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fncMy Editor of Tfw Mar
M|U» JAMTO HAMtI.TIIS l>K VWtfVH antert.itned at » Ur»» brW*« t<*
< eeientay aflaruoon at tha Sunnet club TwMlT'Af* tablaa were ar
r*nir*i tn the drawing room. ami at tha rlow of the wime a colonial bouqtJM
waa avanltvl tha htcheat acore at each labia. T*a wu* ••r»ol In tha l*n«l
at a t. Me centered with a gorgvoua baakM of lavender hyaalntlia. pink
mnw>t I'Mls. yellow Mllpa and Ophelia
rpam. BroaU tmetcela ef tlie en me
bloKan*'ia were placed at each ewner.
Mrs. TVaffnrrt Hulmm an.! Mra.
Genr*e T. Myera 4t«panaad tha ho»
a • •
Tea for Mr*, Bradley
Mr*. Richard A. lUlllnn.T -nter
talnrd al tH thl» afternoon at tha
Sunset ctub In honor of hrr •lnH'r
Hrt. John ft. ItnuHry, of J'ortUnJ.
Lfttnchcon for
Mifs Richmond
Mr*. o«>r*M Shannon and M 1»
Ylrftnla Cook v»rrr hoato.-"'* today
at a luaehton at tha Italnlrr Hub tn
compliment to Ml** Htta* K*chm«»n<l.
whom* m«rria*» will plara no
May IX. Fcurtr«-n rnwrtJ war* »"*t
•4 around a b»oat!ful cwterpin-a ®f
Itn vpa'lnc btowtn*. whli-h w<t»
later dlrtij.il Into cr>rtag»a. The
party attended lh« routine# at the
a a a
Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. lthod**
will *rl*rt.*Jn with a «ilnn*r at their
home on Tueaday evening.
Ltcnchcon for Guest*
M»»'« '»v vi* yv> «
Mra. Harold will entertain at
hmclir on Mcmday At tho llainl<*r
dub In to hlf bou*
|uwt» Mrs Bfodon Otut»b and
litsa Margaret Chubb, or Oraime.
New Jare*»y.
• • «
Sirs, Wither spoon
In rmpllrwnt to Mra. M R Hay.
mt Bpokan+, who hae be«n the luwt
of he- imrhter, Mra Oforr* Hom.
Mr*. Herbert Wlthartpoon enteruUn
•d ton ftie*t* at turn heon at hor b«»f
Tburah/ afternoon.
Miss Turner Wed to Mr.
Graves in New York
Tha marriage of Mlaa Ellen Tur-
C. daughter of Mr and Mra.
Turner. of thla city, and Mr.
John Lafayette Graves. of Oreenvlll*.
Qaort a. waa *olemnl*ed on Wedn*»
lay evening at tha St Nlchola* I'raa
byter in church, In New York City,
with tha Rev EUlott W. Brown of
ficiating After a wadding trip thru
tha I'outhem elate*. Mr. and Mr*.
Qrav « will be at- hotna In Qreanvlli*
Mr. and Mra Turnar departed for
tha Baat two week* ago and wara
)etnad by thalr aona, llobart and
Thaodora. who wara preaeot at tha
Mra. CJraaaa la a gradual* mt (ha
tTalvaraity of Wuhtngton. claaa of
Uli, and la a member of Alpha Phi
•nrorlty. Bha eerved overaeaa for a
faar In the United State* atgnai
•nrpa aa telephone operator, and waa
promoted to tha position of rl.lef
•Oaraior for tha peaca eonfaranca.
Mr. Oravaa alao aervad overaeaa.
Mr. and Mrs. Winnlcnv
to Entertain
Mr. and Mm. Keneim Wlnalow, Jr*
Will antei-tan informally at tea lo
their apartment tomorrow afternoon.
Mrs. Ames Hostess
Mr*. Cdsrar Arim entertained In
formally at luncheon on Friday at
M borne. Tha j\ie*tii Included
members of the Country Club c«jl
2Va for Bride and
To honor Mm Louis Fischer
Boynton. Mlaa Klmnor Linder and
Ktea Patricia KoUiorlrnham, Mra.
Oorwln f, Kbrrtlnc and Mlm Dot
•thj Orsan« rnfrWnM one bundrod
gueata d'liKhl/ulljr at t#a Thufa
*«r aftrmoon from 4 otrill I at tha
home of Ml** Greene.
In the hailwar *aa a atately
basket of ttf-rna and frecal.ia and
tfca Urre reception room wan fra*
f nt with rherry bloaaoma, d iffodlla
and the flowering currant, while the
tf.nlng room waa a bower of hurkla
b jrry. fern* and varl colored flow
e.n. The table waa made attractive
t ' m large of roaea, hyacinth*.
