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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, May 04, 1920, Image 8

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(Continued hYoui >rwtrrda>)
The eight aa Instantly featured his
memory; kelow, ahrouded in miat. lav
the atream of the Cottonwood. while
behind waa the rather ate.*p face of
the bluff, outlined against the pale
*ky. The cabin door atotnl wide
open, juat aa h* left It. and within
tli* lamp still burned on the table,
in th* midst of the dirtied dlahee.
She had not returned then he had
lw»cn lying there alOne all night. The
twallantion maddened him to effort,
and. by graaplng *t th* door for aup
port, he *ttain*d hi* f*et, and stood
th*re for a moment swaying dimly
Kxactly what had occurred he could
not determine; the whole affair seem
When the blood beeotnea thin a
train of trouble ta act In motion In
tun* lUznort every <vg*n in the body
become* affected. th' n»rvr« ere up
get Indigeaoon devrlO|» and life T>e
come* mi*crable because of head
aches. rtmy spell*. Inwmnlt. weak
ne« and sometime* rheumatism end
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U'op) i igliletl lu i.iwii lltltaln)
e*t morf Ilk* * dreamt than a rMllUr.j
He Had l«»ft h*r there apparently t
ihHlfUl and harpy. th« Ulighter In
her * memory to linger with
him. he had not birn Hlwnt to fx
coed thirty minute*, and not so far
nu iy hut what any cry would aurely
have reached hia mra Yet when he |
returned she lI4J wolahnS utterly. ;
l«%i\ tit* everything untouched. \\ h.»t
ever occurred iiiunl bAVt been •
hroucht to |«i« alnto*t immediately
upon hia departure, l«efore she even
Hran the work of rlwinliti up. ltut
how could such a ihlnc hapten wtUi
out any alarm* Why, the Kid wm
working within ten feet, of the house. I
and limit have heart) the allghteet i
*ound of a struggle The Kid' where ;
*a* he anyway? What had become
of Ihe fellow all thia time* lie aa*
nowhere In light when Slielhy f*
traced hit steps up the path Could
It be that the Kid wan the on* guilty
of this deed* If so. what win hl«
object? Not robbery *urcly. fur the j
place had not been ranaacked. or
anything removed from hia pocket*
Vet aurely thin wa* not Indian work.!
It Nire no rr*r«tr,M*nc« to a savage
raid The questions were unapswer j
able, no mental effort gave him any !
Iclu*. >et hia strength wa* rapidly j
coming back, and with It a grim de
! terminer! anger, which urged him
I into action.
Kimt he went thru the deaerted
house, room by rw»m. for the
•Ulhtrat ai|tn of sul.lance. but find
Ing none Kverythlng remained pre
cisely aa he remembered aeelng It the
night befura. tie blew out the light,
took down one of the rifles from the
era 11, loaded It. and then, feeling hi*
old atrength returning, cautioualy
stepped out thru the front door The
buckboard stood there, gaunt and
stripped, etcept for the bo* between
the rear wheel*. He peered Into thia,
and found It atlll half filled with bun
dlea. MackUn hid not completed hia
Job. other evidence being furnished
by the extinguished and overturned
lantern on the ground Juat beyond
But there waa no aign visible of any
■trtiggle. The morning light waa auf
flclently strong by thla time to m\
able him to perceive every mark
cl*«rty. The rising miat gave him
a plain view of the stable, and the
stream beyond. Nothing moved and
there waa no aound except the wind
in the tree*.
He went down the ateep path
swiftly, reckleaaly. hia rifle flung for
ward In readineaa. but encountered
nothing The stable waa empty, the
blankets be had spread on a mattreae
of hay had not been used, they lay
exactly aa he left them Baffled be
fore the mystery, atlll trembling from
weakntwa. hia face already haggard
and drawn, he sank down on a feed
box. with chin on his handa. and en
deavored lo think, lo pleca together
each Incident which could be made to
bear on some possible anlution.
