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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, May 20, 1920, Image 19

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Charge Filed Against Moth-
er by Brown
Defiance of a court order restrict
ing the habitat of her child. Lillian
Flynn t, to Seattle Pacific college,
was charged against Julia May
Ktynn. 1110 Terry »»■•. In a kidnap
Ing complaint filed by I'nwe. ut»r
Fred O. Brown in Justice Otis W.
Brincker's court Thursday.
CP. Flynn. father of I.Hllan. and
ex-husband of Julia Klynn. wiui com
|>htlnlnc wltne»a.
That Mra. Klynn had kidnaped
the child from the college. May 15,
•nd then fle«l with the child and an
other man, Ed Vanhouaen. alao
charged with kidnaping. *i»a Klynn',
Divorce was grante*i the Klynn*
February 10, III#, by Judge Kverett
Smith He r*fuaed to give either
fftther or mother cuntody of the
otiiki. but aaelgned her to the col
le®». with the provision that either
parent might tail t.illlan and take
her out (or short interval*
The mother took the child out
Saturday, and waa to return her
Sunday night, but failed to do an,
the charge aay*. Mr* Klynn haa de
••rted her boarding pUce ltrown de
flare, Klynn lixea at U-? tlelmont
Arthur P. Calhoun. Alienist,
Is Booked
H Klmura. Jap 70« SUth «%• S.
was killed \\ cdnrJwlay on the l'a.ifio
[ highway after bein* knocked down
I >y an automobile drum by l»r
' Arthur IV Calhoun. Cobb builUin*.
•lien Ist.
Dr Calhoun, who wax stopp«-d hv
the o»r|fto*n police of a
L broken headlicht. told Jhe Seattle po
I IK* he had Iwti on a hurry call"
I and. altfco he realized he atruck the
I Jap. he believed at the time he had
I merely brushed him and that tha Orl-
I ental had not been tnjurrfl
Klmura tai picked up by K II
| Hail, of Tkcoma. and rushed back to
| Tlconu He dh-d before mulwil aid
could be obtained The Ticomu po
lks* were notified and a description
of the machine which struck Kimura
was flashed to Seattle. Dr. Calhoun
wma stopped lust as he was arriving
la Seattle. He was taken to central
pal ire station, where he was Inter
viewed by Lieutenant of Detectives
William Kent.
Dr. Calhoun has b»<-n booked by
til* Taconi.i police and ia at liberty
on his personal recogm inn pend
ing a complete on In Ta-
Mi Say* Deserter
Jm Robbed Him of $35
I Hugo Rastan. Hotel Strand. 2710
pit ave.. felt sorry for an unldenu
■lad soldier he found wand«-rtn« sleep
flljr on the atreet late W«lii»«lay
TiiffhL Ilnstan took the soldier to
hla room for the night. and early
Thvrftla v morning reported to the
policy the theft of IIS. The soldier.
Has tan told the police, had confided
*H him that he was a deserter.
Major's Son Will
Go to West Point
Following in hi* father* foot*tep«i.
F. Elmer Kidwell, university aopho
morr. ha* raccivad presidential
pointm*-nt to Est Point. Hi* (alh»r
l» MaJ. Frank A. Kidwell. Th*
younger KnlwM will report at the
a«adernv June 1. He In* been Utwg
at Sit K ohn »t.
Home Is Destroyed,
Fire Loss $1,500
Klre of an unknown origin com
plerely destroyed the one-atory frame
!ho»ne of J. T Sendall »01i ISth av*.
[B. W., at 9 40, a. rn. Thursday, en
tailing a lo«w of fl 500. Senlall
r«r*ied t)00 Insurance Mr*. SencUll
Fhad left the house to take her hus
band hi* lunch when th* pU>c«
caught fire. No alarm wan turner!
in and th* home *u a complete lo*»
When firemen were finally notified.
Skagit Bonds to
Be Sold Direct
of I*oo.ooo worth of Hkaglt
bond.* will be launched shortly,
according to an ordinance prepared
Thn mUy by Corporation Omnwl
Walter V. Meier. The bond.* will be
cold "over the counter," direct to Ihe
purchaser. They will b« dated
June 1.