Ciffodll* and carnation*, tied with
f Imy bow* of yellow and pink chif
Presiding at the urna were- Mr*.
M. Roe* Down*. Mr*. Lawrence Rich
• Pflaon. Mr*. William Olortu*. Mr*.
Marjory Draham Urown and Mia*
Dorothy Liridaey.
Hj Give Yourself a 10
HI Fresh Start— Q
Ml If, only you could sret rid of those debts |M
Ell arid start all over again—wouldn't life be IM
Nl more worth living? Irj
Ml Well lend yon the money to pay off your IM
Ml debts, or for any other legitimate purpose, IM
Ul at the legal rate of 8% interest, if you can Im
HI get two friends to vouch for your personal 111
Ml character, and can repay the amount regu- IrJ
Rl larly by the week or. month. IQ
I to repay ya
Industrial lqAh |
& Investment Co. m
PKoiv* Mauv 4210 IfJ
421 Union. <St. ffll
TV L'lk'ii -w^
ciety Editor of The
Star—Office, Main GOO;
Home, Main 2761.
. . /
The Minn* M*rg*rrl flutwn.
IVtuy Piwth. n««nor KMih. Ilobcrta
lUlimworth ami OUr* Kmory a*»Ut
Ml the ho»l»M«».
Mi-n Marion Hutraon raertrad Ih#
card* at tha door.
• • a
Affair for Mrs. Estcrly
Kor i>l«a*ur» of Mr* ()«orr»
Ilia BMorly, wbo la »p»h<llb« * f»«
wvoka u> tha city. Mr*. Albert J.
Ithudw rtiwvtalned at lunrhmxt and
brUUo at bar hoina yaatarday.
Miss Richmond Honored
Mr* Um"T O. I'hlltsw •nU-rtnlnwl
lh« m#tnlW(r of Ml** ltfJwi lUrli
mend's brtdiU purty an 4 « f*w u.(i
null* frten>ls at luncheon jreetwnUy
at her hum*.
• • •
Tennis Club Sciison
The TflnnU e»ub i« (ormn
In* raor* popular with UiW bhithl
Jar*, and group* ■# playert and
friend* ar* aeeu daily, taking a few
momenta froio their ram* for a clial
over tha ton mpti Th* regular
luncheon* and dinner* ar* bains
i«»fd, and aoon tha torni* iM'*
will take their pUuw In ts»* *wdal
a a a
Thrift Shop Hat Sale
Tha Thrift Shop will hava m aala
of hala on Monday, and a goodljr
number ar» priced at fifty centa. A
nnr etook of headgear ha* alao ar
rived. and while n«t *o cheaply
priced. will )>a remarkable raluea 11
la a very pwl BUilullim to tha
Thrift Shop board to am tha splendid
re*ult* of thalr enterpria*. for tha
Uttla ahop la *urely moating tha da
ma nda of tha public, and proving a
financial boon to tha Children*
Orthopedic hoapltaL
Bridge for Mrs. Johns
In compliment to Mra J. L. John*,
fartfierty of Olympla, who la vuiilng
frieiula In the city. Mr*. S. R. I'ecfc.
Mra William P. Hoffman and Mr*.
Harvey n. Co.4irane will entertAln
at bndg* on Th<<r*day afternoon al
tha hom* of Mr*. Peck. Intimate
friend* of tha gueat of honor will
be among tha Invited gucata
Birthday Party
To honor th* *t*th birthday of her
daughter, Antoinette, Mm. Harry It.
Fowler entertained aerenteea little
gueeta *t her hotna on Thoraday.
Pink tun* clad Kewplea a/vl Jonquil*
made th* refreahment table attra/-
tfre and (amf completed the after
noon * pieaaura.
• • •
May Day Party at
Christcnsm"s Hall
Prof. Frederic Chrt*te«»ea j
hoat at a delightful May day party
thla afternoon. when tha following
program «u preaonted:
Hi? I*IK« Ma CHiiftMMfl
i May pole . .
Fourteen N>r» unl ftrta mt ftaturfSay
ifUriHvfl# r UUNM
Mir p"'«
>9ttrf»*a itrla of NlvOar if'*rnoti
r 'wiur rriwu. Port d« km—(«rh-
lttHet <lia
lif.tr r*ttt>n. rw-n ftho4«e. *fhe|.
