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loans I
I SATURDAY "Mr.. Uffingwell'. g
I Boots B
I——HIM !■<
I N» a'imlttanr* through
■ 4'> or. window or tralunm ■
■ V\ »«rh d'»if of tba Horn*. ■
I $3.00 I
H A»k your hardware dttlar,
■ IW *rw York Rk»ek. H
■ Mai* 4T«*5. ■
the Fascinating
in the film of
her young life:
in which Hillie wears cute pajamas, Rets
lost in the mountains, has to stay in a cabin
all nijjht because of the storm and the bears,
finds company there and has an awful
(funny) time generally.
Friday—Last Times —"Sporting Life"
300 More Letter
Carriera Needed
100 and 300 extra mail
and rlerka art* nee»ie«i by
the poatofflco department for the
Chrtatina* ruah. according Co an ap
peal Juat laaunl by William Copr
•tick. aamiKtant »uperlntendcnt of
mails In B«alUf.
Tfto Cbrtatmu t* u yet many
day* away. loral federal orfinal* are
worried over itw lack of labor for
the annual parka*" ru»h. and are
unrtnK Seattle women owning ram
to entlut them and earn Ure money
and holiday fund#
Mr ami Mm. ilnrj hrrw, wliu iurr* ni»\lo *t<ullo ullli Ihfiti on Ihr
tiikvhj: \ ii\kii
IHd you »v»r hr«r of ncrtom ful
filling ron the l«»Ritl
matr atnm! working for lh*
movlf* *»t th« tam** tin»« *
Of rournr you ctldn I. It's n r »r«*
01.1 l I IMI 111 < IPK I OH ( %-
TAIt It 11, « U UIIIIUI 111 %r-
M.** ami iii %i» %
If y»u know of • »m* who In
Ir«nihl«*i| with ('tliirrhal l>»afn«»aa.
h«*nd n-*«ra «»r ordinary « ntnrrti rut
out thia formula an<( hand It to
th#m «nd you rnft} ha%. th#
iiK'ttu i'f anvinff K»mr p>«nr auff*r*r
i"rh4p# from t • tai <i**Afn**«» in
Kncl«r>'l. mrlntif lata for a I n* tint*
putt hn%# that catarrh i«
a ronatltuti»*nal nt\<J n#«
-arily c« n»tituttonal trill*
Hpray*. inhaler* ind dnurhft
are liable t1» trntat* *h»* ate air
and f*»r«e Ih« d •• •* «•' ln»n
the mlddN* **r. »hirh fre<|«tent»y
n>f«n* total •» <>r elae Ih'
d)»ea«e may hf dri*rn down Ihr a'r
l>a»*ajf>« lnWifdn the lanfi*. whi» h
• # eoually an dwnfrrom The foI-
I *wti)ir formula **h.rh u
ten*Ue|y in th«- l.ng! »h « 11 •
• ,« . . * . MtttUllnMl * • '»• r-r,'
• fid nhoiild prove •tally tfflra
rlnvil In •tiff«rrr» hrjf who live un
d*r more favortbit dimalf condi
>f< uff froi>> your druftri«t I oun'r
of I'armint <f»oubl« itrrnirth» Take
thl* horn** and add to if * ft p«nt t
hot water and a little trranutate<j
augar, Mir until dl»«o|v*d Tak
«ne tahie®p*w>nful four time# a dar
T*i»« will oft«*n brlnjr tulrk relief
from diatre««ln< beao n««»»e» <?)'»«•
ired n«>atril» mhould open. breathing
he«t>me ra»y and h«>ftr<rt|f improve a «
the Inflammation In «euatarhlan
t'thea »« redured I'armint uaed in
thi* way arta dlrer?iy upon the
blood and mVflHta inrfarm . f the
»vatcm and baa a ton»r action that
heipn to obta n the d'nife.l reautla.
The preparation \* ea»r ma k
<-o«tja lit' Je *nd la pleaaant to iak»*
i;% er > prrn'-n vko hum ««farrh or
h< ad nolaaa or i» hard of hearing
should give thin treatment a trial
. f if
Saturday—ll A. M. \
First Times Here of
Washburn Klft
"Sure, it's an Irish love Fn<lay Last Timet
Z7hZ)>' !hanl Varm "The Midnight Patrol"
My __OF—
—Jim Clemmer m W
Last Seen as the Beloved 'Poleon in "The Barrier"
Gnterson's Russian Orchestra ~,, ,
Valse, "Moonlight on the Hudson" ir'"
Hermann ' _ r
"Little Grey Home in the West" Review
• •• • ■• •• • • • • ■ • • • • _ _ _ —— ■
prtH-rdurr that hn« probably never
l»«««'n rnrrle<| out before
Now, however. Mr and Mr*. Myd
nejr I>rew, Imurli producem, have art
the pretiidfnt While touring the
i itn»%v« riuM.tt im*
IIMIItT> floruit., I.MI In -JUI
• l»n« Janr **
MIMMIIt Mill hr 11 lowU In
"Ml»r Iriilh. of lit#
*ltr • nrnt
til \ Mill Mart In "Tha ll# Imm mt
Draw I («n '
WT It %M> « Talma.lg • In
Mr* lffrin|Mfir« llaal* "
rti# Aluinigiii rairal "
%ll alar rMI
•"l.ishi i.nni, >% ar«l In "Tha
\ '•ln* TtrhH -
4 1 * It. ll# |lrnn#l I In "Th*
M#t k l*n|."
