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I.ONl*>N |H. « tllrltlsh ,\<l
mlralty Wlrelees) The Mw«,n«
_ Post. eorrvapond''H .it I'onnt.inll
Bhopta. ilnK'rlHnt: Ihr turriil'tion unit i
misery In Turkey. aa>a thnt thru
out the Ust four * ears thr Turk*,
acting under orders of the "iMtttl
nut ire of union and progress." have
done their bent to ruin their ooun
try »nd have iui-pwiW well
Three million persona hi»ve been
massacred nnit another million In on
the verse of starvation this wittier
A trrriit portion of the entplr* has
l*een conquered and parceled out
among the different rutt'it and what
remain* Is totally ruined.
It la probably true that never be
fore have the Turk* In the empire
been so rich Ordinary |H»llcemen
in l>r* are estimated to l>e worth
from hrtween 10,000 ami li.OOrt
Turkish pounds.
This a<*umul«tton of wealth ha*
been a portion of tfc«|k program to
enrich Turka at th* expense of
Christians. It must not he -tup
pone.l tlMt Constantinople larks
anything. Shop* are well stocked
l!ut Mohmnwlini have all the
German Officers had their share
In this plunder They robbed both
Christians and Turks
In the ftmt tiays after th* arml*
tlce, there were at least IT.OOO tier
man aoldlera al the capital The»e
h»\e now been mostly deported.
It 1* well worth noting that
Count Hernstorff. who succeeded
Von Kuehtmann. left Constantinople
the day after Hie armistice was
srigned His satellites remained, ho*
ever, plotting Inferior Herman
consulates are stf.'l at work.
Convalescent wards at the Camp
Lewis hospital are be.'ng hurriedly
prepared to receive 900 -war veterans
who are on their way from Camp Ku
•Us. Va It Is believed at camp head
quarters that most of these men
were wounded while flgrhtlng with
the famous (Ist division. In the Ar
ironne. In Flanders, and at Auden
These veterans are a"nor»g the first
of the wounded to arrive In this coun
try In large numbers Tbe govern
ment has announced that all wound-
Mi and disabled soldiers will be cared
for In camps near their hones until
they are discharged.
Orders have been received nt Camp
Lewis from the war de|iartment for
every available bed In the hospital to
be made ready, and fry the formation
of an overseas convalescent detach
ment. consisting of the best medical
officers In the canton-nent
Victory Sale
Clever Styles
New Hats
AO Wofl Made and of tbe Beat
Exclusive Mlllkaery
Bloaae Sbap
lfl* Third Are, U Pike St.
1 laity's Tip n Darkatai
Gray m Faded Bair aid
Mill It Long and Lastrou
Don't have gray, straggly. thin,
dry, prematurely gray or faded hair
This la an a bottle of
Ijs Creole Hair I>r'**ln»c can be ha'l
for a moderate price at any drug
•tore. Apply to all your hair and
uralp aa r ,,v r simple directions on the
bottle. You ran do this In the pri
vacy of your own room No need of
visiting expensive hair dressing par
lors. I*a f'reole Jfair Im-miing ran
not harm your hair, but gradually
all your gray or faded hair turns to
a beautiful, soft, even dark shade.
This will please you. Your entire
head of hair then grow* lon*, soft,
fluffy, lustroujt. and of that beauti
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urt'-d to be. This makeii you look
yourger and attractive Try L*a
Creole Hair Dressing yourself.
For sale by Ilartell f>rug ( 'o. and
|0 ! di is stores every when
nrders promptly fille»] upon receipt
r»f regular price—sl.2o. I,a Creole
Hair Dreaaing Is guaranteed.
Your Health Depends
Upon Your Kidneys
Many organ* take part In asslml
lation of food, and a number arc
active In eliminating those portion-"
of the foo<l which are not taken
Into the blood for the upbuilding of
the body. Of the ellmlnatlve or-
K'in*, the liver and the kidney* are
of major Importance, and are most
likely to be overworked and become
diseased. When *uch In the caae,
v:iriou* troubled of a digestive and
•hmlnative character occur, and
auch trouble* are no frequent and
ao common that It I* absolutely
necessary to find some relief.
