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Outbursts of Fverett True.
Supposing some promoter
was to stage a bout between
Jack Johnaon and Fred Fulton. In
Tlajuana. Mexico, would you think
It worth your time to take It In?
That la the kind of talk that la
making the rounds In Francis
co's pugilistic circles The chanres
are that the fight will never take
place, but. Just the name, th* Han
TVmncisfo lads can't be denied their
gossip about such a thing.
Dick Klegin. who is a preeent In
San Francisco. making trrange-
Bents to bring George* Carpentier
to the Coast, to appear tn several
bouts for the Red Cross, saw the
l»ilt negro in Spain and talked over
»nch a bout with Johnson The col
ore! heavyweight was willing to,
take on Pulton.
• • •
EDDIE CAMP! did not hot for
the newsboys In San Pranclaco. aft
er all. according to later reports
It seems that all was In readiness
for Eddie to hop off the boat from
Seattle, hop into an auto that con
*eyed him to the scene of the news ]
boys' picnic, and there appear In a'
foar-round exhibition match with
Frankle Tucker for the edification
•f the newsboys.
Eddie went thru with hi* part of
, ft. as did every one el*e but the po
lice. who refuse! to allow Kddle
t« participate In the melee with
Tnck. newsboys' picnte C r no news-1
boys' picnic. The officials of the
and order department In Frisco
ara set against letting boys of well
knovn ability sling the padded mitt
In Say City rings, but it seems
they were cutting things a little too
fine under the circumstances that.
surr«»nnded the Campl-Tncker bout
• Eddie expect* to remain In the
South a month or to, and then re
turn to Seattle.
• • •
WOWDBR WHAT the staid Phil
adelphia police think now of the
fracas "■
It wfli be remembered that both
Kllban* and Leonard had to give
the pnftlce their word that every
thing Connected with the flftlu v,a«
on the level and above board.
Eacb fighter told the officials
that he wa* going to try for a k. o ,
but I.eotiard was the only one that
lttade good There I* no danger of
the police picking up Kllbane on a
charge of stalling, however.
• • •
FRANK PICATO, the California
middleweight. Is back In this coun
try. after having spent several
yearn In Australia. He brings word
that Jimmy Clabby has taken a new
lease on life In the kangaroo land,
ani has changed his mind about
Fa*t from Colmnri I)ork
Boat* )«•>« • vary two hour* »ft#r
7m on th» odd hour,
In* with Kl#' •r i <m r in '( h- <>m •
Hound Trip Dlraet to Ariny Post,
•0 c«nt»
F»y»t Sotmd Validation Co.
Your Sunday Outing
Spend tomorrow on the sparkllnx waters of the Round and
at the most convenient picnicking and bathing re*ort near
leaves Coltnan I»ock j/' 9:00 a. m for KINGSTON, arriving
there at. 10:15 a. m. Leaving at 4:45 p. rn. and arriving In
Seattle at 6:00 p. m.
Where there Is a fine dancing pavilion a good bathing beach
and for private picnic parties I* unsurpassed.
Children, 5 to 12 Yeart, Half Fare.
By Condo
C hct's an Actor Now
I i Sec His ( anc "Local
; Boxer I .iked in South
' ~"A
Chct Mclntye
Well, well, pipe Cher Mclntyre
carrying a stick. Hut It's all right
(or Chet Is an actor now. He re
cently appeared before the movie
In Han Francisco and po*e«l for a
number of athletic stunts.
Picture* of Chet In bla ring to**
show him to he in pretty good
shape II" I* giving Prlsco heavy
weights boxing lessons no»ada>*
coming ha"-k to the I'nlted States,
right away, at any rate
Wilhoit Going to
New York (iiants
Iff I nltffl f'rrw* I *««*<! Wir»
CHICAGO. July 2» Pltrher
Mtddleton of the Oiants ha* lieen
shifted to Ijoulhvlllc in exilian**
for Outfielder Wilhoit, on whom
waivers had been asked !>: the
Colonels, according to the an
nouncement of McGraw today.
