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Polls Remain Open Till BP. ML Vote for Dr. Walter T. Christensen for Port Commissioner
Full Leased Wire of the United Tress
Complete Service of the Newspaper
Enterprise Association.
VOl.l'Mli 21. NO. 240
Parade This Afternoon and
Meeting Tonight Part of
Big Celebration
j reception of Hrttleh
j grma «o iwiunin* floor of ,
' ITuMwfnn hotel. Il l* a. m
j Leacheon In honor of *ue*ta
' Mr Ctamtwr of Oomnwrit mem
ber« council at MaaonU- dub. 13
Pan.!- Martins at I p m frrr-n
Flr*t ave. and Bell at. moving
Ktr«l to Jamra at. turning
mo Seeonrt »»«. tnarrhlng up
{B**n<l, and dlafeandlng at Btll,
| Dinner at Rainier rlub at t
> m . given to Brlttah gueata by
[/. A.
i Kaaa rMfUsf at the Aran*, at
T|k m . with everybody In S«at(l»
Iwttad. featuring lJoyd George
Aerun of ;50 \otr«a In conarrt
MM iMnwn br Op. Henry iHn
Mtlo. Rev. Mark A. Matthew*.
Mayor Ote Harmon and othera.
ti>ia*m the haad ef gssj
■rir wMi a nalistiai JeiauWca
•m. Seal tie. as nprmaial by
kg haix rllhfss, siliiianl
Mr distinguished visiters la
wMratlon of Britain day Satar-
With a reception luncheon, dinner
at parade, concluding with a mass
Mtting open to the public In the
rvtalng at the Arena, a program,
tetk formal and energetic. is being
•fried out.
Poilowtng formal reception of the
■Mats. which include Britain's high
M military and naval r»preeenta
trm. at 11 JO at the Hotel Waahing
tn. the party of guests and recep
ttn committee of dry notables pro
r—did to the Masonic club Here
Qm guests and committee were en
Mined at a luncheon given by the
Makers' council of the Chamber of
RrMah Flags
The flag of Britain was floating
ftsm nearly every large flagstaff
firing the American flag In the city,
•as of the many tributea paid the vis
Mag representatives of America's
aetrr nation.
At the. Masonic club luncheon, in
a brief address. Mayor Ole llanson
tttoralied the gratitude of America
hi (eiwraj. awl Seattle In particular,
ts the nation whose mighty navy
WtUsd up the fierman fleet.
Rpsaklng In behalf of the Cham
Wv of Commerce members' council.
If attained on Pag* Poor)
J Cut out this review of the vteWs news and mail it to
. totdim, sailors or other Seattlrites away from home
■ i - cut he rue—— ■ —.———
The Seattle Star
Weakly News Isdtsr far Mm la Pfcutee
Laitruaca roll*** Is pltaned for
t>r. Kdwin J. lirown, local pofl-
JteUn, called before county *rand
WT to testify f>n hid charg»-» or
t in county office*.
Tom Mooney atrikc postponed by
Jjttrai Council at fquMt of
■aoney I >+(+Titt* league. league
••t Unf affect of I>enamore eipoae.
■Jflnf Liberty bonda from abipyard
"trkeri at big dlMount
Washington regiment* In France
* in Germany, according to
*>'• In Palace nip theatre reaolta
'« 11.600 damag"
William Qottateln. P»attle realty
found guilty of murder in ;
i, 1 ? 1 *harged with killing
Murray, n« ar J>e* Moines, Oc
jJLl** coun'y Minute Men start
»# 2 - or expense fund for
.i <Suf,n K I 91' J. Shipyard work*
./^® v *«t»ifate re««K.n for contin
•ae* of tfc, organization alnce the
w » f Ua ended.
J"**""" Run-la. 32, ahipyard work- j
»'/*■?• POlaon over wife'* ln
• View cemetery; die*.
r*r 11 ri #• deal f tm hanging
fl«» victim, leave*
Worth of Hun w«f bond*.
%ir before I', h. went into
*w2id!L ,r . h iF h '"otball
»«« defeat« i raokhn 13 to 0.
First Lieut. A. K. Holland, avis,
lion umltf. loft Seattle Saturday at
10 3# a. m. In the C'urtiss bl plans
with which he designated the future
route of Pacific roast atrial malla
between S*jrrimrnto, Cal . and He
Th» year old lieutenant, who
made a flight of 745 mllss In II
boon and 17 minute* between the
two roaat points early In the week,
departed with the intention* of sub
muting to tb« porta* authorities a
detailed report on the feasibility of
the proposed aerial mall route along
(ho Pacific roaat.
"I think the plan, not only prac
tical. but essential if there la any
meaning in the word progress."
Lieut. Hogland said, before leaving
Uent. Hogland climbed into his
airplane shortly after 10:29.
