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Boxing Stars Who Will Compete in Far Western Amateur Tourney
Left to right—Harper. 115 pounds, Seattle; Quinn, 135 pounds. Seattle; Baird, national 125-pound champion. Seattle; Murphy, national 135-pound champion, Kansas City; Barker. 135 pounds. Los Angeles: Kelly. 108 pounds. Los Angeles.
Two National Champions
Will Be Seen in Action
at Far Western Tourney
the aeeond time In two
year* the Far Western ama
teur bomng championships, un.
d«r the direction of the Ama
teur Athletic Union of Amer
ica. and the auspicsa of the
Seattle Athletic club, will get
under way tonight In the
With two national tttleholders to
add the class needed and a total of
39 mitt stingers represenUng th«<
big amateur clubs from all s«c-
Uons west of the Mississippi, the
iceet has developed Into the larg
eat of Its kind ever hold tn the Far
Western section of the A. A. V.
The Far Western amateur title
for the different clas-es Is the
glory the amateur mitt slingers arc
fighting for.
Eliminations On Tonight
Tonight s aeries of encounters
will be In the way of eliminations,
altho some elates may work as
far as the championship tilt. The
procedure Is a simple one. The
gladiator's names are dropped Into
a hat, tier draw Tme and the own
er of the nune thererm. becomes
drawer's opponent. Thw tor 1
Hon tinned until the last two men
I Economy Is the Watchword
of the Day
r Falling in with the spirit of the
time. Mr. il. Kesaler of the Bell
Clothing Co. of 10* Kir* Ave. 80..
Is coin* to give the men of Seattle
a real opportunity to be errmom
leal, to atop their waste of dollars
and pennies
He is going to reorganise his
badness, which necessitate* a re
modeling of the store, and to make
room for the workmen Is reducing
all stocks.
This he *111 accomplish by a
policy of price reducing that has
ntver been offered before in Seat
tle This cronomy bargain festival
will start Saturday. June 2. at 8:30
a. m., th* afore being closed for the
rest of the week. Watch Friday's
Star for the good news.
One Dollar Cash
*01 Peoples Bank Bldg.
Second and Pike
10 a. m. to 5 p. m.; 7 to 8 p. m.;
Sunday, 11 a. m. to 12
to Introduce our mv
plate, which la (hm
Mfhteet strongest plat* known.
loe« not 1 , cover the roof of the
moatb; 700 cao bite com off ths
rob. guaranteed IK years
Gold crown 43.00
$16 set of t"!h fwhslebone) ftH.ftf)
$10 set. of teeth $5.00
Bridge work, per tooth, gold ftft.OO
White crowna $-1.00
Hold fillings ..7.— $1-00 up
River fillings ...............60c
atlna fillings 76c
All work guaranteed for II raera
Eve Impression takes In til* morn
; aT»d g»t ts*th tam* day lnm
-4.1 r n *n<s a4vloe frsa
Cell *•» <«ia(laa tf Oar Flets
ui HrlSce Wtrh. We Mail
(he Teat «l Tim*.
M»st of our pr*a«nt patronag* It
r«i"eTnm*ridi<l by our early custom
ers wh'j«' worV la ntlll giving go"*1
latlsfactlnn Ask our f M«torner i who
trsvn 1 ' •«! ir work When fml n*
Mr, n \ir office. *'ir« voti »r« In th#
ftsg'ot pl»'» lirlna this «<1 with you
DHlO c^r
an cjrivEHjii-T n,
. —HI »s—M Oe.
step Into the ring to exchange
blowa that will win one of them a
title Hounds under the amateur
rules are of four minute* duration
The length of a bout is three
r®nnds If at the end of the third
round, however, the Judges fall to
agree and the referee thinks the
affair has been even, an extra se«- I
slon two mlnutea long may be
called for. In tills round the
showing of both boys In the other
three rounds Is not considered, the
fight starts all over and the Judges
will again be called upon to render
a derision on the one. two-minute
round alone If the% ngiln fall to
agree It Is Imperative that the ref
eree deride the winner.
Cliet Mclntyres S A C ath
letes are expected to cop thr ma
jority of honors as they are In
their hor..« city and have the vl
• anuge In number*. The last ?s
not much of an advantage, howev
er. for the outside boys are all th«
pick of fhe clubs from whence
they came.