Surely aho had not left of her own
choice. That waa unthinkable Hhe
had appeared cheerful and contented,
even actually interested In tha new
Ufa; bee idee tf aha poeeeeepd tha
attgfetaet deeire to earape. ha had of
fered her every opportunity on the
way out. and she refuaed. Huraly
■he would never hare come way out
there to make that diaigreeeble )our
ney over ajraJn at night Even If
crajry enough for auch An Attempt,
the effort would never be mAde upon
foot. And an three ponle* were in the
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corral, he had »«*n them while com
Ing down No. that theory might be
dlamlased at once, and •ecrrtly he
waa glad It wa* no easily tfl*po**d
of It had vngurlv haunted him at
first, catmlnti him to flretul the dla
oovery that It might be true
Then what wns true* Who could
be guilty of auch an outrage? Indians'*
White outlaws' 4 Joe These
three |MM|*thltltie* rs*nalned, hut the
flr*t two »«*eaied Impossible lie wn«
ward to Indian foray, but thla act
bore no raarmblance to the work of
aavagea on the ararpath. Ther* had
no attempt to plunder or de
atroy. The very fact that the ponies
temalned undialurhed convince*! him
that thla was no deed of Indian raid
rra That It might have been whit*
outlaws waa not quite so eaally die
«ni**e<l. There »rre deeperat* men
hiding out yonder In the lUul 1 an<U.
but h* never had known of their
venturing to attack any aettler. e»
'•ept occasionally to run off oattl*
on the range. In thla raae there wa*
no Apparent object they had taken
nothing, neither food nor Kotk.
Then It must have been Macklln
flu I. If m>. how rould the deed have
been accomplished. ami what purpoee
could th* man have* Why ahould
depart afoot, and waa It poaalble
fc»r him to overcome tht girl alon#,
and without alarm * To bo nuro, the
fallow knew r*a*tH' fre phr. pea*,
and that (Hh«*!byl had g»»n«» down
to th"> •table. ll* had time enough
for the work, while hla Midden di»
appearance wai, At iMit, proof ho
mtlat have had A hand In It. Hut
why? To what end"* straight
ened up. a new fla*h of lnt»lllg»n«*»
In hie eye* IWhapa thla all harked
ba k to that early myatery In h*r
life Hhe had told hWn that falkine
had taken her frt»m pUtre to pl«r«,
apparently alway» afraid that he wu
being followed Waa It poaaible that
ho had born huntod down at laat
that ho rwofniiH tha approach c»f
tho end. and had committed auicide
on thai account? And waa thi«
atra nc« eelaur* of Oljra part of the
p!ot. either of revenge, or reetitti
tlon* Thla applanation eeemed more
probable than any other. In a way It
appeared to fit the <-aee. alt ho hf
poaaeaneil no m«f» linowMf* of
what It all meant than ho did before.
«»nly. evidently all that had been
deal red waa poMnmton of tho gtrl.
and that waa deemed of auffi »<*nt
importance to even Juatlfy murder
He had left for <Uad. In order
that iiho might be born* away alive
II thla theory waa correct. then
ioo Marlilln waa an ax»nl acting
under and paid for hta w«rk.
He had come to Ponea on the trail of
<*a!klna. h't preeenre had become
known, and led directly to the eul
«ido of tho old man. Then, to better
hla purpoee. tha fallow
had accompanied them to tha ranch.
MtUafied that hla taalc would be caater
performed out on tha l<»neJy Cotton
wood than la town. Prrhape ha oper
atad aiona. perhaps not; tf ha had
'•onfrderataa it would bo very aaay
for tharn to ha to reached tha place
in advance.
No lotiffvr douStin* but what thin
thaory at luurt approximate tho
truth. Khatby tmr~A the f»r»« frankly,
•nd with no further h»«itation It
Waa up to him t0 »ct pfnmplly; thara
waa no on* to whom ha rould turn
for balp Hla *y««a darkmad. and
| hla |s*> «»t All richt thm. ha
would <*rtalniy *ir» t.i« Kid a run
for hia money Thara mum be mnte
trail left. mrh a drfid aa thla rould
never be aonompluhed without b-av
tn* mm mark b»hlnd Whether tha
Kid naa alone, or aaaUtad by othera,
tha depart ur« with tha raptivn h»d
b«wn Bwrlp In full Mauranro that tha
huaband had laft bahlnd d*ad
Thry would not r«p«*rt purmH. or
av«»n that tha crlma would b« dlwov
«rrd for aavaral day a Tn thla con
fldanf-o thay would probably mmr
alowly. and with no aparii] effort
at ooncaalmwnt Anyhow wh«th»r
thry travalrd on foot, or homobark.
tha party muat nuraty Irara aoma
traro of and Hhflhy, who
had baan tha b«wt t raj It In hla r<-*l
mant. fait confidant of t>alnic abla to
run tha outfit down
With thl* once nettled In hi* mind,
and hi* plan of purault outlined.