Supply men and mechanics had
been busted for hours tightening
stays and wires and filling the gas
oline and oil receptacles.
Lieut. Hogland waved hie hand to
the spectators before starting his
motor. He arose wllii a long, easy
slant, and after a circle, headed
The lieutenant Intends to make
but one stop on the return trip, at
Kugene. Ore. He will stop overnight
at Eugene, leaving Sunday morning
and nrrlvlng at Sacramento late
Or« C"i wind Northweat gridiron
title. defeating Waahlngton. 7 to 0.
Mayor ffanaon returna from Jaunt
to Spokane Ilia reconat ruction
plana rMtlrid big boo»t In l ix'
plan* received big booat In Kaat-
Hervice flag of f.Ol atara dedicated
al Kiral J'reab) terlan chur<h.
Tie aaln neta Belgian relief
Haven men arreated on (ambling
charge In the I'rary building.
Demobilization of Varalty goba
under way.
City council paaaea emergency or
dinance mal.ing Influenza <|uaran
Clarence U Heamea, apeclal aaalat
ant to the attorney general, hurt
when hit. by auto; removed to lioa
pital; out of danger
W. Olfford Jonea, of Sunaet Motor
Co. found d'ad with bullet hole thru
hla' head. Hulclde la coroner'a
nntaln day celebrated In Seattle
Batu rday.
Lincoln - Jtroadway champlonalilp
football game poatponcd by flu.
A K I'aolone, Heattlr tailor, nr
reated beruuae of hla peculiar «c*
Weara ault, of paper clothe*
Mare Jalnnd Marine football team
bcatK Camp I'erry, Hi to 0
Alvln Adam*, youthful murderer of
Milton Haiiatf, ««*» »cnt«n<- e -
The Seattle Star
guarded by the active presence of
Wm. Uenman at any Investigation
to be made into his sensational
dictaphone report, J. B. 1 >ensmore,
who Investigated the Mooney trials
for Secretary of Ivibor Wilson, will
return to Han Francisco.
This Interpretation of Secretary
Wilson's telegrams, announcing the
selection of Deri man to represent
the department of labor, was gen
eral here today.
The Han Francisco grand Jury,
which Secretary Wilson said was
not an Impartial body, may have
the sanction of the department now
that Denman and a special prose
cutor will lie present, Instead of
District Attorney Flckert, who was
named In the Densmore report.
Meanwhile, the Mooney strikes
which were ordered by many labor
bodies to begin December », as a
protest against the scheduled hang
ing of Thomas J. Mooney on De
comber 13, and which continued in
prospect when Mooney m sentence
was commuted to life imprisonment,
are being called off for the present.
There Is discussion, however, of
a general strike later on.
The appointment of Denman to
conduct the Flckert probe was an
nounced In a letter from Secretary
Wilson to Mayor Holph. Secretary
Wilson promised the fullest co
operation on the part of the special
Secretary Wilson has also ap
pealed to labor not to continue
their plans for a general strike In
Mooney'* behalf.
"No strike," says his appeal, "can
give a fair trial to Mooney, nor
will It produce a particle of evl
dence that will be helpful In se
curing Justice."
Dispatches frntn Waxhlnctnn state
that Frank I'. Walsh, former Joint
chairman of the national war labor
board, will tour the country In the
defense of Mooney.
Maid-done. Kuklhihl, wllli a pop 11
lation of J.'i.'pfin. has subscribed sj,
000,000 lu national wur bonds.
r.nt.r.il M lU.oml Claaa Miliar «. IIM, «l «h« »*Ml«fft» »t MraltU. With. unil.r Ih. AM iif lson«r»aa »lar*H I. 11T»
ABOVE —The fighting top of the U. S. S. Wyoming, exclu>
•ively photographed by H. E. Bechtol, European manager
of Newspaper Enterprise Association. From the deck during
the surrender. The men are at battle stations, with every gun
trained on the German ships.
BELOW —German submarines at Parkeston Quay. Germans
who manned these boats when they surrendered are in the
foreground. British officers talking with the submarine officers
preparatory to inspection.
This government would secure the
establishment of a minimum contra
band list, and a definite blockade
(In the latter proposition is seen a
move against future submarine war
President Wilson, in the belief of
friend*. will make at least one public
address In Kngland. It is understood
he will l*» given an honorary degree
In Oxford university, and it Is re
garded as probable he will make this
the occasion for his speech.
The Impression prevail* that In hi*
npeech he will define hi* ideas of free
dom of the sens.
While thi-io has been no official
comment on Winston Churchill'*
speech, in which he declared the
I'.ritlsh navy would not be reduced
in si sc. it I* believed President Wil
son holds all the powers mu*t make
sacrifice*, it they sincerely desire a
Just peace.