•Ifh )AUfif. * lulfr*<i Jamee. K-IHh
A?s*n. ixx-retia i-Afkio and r:«a
.. N*Tl«r« R«inmlngofi. yrinrl* Itran
, Cr?n&al 4*ne* Fla»
'.hIAfM dM't fnidation?
l<*trr«Ua Urkia, Mltk All**
Oriental dai^m
PritK«M h*r t* 4aaea
wtittm ehe worships
H«a Chrfete-een, Ifllen,KtiodN,
•I Toun* aa4 Wialfr«<l Jamaa
An areraife of fS.SOb.IXX bahlea
are born In the world each year, ao
<*ordln( to compiled by
Krench official birth atnUatlclan
after 1# y»*r*' work. Thl* average
amounts to 70 birth* per minute.
Tha *tatl*t!r* further aay that If
the cradles containing bahlea born
In one year were pb#ed end to end
they would *u*t reach around tha
earth'a equator.
The earlleat known attempt lo con
struct a motorcycle waa ma<!<- by \V
W. Austin, of Wlnthrop, Mtea, In
i h.iptrr V. P. K. «.
r. R 0.. v, win m«»l
with Urn Corwln H, Hbaitk, 632 ISlli
kv«. N.. Mcrxfiy, Mar M. Ther*
will bo Ui« uaual 12 o'clock luncheon.
In AoruntonM with tba rtAlprwliy
pUn, Chapter A will Iw* ropmaantad
on Iht procnim by Mm H. I» Muf
ilmd. Mm. Jam*a W>ll* and Mm.
Andrew Dlffmiltarh will aing.
I Jnroin 11. N. IV T. A.
Tti* t.lrvtWn High School IV T A
will mwi Monday, May >nl. at 2 lf»,
m portable No. I. Mm. C» Fullor
han eharg* oC ft llinlnute puriu
in«*i»ti»ry proooduro drill, folio wad
by a abort bu*ln«<Mi aoaalon, and dur
Inf a abort rwum iha parwiu and
iraMrttr-m n**y moot Mr tf, R. Flam
inc. diractor oC vo«*tiona of tha pub
Uc acboola, and Miaa I*. O. Jtthnaon
wit! apart on condltfona In KaiMern
HUM wbl« b ««r* vlrtM at tba ra
ttnt N. K A. cottvfntluit
Pralrl' How (Ink
Mm W. M rrlnr«, (JOI lflh an
N. irtll anlwtaln »h« l'r»lrl»
Hum club Monday. May I, at I P n>.
• • •
lluplrr A. C„ r. R. O.
OuntT A. C., P. K. D_ wttl ln»(
Mond*r »t I fektrt •» twm* of
Mr*. W H Mart*, till Kl«tlth »v»
N. K.
Marathon (lob
Tti« M*r*thon club win hatd a
bnalnee* mtftlnc on Monday eve
nine at th* hom* of Mr* Park*. I(!l
Aurora ava.
Nrin of Auburn Minute W arofn
The MlmiU VS on>«n of Aui>uro win
onitruifl the offtcm of tha Hr-etUe
Itlnuii Womeo'a aMurkUon on
Monde jr. New tneinbrr* are wanted,
ftml war workers are eligible. On
MoihUk ther* will be a t'Uw on par
liaroentary lew, and on W ilnmUjr
a cUm will bo Instructed Ui ftovero
a a a
Part—n Thy f»aeu Auitltary
Portavn Thygeaen auilllary. O. S
W. V. will pea a benefit card party
for tha department *on* at tha hotna
of Mra Harvey J, Moea, 10] ,R. 4IUI
•t-. thla evening at I o'clock.
OomJ federation of Womn'l
With Amerlraiiiam aa th% kayrwta
of the biennial omventloa of tha
General Paderatlon at Woman'a
Huba to be held at !>ee Molnea. lowa,
the third weak In June, one of the
great prograina of the meeting will
be that on Amartc&nlimtlon.
Mr Alias T Bum*, who la to be
tha apaaker at tha evening meeting
on June Hat. will have aa hi* aub-
Kt "Co-ecatv. nr (Cooperative Am»r
li-malxatlon.'* Mr Ilorna, who came
Into dlatlngQlahed pubOa attention
whan h* mndncted th* Or*land
Foundation aurvay. La now th* dlrao.
tar of th* Oaraact* Poundatlnn
Htody of Method* of AmerlnLalta
Uon. Th!a work. springing out of
tha belief that w« were In danger
of h«J"tr and faulty meth
od» In Amxrlauiluillnn thro our lark
of Information, ta dind«d Into It
head*. namely. Schooling of tba Ire
migrant. I"re*a and Thsatra. ltom«w
a*>d Kamily Life. I-era I PrrtwUwi
and CVrrsrtlon. H»alth. Nat Mrallu
o*>n aril Krp*n«nr«, Indua
trial antf Economic Amatramation.
