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iruuß or NRwirAONi *•••
H*r*lc* •t th# I'ullml rrwt AM»»rl*H<*«
Rntw»<l at the |w«lAfflr«, "M«n»lf. %*»«h . arrr«4
rim* mullff hiiillthHl b» Ih* '<•' PwMUhlwf
(om|w«? ptwj rifnlni etr*p€
acutk infi.amm \tohy
HIIKI'M M'IHM l» till" to an In
_ f.M-tloii which travel# to Mio
Joint throußh th« Moo,l It m«y niter through on- of wvrn.l ptaorx.
Mt the uaual plwt whtro It WH 'n '■ ln th * t0B "'! t !
Here's a Well-Deserved Rebuke
TO THK candy maker* of Milwaukee who wanted Mate pn
mission to work poorly paid K irl «niploy» morc ,I,an 10
hours daily during the busy before-Christmas season. Wiscon
sin's industrial commission jutifies its refusal by a number of
powerful reasons, but none of grenter cogency than in its
"That higher pay will reduce the help problem
by attracting more and better help, and that improved
working conditions and better pay will advance the
quality of the finished product."
The commission also jioints out that an extension of the
hours of labor in the end would result in fatigue and inrffi
ciency not only for the peri.nl of overwork, but for all the rest
of the vear. After reminding the Milwaukee employers how
strain, accidents, disease, sterility, puny children, miscarriage"
and stillbirths result from exhaustion due to long hours, the
commission says
"Our stock producers long since learned how to
treat the mothers of the flocks and herd*. 1 hey aie
more considerate of the dumb brutes than we are of
the mothers-to-be of the human race.
What a rebuke to careless greed! And to think that, at
this late day in the progress of civilization, in the full flower of
widespread intelligence, such a ruling should be necessary!
In the childhood of the race, way back in the dawn of
history, one of the kings of Egypt forced 100,000 subjects to
work 20 years piling high a granite pyramid intended as an
eternal token of his might. But pagan though he was pagan
and despot—he worked grown men, not undeveloped women
There was something impressive in this ambition of the
Pharaoh, severe though its incidence was upon the bent backs
of his sweated subjects. It at least secured to remote ages the
•tory of his reign.
No such majestic excuse is possible in behalf of the mod
ern exploiters of girlhood. Their names will not be handed
dowji the ages. Their motive is the sordid one of passing
The Worst Crime of 'Em All
MOTHER love is the finest treasure life offers Rut not
all mothers possess it. Some are selfish, vain, cruel
"There, my day is spoiled," a young mother exclaimed
one morning, when baby began to cry.
And instead of cuddling the weary little one and croon
ing it the soft songs which fall upon baby nerves like a
benediction, this selfish mother began to fret and to scold
and to work up a temper.
She actually believed, this foolish mother did, that baby
cried just for spite.
It was this same mother who, a short time before, wish
ing to enjoy a vacation with sailing and dancing, turned babv
over to a hired nurse and went away to the shore for a fort
right as indifferent to her duty as if baby had never been
There are mothers like that. Fortunately few, but enough
to warrant preachment on the rights of childhood.
Do you realize as you should that it i* not merely the
privilege but the RIGHT of a child to be petted and loved?
That the man or woman responsible for bringing a little
life into the world commits treason to the race if shirking its
tendcrest care?
By petting we don't mean spoiling.
Children can, of course, be spoiled; and the spoiled child
is an even sadder sight than the neglected or abused child
For spoiling is rarely undone, while neglect and abuse some
times are overcome by the kindness of others
If the good Ix>rd has sent into your home and arms the
infinite blessing of a dear little babe, don't be so silly as to
imagine that the care is a curse.
On* strident grasshopper in the angle of the fence makes more
nolae than the whole noble herd of cattle near by.—Mayor Gaynor.
We Make Apology to Our Readers
WE HASTEN to make apology to our readers, who have
an undoubted right to our keeping them posted on high
Pf>ciety events, but, fact is, we've been so interested in the ri-<c
of bacon and the new tariff's possible effccts upon the importa
tion of diamonds, that we entirely missed the following, from
Cannes, France:
"Miss Virginia MacVeagh, of New York and St. Paul,
step-daughter of Frederick Ogden de Billier, was married last
week to Marquis Agostino Ferrante di Ruffano. The witnesses
for the bridegroom were Marquis Fmmanuelle Filiosi and
Don Marino Filomarino Tomacell."
