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I have perfected my THOROCAIN method of painless dentistry. To-
day you need have no fear of the dental chair. The torture which you
have thought to be inseparable from dentistry is no more. THOROCAIN
has banished it forever. 1 o prove it I will extract teeth for any and all
who come to me for the next eight days absolutely free. Bring your
decayed teeth to me. I will remove them so painlessly and so effec
tively that you will not know it is being done.
FOR years I have been experiment
ing and studying to perfect a
method whereby pain would be ban
ished from the dental chair. I have
succeeded and THOBOCAIN is the
result. It has been thoroughly test
ed. It is perfect. At no time—be
fore. during or after the dental oper
ation—does the patient experience
the slightest twinge of pain. In the
past few weeks scores of patients in
my office have experienced the bless
ing of THOROCAIN. Without a sin
gle exception they expressed them
selves «vs <yjrpri>ed and delighted.
NOW, in order that the people of
Seattle may know- of the bless-
ing of THOROCAIN. I have de
cided to give a* many as care to come
the opportunity to test for themselves
Hltrcinnint tomorrow. Saturday, I will rtlrart
■II terth pdnlwly ami without rhtri*. Com*
and prn\r that THOItOt \IN main nbwlutu
DR. WM. H.
PIONEER r " n " T H"' and V<*lrr Waj
DENTIST *' vrT Stor*
Turrell's Removal
Shoe Sale
Not a Pair of These Sale Shoes to Be Moved to
Our New Location at 1001-1003 Second Ave.
This sale affords an opportunity to secure our high-grade footwear at
exceptionally #oo<l bargains. The phenomenal success of the sale attests the :
confidence of Seattle and community in our merchandise and in our business \
principles. We represent the merchandise and the prices in exact accordance with |» f* /
facta J;
Despite the heavy selling of the pa«t few days the assortment of styles ~ tl t- /
and sizes is still almost unbroken. Pri 'e quotations given here are very in- Vr££. v" T° /
:omplete—they are ju.it to give you an idea of the savings you can make. ~ r f- L I
Ladies' Department J; /: /• \
Black kid and patent leather vamps Laird's $lO.OO Patent Leather . /» / L«
with white kid tops, Louis\V. heels. broken sizes $4.5!» •
But ton and lace styles. Shoes B|j|d| Rid and ( a |fskin Shoes in a biff pf h' / A f
of $15.00 to $17.50 values $w.M.» assortment of styles. Regular SH. 50 ✓
Splendid $lO.OO Shoes in field mouse. |o „ ~0 0 *1.85 to 91 O.MS WJ> />
brown and ffray kid. Ileels of every [ !
type in vogue fS.MS Black Skating Shoes, worth $6 S2.MS
Tan Outing Shoes, worth SH. 50 to $12.00 S-i.MS to $6.M5 •r.'.iur. ■*« '""fr==J
Men's Department
Sale Shoes include styles for every use. We call particular attention to the
'' following attractive numbers:
I \ Dress v Shoes in patent leather and black kid from Johnston & Murphy and A. K.
I Nettleton Co. Button and lace styles; $1 J.OO and $15.00 values 98.M5
Johnston & Murphy Black Kid Street Shoes with full toes—shoes you have will
| \ ingly paid $14.00 for JjlO.Mo
V Heavier Calfskin Shoes with double sobs. Straight lasts. J. & M. and Nettleton
Shoes of $15.00 value $0.85
Other styles range in price from 92.45 (for (Jolf Shoes) to 912.M5.
><vv Very pleasing savings are also to b* found in the Children's Departments.
i Conditions of Sale—Exchanges limited to three days from date of purchase.
\ So exchange after 12 o'clock noon. No refunds and no goods credited to ac-
"The House of Service"
altsolutely without cost, its absolute
efficacy. I will extract teeth for the
next eight days without cost by
means of my discovery. Bring your
bad teeth to me—whether one or
twentv-one—and I guarantee to take
them out for you without a twinge of
pain, without the slightest shock or
inconvenience. Neither will you be
under obligation of any kind to me.
