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The Bush & Lane
The Player Piano That Gives You the
Power of a Master Musician
i r v
The active aid of every loyal son
and daughter of Uncle Sam is
needed for victory.
If you can't fight, buy bonds.
Every bond is a bomb against
Help blast a way to Berlin by
lending your dollars to Uncle
Get into the fight with all your
Buy Liberty Bonds today.
Any bank will help you.
3feh&ltnte.|>hmß (fit
Modern Painless Dentistry
As the Highest Perfected Specialty
of All Science
It fe» quit* true that the publlr li impn«e«l npn*i hy
m»ny who pnrtirr the prof«*"<ton who ha*e inferior
airilit r. unskilled and rarelew., rarlne little for the
health or rumtnrt of their patient.
Denliitry t* an e*artlng *pe»lalty, bWnt of the
mo»t (telltale nature, the work N almoat entirely upon
l*e Umw, trenllne dl*eaiw«, rorrertlnr deformities and
reprodni inc nature. To do till* .urre«i«filllj, we moat
have a rwniplflr umlrr-Hf a ruling of • bony Mnirtur* of
the hunt ami fac#\ am caih ranal, iimfnlnenc* ami open
inc hi* a R peri fir importance ami carHra or proUfU
•ocnf vital organ.
Wf must be familiar with ail the Important mw-
H#*, their location. itUHimffitu and office*, for InUr
taring with the frw use of » mu*rli» Impair* the power
of ami probably rhinfwi the entire exprea
We must know the exact location of arterle*, velna
or the pirtn *.upplied by thern, we having probably
nwre to do with the nerve* than any other ttaau* of the
body, for through a thorough knotilndfrt of thr- nerv ou*
•ystem, thfir exact location and the pari* that they
supply we are able to desensitise at any point, enabling
11% to extract teeth, remove nerve* or perform any of
the operation* pertaining to dentlatry absolutely with
wit pain or discomfort to the patient. To do aJI of thla
we have aceompli*lied only a small part of our "♦'liKar
DIAGNOSIS I* probably the moat perplexing ami
diffleiilt problem of any profession, ami any degree of
arcuney i* only a<<iuire«l by a thorough knowledge of
hi* Profession and < l«me observation of causea and re
suits, long experience, honesty, and good, ami ml jodg
"tent. Without any one of thc*e quail flcatlona, diaaa
ter and failure will result.
PYOKIUIOKA Is one of the mo*t common, dreaded
*nd umleanly disease* with which the l>entaJ I'rofm
*kin has to contend, and if not treated soon reache* a
chronic stage, giving <A\ a constant flow of ptw, which
Electro Painless Dentists
tor yram at 8. E. C orner Klrnl and I'lUr I'lione Main 2j55.
If you vmlu* your watrh. tot
lUrm ret«Jr It Nul LJtwrty
theatre —Advertisement.
2aA v ji:«ki rn a ■
1 WATVMJU /2r>\ 8
IffTO! niA«o«ro V&J/B
uW.U> «"<;« f»n m
B v"v w*Tt lira T ■
l_3i Ar*. 5
The charm of a pleasant smile may he
killed by an ill-kept set of teeth. Clean,
sound teeth indicate a large measure of
la taken Into the *>stem. This disease alio cause* the
looM*ning and final loss of the tocth, a grnrfHl debilit>
from toxic Infection, remitting In many aystemlc di*
order* and often complete disability Pyorrhoea in It*
early stage* I* aucceaaftilly treated, and If the patient I*
properly Inatructed a* to the care of the teeth there
after, permanent relief or core may re*ult.
KKPKODI TTION of nature to the extent of doing
nature'* work, together with the blending of the fu
tures that the work cannot be detected from nature'*
own. In *uch a manner that It I* clean and <ongenlal to
the tissue*, at the aame time (perfectly comfortable to
the individual, I* a *cleuce not Mirpa**e<l by the great
e*t artl*t or the most skilled Swiss mechanic. J hi*
work I* being done without pain by our modern den
ti*t* of today. 11l fitting dental work Im md only tin
Mightly but I* unclean, giving cause to unhealthy con
dltions and diaeaae, a loaa of vitality and efficiency.