Treatment of Immigrant Herttagwi,
Itnrai Development. Neighborhood
Mr. Hums ta oortsMered on# of the
ftrvt authorlUe* In th* country on
Arn'rlsnntTatlnrn Ilia point of view
ta Indicated by hi* selection of hi*
"Tha Moving Mr* ore Film" win
pr*eent*d by the florlrtf * for
Vl*twU Bdnnllofi, tba mnlny of
Jone It. Thle eoclety la an organl
xatlon of notable rollrf* m»n and
tearhere. who ar*» working nut a
«wnpl#te amr++ of tnntrurtion along
Unea that NKnr our pyrt»*m of Mu
ration and filma covering Inatrurtion
to be Riven to Immigrant* on ehlp
bmrd. even before they land.
I>r. CnmMne Ifedger I* to be the
gt»e*t of honor and at en
Am»rlranhfcntion luncheon June fid.
I>r. IHpr In well known for the no
table work eheyhaa done In proper
In* Amerlranxatlon worker* thru
ln«titute* held In Chlragvv en outline
of whlrh Phe hae urepared for tlie
General F><%»rnflnrf pamphlet on
Amerlranlxation, and fof her* prent
ftumeae emong foreign l*orn moth
er*. H*r*ntly Dr. Ifedger hae been
making a ej>e«-i%| *tudy of niaht
"rhool* «mon« fore|«rn born In many
oiUep, pnd it la of thl* matter phe
will Ppeak.
Ttie Amerimnlxatlof) conference to
be hfld on the afternoon of June ild
will he a true conference Most of
the time will be given to discussion
of experience and practical methoda
of work, A few club workers have
been asked to speak briefly. j U!t t„
*t«rt the discussion Mrs MacNlsh
'rf Illinois will speak on tli» first
st»«p* In Americanlaatlon work. Mra
Mlanchard, chairman of O. F VV. C
Moving Picture oommltteo, will
*P"nk on ths "Movie and Amerlranl
witlon ** Mrs. Howell of low*, also
*** NUhUI and •
Kmillo Dd lUmt iTnumUi
Wl«* HUlf 7.»rk, C.Ud» llamlolpli. Juk OMaUr, and Kit TrplraJ
Hrral lUviillm
KOirti i>«wrm:* RurKKii * WIBIKIIKI)
rnropr.n Caallw« M»<Ha Klanr-lliiH H»l>rf»liiw»
IIOWA III) A 1111,1-:% HAVAIiK """TowHTTrHmT" ™
«T>» Bfcaollaa Blara** •Tirty-Klftf"
Tfca I'opnlar l>mlrlr ( umrdlraac
Laurie Ordway
by lw» n.Nf at Dm riaaa
r»nla*mra|» rnwnllni Prari In Kptem!* I*. Th« |n».l. n-rrM"
lirnrral Ailmlaalaa—Mallarra, U Oatai Nlakla, M Oata
# —FtrtrtW br Jmm+m •rd MerrOiew
will Jean WrlAircn, whone engagement to Mr. Hmtnlafr
ttarton ha* been announced.
national chairman of It A. It. Am«r
ImnlxalJon will iimli on «h« lortidii
w«n»n. Unl pr«U«nl of
Mli*t«alpi>l. ami Mrm. Htlll.
of MiMM'Urt. will >tmUi on Uieif
<rurk among n»«ro»«.
Tha tot of Mar >• win fc* da
rot«~l to Ih* un« hundrwllh annl
rr-tmrr at Ih* birth and Ufa work of
Klorvnr* Nl|Minnl< Tha W>fl»l
• for a irara win. Utarafor*,
hara Uwlr rfmniPfi'Wtil »iwri«M
that »»aIL Tha Minor anhool will
grcJuat* UtHr rlaaa to Tuaad*y. Mar
It. Tha Knttla awml will hald
lh«tr rirrrlm WaJn«»Ur. Mar I*.
and tha Kwrtah hopltai wtlt hold
tb«4r rnatnmnnrnl oa Tboradajr,
Mar 1&
All nuraa artxaU wtTl Ml IB »
nm«« NS«tiMn«*la banquet, with
raprrsantaUvMi from tha arp'T and
navr. K«d Cram, am wall a* rtudanta
from all Uia ourW Mboola la «•
flarm Marian Tw« Ma. 1
CUn Hulon T*ol Nfc t, Daw«t»-
ler* of frtfiiu. ra«( In r»wl« aea
■ton. April >1 Mm Htewnrt r*port
n| th* presentation of > fl»| to tha
Junior rUv at Mount View arhf*»l
A Bflendld pn>|TT*n> *raa *lve«. with
• talk by Mr* lloaa JurJuon. d*p*rt
m»nt prvaident. l>eie**ti*i "«* elect
Ml <o tllrml th* convention at
Takima in Jorws and tb» rwrolt*
wer»: Mlla**n, Itfrwld*.
