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jUbaoy Cut-Rate
-»*p or " ,V " KK
*Jm » (SAW 0« *KA>TK*
• *■
far 90 Days Only
—ll <Upl»mt>«r tat
. w todir 4nn't r«* (l 'N Wt
work f»r !Ma lh«n J»m
UrfTseth. Guaranteed tA
Qold or Porcelain M 1
(uu or Porcelain CO
ijjt* Work «PU
gyOeld Fillings UP
gw ratings 5<V UP
Cut-Rate Dentists
fWr nank Hulldli»«.
til I - ■bJ Hkfc
nfe> >»«•■<" ,r uk * k 1 p
_ nicer witx n-*rnti* tor j
work wiul pi.bac* rot*
IKb Grote-Rankin's T mms
lib U»mj Perambulators Makes It Necessary to
Reduce Prices on a Liberal Scale
IpHbdaton Perambulators
««pk» f1t.75 If 1,1 -'»«««>
I lio ralua tIS.AA
fMMnMB.OO jj '-" valtie • IN.OO
11/zfy // »j« value 517.00
UtriwKl.OO IJO value $90.00
amtM|lS.7s »1S talw MiOO
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aril a good variety of sizes, styles and colorings now on
!ak If the following special prices: 91.90, $2.25, 92.45,
W 93.75, 94.95. 96.95.
Ceoch Hammocks made of extra heavy canvas, fitted
111 nod cotton mattress. Specially priced at $9.85 and
lafuts' Hammocks, complete with stand and canopy.
|%sdailT priced at 92.45 and 94.00.
| Al Summer Furniture Now Bears Substantial
MJust when this delightful
and serviceable furniture is
most wanted, right in the
height of its season Sccurc a
piece or two of this artistic
Willow or Old Hickory Fur
niturc while the prices are re
duced. All styles of chairs
and rockers, as well as tables,
settees, sewing stools, etc., are
.I, -i i
included in this sale.
foe pike
Canadian Pacific
To Eastern Destination#, on tale May 28th
fcptember 30th. Good (or return until October
lUt You may stop both going and returning. For
: information u to routes and rates, apply to
W. H. GORDON, Agent
113 West Holly St, Belling ham
A. B. WINTER, Agent
11519 Hewitt Ave., Everett
C K. BINOHAM, Agent, Bedro-WooH«y
J. W. HALL, Agent, Snohomish
W. P. ROBINSON, Agent, Anacorteo
0. BENJ. POINDEXTER, Agent, Bremerton
General Agent Passenger Dept.
713 Second Ave.* Seattle.
By Evelyn Nesbitt.
Kvery vlellor to a penitentiary
haa aeen the women a department.
Moat of the women there are pay
————— In* the price
bard to rave the
fF M glrla wbi ha»e
IL 11 been betrayed
———■— Hut It'a a que*
tion whether or not a woman <aii
i«ier ahake off the etlgma iset rid
of the mark that la branded on her
before the rearuera alart to work.
In lon* after life the old com
panlona and old Influence* may
either make themaclvea ao atrongly
felt that their rail cannot be re
elated, or they may, for revenue,
strike a blow to blaat the life of a
woman who la trying to live down
the paat
There waa a woman In t/0* An
geles known aa Mr* Hooper Her
huaband didn't know anything
about her paat She had told hltn
everything elae, but there waa a*
>ear of her life that remained a
aecret with her
She had a darling little child
One nlcht. Juat after the baby a
third birthday, the little family waa
anting In the parlor of the bunga
low Mna Hooper waa playinc the
piano, when ahe arreamed nnd top
pled backward off the atool
Of courae, her huaband waa ter- '
rlbly alarmed and myatlfled He
didn't know that through the win
dow ahe had aeen the face of a pal
of the forgotten daya. older and 1
inor«< virion* Hum when ahe had
la-t accti htm, Imi raally rocognli
able ne\erthelen«
Maybe i h>' old companion meant
no harm lie w«a u wnndrrer, mid
I'y accident probably peered In the
window Hut the ahock iy the
woauip «»» m terrible that *he wtm
Nick u long time and In her dellr
lulu told her huatmnd tho whole
lli wim young and hot
headed. 11 Ik pride waa wounded.
Hi* thought he had linen deceived
and tricked
So he *01 it divorce nnd waa
awarded the child.