country m "Kwp Her Hmiling,"
they will curry with them » mm
plete moving picture atudio. »iul be*
twern tlmea will poae for the well*
known allent dram •
Their atage contract run* for a
i number of montha jrrt. and If they
j find thr two )ol»a reautt In too much
work, they expect to give up the le
gitimate vehicle altogether and de
\ote their whole time to the pic
• a •
Country club fpw are numernua
lln "Mr- !«eff)ngwr|ra Ikiota. ' with
Tatmadge. at the Htrand.
Polo In featured and 'killed hor*r
m.inahip la ahown in aoma of tlteae
I aceneo Trnnla im another game in
| dulged In by frunda of "Bn
I flncwell." who beromea in
a aoelety ml tup thru tha purchaee
of extravagant clothea
a a a
A pennileaa Itrltlih nobleman, rr
trteving hia a haltered fortune* |n
the prise ring an*l on the rare
SmI«I Hint Ipahioh I o%| \|ore M»f«
llntii American I «ih» In Itatllc.
Ilangrr Nul O%er. l«rcol I are
V»i rvun To l*re%ent
further OulJireah
Tin- appalling im\ u k of Mpanlah
Influrnaa tn thi* i otinlfy *r» p**r
hflfi boat realised b> tit •
f ■ nth mad**, that wore dralh*
h«v« i •*•!! 11 »*d in Utile than ••
iti<>nth from thla dlaea»r than
through our whole rlglilr* II llionthp
!i>urtUipat i<>n in the hattlm of th«
'♦i luropran U *r
< r daiigrr nn* derlgrr
• •it It ••r 11 »e*. im ih • great American
t»n4**ni > tn fur*. « t raatly and •«» l»r
Ili-ve th>- prrll In »\*r Competent
anthorltir» claim th»» coming of cold
wi-athrr |« vr»r) apt to bring « '•
turn of thla dlaeaa«- arid there
ahould be n - I*t -up throughout thr
winter month* of thr following
il> ohatrvi-d tirnsuiionn. retnembrr -
»i»* ihai Inffurnva m far ranler to
prr\ ent t Imn run
Influrnin is u rmwd diaraur
Avoid i rowdi aa much »a poaaibl#
liifhimsa germa sprrad whm iiiii<»
runt or • ardraa pfimma *nr*-»r or
totiKh without ualng « handkrr
I hlef t *o\ r r up *arh • oU|H "f
Do not -pit on thr floor
, aidewalk in atrret <ara or publh
1 pta* ea Avoid th»« u«** of common
.drinking cup* and roller toweli in
ptihllr pI m ■ a Itrrathr lomr f
j tiabt** germicidal anil antlaeptjc air
to dr«trn> thr itrrutN that do find
lodauo'nt in your noir and thr*»at
Itamrmhri n-> aafrr prr< aution
• lnflm-nsa could h«- •rn
oi«iV»'d tn ttii* mannrr than to K»-t
from th« nrarrat drwa "torr a com
; pIMt- Ii > oio «* i tnitfit ««>nalatins of a
1 DOttlr of th«* Purr oil of ||>ofnr
a lot a litfl»» Nmt'porkrt hard rul)
I 1" r inhahnic drvlii-, into w hhh a
few drop* of ih»' oil arr poured
| Vou ahould «arr> thia Inhalrr about
with tint durin« th*- da> and •••' h
I half hour or mo put it in youi
I mouth and ilraw d«*«-i> t*r«-atha of ita
purr, hraliucf ®rrm u hnn air into
th« pa«*a|ea of >»iur n< throat
;and I unaa
fl> •|>-at rnyiritf grfma brfora thrv
ia«tuall> begin w-.il in your blood.
