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Joe Bonds, Tacoma Heavy, Coming Home for Holidays, Wants Bout Here
R old friend, lot
tUindi, Taooum
heavy*flßht. I»
now In Kan»n»
Ctly. mill dro|>»
a few lines to
«»y thai he will
t>* home for
t'hrlntma* and
would like to
set * bout In
Tacoma and Se-
MUe ;
"I have been doing pretty »ell
this rail anil winter. wriie* Jon.
l'u<ler the very al>lc management
of Jack Knarns, *ho also h»* the
Australian wonder. Im l>arcy, |
hope «ome day to get a match with
.'ess Wtllard I «»* matcnod with
FYed Hilton In Denver, on Ni vet:i
ber but he ran out of the mutch,
a* did Jtm Hynn "
Ootids also promises to drop In
and give us the r e®l inside atory of
1-e* IHm-y'a eecape from Australia
and his trip to Ame-lca when hi
get» hark this way Joe •* > a
Kearna is really lined up with I>ar
cjr. alone with Jack Curie*.
Determined to have a crarkerjack
boxing card lined up for Friday
evenings showing. l.onnle Austin
Is busy on the preliminaries, now
that the double main event haa been
jJfcJded upon
Hud Ridley, the clever little kid
who made a sterling. tho losing
flgh' nra'nst Weldon Wine at the
Im; show, will again be irtu, a*
will bis victor They meet differ
ent boya ;tla time.
There should he two lively con*
testa In under when the main events
are pulled off Muff" Hronson
goea against Chet N'eff. with whom
he has already fought a c.raw in
Portland, while Marry Anderaon.
former N'. W. lightweight i ham
plon. tackles Archie Wyard. 8. A C
In his recent tangle with Marry
Peltinger. Hronson admitted that he
was holding back waiting for a
chance to slip over a k o punch,
and that whenever he did attempt
to mix thing* a bit. the FVlsco l;id
was even leas Inclined to do so
than be had been.
"Judge" Plannlgan should take
the managerial Mlpper to hi* youth
Mn —• fT- - h
JMHI _I ♦ .7*l '»
./.' TV,"*"'.-."
g << A MOMKN'T Imter her rich. rlmr contralto swelled |t
:: /\ throiiKh Symphony Hall. The audience aur- H
;: rendered Itself to the spell of her beautiful voice. 8
g lUlrtrtMljr her lips ceased to move, hut to our astonishment |
8 the lime voire, lndlst!nr>ii*hable from the voire «| bad h
H Jimt heard, continued to fill the auditorium ••
:: We were a tart led. We had h»'ard two voice-, identical, H
g 'lifTerln/c in not a ahade of lone or quality. ! nle»* one n
8 -■ atched th» art<at'a llpo. It via ImpoaaiMo to tell whether 8
jj cne beard her or the Kdlson Instrunien' .it h«r *id<- ••
We arc trying tn search out those per-ons who arc
looking for something musically superior to the talking
machine's reproduction of musical sounds. We want
to introduce you to a new art. Music's Re-Creation.
Call and Hear the New Edison
. times as long as can he recorded
on a standard talking machine
I ll|l|H No Needles to Change
I BSaB Indestructible Records
I |RS Special Terms
Prices $100, $150,
$200 and $250
f'*l li'in rMamonrf
»»S#.i>r h """" P " ph rp "' Open Evenings
1107-1109 Second Ave.
MUTT AND JEFF You Can Be a Teetotaler Without Beinx a "Tea" Totaler.
fill boxer-fi*hter. I'tilee* he doe*.
| Muff' I* liable to loee many de
; cinlona wall in* to deliver a k «i.
i punch In a four round fracaa.
Hobby Evana. who »i» here with
Billy Nela<>n ami Valley Triunhtta*.
wrote from Mollala. Or. that Hilly
Maaco't fought a dm* *lth lee
Johnaon. tlio lolored nder. In
Mollala recently.
