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to talk
n. A y of Atlanta.
»#4 Pr. Ann# I-oulse I'tmni of
> ilsilghter of *ld
*%tr<>iig of nr.' to In- the
**' k m at the noonda> luncheon
,h» Kins bounty lvmoc ratio
* K ~ the (s.n»a Kata raf.-terla.
delegates Nl *" on
.7w,r.>nrr of i'h«< tics ami l'or
iU'h.r- >* MoK l« %x lathe
£L>r Of the social service plunk
JJopwrf *f the Haltlnior.- tonvsn
•bite*' summer
Ud'«« Sa m P'* Su " 3hO P-
r <
B? '^■lA
Lot So. I—s2o. $25 and
$30 Suits (just a few of
then), alt go at
u/a/f Price
■pit No. 2 Serge
■fti (only 50 left), re-
NM from $22. $25 and
Lot No. 3—Fifty Dress
y-blue, brown and (fray
-•me in tilk — values
|U0 to $7.50, cut to
Lot \'o. 4—A few extra
fat Coats, cut from $18
»d $25. to
Lot Mo. 5 — Twenty
■tote Serjfe Suit*, reduced
■on $18 25 and $30. at just
Half Price
Tot fan- •'■
»ot find
SHrttr »nr
jf® fkinan- u\
®'P «n«'x if R jf
T* 1 an " J! % £ f
fabrics /I 7 ■ f ;
tha il> ■ |i 1
- lop-
Ladies' Sample
Suit Shop
*00M» ioo.l 2.V4-»-6 7-8
and university.
By Aunt Gertie
What would you think, children,
If I toM you that little Prince Wil
helm which la William In r'ngllsh
- -*!i« born on the Fourth of July?
lXiesn't It ae«m UK«> a Joke for a
royal child of Europe to he having
a birthday on the day American
boya and girls sre celebrating t»e-
Ldto To.CYfltiiiK GTGY
Dear Mlaa Orey Will you tell
me what you think the csuse of the
white alav* traffic, and what yr>u
would auggeat aa a remedy? Thank
ing you In return. 1 hope thla will
not escape your at'esitlon
A.—A combination of cauaea
Ilea back of the grsatsat blot
on our clvlllcatlon. In giving
what eeema to ma tha primary
cauaea, I In no wtee intend to
malign our local "head*," nor
tha conaclsntlous paranta who
ar» faithfully doing th*tr beet
In their respsctiv* spheres.
Hera are what I think tha prt«*
ctpal cauaea In tha white alave
"Aecidaotal" children—thoae
born of mare animal propenel
Lae parental guidance and
aarelaee ovaralght.
Allowing the young to feed
thalr mlnda on aanaatlonal lit.
erature(f) and other dangar
oua fooda.
Fallur* on tha part of c4V
oara of the law to enforce tha
Double standard of mor
ality, reeultlng In a law whers
by the fin* for stealing a
horae la greater than that for
eteatlng a young girl.
Low wage and attendent
tempt atlona.
Business employment of
glrla "living at home," depriv
ing the ho me leas girt of a liv
ing wage.
Tha remedy, aa I as a It. 1a
marriage baaed on high mo
tives. Children bom of true
love, and In healthful environ
ment aa to parentage and home
aurroundlnga, and of parente
sensible enough to be capable
of inetilllng principle In tha
ohlldran. Home Improvement
In every line.
Proper moral I net ruction of
boy* and glrla by the paranta.
A money allowance to young
people by the parents, coupled
with training aa to tha right
uaa of It, thu* allowing tha
homeleaa working girl her
place and rightful wage In the
business world.
Abolishment of obecene liter,
atur* and pictures from ths
news atanda and atoraa.
Se;f-improv«ment of men and
woman In tha right use of the
The raising of tha self-gov
ernment of girls from 18 to 21.
The abolishment of Intoxi
cating liquors In hoteia and
D*ar Miss Orey I'm In trouble
and come to you for help. I am ft
young girl of 14. and K r >t n letter
from a boy of about 11. I unitwered
his letter kindly. The n«at time I
got. a letter he aald: "I never
wrote the letters; don't write any
more, for thla Is tha end of you."
Now, T like him verr rnt*ch, and he
said he never did like iw, and
whenever he »wii tn« he call* me
"ooWhlde," and "ft homely mutt."
