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You Are Invited to This
Early Showing of Spring
f Models
Choose Now —
Pay Later
Every day new apparvl is
received for milady's admira
tion and selection. Heauti
ful examples of the design
er's art in Suits, Coats and
Dresses of the preferred ma
terials that lend themselves
gracefully to the very new
Our Credit Plan
Is one of the greatest aids
to a fashionable appear
ance for it allows you to
select the new styles now
and pay for them a little
at a time, by the week or
'J l) I month.
V > "Credit Gladly*
Easy Credit for Men
When men come here to
select their new Spring
Bradbury Suit or Over- Bk
coat they can profit ma- P j
terially by making the M
most of our liberal and
convenient credit
211 Union Street 1332-34 Second Avenue
| A DOT*Jty far dor (tarts ejerta
(f I match whan a button la preaaed.
U*hta It and bo Ms It for a man to
Mfftlt hi* dnr and then drops It
Into a tray.
It's Ironing Day
1} I When it looks dark to any
J Jl weak or ailing woman, if she
I #ML /| asks the advice of her neigh
' L CV/7 ten chances to one that
• good neighbor will tell her
Avln that * he wu < * ra *lfed down
- by the pains and ailments of
t, Mlll n L^K!sk^m / her sex, and was completely
cured by a prescription
.. *IV which Dr. Pierce of Buffalo,
A\ twAfl N. discovered and
j| made its ingredients
"Spr"'**'*''* namely, "Favonte
* \VV\ Prescription." When
'i*. \\\\vj a womJin complains
Pr if ffiS V °' backache, dizri-
I y®v n«w or pain—when
|//^ N e v e rytn i n g looks
Mack before her eyes—a dragging feeling or bearing-down,
with nervousness, she should turn to this "temperance,"
j herbal tonic, known as
Favorite Prescription
This is what many women write Dr. Pierce at the Invalids'
Hotel in Buffalo, N. Y.:
Anacortes, Wash.—"l was troubled with displacement for
a long time, causing backacho and those heavy bearing pains,
and my blood was in bad condition. I had no appetite and
was generally run down. I used Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription in connection with his "Pleasant Pellets' and was
completely restored to health. I always recommend Dr.
Pierce's medicines to all my friends."—MßS. A. KEESE,
Gen. Del.
All druggists—liquid or tablet form. Send Dr. Pierce's In
valids' Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y., 10c for large trial package.
■ L .Maine
I Taste one and you'll T°
I want another— 1
£ Why? Just look at the generous coating of X£'l. I^/^
the best grade of smooth vanilla chooolate, \ 7/y /
then notice the delicious creamy center mixed , v
P with natoral hucioos pineapple fruit. You
E newer imagined a taste so delightful. Try
Comma nity nana la>m in South
Dakota found only nine batbtuba In
four ooonttaa. bat tbay report that
91 par east of the paopla of U»a
four counflaa han motor can.
Powder and Rouge for High School Girls?
* * * * * *
Principal Rules "No"; Starts Discussion
N'FW TORK. rwb. 11 "No young
girl naada to uaa powder and paint r*
aaya Mlaa Jaan Hamilton, aacratary
at tha National League of Woman
"lf a bit of mora, a toonh of pow
(tor, will help to maka a girl attrao
tITO aha will raaort to tham in aplta
of any ona." aald Mlaa Murtal da
foraat of tha baauty brigade at tha
naw Capitol theatre.
California Asks for Copy of
Fish Code
That Japaneaa ara to ba forred
from control of tha food fishing lt>-
duatry In California by a law pat
terned aftar tba Washington ooda
waa Indicated In an airhaiura of tela
(ruu Friday brtwaan tba California
and Washington atata flab and tame
Tbta atata axcludaa from flshln*
all altenx who hare not declared
thalr Intention to baooma cltlaana.
cltiaenahlp la prohibited.
Armed with no such pruvlalon In
bar flahln* coda. California haa foand
that Japaneaa hare quietly and In
aidloualy aonnlred practical control
of tha food ftshln* Industry In that
atata accordln* to I- M. Danrtn.
atata flah and |um commissioner
for Washington.
"California la now to bold a vpaelal
amnion of Ita legislature to correct
this aril and pasa othar legtalatlon
prolactin* the atata against Japan
mm tnroada aloot othar commercial
Una*." aald Darwin.
Tha following telegram wma re
calrad by Darwtn from tba f iallfor
nla flah and gam* commission
"Has section «a of tba flaberlaa
ooda of Washington. providing that
no llcensa for catrlilng fowl flah
■h»n be issued to peraona not rltlxena
of tha I'nltad Htataa unlaw auch p«r
i<on baa declared hla Intention to ba
rorae a cltlxen. bean questioned In
tha court*? la thla law In conflict
with tha Jananaaa treatyT la It ba
in* enforced?"
Darwin replied Friday: "Tha au
preraa court of thla atata In tha oaaa
of ConstanU *». Darwin, aa flah com
mlssloner, upheld tha constitutional-
Ity of aactJon 4J of our flaberlaa coda,
and farther aald that tha right of the
atata to limit tha laauance of flah
tn* tlceiftaea to Amartcan dUxea* waa
"Wa are enforcln* thla Miction aa
against Japanese and all other alien*
and no claim haa be«n made to my
knowledga by tha Ja(>anea« *oreru
men t that thla provision ia In con
flict with our Jnpaneaa treaty."