THOBOCAIN is my own secret. It
is known to no other dentist
alive. Ily means of it I can perform
the most delicate and difficult dental
operation without the slightest pain
or shock. Vet no deadening of the
senses takes place, and no harmful or
poisonous drugs are used. You re
main actively awake, conscious of all
that is going on. Only the tooth goes
to sleep.
A L. Henderson of 31 I' l*lne *t
aantemed, Wr«ln**Mii»i by Municipal
Judge John 1 1 Gordon to 30 dny< In
the city Jail ami a $lOO fine, for atrlk
I>lK Ilia Wife on tile head Willi II poker
er, ha* fi««• I a Mute charge of a*««ult
In the third filed agalnat hlin
by Inputs prosecuting Attorney Kv»
Everett Ellis
Made to Measure
by Union Tailors
Good Old Dundee
At Price* Lower Than
Seem Necessary
A visit to our shop
will prove this
not Pikf St.
OLYMPIA Jan 10 The Mate
I council of defenae ha* r|<»wi| lfnv
11 ik f 111*--! In the km* during tin* w n
allien the last legislature, tin* work
of the round I In done.
Dr. Henry Suzzallo, chairman,
will appoint a Mtatf wide committee
1 to work out plaint for a contlntiou*
' , Americanization policy for Wa*h*
Washington Thla wan ili'i In Gov.
Lister's offu - r ThuittUy it* dun.*
will !»•' to orK-mlr.i* mil keep K"lug
ii 4 .IIII|»;iIflTfl of Americanism • |m <■ i
iii\ among 'he f--f •ir i> i--i n >• -i
children of foreign horn
Stale count il of iltifcnufi offlrlaU
114 •ve al*o recommended tlinl all
l ounty an<l lo«.i| council* of ft«*f«• ri- «e
rutiiplctf their war work md • !«»►«•
■ ... J
opyrlglil, 191 M, liy the Nmm|ia|M-r
1-nterprlM- \«h4mU(loii
r, M
111 It sr Wlsll M V II SM
ii KftlMTft m sji ii mi
wl■ 1 m
"Don't l»* narrow, D-ftddy!" 1 aakl
lining up on hi* aide, nil uiuitl "Go
Into the aubject thoroly. do! J'II get
a book for you. 1 know one on
pay chic myatery that conuini over
UOO page*? Why, even aplrlt chll
dren have their nay nowaday*, tine
little girl aptrlt adrnonuhea her fim
ily not to pack five peraon* Into the
family auto, which waa built to hold
At thin. Paddy roared like a bol*
terou* l»oy, and. thu* encouraged I
went on like a bid little Kid
' Ami one of the moet popular of
d*cea**<J author* handa out thl«
'( nderatand that love la apirltual
and >ou underatand all ' A truth,
we muat admit, but hardly a re\ela
tion. In fact, aa old aa the hllla!"
'Hay, Dw' Vou ouKht to know
aomethlng about thla hualneaa, aee
Inir Idlola and the Inaane are your
"pec laity." aalU 1 Kiddy. "What'a
ImcK of all thla hunk'*"
Self hy pnotiain." Ccr
tela quietly.
KxplaJn that." dunindcN] 1 >addy
"Two biff facta ure attaated by In*
veatlgator* of the oulja board. Up
pirtK table*, thumping j lano atoola
»*iid auch hi la of athletic furniture,"
aald CVrtela. **One la that vary
hrineat |>eraona who do not dent re to
deceive Utemaelve* or other* do ac
tu.illy *|»e|t out iM»m«-tirne*
rather atartlins 'menage*' from
what they belle\e to lw ap.rlt rap
pina* Now. It la «u**erted by aclen
tlflc authorltlea that the*« oin r
atom never write anything whh h
wa* not *t«»r<~U up in their own
rnmd* to tx'gin with (irt that? In
their aubrortariou* rnlnd«,"
"Hure. 1 gr.uup that," I>addy aa
Then Tertela proceeded in hla ac
rloua manner:
"When Miaa Lo rimer learned
from a 'control* that Jim wo* to
have 99 plane* to hi* credit, ahe
wa* writing down her own Idea of
Jlm'a proweaa. Hhe had atored up
that wi*h for him In her aubcon
acloua mind, and It popped out
when ah«* didn't expect It. when *he
didn't e\en r«COfntM it aa her own
Idea f*
"And Jim ne\rr go t over there."
