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Both Champion Willie Rltchia and
Challenge" Joe Rlvere have looted
*'rtnu?ut trait tng for thee battle
tomorrow, aed each It fit Reportt
teat Rltchl* ha« gooc etale * r e "at
torne out Sy hie app«arance Bi>tl<
Ritchie and hi* ira'ner Marry
Foley, aaaert the champion i* pre
pared to put up the battle of hi*
llf*. nurri la trained tc ft# mln
When Ritchie finlthed hi* work
yeaterda". ho weighed under
pound*. River* ci' do» t hi* usual
amount of work »etterday an 1 ban
lv lifted the l>eiui' .it IJIS i>ouiiris
The weight will be «•**>' for the
Mexican, at he could dry out wore
than the one half pound if tuch
meat ure prove* necet-.ary
The Ritchie camp will not come
to San Francltco until tomorrow
morning River* will go Itract
from hit quarter* at the Seal Rock
VANCOfVER. H C. July S. — A
pinch bitter won the game for the
Heaver* lo the ninth tnning of a
thrilling game between the locals
and the Seattle Champions here
Wednesday Seattle was leading
1-0 In the final stanza. when Iy»wl*.
sent in to bat for Clark, delivered
a single which scored two. Mclvor
and Clark pitched • beautiful name
The acore:
Va n ( 'iiu*»r — AR R H PO A E
RMiin lb ..1 • • t I •
t>nn«: lb ft S 1 ft I •
Klpr»f rf ft s s I • ft
m.k rf > • • 1 » •
W«lth lb .... 1 t t ft • »
ftrtnkw if ft • s I t •
Bshsrawb**. •* ft t S I I t
c ..... I t 1 t I •
Clark*, p •••«!•
. I • I • • •
TMtll It I « It It t
•n*i<*4 for Clark* la ninth
Jft«*ul*> - AR K M. PO A B
f**w n « t t t i i
jAtluon. tb I t t It t t
Mil. lb * t 4 I t t
Strait. if I t J I t •
IVmu. ft t t t I ft
Wilson. rf 4 t 1 I t t
Klllllar rf I t 1 1 t t
Raymond » • t 1 I ft t
Mrlrar. p 1 t t t I t
Trial* . . tt t. > H II I
•Two wh*i* winning run ftror*«l
Reor* br tnnlns*
VuKoaiar fttftttttt: I
s**it:« inniil t—i
Sununftrr T*» bift* ait* — >fUI.
Stltarc »«b«r. *t*l*» '*»*• Mill
I. fltrmit. Rsrnoag. I»■
rick. Kiur.ar a*rock mii—Br Ctark* t.
by Hct*t»r t B**« r, n ball* —off O * rk»
». off Kctror < Tim*—t Ift fmpir**
WUnoa ul I«i7
V) per cent of headaches car.
be cared by our glaeaea.
Just Printers
1013 THIRD MAIN 1043
Stomach Trouble. Enema and All
BlUo and Bloody * »
s::;--;L nd Sulpnurro
Druglcas Treatment Re at tore* health Wtille
You Sleep
Here's an appliance that will r«fltor« your health, drtvi out your
paint and ache*. and make you faal like you did whan you were
bidding Into manhood. Thla remarkable device I* a
•alf-charged hody battery. known as Klectra-Vita I* p«#ura a con
tlnuoua atrear.. f giving • b 111 Ity Into the WMk Itl Bf
organ* for hour* whlla you aleap. Infuntnff tham with new energy
and building up tha entire ayafem to a atrong healthy condition
ESectra-Vlta la tha m"«t scientific. tha
moat convenient and practical davlca made [jl
for saturating tha human body with L I
electricity ft doss r."t or Irritate
I* srene-*tea a powerful current wh! n run J
rafnlitad to IBf 't »fr»r*!h / I^,
There In no changing to bother with AM / I vHK I
you ne<-»d To do l« J
when you go to be 1 at nlifi,' /
It in tha morning 4
Whan you are sleeping It Is pumping \
a steady unbroken flow of galvanic llf« V \
/ g n
Mrtti absorb ar>'l rotnlfl f is fore#, and 1 I V P I
frow atrong und»r Ita vitalizing Influence. 1 V y
otft waka up In tha Bornlnf wit.i n raal- V \ / J J
l n% of «*M!araMon fottr 11 ttma tnarfy \ H/l J w
qulrklr rattirna. you fa»! tha tln*!a of
naw Ufa In your vain* you walk with In- <jwwlA jftj
( Th* dull, tlr*d aar,*;it lon, JtidWL u/.■
< It-"
ar.'t B4 you ara a r«JilVlflat*d mar. \^s»
In po««aaalon of p»rfact health and
atrangth. BiMMMI
Any man who haa h!a vltjillty
Vita. If you Biiffar from narvotiß nahfllty,
lumhajro. rhaumaMam ar.- -1 i• '1»r.