I hate to be called such names. One
night I went to the end of the line,
and he was with another hoy, and
I didn't say anything <o him, but
Just went aliout my own business,
and he called my natne. Don't
think me foolish, hut will y<«i ad
vise me? Hhall I call him up, or
have nothing to do with him?
A. M
A.—lf I were you, and called
him at all, I would "call him
down"—and hard, too. But the
bast thing you can do I* to let
him aeverely alone. Don't let
the fact that you tWnk you love
him make a fool of you. Even
If eomeone elae wrot* th* let
ter*, he could b* a gentleman.
Another thing. don't run
around at night alone. Have
your mother or an older, acn
alble friend with you.
Df-ar Mix" Orny: How can I
find the a/1dr««« of »otneonci who
run Inform me of some moiwy
left to car tuiebwid * v>twu.
cati»n their country I* a free repub
That la what little Prince Wll
helm will lx> doing next Fourth of
July, for he will be juat 7 yeara old
Of course. you know, boya and
I glrla, that I'rlnce Wllheltn Is the
I oldest aon of the crown prince of
Oermany Thla meana that, aome
| day. he will be emperor and reign
over K0.000,000 psople
llut, now, little Prince VVllhelm
la growing up Just like any ordl
nary child would Ilia mother and
he waa vary young, and haa never
been claimed* It la In England
and an Englishman told me (hat It
la still there, waiting for the heir
to claim It. AN ENQfIRER
A.—You would b«*t employ
a lawyer whom you know to be
clever and honest. Wlart the
proapect la good, an attorney
will uaually tak* a rlak In giv
ing hla services for a certain
amount of the money secured.
Thla aort of arrangement will
r»lt«va you of preaent expenae.
r>e*r Mlaa Orey: My him hand
went away and I do not know
Funeral Designs
at Half Price
Paris florist, 218 Pike
ladies' Sails Mads ta Order
125.00 and 128.00
rtt and trorkmanahlp guaranteed.
Ladies' Tailor Suit Shop
fftt-IO EietiMS* i«lieM
C& Wedding
vO »Bouquets
Wf HdCfWOOO Oecora
\$T Flowers
vt (/>«••( J'rlrsa
Vlall Or«l#>ra Olv»n Tfrrmpi A«»•«»!♦»»»
r«in«ral Our «p^-»^itir
Ws Want Too r Unslnsss
Wnnd Av. ai Plw*.
rh»n* M»ln
Filling 50c Up
TtM btfl »»•«• <* w»n»« •• ■* -
1. M. Tko >«o«h to F* I" »'"»«*
• ttlon bWort ffw fl'rtnl* •*• ploowd
Gold Crowns $3-$4
To nW>ln *<»>4 ooi-rloo from a t*4lr
ivtrMl »• •• "**' '*• ire
fill It U>l «*Wrw»r4« or.wn It w«h
rx.l4 or rwroUln Pro* or Tw. wHIbo
lulnUll Ot tho qoolltr of •»«» » ""«»
Bridgework $3-$4
or <*>»4 •* th%i f>n wtlt bar* lh« be*
t«rr1o« frmn them
<>l IIAT« "I ntietoifl
•rt who will 101 l rou
know !>>•• pl»'«o »»I* *>• "»\o« •" [>«r
--fntlr «n«l I Hot »• *" ">* •"•J
ABy work «>i*i «.oon>
<nrr will l«o roi*lro4 froo of fharg* *1
"WrilTTn BOOW «"*or II pi w«^>—«bt
ITftIBJB *r»4 urtliriate.
12-Year Guarantee to All
Free Examination
OHIO gift
i Ml Uiltwaiij HL, mm 4 ('BlMralll
li., Oyy frin-fiiwi
f»Ui»r. though very great tn
Germany, believe that their family
nhoulil learn to work; to'do thing*
for themselves.
They tx'lleve they *hould piny out
of door*. I>'nrn to ride horseback,
play ball and all th<> other ulce.
happy game* you boy* ami Klrla
Ilk.' to play.