was I»add> n comment, "Your the*
ory sounda perfectly good to me,
Certela. CJuite reasonable. tiood
thing to know about, too. Seeing
how daffy people get over thin muff,
it h time they had a line on the truth
about it. Hilly to fool one* «rlf Hut
say, Chryl, If her Bi>anlsh majeaty
can't help ua about our fcrtunea for
1919, let'g ae© what the knowa about
the i».ut! Have you got her on the
Une mill?"
l'lainly, her majeaty waa atill with
ua. Chrys haU become ao etigrojiacd
with her new "control** that she
had failed to get Certel*' explanation
of the acjcnce of the thing
I'nder her fingers, the pointer waa
flying around with aatoniahing rapid
Ity, hitting the letter* of the alpha
bet with remarkable accural*. I
had stopped jotting down the letters
an they were Indicated, in order that
I might he.tr what the doctor had
to aay.
But Chrya didn't scold me. she
had played with her pet board ao
much that ahe waa an expert oa well
jxm an honeat and trusting reader of
! ita messages. Hhe made a nn»at re
markable picture oa ahe resumed
her seance, aitting atralght and
rigid opposite Klolse, whose slender i
! flngera alao touched the pointer
! Chrya' eyes were fixed on the]
board, her arm moved aa if the "con- ;
Urol" were pulling It about against |
[her will, and her voice rose and s
fell evenly, mechanically, aa ahe
j a pel led out the "mesaagen."
"Goodness gracioua! 1 hope ahe |
! lan't going Into a trance," 1 haid to
(To He Continued)
More Doughboys to
Arrive January 13
' 4t*th Infantry, fl.-ltl and Htaff, nu'dl j
• <-iil detachment, I 'lrnt nod Second
lialtallon* of the 83rd division, milled!
■liinu.iry 7 fr»m Kruno*. aboard the
Iraimport CplUp, and lit due in New ,
j York January 13.
J. A. Carlson, Heottle man, tnuy
not be tried in the federal district
court A demurrer to the Krand Jury [
Indictment charging him with intent
to u>e ucidit and chemical* for de
Htroying Bteamiihlp nnd railroad mi«-
chinery to prevent shipments of win
nuiterialH wan miMtained Thursday in
JudKe J. Neterer'n court. The
charge* were not properly net forth,
according to the Jud^e.
V on EASY 1
Men's Wool
Reduced for
Main Kloor, ICcar
/I '
Hwcater* for a dean ut» aale, are
Hwcater moduli f«»r men which
are adapted for all nwln Tin*
e tie offer* an •*« eptlonal oppoi
tunity for waving
9 jilnin knit rolliirli-n* HMr rut
rrn. iltfa 34 to 40. in Kfiiy only.
t ormrl l> |'. '>o ItrltlJ.nO to
20 Hllpover Hweater*. without
collar*. alxe* 36 to 40. in maroon
only. Formerly $5.00. Jtoduced
to 93.00
1 plain nrnrlet knit Hweater*
with collar*, "i*e '• only I-'or
rnerly 14 00. Iteduecd t< 13.R0
4 plain mat let knit f*weater
with collar*, In al*e 3tl only For
rnerly f.'i *O. l(edu< <*d to sil..'it)
2 plain near let knit Hweafer*
with collar*. In alxe «6 only. For
merly I "0 |{edu< cd to
72 atyla Sweater* In
atronr weave. *!*<•« Id to
4fl. In vray. maroon ami jrreen.