Oouth, K<juire*. Itl«t>y. IHamond
I.rroan. Altaroatea *«• M» >"Ume*
Phoenli. Jobrm. Hubbard. Whltttn*
lon. kM'oniht, Alk*n*. Iturhank* A
bu*trwim mwtinc will b* held Wed
neaday. Mar 11, In th* VetM-aiur" ball,
Mm* r*nece ctnfc
MlTl* College rlub meet* ftnturtey,
Mar •. Inatrad of the flrat of klar
Annie Wrtrht Hetnlnary Oufc
An Informal danca will b* j-1»»n by
the Annie Wrliftit Seminary club at
the Jumble Rhop on (Uturdar. Mar
I. The palr<wie«*e* will b* Mr*. N
11. Utlfflcr, Mr* J C. llayden, Mra.
K. V Moore. Mra. 11, W Condon.
Mr*." I«wrenre Booth, Mr*, Freder
Irk Orlbbie, Mr*. W. T liavtu. Mr*
Harry Kfui.
Jeffrmon P,T. A.
The Jeffer*«n V T A. will meet
Tiiaaday evenlnc. May 4. at 7:48 at
the a<-hool. Officer* will be elected
and a pro(fr*m win Include a talk
on "Menial I>*v«lopm*nt of the
Child." by I). D Johnoon, of the
Federated Board of Vocational Edu
Seattle Chapter, ».1, O. F. g.
Th* Seattle Chapter, »5, O. E B
Rorinl rlub. will meet at the home
of Mra. Nellie Walla, >421 Hecond
ar*. W„ on Thursday, at I p m.
North Queen Anna or.
ArtrwUn w«4l< u» luunnj tfkr (h«
Kranth provlnoa of Arum. wh«r*
th"7 «PT>»«r to hava tw»n flr»t uiknl
on *n arnla.
Th» Uim" Noll ar>4 I'.wtrto* Mor
rt»un and Mian Anita Knulwo will
■ail MgM for 1.-m whrr®
U*aj> will ranuUn for two monlha
• • •
Mlaa Hotty R*4dln|t(m. who hu
Soon attaadlng thk T'nlvoraitjr of
OtUfamia. will rot urn ti>« flret of
lb* work to kpond u.a nmaer.
o • o
Mr NtDitnM l<Mck*a la h Bm
RaM. to bo fono (WO wraluL
• • •
Mrs. Bartfca Wllta* rktrtank*.
who hu trtwn iwy 111 it th« Minor
bnapiul wu rmrorMl la thk bona
of bar paranLa on Thursday.
Dr. and lira Hirwj K Omlwu
ki-k apaodlrif tha wookatxl ta U»
CI am.
OO O o
Mr* B. B flutchtnaM of Cfcfcmga.
Who baa hoar tha rnoat of h* ata
tar. Mm Jama* II loft
Friday for California.
a a a
Tnahm PW W Darnan. who haa
twn for th« paat 10 rnnntha In mm
mand of thk U. R fl Htihrhtror No
JM. haa bwn tranaforra.l to tho Al
•antic flaat. an-1 l»ft for tha Raat
maat on tha C B B Owln. Mr
Damolt'a mothar. Mra Edith C. Dar
notl. will «{>on<l (ho rumroor In tha
Kaat and at Coronada
• • •
f*pt and Mr*. Prtic* Drlmt* re
moved on Thursday to their home at
the FUrUnrloo Oolf and Country
• • a
Mr and Mra. J. F. IVrnrlaa and
family have removed to tha Karltn*
ton CJolf and Country club where
they will apeod tha rammer.
• * •
Mr* ITarold I /*» hi* Be her home
rueata. Mr* (tendon Chubb and
daughter Ml** Margaret Chubb, of
' >r*rut*. N. J, who will remain a
a a a
Mr Frank Putlen Brophy wfH ar
rlv* Thursday from Phoenl*. Aria,
to Join hi* wife, who l* the irne*t of
her parent*, Mr. and Mra. Henry K
a a a
Mra. Jntin P Fay. with her rr**td
chlldren. Ann* We*tbrook and Ctorl
Oould, Jr.. and niirne. are spending a
week at the (lotild home at the
Country rluh Mr and Mr* Carl F
Could will Join them May I.