thara la help for you In our Metric |T 1
Such man hava rom* to ua aftar try- II If 1
IriK svary ram»*dv thay hani IL 'f M
a partlcia of hanaftt. and » ava /j J SI
permanently earid >y BlßCtm Vita. i/ y n \ [
R. V. MARCOTT, ar«ppoosr, Or#.. /7W tl I I
snyat I have been using Klrrlm-Vlla // |i L /
fnlfkftilly evar alnr* rwl«lng It, «*••! If U I /
find If to fee ■ arent r*m*4f fur U>iak II M V//
Ua<*k and 'fsrtwi. f only us*d the up- n/ \'
pllaace a f«n days nbm I hrgan to JTf, , JyAf
notlr# It had grrnl puffer, and I am Vsjr'
f-rrtnlnlr pkasril nlih thf results.
Will gladly It to nnynnr <*nRC.
In aer«t of asrk trealinent, for I be*
lleif ft will do all you elalm.
It does n'»t matter whather von have confldenco In our treatment
or not—lt does tha arork just the same We ar" r*»idv to to
you that Klactra-Vlta will cura you Aak about It rl«ht away
pfipp U*t our 90 : ;iK"
■ B W book deacrloln*
In You Kl'c.tra Vlt*. lllub- TIIK RI.IC<~rR*>VITA ««.
trated with photos IH'.I'T 4.
of fully davalopad man and worn
an, ahowlnff how It la applied Tfeaafra llld*.,
Thla book talla In plain lan Baeoad Am., oorwar Bprta* Bf.
Ifuajfa many thlnifs rou want to Baaftla, Waah.
know, and alvaa a lot of food, Plaaaa aand ma. prapald,
who.aaoma ad vim your fraa dO-paga tlluatrated
If poaalbla, and let ua book. 7 s
■ how and axp'.aln Rlartra-Vita to
If you f-an't call, wa'll tend th* Narna . .
book, prepaid, frea, If you will
mall ua thla coupon
Offli a bmira—ft a. m. fo B p. rn. i Addraaa
Haturdar avanlags, 7 fo B| Bnn
•la>s, 10 to 1.
' house to the rlngalde
All effort* to produce even-money
betting have failed, the odd* re
maining stationary at 10 to * It
now term* certain that tho men
will enter the ring at thin figure.
Matting commlatloner* nay th
hat been Jutt » 111110 more Kltohlo
money lu their l>oxe< than Rlvar*
■upport aver alnoti tho start
"1 am not In the leatt worried,"
tald Ritchie today. "1 fee) aure I
am going to win I don't aviHs-t
thla will be * mauling fight auch »*
I had with Wolgatl. Riven* It a
different *ort of boier.**
River* It Just at confident aa
Ritchie that he nil) win by a knock
"I don't »><• how I can lote," he
tald. "My Condition It perfect 1
have hren waiting tome time for a
chance at the title, and I expect
to carry hack the crown "
The Scores
*OHt MM fit» KN IMI.I »
Woe (Ml M
39 «*)
Viammf «« it .itt
P'»ftl»nd IT 1J 5 14
fliHrti 4I tt i*i
Tif mi 3* 4, 111
VI 41 MS
Wan Isxrt P-i
rhlla*l«lphl* * M 14 Tit |
Datwiaa* «i ♦« 404
Washington It >} (O
Chira** . , . 44 14 141
B"a«/>n . J4 13 i
:♦ i>:
•I Ml It 4 * 1«4
N»w Turk It 14 Hi
s *no> u 11 %<.i r.
Wt>rj 1/HII I*« I
Tftfk 43 11 «*4
l'*ll«4»l|>h!* II I« 411
Hr*>«kljrn IS *4 114
Chi*'*** 14 II *?• j
»« l.outi I • II 144
VMttatmr* 14 IT 4«4 j
HoftM |T 14 ll*
CltrliMMt >4 41 l«?