Skagit Permit on
Way to Washington
The final permit from the govern I
ntent for the use of the Skairtt river
power site will he Kilned thia week
Xry the secretary of agriculture. The
stipulation*, aa drawn up by Cor
poration Coun*<-| Walter F. Meier
laat week, have been approved by
the dl»trl't officer at Portland, and
tr« now on their way to Waehlnßton
for the final approval of the chief
of th« aurrl' iilture scrvfee..
■Michigan Demos
I Divided on Booze
I ORAND RAPIDS, Mich., May 20
•~Michi(Can'a delegation to the demo
fcrntic national convention wu dl-
K'lded today on the prohibition que*
ftinn and. a* a renult, will cast a dl
Ivkled vote at the Kan I'raDclaco con
I Democrats at the stnfe convention
ftiere jreaterday, voted 925 to 219 In
Rejection of a motion to instruct the
for a prohllbtlori plank,
i The delegation waa not Ina true ted
L| to preaidentlaJ preferences.
|P Denver Market Status j
DCKVKn, Mar 19 Cattle—Rseelpta.
MM h-a-i ; murk'-i slow and dull. Hr»#r«.
sl#2-®I2 row® and hal f*r»
atoru+r* and fradera. s'. 71910 .0.
«•!»*•. $1 V• 17
Hoc*- ? 000 Haad. mark't IQ-
Mfhar. Top. fl«.«6; bulk of aalaa, 113 ',O
#l4 **
l.lOO h»ad; market
9t#ady UmWa, f 17.t»9 lit#; cilppad
fflfl, •!«.«•• IS M
After encircling the fflohe, the
j*tMuner Olen, built at Tacom* TmU.
yard, la J'orUaad soun. 1
Borrowers Are Not Being
Pressed Severely
NKW YOISK. May !0 -Uquefir
tlon of loana onlfrril hy the federal
re»erve hoaid haa lw»n proceeding
quietly thruout the country for eey
era| Week*. tt wn* learned today, ,1
tho announcement of the bouril'a p<>l
lev w .ta not nixie |iubljc until re
Hiirrowtri w«r» not being preeaed
to the point of dlaaater. uj> Imnkera
<le*lretl to protect their cualotnera'
crwlit, hut they *rr» given to under
•tand that new luattj woulil be Inn
The atnek market continued to
drop today, due to tightening of tli,
money altuatlon I'nltrd Htate* steel,
regarded «a the "indlogtor" of the
market, waa off }0 iKimta from the
high «>f the year.
Another Important factor In the
slump of price* waa the fitllin, off In
egport,. The department of r«m
merer «nnoun<*l today eiporl, were
$ 13fi.000.000 lei* la April than In tlie
prevloua month.
Thl« nw ihi, to the fact that Ku
rope waa getting back to lt» pre war
luui*. economically, and will no lon,
er neeit such a large amount of
Amerlran producta, Rurepe haa
Cottage Cbeese ad Bottenailk
While Milk is both nourishing nnd Twnr
health-giving food for little folks, Mj fll
grown-ups will find Mayflower ft 1
Cottage Cheese and Buttermilk if .1 \
equally nourishing and satisfying. ill U. \
At this time, when milk is partie- /If \
ularly plentiful, we are able to /.%
supply fresh Cottajre Cheese and 11
Hnttermilk daily. Therefore n<Jw .
is the time to enjoy these appe- 11 .
tiring and body-building foods. L f
Your grocer has all these good
things on ice. Ask for them. v |
l£» ft i w (Mb*
w L».-,
1 ii Jjg*
VI &AN K 4
fa More Than a Fair
E Weather Friend
j jcf A bark. a* woll a."* an individual.
E .should have the reputation of being
j ' more than a fair weather friend.
PThe First National Rank, through
I a long period of years, has served th"
interests of its customer® in times of
financial stress as well as in seasons
of prosperity.