Payne and Johnson
Nominations Filed
nomlnatlona of John Itarton I»ayna to
ba aacretary of tha Interior and Rob
ert Underwood Johnaon to ba am
baaaador to Italy were anion* a
number aent to tha senate today by
the president
To be colonel In corps of earfnears.
Lieut. Col. Herbert Dmkyne; to !*•
lieutenant colonel. Ma), (leorsa B.
Plllsbury; district superintendent*
coaat guard. John Kelly and Frank
Burnhara. IJncoln.
' Jt£ Af*
An aNlmatnm laaoad by Mlaa
Mauda 11. Ntlaos, aaalatant to III*
principal of I'ackar InstituU. Brook
lyn, that M»h arhool glrla attending
tha tnatltuta can nnt uaa rouga and
l"i<wWr umiwd tha dlnruaalon which
dlarloaad thaaa contraatlng oplnlotia.
Mia* Hamilton fidlowad up hrr
atalrmant that powder and rouga ara
unnacaaaary by aaylnir
"Mlaa Nalann la nulla right. Any
normal, healthy girl run have roay
Suffrage Leader Scores
Men Who Delayed Victory
CHICAGO. Fab. enemy
of woman mffrut la fly altlln*
on the »Iml of procraaa." Imulnlix
ha QUI command K "to rtrrolw no
mora and that II wOl obmy," Mrs.
Carrie Chapman catt pfaaldant at
the National Huffraea aaaoctatlon.
■aid la har opacilns addraaa at tba
nonvantlon of Um argmnliatlon ban
Mia Oatt Hwii tha hat tie ftir
tha fadaral auffrmca amrndmanl, rtt
ln« tha difftcultiaa which war* over
coma In aectirln* Ita pi—ia hy
consraaa and tn tha praaant fUlht for
ratification by the utataa.
Bha attack ad Hanatora Borah of
Idaho, af Naw York.
l*otnarana of Ohio and lßtcboock of
Nefcraaka. aa "rufualntr to rapraaarit
thatr utataa" tn tha Kill concraaa
Whan tha amendment failed to paaa
"Aa tha amendment needed bat a
alnrte rota tn tha Uth romrwa, tha
raaponalbtllty for Ita faOura to paaa
may ba laid upon any ona of tha
four," aha aald. "Thay not only pnt
thatr own atataa to tba arpanaa of
amtra aeaalona. but tha othar atataa
aa wall " 0
Mra Catt rallad upon itiOH|Wi
to rally to tha atipport of any gar
a mom who may ba attaefcad by their
political opponanta for brin»tn« tha
astra expanaa of * par la] aaaatona up
on thatr reaped Iva atataa.
"Whan a republican govat rior
ralla a apartal aaaalon tn ordar to
ratify ha maraly alonaa Mr tha In
explicable conduct of two inambara
of hta own party." Mra. Out Mid.
"Thay—not ha—ara h tamable for tha
fact that tba apartal aaaalon barama
mi iaiia l ji
Tha damoermUe |»ia not who
calla a apecial aaaalon only makra
honorabla amanda for tha mlarepra
aantatlon by inambara of hta own
party "
Kcoommandatlona formulatad by
aarloua commltteea oulllnln* tha fu
tura plana of tha laajrue of Woman
[ wtrSfo Cdld)
Don't itajr «ttifr«d-upf Quit
blowing and unuffMn*! A dnm of
"I'ape'a Cold Compound" Uikrn «iv
rry two hour* until (hreo doxia ar«t
takrn usually t>r<-»k» up a *«v«rc
cold and end* all *rtpp« inl«>Ty.
Th» very flrat doae nprna your
cloKKid-up noatrlla and the air pan
The Corporation
The greatest jurist of his time character
ized the corporation as a "body without
death —a mind without decline."
When a corporation like The Bank of Cali
fornia, N. A., has been appointed executor
of an estate, the testator may rest assured
that he has entrusted the execution of his
commands to an institution whose life
knows no termination and which will con
tinue to carry out his wishes in exact detail
long after he has joined the great majority.
Trust Department
The Bank of California
National Association
W< MUftrtu
rhaaka and bright ayaa that will
maka artificial a Ida rldlrtiloua. FYaah
air la tlia graateat aid to beauty
known, and tha girl who apanda liar
fraa tlina outdoor* la tha ona whoa*
cuinplaxlon la unlvaraally envied."
Mlaa IM 1-oreat takaa tha oppoalta
"I do not oara bow haalthy and
may chaakad a girl may be, aha
d>x-an"t want to go around with a
alilny noaar' la bar opinion.
t Votara will ba aubmlttad to tha
convention next week. Tliaaa raoom
mandatl>ina Includa a broad protrram
of educational and aocJal hygiene,
child welfare and food control work.
I'lana mada by tba cnnfaranca of
woman lawyara of tha country.