The reproduction by the ordinary
Player-l'iano is more or less me
chanical; and how can it be other
wise when the untrained musician
atte* "Ms to interpret the composi
tion of such masters as I.iszt,
rjn ; n, Beethoven, etc.? And
even the popular music and old
time melodies are not brought out
With the
Bush & Lane
you marvel at the absence of any
mechanical effects, you seem to
have the power of the Circat
Masters without an effort, with
out the slightest musical training.
It is as though the (ireat Com
posers were by your side playing.
And that is how the Bush & l ane
Cecilian actually impresses the
listener as well as the performer.
These famous instruments are
made in our own factory and sold
through our factory stores, thereby
saving you considerable.
The Cecilian is only to be found
in pianos of our own make.
$575 up to $2,000
Oil «f lli« klfh rvnl IMHH, pm»
■ ■■■* MMI MM»I»4mIU
>•« •••«• »• (• mak* yaa tM«
m4t*9 i— «• Mf ami g*t l.u
prw«i, IbM f*M l« RM> «a 4 ftl ?•
p*r ftl fr«a bla «lih
palnlMs m#tfe*4U M 4 p*t.
New Office
onriiri m m unixo
ThtH mtut Hmdlmmm
- fdlfefrfofrW^dom
Th« T'ltKr.i sintn war datmrtimnt r#portM 471 ca*u*ltlaa Thur*day
nlffht and 4M I n>lnt morning
Thur*da> niitht • lint I" divided n» follow*: Kill** l ' In artlon, "•»: ml""
inu In urtion, **. \v«<iiii<l< <1 nrvrrcly, B*7; died from wound*. II: died from
«ei«• i>l<• 11 •- n< •t<l • nt. I «11 «• «l from n • td<*nt and othir muni, 3; died of dl*-
«aae. 14. vs<»uu<l< <l. itfiprfl'- undetermined «
Pildav morning « hut i» «llvi«1 <«I »»*< follow*: Kll :*d in nation, 47, ml***
in* In a< llon, *♦». Hounded *< ver« >v. S*7 ; died of dl*ri»«e, I". tiled of #•< **!•
dent mot other « au*en, 3. dt<d of wtiunil*. \f>; wounded ulliihtly, 2; gtrla*
oner. I. wounded in a< lion, degree undetermined, U.
Ninlliwtti nn<l I'n. • fi< atat< < aftunltle*, io< ludlntf nine Washington
men (none from .Seattle), are n» follows
N'am»—• Addre*» Nt«t of Kin.