We Invite you to consult us al>out rj
any matters of Lanking.
Established 10fl2 "F-
first Ave at James
Take tke Bo at
to Tacoma!
Have you sent us yours? It may be two round
trip tickets to Tacoma for you.
When you're feeling restless and blue
And you don't know just what to do
An ideal diversion
Would be an excursion. .
The Tacoma boat trip will please vou.
708V-J Pacific Tacoma, Wash.
Address yours to IJmcrlck lid 11 or. Heal tie-Tacoma lloata, tulinan
Round Trip Fare $l.OO
Single Fare 60c
Tacuma Boats Leave
Colman Dock
€j ©<[> * M P M EVERY OAV
Tide* in Seattle
TMvvmntv ruiiiAV
Mm lon TUif riMl !..«• I Hi*
tt li 1 M.. il fl I"I •» »•» I t ft
hr«l II la I* ll.lr I .r«l llitr
•» oi « m. It t n It ;•« a. m., It » ft #
•**««•II«| low llilr HriMillll UIW I »«|r
il:lt p m 1,1 fi I tt i« m < « ft
IIl«I* I i«l» Utah I lU* I
7 .'ft p m , #3 T fi, I» r? i» m. I? T ft
VANOOtfVKH. H. C. May 2o
Muita at»rt Miiokeatarke Wrrt being
tin the ll.*oo ton itrmmihlp
Marauret I'mighlait Thurmliy. 8)10
wnn launched TUeaHay night and
flirlitfiiMl by Mra J li. Htntth. »IU
e*t dufUfit'-r of the hen. I of the
iN>uclili«i) yar«U. where the launching
took plate
"Kfmm of tht World on Pacific
Port*," I.ocnl |H»rt nmuniwlon »f»
> aitupihin of thin nlotfuo by for
*l*n trade convention In Man Fran
"IW loltK. Ma* ?t liMl af Ih«
1.1 bar 1 y l<»*n Hernia •h«>«v»4 lM»prav*nient
• t |||« uprnlng ef th* tuarkat lu.la.
Thlr«l « ••pvn*4 el 111 11. tip If. « n <i
• *% • ••re lit it. up str Kfturih
•l» • »tt I* %u Ml tl. with* Vi«
\'<ri tS'a off !«• to 111 tt Vl*terf
• ware up I* at 111 tt. white UiMriy
J , • «*r« |lt It. Mh- hM|M r*tuf lit
4 V* • niiiH »t th* firat ft** fill Aut*a "nil
junip*<i 4 p<Mftt« t»» lit 7t TrMltf «•«
inoiUratt and ■«» »« .ibi pi*eaura waa ap
l< mrrt« 1 in tli* ••fir marh»(
built U|> « aurplu, of meat anil other
product,, forcing the »ala in thu
country of g< wid, whl< h were «#rit
abroad during the war and Immadi
ately thereafter.
Will Spend a Week Confer
ring on China Conditions
Paul B. Wlnthum, United States
trade commissioner will arrlv# In He
attle about Miiy 85, to apend on*
w#rk In the olty In tionfproniioa with
comnirrfi.il oricftninnUon* And html
tif mn men. Whit hum hu« racontly
»l»rnt thru ami ym a in
China. ittukliiK Inveatliatlonn of Chb
?»***« harltora and transportation aya
trm. |»r»or to entorin* Umi ■♦tvi«**
of th«» icovrntna'nt, ha w.m ®n
nrrr w»th tlm |»»jrt roinmlalion and
hua Act**tf In Imtuatrlal and oomtnr-r
cla| tn%9atimt|t»na.