Won f-i
Ui Inc'M 41 »• Ml
*an rrtneiwtt 4T 44 114
4t 49 141
J*n rimtno O
V»n|r* 41 4? 4**
m 44 41 111
!f»lU4«if>hU • X«w X rk I
t>«iroit T. Obi *c* I
1 Fl'n 4
Ht l-r>ul» 11. CI»*«l4Al 1-4
Ilrtoliiyt 11. It *ton i
Smw Tor* • ph'» 4
Chk4«o 4 P1ltl»«ff 4
•t Loots 4. Claei%n«cl 4
Vinwwrmr I. I««mi« L
Ft>rtlM4 11. *p«>« ui I
Victoria 11. Ticofr.i •
CO AWT i.RAora
Mrmmtaf# ? f*r»rtlin4 4
Pan frtntlKo I. !«• An|»!»i 1
Venlca 4. o«|ilnr4 1
Charley fin, welterweight champ
of the reserve fleet, stopped Von
> Ohlen tn th« third round of a
scheduled (!t-round bout at nrem
erton Wedr.«»day nlffht. It was
Poi'a mill all the way through
! Chester Neff. of Seattle, and Bar
j brten fought a four-round draw In
| the seml-wlndap. Henry Krals»r
| »nd McNeill also fought even In the
| estimation of the referee. MMn
tyra knocked foster out In the sec
ond. and Miller outpointed Doraey
Music at the Meldelberg Cafe
| erery night. Hotel tiirkal. Klrat,
j near Spring.—Advertisement.
Phena Mai A MIL
Eyres Transfer Co.
Office 114 Jack ton St.
thousand dollar* haa been offered
the Sacramento ball club of the l'.i
clflc Coast league for Johnny Will
lams, the young pitcher who Is th!«
season leading the Coast twlrlers
Several major league clubs are aft
er blm and have been bidding
against each other until the price
has reached this figure, the largest
ever offered for a Pacific coast b*il
player. Jim MctJulre. scout for the
Detroit cluo. Is looking Williams
over, and It la possible the bid ylll
yet be raised Manaffer Wolverton
of the SacrtmcntJ team declares be
*111 make no rash deal for William-
He will conslde' only a trade, in
cluding a pit 'Iter known at llty
and another fcood 'nan
With the Madison park track In
etcellent condition Manager Rob- ,
ert Miller nf the I'acific Motorcycle
Raring association. looks for a fall
of one or more half tulle record*
when the riders. Including some of
the twit In the Northwest, burn up
the speedway tn the events Friday
Marry lirandt, the Portland rider,
who for a time It was thought would
not com pet a, will appear Flrandt
has brought two machines with him
Cuff burn, the freckled fare Tall
forala demon, who waa practically
unknown here until he ran away
from several of the beat local
drivers at the Meadows track, will
also appear on his Indian.
Bob Munmmont, *1 61. profi
.ably Is the old#*! sparring partner
on r»'onl Ma helped Oeorge
Model. tb«- lloer. fit himself for hla
fight with Gunboat flmlth nil I*
'credited with some enthusiastic In
tervlews regarding Hodel, one of
;them predicting that Kodel will
whip all the wblUt hopea now In
the game. Ilta Improvement In a
year haa been marvelous, say* Kuby
! Robert.
e a •
Disquieting report# continue to
come from the Kltehle training
| camp tt >Mm> that he la taking
, off weight too easily and hla Judg
ment of distance la none too good
• ■ •
Ritchie en not benefited physic
ally In the allghteat degree by hi*
' long theatrical tour No fighter
I ever Improve* with Idlene** or
"tage work Ho probably would
have had a better chance of retain
ing hla title had he fought three
month* ago Inatead of going,
through the experience (if traveling
all over the country, doing no train
Ing and forcing hlmaelf into Irreg
ular habit* He cannot takn a
single unnecessary chance with
Rivera, elae he will be minus a
crown July 4 about B p. m.
e a •
Nursery Rhyme* In Baseball Lingo
Hickory, dlckory, dock.
The I'hilllea bumped Into a rock; t
They struck Just one,
i And down they come
Hickory, dlckory, dock.
a • •
Rudy Unholr says the raferee
grabbed thn wrong paw when h<-
announced the decision In the
scrap between McOoorty and Clab
by. Raising the wrong hand urn-<
ally proves dlaaitroua, even In i>
, poker game.
a e a
Dally Brain Disturber
If Rube Marquard can row a boat j
three mllea In one hour, how far j
can Tesreau?
e • a
A Boaton literary expert avows
poetry Is born In tho stomach.
Hence If some of our verse seeing
punk you can lay It to a sour atom j
ach or possibly a case of over
a a •
Baseball Lingo
Uttle Miss Muffet sat on n tuffot
Watching two teams playing j
\ hard driven fly hit her square In j
the eye,
Burial private fhnt's all
• a a
N'o one could fine u* $200 and gel '
the tnorj" unless they collected It
from someone else
a • •
Under the spreading chestnut tree
The -vllla#« smithy tills,
And as he rattles thn hones he
"This time I'll shoof six bits "
• • •
The Beavera and the Champs will
transfer activities here this after
i noon, which Is In/lies' day at the
hull park Two gittn"* will he play
; nd on Hie Fourth.