Warner'* Hafe Kidney and Liver
lUrmedy wa* compounded over in
year* ago to help equalize the work
of both kidney* and liver. How
»ucc*«Hful It has been la evidenced
It's Gay Paris to Yankees
When tlir \ merles n boy* arr (Ivrn IntTf l« Part*. nni> of their rnj«;
ment* I* the dance hi front of a V. M. I'. A. liut with Ihr llrd Triangle
w orkcrs.
Preparation* to make llrltaln <lay
an Impressive event In Seattle art'
completed Friday by the committee
In charge of arrangements.
Observance of the <Uy will begin
with the formal reception of the
city'* guests Saturday at 11:10 a. m
tt the Hotel Wn t
Following. he entire party will be
guests of the member*' council of
the Chamber of t'ommerce at a
luncheon given at the Masonic club
A moan meeting at the Arena will
be held In the evening, where ad
dresses will l>e made by the tlsitors'
representatives and prominent local
men. A chorus of ISO voices, several
bands and vocalists will entertain.
Guests of the day are: Sir Charles
Tuper. M«| Tupper. MaJ. Gen 11. tl
K 1-e.kle. C. M. G : «'apt. II It
llendy, aide-de-camp; MaJ. W V.
McOulre, general staff officer; Capt.
(5, Sillnan. I>. A. A. G.; Capt 1° II
Martin. It. N. C. M O ; Staff Pay
master G. P. Haddon. It. C. N.; Kn
glneer UeuL Commander It. A. How-
Icy. It. N.; Knglnecr Ueut. It. II
Wood. It. N.; Surgeon K. W. lloak.
Admiral P. H. Colomb. royal navy.
Flag Capt A. U Gresoon. royal navy;
Secretary W. K. C. Grace, royal
navy; Signal lloatswln It Suther
land. royal navy; Ueut T. Brown.
| Col. Prior
The Washington state *orlety of
architects announce a dinner to be
held January 4 for the profession
The Most
Christmas Gift
on Earth
Washing Machine
It will do nil the wimhinK
and al! of the wrlnsrlng for
2 Cents a Week
Ami do th* work easier. quirk
or. better and morn thoroughly
than human hands could ever
do It.
A few dollars down will
place this wonderful machine
In your home Ha la nee month
ly payment*.
rom> and see It work.
All Trpw of Ws«her« and
\ wiiiimi Clmnrrt
Appliances Co.
UN OpHns »(. Kll. 2UNI.
"Klertrte iMhnr Hater* fur Ihf
by It* wide spread *ale and It* value
I* attested by an Immense number
of appreciative user* who through
the*e many year* have put It to the
*evere*t test* with the moat satis
factory result*.
"I wish to say that your remedies
have been used In our family for
aliout fifteen years. We are never
without a bottle of Warner's Hafe
Kidney and Liver Remedy In our
home, and it ha* s.ived many a
doctor'* bill. It 1* a wonderful
medicine for all dl*en*es of the kid
ney* and liver."—Florence E.
Hchmldt, 11. V. L). No. 1, Uun
kirk, O.
Hold by leading druggists every
where. Sample sent on receipt of
ten cent* Warner'* Hafe Heme
«lle* Co., Dept. 661, Rochester, N. Y
Kleven men are dead and ti others
seriously Injured here today, follow
tag four explosions which destroyed
the detonator assembling plant of the
liul'ont Cap Works.
The country for miles around was
There were more than 4.000 per
sons at work In the plant when the
first explosion occurred.
Southern Pacific
In Big Power Plan
REDOING. Col.. IVc. 6. Southern
Pacific engineers t"day outlined pro
posals for a great development of
power In the Pit rlvr Its object will
be to electrify the railroad
Two dam site* have been derided
on. One Is three miles upstream
from Cooi»r City, and the other IS
miles higher up Dum* 100 feet high
will be constructed on railroad land.
Germans Give Up
Russian Indemnity
PA HIS, In*** t. Complylnt with
the armlwtlc*. th#» Carman* hav«
h«tn4e«l ovrr the KuiwUn Indemnity
Of 300 000,000 (kiuikU <fl '00.000,000)
to th* allien The valu* of art
work* Alrrniy r*turn#<l In at frono* <9400.000,000).