Ilerft John ft Bird Vntnim, «'nl ......Mr* lona I. Bird
Ser»ft Leon I* Johnson Mont..«••..Venre Johnson
Private Alvert S Erkson J-m Pi aneluro .... Mr« Mae Hern
Private William C. McConnell « 'oldo h|» if*. Pol. Mri, N\VM< McConnell
Ser«t Jack K Graham ............. KlorlHt<»n. ♦'*! Matt Barte
I'r I % nte Paul *. Enochs Puyallup, Waah... fohn A. Enochs
|*rlvalf f.r«. A. Benton h|»okwne. Waah Mm Marlon Benton
I'ruatr Car! II Lotz .. Dr«n<l »< t . Polo Mrs. There** Lotz
Private Nicholas Athanasopolius San I'»anrl*eo Mh» Venta Develkos
Private Julian Gaupin Sun Pram l*ro tleorire Gaupin
l*rt% ate Wyatt It Moorehead llmif.r! \V n Mri. I'lor Moorehead
I'rivtitr Nolan J Rose luxonville. Or.. ... Wm. 11. Rose
Private Michel Busich Oakland. Cal. Louie Busich h
Private Charles M Culberton Klik, Colo . . .T II Culberton
Private Harry T. Ficklin I »ii in <»nl, W *«h I <.»•«• |< |» Ficklin
Private Josep D. Jaram 1110 !>e I Norte. Colo.. .Mr* Abelina J. 1110
Varna— Address Next of Kin
Private Fred L. Byxbe t«emo«»re, Pal ... Harvey I. Byxbe
Private John Gazanego Oakland. Pal Ml«* AP>ina Gazenago
Private John W Roberts Wellington. I'tah James roberts
Private Herbert K Fowers 11«• i r, I'tah Joseph Fowers
llir.ll 1 liOM Al«lf»isr l>ll OTIIMt I'AI
Peltate Homer French C'olfaa. \V <*»!» Mr* Anna It Porter
Corp Robert A. Walste Portland. Or Mra. Don Ellen Walino
f*orp Peter Kagan Plalnfleld. Polo . Mr* Anna Kagan
Private Carlos < Gallardo Mnnnana. «*<<lo Tiofolo Gallardo
Private Jack Hoffman -J <*n< . \S nal William Hoffman
Private Jrm. J. Jessen i;u-<r f# -.n Edgar Jessen
Private Alesandro Boero San b'rmnctmcu Ulo Perour
Private Ruel P Churchill Portland, or Mra. l.inda Churchill
Private Archie II Craig ......... Sprinirfleld. Polo O K Craig
Private Nazzareno I Lanciotti <*r<«kett, <"al Itud<»lph Tettni
Private Hugh II McCrery ... P<i«t»|o, «*ol<» Mia* \nna V McCrery
Private ( anirrua It. MacPherson l"«.-*lim<-r. \N ..«!» P.wan Ma< MacPherson
Private Everett M Gullett ......... Imperial, <'al Jerry M Gullet
Private Donald Masters Pueblo. Polo Mr*. Ilelle A Masters
Private Harold V. U. Lien Kl Centro, «*al Purr* S Lien
Nummary of raaunltlea to data
«»mt r;na
Heath* 41
Wounded C 7
Missing I
rNi.irrrn m»:^i
peath* 1,041
Wounded 2.011
In hand* of enemy m
MUuriOtf U3
— 3 ?57
Grand total 3.3 Ci
wot niii ii np\i:itp.i.r
Name Addrma N'ett of Km.
Private David Peabody Corn Outl<« Wanh ..Anna !» • < rn
This Is a Glad Story
for Seattle Kiddies
One# upon a tim* there wan a fJood
Ktiry and nin« fairy mAltknt Th«>
< »ood Fairy ww r%j|«nl Public Übrary
and th* nine fairy maldrna library
Public IJbrnry waa In Seattle. In
the heart of the city, while the
branrhe« warn In the different city
dlatrtcta. Mrh brarx-h umnl aftrr ita
awn dlatrlct. There wna a t.'nlvar
•Ity branch, a Ye«ler Way bnmrh. ft
Queen Ann* branch, a tireen tjake
bnuirh. a FYtmont branch, a Oeor*e
town branch, a Went Seattle branch,
a Itailaril branch and a Columbia
In aurmner the children ne*le«-ted
the public library and the nine
T % 111111. « %T 4 111111 % I 111 a*.