• * *
Mr. and Mra. M. A. T>o**y, wtin
hare been the hotisa truest* of Mr
and Mr* Frank T. !<e*l* for several
week*, left yesterday for their hom«
in Hyracuaa. New Tork. Mr. and
Mr* Loaey apent tha winter la Call
Wfiafhrr report* are now re<et»e«l
from mom than 1,500 atatlona In the
t'nlted RtAtea, bealdea about 60 for
al iitma a lUrtk
TOMonnow, aontftr, ixckdat *■« wkd]«*»d»t
A fnuinjMk Km Show of
■ I I
notion LINU * CO. KHIIII3
__A9ll.ll> Wiml
l r*m llmllmr «» lining Opera «Ok. Wtal ■ I'al w«„ llirr"
» »-rrtfcl»« hi !,»>• Ta> Mm la llr»wn"
tain* rkttovbf
King Baggot and Margarita Fisher
"The Thkfiefh Piece of SB»»"
In Seattle

Conducted by
Louise Annable
May Festival
Tha Muy f««#ttl/n! of rau*lo to b*
Clv«*n by thft Hr«nltjf te arl.oola In
tha An na m» Muy 7 arid ft U a Ulkk<t
ii/Tnlr ihla yrar than avrr Mora.
Alt'wothar 6.100 children tak* part
In lh« rhortmcn and orchestra*.
tf«at(ln in the only city on lit* Coaat 1
to tmdnrUln ruch a festival, tha pur
|K*Mi of whl« h In to iihow what tha
children hara ba*n doing In * mu
nlmJ way during tha year, and to %n
nouragv an lnla;e»t In *o»>4 rmtalc A
.fMiturs of lha two •v«uin|
j*<rforftianr«a will !>• IntwprrtJ va
•lancing by a ifroup of glrla under th*
directlon of Mlaa Ilenrlett* Adama of
J'rmnklln high ac-hool. rrograxna for
tha three prrfurnuun-Mi irv:
n.rnrrrAiir m udoij
ritllur JCVKNINO, M«f f, 1.11
Mlm All>«rti M. I'irti, »iwoniy«aM
*Uf V|»n|t«d H«nn»r
fchiiiMtiUrr •rhool orcli«tr« Mi
Faattval r,r, iMwtf «
Mr R.lwlu A. K nut mi a. «•»<!) %
Ottf htu'lan'V Mar«k.. M 1
Uawita . - }
M«lft.|y Walla ..J
Olrta ftiofiii
MIM IaOH !» M*Ovra. «wi4ort«»
"A rot*«t Itotida," t Rlnh«i>MrMt
fantaar fur <all4r*a a w»k«t «i*4
ae«~ h*at ra
Miak I>f Vtusim Ayara Qamtt
IV/fl' rhum
Mlm I^iura ▼ ftrayfofla, n»n<f«r«or
O. MlfF.tr <;r«*«
*•"1 Uim Mary. NaWfUagar
Out Wu.ra <<*• Wwi
.../ Pallia*-Mel«w«cta
Un 4 af ltopa and Qi0ry......*. JKlfa/
fll a r.iatkA arhattia*
•ai>Mfa' horn|»i|>«
Group of Mi»i ach#«| ftrla
Mlaa If aartaOa Adama. IMtTMfeir
•ATfnnAT M *TIMRt. MAT I. l it
Mtaa AJUrU M. Ka/k, a>/mn(paaM
lur l*pa»|l«<l lvann»r**
JEiariiaaiaty w »•**••( arraaatra aa4
fadtnl arrtiaatra
Mr Mala CL gatitaaa. a«mdo -tar
O tt r fHudaaur Mkfc a ]
tfavetta V Aaaftv-r
M»k.Jr Walta ...J
TaiM grada *»» of.a
Miaa ftufh I'Mfhatra. a*ad«?tar
M? Utije r*4«ia
Tf»a T«<a KM!:*
l'«ff«rn foika
fn>« aed tDa Mi'i
gprtr « < «ra*a Tripu.g
Jta«»alh abarua
Mi*o rthal llikM. nhlvttr
TH« »-« nun miw«
Tha Tl4— Aoarr
Mum, of lha liroak Otallaa folk 1U..1
IfMt , . Kr»»l AM
A morVa. Tha II««IU«I k.ondaM
B Wool ftM |#V
out r»lk« •( llakkk
man »niooi »
»*TTfnr>iT rrwwtwo. mat t, «-it
4aram^4|>U<a, Hvrrr m Whllaortdoo iutll
IbU I «UiM» SMI kit
KtUitrr* Worth
Vi»yn hlf h rliMl II iW»»
Hi/ apa»>lr»*4 Hanaor-
Hl«k orkaol arftam i»4 WiIHM
ltv*k wbMl ttom
Mr I>arM F f>k*ua. <*m4netm