I»o you notlc* the tunic he
The little prince wear* thin garb
all the year round. Hut In winter
he la allowed to have on a uweater
and stocking*, too
Thl* simple way of dressing him
make* him strong and well and
where he I* I have tried to !nr«n
him. but cannot. Will you 1«e ao
kind aa to advtae roe how to find
him. aa t think a lot of him. and I
•uppoae he doe* of me. but the
company he keep* apoll* him
A.—You might get In touch
with him by Inaartlng a notice
or ad In the paper. If you do
not oare to do thla, the city po-
Ilea or detective* can prob
ably locate him.
Dear Mia* Orey: I would like
to get your opinion, although I am
oW enough to know without aaktnf
1 1 am paat 40. and engaged to a
widow of S4. whom I love <Wrly
Sho l* going away on a vlalt for a
few month*. and *he tella me *he
| lntenda going with other men while
away, knowing I don't want her to
<V< *o I* »he right, or wrong*
What ahall I do?
A.—An engagement for
tunately doee not have a mort
gage attached, the la honeet
In telling you her Intention*.
Why don't you truet herf A
woman oftan muet forego many
pteeaurea unleaa aha haa a male
eacort, and on her vlalt aha
would make heraalf vary con
•picuou* If ah* a*ould refuee
all Invltatlona from men. Be
aenaible. and unaelfl*h, and
ah* will think the moee of you
for It.
l*>ar Ml** Orey: Pleaaa Inform
me whom a per*on *hould go to to
make an a*»lgnment for the benefit
of hi* creditors. 1 am up agalnit It
good and hard and canno' find a
i lawyer. J- B. H.
A.—l hope by the time thl*
reachea you you will have found
another way out. If not, oon
ault the proaecutlng attorney.
Owing to the continued
growth of the Cynthia Orey
department, no Information
ran be given hy telephone, hut
all questions hy letter will be
answered as promptly as |>na
slble A stamped, self-ad
dressed envelope will always
bring a return-mail reply. If
the matter Is very Important,
put on a special delivery
stnmp or six 2-oeiit stamp*,
and mark It "Special"
hot Point
$3.50 Hot Point Iron,
full nickel plated, with
6-foot cord; 5 or 6-lb.
Guaranteed for 10 year*.
On sale Saturday, only
Hardware Co
1426 Third Ave.
yfy\ac£) oUgall +Jo Ufbwick
In connection »Hh JAMES M<CREEHY6 CO.. Nttt York Slo„ «p«n front 9 a. m. to I p m Jn(t) SECOND AVENUE AND PIKJ STREET
Special Sale of
v. * * _ rn ii i i„i iu -i. i
Boys' Clothing
At Sharply Reduced
$5.00 Suits fur #3.8f».
$7 50 Suits f..t 9ft.Hr>.
$101*) Suits f., r $7.85.
Sjwcial Sale of Boy«' Straw
$2 00 Hats for $1.25.
SI 50 Hats for
Si m Hats for Gftr.
Hovs' White Duck Trous
ers, f
Hoy*' Khaki Trousers,
—Third Floor.
4,396,000 Pairs of Men's Hose
Purchased by Our Affiliated
Stores to Sell at 25c
4.000 pair* will he aold In tlio Men'* Section.
Thl* Hoee la the moat wonderful value that we have ever
been able to offer at anything like the price The *l*e* to be
had are 8. 1%. 10. lOVfc, 11 and llVfc. The color* are black, tan.
gray and nary.
Thl* h»M I* heavy *llk plated, with the lu*ter of a pure *llk
hoae It ha* llale heel, toe and top. It will Wear better than any
other hoae aold In Seattle at
91.00 B. V. D. Union Suit* at Hsf. Alan any of our regular
11.00 two-piece ault* at H.v.
$1.00 Poroaknlt Union Suit or two-piece *ult, Hs<.
—Ju*t In*lde the Pike Street Door.
The MacDougall-Southwick Co. Second Av. and Pike St. The MacDougall-Southwick Co.
■ i
"Mothers Are to Blame for Their Daughters 9
Downfall Expert Declares. "Stop Joy rides
and Put More Clothes on Them," His Advice
1.08 A.VOEI.EH. Cal. Julv 4 —
Orlef for a daughter *hook the
frame of a llttla mother, who walk
ed the floor of a bare cottage In
the factory dUtrlct.
The girl lay In a white ward In
th» oounty hospital, badly hurt.