Mr* Hooper paid the price
She H now 11 vIn k the old life again
Blackmail li an ever-preeant
aource of danger. I have heard of
many caaee where blackmail ruined
homea One little woman waa bled
for two yeare by old companlona
She eaved and (crimped and took
her houaekeeplng money to pay
them, and got »o tick and wan that
her huaband didn't know what to
make of It.
finally. In desperation, ahe told
him alt He forgave everything
and ahe thought ahe had pi»id the
The huaband went to meet the
blaekniallem the next lime they
called, armed with a heav-. ca*e
He never rame back. They had
killed hltn.
So that woman paid heavily.
The leer hea extracted nearly
$1,000 from her In the two yeara
and then took her huaband
There *aa another raae of a
woman who married one of the
frlenda of her wayward daya. Both
thought the) had reformed.
The man roee to a high ooaltlon
in a big company, but aa he grew
older the latent beaat developed In
him and the wife grew to hate him.
She endured hie beatlalltlea for
month*, but ahot him finally at
the breakfaet table when he taunt
ad h«r In O, j pretence of tho ear
Bhe waa tried, pleaded inaanlty
At tha Ctimmir Until Sunday
"Thn fltruo*f*t Link," "All on Ac
count of a Portrait," "Thn Sultan of
Bulu," "Arabia and tha Raby," "Cur-
In* Her Kitraracancn," "Tha
Knight of Cyclone Gulch."
• • •
At tha Alhambra Until Monday
' Tho Rattla of Gettysburg," five
• • •
At tha Qrand Until Sunday.
' Qul<~k»an4," two reela; Mutual
• • •
At tha Circuit Until Sunday.
"Kln« Rene ■ l>aa«hter." thrae
rwala; "Mutual Weekly."
• • •
At tha Black Cat Until Sunday.
"Pelkay MrCarty Plcturaa."
• a •
At tha Claaa A Until Sunday
"The fltory of tha Rail." "Thn
Uon's Rrlde," "Clarenra, tha Cow
boy." "Thn Raiders of Bar I,
RRKMKRTON. Waah , July «.—
Permission to hold a thro«-hour
consultation with Secretary of thn
Nary Daniels. In which they <le»lre
to lay b«for<- him complaints of un
satisfactory conditions, I* aakcd by
navy yard employes Rear Admiral
Cottman has the r»«ju««t under con
The complaint* have to <lo with
condition* existing In every navy
yard and apply generally to the In
<Urtdual record aystem recently
put In effect There I* alao com
plaint over 'he wage acale now In
uae. and If the conference 1« grant
ed irraknmM'i will bo taken up In
If Admiral Cottman granta the
refjueat. two men from each trade
will be named to confer with the
Chorus Takes
Midnight Bath
lljr Preea Wire.
MINNVAPOLta Minn. Jahr 4 —
"When and under what clrnum
stance* <hall chonia glrla be grant
ed apeclal prlvllegea at th« city
bath*?" I* being agitated bjr the
common council
tt all grew out of the invitation
e*tendfd by Alderman Jamia I'e
!er*on and accepted by member* of
the Chicago grand opeTa company
to u*e the new Rlveralde Indoor
Alderman J. rha*«, bachelor, In
troduced a revolution thai the bath*
should In future be open until 11
p. m. only the choru# girl swim
ming having been done after 1 a
m . and that no clan* privilege* be
Aldertnen f'arr and Mclnerny,
both married, opposed the resolu
tion. The former witnessed the
water performance and the latter
said he would be happy to be pres
ent If repeated
lljr t filled l'r#M Wi'»
CHICAOO, July 4 The death
rate of Chicago bachelor* I* 29 %
per cent higher than that of mar
ried men. and that of unmarried
j women 40 per cent higher than that
'•f married women
Moor*—"Hanky Panky."
Seattle—"Th* Hhort Cut."
PintigN- Va>ifl«vlll^.
Qr»nd--Vau<Jevl)lo and motion
Clemmer — Pbotoplaye and
Melbourne — Photoplaya and
Alhambra — Photoplay* and
and went to the aaylum. She'*
paying the prlc«.