It isn't often that an item so splendidly garnished with
Marquises and dons gets bv us, and it is distressing to realize
that neither Ruffano, Filiosi nor Tomacelli gave us any inti
mation as to what was to be pulled off. We simply had no
suspicion that a cuckoo of a girl who could be from both
New York and St. Paul had gone gunning for a marquis in
Southern France. It is reprehensible remissness, and we be
tpeak for ourselves the pardon of the reader.
Happlneaa, old man, depend* on what Ilea between the aole of your
foot and the crown or your head. —Balzac.
Drives Rheumatic Pairvs Away,
Few Dose* Relieve Backache
and Bladder Disorders.
Sleep disturbing bladder weak
nesses, backache, rheumatism, and
the many other kindred allinenia
which ao commonly come with de
dining year*, need no longer be a
source of dread and mlaery to
those who are pant the middle age
nf life
Croxone rellevea all auoh dlaor
flers because It reaches the very
cm < (,f the trouble It *oak* right
Into the kldtmya, through the walla
end lining*; clean* out the little
filtering gland* and cell*, and gives
the kidney* new atrength to do
their work properly. It neutral
ize* and dlaaolve* the poisonous
uric acid nubatancea that lodge In
the Joint* and muaclea, causing
rheumatism; and make* the kid
neya filter and sift out the poison
ous w;i*t<> matter from the blood
and drive It out of the system
It matter* not how old ytm are
or how long you have suffered,
Croxone I* *o prepared that It Is
practically Impossible to take It
without result# There I* nothing
else like it, ft start* to work Im
mediately pnd more than a few
dose* are seldom required 'to re
lleve even the most chronic, obsti
nate case.
An original package costs hut a
trifle and all druggists are author
l7.ed to return the purchase price 1f
Croxone should fall In a single case.
U__J_U ll— I ——
No, Our Artist W«m't Out
They Didn't Think
Much of the Law
K.illrnad I'realdent What ahall
I tell the <11 rectum when they aak
me why- the ileal fulled to go
Kallroad Attorney- Well, too can
(ell them Juat wbll I've told you —
that It a against the law
Kallroad President oh. yea they
know that. Hut can't you think of
some reason?
A railway tralnmsn's official has
fi*urrtl out (hut one •railroad etn-
I'ioyn la killed every s«ven hours
and 16 tnlnut'-s. And this doesn't
take Into account the dlnliiK car
waiters that one wants to kill.
•No. Not the una one.
• • •
Our Idea of ragtime mathematics
ran e found In thla headline from
the Indianapolis Star;
"Indians Spilt Even at Kansas
City. Winning a Majority of the
e e •
Hotel music, says a Berlin pro
fessor. Is a platen* Maybe—but
think of the hotel food'
0 0 0
A Syndicate Lssa.
(Hill. — Horn to Messrs, and M«*s
dames Chart'-* N, Cardwell. 974
llamlet st -Columbus (O ) fltste
• e •
Our Preci»e Artist
• • •
Do you get much fun out of your
"That's Just eiactly where I R«t
• • •
A Rockland, Me., mlniater defends
the X-ray skirt. Many a man will
thank him.
• • •
A man sometlmee does not know
who his friends aro till ho finds ho
hasn't sny.
A restaurant keeper and a
dentist In a certain street who
are next door nelnhliors havn
fallen out, and It Is rnther hard
on th« former that the latter
should have a itlarlnic announce
ment In his window to the ef
"Teeth sharpened to tarkln
totieh steaks."- Fun.
• • •
He who atrlkea while the Iron la
hot diK-nn't always succeed In mak
ing warm friends.
• « •
The moat dreadful historical ml*
take that has been made In ninny
a day wo see In a St. I.mils paper,
which *i««k* of Mr Diggs tenttltik
Martha Washington Into trouble. It
la not ao.
ONK law for the rich and one for the poor did not exlßt 2300 IV C.
The foundation of ail the lawmaking In llabylonla, from the
middle of that century until the fall of the empire, was the code
of the first king Among the si law* In the code, appears the lollow
"If anyone bring an accusation against a mnti, the accused must
leap Into the river. If he sinks, the accuser shall take possession of
lilh house If he edrnpr* unhurt, then the accuser shall take possession
of his house." They didn't do much toward promoting litigation In
tboMo days.
L.nat Nin lit; He'a Juat Inventing Some New Anil
By Derton Bralay
Let's togethet anil tell ourselves
M«>w siuicrftne we arc.
I.et's j)crcli way up on our lofty shelves
And gaze °n life from afar;
I.et's look with scorn on the common herd
Who toil at a useful job,
Let's apeak of art as a magic word
And sneer at the busy "mob."