M>«» AMI 111.11 l KOIIM
If you Vn»«r of a«>m# one who In
troubled with Catarrhal I»eafnr**
head n' liM «»r ordinary catarrh, rut
•if tills (• rmuta lid hand It I"
them and you m»y have b##n th«*
means of saving s'»me Boor aufferer
r»-rh ips from t *»tal aeafneaa In
'.nulsnd scientists for a !->ng tiro*
past hav« fftcoirnlied that catarrh »•
a constitutional disease and warily ■
■arily r*4»• *r«-» constitutional treat
Hrravs. Inhalers and nnw douche*
rr' l Habl«* to irritate th# «!•*! 1 • ate air
passage* and fore# ihe dlseiiae into
th# middle fur which frequently
mr-»nii total deafneas. or else th**
di*tn*r may b# driven down the air
passage* towards the tun*.'*- whlrh
ta equally aa danirfoui The fol
lowing formula which la used ex -
tenw-vely in the damp Knglish cli
mate in a constitutional treatment
and should prove eapei <ally effica
cious to sufferers here who live un
der more favorable climate condi
Herure from your druggist 1 ounc#
of i'armint fl»ouble strength) Tak"
this home and add to it '4 pint of
hot water and a little granulated
sugar; stir until dissolved Take
on«* tableapoonful four time* a «iay
This will often bring quick relief
from distressing load noiaes Clog
ged nostrils should open, breathing
become easy and hearing improve a*
the inflammation In th- eustachian
tubes is reduced. I'armint used in
this way acts directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of the
vystem and has ri tonic action that
h« ip* to <-h!am » >t« rI result*
Th** pr« i»arat • n "* «a*\ t«• ituiW*
costs little and is pl« ii#»nt to tak<
r.very person who has catarrh or
head noises - r is hard of hearing
nhould give this treatment a trial
Don't stay gray! Nobody can tell
when you darken gray, faded hair
with Sage Tea and Sulphur ,
fjrandmother kept Her hair beau
llfully darkened, glossy and at
tractive with a brow of Sage Tea
and Sulphur. Whenever her hair
look on that dull, faded or streak
ed appearat.ee, this simple mixture
was applied with wonderful effect.
Ily aakliiK at any drug store for
"Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Com
pound," yon will get a large bottle
of thin old-time recipe, Improved
liv the addition of other Ingredi
ents, all ready to use, at very little
cost. Tills Simple mixture can tie
depended upon to restore natural
•olor and beauty to the hair.
A well-known downtown drug
gist nays everybody uses Wyeth's
Sage and Sulphur Compound now
because It darkens bo naturally and
evenly that nobody can tell It has
been applied It's so easy to use,
100. You simply dampen a comb
or soft brush and draw It thru your
'■air, taking one strand at a time.
Hy morning the gray hair disap
pears; after another application or
two. It Is restored to Its natural
olor and looks soft and
beautiful. This preparation Is a
delightful toilet requisite. It Is not
intended for (lie cure, mitigation or
prevention of dlaeuse.
branch#*. and laughed and played in
the nun that bUvH in th* »ky until
late In the evcnlnic each day.
Hut pvfrjr year, at the cß«>w* of irum
mer. a rather gloomy old fail aeaaori
<WH> blustering and ahtvertnf down
out "f the north. rau«lng th« tun to
«et hurriedly. %nd mtking the after
ROOM chilly and dlamaJ
Ha** Htnry 11 (Mini
Brhool cam* with the bhiaterlne
and tearful old fall anaaon. taJclus fti.
the Joy out of life There waa only
a little ftalrh of day left between the
time achool let out and darknea*. and
In that little paf< h of day the wicked
fall RMuKin waa apt to be lurking.
Hut many ye.ira a*" Public IJ
hrary opened up an enchanted renlm
of imafflnution for children on four
nlffhta a «wk, so that old fall aea
■on waa thwarted
After s<-ltool, children were invited
to I hut brunch of th# library In th#
a#et|an of fteattle wh#r#ln th#y )tv«4.
to hear fairy stories, tale# of adven
tur#, history, biography.
Inside they thrilled, whll* th#
young woman In chorg# read th#
and wonderful "Arabian
Nights." "Hoblnnon Oruao#.** th# #s
ca( lades of Jack. who climbed th#
beanstalk. the exploits of th# "Wli
r« 1 of Of. ' and tales from th# "Won
d#r Clock.**
Slori#* K.vrry Tiiewiiay
And ouUkle th# wicked fall aeaaon
glowered, and often called the rain
and even snow to patter against the
windows, hut It waa all In vain.