1 remember hearing of the exis
tence of a country girl who went
to the city to get employment aa a
servant. The white *lave lecrult
er» met her at the station with a
cloaed carriage and drove her to a
auppoaedly respectable boarding
house In a quiet street
She stayed there more than a
y*ar and was allowed to cotnmunl-'
Two thousand of the regular
troops of the army and navy will
participate In the army and nary
Potlatch parade on Thursday, July
17 Following I'nrle Sam* regu
lars will be a detachment of the
National guard of Waahltigton and
the old Koldlcr* of the (irand Army
of the Republic
Theae, with the uniformed rank*
of the varloua fraternal ordcra and
civic aocletle*. will make a grand
total of S.OOO men In th« Una of
march It will be thn largeat pa
rade of thla character ever held In
Seattle, with the exception of
"Fleet week." aeveral rear* ago
President Walter F Fr»*ter, of the
carnival a**nrlatlon. received a te|-
•grarn today from Secretary Dan
iel* (if the I'nlted State* navy. c<>n
flrinlriK the date of hi* arrival In
Seattle at * o'clock on the morning
of July >?. and announcing that the
That Awful Moment
r Many reader* of The Star
r have confused Evelyn N'esbUt,
r who baa been writing this
r series of storle*. with Evelyn
r N'esbltt Thaw, wife of Harry
r Thaw, who killed Stanford
r White, tho architect. In New
r York. They are different
r women. The author of thl*
r "Story of My IJfe" I* an 18-
r year-old girl who was held aa
r a witness In the Jx>s Angele*
r vice Investigation.
A POTI.ATCH HAM, will ho glv
on by tho moiety at
Tyeo hall. Fourth av and I'lne nt..
W#kl n«nday, Jtily f». Prize* will bo
Klvon for the bout rotttimot.
Ten teacher® In the domeetlc sci
ence depart mont of tho l*lttnbtirß
nrhool* have roelKnod to *ot mar
I cat* with her home folks because
she was considered safe. M*gu
| larly ahe lent them money. Final
'ly aha returned home for a vlilt,
dreaaed maonlf Icently and with
much money.
She carried tn I<-n of lucrative em
' ploymetit and her old parent* beam.
<>d on her. Slii> watt no prodigal
lint while visiting there she
i again met her old lover Her love
for him had been lying dormant
It blossomed suddenly and proved
Irresistible, ro a lie resolve 1 to re
main at home.
Her engagement to the old lover
waa announced One night ahe
went to bed among friends She
awoke In the morning among ene
mlea. A city newspaper had car
rled a police atory about how ahe
! wan wanted on an attempted black
I mailing charge preferred by a sup
posedly reputable c 111 c.<n really
! probably an accomplice of the
The country town papers re
I printed It. The sweetheart turned
his back on her. Her parents
•corned her She went away and
a week later they found her body
She alao had paid the price.
When you see gtrla speeding and
, screaming with sports In racing
| machines, dancing all night at
shady resorts and consorting with
old "sports" of unsavory speech
and past, they seem sometimes to
Ibe having a bully good time.
The man pays the bills WITH
I Hut all the time there Is a gr-at
er and more terrible hill being pre
i pared and added to and growing
night by night It must be paid
by the girl.
She can't escape She may think
she can. and while she's enjoying
herself the day of reckoning may
seem a long, long way off. but
sooner or later It will arrive, and
' (Tha End.)
battleship Oregon had been ordored
to Klllott bay for Potlatch week. In
addition to the other vessels.
Thla will make eight battleship*,
four aubmartnes and four torpedo
boats that will be here for the Pot
latch celebration
The utart and flnl*h of the arm?
and nary parade will be paat the
reviewing atand and through the
Pot latch atadlum. at Fourth a* and
I-Mora at., aa will be all parade
»*ent* during the carnival
The troopa will aanemhle on
Fourth ar . north of the grandatand
In the reviewing stand with Secre
tary Daniel* will l.e Admiral V. L.
fottman. Rear Admiral Alfred O
Reynolda, of the I'nlted States navy,
military and naval aide* and staff.
Got KYneet Lister and Ad). Oen
Uewellyn. of the state of Washing
l ton. and Mayor Oeorge F CotterlH,
of the city of Seattle
CHICAOO. July 4. —A laundry
marked collar found here today mny
lead to the discovery of the Iden
tity of tho (layer of the comely mid
dle aged woman found murdered
here enrly Wednesday on a blood
spattered platform In the rear of
the Smyth«' Installment More on
the We*t Side The rollar wu*
found In the alley whervln the mur
der occurred Although alleged
friends Identified the body aa that
of Mr* Marie Hunter, the police to
day refused to accept the Identifi
cation an authentic and continued
their search for relative* of the
Two wnittfn were found today
who declared they mv a man and
woman enter tho alloy on the night
of the crime talking excitedly,
tb«y asserted, the man
emerged and dlsapp»ared Then
the woman staggered out and then
went back.