Ken Williams Wins
With I lome Run Swat
flf I pllrd I•*»••• V* Ir*
homer by Keri Williams, former
Spokano slugger, (rave Portland u
Victory over I/O* Angeles here ven
terday. Ken'* »»at cam" In the
seventh, with two on ahead of him.
Pat O'Connor md M liavld. ar
rested In connection with the
street car riot Saturday, weie con
| vlcted In Judge Gordon's court. Fri
day, and sentenced to 30 day* In
j jail and a $100 fine.
1111: l)()l\( ;s OF I IIF I>l IIS l orn Felt a I ittle Put Out After the Meeting.
SOI IKK! I. FOOD Startling News on the Mystery.
A Rare Advertising Opportunity
Is Being Cost by Seattle, Is Claim
Sporting Editor: Inasmuch
as a great deal I* being said and
written tnese days in baseball
circles about the Seattle base
ball club being placed in the Pa
clftc Coast league, and as Presi
dent Digitals hks been quoted
In the past as laying. "I am at
the mercy of the fans" In con
nect on there* th. permit m» to
voice my opinion In the mat
I submit my observations on
the subject as a fan who haa
watched Seattle baseball clubs
play for the last 20 years. as one
who has seen and followed bast
ball in the major and minor
leagues. and as one who hae
been connected with semi pro
fessional baseball In a mini
gerlal capacity for a number of
years, hence I may be quali
I do not with to be under-
stood »t critlcltig Mr. Dug
date, who It » personal friend
of mmy years' Handing, or of
be>ng a Coatt league partltan,
for I am not one of thpte who
accuse Dugdale of being cheap,
nor do I believe there la tuch a
marked difference In the brand
of bateb.ill put up by the Coatt
and Northwestern leagues.
I do flrm'y believe, however,
that Seattle should be In ths
Coast league, and that Dugdale
is making the mistake of his
life if he does not bring about
such a result before nest sea
son, and from my observation
the general run of fans of the
city are of the ««me opinion.
While the quality of baseball
played In the Coast league is
little. If any, tetter than that
played m the Northwestern
league, the fact remains that
players In that league in the
main are seasoned players,
whote names are familiar In
baseball circles, and this Is
more satisfying to the average
fan than a collection of promis
ing young prospects such as
predominate on the Northwest
ern league clubs.
AS Palzer,
Boxer, Shot
by Father
lly I rltr«l rr**« I Wlr#
PERHAM. Minn., July 28.—
Al Palier, heavyweight boser.
who was shot by hit father
early Friday, when he was try-
Irg to protect his mother, died
at the local hospital early to
PERHAM, Minn., July 28.—
Al Palzer, heavyweiQht boxer
and one time contender for the
championihlp. w»« dangeroualy
wounded, following a quarrel
with hit father at their home
here lait night
I'alzer wai shot when he fit
tempted to protect hip mother, who
um nh'<t In both urm* when her
husband returned homo last night
and quarreled.
Palzer lost hi* blgp:c:<t bout, with
Luther McCarthy —when they
fought for the white heavyweight
championship 111 California, lie
achieved world fame when he
knocked out Bombardier \V"II* of
Kngland In New York. Palzer'a
last big flcht was with Fred Fill
ton at Hudson, Wis Palzer scored
a knocki 'it.
liddie Cicotte Is
Thorn to Red Sox
liy I nllrii I'rfni VVlr*
MOW YORK. July 2R Kddle
Clcotte, once dropped from Hoston
to Chicago by the waiver route, I*
the chief tjjorn In the pennant am
bit tons of tho Hed Ho*, average*
published today show.
Clcotte has won 17 games and
lost 7.
I know that a club of thi*
kind often put* up better baat
ball than a club of veterani.
but the fan« wilt condone a
poor gama or game* by the vet
erana, but will Invariably con
demn the management aa ch#ap
when th* youngster® fall down
If there are many on the club
Mora Important, however,
fan the matter of player* <a
the fact that Seattle la juMly
entitle? to be in a circuit of the
proportion* of the Coaat league,
where the competition will be
with cluba from Jan Francisco.