She waa only one of the 70 girls
taken to hospitals during the past
■lx months A motorcycle "elope
ment" with a man she scarcely
knew was responsible for the girl's
Illness and for the mother's grief
"My daughter Is dead lo me " said
the sorely stricken mother, with no
tears. but quivering with hoarse
sobs, when asked what she thought
might remedy the threatening so
cial condition. "It Is on us. on us
mothers, lhat this blight strikes
heaviest What can we do?
"A few hours ago my daughter
was here by my side, happy with
her lessons 1 never suspected any
thin*. Then—she went to a mat
iltice with a friend, and the next
thing I hear Is this."
At the room's side was a cur
tain. The mother pulled It back
and revealed a sleeping baby. A
bitter glance, and she almost threw
the curtain back Into place
That's another!" she exclaimed.
"That's snother daughter, another
girl. What can 1 do with h«r when
she grows up? Is sh.- going the
way my other girl did? Oh, Ood,
I wish someone could answer me
I must bring up this baby as well
na I can, without knowing what
minute she will be snatched nway.
'It's almost more than 1 can bear."
Thus the mothers grieve after
their girls are gone, yet It Is the
mothers, hnd the mothers only, who
j can save their girls, according to
Paid $200 for a
Fake Divorce
CHICAGO, July 4.—The story of
how Joseph Mellenberg of Boston
was swindled out of $200 and was
given a "fake" divorce decree was
recited In the Suffolk divorce court
when Kmtna Treat, whom Mellen
herg married, thinking he was a dl
vorced man. was glvon a decree of
nullity. Mullenberg said that he
went to a Roxbury lawyer and ar
ranged to sue for a divorce When
he left, a man stopt>ed up to him
and said: That lawyer la no good.
He can't got you a divorce. I'll do
It quick for $200." Mullenberg said
he paid the $200, and a ahort time
later received a paper which rend,
"Decree, after hearing on libel,
granted April ft, 1912." It was sign
ed "T. Howard BeckMll, Regis
trar." Two months later Mullen
berg said ho and Miss Treat Were
PORT ANOKLKH, July 4—A mil
lion shingles were destroyed In a
fire which broke out nt the I'uget
Hound Mills ft Timber Co.'s mill
hnt'O Thursday. The origin of tho
blase Is unknown. Tho fire was
confined to the pile of shingles,
which were fully covered by Insur
The wireless time signals sent
out hy the Government from Wash
ington are picked up hy thousands
of watchmakers.
Summer Dresses at Two
I Very Low Prices
$7.50 and $9.00
A# '111 Pi \\ A T IViM ar " a variety of dltatT ItrlM, colorings Ud materials.
jtl I \ V LI They are not only pretty -they IM earifnlly made and will give
/W KOO.I service For boating or outing w« ar nothing 000 Mbe more
$/jl j •y' appropriate than these black nnil white or blue and white che'k Madras
M j ft ! dresses with collars an'l cuffs scalloped In rod They close diagonally
■ 11|| l| In front with large |>earl buttons—V-oeck.
B I AT ftU.OO are Dresses of finer material and morn elaborate make
I I On ft of pink and white check gingham In made with short sleeves and
■ a rather low neck The turn-back cuffs and large sailor collar are s< al-
V I II i I loped and trimmed with hands of plain material and buttons to match.
■ B1 1 I I 1 It Ik piped with the plain material down the front and about the edge
Ij U 1 ||v of the oversklrt, and closes with the little pink buttons.
• | j|l I I 111 ' Plain tailored Cord Hklrts In six-gored stylo, for *2.(K).
I ijl ' 111 At IM.OO are plain tailored six-gored Sktrts of Horrecksea rep
£ ill ||| A very attractive Skirt In wide wale Bedford cord, closes at the
l| nide with large pearl buttons. It Is a four-gored model. Price fjtft.OO.
Natural color Crash Kklrts, trimmed with large red bullet buttons;
are new and muart. They are priced at 97.50.
m 11 —Socond Floor.
iiron c. oinsoN
Hugh C. Gibson, chief probation of
ficer of the Juvenile court.
Mothers iiro often largely to
blame when their daughters go
This Is the verdict of Hugh C.
Olbson, rhlof probation officer of
the Juvenile court. In answer to the
"What Is the remedy for the
great recent Increase In the num
ber of girls who leave good homes
for dissolute lives?"