ll** will a nnmt«*r of orian
lAatlona wtiitr and lha nlaht of
Nlatr 26 will addr*na a Joint maatlnif
fo the f<»rrlint trail# buraau of th#
Chamber of Commafc#, China club,
(Mirt corumi<t«inn 'nnd oih#r oriruntaa
tlona. at th# M.tnonir club. Ilia autv
jaM will lm trun*|»ort*Onn develop
inant In China and tta«U a*ihhimloii
Whll# in Neat tie hia hea.»<|tjnrlei a
will be nt th# tiurenu of frtr#lpn and
tU>m»»atw in th# ll*nry
I !'•«* *r« ihr»Hrnln* to hr^ak
on IV'Hlmi »»• wrr*
|.r»« lu'»lly of on» nfilnlon lhat quo
utlon* voiil4 fdiii* <lo*n li> a da*
Tha demaiitl la n.>» k«»pln« up with
lha lni rM*nl aup|illaa arilvlnic "B Ilia
)<M*al mard»« In lha paat fr* «lar».
flutter prlr#a ware unrhanffrd. but
a w#oili#r underton# waa fall In thin
mtrkM HeaWa ur# Uivide.l ua t«i
whether th# butt## market b w
r««irhe<l b«»ltom. norn# maintalnlni
tit it another drt»p U 4u# In th# lorg)
butt#r mark« t.
CoiniiKwlity prle## w#r# i#n#rally
latlffef Thur»da> mornlni C.»llforn..»
ill ii w t»rrria , a arc going :il $S 76 to tl
\ t rat# Saw Californi a »|>uda art*
up to 11 rrtiia a pound. Im|»er4al
N'alley tomato#.#, in lariar ai£##. are
going at I * to t • a hi*.
lt«*«:eipu at th# loeal «toek yarda
by noon Thur#d»y, amounted to only
103 r*ttl#. C4ttM and nhrwp m irketg
hr Id gUMMIy. wfc'-l# h«»a qiiolHUuna
market gbowe<l a araiik*r un<lrrtona.
with pr»in#» offering* at lli
M—~ —— jj- •
Local Markets j
» f
* —'— «
rtsrv tt b«|i»—U »#eiere
fir % mm 4 hull
* ■. IT
%rtlrhak«« f"*r t•# # ? *
lapaanafva '* u .!■ H
6r«. 77. >TH
»w«a C*J *•
« at.feag* .ft
t mtwi • r• f f*i ........
I aallftowar f»f do* ! '*•' "k
1 « : • r
(«»!*? l'»f rt«|' . •
; l-gg fl*ja( f»r f*
..arf.. .. It# N
il.r#** n«a»( r»» . ... ..
I (mm r»— m » » * *
111r»i» r«H»'• r»r ik •• <p
I Hldr« . I.M
• o«tt«• M» far ifc ... ... .119 H
Ihhiinm l''f
■ • . i .• « 111 OfIMM
|«i* |«» r ft M % ♦* **
''t!, r»r t>» It
p*r T*>
i#r n» ... t«# •
Wpfa r<% lnwl
C4< 1 HV:i»
in rn
Wm* tllf I »'
I «nl«|M|M f»» rr»i« ........ II •"
• Mrrto* P»t f*»
I%t«* f**r I'M !••••*
<if|w Fruit r:•»»!• • l«
t if«
llnMi »mb. fM»r rf •' * * J®" •»
I **»»'.#• I'»f » •'« I t»•
• >f4«|r« l'#f r«l« I
K«nM*>rk .. .t t»f« •'»
: X
M T1
F»rir*a T*l4 •« ITWalaa^la
* ■
r*r i* it# ••
I ilbarl* TT> ->'9 ••
HtliiaU y»r. l ufUn
f'nMiiif* -Virginia HaftlM*. J* I'# 1* ,
T«t» « . t'-fTb ... 10 # 111
I'rrM* l'«r lb ".Ik
* K
DAINI fßlNll IT*
la »lupp*r«
* *
l«i* irinir fr«#l» «•
Milk Vt «%t **•
m■ *
i»%imv rftoimnn
rH(w I'aM flb*l>«ali
•tnicr -I- -gl rr#in.«r tub—.