Let's speak of faith «< nn outworn thing,
Of love as a creed that's dead,
At everything simple and plain we'll fling
A barb with a poisoned head ;
Let's jrut at honor and sneer at law
And chortle at truth as rot,
Till people murmur "We never aaw
Such a liberal minded lot."
And while we jabber and sneer and smirk
And our words of wisdom fall
The world will trudge to its daily work
Anl never will carc at all!
* *
* Tho captain'a *on atiwvl on *
* the brWg" of a acbooner be *
* aide bla father, on a windy *
* night. It auddenly became *
* tiecemaiy for the captain to *
* go below, and be aald to the *
* boy, whom he had been In- *
* struct ing. *
* Mere, take tho wheel I'll #
abe back *oon. Hteer by lhal *
* *tar. and then you will be all *
* right " *
* The !«>y began to ate.-r, and a
* soon gryt her out of her coirae a
a The »!ar appeared at the »i«-rn a
a Inatead nf the head and. with a
a a feeling <>f pride, he *hou'ed a
a to the captain *
a "Come and find mo another a
a »tar, I've panned that one!"— #
a I' : a
* ♦
Old friend* may b* b«at, but that
doean't prevent a fellow from mak
Inn young one*
• • •
Th# chip on the shoulder It thr
advance mom of the knockedoff
• • •
A common every day oyater lay*
18.000.000 e«K* annually. If every
t»«K matured, In five oyater itinera
tion* there would txi no room on
thl* earth for aaythlnic **ve
But, cheer up. you'll find In the
atew only the tiaual three with one
of thoae cute little rod crab*, per
e e e
"My d< ar air." *ald the ape
rlallat, after a rnreful examina
tion, "what you need la plenty
of eierclae. In n raae like
: your* there la nothing better
than the automobile. It will—"
"But, doctor." Interrupted the
i patient, with a hopeleaa (feature,
I "I ran t afford one'"
"Pldn't tell you to"' anappeil
I the apeclalUt. "I meiint dodge
'«m."—N. Y. World
♦ . ♦
Young Georgia woman aay* that
a girl should noi marry a man uti
le** alio can love liltn and waah
lila dlahe* at the name time. Hlte'a
been married, twice, too.
• • •
"Officer," aald the New York
citizen, "there'* a burglar In
my houae."
"I ain't not nothing to do with
burglar*," reaponded the police
man. "I'm on the traffic aquad."
-Chicago Journal.
BRAINKRD, Minn., Sept. 26
The Mlnnemita Federation of Worn
en'* clubs haa adopted renolutlonn
again*! the killing of aotig bird* to
trim hiita and deprecating apllt
5 WE pi Any
And Bite* at 'Em
The "alaay" parta of the Amarl
can preaa are making much of their
own cablegrama to tho effort that
' foreign diplomatic circle* are
aatounded and Americana abroad
humiliated because of report* that
Itryan haa begun filling engage
merits with accompanlm'nt« very
almllar to refined vaudeville "
It'a too bad MtIII. foreign diplo
ma tie clrclea might mind their own
bualneaa and the humiliated Amerl
' ana might com* homo to apend
their PI I a money.
a • a
Union decorator* of New York
decided not f> atrlke.
That'* one town that wouldn't
have to aend nutalde for atr!k»
breaking painter*
* e •
N. V. luprimt court nil** that an
occaalonat drink doean't neceaaarlly
Incapacitate a man for bualneaa
Certainly not We've even aeen
men getting drunk aa a bualneaa
and It w*a the only notable aucceaa
of thdr Uvea
Saturday All Our New Fall
and Winter Patterns Will be
on Display at Our Two Stores
Come in and feast your eyes on one of the
choicest displays of Woolens that we have ever
shown. We do not want you to pay us $35 to $40
to make up you a Suit or Overcoat—JUST
11 £5:22
Cut and made to your measure in styles that are pleasing
and becoming to your individual figure.
You save from $10 to $15 by having your clothes made by the
In Editor's
Phawy! Llaten to Thla
Kdltor Health Htar Your city
Ima killed thu trooae that luld the
golden egg
When wo come Into Seattle from
llin 1.11 nI and aen vi hut It rontalua
of and read thu local newapapira
for n few dap* kiilu nn Inalght
Into the foaall bralna of the tnnnu
gera, we aeek the depot and p»y
out more money to get away,
W« are not converted hy self
{■rnlae nor liolay bragging.
Outaldora ure not Interested In
Judge lluinpblll or l)ea>'on Milt
W» left our Knatern bomea to
get uway from atmllar lluddhaa and
Impeccable jtealota. Tourlata ure
not overcome with harbors, lakea,
snow-capped peaks and wormy
bualnoas chance*.
