§ Brassieres for Summer Wear
r T AVK become indispensable to tha well dressed woman. The low top
H roraeta demand them, They hold the figure firmly above the walat
and give at the same time aort, graceful line* Wo curry all the boat
makaa and models —I>ellevolaa, Hlen Jolle, 11. Ml W. and \V*mer Urassleras.
Wa feature a very atrong Una at In both opon front and back mod
els One Unit cronaea In the hark la trimmed with broad bands of embroidery
and finished with convent edge. Another style has tha yoke of fine Hwlaa em
At ftf.OO a splendid line, Including nil that Is new and up to date In braa
sleres Kara and embroidery trimmed, open front and cross back styles. An
|| J open back brassiere made of strong, firm material, has %ldn band of embrold-
II II ery and n 1 dalllons A handsome gurm 'it to wear under Ilngerlo walstg. A
Yr n * w ne ' braaslera hooks In front and has plain bark and not sleeves with
__ rnijjTl shields It la cool and fine for summer wear under thin walsta. A new open
W/OUt, front brassiere trimmed with wide embroidery back and front, has hook and
eye fastenings.
' J ~ UT " Other excellent styles at Hl.ftO. %'Z and up to $5. —Third Floor.
A Special Sale of Brown and White Cooking Ware
* 9 o mf ~ ' ' '
Both imported and domestic pieces are included at most
unusual price concessions.
Round Casserole with cover fitted in a nickel frame
which will not tarnish. ' Reff u ' ar price $3 30; for Friday
Rotind Casserole with handle and cover, but without ' -"iff)
frame. Regular price $1.00; for Friday 00*. s\~
Oval Casserole with cover; regular price 75c; for Fri-
Marmites, individual Boston Bean Jars with covers. Reff-
ular price 30c; for Friday 10*.
Milk Pitchers, one quart size; regular price 65c; for Fri- ' hf
Sale of Long Silk GUves
at 69c
NOT a broken lot. but a good, full assort
ment of all the most desirable shades as
wall'as black and white. Double finger
tips, full elbow length and all sixes In the aa
sortmant. Hparlal thp pulr flO*.
Short Silk Oloves of the same quality, with
double finger tlpa. In two-claap style The pair,
4Jlt. —Salss Square, Flrat Floor.
The MacDougall-Southwick Co.
Owing to the late season wblch
prevent the blossoms from matur
ing, officials of lb* ML Haker Park
Rose nhow decided today to post
pone the show. which was to hare
been held Saturday, until June 14
Only the more common blossoms
are available at the present time.
The show, which Is a big annual
feature. Is an entirely public affair,
no charge being made for admls
alon or for entering eihlblta. Hun
dreds of exhibitors, who were hop
ing that a couple of daya of warm
wenther would open tho buds and
have potted their bushea for exhi
bition. will welcome the delay, as
It will assure a far better exhibi
A »rranlte drinking fountain, a
gift of the Alpha Literary society,
iwaa formally presented to tho city
of Seattle in front of the Broadway
high school Wedn»sday. Close to a
thousand students witnessed the
ceremonies which Included several
selections by the suhool orchestra
and songs by the Olee dub.
Cornelia Glass, president of the
society and the girl who has been
selected aa queen of the Seattle del
egation which will boost the Pot
latch at the Spokane Pow Wow.
made the presentation speech.
Mayor Ootterlll accepted the foun
tain on behalf of the city. The
mayor then took the first drink
RACINE. Wis, June 12.—Thor
ough search of the ruins of the
barge E. M. Peck, which was
wrecked by an explosion here,
shows today that six men met
death In the accident.
DR. L. R. CLARK, D. O. 8.
If you must wear plates, or If you
are wearing 111 fitting plates, come
to us. We will provide you with .it
set that will give you satisfaction.
Our facilities for this line of
work are exceptional, and wo
please nnd satisfy where hundreds
of others have fallod. We are
justly proud of our plate work. As
to prices, we can make a bettor
plato than any of our competitors
can for Just half their price. Our
crown and bridge system Is as near
perfect as Is possible to make. Wo
only charge $4 for the extrn heavy
gold crown that any of our com
petitors charge $10 for. If you
nave a few teeth In your mouth wo
can supply you an entire new set by
our new method without the use of
u plate.
All work guaranteed.
Regal Dental Offices
DR. L. R. CLARK, D. D. 8., Mgr.
1405 Third Av., N. W. Cor. Union
NOTK—Bring This Ad With You
Lace Guimpes, Special 25c
MADE of sheer shadow lace
or fine net In full bodied rt
style. Carefully finished S&pjaM
with shaped collars, tat«*<l <£
armlioles anil lawn lower bodies \
with draw strings to secure -
them. May be had in white.
cream and ecru — exceptional /_
values at A
—Flr»t Floor. J 1
C 'i® 'J
Oriuid President I. M. Golden
and Grand Secretary A. J. Aschelm
of San Francisco have reached Se
attle on their annual tour of the
lodges of the Independent Order of
U'Nal B'rlth and arc at the Butler
While on thl« tour. Orand Presi
dent Golden will Inaugurate a
lodge In Tncoma.
Orand President Golden will pre
side at a meeting of the local
lodges Thursday evening at the W.
O. W. hall. Old Federal building,
corner of Fourth and Marlon, and
on Friday evening he will address
the public at large from the pulpit
of Temple De Hlrsch.
Capt. John Flynn. 70. veteran ae.n
fighter, who was a sailor on board
the first Monitor when she fought
Entire Stock Must Be Sold
Out in 12 Days
Lacquered Ware. China Wane, Brass Ware and Novelties-
We must make room for a new Hne of Silks, Cot
tons, Kimonos and all kinds of Oriental Dry Goods which
will arrive in two weeks.
Fancy China Dishes reduced from $17.50 to $5.75 per
Reductions in prices are cut to less than one-half
China Tea Pots, sale price 29c—valued at 75c. Salt
and Pepper Shakers, sale price 2^c —valued at 5c each.
6c—valued at 15c—while this sale is on. Come early and
get the benefit of this sale while the goods last.
Direct Importer* of Japanese Art Qooda.
1015 Third A v., Near Madison St
"U. S. Government Inspected Meats"
Meal Specials Friday
UNION HELP—I 6 Ounces to the pound.
Lamb Chops 15c Corned Pork 10c
Legs of Lamb 15c Corned Pig's Feet... 8c
Extra Fancy Corn Beef 30c Bacon, 20c Today
12'ic Only.
810 WHITE MARKET, Old Pike Market
SNYDER'B MARKET, New Corner Market
Tour money returned If any sales we make are not as represented.
Second Avenue and Pike Street
the confederate iron-clad Merrlmae,
and afterward ran the blockade at
New Orleans with Farrafpit is dead
here today at his home. 902 Sec
ond av w. Flynn followed the sea
after the war as a master until he
came here 20 years ago.
free Doctor for Yob
Mr. Worhingman -
W# aio doing mop« for ths wo fir
inc man and his family than any
drug st or* In th* city of Boattle.
If you or asy of your family are
sJok. It will be to your advantaco to
call at ths
Brendel Drug Store
117 Teal or Way
botwMn First Arsnue and Occidental
Avon us. and bars our Dootor tr*st
you FUEK.
Our object In flrlnv the people tha
•erv Ices of a physician sbsshtlslj
fro* Is to build up our rapidly grow-
In* drug business
We Are Cot Rate Prescription

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