J> on ma> make vouiarlf pra« ti< ally
Immuna to Into t .on
All (limi* DUKifratloni al»"tit Hpan
! iah Influrnaa ar<- aquall> tru«* tn thr
pr«-\rntion of colli« ratarrh of noa»*
and throat. bron- hltta *nd rvrn
our union la fo.n't br<i»mr raralaaa
|)ii your pait KTp thr i»rrma
I awa> Vou may aav• youreatf a
1 aerioua lllnraa and th«- loaa uf ar\•
rral *rek« work liartrll 1 jrug «*o
• < our**. in the ctntriil figure In Ihf
inrliMtrumM. 'Sporting » pho
icipUv |>U> « rammed full of •idling
'incident*, which In running thli
wrrk «t the Cidlaeum
• • •
Charlie Chaplin «nd Hill 11 •rt aire
i running a nr« k and neck race for
i |K#pul*rtty *t the thin wffk
llart l« *rr« In i \S Miwn dram*
The lleturn of I>raw Kgan." In
Mhich he ha* u W«t#rll had man
character. and Httplln appear* *■ a
iMhrr in "ItoUgh <trid l»>n*mltr '
! HuuM-wi\rn Nrn ponri€thing new in
1 die linr of doughnut making from
j the rnrrgetl<* ChtrlM
•• • »
Method • u*ed by the old time ltu»
«Un per ret police in persecuting the
J#»w« fi»rm the plot m.itertAl for The
Yellow Ticket." Marring Fannie
. Wprd. at the Colonial The yellow
'ticket. In thr po*»es*ton of women
jof the underworld, guaranteed thrm
agalnut polk e Interfrrence. The
*tory concern» a young Jewepp of
, strict morwl training and excellent
upbringing. who la forced to give
I herarlf the reputation of a women
I of doubtful occupation in order to pe
' tjjv the protection ot lit* yellow
I pa* tr board
• • •
Crook* and policemen pit their
wlta «gnln*t earh nther In 'Th»
Midnight Patrol." which rk>ee* it*
run nt the Mi union Friday run hi
<"rlm* haunt* and aerret under
world headquarter* with law and or
der hHitllnir the horde* of crime, fur
nlah the malaria) for thin Oram*
•tarring the work of the I<oa An
pin detective corp*
• • •
A nomadic hemlne on a blryrl* 1*
Dorothy (Jl*h. In her role aa "Itat
tllng Jane " running at the I.lberly
until Hnturilay night Jane helpa to
put a *mall town "over the top" In
It* war atamp drive anil find* time
to fight the battle* of an adopted
• • a
Mmr Nadmova. Ruaalan arlre**.
Will be «een In "An Kye for an Eye,"
whlrh open* at the t'lemmer Satur
day Mltrhell I.ewl*. In the role of
a Krenrh Canadian trapper, will ap
pear for the laat time Friday In
"Nine Tenth* of the Uw."
atenmahlp line*. the Clyde. MaJlory.
Merchant* A Miner* and Southern
Steamahlp romiwiny, (Ak*n over by
the federal government 'April 13.
have hern releaaed from government
control by the order of Director Gen
eral McAdoo
F. K IMner. of KdmovMlK. haa aak
ed the Seattle police to find hi* wife
and S year-Old daughter. He claim*
they nold hi* furniture, valued at
$750, and ran away with the money.
Mm. ArrhlliaJd Whiting, formerly
Mine Myrtle Ellen Ilenjamln, of Seat
tle. in dead of Influent at Winnipeg.
Mimidi of the Stomach
From Indirection Relieved
in Two Minuteti.
Perfectly Harmless.
Absolutely (Guaranteed
We will arm! tn any addreaa a On*
Dollar hoi of our atomarh prepara
tion. Jo to. you to tun It for It day*
on approrai. at which time you ar*
to Mind oa One Dollar or return tha
unuaed portion.
TVllevm Uaa. Sour Rtflttarh (hwart
hum), IWilchlnc. Swellln* and Full
Keelln* no frequently roinplained of
after -neaia In Two Minute* AUnoat
Inatant relief from pain* In the itom
arh i-atiaed by undlgeated food.
Itelllnffham Chemical Co., 11D K Ilol
ly Street, Itelllnnham, Waalv
,You inay aend me a One I><Alar box
of Jo tn. It la expreaaly underatuod
that t am In no way obligated to keep
name If I am not perfectly aaUaftod
with the reaulta obtained from Ita uaa
after SO daya' trial. I am then at lib
erty to return the ho* with the un
uaed portion or aend you One Dollar.
Satisfactory Terms Alwavs
THE Grote-Ran kin CO.
OTTO r. HEGEL. Pros,dent
Whether You Choose
to give this Christmas it will be a most charming gift
1/ft muf<ic help you celebrate Christmas properly—music does things that noth
injf else can do, and this year, with peace already here, music should have more than
its share in every Christmas.