Entente Agrees to
Demand Ex-Kaiser
PAIIIS. Dec. «—Prltlah. Italian
and French representative* have
agreed to demand extradition of the
kaiser. It was seinl officially an
nounced today.
Gen. Gorgas It on
Way to Guatemala
Oen W. C < lorira*. former aurgeon
Reneral of the army, la leaving for
'luitetn.tla. where he wilt conduct
yellow fever work for the Korko
filler Foundation.
WABHINOTON. l»ec «—lira ml
\V hillock. American mlnloter to llel
Klum. hu been made an honorary
I iurtrher of llruKeel*. according to
government advlcea.
Two fnrmfT mmilwn of the Ikirli
•ttailer mlnatr>-l trouple will take
leading part* In the mlnntrel «how.
to be given by Kklnner A Kddv em
| ployea In the Metro (Kill tan. I >ec 20
| and 21.
Fifth and Pine Klllott tMJ
111 FT and MI 1.1 .Kit
NIOHTK—S3c 50c
Hu* War Tat
—ln n
"The H
Yellow |
Ticket" I
The I
Attraction ■
"Lost Battalion"
Men Gain Honors
WAHIIINOTON, l»e. rt The con
nrcsslonal medal of honor, flu* hlich
• *t tiiilit try ilsrorAllon given hy the
lulled H tales for valor In n< linn, will
|h' awarded to Col CharU-s W Whit
tic**)'. Plttsfleld. Muss . Capt. Heorge
fl. MrMurtry. New York « Ity. and
Prlvnt** THoiiuia C Nclhaur. £'u&Ar
City, M-thn
Tlus ivvu ufflc*ra w*r* In charg* of
the famous "lost hattali »n" of the
SKIh regiment, surrounded hy tier
mans In Iha Argonn* forest for flva
Private Nelbour, of the llalntstw
division, stopped an ••namy charge
sink'** 'landed at Cot • <le in
CHlobar. and captured II (urnuni.
Flew She Miies
Fatally Wounded
PAIUB, 11« c fl All ho shot thru
Ilia stomach and thigh In i«n atrial
duel mi* miles twi'k of the enemy
lines. Lieut ('ulfftrd, l-'rrnrh are.
piloted his machine hu« k to the
French lines, hut dl« 4 In an am
bulance on the way to the hospital
l.teut t'«Mffard was officially crtal
Itfd with bringing down 3ft Oermun
airplanes and balloons lie was I'd
years old One of the highest Fren«h
hotuuV. the roitelle of the legion of
Honor. *as baatowed upon him Hut
notice of the award waa not received
at his squadron headquarter* till the
after his deMth.
Senate Inquires
of Treaty Statu*
WAHlllNtiTt»N, 1 « The em
nle has adopted a resolution Intro
duced by Jones. Washington, direct
ing the state department to report
whether any foreign nation has
served notlcw t»f intention to abro
gate commercial treallaa and. If so,
what reason has been given
WABHINHTON. !>ec « The mil
Itary orrler of Michael llruae haa
l»een conferrad by King Ferdinand
of Rumania upon r«»n Pershing
Defended Action for
Damage* Against
(toiler Maker*
How the Minute Men
and Organized I,al>or co
operated during the war
period in indicated in the
fac simile letter from J.
A. Nash, international
representative, alongside
this column. This letter
was written nearly a
year ago today.
Many mrml»r« of or*anlt«<l
tabor have betonc-0 to the
Minute M«-n ora.inliwtlon iln™
It w«* formed. >ml *omc of
the he.t work arromplUlo'd by
the organization ha. I#.n due
to their effort. In many ln>
*tan<-e* the Minute Mm have
coojwr»t«il with labor union*,
the moat notable t>elnr th. one
to which thn letter refer*.
Expelled Members Sue
In the fall of 1)17, the Holt
er Maker* and Iron Hhlp Ituild
era L«w.\i 104 determined to
eliminate from the union such
members aw belonged to the I
W. \V . deeming them an un
deairuhl* element to har« In
the shipyard* Nine men.
whom the union deemed I W.