Kvan* alto *tatea tha' he la
angling for » bo*:i tn Seattle .for
Mnacott, and that Hlll> will be «een
here ere lont
!*>u!« Newman. boxing promoter
at Walla* e. Idaho, writet that he
ha* lined up Kick Wella. known a«
"The Cincinnati Bearcat." to take
on Nennv (iarcla. a Mexican welter
weight, in Wallace on neit Saiur
day niatht
Prank Clancy I* Interested In the
boxing same with Newman In Wal
lace. and. according to Newman, la
building an arm* that will neat
1 3.000 person*-
Beginning next Saturday the
Kllen»>>itrg Mom« lodge w-|l break
Into the boxing name. It la the In
tention of the athletic committee of
j the lodge to develop mm *oo<l
Itov* In Kllennbtirc and match them
I with outside taJeuf.
Followers of lmittur hockey
will get the aurprlae of their
lives when th* University of
Waahington septet play* the
Elk* Tuesday «« the Arena.
At all the gatne« th!» neason the
t'nlveralty »epte ha* played with
out uniform* When It could not
get the support of the Associated
Studenta at the tytllege, the tuetu
ber* of the team got togeJher and
put enough money Into the treaa
ury to purchase »weat>ra an<S
• locking* to mat<h The akatlng
public will get i chance to give
their approval Tuesday.
Tired of lettlna the other 'nam*
use their weight to advantage
Capt Toola' lli**ett will try out 1
English Flyweight Champ
Favorite Over Zulu Kid
IX)N'I)ON'. Dec 1* - Jimmy |
1 Wild* * reputation for uncanny
rlngcraft made hlra a 10-to-7 and a
10 tn-S favjrite oter Young Zul i
Kid (Fritnk'e IVmelfh of Brooklyn,
for thla afternoona 10 rntind bittle
fur the fl\weight cl>ani|ilon*hli> of
the world There h little nn tin
t>elng poated, for thare are fe*
Americana her* to place their
money on their fellow countryman
Rngllah pugilistic esper'a who
viewed the training of "Youne. Zulu
Kid." were nomewtiat Inclined to
alter their pravloui opinion* of hi*
ahllltle* The flrooklynlte • »turdl
ne«a and rlevemea* ami hl« boring
atria have at tea«t Inattlled re»i e< i
for ih* Brooklyn battler I
Fancy Skater Is to
Give Exhibition of
Skill at Arena Tuea.
Kewney Shane, wtio hai no
equal aa an amateur abater
around Seattle, hae been
cured by Ernie Biaaett. of tha
Univeraity of Waahington
hockey team, to give a series
of evhibitlona between the
hockey gamea next Tuesday
night. Hit feature trick la to
jump over barrels, and he Is
said by thoae who have watched
him perform to be one of the
best at thia particular atunt.
Skene, who la only 16 yeara
old, has given exhibltlona in
Portland. Victoria and Van
couver, B C. He could easily
paas for a boy of 12 on account
of hla size.
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♦ ♦
I I'riraa I'aJd \% h*l#««U far
Wg#>t*blr« M'l I Milt
14 ♦
I (Corralad dally hy J W Hn<lwlf. A )
Artlahokaa. doa . . 100 0 I II
: HMIi, k ...••••• I i*
Hiu«m!i iprnult. Ih II
! Cirrati; i"' *i I.N 0 I
''unmibtii ho' out* ■ • 7* © !"1
I Cauliflower. I'll, rrafa ..214 0 2 '•'»
k.gg plant 10 0 12 '4
Oriptfrtlil K'orlda 440 0 ft so
«lrai»*fruit • 100
Cftbbft|# lOMI .... *2 '4 0 •• It
<al Iwmoni. par rri»« ... ft 40 0 i
Clarllr, na w lft
Kmparor. lug .... 1 7ft