Formerly sfi 2*o. to
22 Hllp-over Hweatera with
ruffneck c<illara. altea 40 to 44,
In blue, irrny and maroon. For
merly s.' Kaduood to 95.00
22 plain knit Rwaafera with
collar*. nlxe« 3* to 4<l. In maroon,
irray and green. Formerly I*.SO.
fte.lu« « 1 to 95.00
* Huff neck Sweater*. *l*ea 3d
to 4*. in irray and brown For
merly $lO 50 Kedm ed t.. 90.50
21 Hweaier* In gray, irreen
and brown, aizea to 44 For
merly f9.&0. |{edu<e<j to 96.50
Women's $lO.OO £t)ool Sweaters
Reduced to $8.30
I p(MT Main Kluor.
Jk OROUP of fifty Wool iBHtW has br*n taken from t).<- |l|ttlir Stock for thin Bale. Tbfjr
»r«« in *t\le with larj;#* ooU;»r» and have plain or *a#«h belt effect- 2H to 46 are
ihown In plain Turquot#e, Purple. Coral. Kelly irr*»«»n. lU>**. Oxford and Maize,
den of contranting *hadra. Formerly $lO.OO. Saturday, choice
Germans Sunk 32
Japanese Vessels
TOKYO. Dec. 10 <Hy Mall.t—
Thirty-two Japanese ahlpa wr<« nunk
by Germany, according to Informa*
ti«»fi which uiui dlvul|«4 at the Kobe
Chamber of Commerce during a
meeting of repreaentailvea of Japan's
largeat shipowners.
The total tonnage lout amounted to
The meeting waa held to consider
what compensation : hould be exact
ed from CJermany for the loaaea.
A committee of three owners wan
choeen to determine the coat of the
ahlps. the amount of money they
would have earned had they not been
destroyed, the total relief fund* paid
out to the f.imilten of the ship*' lost
crew a, etc.
It la roughly emi-nated that the
Expectant Mothers
View Event Calmly
Tlmc llrlna* Kaowledae That by
tar of I'enetratlna llewrdy
Mlfferlnic I* % * olilr<t.
Thouaanda of women have found j
bv the nppltcatlon of Mother" a
I ilen<l. the penetrating external
remedy. prepared eapecially for ex
pe. taut mother*. that pain and stlf
fi ring at the. c-riaia la avoided and
that lit addition the monthn preceding
the rrlHiK urt free from nerViitianeaa.
nnunea, atretching and bearing-down
pain* and general dlacomfort.
Mother a Friend makes it poaaihle
f«>r the • vp« « tant mother to heraelf ;
actually aid nature in the ulortoun
work to In performed* iM no wmr* i
an should neglert to give nature a
helping hand. It will mean Infinite- ,
1> |eaa pain, and the houra at the.
• rial* will be le*a The period In I
one of • aim repose and reatful nlirhtn. j
Ity the une of Mother a Friend the
nl.in in kept H<>ft and natural, and
. penenced mother* nay that it ia
much better to keep jour health
and Mood look* during the period of
«• v pectam y than to try to regain I
them afterward.
Write the I trad field Regulator
Companv, l»ept. ' >, laimar Hlng . At
lanta. i Jeorgia. for their interesting
Motherhood Hook, and obtain a hot
th of Mother a Friend and begin Ita
une at once.
Dr. Kinu's New Discovery
has a fifty year record
behind it
It built It* reputation on it* pro ;
duct-lon of positive reaulU. on its I
mi renew* in relieving the throat Irri
t ution of colds. oouKhi, Rrippe and
bronchial attack*
"Dr. Kind's Now Discovery?")