I . r lii i' a • M
»«*• Mtrl« tl* fr aah **
< l»~aa I
f»r m«» .11# **
* Waatt trlplafa mm..*. ."'® •'*
W'n o>n«Jn i r*«m brtcli ...... .3"#
Mmbnrg'f • *•
▼ o»r»g Am*riA«
I «N-h *»|aa .47
y ft
POtlTltV I
rtimm rm by Wh«lMl« 0«al»w i
U Nhl^pMN
! i *
iNirka »
|>I«M .11 • ■
, llrallm
r Kooataca .1*
i.»» 1,1 va . . ... . *'
i IWIfl«R Harm I.lvf p«r H». .. IT
* *
roi I.THT
rHrf« raid Hkolmhw
»* ~ *
ImkU Kroc»n
Itrnllrr* |)r«i»f»i .It# .Jt |
lima ..•...•••••••••• .HM .50
Sit# 1«
*, K
rrlrvw I'ttM whlpiwiw
■ -• ■■■.!..■ K
lowa ''nufltry. !*• .17
<'holra llffhi, |»*f H» J?0 .lt
\ra| rancf •*«
Uailiiirn ll# - n
» —f
QnnlßlliNia ll Ntorkrar«la
# ~_4)c
Ittmaa - II »fl#U 11
!o rholca ......... 1 • fc" <f 11 *•
T(o<tch l">at|r 1 Jr.« #I4 00
flga 12 tOU IS 10
|4a«t 1 ? OA#U Oft
Madium lo rholra looo#i: oo
Common to ...•.It 7 M| II) »»
11..* ri»vr. .n(S li.lf.r. ~ ~ .11 10 7.
Hull. I »»• k t.l
c.hM i.omuoi
K *' *.. M
IMV. «.KM v AMI rr.KO I
Wllolnwlr I'rlr. I'rf I "<l. « llr I'rtn. [
llarlrr-'lUill.d .71,00
Cllntfil .11.00
0.1. "00
llollml ..»0 0»
C>am Whol. •! 00
crarti.tS on
<l».p ... '•"»
I.mun. Hw 00
Alf.lU • 'I o»
All.il. M«ll <» "0
•rralrli rmm4 »» 00
W hntt "00
On', innr. ,Tf)priTir*r whip built 'for
lh» IT. H pplnK hrniril »m nti lh«
Hound ThurmJuy Bhn I. tho .trnm
■hip Ka.tfrn H«llor. Aft<>r brlnt: r<"
pnlrwl h.rn, nh. will prob«hly luad
Dotr tw+jLtUuilla coul purU.
Statu* of the New York
Stock Exchange
NISW YOflK. Mar f0 Tha l(oi*k mar
k»t ha.l a sharp rail y during ttia laat
half hour, wii I'll i arn»il |>ri •« from I
t<» 4 pointa almv* lha low <«f (lit morn
Hig Hi»«>l «<ni>in«n IT"' la- h to PIS
ftfur an "arly low at »»'i JHudahakar
r»lll»"1 over l poln*a ami Flafr«<Altow
ovar f poinia Mi ll' an f'etrnlaum, aftar
M Mfl) M .f . , nM up lo 11t %
The market waa affgrtaal hp tha f»»l*
In* thai lha amendment adnpi«<| thla
afternoon on tha noldler hnatio hill at
Wi«i|iln|i(ih made tha hill difficult of
P««*e*» 'ltila hill haa kan regarded aa
infiiai Inv lo tha aio« k mark*) and In
«ia> a a< tlon ami a tax ha up Tliara «aa
alao »onoiderahle profit taking l»y aiiorta
M:W YUItK, May SO Pit or k a e*atla<
tied iHalr downward rouraa when tha
market «ipea>»d today. ''antral la-athei
• pened at ||, off i *a ; Orwelkla, 117, off
\%: Motithorn ll,
fan A marl- an l'etraj|*urn If off I H
lialdwla, I•§, aff *4 ; I ailed Hia»»a Pltael,
*•'4. «ff S l nit H.ikl.rr. IV
off 1 lleputllt- MaeL all*. off |: l'or#
I'roduila a|, up ' aiia<|tau f*aa|f|r.