They have read of the p<-iml r<-
atrulnt Impoaed upon Count Wap
penatuln, a former coryphee In the
IKilltlcal ballet; alao of the great
fall of Hellmnn.
Nearly all your hoapltallty la In
your police at.it lon, Chamber of
Commerce and otln-r ravea of ahady
tranaactloua Htrangera within
your g"*alpy gutea are vagranta
They ft-el 111 at ea*e They feel
auapected of being erltnlnala They
aee none of the advertlaed bene
flta. Hlncerely youra,
ci.ayton woods
Victoria, n. c.
Kdltor The Htar I wlah to reply
to hit article that t read In Tlx-
Htar hMdrd, "Complain* of Heating
In County Hoboola," anil algn«-d by
lohn Carmb hae| <<( Redmond. Wa*h
Mr. Ctrtnliltwl t* ml*taken In lil»
Idea of heating and ventilating a
a< hoot mom.
Hundreda of teatlmonlal* may be
had on tho fact that the floora are
warm«•<! In every part of tho room
One needs only to vlalt a room
whir* the Smith ayatem la In opera
tlon to b<" convinced that It la the
t»e*t Investment a achool board can
Mr Carmlchael atatea the air I*
to t>n reheated and circulated re
peatedly. Ho doe* not give the
foul air extractor any credit. The
foul air la being drawn off by the
largo pipe that connect* with the
smoke pipe
Makeshifts of all deacrlptlona
have been tried out all over the
county, only to Ik- discarded and re
placed by tin- Bmlth ayatem, the
< nly ayatem built on aclentlflc prln
ilplea In aucceaaful operation. It
!a the only naturul mcnna of heatlnK
a n>om evenly.
Keattie, Wash.
• •
* MACON, (la, Bept 34. —A *
* "mad" chicken, the flrat ever *
* a«»n or heard of In Macon, *
* ana killed by I'ollceman T R *
a ltoland. after the fowel h;>d *
* savagely attacked hla 10-year- *
* old boy. It developed that the *
* hen waa bitten a week before *
* by a rabid dog. *
Deirtl/. wire bound "tomb" gingerly opened by police et ■—
Marl ■ l <01111 1 111 a I!""] i»'i rhi«K. t «!•* .< h' nw <-. *
nppl« i»l«-
Alee for thr venerable j'>e of l'i' dl< acloue bari.er ind hli leallj
I.r i-ii 'i' All (I'm Hurl ink I.iim <• <, i-(l 11 n- :>,i !■ « '.t, ,on.
K Utility THE HOUSE OF COATS p rom
0."" e: c: M r
fn The New Oouble Service All Weather Utility Coate
P| M«n'a all 'I Women'a All
fs Weetl.T end En*- / sM
IJ Hah Hllp i.l 1100 yBJ
m iV" . pr,c " l . 55.00 ffea
Bal Men'e and Women'e AH-
M ®l (I /\\ Weather Knijllah Hllp-
K1 / I \ \ *" 4 r * r * v "' *"' T ' p "
i L ' pr: 59.00 M
hjj \ - 1 I I If Men'a ani W omen'a ° Avj^%
fy r , j|/ All-Weath* r y~*W jkp
Ej 'r j I llf 7 *)$/
|| if! /\ iV r * n '* I?nirll«h Bllpi* fj
I ' I 'J i inperb roynMna- 'J ! I
Lj I 111 tvC l ' n nmnr .1, ®n«i ||a
(31 I f I T iKso v.l- ||AfflrX
II | J •« 512.50
I j II I Men » and Womer • I H|| llv
yjj 1 120 00 superb Dou- y>BB BaJ 1
If Oaberdlnei and dou-
Shl\ H 'blf PHp-ona.
tf" 4 .. $15.00
Mrn'l and Wom«n'i aup«rb All-Weather Knirl!»h Oat*er4lnat
and Hllp-on«. Includlnir many superb corn) (nation Topcoat* and
SI 6.50 S 18.00
Mrr or without velvet |A
collar tod belt; 921.00 «• t )9i 13
Imported mohair*, blue am! Mark about #»Q *|C
aarnple*. |. » uO coat value . . ... |)9* I V
Store Open Saturday Night Until 10 o'Clock.
I'rlraia "-hmrnrnm
I nUMLJ Mr One «ti>» ail
p ITTC Mr m«fl mwilk l» ej
»> " ' *V| aia mo* . fl IW) >m« JT**'
fir MirtM, »« r»i r , IV « mtmik.

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