Flouting easily at the Seattle
Construction and Drydock company
1* the naval submarine H-3. which
wa* launched last night and chris
tened by Mlu Helen McEwan
Thn now submarine I* 15 foot
lont«r and of a more powerful
type than tJio*p of tho F clan*
which hare lw«>n pr«vlou«ly launch
ed here. It I* the 28th underwat«r
fighter to be launched of 41 con
tracted for by the government.
'Twai Ever Thu*.
Tho ruin 1h nald to fall upon
Both Jiint and unjust "fallen
Mont of tho unjust, though, keep
With atolon umbrellas.
SEATTLE Two Big Stores Noted for Low Prices T ACQ MA
■■■■■■■■■■ our or tttr tiii.M-i'HM ri> matnin
Have Just the Suit
That Mcn Want
IrTl Tl,e q ualit y of wo °' fabric used make*
• them a temptation to the mo«t particular
' \ V\\lfi|f dresser. By odds the smartest $20.00 Suits
Q'' vny \ in town.
'JJ- f- I \ These $20 Suits on Sale
M,# at $12.50
I W /Hi! notable feature is the style. The per
' -J I I fection of the cut, the desirability of the pat
l' Y\ \rrl///j terns and colors stamp these Suits as the
I' | ,\i MvIII greatest value in Seattle. We take pleasure
h \V Vfl aw ' n ,^ow ' n 8 them.
i vf $3.oo;
1 I Kill I We are selling the latest block and most de- |
I U of this season's Straw Hats for only ,
I I | $2.00. The man who appreciates the value to \
< his personal appearance of a high-grade hat fre
} qtiently pays as high as SX.OO and gets no better
< style. Come in Saturday and see these.
We Take the Lead in Men's Toggery
4 g Is the time to select I'nderwear. Shirts, Socks and
I <Neckwear. We always sell standard prades and known
kJClilll UQY values for less. That is why we are known as "The
* Store 1 hat Saves You Money."
Men's SBc Bilk Bocka. black, taa vl/Hg Men's Black Books of 20c grade.
. _ . .. . , made of selected Egyptian yarn*,
or colora, fashioned; double heel with Egyptian foot. Bpeclal, a
and to*. Special. a pair— P*'r —
hjaA J'.ji Special selling of Men'* Union
Special selling of Men* Shirts. \ '\, ,<d Sul's In summer weight.
f'liooae Irom good patterns at *7U 1 j' VOC Suit* . ...79c
49c, 69c, 89c and 98c 50
globe union suits
Fancy Madia* Wlash Tie*. FourFamoua saddle seat, perfect flt-
In hand. Choose from a large aa-na ■ ting, long or short sleeves, ankle
sortment. Special | or knee length. Price —
13 90 M#n'* Pa-M. r«) A o \ 1100 Men- * Pant * Qft
I now selling at #4t»HO smf I " OW Ml,ln B •* # I •510
Theßest Store for Boys' Clothe
THOUSANDS OF PARENTS know this. and many bar* sent their tjas&lK
neighbor* to u*. Otir Hoy*' Suit* five excellent serrlce because the
different fabrics are tested before the garment* are made. Then again,
we are careful to select only the mo*t approved styles and patterns. tm
At each price they are tho best your money can buy. L t
WE have a fine, new assortment of Boy*" Sulta In Norfolk and /*1 Vf|f ■ll
double breasted styles Material* are tweed*, casslmere* and 11« IA
cheviots. In all the best shades of brown, tan and gray; also if jJWA\ jt ■j®
all wool blue serge*. Full cut. strongly tailored Knickerbocker*. M i \Je I
These are *peclally priced for tomorrow at — Sm P~rl- 1,.
— $4.98— M
Hoy*' 75c Shirt* 1n a big assort- I Roy* 1 Wool .Tweed and Cassl- ■
... mere Knickerbockers; $1.26 ■■
ment of pattern*, tan and grn> | k)nd; g , ze(j gto lfi . QQ. V
chambray. light color madras. ; palr .30C J1
and black sateen. Crt- CQ r Boy*' 11.26 Baseball 7Q,, /ill' ...