Oulllt, "A **»t af VI lory"
Mr» Krnaat Wart*
nn «kMi rxttTai orrhoai/a
Mr. knw Warta. m<l*l»
Mvk. "Tha «Io«ab '. . .Jalan W. rHhr
Ortoalala _ Claaaaa Co J
Japaaoaa IhiMl -J.oal. U Da*»an
lUm a AM«r Tamooalk
OiWlan. "Kl"# Mr4k»- Ktlkkkarg
talorprollra 4kßdli|
umk daa«» my#!**!*
UUrlv pot* d«D-«
Oi"U» of high arhaal flrta
Mia llroriotl* A4unk
1H tabic* p. Km* butter
I *««»
IS taMmponn* rrtrn»Urrh
t nipa tnliM milk
H rup Miffar
• tablespoon* piwinNl rats'
Heat yolk* of **(C* with auirar Hit
ll*ht_ Arid butter and cornstarch
Htlr In milk and cook, mirrin* cob
ntantly, till thiek. I'our In a but
tared pudding dl*h and cover with
tb< white* of the »*** beaten till
■tiff aiid dry with Ui< powdered
•nnr. Tut In oven and brown
• liChtljr. Kerva with whipped <T»«m
' t.OKW'I "
<»f A'k»rmiiri A Harris
Th« Jaiiy Hwift fcfMleal fVmulf
'TNP.HR *|«K
Olrla -Corl*- Whirl*
r*atnra I'hotoplar
IfOORK onrwm
mvv4\a emevrr
AMfk*n f Mrwkoff
nnd William f'vttjri Hurt
••4 HynnMi MlnalA* llrtlhrrft.
mina PAn,r-ii3Miii
WOH A It A▼IC ft
la Iter J«r*ua Mudml Ctiily
"Lauiki r i hit"
Kvf», 10c to fS.SO.
Mothers May
Hear Expert
Child Talks
Reattl* mot htm may from
tb« Up# of iip»rt« the moil ad
( vanced In for ma firm on child welfare
and care of hahlee during the monfh
of M«f. With tha no *>i* rat 100 of
wonmn'i orKtmlwillnne. tha Jlad
Crom la at n riding ba»*k of an egteo-
Hive program of education on batter
hgfrif ■
The haby clinic, for children under
fl. In already op«-n to mothera »»very
Saturday from I a. m in naon at
Central school Kxpert physirlana
give advki* and pernpbMs are die
trlbuted showing the government*
rei*>m mentation on Juat how to car«-
for bahy.
Federated W«tnen*a cluha wf)l
•tag e "Haby Week" with lecture
exhibit* and demonetrationa, at Tbe
lion Marr he tha week of May 11
to It.
K* pert a wtTl lecture on eh fid we I
fare every Tueeday and Thuraday.
at t SO, during tha month of May
at Frederick A Nelatm auditorium
Mothera a/a urged to attend. The
flrat lecture la Tueaday, May 4
*»h»-n Dr. Lillian Irwin speaks an
"I're Natal Infltience," and T>r
Frederick HI y field talk# an Tr*-sh
i'rograme for there W-turea will
appear ea/*h praoadlng day In Tb*
Mar's column of an no an came nta.
Tl»e members of the central com
mlttaa of tha child hygiene commit
tee are aa follow a:
Mra John MrM. Ferter fehelrmae).
Mrt, I>*an Hur*h»lm»f, Mr* W Y
M»i«r, Mr* Y. I. frank* Mr* O. A
Th«r»>gftn»'*i. Mr* It ft K#whottt%
Thoea saaiwtlng are:
Mrt D. I. Ifurkhart. Mr*. Vf. H. Oae
(1-14. Mr* O. It. MeOUl, Mr*. Auettn
- Mr. K Y lu.nd., Mi* W
M. Tomlnlerifi, Mr* f>oria* }iak*r. Mr*
J i l.nltau Mn a r. Knap* lira It
D nr*rk«*. Mr* J. P Well, Mrt F O
waih*«>. Mi* 11. It Mto4l(», Mr* J.
y *nii»r»n, Mr*. C. tL Knalteh. Mn
It Ait«raerli. Mr* K It. R*kociie, Mr*
lv>re f'annon. Mr*. (I N. Oemptori. Mr*
MM" er«l T*r«l*n. Mr* It O. <i»rr1«o«.