Kvery Tuesday afternoon hundreds
of children atten«l the Htory Hour at
Verier Way, (ireen I jikn, Queen Anne,
fnlveralty and CentnU library
bran< hm They listen cosily and con
fentediy to InteresUng stoiie® for an
tfol laugh at o!«l fall season
lieglnnlng to bluster without.
Thursday afternoon children gath
or at Fremont branch library aa soon
aa school lots out, kiddles ranging In
i*g# from 3to 12 and 11 years They
fill th# little chairs all over the audi
torium ami spend pleasant hours.
Friday belongs to th# children In
Georgetown. West Seattle and IlaJ
lard, whll# Saturday Columbia
branch has Its story hour.
Th# fall season is coming on His
breath is chilling the leaves on the
trees, and robbing the sun of its
Hut the (Jood Fairy, the public 11
hrary. and the fairy branches, will
foil the fall season as far as the chil
dren are concerned.
The story hour started last Tues
day In Seattle, and will continue thru
the winter. Mothers are Invited to
send their children on the afternoons
specified for rich district. If they
wish them to obtain the Iteneflta of
well spent time.
Disque Is Raised to
Brigadier General
Col. Blice IV I>l«que. head of thr
Kprueo production division In Wash
ington and Orojton. ha* been
od in the rank of hrlKTadier Keneral by
President Wilson.
(Jon. l>is<|iio wn« the nrjmn
ir.er of tho Loyal legion of Loggers
and humbormen. which now has 65.-
000 member*. Attachwl to the signal
division of the l". S. army, ho ban
established record* In tho production
of wood* for alrplano manufacture.
(Apodal to Tho Htar hy N. K. A.)
I,ONIH)N. Oct. 4 Tho recent
report of the Jewish < *<»rrospond
enco Huroau throws hoiiio light
on tho awful condition* of tho in
habitants of northern Palestine:
"Tho wlKht of >oun»c and old try
ing to satisfy hunger hy eating
grass growing on grave* Is truly
horrible. Hundreds of orphans,
naked and with swollen limbs, wan
der about. Many fannies have
died out."
One Week &he Rhodes Go.
of the Fourth Liberty Iy>nn haa
now p«a*ed. Are VtilJ Inlerertr-d - . ___ — L ..—u.. ^ —u... — _ -l. . -i.--.-_ , i.-ir
In tin welfare of Y<M It country t » ( r*a LI fl A H/t a C O KM i
Oint V..,- ,„w. pur { Store Hours 9A.M.t05 P. M.
rhJUMxi l,lli»Tty Jton U to th. limitT «- -
Jfn Jfmmense %Sale of ftandsome
Street and Afternoon Presses
/\ An Adrnvtafjrmi* Purrhasr of
X 500 Dresses Which Permits
W/ $17.r»0, $19.r,0 and Drewps,
npwial at -
/) S2IJ>O, $29.50 and $.11.73 Dresw*.
/ A Hpedal at f23.75 &4L.
, (MtjL' $34.75, $39.50, $1.1.00, $55.00 and
' II ,6r ' °° ' ,^PSMes • s P w i«l at IyZH.TT*
1 ■«. .. . N '~ H<-<-and Mm>r KM
JSr all |W The nhove nvnnuiieemevt tells the. ifi*
tr if ! «- uhnh' story vhy The Rhodes Co. are. XiDi*
! ' J enabled at thin time to offer their
aSSSI 1' A I I patrons /nirh timely and imprere- 'MI
~!j | ,\W dented values in eorreet Autumn
Style Dresses. Every poxsi- (Efl
ff4 , ,llr . r ff nr t should he made to att-en/l * 83^
/, I T this Kale on Saturday by the woman _7\ <?•
If uho h* l " Planned a new dress for Fall
y or Winter. E>
SOCtSIZC JlaVOrtS ni*pl->r» » «PIM»1I<I IWUlllHt of WW.I flOk m<mnnn>>
> . . TT " ... . ( tn ' l ,! " •' ' ' In M pi-:. "-'I. turtle ridrt wide
i\n AntWplir Mouth Wiwli) < clrt!.- «n.l button trtmm«l gtyl-*. In navy, bliirlc brown i^ctn
• _ ( plum and taui>e.