Orapaa, Kmpfrtr. W»g I &0
flrapaa. Alrnlra W«« B*o
llonay. naw. caaa IAO 0 140
llonay. atralnad ft, V4 0 00
(.attur* hothouaa. cra'a Td O 1 00
U(tl - (»\ 174 0 200
OrtnfM, naw naval .2 40 Q 100
Orangaa Vilfictft 400
Citri, lofftl 75 0 1. •
I'aara An |o Sift
Nlftri if- ><SO
V*lnaapK«ta ( Florida, r-gpta. 4 »•>
IKadlohaa .It
Rutabaga*. Yakima ... 150 0 175
1 I'.utnhaarN* Ala«ka. baa
I Tomatoaa. ' 'al , lug .• 1 2ft
Turn I pi. Yakima 140 0 11'»
I Turnlpa. yallow. Ala* t>*g 2 2ft
Jonathan 100 0 1 7ft
I firavanataln 100 0 ISO I
Harrnan Wltiaaap 1 ?ft 0 140 j
I .oral rooking applaa .... 7ft 0 I 2ft
fipttaanharg 1 7ft 0 200
Da lie ton a 140 0 174
Horn* iiaautr 100 0 I 2ft
Onlona. gr*an. local .2ft
Onion* Oragnn OX%O o*\
Onlona. Yakima .. 01 "4 I
fat a I mm
Whlfa nivar 2ft 00
YaUlrna t'« *rn■ 4 4 " 9
Nwaat pota'oaa 01 14
♦ 0
* mintry lla? and rimln
t Prlraa paid «vhnlaaal*r>
♦ 0
Alfal fa No. 1 20 00 021 00
Bar-tar 41 00 042 00
Torn, whola 47 00 04100
i'.nrTi. rrackad ...........4 *00 049 00
I'ugaf a wind oata . 11.00 0 40.00
STAR—MONDAY. DEC. 18. 1016. PAQK 0
Torn Cuahman. of crew fame, nt de
fense ln*'<ad of uoel If Curhman
prove* to be a find, he will In all
probability remain at defe«i*e along
with ttie varsity captain, while Er
nle niiacll. who. with hi* brother.
I* one of the br*t player* In the
league, will move up to the forward
Ted Faulk, of varalty football
fame ha* heard the call of (he loe
sport, and has responded A* e<«>n
as hi* Injured knee mend*, he will
turn out for forward, where hi*
1 weight and speed call be to
the beat advantage Ted playr<t
ho key back In Nebraaka. before
■-omlng out here and la considered
I some player
i ArrlTlti* todar from hi* trnlnfru
(WMI in llrlthton. th« "Zulu
Kid' i-»rri»d n •hanirtyk. whkh ht
MM 1m will talc Into ih» rin* with
Mm. an croon of *ih«| luck. Thn
• iiamnvk waa ti*m. **d upon thr
littlr fl*ht*r b* a may
Hill* Iri.h waltr««a« who anrv.d hla
ham and * *xa to him at hit train
In* ramp
' Wlld» la ra'*d a* a wtnard,"
»a!d th» American fighter todar
I know h« » v»r* rlevar but I
l fHarf. h< l« i-*aiah]o and I'll i|m
nn h«at »nd hop* to win."
Th* : rln Ipala w«l(hcd In at 10
a in *t ! • i* und* Th» onnt»»t
la *rh*dul»d for 3 p. m at the 110 l
' Mini atadlnm
Ran M'Donald to
Help Seattle in
Fight for Title
Run McDonald, fortnar Portland
nnd Victoria liocknr playi»r, for a
Mm« w|:h Spokani* thin ban
n>Mcil (o i <• Sfatt!» Metro
politan* by Manor.t P»tn Mt'ldoon,
In an effort to ai-#nirth»n tlia team
In It* d.«*h for the Pacific Coaat
Hockey learn* gonfalon
The M»ta l«aTo tonight for flpo
i kan* where th«) take on [.eater
Patrick h Canarl •••> tomorrow nlsht.
M'ild»>on aald tods? he vi« hlfh
lr elated over Seattle's allowing
Hiraln«t Spokane Friday. and that
a* aoon a* th» rrlpplea rounded In
to ahape, he wotiH have a team that
will prove n contender for th>- title
I tintll the !n«t Kami- ha* Ix-en
play ad.
P.a«tarn Washington oata 19 99 0 4*09
I *"-aw. ton 12 09
| Timothy 21 99 914 9*
f|rn«'hr . || 99
Kaatarn Waahlncttn dou
ble romproaiad timothy 2* 09
Wh#at 14 09 fH.li
I h BY II «9 19 19 09
♦ ♦
| I'rlfM Pa 111 for |.|g«.