The list of entries follows:
100-Pound Class
' Mike Mitchell, a. A C.; I .aw.
ronce Kelljr. L. A. A. C; Dwtght
Clifford. 8 A, C; Harry Domen
conl. Olympic club
ItS-Pound Class
John Welsg»lber. H. A C : Kddle
Zacbrlns. Elks' club; Hoy Amund
son. S. A "Kred (Jlddens. Klks'
jclub; Irving (ileason, 8. A. C.:
Frank Pantley. Pry Pock club;
Ralph I'nderwood. Multnomah
Boh Harper. H. A. C.: Charles
Davalos. Olympic clnb.
125-Pound Class
Osr.ir H»nson. 8. A. C : Wslter
I.yts, r>n- Dock club: chsrles Son
tag. 8. A. (' ; Earl Italrd. 8 A. C.;
Cisrenee Amundson. 8 A. ('.: Wes
ley Hanckle, 8 A. C" ; Anthony
Bisto, L. A. A. C ; McFar
; Isnd, Olympic club; Ralph t'nder-
I wood. Multnomah club.
135-Pcund Class
A 1 unattached: Chester
Scott. 8. A. C.; Elmer Quinn, 8 A.
CByron Shertjcck, Elks; Tommle
Murphy. Kansas City A. C ; Char
lie Barker. L. A A. C.: Sam Ek
steln. Olympic club.
146-Pound Class
Claude Fortner, 8 A. C.; Tommv
Murphy. Kansas City A. C.; K>ed
Murphy. Olympic A C.
158-Pound Class
Elsworth Hammond, Amu club;
j Stanley Bontag, 8 A. C ; Tom
' H oodhouse. 8. A. ; Claude Fort
ner, 8 A. C.. Fred Murphy. Olym
j pic club.
LigHt-Hsavywelght Class
Tom Woodhouse, S. A. C.; Stan
ley Sontag. 8. A. C.; A. Wagon
sen, 8. A. C.
One of Title Cue
Games On Tonight
Joe Schermer and Charley Jor
don tangle In the second match of
their series of three games to de
cide the city three-cushion billiard
championship tonight at the Hrowa
& Hulen parlors. Jordon already
haH an edge of one game. The
winner of the series takes on John
ny Oilroy In the home stretch for
the title.
Vanderlas to Meet
Allen at Net Game
Allen and Vanderlas are sched
uled to settle a little argument for
tho single* championship of the
high school tourney on the Seattle
Tennis club's courts Thursday,
t'.oth have gone thru the singles
althout a defeat.
Mails Is Wrestler
Frank Schulte broke a rll> In n
wrestling match with Walter
Malls, former Seattle Giant, now
with Portland. Frank liaa been
called a smart hall player, no won
der he can't wrestle.
Robins Not Drawing
Charley Cotnlskey has agreed to
give tho Ited Cross 10 per cent of
the receipts at home games. If
Miarley Kbbelt* would make mch
an offer the Jt®l Cross would owe
film money.
Chalenge Game On
The chsllenge game between the
Duthies of the Shipbuilders' league
and the Nonpareils of the City
league was ou this afternoon at the
ball lot at 14th and Jeffereon.
NOKTitu r>Tr.KN 11 %oi r.
Won J*«at Pet 1
Tar*ma .... : I » Til
Oraat I'alla H II
*»••(•« it it *:i
V»i nvw If tt «t»
VNill* IS II .«•* i
Ppokana 11 I» HI
SPOKANE. Mar 30 A ninth In
nlng rally won the game here >e»-
trrdsy for Psnlel Kdward Dur
dale'a Se»: tie baseball louver*. 6
«-» :
Itert Murphv started the Reds on
r. down grade »h«n he nicked
l.yle Highee for a double at the
I eginnlng of the ninth chpater A
valk to Gardner and a blow by
Carman helped things along and
tefore the Inning wu over Seattle
I.ad nicked thr local* for four til
lies, making five In all The In
t'ians came back In the ninth and
urfded another ni.«rker to the lone
'in« they had before, whlrh wan
far from being the number rerjulr
ed to Itat the game the W
column. The score:
Rpik.n» ah ft it ro a r.