The nation* must follow a policy
of "giving In" in the Interest* of
such a peace
CrHild Hold Our Own

Should the present world poliry of
competitive armaments be contin
tied, the (Tnlted States could do more
. than hold Its own, with It* new ship
yards, its trained nhipbullder* by the
thousands and It* great o*timated
quantitle* of raw material*, accord
ing to the unofficial Information.
Churchill'* declaration that Kng
land would not yield Its sea su
premacy was read with interest
ahroard the peace ship, when re
celved by wlreles*. The president
probably will voice his view on this
point later.
The sea continues rough. At the
| time of filing till* message, the
(Jeorge Washington wa* 750 miles
due cast of Washington. The
(I nited Pre** Correspondent*
i.-Hlly WirHxw to the lnlli«d
Prrevj—Tlir I ruled It I*
umkruM, want* a deftfilt* liw
fiinnuUlMl *4 Ihe «*mferenc«» ee
tlMrifttal Uw *cu.« a* an Interna
lsvial lilghw a> . governed by the
law of ail ftfdomi rmubiiwd—
not by Individual nation*.
weather Is winner. The president's
cold i* better
A* the president doe* not want to
arrive in Pari* before December 14,
ho may stop over ut the Azores, but
thl« has not been decided.
WASHINGTON. I >ec. 7. Preai
dent Wilson's position toward arma
merits, particularly naval, will pre
<lp|t.ato a lively di*cu**ion with Kng
land, hi* friend* believe
Whether this discussion gets Into
the o(»en remain* to be seen. Hut
the prealdent's plan when he left
here was to air hi* view* In a
speech *««>n after arriving abroad, it
is said.
The president will intimnte that
(J rest Hrltain should accede to hi*
proposal "for a pooled international
police fleet or expect naval building
l(«>use republican* have decide*! to
hold up appropriations for further
naval construction, pending settle
ment of the issuna at the peace
"I would not like to see any other
country make a larger contribution
to a league of nation* than our own
will make,*' said Chairman Padgett
of the house committee
Padgett strongly expressed the l»e
lief that Hritain will not reduce her
naval armament.
M I am inclined to think the peace
of the world would be better Insured
If the two countries had equal naval
strength Instead of one predomiruit
ing." said Representative Kelly of
British to Demand
40 Billion Payment
I«ONIK">N. I>or. 7. Tl»> Mull .-my*
It tiiulrraUindfi that Lloyd OporK<". In
a Hpwt'h at I.wiln today, will declare
that tii-rat Hrttaln will demand
r« non.nitn.onn i|«n nno.oon.anoi indem
olty from Germany, and that France
will demand even wore than that.
With 11 lnfluen*a death* reported
for Friday, and 215 new case* report
ed Saturday morning. City Health
Commi**loner Mc Bride warned Sat
urday that the public, in behalf of it*
own health. must co-operate with the
health department to insure that the
disease doc* not reach epidemic pro
portions again.
A continuous pr<xw« of placarding
house* and isolating individual influ
enza caum will be maintained l»y the
city, with a corps of between Ift and
2S men working continuously.
With the daily report* of influenza
cases, physicians mu*t now tele
phone the complete name and ad
dreaa of the *ufferer. in order that
the health department may quaran
tine each ca*e.
lletter ventilation Is one of the pre
requisites of health In the present
emergency. *ay* l»r. Mdtrlde Street
car win<low* mu*t l>e kept largely
open, aave In ca*ea where rain might
enter The public is aaked not to
harass ntreet car conductor* by at
tempting to cloae the windows in
I>r. Mcßride states Saturday that
the health department i* in urgent
need of trained nume* and nurse*'
aid*, to work In the old courthouse
emergency hospital and city hos
Cases which come to these place*
nre t on the average, more desperate
than others. I >r. Mcßride says
Attention Is called by the health
department to the vaccine Mtations
maintained by the city, where Inoc
ulation against influenza may be oh
tained. The vaccine i* efficient, and
reduce* danger to the lowest mini*
mum. according to city physician*,
who have observed and Htudlcd it*
action for several month*.
POKTIjANI). IK*c. 6. Pending the
government'h "Inventigntlon of the
charge of fraud in the Mooney
trial," Port In nd union nwn will not
Htrike in behalf of Thouias J. Moo
Par Twr. br Mall. II N la K M
Weather Fwrcasl:
(lly I nitrd f»rraa l**»rd H'irr, Hirrct to Thr Star)
LEEDS, Eng.. Dec. 7.—(Noon)—"The British at this
moment are crossing the Rhine," Lloyd George announced
in a speech here today.
