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To the Mayor, the City Engineer
The City Council and the
Taxpayers of Seattle
Concerning the Cedar River Pipe Lines
the undersigned, representing important industries
" of Seattle and the State, present herewith this petition j
endorsed by the New Chamber of Commerce of Seattle and the
Manufacturers' Association of Seattle: J J
Being informed that it is the intention of the city authorities to specify all-steel #
pipe for Cedar River Pipe Line No. 3, we respectfully and formally request that,
before final specifications are drawn for this important work, that there should be appointed a proper board I
of investigation to inquire fully into the advantages of wood-stave, steel-banded pipe as compared with all-steel pipe.
THIS board of investigation, we suggest, shall be composed of competent engineer* and busine-s men. Dealing with these same figure* in another manner, the estimated cost of 22*/, miles of J4-inch steel
and should fully investigate: '"I* m l'' ace < including excavating and backfilling, is placed at $1,034,262.00. The actual cost of the wooden
pipe installed, including excavating and backfilling, was $322,952.21. This was an initial saving in favor of
First. Ihe comparative reliability of various type> of pipe from an engineering standpoint wood pipe of $711,309.79.
Second. Ihe relative cost, including depreciation, of various tviies of conduit designed to give the name .... , , . , -r> r
I Ins wood pipe has served for 14 year*. If we should put the $711,309.79 out at 5 per cent interest,
scrvice * .
compounded annually, it would earn in interest in the 14 year:—sf>97,GK3.s9. This would entirely replace
Third. This inquiry should fully take into account that wood stave steel banded pipe can be furnished en- the wood pipe excavating. backfilling, bands, shoes and all at its entire original co«t, which included grub
tirdj by home industries, including its labor, lumber, steel bands aud creosoting. whrreas the specifications of bing, trcstling, making of fills and a number of other items that will never have to be done again, and
steel pipe involves the spending of a large percentage of its cost in di'tant market - leave $374,131.38 of interest to be applied to other uses, and still have the principal intact. The above
... . , ..... i » . . , , ... i . figures refer to w«kkl «tave pipe having untreated staves.
V\e contend that there are substantial grounds for such an inquiry, and submit as a partial argument 1 r " „
the following exhibits which distinctly show \hat wood stave pipe with steel bands for the Cedar Ki\er Pipe
Line is true engineering, true economy and helpful home-industries boosting _ _
. , . , D , Treated Wood Stave Pipe Will Last Like Steel
Discrimination Against Local Products Will
m ||,n» We quote from the report of the late Benzette Williams, a prominent hydraulic engineer who was engaged
cost taxpayers millions by the city to in\cstigate the possibilities of a water supply from Cedar River. I
The immediate proposition before the city, and which concerns your petitioners, i eml>odic<l in the recent ' ''•* r n Mirt . submitted by him in February, 1890, i* printed in the book referred to above beginning on
report of City Engineer Dimock and Superintendent Youngs, recommending the investment of about $1250.- P a 8 c am ' '* follows:
000 in all-steel pipe, whereas the use of wood stave and steel banded pipe would mean an investment of ap .., t j<( ed to , oat the outrr s(irfac , of thc , tavcs , nd thf iron hanfK bv (lippinK thcm 5n a kettle
proximately $500,000. Their report ,s a final approval of all-steel pipe and contemplates ,»„• ultimate <(f ha| , um Mon „ KO mto the work . and a(fain u(ore the pipe is finally covered up in thc trenchf
vestment of over $3,000,000 in this type of aqueducts. This » a recommendation of tremendous import of ban<Jg am , MayM arf to have anothfr coat app|jed wi|h , brush Xhe effcct of .
whether we consider it in whole or in part; and is so vital, so huge, so important that it positively demands wjl| tQ an ; vioUB( un i, roWen coatil)g , which wi |, „ f ,ude , h e air and prevent evaporation
a searching inquiry from every point of view and one that will be impartial and satisfying to every interest f{ moi „ tun . which pcnctrat „ the porf , of »he wood from the inside, and thus preserve the surface of
concerned. staves from decay, without regard to thc character of the ground in which the pipe may be laid. The
inner portion of the staves cannot decay, under any conditions, while the pipe is in use."
Interesting Facts for the Taxpayer It i« quite evident now that if Mr. Williams' recommendation had been followed, pipe line No. 1 would ||
today be in first-cla«s condition. An entire pipe line could now be built of wood staves, thoroughly creo-
There are few differences of opinion between comment civil engineers as to the relative merits of K)ted> w j,ich would unquestionably give a service as lasting as steel and at a saving of from forty to sixty
various materials for aqueducts. Concrete, steel, wood—each has its peculiar qualities Engineers generally p er cent
are well informed as to causes when these materials fail.
There have been fewer disastrous failures of wood than of any other type of conduit. Los Angeles,
California; Portland. Oregon, and Montreal, Canada, have recently experienced costly failures of other types Pjnp J® fll£ Rlflr SteitP IflflllStrV
of pipe. Yet the values and merits of steel and concrcte are understood and their failures do not utterly con- H O J
demn them.