Special at «lUwi UwU Suits, special at I wu I^^
2f>c package of 1 Cm
Pearllne for IwW
20c bottles of Cres
cent Flavoring 1 1»»
Extract* for... II w
The following are the average prlcea
paid by local coinmlaalon merchants to
the producers and prlree paid hy the re
tailor to tho rnmmli»|nn?ri Tho prloea
pntd the fermera como under "buying
pi and the mm pold hy the retailor
under "aelllng price " Prlrei In all cnena
•re eubjeet to variation, according to
frreh rieea and general egcollenco. hut
«l><ee prlcea. unleee otherwlae Indicated.
«in for at rlrtly flrat trades
C• «a ranch 10© .*•
frail—tolling Prion.
Applet sfts5 ft s
Valencia B-BO© • Of
(,«mone •••• f.BO© 9 SO
Or ntaloupea 4Be ......... 1.78
"nnlaJmipea. Ma I.IR
Peaohea .... l.fR
Plume I.IB* 1.75
Preooed M—ta Belling Prion.
Chucka 11H
ntha. No 1 .17
I,..ina No 1. eiill out .70
cowi, No 1 im
Hlnda. ateer .17*4
Forn. ateer . 1?K
Rounda • • • *25^
O* lonrM freah .if
IJvor •••••••••« .ST
Heart .Of
■ ".a .«•«
Wet hero
l.amb .llH#.lf )
Vrftl fancy medium wt... .1 * • .IH4
Vf nl. Urge .10# .11
l'ork —•
Oteaaed hoga .If
Tilmmed aldea .......... . 17H
flhort loin pork ......... .10
Shoulders • »*
pit «■ feet
Apim rlha
pork anuaago .If
I.lief aauaago .11
n»io«na •11
Tuba •!»
Hnmhfd Montn —tolling Prion.
Ilnina .11
liacon >9 110 .11
ll.tiled ham .fi
Ok tongue each .7*
'Dried beef
Open Saturday Until 10 P. M.
PpiUry, Ural—llaylßf Pi le»
Sprint brollam Uff .17
Hana 100 .IS
Turkey®. I've .18
Old duoka .10
Rooatera. llva .11
Sprln* duekllnsa .12
(I«*N .. *10
Hquaba, do* i. *6
Vc«et«blee—Helling Piles.
Loral rhubarb 01 HO 01*4
l.ooal barrlss 71.15
c»nlona. lb 01
I'otatoea. ton ~14.00 01*. 00
Carrots. Ihm I>N
Heat a. local 1.75
Tmr.lpa 1.800 2 00
Cauliflower, crata ........ t.tl
Caullfioatr, dor 1.81
Hothouaa lettuca. erata ... .76C .11
I.oca) aaparacua. bos ..... 1.16 0 I.l#
I .oral head lattura. Dos .. .to
Celery. *reen top, <toa 1.50
Fred. Raillny Prion.
Faatern Waahlnjton tim
othy IS 00014.00
f'ugrt aound timothy 14.000K.00
Alfalfa 14.00*11.©#
Wheat hay 17.0001* 00
Bran tt.OAOST.OO
Hh.rta 3t.000tt.00
Whole corn 11. 00 OSS. 00
Cracked corn St.oo
Middlings 14.00
Rolled oata and barley
mixed 11.00
NORTH YAKIMA. Wash., July 4.
—With his windpipe severed nnd
several self-inflicted stab wounds
In his breast, Arthur J. l<nwn, 36,
Is dying In a hospital here today.
Lawn, who was formerly a freight
clerk for the Hob ton A Maine rail
road In New Hampshire, came
hero from BurbanX. Washington.
Physicians say that loss of blood
and pneumonln conditions make his
recovery Impossible. He gave no
reusou for his desire to die.
PHILADELPHIA, July 4—lnter
esting figures are given In a state
ment Just Issued covering the opera
tion of the Philadelphia mint from
August 23. 1912, to date of the last
settlement, up to June 16. During
that period the coining department
operated on 1,737,668 ounces of gold
bullion, producing therefrom 706.-
599,881 ounces of gold coin, valued
at $15,863,227. The legal wasteage
allowance on this amount Is $17,958,
while the actual wastage was $182.
During the same period 1,432,990
ounces of silver were operated upon
and 978,248.65 ounces of good coin
produced, of the value of $1,979,045,
upon which there was a wastage of
4.64 ounces, of the value of $2.69.
The legal allowance on this amount
Is $831.
The losses In the manufacture of
the above coin are the smallest In
the history of the mint.
Dance at Dreamland tonight. •••
Jswsler and Silversmith
Is Now Located At His
New Store
1010 Second Avs.. Near Madison.

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