Mr* To 4 MftrrtotC. Mr* G#org* II wet,
Mr*. I. O ll*llow*jr. Mm F*r»-j Thorn**.
Mrt If. Joheaee. Mr* J T* Her
Mr* R J Kuiforl. Mr* It C LH*tm*n.
Mra Cert atgnor. Mr* O. J. Mr*
A. K. frtem. Mr* IL P MefTefw. Mr*
V L* ItrHrlrh. Mr* CL H lUrmwl,
Mr*. OMrf* Km, Mr* C. K It«iffn«r.
Mr* Tretl* IlMllork. Mr* V ft Kl"r»«jy.
Mr* t a WftMfr*#, Mr* W P Kim -
belt. Mr* ft J. a-bofl*ld. Mra W. Y.
iuy. Mr* C. X. lio|UUw *a«l Mr* U.
I* Mai«r-
r»lrt>rmtln« tha ona htin<Jr»d*h an
nlvaraarjr of lh« birth of JToranfa
NUthtlnsala. fUaltla nnraea will ban
quet In tha Maaonlc dub room* at I
p m. Mar 14. T»M«au» of tha
etxwtm In Qia history of nuraln* will
ba slran.
C ondnnoms
' »
and the splendid
Levy's Musical Comedy Company
with the large beauty chorus of
Sundays and Evenings: 40c Mat Today: J7e
dTlk la Seattle
Conducted by
Gillespies Buy
Four Gustins
M and Mre, Andrew OITI«|lM hart
racantly acquired four of I*aul Oxia
tin "a moat beautiful pointing* for
I their houae on Federal ave. fme of
"i'ann's Cor«," Friday Harbor, ehowg
hie talent for painting water —Lrane-
luc-tnt, colorful, rlpplinic, aha/lowod
with ifreena of nearby hllla. The
"Ifill ruth" la a enow acena a* ax
(juiaite aa only Ouvtlo know a how fa
paint It. "Fornat lUa4" la a etudr
greena In Bhtulow and an Interprets
tion of tha myatarloua and aJoof, ai
rnoat Inhuman, grandeur of ©tir
primeval fortala —an effect moat dU
flcult to render oa ranvaa.
The one moat appealing of tha four
la "Jilua Caecadea" Thla haa that
rrmrv*loue veil of atmoaphere drawn
over tha blue dlatanca, ao poetic ao4
arrcatlng In any plcttrra, ao ehara#
tertjftle of our North weat, and no rai#
In pointing. It la a perapeetlva of#
hundred tnJlea, with ail tha depth fNf
\ color and magic of that dlatanca. n
The collection repreaenta arriW
wid'-a of I'auJ Ouattn'a work—blm fir*t
Intereat waa in water, and many of
hia early paintinga wera of our wti
erfrorit, fogs, ocean and ahlpa. Quite
euddenly he u>ok up mountain*. and
I much of hia beet work haa bean dona
lon Mount Rainier. RaovotJy ha haa
at u dying tha foraata Fnttraly
aelftaught. ia "lowly
i in mastering the ae<cretji of rendering
i tha unique atmoaphera only ta
tha Northwest, and annually at tbt
i-loe Arta exhibitions ia revealing W
l ua new lovclincaa that a unround* V*
Paintintr Portrait I
i A Wi VA U4« ■
Mum Mabla Lyala la pa In fin* mar# I
In** at the Ftna Aria caJlartaa oo tajjt |
portrait*. On* of VIU* Annia Ov |
houn. librarian In tha rafarenca roon, .
at tha SaatUa public library, U a figßg
ura amted b«lwwn two n.orgwai/
Kilt candlaatlcka (loaned \rj Mra. U- *
r»r Aro»»>. and aymboiixln* "tha
U*ht~ Mlaa Calhoun paaaaa M W
Iboaa who com* In contact with bar. -
The othar portrait Is of Mra. Iraaa
Kwln* Da via. arcretarr of tha Fin#
Arta. an arilat baraelf, whoaa ■mu»
in* animal frlaxa will bo i uui itibaiad
by Utoaa who saw tha "GlrLa" Baaaar r
Mr. Watarbouaa pdt on at tha Araoa 1
two ChrtatmaaM aea and which wwa ,i
later In \ba bookabop at tha Boa j
Marrha. '

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