Shelby threw off hid 4f|)r»nloo. nnd
l«*m» cool and resolute He waa
both *uldler and frontler*mnn. (rain
ed and dlnciplined to action. he knew
now what lo do, and how b»«t lo do
it Flurnlnx with «w«»m»«a. hla heart
Interest arouaed aa never* befora, hf>
*tlll controlled hl?n*elf firmly, mov
In* with deliberate <aut Inn Klrat he
• nrrhrd over every foot of irround
within a quarter ..f a mile of the
house »«"-kln« to dlarover Juat how
Macklin had operated. and whether
|or not h« ».« alone The rrault waa
only partially auceeaaful. Tha hard
packed earth revealed little of value
I "own below the cabin, on Ihe *lopini?
«Ide of the hill, ha found tha mark
of a high heeled boot, au< h aa the
Kid wore. and. a foot or ao beyond,
tha plain Impreiwfon of a moccaaln
A hundred yarda to tha north tha
Imprint* were attain vlilbh, making
It clear to hla mind that the fugitive,
were then making for the lower ford
Tha girl waa evidently bain* carried,
and two men mu*t have u-eri en
gaged on the Job, oni of them po*
alblv an fndlan. lie pnamd *tralght
on to the ford to verify thla theory,
and here the mud exhibited clearly
the movement* of both the fellow*,
while dona at the Water'* edge he
nunn upon a narrow pink ribbon,
which the girl had evidently hurried
ly dropped In guldam-e.
It wan clearly manlfeftt now the
direction In whlrh they hud dlwip
peared, but Hhelby uiy-vi*
fled IU ronld not bnlnvc that Ihey
would attempt to eneape thu* on foot
wtth their burden. If Mm kiln hnd
one iuinl*tant. It wan highly probable
there would be other* ul*o outraged
In the affair. Tho opposite ahnre
wa* deserted, and ho cro**ed over,
wad In* to hla thigh* In the'awift
water. with rifle filing forward, anil
'yen Intently w-nrchlnf tho further
bank. Tho trail wa* plain at thl*
point; ha roulri e«*lly train tho Mop*
of both men panning up a narrow
gully Into tho flrnt lino of bluff*,
Mini there, In a Unix open glivlo. In
found where horae* had boon teth
• rod and tramped the turf. Tlioy
had evidently boon hold thero for
aomo time; had entered from the
north down 11 ullght rbuloe, and do
parted wmtwurd along a ahelvlng
lairik. There were five animal*, all
monnled. to Jurtgo from the deep im
preaa of hoof*, and he followed their
paaaage a* far aa tho treat of the
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W AtWINOTON, Mny « Main
luirlti" Colby hiu found the ntntr <!>•
purlnunt on* lure" rorinplrm-y M»
hwp hint from knowing what I" •'■•I 1
prntng, <ir "loin* what ha want* tu
do It ha» tn-«-n running ao long
with no particular hmil. and no pol
ii-v, that rtrh t>ur*au rlilrf ha* wt
hlm'lf up mi nn lnil*pan>l«nt mtn«|.
The other day, whfn n«*wa cam*
that J«»hn Rmh] hid bKH arrweted in
nnlADd ind might be shot. ona of
thee«< detriment watrapa told lleed'p
wife that the d*|iartn»enl would not
intei«<«t ttarlf in lleed The fart that
he wee nn Amerhttn «ltl*en did not
Intereat the de|»artment Ilia |«lr*r»gi
were not in accord with the deport
ment'n Idcaa and he might b* shot
for all they cared.
tenter thla entrap found that !Ued
In a ooualn of e« Arnhaeaador (Jerard.
and that Holnhrldge Colby did not
feel the eame way at»out letting
Aftw rlmn rltlaena be ahot or prrnilt
ting them to rot In foreign Jatla
Colby eaya en American 1m entitled
to lila right* whnever he la. and
that one reaaon the kecpa
up an army and navy la to ee« that
he (feta them.