* * *
Three *oralght games In a row
; from the ('hamplons Indicates that
the Heavers are t;olng to liinke a
strong bid for top place in the
Sensational Pitcher of Pacific Coaat
fteten events will ba run off.
.starting prnmptiy »t I SO o'clock
li«~rfi'h am! Ilrandl have bfught
single open ported machines from
Portland, which are eiported (o
make the (antral tlma yet recorded
on the Madison course
The entry list. which does not
close until noon Friday. Includes
the following riders FVed Mercer.
W II JVtUt rr»d Zwlck. Harry
Rrandt. Harry Cogburts. rraok Em
ory. Ed Rerreth. Art Cre«ch. Earl
Godfrey Allan flow and other well
known riders
C. A Player ha* bean selected u
presiding Judge, John r Gorman
•tarter and O. A. Bwlngley, head
league ra< e Itrown s pitching
muff, which started out the season
badly, now appears to have round
ed Into form Alt three game*
were pitchers' battles.
. . .
Not to ba outdone by Joe Wally.
who took on a bride while out of
the game on account of Injuries, big
A 1 (ilpe emulated the atunt pulled
off by the Scuttle catcher Olpe
Joined the benedict Wednesday
when he and Miss Emma K
Sprinkle of Redondo Reach. Cat.
were marTled by I>r Matthews at
the Mrst Presbyterian church
• • •
□ell Is the probability for the
Champ pitching honors before the
ladles this afternoon Dell beat
the Heavers In the opening game
of the present series
LOS ANGELES. July 3.—With
gloves and other training aecee
•onee In the discard. Laach
Crose of New YorV and Bud An
derson of Medford. Ora., are to
day In the nervoua Interim be
tween the completion of training
and the hour that will aend them
away at Vernon tomorrow In a
20-round glove battle.
Both boye appear to ba In per
fect condition. Croaa claims to
have been at the weight for aav
erel daya and Anderson la In
sistent that the poundage hae In
no way Impaired hie strength.
Public opinion haa made Ander
son a 10 to 7 favorite.
With Palmer plnylnn the winner
of the llunt-Corbett match and
Lewis tackling Homo fast
matche* urn expected tn the semi
final* of the Seattle Athletic club
tennl* tourney, on the lllaklatone
court* thl* afternoon. To date
11 .*• w!■' playing ha* been lhf> fe*
j ture of the mxitt, but trouble la an-
I ttclpated when he cla*hea with I/ce
Four single* matchea wi>rn played
Wednesday and two double*, with
the following result*:
Palmer heat Hod die 6 2, 6-2, Cor
bntt beat A (loodfellow <M, 3t, 6 4; '
Dr. l.ee beat I<e Blond 8 6, 6-2, fin,
l.owl* beat Coffin 6-4, 0-2.
| Coffin and Taylor boat Vance
and KrWlenthal fi-2, 6-1, and Pal
mer and l.ee bqat Hall and Corbett !
I by default.
Hy rrwt*«l I'rMn f-«««•'? Wlr#
pnRTI,ANI>, July .1 —In an effort
to belter her own mark, the apeed
boat Hylpb, holder of the record
i for the 100-tnlle run down the Co-:
iumbla river from Portland to
II Astoria, left here about f> a m.
The previous record established
by the Hylph last year Is 3 hour*,
,29 minutes and !10 second*, but an
i some of this time wna consumed In
making repairs, 000 W. Kendall, i
11 owner of the craft, believe* bo will
o bettor the tlmo, I
Arthur Ml h.nvvwallht
champion of the world, and Tommy
Hum*, hi* mannger. are apendlng
the day In Heal tie, preparatory to
leaving foi Portland, which la th<
itarllna point of tlielr nlno week a
vaudeville lour Following th«
vaudeville MiiMt' Mietit, Miirna de
claret IVlkey will l>o ready to de
fend hla illle iigalntt any of the
champion. Illi contender*.