That the allied armies of occupation in Germany will
face the necessity of quieting riots and outbreaks in various
German cities along the Rhine, is evidenced today by reports
describing fighting in Teuton towns. In which many were
killed. Demonstrations of various kinds have taken place
and the spirit of unrest seems to be on the increase in
BERNE >*<• "■ The entire
executive committee of the I'nlorv
of Workmen a and Soldier* aovlete '
wan arreatrd and Imprisoned by aol ,
dlera yeateeday. a Berlin dispatch ,
reported today
Armed aoldlera and milor*. mw
«d before the chancellor'a palace
I laat nljrht. proclaimed Chancellor
I ITbert preeident of the "German re- i
t pohhe." ■mwiHii* te ttertln Mvlw.
lUotlnc haa taken plai-e In Co- .
f lorn* and Mains, other r»porta
i atute In Malnx aereml persona
i were killed In irtreet flifhtln*. It j
waa declared, and ahopa were plun J
ile red.
American troop* are semi official
ly reported to have occupied Mains
and the British have entered Co
logne. Whether the rioting report
rd took place before the silled en
trance or after, has not as yet been
10,000 KILLED
LAI'HAN'N'E. Switzerland. Dec. 7.
—Forces of the I'kralnlan national
union have occupied Kleff, after a
severe battle. In which the (casual
ties totalled 18,000. according to dis
patched received from Kieff by the
t'kranlan bureau here today.
Among those killed were Oen.
Skoropadskl. hetman of the Vkraine,
and 500 Hussian officers.
The national union, the dispatches
■aid, now control* all of I'kraine.
Skoropadskl, backed by the Oer
mans, been me virtual dictator of the
Vkraine when that district seceded
from Uussla and became an inde
pendent republic. The peasants re
volted when Cermaji troops began to
*ei»e their grain and live stock, and
were soon stopped by the workmen,
who tied up transportation and In
dustry of the country with a general
The national union, formed by the
I'kralnlan proletariat, is not definite
ly pro-ally, but is Intensely anti-Oer
Withdrawal of Herman troops
from the I'kraine apparently gave
the union the opportunity to over
throw and sel*e the government.
Britisher and His
Sisters Found New
Chair of Politics
IvONDON, D*c. 7.-Maj, David
Davien, mtmlwr of parliament, and
his sisters, have donated 20.000
pounds ($100,000) to Wales university,
to found a professorship of Interna
tlonal politics. They announced they
hope the chair will he "associated
with the Illustrious name of Wood
row Wilson."
Hun Prince Signs
Abdication Paper
lIERI.IN, Dec. 7 The Wolff agen
cy publishes the abdication of Crown
Prince Krledrlch Wllhelm. dated at
Wlerengen, IH»cember 1. It roads:
"1 formally and definitely renounce
the Imperial crown, which might
come to me thru abdication of the
kaiser and king, or other legitimate
Hohenzollerns Are
No Longer Immune
IjONDON, Dec. 7.—The Herman
government has withdrawn the privi
lege <>f immunity from the law held
by inrmU'r* of the Hohemollern fam
Hy, according to h Central News dis
piklcii from iicrliu.
Tonl«M an* Hun4*r. rain; fraah
Ifi Hi runs I'.ulh'lui'rlx wind*.
COPENHAGEN. Dec. 7.—Germany
haa Bent a note I* lUenwh declar
mr that aiie te mi th* rerge of
"It la BtMur we imtlj rrdun
dot ration* up to nibrnwr. »h»n
our cereals were exhausted." the
note said. "The present supply U
only one-third of normal.
"Austria has not food enough to
last a month. Vienna Is without coal.
It will be necegnary shortly to c«a.m
railway traffic, put out street lights
snd clone a number of schools and
Kurt Eisner Says
He'll Prove Bill
as Author of War
BERNE. Dec. 7.—Kurt Rlanar,
head of the Bavarian government.
has promised the Bavarian council
that he will publish war offlca docu
ments with marginal comments In
the former kaiser's handwriting,
which will convict Wflhelm of re
sponsibility for starting the war.
German newspapers report that
tha soldiers" council has decided to
support the Ebert-Haase govern
A dispatch from Berlin says that
democratic Herman people's parties
have been combined.
Prince Adelbert
Supports Ebert
BBRL.IN. Dec. 7.—Prince Adel
bert. son of the former kaiser, has
telegraphed from Kiel that he will
support Chancellor Hbert's govern
Protests Against
Wilhelms' Seizure
OOPENHACSEN, l>c. 7.—The Ber
lin Lokal protests that Hoi
land has no right to extradite tha
former kaiser.
Begin Disarming
Mackenzen Army
BRRLIN. Dec. 7.—Dlwrmamont
of Field Marshal Mackenzen's llul.
kan army baa bffitn.
WASHINGTON. I>ec. 7—Nino
million pounds of candy were bought
this week for the army overseas,
along with 565.000 gallons of pickles.
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