Incidentally there in fit be a hotiae
cleaning in the vtate drpartrn nt
bluff. Thev were well beyond view,
of roam* by (bis time. acroee that
rough. broken «*©untry, but he anil#
fled hlmaelf (bAt they «w heading
num>(t)t f»r the»lt*4
WiHhy knew now loutrihlni of
what he mu«*t contend with. Thla
A< t «*f abdut U<m. »n4 attempted mur
drr, wna no audden temptation aeaail
ing MarkMn. but undoubtedly part of
a w« 11-orgtuiiiwri plot Whatever their
ob)e»-t, five men were concerned In
the outrage, their Intention probably
the making of the girt a prteoner
The aaaault upon himarlf wia, there
fore n>«*rly ln«ldental; he wm In
their way. end th® eureat mHhtxl of
n>v«rtnf up their crime wae to iioc
him Left lying there for d«o«1. with
amell «hence of the body being die
covered for d*>a. there waa little
probability of anr effwiUi* purauit
It) then the trail would km obtltar
DM no clue to the prrpetnttore
would be left. end they would t*e
■afely out of reai h In M«m« "pot of
their own rh'MMlni In Hhelby'a
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♦ j^ocrl^pk^
* QJ n.v HTALK'I cli'iAidu ★
••Hi# two children and their
'lurae," flrarelrnother took up the
itory again. "atarted rljiht up that
little atreet you »we In the picture
only thome wae much farther
up the itrwl. That hill In the
lirnnjr 11111, ami e*
tended from about what la now
Stewart HtrN«t to the foot of
yuwn Anno I lilt.
"The little boy waa four yearn
f»ld, and aa rent ten* and prank y
i* any llttla boy you know today
Th« little girt would hold to
N'uran'i hand and walk or akip
or c limb along bcaide her. but
not Hobby fwe will r*l hlfn Hobby).
"Oh. no! Hobby waa tearing
ahead and hiding behind tre«p
and Jumping at them from the
buahea. all the livelong time, till
Nuree waa worri out with
\II' I 1 v
"I don't know how far tbey had
rlimbed, when Nuree dot Ided It
waa time to turn bark.
"Hobby laughed up at her and
•aid. 'l'll beat you home*" and off
he ran. down tha trail. Juat ae If
he knvw the way.
"Nurae called to htm not to get
100 far aheaj iyov four yeure
old la juat a baby), but he ran on
until thry |t»*t alght of him
" Vrvl ahrn Uiey got home.
Hobby 11*41 not ron»e.
"Nurw went hurrying barfc
over tha trail railing, calling
thinking he playing another
• Ilia mother atarted in another
direction, and later on hla father
and many other men organised
_____________ * * t
Jn Igtnent the fir! wm probably In no
immediate danger If the fellowe
had Intended taiiinir her life. ahe
would never hava thua been wpared
and carried away, apparently unln
jurrd Their pttrpoea evidently re
quired that ahe b« kept alive, but
helpleae in their handa No <k»ibt
nhr> would receive harah treatment.
mto ar-art h partlea and planned a
«lgnal onde for tha night.
"A gun wna to be fired three
tlrnea wh»»n tha child waa found.
"Tlik terrified rnoth»-r mme
t»orn» to wait; durkneaa fell, and
ihe hoftra dragged Mickenlngly.
"No welrnrne anund of gun
ihota reached her eara.
"Once aha thought ahe heard
Itobby cry and ran out Into the
night, calling hla name, but the
»n)y anarwer «m the atejuly ding
long, ding dong, ding dong of the
nig I nlveralty Hell, which alwaya
tolled to IK the town know when
a child waa loet.
'Toward midnight, aome of the
men enme In and ehe made them
drink OOffea. They were all allent,
no u»e Making queetiona no uae
wondering while that bell kept up
>?* a foody ding dong, ding
ling dong.
"tiiM o'clock, two o'clock, three
o'clock the atara began to grow
(Kile, and a fog atole gra >ly in
from the bay.
"White lipped and trembling.
»l.e mother atood at the gate--
f«mr o'Hork—what' Could It be?
llo«ven l>e praiMMtl! It waa three
•harp reporta of a gun' And. aa
it to ftuneure her. threa agdn,
and agaJn a little noarer. The
tittle fellow had decided to go to
the top of the hill alone, had loat
hla a ay, and. a* day broke, they
found him foat oeleep. right about
where the high m hoot now
aland* '* i*|
And Peggy paid. "Tben the bell
•topped. (Jldn t ItT"
* * * _______
and would be made to ettffer phyatc
ally aa well a* mentally. * for. If
Marklln represented the othera. the
fellows would nafurnJly prove brutrl
enough Neverthelenn her death waa
not to N feared at pr«eent, and he
could act tl« liberately aitd with cau
(Continued Tomorrow)
This Tells You How to Get
Benefit of the Best Senna
Finest Grade of Egyptian Senna Leave* used in
compounding Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin.