W Were expHlcd
The nine men joined in an
action In the flu perl or court
peeking reinataternent and
each claiming $5,000 damage*
against the unlun and Uji of
flrrrx Iwuklng ulmolute proof
that tfie men w*re member* of
the I. W. W'.. the union of
ficial*. who had been Joined In
thl* action. requested the Min
ute Men to help them to prove
the charge and win their c-aae
In court. »o that the men
would not he reinitiated or
damage* a**e*aed agaln*t tho
union and It* officer*.
Minute Men Make (>ood
The Minute Men produced I.
W W. record* proving that
plaintiffa In the ca*e belonged
to the org.inir. ition. The rec
ord* were aecui**d hy a Min
ute Men raid on a hotel ro«»rn
where they had been taken
and *tored when the I. W. W
were expecting the raid on
their hall by the authorise*.
A* the re*ult of tho evl
denoe prortuml l>y the Mlntitn
Mon tho union won It* cjiho,
the dorUlon Koltiß a loiir wiy
In preventing the I. YV. \V. to
fret 11 hold In tho shipyard*.
Tho Mlnuto Mon will eon
tlnuo tholr work on 1 Irion simi
lar to thono followed before
hontllltle* iMtmi) In Europe,
liecaum thoy have boon re
quested by tho Oovernment to
assist In itupproßHlnK lawless
ness anil anarchy. Thoy will
continue to 00-oporato with or
ganized labor, which proved
It* patriotism many times dur
ing tho period of the war.
(Paid for by Special Contribution by Friends of the Government)
VANCtmVKfI, ft (\ I>ac. « An,
e.irthquaka was frit h#r« at 12 4f# a
m. Friday. It wits of two minutes' |
duration rind wns severe. A heuvy i
rumhllnK sounded during the Inter <
val Itulldlriffs swayed and furnltura l
and windows shfsik
Apparently, the trrmor rail from
south to north. Its strength waking j
everylsnlv In the rlljf, and causing j
many to rush out Into the street 111
Te|«*gr<iphlr reports from Victoria
state thai a pronounced sho» k was
r«|»erlenced nt the same time In that
vicinity, during which houses shrs>k j
and windows rattled Reports from
firnitJler communities In the vicinity
describe the sh«s'k.
N>wspa|)er offices were called up
hy alarmed people in the cities, which j
were at first unahle to Inform them
us to the aiact nature of the convul
sion Many at first believed It to !*♦ ,
an explosion. «
Germany Will Teach
Boys Flying Game
I/>NDON. I >ec. f.-- Hermany haa i
forme*! a Herman flying league,
with branches In prlnclfMil cities, to
teach the rudiments of flying with
toy piuiift liini 4i'MTAX' hoyji
to liecorne aviator*. It's |»art of a
plan for developing air travel und
other aircraft uses In Orrmany. '
The Canadian club, at It* annual
dinner Friday at 7 p. m. t In th*
Masonic club rooms, will give u
send-off to the recently organised
World War Veterans' iuw« lation
Collector of Customs Harry lllai k
wchsl will act as toastmaster, and
the principal address will lie givrn
hy Judge King l>ykemsn. The Hon.
J II King. Ilritlsh Columbia rninls
trr of public works, will !»e among ,
the speakers
. . h.ni r. r. Knmmi iK ttmtmn r»■■■>«. wit nuaMa...<....M u Tr* 1 1—
',m || r.Kf.i lihh dir. Km. Salt. >• U* <"•». "• *•*
A. umiAN Ut I.L Vfinllal ... E CUIT ..MlM' h4 M«t. Iwwl JOIN I. DOVS W. T-rrnllnl
Im UU. NIMm, mm Cttf, Im. |f 1 I Law BmUtlac. 1 Cttr. IM. Ut Www* Win. town city. N. |.