Jukvo. cf I • « I • «
<-..urn. :» .... < * 1 I I «
Zamiorh, lb « * t It • •
M .lnnl* mm ] • • 4 I •
rf « • t : • •
H*i4«lo. c 4 1 1 7 t •
KfTM 3b 4 • I 1 3 •
HlfbWk. p « 1 I • 1 t
Fhopr If 2 t I • • •
Totala ..!» 2 It ?7 13 •
*#artl«> - AH I* If P<» a r.
Ii ;t> .41 : 1 r f
Murphy. Ih I I 2 1 I •
«>ftr4nr. Ilk I I Ml I I
[Carman, if S l i ? • •
OiMl*. rf t i t s • t
| W Cunntnffhtm -f 4 • 1 • •
' Mrtfse M 4 • • 1 S •
T Cunningham. r 4 • 1 4 1 #
Mrind. p... 4 I 3 « I I
Total* 14 $ It 37 II 3
•!•••••• t— 1
10000 9 0 4 4
| T»<»Na** hit* «lar*t-.ar *irand *f'.in
I dr»rff. 7a Murphr «le>M * T>r*«
IM iirlfUio hi I—4l
DmiM« •.''*>• K»rr.«i »%P Kflftl
'to T «*unn|«#ham ♦« Oa*«lr*«r <'«ltrln to
M JlnnU to Aanitoeh. MrOiftnli »*• Z#m
to «iar4nar Pfoien »>••• T
''nnmntham H««»a nn h«! » Off n'c»>*«
I, nff Mtrard Ptruck «»it- I** Bit baa
€, by fftrand 2
Boost for Stamps
Every nickel the government
gets from a baseball stamp act
takes a nickel away from the
v hlte-coat®d gent who tramps on
>our feet trying to sell last month's
1 caputs. Root for the stamps.
He's Always Right
"Any one who says I'm a slacker
i_> a liar," ssys Jess Wlllard. Jess
probably Is safe. It I* likely nobo'!'
\on Id r are to resent the "short
and ugly."
Paid $250 to Sec Go
John McCormack, the singer,
paid IUBO to see the WeUh-KU
liane bout John must have a lot
of useless coin hanging around.
Just an Old Trick
Jess Wlllard used to be a cow
boy. When he offered to enlist It
sounded like one of his cowboy
tricks, throwing the yes, yes, cor
rcct the first time.
Kktllful treatment, conaol«ntloua
care, flm-at finality of material and
palnlea* method*.
Thcio » r * th " prominent fcuturaa
of my hlKhly efficient aervlri' In
addition to theae dl»tln<-t advnntatrea
my prlcea are the loweat In Kcattle,
•Mwaiiii tba < i»»a of work.
I have aueceeafully treated Pyor-!
rb«a iHlkk" Dlaeaae) for many
I will dlHunn«« your oa»o abso
lutely lrn of charge.
Third and l>|ka
Katrani-a IBM Third Aro.
I'hona Mala A7UB.
Not Opto tjuuUay.
Hjr I nlletl I'rwM laisml H If*
NEW YORK, May 30.—Harry
Pollok still thinks Freddls
Welsh Is the world's light
weight champion. He has
written s long letter setting
forth his clslms to the title for
Freddie, and quoting a section
of ths Marquis of Queensbury
rules providing that a man must
be counted out by the referee
when he Is hsngmg on the
ropes with his "toes off ths
Lively Season Looms
for Queen City Club
Bsfllnnlng with ths open club
run sround Lake Washington
this morning, the Quss/i City
Yacht club's sctlvltlsa for ths
tttr season got under way.
The neat event on the calendar
Is slated for June 2. when the sail
bost race for the Commodore * enp
wilt be bold on the Kkiff l*nlnt
course, with the stsrt at the rhan
nel buoy. On June 17 the club will
set sails tor the rlub run trt West
Passage This will be followed on
June 13 by the [>owrr boat race
around Uluke Island, under th»
•merlcan Power float association s
rules. July 7 will s«-e the second
heat of the sal! bost ra'-e on the
l'nli.4 I'm. Miff CarrMpftlifl^l
NEW YORK, May 30.—"The
funny part of It is I don't f.el
Ilk. a champion. I f..l jutt
• x.ctly Ilk. Benny Leonard,
who was begging for a chance
to knock Freddie Walsh out
and bring the world's light
weight championship back to
That's how Hpnny t/>onard pi
!irp*sn<l hlnisflf today as !u< d<v
his after hn liad
Minrxed the tHlr.