Gibson says that the conditions
Teach Stealing in
School, Says He
CHAMPAIGN. 111., July 4.—"Even
cabmen tn front of a Chicago do
pot may be Just as gwd citizens as
any alderman," said Dean Daven
port In an address to the t'nlverslty
of Illinois glimmer students. "The
eahhy's life may spell success from
the real standpoint. Children learn
to steal In the schoolß of today, and
we are teaching thievery. When
wo fret Into the high school it Is
called swiping, aud when the pupil
enters college It Is spoken of as col
lecting souvenirs."
Sun and Wind BHoq Out Ugly Spots
—How to Remove Easily
Here's a chance, Miss PYeckle
f.ice, to try a remedy for freckles
»Ith the guarantee of n reliable deal
er that It will not cost you a penny
unless It removes the freckles;
while If It does give you u clear
complexion, tho ext>ense la trifling.
Simply get an ounce of othlne —
double strength, from tho Kartell
I>riig Co., aud a few applications
should show you how easy It Is to
rid yourself of the homely freckles
and get a beautiful complexion.
Rarely Is more than one ounce
needed for the worst case.
He sure to ask tRe druggist for
tho double strength otlilim. as this
Is the prescription sold under
money hack If it fails to remove
$1.15, $1.65 and $2.15
Are the Amounts You
Save When You Buy
These $2.85 Shoes
The Former Prices of
Which Were $4.00,
$4.50 and $5.00
EVERY pair 1* Soro*l* make
and the *tyle* offered In
clude patent kid Oxford*,
with round toe*, abort vamps,
tlpa. welt soles and Cuban hoel*
Patent Hlucher Oxford* with
long vamp, light welted *ole and
Cuban heel Dull kid Hlucher
Oiford*. long vamp, light flex
ible welt *oln and Cuban heel.
Tan Russia calf Oxford* with tip.
ribbon lacing, welted M-le and
Cuban heel. Priced at 12.55.
—Second Floor.
can only be permanently lettered
In the home*, by the mothers.
There lie* the remedy for the evil
which statlatlc* ahow I* menacing
the American home.
"Proper re*trlctlons at home would
prevent glrla from being lured
away." declare* Olb*on. "If moth
er* knew where their daughter*
went, who their acquaintance* and
friend* of both *exe* were, and
how they conducted themselves
away from home, and governed
their daughter* accordlng'y, the
problem would be nearly solved.
"Rag dances, a* they are called,
are one of the causes.
"Automobile* start roanv a girl
going wrong Do away with 'rag
ging.' put more clothes on the
girls, atop the mtdnlght Joy-rides,
and there will certainly be a cor
responding decrease In the number
of feminine delinquency case* we'
have to deal with."
The Wonder Millinery Co.
1525 Second Ave. 216 Pike St
SHAPES $3.49
A large number of splendid Trimmed Hats at HALF
1525 SECOND AV. 216 PIKE ST.
Specials for Saturday
Pork Roast ... 15c
Pork Steak ... 15c
Legs Lamb ... 15c
Lamb Chops ... 15c
Choice Corn Beef 12v*c
Corned Pig's head 8c
Watch our dnlly ad tn Star for upoe.laU—W> nlwayß sell for loss.
o,d P ,. c r mouse N ':.r
Bargain squars
More for a $ Than a 9 Will Buy
Imported Gloves 25c
An aaaortraent of women's
Qlovea, Including Bilk Hhle and
chamolsette, In black, white and
color*. The pair, 25c.
50c Double-Tipped Silk
Gloves 43c
An accumulation of varioua
shades, as well aa black and
white. All clean, desirable mer
chandise, placed on sale in the
Basement Bargain Square.
When the Crocker land expedi
tion starta for the Arctic neit week
three bridea and their husbands,
members of the party, will be sep
arated for at least three years.
A Use Your Credit
Open ■ Charge Ac
count at the Fac
tory Hair Store —
ÜBB You Can Pay on
Eaey Terma.
We manufacture
evprythlnK in Hair
Goods, Including:
Front Piece*, Trane-
formation*. Curl*,
Puff*. Toupee*,
Wig*. Old Lady
Piece* or Spe-
Pattern or De-
Bring In or
u* your Cut Hair
and Combing*.
Zamora C. Cauffman
Factory Hair Store
1401 Flret Av.

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