TMOa M M. ... . . L a. A. KAin 1U Ist. T. rraUM
M* OMrt ■«..«, r.rtMMtk, ». fniUjfcu WITB THB «. r. or «. m». ■> - - n.u
i. r untiOAN m ut T.miM _____ ....... ""
m mwimww •«, »»»■. om» ISSiI . • v:: ■'* 1 VT"' 1 *"
LOl'll WKTAKD W 1.1. V.-rmMwl ' w *'*• i» ■«»«•.
•Ml ftr A..- N. W. ClmM. OkJ». AhMIIIMBB JOHN r. ftCHMITT...-ftfc tat. V -Frultil
SiMluU Ui|t No.
•* ***» Deo.B, 1917.
Minute Men of Seattle.
615 Lyon Bldg.,
Seattle. Washington. • *
Gentlemen: Encloeed find copy of deoieion rendered in the recent oase of
J.ri.« chnson, plaintiff, against J.A.Nash, and International Brotherhood
of Boilermakers, apd Iron Shipbuilders and Helpers of America.
We are pleased to admit and acknowledge that a favorable decision
to our organization vraa almost entirely due to the hard and determined work
cf your organization on our behalf, and the evidence procured by you which
could not have been obtained through any other source.
Both as International representative for this district and speak
ing for the above local orders, we desire to express our deep appreciation
of the friendly attitude taken by the Minute Ken towards labor organizations
in general, in the assistance you are rendering, and have rendered us, in
our endeavor to eradicate from cur ranks the revolutionary and seditious
element which has caused us so much trouble.
v.e wish to go on record as being in favor of expelling from our
ranxs, all persons who are acting either in a disloyal manner .or are hinder •
ing or retarding in any manner, our present Federal Government ir. the
prosecution of this great war, and to this end solicit your information and
. T,e recognize the fact that your files contain authentic and positive
information concerning members of tae order of the 1.W.W., against which
: Bt ' willing to check our list of_members, and immediately recommend
tnat all I.W.W. s or other persons who are acting derogatory to the'interests
of our government, and of labor, shall be expelled, and to this end we will
personally bend.our efforts.
were possible that the rank and file of labor in our midst
could become conversant with the patriotic and healthy activities of the
organization cf Minute Men, personally, I feel convinced that each man
loyal to Union labor would enroll himself as a member of the .Minute' Men's
therein actively become a supporter of his organization.
Aa International representative for this district, I have already
addressed a letter to the International officers calling attention to the
splendid work of the Minute Men, and have recommended to them that you receive
hearty, personal, and financial support of labor in ill your act 3.
Very respectfully
Fac simile of Letter from Boiler Makers and Iron Ship Builders' Union
Be a Joy Walker,
"Gets-It" tor Corns
? Drop*, 2 SifdndiH-rdrn I* Doomed
Whrn ynti a I most rli# with your
shoes on. and corns mtk« von *lmo«t
wslk *H#wava |n get n wsy from th*
psln, ttkr a vacation for a minute or
two nn-t apply 2 or 3 drops «.f the
worli'i magic and only genuine
«orn-peeler tirtn it." Then. and
then only, will you oe »ure that your
corn will loosen from your for so
that you mil |»« »I It right «.ff I«»r -
11>14nIy fiaay with your fingers Take
11<■ of fontlnued pain and
soreness why ii>i« kr**asy, Irritating
Nslves. pla*trri> that f*>»lft hik| pi MIS
int«. ih«- "quick." mifirtt nnd "dig
g»rm" that make rorni bI»H nod also
If row fsster"' In** painless. • n*y.
nlwuy sure "ileis If" There's only
one iik' it in the world f hat's
Oets It Milion* have tried and
o K d It for ymr* l» never fails.
•*i ;*-ts-It." the iruarin(M<l, money
hack rom-rnnovfr, the only sura
way. costs hut h »rlfl»* at any drug
store. Manufactured by I*", lawrpnrr
St «'o . ChU «(<•. 11l
Free Trial Coupon
r. A. *lwar« l 737 *f«iart
1114 C.. Harakall. Mirk. Hcnd me.
n' one*, \>y return mall, * u*-*>
trial u br« of I tutrt'i CAlclum
Nmn« •••••••
rwy Ptat#
avy oil
ers, dou
to 13'/2
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