PROMINENT importer* and
wholcaale dealer* in crude
drug* find medicinal herli*
(Withered from nil f*art* of the
world do not h«-«ii*le to mjt tl»at
the market for the grndm of
her ha, root*, oils, etc.,
in practically confined to the land
ing tOHimfm hirer* of the ntkiill"!
|Kti kafe who buy only
the very l**t. find thnt the manu
facturer* of l>r C-iMwH'* h.nip
I'rfmin are ibn lurir* -t uwn of lira
beat frrode of lyvpUnn ifiirja
Iravm in the world.
'I lif |*oienry of a t<fi krrvMl
from aenna Inarm to con
•tipaturn ha« long lirrn rrrofniwl,
not only by Ibe medi< al profe*-
aiort, but by the public generally!
in furl, drrsrit ha* l»een known and
ti*ed in for more than
five centurica. The cheaper
prittlm of M>finn. ouch m are usu
ally told at retail, have, however,
a tendency to gripe and cramp
Scout Car Will Be
Ready to Leave
J O. Ken ton. of the Kldridg* Bulck
company, leave* Tueeday night for
IHockton. Cal where the Paclfk
Nortbwmt Motor Caravan will end
Ita expedition. to arout out the trail
fur the Onto*to»Blockton trip. The
cartvan letvos Heat tie Miy 17.
ft will b« the l.u»i day for entrl*-** and
the general public la InvltMl to make
ri^T\aUonn with J. If. Crnmpton,
publicity burea-i, Quuntar of Com
ttieroe, phone Main Thar* ar«*
unrommodatlon* available for !how?
who wlah to ride In care of other
people. «
George W. Duvail. 17. end Tat
Bander, 11, pkled up by the police
In an alley near Kourth ave and
Jamee aL, early Tu«»day are a*ld
to have cOnf«a»ed they were looking
for a vara re to rob.
They are aald to have admitted
romlnff her* from Kpokane where
they robbed the ftore of C. P. Hull
laat Tbureday, aa well aa a hay and
grai/i etore. etopplng off at Faaoo
long enough to "roll a drunk" In a
d*|*at there from whom they ob
Lained |«0
which make* their use unpopular
with moat people.
In I>r. CaldweO*a Syrup Pepsin
the finest Egyptian senna it con*-
bmed with |K*|*ain and other valu
able * •»*eintial oil* and pur*
cane sufrar ay nip to mike an ex
neptionaily valuable toriir-laxative
for the relief of and
remitting di*turbencc** of tiia
Btxrtnnrh and IvrwH*. Tfie mm
oleie formula i* plainly printed in
V.n#b*h ( French, and Spanish on
rvery package. Tfioaaanch who
formerly bought an Inferior
<#f */*nna leave* tww u*e I>r. Cald
well'* Synip Prpain instead. It
is sold in drug storm every where.
fn sjHte of the fact that IV. Cold*
uvii'i Syrup Prptin ti t>* largest teUtng
liquid laxative tn the worUL iturrc
being over 6 million butties sold each
year, many who need mi benefits have
not yet used it If you have not, tend
your name and addreis for a free truil
bottle to Dr. W. ft. <>ildweU, 511
WaihingUm St, Mxmtuelio, Miaou.
Bureau of
Missing l
Caleb W. Moore 1* acnght In thi*
city by hl« daughter, Mrp. Delia W. §
Christensen, 9G% Waahlngton
Halt lAke, who wrltein "11 haa bee#
30 yeara a»nce my mother hearf
from him We heard he wua living
In Seattle.-
• • •
Mm. Lena Meryfield. moUirr ■•fS
Arlhur Meryfi'l4, who ta brlwvrd liW
have r»tnarrl< d In ftacramento, Cal.. |
sine* h« last raw brr. la aoti*ht hrre ;
br Mips Nilsson Allen on an Inj- 1
portant bualneaa matter. Mlaa Allen '
may be reached by ph'ne, Klltott
I*o7. local 70S.

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