Poultry. \ ml and Put k
♦ — 4
Hprlnf < h|<-kan« .. .17
I Mirk*. fa» .17
Kf«a 14
liana. 3'« lba 14
ifana, 3 ih« and undar... .11
liana 4 Iht and ot •' 17
Mquabß. (T'"»d »l*a dot . . 190 O lAO
Turkaya. Ilva .... 20
TurU- * IflHl 21 p 21
Vaal, fanry. «l to I2S Ih. .11 O IS H
rild rooitara llva 19
Pork, good blork hoga ... ,11
millm pHiaa to KM a liar for T
Hotter. I and ( liaaaa
♦ - 4
Nftttva W n h I n i I on
cr*am»r% rubr n
Ka 11 * a wmhl nll on
brick .19
Htnrair*. rubaa jr
Ht«»r.Ata. brlrka . .... ,35
Pomaatln whaal 4d
Mrnburgar .21 0 .20
<>r*Tnn trlplata j|
Wlaronaln trlplata .11
Wlamnaln twlna .11
Young Amarloa . .21
ftalanf ranrh II
KVa«h Ka«'«rn *ggn IK
A prll ■♦ora«* ......... II
Albert Hansen
Jawalar and ailvaramlia
010 Second Avt, Naar Madlaen
Frank Moran and
Gunner to Battle
NEW YORK. Dec I«,—Prank
Mnran and Cutiboat Smith, heavy,
weight*, *111 meet tonight In a
10 round bout at the Clermont
Sporting Hub, Brooklyn It will be
Moran * firm appearance *Ince he
* aft defeated la*t nunimt-r l>y Jack
Bicycle Racers
Are Speeding Away
NEW YORK. Dec IS All of the
Ready Now
The Tom Keene Humidor Can
Just the thing for a X'mas
The better way to buy your cigars
THE Presado Blend of the He will be glad to show the
Tom Keene Cigar has be- humidor can to you. He knows
come such a high favorite that it: offers cigars in the way you
we have perfected a humidor ought to get them.
Can SO that you Ccin constantly Notice: Rising costs have affcctPd neither quality nor
keep on hand a fresh supply. ,he 5c price of ToM Kfene ~ nor wiU the v as ,on 8
J as we can help it. As manufacturing costs stand
C „ j „ l , , ... today we believe we are even giving more than
bee your dealer about this. ™iue , n the Tom keene at s c .
* 4 The Cigar with that Presado Blend
114 mam* In New York * annual
•li day bicycle race at Madl*on
Square (iarden were (led today at
the Mid of the ninth hour Eight
had covered 208 mile* and 4 lap*
The record for the iilnc hour* la
211 mile* nud X laps, made In 1914,
by Cameron and Kalaer.
Once upon a tvnie th' re w»a a
moving picture that had hii artlat In
hi* luxurious stidlo painting a
portrait of a woman, and when lie
flnUhel ye jiortraU, It real v looked
like her
err.:.?a\.: ";r. by bud fisher.
Reid Is High Gun
at Sunday's Shoot
1.. II Held, profeaalonal trap*h»t.
wa* high gun Sunday at the Be
altle acKoi nilion'* trap*. He rrack
ed 4!» out of a po**lble 10. Hugh
Elemmlnir am! ('. K. McKelvey were
► wend wlt!i 1i each.
N. W. League Player
Limit Raised to 14
N. W. league baseball official*, nt
Saturday* meeting. adopted a rule
ralnlni* the nlayer llmi' to 14 men.
and abolishing Sunday handball.
The schedule meeting will be held
In Hi<okan» In February.
Basketball Season
Now on in Earnest
'Din Northwe*t basketball league
Reason not under way Saturday
nlKht with Ronton defeating Prea
ton on the latter'* floor. 61 to 25.
The Knight* of Columbu« also took
the E'k* Into camp. 41 to 24.
It pays to read The Star's
Classified Ad Page.

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