f'BC Sizes 16 to id
Main Moor ( •
$l.OO size (anti- J t«R0l P NO. 2 AT 923.75
{ Wptic mouth wash) | a WM« mn K r Of tunic, plaited and panol »klrt mod.l. with
! nt : «»r , Kr " plr« and pUlfl bodlr«., trlmmrd wILh «t<»l and (?U*. I^ad*.
)r A .. ~ o \ ''"""n* »nd frlnit"' The«. urn handj»m« *tyle» of M-rK*. wooi
\ a«»c RI7.C liafrjfPlt & Irrwry, »u«Uli and vrlvet«« n. ln favorM color* and navy arid black
Itamsdell's Cold Cream
at 45* | Sizes 16 to M
' Cr Se? ii r' a ti ei)C GROI'P NO. 3—SPECIAL AT 928.75
lli.th vO,'.n, p„l_ nt -. a i (>U * T " ths vtluon and mo.l .üb.tanOal rwluctlon*. Thl.
i IWin ."MWps S, j aanortm.nt l« mado up of rx'iulHlt. mode, of .Ilk trlcolett* satin
Armour's, Jergen's , *<»• "W. trlcoUne and «llk delineating Hedlngote and
and Williams', in as- ( loo *<* P<WI«I »tyl« finlnhiHl with milt and chenille fringe. Navy,
, ) blai-k and autumn colors In
sorted odors, a cake )
loe ; Sizes Si to U6
Mennen's Talcum (bor- j _ , ....
nnH violon to th * rt "! ht '» a beautiful black mMumt
)11 11 ' lo ' c *) • dewlKTi.-.] With trlcol.tle .ilk aklrt which ha* deep chenille frtnice
» liubbor (jIOVCH, U p<lir. . J o*«r Ui<k panel and embroidered bodice. Formerly $65 00
2s< | B P erUI
\S hite Lily Toilet Paper, j Tie drww Sketched to the left 1* made of navy blue serge and
' 6 rolls for 25r Xili>-pl«au<l Kklrt and raUn girdle, finished with silk embroid
( ) ery Formerly HJ.tO. Special 918.05
FAKIR, Oct « —fltn. I'erthln*
paid a fine compliment to American
negro troop* la 1 'ranee In aikJrewaln*
6.000 colored atevedorea at a Uur
port recently.
"When thi* enpeditlon flnrt atarted.
the qtinUon waa uknl. I>o you
want any colored mm over there?'
and I 'Yea, of courae I want
colons! men." ho mid. "Aren t they
American citizens Can't they do tut
much In the line of flichtlng and tw
murh work aa any other American
clUwnuT "
Th# general said h# trim railed In
a town where three fourths of th#
people war* colored; that lie wa«
proud to nay he wan raised by a col
ored mommy, and equally proud to
say he commanded a colored troop
during the Spaniah war. and that
"they did splendid work then, and
they are doing splendid work now!**
"I used to wreatle with a colored
boy named I>av« Kol>ertaon." said
Pershing. sp« -'iking of hi* boyhood
dayp. "and Dave used to throw me a*
often as I threw him."
The general waa cheered enthusl
aatlcally by the colored regiment antl
by th# other e#rvloe supply men he
addreased on hid tour. The cb«*ers
were loudest when he promised to
give the men at the baaed "a chance
at the boche" up at the front.