I'elkey and fturn* arrived in fleat
tle Wednesday night from Vancou
ver. Hunts lived in Seattle over a
veur before eatatollihlhK a i r 'IdtDCt
In Calgary It I* I'elkey'* flrat vlalt
to Seattle
As Ountw-at Hnillh lino b< show
tnk moro t'lnsH ibnri «n> of llir othnr
tit In aaplrauta. linrnn la antloila to
annihilate an\ h'>i>r» ihe dunboiit
p«r»oti n»r tiava of wr»»''n« tba
crown from It* prt-nrnt holder. If
a match canfcot !>«• awnrrtl with
Hmlth, AI Palscr ami Jim Coffey
in th« next <-b<it< - «'S
flurna la amloua that ''elkey'a
first battle us champion take place
In Americn but If « mutch cannot
be arranged prefers Australia Me
hue cabled Australian promoters,
consenting to meel itiy of three.
Smith, Coffey or Palier, in the Au
Johnny Corbett, the Arkansaa
lightweight. who nuke* hla home
In Seattle, la regarded a* the real
goods by Everett and Snohomlah
fana. following hla knockout vie
tory over Eren< hie Voagier Wed
m »<lay night
The fight, which waa scheduled
to go all rounds, ended In the
fourth. When Corbett aent the
frenchman sprawling with a *1-
cloua right hand book to the chin.
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IvOS ANGELES, July I—-Contegt
In* for the Pacific coast champion
ahlp In tennis doubles. 32 tnami of
racquet wlatdcrs started play toda)
on the courta of the tx>* Angela*
Country club. The winning pair
poaalbly will be sent to the national
tournament at Newport
No-hltno run Kamea are l>*M»m
In* a bahlt with Hooth Hopper of
th* New Haven fjniini Anno^la
tlon club, who loom* a» another
baseball dtar from QM#
llofip-r ha* pitched twono-hlt tif>-
run Karriea thin aeaaon, I'lttafield,
Maaa, being 'he victim upon « ach
Hopper atarti il I orly, twin#
knocked out of the ho* In hi* flrat
Kama by Waterbitry Three daya
later hn pitched lilh flint nohltno
nin game at New Haven Then
l.« relieved (lurch ai.il went three
Inning* without a hit or run A
waek later he pitched nine Innl'g*
without a hit or run, arid then
blank "d Hprlngfleld with five It It«
Hopper pitch**! 22 aucc*«*lve In
nlnga without allowing a hit and 42
Inning* without being »cor'>d <non
He la 21 and hall* from Ja' k on,
Tenn He iMgan hla career In 1911,
In the Three I league, and In June
Joined the New Haven of the old
Connecticut league, and, although
not In good heal'h, proved the main
a lay of tb» team
Thla *eaaon Hoppw'* work haa
drawn bin leagua acout* to New
Haven. ( Hopper la a bin fellow,
•.landing 6 f«-et. 11 lnchea, ai.<l
weighing I*s- He haa apeed arid a
good change of pace He uaoa the
aplttcr effectively He.loving he
haa a wonder In the boy, George
Cameron, owm-r of the club, haa
refuacd all offera to date
Seattle l>oilng fan* will get thalr
flrat chance to »'-«• Erenchle Vale"
since the Renton boy haa become
possessor of the lightweight chain
plonshlp of Canada Friday after-i
noon, when Valae will appear as a
spectator at Austin and Salt a box
I tig show. The little fellow will be
introduced aa the new champion.
CfflN Fll«n« Main UM
ItM PfcftM K»n»tio(! I4TI
Wiring, Repairing, Installing
1018 Pott Bt. Seattle
***»»*»♦* M 4,.
* Hf HF S THE CARO Fog *
» matinee smoke* at »
* p R t A «L*ND TOMoKROw!
" *• ' v *n Mli» !
a Ix, ■,< ... tie, i« 2 100!ul| W, J
* U K !*«•', Poriaad ». !
* ' K " '' « s w«!
a Vlrrlr..a. 112 pound*. "
* WT.llania, K»«m. _f
,f od, \%ncoiivar s
» ' ' . lS.'i pounda '
a Pat lo.rian. H.-attla, „ *
a It K' O tralla jr.
a potin<!" '*
a Kioyii 'Jo ,<lrnan v§,
a »),. 'D.i mpaon. (/it* of g*.!
a attl* I■, gir/iirida.
a A<l S< harm v». H.rt, '
a U' h of • *tt.«, I.V potior, !
AflT ih' Npalll« boiii|
ha*' tn-<-fi without a ihow
<OU|.> '.f H. >Tit •. It la
above < ud will attract a u®*-
rrowd at the Aunt In and a. (
Friday at l>r»iimlarul. *
Tb*> fir-' i air of boyi at th« loM
ahow will told to pJT
about 2 o clock, and frotn 'h« n
th<* fan* ar>! 4eitln*<] to ■*« i^.
lively n'tupplntf
July 4th
Admission 50c
. First Race 2:30 k

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