Oakland. Loo Angelea, etc,
which are now and will con.
tmue to be con-martial rival*
of Seattle, and aporta between
club* from thaae citlaa will nat
urally be more attractive than
from near by, amaller cities
For aeveral year* the fane of
thia city have been led to be
lleve that thi* city would be
represented In the Coaet league,
and I believe the failure to
bring thla about waa one of the
moat Important reaaon* why
Intereat In baeeball waa ao tack.
Ing during the paat aeaaona.
It wat a great disappointment
to thr fans of thi* city who via
Ited California In 191S to not be
able to see our club play In
San Franci*co. wher* million*
of people were vi*itlng A rare
advertlalrg opportunity waa
lo*t. and will continue ao un
til Seattle takea ita place on
the Pacific Coaat league baae
ball map.
Seattle fane are getting tired
of the annual winter confer
encea and campaigns to deter
mine whether Everett. Belling
ham, GalUrd. No'th Yakima,
Walla Walla, etc., *h»ll be tax
en Into the N«rthwe*tern
league, or whether Tacoma, Vic
toria or Aberdeen can be
financed. We have had thi*
line of talk to read for aeveral
winter*, varied now and then
by a tuggeatlon that Butte. Mel
ena, Miasoula or Great Fall*
were trying to get In
Seattle ha* a right to be In a
big-city league, and baseball In
Benny Leonard Made
Offer to Meet White
fir ' H»*«| !*•••• f #n»»'' M '»•
NEW YORK. July I* !<»nny
I/ronird ha« horn offored JJO.OOO
to meet Charlie White In a twiut
to a decision Jsclt Curley made
the offer IMck t'urloy. who staged
th" recent hout between
and Kllbarte, If ready to make an
offer for the liout
I ,en Rowlands I ,oscr
in Hour to Barrieau
\\f ( n»lr«l l'rf«n (H lrf
Rowlands of Milwaukee mnv have
n punch. but he did not (fit n
chance to u»e it in hlit four-round
bout with Frank Harrleau last
nltdit. Frank (jot the decision, hit
ting tJin Mltwaukcean at will.
Former N.W. Leaguers
Join Army in South
tl * • 'ft' W're
Four Oakland i»nd San Francisco
Coast league play em today enlisted
In the new regiment of California
field artlllen They air Hod Mur
ph.v, Ilan Murray and Tom Kltz
iliiHTiona of Oakland and IM linker
of Han Francisco.
i Icrb I Iwnter Signed
I p by Portland Club
lit I Pre** I rnswl Wlr#
If)K ANOKI.KB. .July 28. Herb
Hunter. former Ism AnseleH In
fielder, ha* been signed to pant Ime
In the Portland Inner breaxtworkK
until l'inelll or Horton «et in
bhape to play.
I larry ( heek to Work
for Allies Hall Outfit
Harry Cheek, former flreat Falls
and Vancouver catcher, will be li«- (
thi* city will not be on a proper
footing, financially or oth*r
wite, until that ia accomplish
ed Any one who travel* or
who follow* baaeball know*
that there i* not anothrrclty In
thi* country th* *lte of Seattle
that ha* it* prof**slonal baae
ball club in a circuit compoaed
of rltie* of from one half to one
fifteenth it* population
If f'attle owea allegiance un
d*r basrball law to the North
weatr'n leagu*. let them have a
club h*re. but In any event let
Seattle have a club In the Pa
clflc Coaet league If there I*
not room for two club*, let It b«
a *urvlval of the fitter, and the
fan* will decide the matter In
a moil effective way. Ina*much
a* they are. after all, the one*
who pay the bill* and fmanc*
the game.
We are told that baseball law
will not permit of Seattle being
withdrawn without the conaent
of the other clube. but I am one
who doe* not take much itock
In thi* defenae. and I am not
gue»*ing. either.
We all know that when thing**
don't break Just right for Dug
dale he whip* the other* Into
line by Coa*t league talk.
We know that Dupdale had no
troub'e. In 1907, n t'ansferrlng
Seattle frtm the Coatt league
to the Northwrttern, and I
could cite numeroui inatanee*
whrre cities we'* transferred
fro?n one league to another
when enpedtent. and without
any fu** or trouble.