"I w#>nt hom«> fppllnf Klnda fun
ny and happy and wh.n I awaken
ed yenterday mornltiK I yelled to
mamma to fclvc rne some dope or
J nomethltiK because I didn't feel
different. You know when a fel
low's after nomethlnu rlghf haid
; nd won't re«t tinttl lie get* It. lie
mrta feels lie should feel like a
Ir'lfferent man when he finally
l.'nd* It Hut. It la not that way
|m all. I'm Just plain Tlenny Leon
, hrd and Klad of It.
"When 1 irot home from the
fight there were hundred* of peo-
Ile In front of the house. They
yelled and yelled until I stuck my
I ead out of the window. They
wonted me to make n speech, but
I couldn't any anything. 1 Just held
tip my hand* :uid yelled: 'I love
yet all' and ran back."
Leonard waa asked what he
tl Ink* of Johnny Kllbane, the mnr.
who started Welsh down the de
t'lnc by whipping hlra soundly
Just before Leonard won tho
world's title.
"He's a grand little fellow,"
Leonard replied, "but I feel sure
I will stop him when we meet I
don't care If It's sli rounds or 20,
I Just have the feeling that I can
do It."
At Philadelphia 4-4, Now York
At Washington 1-0, Iloston 2-9.
At Cleveland 1, I>etro!t 0.
At Chicago 4, St. I»nl» 2.
At Cincinnati 4, St. Ixmilh 7.
No othora.
She Should Worry
War ran't have many terrors for
the woman whose husband plays
i dlf. During the season sh« never
nces him anyway.
Wagner Is Missed
The blrtls who ate trying to fill
Ilontm Wagner's shoes are having
altout as much success as a tub
marine Id L*k« WMblDfton.
Pollok being the only one who
still thinks Freddie Is chsm
plon, It Is not expected his
thoughts will Interfere with
Benny Leonsrd's cashing In as
a result of Mcnday night's vic
Welsh himself says he thlnlis
he should have been given the
benefit of s count, but docs not
Intend to ssk for a return
mstch, and may not appear In
ths ring again.
Skiff Point course, followed by a
power boat race on July 21.
One of the big rvents of the sea
son will be pulled off on Saturday.
August 4. when the vacation cruise
will be Uiad«> to Orcas Island, and
big doing* held at Fast Sound
The club run to Kingston on
August 19 follows this, with the
threeday cruise to Olympla neit In
order on September 1. The fare
well cluh run. under sealed orders,
will be put on September 1* Sun
day. December J 1 '. Is the dste for
the annual mid-winter cruise on
The club recently celebrated its
birthday. It was one year old
May S.
Complete Report
ol Market Today
♦ - «
| I*rU«a I'ii4 W hnlfMl* liwlffi I
and I rull
♦ 4 :
Tfr dot. 1 M
rag u» r#f Ji. 10® \. '•%
llr.m* i.raan. Kam»>ara 2Lt
llfmrMl "r»a «"» 1
I ihhaip Wir nlr k*im4 ...... . . OS
iHrt) Y\ »rida i'*r *rato iiO
< «rn llotkt iir lb •••••••••••••. .11^4
1 gr<i m hf»—
No. I ' 1 00# 1 ?l
! No 1 if
Kftpltol ri«rlda. por lb. ... 2ft
t.arlk r«i ti» v p»r lb ..... .lft#l2Vfc
llxrwrudlih -l«ocal. p«r Ik •••••.... 1#
, lj*t lur* Par «rato—
!/><•! hothouM «... tot
1 Cal IT!
Okr* - r*r vox .