Why, my folks wouldn't use any
thing pine!" That's the general na
tlon wide esteem in which this well ;
known remedy Ik held lln artlon 1
Ik prompt. tU taste pleasant. Its re
lief gratifying
Half a oentnry of eold nnd cough .
cheeking. Sold by druggists every
where. 60c and $ 1.20.
Howell Out of Kilter?
That's liiture culling for relief.'
Ast-ixl her In her d:tllj duties with
I >i. Kinu's New l.lfo I'llls Xot a
purgative 111 the usual dose, but a
"mild, effective, corrective, laxative
tli.it teases the liowels lIIU4 action
aiid ciiuso* "bluua." <tua I
«7/?e Rhodes Co.
Store Hours 9A.M.t05 P. M.
$24.50 and $29.50 ll)oo!
. Velour Coats
W ' $lO.OO
£ i '■ \ Hm-ovid I IfKir
( oats, which we have priced
, i if from the regular stock, are thus
iP'J '•" llru lly ieduced on account of
1 i Vy mottled dots appearing in the weave,
* which we consider a defect. This slight
lilemish will hardly affect the Coat
for service. Their usefulness to you,
however, will depend upon your judg
J They are trimmed with large plush
U ~ —H :in '' collars, side patch pockets,
"TTT plain and novelty belts, and are dis
played in navy, brown and Burgundy.
■" ~' Formerly $24.50 and $29.50. Choose
Saturday at $lO.OO
#5.75 and $4.95 J'ilk g louses
Reduced for Saturday to $3.95
t'pper Main Hour
MVTV modi Ik of Ot"rjctl» »n>l Cr> '1" Chlnr :n round. ?
J squar* nri>i V-Mok atjri* with baMM »ml «nbrol4*rjr
l »ikiih iii coiltrutine colon TfeM
) display whltr. flmh, mrilf trn»y, navy, brown and Krwn Kur i
( inert)- IS "5 and II »S. l>du-<-d for Saturday to ®3.9S ;
53.00 J'Hk and Cotton Mixed
Poplin Skirts Reduced to $3.75
Separate Skirt* wlK'tnl for thir s.ile on N.ituriiay feature
-V . I t< i.« and >-«k«- ••!■■■ lan furUm i nhinirt
fttk f.mry patch pockets and button trimming. The
color assortment Includes plain Copenhagen blue, rray. KTeen. car
r>et. brown, navy and black. In regular waist measures and all
amount of compensation to l«o de
natnderi from Germany will 1* about
200,000.000 yen.
OTTAWA. Ont.. Jan 10 -J. W.
Cleaver. Seattle, wan mentioned in
today's casualty list as a repatriated
prisoner of war.
The Last Day of the January
Houseware Sales
Many Items Greatly Reduced
Big assortments of Graniteware
on special price counters for 69c
and 98c.
Special price counters of Erie
Cast Iron Ware.
Specials on Laundry Soap and
Toilet Paper.
Reduced prices on Universal
Bread Makers.
Many special price items in the China and Glassware,
such as—
American Cut Class, China Cups and Saucers—
and other items.
There are many bargains that are not mentioned
here. It will pay you to visit the store and take
advantage of these hig values.
Creme Oil Soap
Special, 4 bars for . . ™
Regular Price I liars for 10c.
This is the famous Poet Bros. Co. Creme Oil Soap.
It is made of cocoanut and olive oils, which are rec
ognized as nature's finest and best cleaners. Creme
Oil is the ideal toilet soap. Special, -1 bars. . . 1270
40 - Watt Mazda
Globes for 35c
Use Mazda Globes and pet more <mJ I
light and smaller light bills. Mazda |
Globes give a soft, white light that y I
is easy on the eyes. 1 n
25- or 40-\vatt sizes, 0ach....35<* V «
Buy a carton of 5 lamps. A 9
New Snimil Floor
■ 11. AIK OB
■aa -« jKwtn.RD A
|m| A
D, * MO * D
:^4 ; tokmst
I __sr l»n »«W4 Am

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