Which will ba praaanted to tba con
vention, tncluda atandardlxatlon of
all lawa concerning woman. lawi
affecting marriage, divorce, Inda
pandant dttaanahlp tor marrlad
woman, oontrol of wtraa* ««(■* and
mothara' panalona ware dlaruaaeil.
Buffrairtata wara Jubilant today
whan thay learned that Arllona haul
ratified tha fadaral amendmant. It
wma tha Hat alata to approra of tha
amendment. Klva mora ara needed
Suffrage laadara wara confident
thaaa flaa would ha procured before
tha convention adjourna nazt Wad
Boy Tell* Daddy
of Ma's Callers
KANSAS CITT. Feb. 11-l»re<ty
Mm H. O Brenner filed ault for non
aupport agalnat har huaband. Hut
tha caaa waa dlamlaae.l by Judge
Flamming whan Itrannar nana Into
court and I eat! fled: "My boy. age 4.
told ma that hla mamma had aome
aoldlar boy vlaltora. who aaU on her
lap. when 1 waa working nlghta."
These Crooks Add
Insult to Injury
IjONDON, Feb 11.- Burclara loot-
Ins a Twickenham home added Insult
to Injury by unchaining n doc. It
cot Into tha atreet tinmurxled and tha
earner waa fined 11.
From Um time of tha Greek
phlloaophara, Rpictmu and Itemoc
rlttia, until about 1100. heat waa
considered a form of matter.
"Uf* of the head; »tops oom run
ning ; relieves the headache, dtlll
n 9*n, feverlnhnexii, «neczing, sore
neae and uttffnrim.
'Tape's Cold Compound" Is the
quickest, surest relief known arid
costs only a few cents at drug
stores. It acts without assistance,
tastes nice, no quinine.
INVEST IN aaMajr^fk
clothes czmmk 1
Only a short time to cash in on this means of getting real up-to-the
minute merchandise at prices that represent cute on the
price marks of last season. Here are a few sam
\ —/
I Men's Suits and Overcoats I
I Regular $40.00 values cut t0528.85 I
I Regular $50.00 values cut to $38.75 I
I Regular $75.00 values cut to. —. .$58.75 I
We are making large reductions in prices. closing Out Odd
These clothes have that pep so dear to the heart e . . n ,c ..
. it _ . . „ „ Size* in Boys Suits
of the "Regular fellow." •
War* buplm last rw at
1 /V_ . niM and *16.00 Oood nt>
Boys Suits and Overcoats ■» —•
* IS. 1«. 17 and 11.
$12.50 values cut to .$9.85 55.85, $6.75,
$15.00 values cut to. ...w*—.. - .«• $11.85 ' '
$lB.OO values cut to. .>-.. ' - -
SHAFER Extra Trousers
||W A very complete assortment of Men's
Trousers with a nice range of colors and
Seattle's Largest Clothiers fabrics.
Second and University .. _ „ . n ,
First and University At Exceptionally Low Price*
Whole Block Look
Our Public Utilities
Only three important cities in the United States have the 5-cent car
fare: Seattle, Philadelphia and Washington, D. C.
New York, Chicago, Kansas City and Denver pay six cents.
Newark (N. J.) pays seven cents, with one cent extra for transfers.
St Louis payß nine cents, while the people of Boston and Pittsburg
are compelled to pay ten cents or walk.
Coming nearer home, Portland, San Francisco, Bellingham, Ever
ett and Spokane are now paying six cents.
Tacoma now pays seven cents, and the Street Railway Company
wants ten cents.
Walla Walla pays eight cents.
The Old Renton Line (private corporation) is now charging six
cents, with two cents extra for transfers.
The average street car fare throughout the United States is seven
and one-half cents.
Seattle Saves $2,500,000
In Nine Months
During the nine months of municipal ownership, the SeattV lor
lines (your own lines) carried 104,000,000 people at the five-cen fare
—a saving of over $2,500,000, based on the average fare charged
throughout the United States. This sum is saved the people who ride
in street cars—not the automobile owner.
More extensions and improvements have been made in Seattle in
these nine months than in the five years previous.
The Alki line is being double tracked, the California Avenue line is
being double tracked and extended, the Avalon Way line is already
in operation, giving residents of the West Side the best and quickest
service in its history, JSast Union line has been connected with the
Madrona line, and a nfew and shorter route to South Park will be in
operation shortly.
More cars are in actual operation under municipal ownership
than ever before, and the service, though far from perfect, is improv
ing every day.
Murphine is replacing four men of the old Seattle Electric whose
aggregate salaries totaled $60,000 per year.
Doe* Seattle want the progressive, constructive, economical policy
of it* Public Utilities department disturbed at the critical period of
its development?
Is it good business to "fire" a good man tq gratify the whim of a
grouchy politician?
Fitzgerald's enviable record as a councilman is an open book.
As mayor he is handling city affairs wisely and efficiently.
No other candidate in the field has as keen an insight into Seattle's
problems, is as well qualified to carry to successful completion the
Skagit River power project and other big undertakings.
Vote for Fitzgerald for Mayor in next Tuesday's primary election.
I'ald for by Cluui. 11. lluvts.

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