AuftrilU 63
OrMn. par d«a SI
. iva* 221
ctl . u*r doa bunchaa II
Prat lixpraag ••HO 01
I I'eppoea P»f lb —•
| Florida
I llrr.n, 1». 40
l*n|M nm Nf ' Mki, ptf lb fill} 07'*
j lUdi»lt<*« -Loral .. 20
Khuh«rl> P« r lb ... .02 , J 02
lliitahagN* Yakima 7ft
lamnloM lag I.l*
ri >rldA Ift-bukil crat*> 4.b0
1 Btnlpt
( al , p*r sack 2 2f.
T»ilo« ft ftO
Petatoaa "
Taklma 'iema 90 00
Haad 7ft 60
Locals H 00O«0 09
Ma» man W'.naaap 1 )S#| |»
j LOMI rocking 1 0001 SS
I om» )i-autr l .bO.OI
Tallow N*wl«n» I buf#: q«
' CborrlM KlUck Tartarian —
ir. It» luga ft 00
10-lt bo* 1.6001 7&
Clrnprf rail—
Cal. J JO
N>*. caaa I 000: n
Ftralnad •••• |*
Or«ngw» Small 2.ft9#l.3ft
► Ira*barrle** -
Cal. SO pta oo
Kannawlrk. Clark Faadllnga & R0
Cal. l>ollara ::j,y . 3B
$ ———— • ■■■ i .
| Wrirm I'hlil rrtftttfm foi l-.gga.
( Poultry. Veal and fork
|» roll to I• 17 20
i Dorlu Kit
K||« .|j
Hen* —Under 4 Iba j;
4 and o\er *H
j rigfon* 1 1 ood »l»», dn» j
Turkey* Draaaed 17
\mil- Kinry, ft-'» •'» 125-lb i
Kiwdrra «>ld. Ilva
Pork—Good blork hoga j;
) a* I ling I'rlrfo to tietnllar for j
llullar, l-.fi* and 4 Itaaae
Natlvo Wnahlngton rraarnary. cube. n\
Native Wuahlngton creamery, brick .19
Fr»*li California, ruba Id
Fraah California, brick m
Kaga- Mai act ranch 17
j fiomnallg wh *ol 4S
1 imburgar Ift
Oregon triplet* j j
| trlplete n |
| Wl«conaln twine |jj I
Voutii. Amarloa
Country May and Grain V
(Prlraa paid wholeaaler)
♦ 1
W li'-at 94 00
Alfitlf* No I ||,||
Alfalfa M*al in 00
Alfalfa and Molaaaoa (2 00
Bran 19.00
Barley oo
Core —ft'hola ....«
I Oor»—Cracked a ........ .TO.Oft
A rally In the ninth Inning gave
the Ballard high school u 4-to-2 vic
tory over Broadway yesterday on
Cniverslty field. The game was
for the < hami>lon*hlp of the high
school league, each team having
lost but one game during the regu
lar season and thai to each other.
The loss marks the downfall of
Broadway on th<- ball lot where
the has held rupreme for many
moons. The score:
n«ii»r<i— aii n it ro a e
J.n.xi, 11, « • t I* t :
M'rlsK. » t 1 1 1 1 0
M.trill, r rf « 1 3 I 1 1
«issm c » ft 1 II I t
Mi umt>«r. rf p.. I t 1 1 3 •
V Uuihiln If ... ft 1 1 I 1 o
I Otlt«»nn. .... k 1 1 1 X 0
' Sb ft 0 3 : 0 0
ttbrovf*, cf * • o I • t
Total* «l « il so 13 4
-- aii it if i*'» a r
Daaa If « i i • • s
It }>«k. lb 4 \ I 1 1 2
u im, aa & i o ft 4 2
Ft*!*?, c 4ts«io
ha \o*l ... 1 0 111 0 0
Uunteii. rf 1 0 1 S © 1
i • } r«r. rf 4 o i l o l
iirahtm, 4 0 0 14 1
r 4 • o t ft o
iloo 0 0 0
Tnl«Jl 14 4 >H t M •
| •Ityamia «ot la ltth far int»rf»rr«c«
by * "i' litr
•• r r j >««n in loth.