I am absolutely aatlified, and
I believe the n-ajorlty of the Se
attle baaeball fana feel the
lame wav. that Dugdale can put
th* Seattle club In the Paelflc
coaat league within a reaion
able length of time, whenever
he really wanta to. Until he
doe* that very thing, baeeball
In Seattle will not be the finan.
clal success It might be. and the
•upporter* 0 f the game in thi*
city are not being given the
aervlce they are entitled to.
Secretary Park Boa-tJ.
hind for Walter Malls todnv when
th«' Ames rrew taken on tit. Ifjth!«■
outfit In the firat melee of the
Shipbuilders' lenruc double bill
S < A- l> D and Skinner K Kdd>
»>oth with a lot of former \ \v
lonKuera In the lineup*, meet In
the second came.
Jack Harry Laughs
at "Meaner" Claims
Ma mi (tor Jack Hnrry of the Red
Sox laughn at those who claim his
pitchers have lined the bean ball
"I don't believe there Is a pitch
er In the league Irvine to hit n bat
tor." Jack declares. "I wan hit 23
tlmea laxt year, but 1 don't believe
1 was ever lilt intentionally."
Good proof whether it's well to have a
growing balance—just ask any depositor.
Then inquire of the spendthrift if he would
not rather have a bank balance in preference
to what he's wasted. There's your answer.
Dexter Norton Trust
Swings Bank
Combined Resources of the Dexter Horton National Bank
and Dexter Horton Trust and S.ivings Bank, $21,263,222.70
"Rube" Is Drafted;
I Ic'll I oss ( Curves
at Kaiser's Bean
"Rube" Evana, the former Spo
t.ine aouthpaw pitcher now with
Salt Lake In the I'aolflc •'<>«#!
I< ague, wan among (hoe* chosen
for army service in the went
Tener With
San J olhnson
Ily 1 nilr<l I r*»«l Wlr»
Washington. Juir 21—Preti
dent Jabn K Toner, of the Nation
al league, today added his promise
to that of Hun Johnson that the
hi* leap-ies would nhorten their
season. or "do anything else the
president wishes."
"To dßte. the prealdent has en
cnuragod the continuation of all
aporta, and we have no reason to
belieie he will recommend atop
ping the Ram oh now." Tener said
"f.hotlld he wish the game« atopped
however. he will find u« ready and
willing to respond to any aervice in
which ho believes our men ran hot
ter nerve the country's intereat."
I fere's Busher I ike
Ruthless Zimmerman
We've heard of huah lencuera
who were to he Ty Cobbs, Mnthew
h. tih ud Ijojolet-, hut for the first
tlmo «r bare hoard of nlfather
llelno Zimmerman.
The youth who la supposed to
have the latent possibilities of the
crent ltronxlte Is Ralph Miller of
Waterloo, la. who ia said to have
everything 7.1 m has except the
The sand aharku, summer
edition of the lounge lirard,
are working pvertime at Alki
theae br ght summer alter.
nooni, says Ray Richard*, the
gymnai 'jri pugilist.
They arc >*; In# up a* much lime
with iha' Mriiraw caf a* a con-
Kri»»*lonal ln*ei;!U*tlng commlt
Having loat to Joe Welling,
Johnny Dundee might a* well
announce hi* retirement
A r. to 1 shot loi>t at Kmplrc Cttr
recently. Hard lor the book
From the w.iy the lighters
art rushing to the colors, we
suggest that "Slacker" and
"Yellow" be substituted for
"Battling" and "Cyclone" ar.d
rrrf"« nt priri» of b«»*f co?}«idrrcd.
(ho cow that Jumped over the moon
N ATli»> M I r \«.t »
Won. r t
Nrv 1 ork . •« - •
at ix>ui» w .4«i
• ••> 4i 3 ® - ll *
rhi.ua* «* *' 4t »
Brooklyn .400
Hon on It
I»Mt*»»urg SO -J«0
At i"lnrlnnntl 0. I'' 4.