Victrola*. Ilrunswirks and Columbia* are here in all sizes and finishes. Make
your selection now and we will deliver it now or Christmas eve.
Sold on small weekly or monthly payments.
Felt Back
" feljf LINOLEUM
m § Special Prices
|"J[|s Iff I A numljer of rolls of this serviceable floor cover-
CWnfflflr i •Juf* ' ,lK ' ,su ' la^'e or kitchen, pantry, bath room or dining
■lll 111 I (jul If room, have prices reduced for Saturday.
■ 11111 1 '4 B PI These are especially attractive designs—the quality
j "SBC*? | W '" ** V<% PXce " ent serv ' ce - Priced special, the square
J, n Vacuum Bottles
w II Make Practical Gifts a—^
Q Vacuum bottles partake of excep
tional usefulness to the outdoor per- a
Matioaanv 80,1 - camper, or man who takes his mLSK
ivianogany ]unch work
Arm Chair They come in two sizes: Pints
_ . are priced >3.50, and quarts 95.25. KgSaglß
Special $12.75 The Caps are equipped with de
tachable handle. Extra caps comc in
The superior finish and s f* ,s f° ur at 91.60, and sets of
unusual design will make $2.20.
this mahogany Arm Chair a i HSSE^H
very appropriate gift for the
We twelve
they are priced, ea., 912.75.
Grote-Rankin Pike and Fifth Grote-Rankin
Are at "The Sporting Goods Store"
Brins the Kiddies down Saturday to see Him
Jj and the Fine Line of
( $w Toys, Games, Dolls and Wagons
That Are on Display in Our Toy Section.
Itapld-Flre (annnn, *hontx real wooden ammu
nit ion, at . ?lk
WMdm 4nlm«ln. mounted on wheel*. movable
head*, at 65e
fillbert'a Meebanlral Toy*—-Ambulance*. Delivery
t.*ar*. Auto RiCiri, U. S Mail OOe, Hsc, fl.oo
I.esia Tom. the disappearing Riin fIM
ffIHH "Knlrj" Rubber Hall*. 4to 8-Inch Pir.es,
mi to >i.r.
nMhII Tinker Toys. f> different *rt»
lOr to 91.00
|K] W Popular (iaaei Tiddly
mpß wlnka Old Maid*
CiIEIvWVOWHPIIMHWD Author*. Snap, Humnie.
AAA A.'AAAAi Anajrrama and ivicr
~ Coddles . :iSr
You need it-
We .sell it 9
The Lever J|
vfdmmtisfy I
fountain Pen V
PRICES $2.50 TO $12.00 B
l.lonel Kleetrle Train*. ArMarH Mtltr Car
»T.OO to IM.M
Kxlra switches. track, lamp post*. sema
phores, tunnels nria transformers.
(illbrrt'a Klretrk-al Srla for the hoy'a elec
trtoal knowledge iI.BS to (10.00
(Jlbrrl'i Clrnlatrf Outfit*. complete
»I.SO to f.VOO
(•lltifrt*. Wood Turning l.afke ft.t.oo
lilllirrt'a Wood Turning rianta 9H.00
Mruri.i *' %uto Itullder" Outfit. Hoys, con
struct y.'iir own toy automobile. Complete
get of auto parts »a.oo and fl«.oo
llnll-doK style 91.75
Pen lluhi 91.50
\ e*t Kocket style 91.10
Mlner'a stylo 92.50
llaky Tubular 91.50
Holme l.licht 93.00
llojd' Jack Knlvei, two
blades, Kunrantccd ste«»l
Boya* t haln Knit en, guar
anteed 90c
\rni!» Knlten, three and
four blades 91.75 to 90.50
Pearl-handled Ten Knl\r«,
best steel. . . 75c t«> 96.00
.loftcph Itodaem (Sheffield,
Khk > It nit cm
91.00 to 910.041
"The Sporting (JooAs Store"
1107-1109 Second Avenue
Hoi Ins GUtn. per set...
1240 to 912.00
Hnyn' l!a>rball Mltta, special
value at !»&«•
Koot tinlla, the boy's real
K'ft 91.25 to «M.OO
IHimhhclU and Indian
t'luba, pair . . 40e to 91.25
I'(inching naga.. 93 to 910
Indoor Haaeballa, 50 to 92
Town and rountry l.eatbrr
«.olf and (Milinu t ontn
910.50 to 925.00
i hamola \ rata, 97.50 to 915
and Men'n Mldd.r
flwratrrai nil woo), in
school colors, spcrlal at
<Krl*' Athletic ftllpon
Nittrti .»ii wool
97.50 to 912.00
KnlUrd Scarf*. all wool..
llo>n* Knitted lit
school ruMrg, 75c to 91*50

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