. , , ..... ... The Pacific Coast has an industrv in pipe manufacturing which consumes about 40.000,000 feet of
Our present Cedar River Pipe Lines are wood stave and have never been directly chargeable with a ... , , i c . c . . j
water shortage. Considering the only two serio„s interruptions of servi.,- 14 years' use the firs, was lumber annually, and the scientific improvements of .ate years in thc manufacture of staves demand the
chargeable to the washing out of a bridge, thc second to the emptying of thc pipe lint with thc vent pipes earnest investigation and notice of City officials. Most of the causes of decay in wood staves have been
frozen, causing collapse. eliminated by modern methods and thc creosote treatment of staves gives a material of the highest class,
Either of these interruptions to service would have been much more serious and costlv had any other and to repeat, the equal nn< >t thc superior ..i steel, in .lie opinion of reputable engineers. Seattle s Official
<ind of pipe been in use. Repudiation of Wood Stave Pipe Means the Killing of This Important Local Induatry.
In the matter of labor, if wood stave pipe were used a very large percentage of its cost would be for
• | I A r» IIF J IV local labor, but with steel pipe the local labor item would be quite small.
Our Officials Own Figures Favor Wood Stave Pipe
In the report entitled "The Seattle Municipal Water Plant." issued in 1914 by the City Water Dept. _£ Cl-.l D__ll7J Dj-- Ama|liaw
pages 208 and 209, will be found a comparative cost of maintaining both steel riveted and wood stave 0l DHIIQS lOf W 00Q a ipC AllOttlCr
pressure pipe lines based on actual figures relative to thc tcdar Ki\cr Water Supply Line \o. 1. In this Imnnrtont 1 nral Inillietrv
statement by the Chief Clerk and Auditor is demonstrated; on the assumption that steel pipe has a life linpOllfllll LiUlol 1111111511J
c;f 45 years and also assuming that the staves of wood pipe are renewed every fifteen years, then, with the
monev at 5 per cent, which is the rate of interest paid on thc original bond issue, at the expiration of 45 , ..... ... j.. , • • . , . . , . ,
years (the assumed life of steel pipe) the city will have been able to completely renew the staves of the Wood stave pipe is encircled with steel bands and the making of steel bands and bars is becoming one
wood pipe thro* times and show a saving in cost in favor of wood pipe of $1,413,756.35. of thc most irrtportant of our local industries. This steel could therefore be manufactured locally.
• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••J Above are presented highly important matters of local interest, of municipal economy and •••••••••••••••••••••••••• •• ••••••••• •
: Recommendation by : u™i n " rin ''"" th *"" """ pipe ,or ,h * c< """ uclion "" c,d * r j Recommendation by :
• TL. M«nnf>rlnr»r>' Auaciation • We " l «" ,or « P"i'»n » above »el forth. Ihilt a full and proper inv..!ig«tion be m.de. and ! Xhe NeW Chamber of Commerce !
• 1 mWlUliciureri /iSSOCIaCIOn • suggest to that end that public bodies appoint suitable committees to act jointly or severally in # .
• ——————— * thia important business. 2 ww i.>inih*rmen'« A««n.. •
1 w M t Cout i.umbirmum Aon. • You are invited to address all communications to the J o«n«i»m*iK Wa " h •
• aoattla. W»«h. * • From » of the facts presented w th« mattor of material ?
1 From a ruin of tha facta praaant«(l In tlia matl«r of tha ma- « __ A m • wta mniM A PO9IWT I b » " ,ff, l « h » *rcat»>r pari o< the cxtumffa I'artar rlvar pipe llnca. "
2 tarlala to ba uaad In tha irreatcr part of tha extanalv* i.adar rlvar plpa « \Jkf S. t ■ m Ma A ■ 111 11/ I LIJ |%/l M |\l X /\ |\| Zlt ta un.iiir»tlonahTy Important that a thoro tnvratlcatlon of tha .
Z Hn#a. It la unquaatlnnably Important that a thoro Invrallaatton of • WW f -..I I m. I eA. 1 ■ 8.1 J IVI nrjl\l¥ll-jll tj ArnttJtJ X™ I tnarlla of WanlilnKton material* anllahle for the ahove plpa llnea he .
« tha marlta of wood atava pipe with ataal handa aa agalnat all other • - w made before ttir contract I* let. and we nh*U recommend to the city 9
m plpa matarlata ba mada bafora tha contract la lat, and wa shall rec- • ___. „ a council and city engineering department that no contract be aliened. «
• ommend l»> tlia city council and city engineering department that no • THORPF RAKCOfK Secv I. H. BLOLDEL, Pres. • and no final declaim, mmlc hs to material for this work until auch a
• <-ontract be signed and no final daclslon mada aa to material for • 1 ▼ • J # thoro Investlnatlon Is finished. •
• this work until such tlioro Investigation la flnlahad. • _ n .... o • Yours very trulv, a
• Tour* J Tenth Floor White Building, Seattle. • (snrneu> n. h. mattibon*. •
• • a Rurrau Secretary. •
• \t AVITKAfTItnKHW ASSOCIATION ! .. ..... ... ... . — ~ , ... ~, . .. ~ • Approved by Hoard of Trustees October 10. ISlfi. •
• riance> Nf Har-retar • You will be interested in the Wood Stave Pipe Exhibit, Corner 4th and University, on the • c. h vankki.u Kxe.uti\<- scretary. •
£••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Metropolitan Bldg. Company's lawn, outside the Fisheries Building. !•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

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