0 t • 4 0 0 0 1 2 >—4
II ro Id war • 4 1 0 4 1 0 4 0 o—4
Td« Nm hit — P#«n Ilnrn* ran# —
Ht*>y. (<««*« -^iUJo
»in I. Mhf"uf«. Morrtll
and Jonarit, M jn»en 1. I a Frt| an<J ft
ftrr,fi n hit Phrr.«if*
f»J«> Vftrambnr to J rr.n-n Hm* on
»• » <»ff MrrrlH 2. ft hlmrumb+r 1
IMi i;m nrnnuiry r»ff M»rrl!l< 1 hlt«.
4 run® in I InMnr* 1 non« out in nlxthi,
off M» umb»r. 1 hli " tuna In ft Inning*
QtrnM nin* »r»1 1. Urfi»4v4x S
hir-ufb otjf fly Merrill 7. by ll«rumb«r 4,
Conner ft Po4M4d hall—Wlffl n.
htaJay If tt by pltehar—Merrill by On
o*r. t'mpira*—Armatronv aitd rurm>tha
Snow Halts Baseball
Games in Montana
Shades of an old-fashioned
After disporting Itself in the
finest kind of weather for the
past few weeks, Montana Is
now frolicking In a snow storm.
Thst's the reason the Butte and
Great Falls ball games are not
being played.
Jack Dillon Scores
Victory Over G. Chip
Pillon of Indianapolis shaded
tieorKf" Chip of Newcastle, I'enn.. In
u hard 10-round liout before a bIK
crowd at the local ball park last
night. There weiv no knockdowns,
but Dillon rocked Chip several
times with right-handers to the Jaw.
Portland Lightweight
to Fight in Wallacc
Jnck Allpn, Portland lightweight,
wan In Scut tip yesterday on hi* way
to Wallace. Idaho, where lie ha* a
10-round bout lined up. Allen will
bo handled by Hobby Evans in this
Les Darcy's Body
Coming to Frisco
rangements for receiving the body
of Ijps Darcy. Australian pugilist,
and for services In Darcy's mem
ory, to l>e held Monday afternoon,
are being made hero today by a
committee of sport fans, headed by
John llerget (Young Mitchell).
Tho body Is expected to arrive Sat
urday night.
Think Kid Herman
Got Lucky Contest
Herman won a decision l««t night
over Young Joe dans In the main
bout of the Association club's pro
gram, but today many fight fann
are saying It should have been a
Some Soothing News
Strornh 111(0 a rotil raco
lioiho now. comments an exchange.
Which In probably soothing to tlio
birds who dropped colli on him last
Vilgpt *o\in<l tiny.................. 25.00
Kuaicrti W'iii>]itiigU)n timutliy 34.00
k-m.trmi Wa>hlri|tun doubl* com
(ireiird timothy ...............17.01
Los Ang'eles Athletic
Director Praises S. A. C.
Way of Handling Meet
Veteran Los An gelee Instructor
Chet Mclntyre, boxing In
structor of the S. A. C„ is fast
endearing hlmaelf In the hearts
of the amateur boxers of the
Coast. The Far Western
championships have 'about be
come an annual fixture In this
city. If last year'a tournament
Is any criterion, tonight's af
fair at the Arena will gladden
the old eports' hearts. Chet I*
Is a hustler, and it is safe to
say that this year's tournament
will far outdo that of 1916.
Erom one end of the Coaat to the
other, this tournament Is the big
thing In amateur boxing. To win
a Far Western f haciplonfcblpv
means, virtually, an American
(hamplonshlp. and that la the goal
of all amateurs.
Those who witnessed last year's
tournament, went away crying for
more of such sport, and It Is safe
to say that all will be there again
to see them off again, tonight.
There has been a keen rivalry
among the amateurs of Southern
California to see who would be
< hosen to represent that part of the
state. Charlie Barker, Anthony
Slsto and la* rence Kelly were the
lucky ones chosen.
Treatment Excellent
The excellent treatment, good
management and fair decisions of
the S. A. C. and officials of last
year's tournament, has made this
affair a long looked-for trip for our
Southern boy a.
While the 8 A. C. have loat three
of the national champions It will
not deler In the least from the In
terest and earnestness of the box
ers. and several dark horses may
appear, which often happens In
boxing championships. It Is ru
mored that there are several on
hand, trained to the minute.