MnJ. A. C Morriaon Bell, M. *c
companied by guides, has made the
ascent of the Pom. the highest moun
tain In Sw!irerland.
Girls! Make bleaching lotion
if skin is sunburned,
tanned or freckled
B<juee.-e the Juice of two lemons In
to a bottle containing three ounces of
Orchard White. shake well, and you
have a quarter pint of the beat
freckle. sunburn and tan lotion, and
complexion beautifler. at very, very
■mail coat.
Your grocer haa the lemona and
any drug store or toilet counter will
supply three ounces of Orchard
White for n few cents. Massage this
sweetly fragrant lotion Into the face,
neck, amis and hands each day and
see how frecklea. sunburn, wlndburn
and tan disappear, and how clear,
soft and white the akin becomes
Veal It Is harmless.
Watches and Liberty Honda aa
security when you need money.
Loans taken up from others
and more money advanced.
I.lberal amounts. Lowest rates.
You get full amount of loans—
no Interest deducted. Ladles'
1/oaus on Diamonds, Watches
and IJlierty I tends
Empire Mortgage
Loan Co.
Established 12 Years.
JOIII White ltldn.
IX)XDOK, Nov 4.—Antonio Man
iro, a Sardinian. In the champion
wounded man. Ha haa btett wound
f, d 101 time*. and haa d«*corat»on* j
fmm five countrten, including a ijold
and three nllver mrdaJ*.
S. S. S. Greatest Blood Remedy
Gives Results When Others Fail
Nature's Remedy for Blood
The purifying and rural Ive prop
erties of Nature'* great remedy
have made "8. 8. 8. for tbo Blood '
a household saying. Thousands to
day enjoying perfect health owe
their recovery from blood or skin
diseases to thia universally u«ed
blood purifier. 8. 8. 8. is made on
tlroly from root*, herb* and hark*,
which irnwr-M cleansing nnd heal
ing ingredient*. You cannot l>e well
when your blood i* Impure; you
lack strength and energy natural
with he»;th; your complexion be
come* pale and nallow; your vitality
In weakened. When waste or refuse
matter. which Nature intend*
Packard Mazda Lamps
have been found by
liny position, give a white light, which is easy on
the eyes. Homu sizes, 25 and 40 watts, each..
Buy them by the carton of five lamps.
Tool Department Specials
In making up our orders, our buyer bought too
many Miter Boxes, Steel Tapes in 25- and 75-foot
lengths, and 2-foot Steel Rules. In order to reduce
stock to normal, on Saturday we offer you some sen
sational bargains.
$20.50 Stanley Miter Box,
.$2,50 llorse-Mobile Sport Car, a very popular toy, and
one any child will enjoy, besides affording healthful
amusement. Each $1.98
Jelly Glass Time
is here. Grapes will bo at their best the first of
next week.
One-third pt. capped squat Jellies, doz 50^
One-half pt. capped tall Jellies, doz 55^
& II unrCWl
TXJNDON, Oct. 4 - Tom Wilkin
*on. a sapper in the Royal Knjri
nerrg, waji sentenced to 14 years in
prison for bigamy. He had married
five women and wm making ar
ranjrrmenu V marry three more. .
shall be thrown off. la left In th«
xvsipm. it is absorbed Into the blood,
and holla, pimple*, rashes, blotches
and other eruption* of the akin ap
8. 8 8. goes Into the circulation
and remove* every particle of blood'
taint or pot*on of every character.'
All akin diseases and eruption* pas#
away, and the smooth, clear skin.
Blowing with health, shows that th«
body i* being nourished by rich,
pure blood. Rheumatism, Catarrh,
Scrofula, Contagious Blood Poiaon,
all are deep-waled blood disorders,
and for their treatment nothing
equals 8. 8. 8. Get S. S. S. at any
drug store. If yours la a peculiar
case, write Medical Adviser, 445
Swift 1-aboratory. Atlanta, Ga.
PACK 5 '

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