At Ht. I/iuta 0, Ro»ton 2
At ctilmf* 1. Kt» York 1
At PttW'UTf Hrtw>kl>-n 1
AMI.UK \N 1 » M.t I
Won. P<-t
Ollc.*© ... •« 8> «*•
limit ntt
i "Irv fland tO 4 . - J •
4i OS -**•
N»* 4J -too
WMihlnirtrin .IT
Vhllndrlpht* **
at Uti« 5t
At Wnphlnirton 2- 2>. f*l»v#»land S T.
At N>* York i. t"hir#a« '■
At DMUrtpfphln J. I»*trott I.
No other pli>»d
Won Is>wt. ¥*•*
Hun FruiMdn «? 4*
I /)«
Halt T*k» ...... 0? M .010
!•<•■ (taiMl ■ • M «»°
o*k and « «««
Vfrtinn «« «*
At Jx»« AngrHr* 4. Portland 7
At Hall t*k»* 1. Vorm»n S
At Hun Krat >»<•<» 0. Oakland
aiurni ii.ni.Ka i.eai.i »:
Won. I«oat. lVt
Puthl* *
-Winner .v Kddy * 3
Pry Pock .. * 4 4
ADIM ... J * , '' o
Joe Rivers Signs to
Take on Willie 1 loppe
OAKLAND. July IR Jo«< Klvors
todm !-lcni (I to morl WIIHe Hoppo
lu re on tho nlKht of August S in n
tour-round bout.
Hi The Six Harvards
.t m IIIk >cw 11 • MHMt rn i» \\
Chas. Rogers & Co.
Lrrfßrnti n N«nrl Trinmi) on Mo>Uik l'lcturf»
[; "The Movie Man"
Louis London s-ssr
In '•< liarnt irr Sonic 9|iiillri H
| Chuck Haas Faber & Taylor "ZA
< 'nllfornln'fi 4'ow-! i -TIL LiVA
I V.. >( '•••» (omrdtan "Ciolng North" | M—lf I Q4dM
WHIBP Eight Black Dots
NV.iji I I "Olfkmlnn liny In Trnnrurf"
PHOTOPLAY. I'Hlurlnc M01.1.Y
I'rrr lll|> llulloama for I lilldrrn Wrd. A *»t. Main.
til'W'jj'/'lfil T
I oiUlnufim Tomorrow I to It.
■mttmmi Mrfk,, " , in p i una ic r
*. k ,' Afternoon* IvC I Snn«ln>« luW
look* like any oth«»r lightweight
alongside of Benny Leonard.
Charley Manning
from Everett last weak
and didn't talk fight all the
time he was in town.
Jack Hury should sr»t a few iron
ennK"* to reward bla pitcher* with"
when they laud the "bean" ball.
An old soldiers' home In
Ohio has a ball team. Wonder
If any of the players have been (
given a chance with Brooklyn ,
< on!»lderin* the number of
can,'** l her lo*e each *eaaon, • lot
of college* won't nu«s football
at all.
Jack Barry saya he waa tilt ,j
23 times by pitched balls laat j
season, and still doesn't believo |
in the "bean" ball. Jack's op- J
timisnt is admirable, at any f
Series of Star Net
Matches Are Planned
fj» I flin \Mff
SWTI 'UK. \ >»tim
of tenuis matcheii to be pli>ed It
•!ar> K lirowne . lid Molla HJtr
• ( dt are being plumed A «p«cfel
trophy will be awarded the win
Robert Hesketh WAS*
Over Japanese ( racl
Robert llesketh took the mea
sure of Kurata, the Japanese n*
star, in yesterday's Plarfield toui
r\f\ c).t<h. The Kame van ver
«2re*Mv«\ Hesketh winning, 7-J
4 6. 6-1, 6-3.
f* Iks* Ball Team to
I angle With Olvmpia
The Elks' baseball team wfl
Journey to Olympia Sunday an<
tancle with one of the f,»*t semi
pro aggregations of the capital
Hands will be on the Job. A largi
crowd is to make the trip with th<
That Seattle has the fin
est billiard parlor in the
world? Come in and see
Second and Spring
Third Floor

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