The contr.it between Lloyd Mad
den and Charlie Barker In last
year's tournament, will not soon be
forgotten by any who were lucky
enongh to witness it. There have
been few such fast and hard-hitting
contests In amateur meets.
The lightweight class seems to
be the most interesting of the
tournament, as it brings together
Tommy Murphy, of Kansas City,
present title holder, and Barker, of
the Los Angeles A. C., and Sam
Ksktelne, of the Olympic club, of
San Eranclsco, who is said to be
a rough, tough and game boxer.
Some of the new and unknown box
ers of this class may prove a sur
prise to the more seasoned and
more experienced boys. Barker is
well known hero and Murphy has
proven his worth many times. A
two-time winner of (he national
championships must be some baby!
Of the little 108-1 b. boys. Law
rence Kelly, of the L. A. A. C.,j
seems to have a slight advantage,
due to his experience in tourna
ments. wren co won second
prize several years ago In the Pa
cific Coast championships, weigh-j
ing less than 100 pounds. Since
The World's Greatest Highway
Daily June 20th to June 30th
Ask Us About Dates for July, August and
Winnipeg $07.50 St. Ix>uls $ 75.70
St. Paul 117.5(1 Toronto IHKSO
Minneapolis <17.5(1 Montreal 11 .'i.OO
Chleatso NO.OO Hoston
Detroit » fll.OO New York 118.20
Corresponds ply low rntes to otner points. Limit 3 months, but
final limit not to eotceed Oct. 31st. Liberal stopovers.
Boston, May 28-29 Final limit June 26
St. Paul, June 1-2 Final limit June 30
Des Moines, June 7 8 Final limit July 6
Chicago, Juno 12-13 Final limit July 11
For Further Information Apply to
General Agent Passenger Department,
718 Secon d Avenue,
then he has won several bonta and
has developed, both In weight and
hitting powers. He Is about the
busiest little chap ever seen in a
rmg. when In action, and will give
any boy he meet* a merry time to
beat him.
Anthony Slsto In tip here to try
his hands again on that great lit
tle champion. Karl Balrd. Karl took
a decision from him last August in
Han Diego. In the A. A. U. cham
pionships, and Anthony Is confi
dent he can reverse that decision
if he Is lucky enough to work hla
way to the finals, where Earl usual
ly appears. Anthony ha* trained
as he never did before, and la a
fast, clever and hard-hitting boxer,
and will surely make Balrd extent
himself to the limit to win.
Figure* Murphy Winner
Murphy, of the Olympic cltib. It
another champion of the A. A. TJ.
tournament and the boxer who no
i eatly trimmed Archie Wyard,
from whom he won hla title. Mur
phy figures to win thla class, un
less one of those dark homes ap
pear, and we will have to keep our
eyes on Chet Mclntyre to pull
those fellows out of the woods.
Both the middleweight and 116-
pound classes are well represent*
rd and should give ua some Inter
esting bouts.
There is a decided difference be
tween the pure amateur and the
semi-professional. The amateur
boxes purely for the glory and
prize he wins, while the semi-pro
is too often satisfied with his end
of the purse without extending
No draws with the ama
teurs—it is win or lose, with plenty
of action from start to finish.
While on the Job. I wish to con
tiadict the rumor, that I have been
objecting to Mr. Charles Hulen
and Jimmy Carroll as judge* of
this tournament. It was my one
wish before leaving Los Angelea
that the S. A. C. would be lucky
enough to secure the services of
these gentlemen. But have learned
since that Mr. Hulen has refused
to act and that Mr. Carroll is un
i hie to officiate. We are all mora
than satisfied to leave those mat
ters entirely In the hands of Chet
Mclntyre and the S. A. C. and
sblde strictly to their rullngg and
whoever they have choscn are good
erongh for us. 1 am too familiar
with the judgment and good sports
manship of the S. A. C. sportsmen
to ever allow such a thought to
enter my hesd.
It Is untrue.
Hvergreen Athletic
Club Wins Ball Mix
The Evergreen Athletic club
cleaned up the Denny Way Jra., 15
to f>, Sunday. The heavy hitting
and tight pitching of Roberts fea
tured the game. The Evergreen
squad gave the winning pitcher
good support.

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