ll*. off Miuilrl.ak>r, atS*. off IS
M*-oi*<an I'tifuUum. Hi, aff •«, Amerl
• aai v* uolen aa, off t'«a
It aai #vldent that tha hear# were
atill In lha full iaia| af lhair drive,
Im4 »M..f..ra, atf»l IvMtl.af end <ll>a *ioiha
wrta I.it hard at I lt« opn ltig A faw
mlnut*a aff<r lha npenlng Plaei common
attlU iluan to m t'ruilhla, after «p«n
Ni| d'»wn IS to II".*. dropped lu Ilk
In itta muter group, f'larva Airuv l -ai
Si la ii <iila aar« hit aumewhat le»e
than lha aiihar ata« ka. hut all af tb«m
lha fall af y pn aa, high
hgnkln| rata* and lha <li>»t|aiil<lll(iii af
transportation were ami tha l»aar aigu*
went • 'I ha /all In ratall prh-aa r.
peaigllp effecting tha leather, ih»a and
awlaa atavka. ahlla tha at*ela euff*red
mera fr»m lha tranepor talian ilnlurl
an"«a II all elated «>n lli« etrret thai
lhara liaa haaa mnili|»r»l la buyrtif at
praaawtl lavala ky man r*»nnarta.| with
tha ln*«-atmeat department of a numher
of Na* ha'ike Al tha eem* lima
thara waa a* wrgaaiaed reeioteroe lo lha
latr 4r|f« aad Unkari vara eitnply
Peking up tbeaa ato« a■ aa lha market
Tradtr. b.|ia»«4 lhat lha lallar nf
ralary of tha Tt«aaary llauitan oi>|x«iiiig
a«tl«ilara' k#nua hill In aay forsi might fa
move una n .aa «>f tha praaaal lii.auciai
I lia .a» kat during lha flrat Ihraa
af an hauf afiuwad tottla dialinat
Iraad «ae way ar anothar Hiaal aftar
t* Klg forr«d halaw It went !'»• a to
whlla Mtiodahakar Nmiaro4 uoarly I
p"ia»a from tha aipgning
-<« vil i#mo avldaaea during th®
hoi.l that |MN ItMM »>at »aan
A**ra«|il nnd that # ia«a*iry might ha
Anothar drtva #a prleaa around noon
i arrtad down a»ma of l|>* liat. taking
ataal ii>nini«fi laiuw |g, hul littia ilvk
appaar#«t on thia drl«a aad tha rahounil
waa wan a harp## than In tha aaily
morno g
klunay an r«;| waa i aMiful
It waa aolil mi lha aira«t that t>argatn«
thru-'ul tha r«*intry haaa rtaulted In tha
r*laa#a of rullUona af dollar# that liita
• '#« althar tla«l tip or hoardad l»y 1
ar rk'ng t'aaara Mp|>ly n»«»nr y an tha
Nf or t ark at»< k aa kaoga aai graaliy in
« a in* af d«rn#nd
• - -— : —- —a
i Naw York Coffee and
Sugar Quotation*
a a
\rw Tuft If. May «v»ffa. Na 1
Mm »'»#li\« par 10. Na « lUant#a.
11% 9 ;«r p«r Ik
avtgar lua tll?|:! Ca par II fraa
olata<l :a It • lla par |k
a ■#
Foreign Exchanga I
■ a
NEW T"itK, May ?l r.»raiga at
'haoga apanad aaay l<>day. with fra<
Mnoal da. »»aaM iMmand a'afling opan*d
a' |1 lt\, off lr. franc iheki w»ra
IS la.. off II centlmto lira • ha# ka w«ra
II t:r. aff Jt rantlm»i |talg«an ra» l a
•na It ?t<. aff 4* faatlmaa markl mada
a »»*w R »t» »• ??I'. i il !»a ? : la, t«fk 11
• ntirnaa, • anadian da :ari apanad at
it 7la
, *
Status of Frisco Market
» - . ■ ■ ■ _—- —m
HAN I HAS- II»< •> M*r u n*ti»r
•lI'M, |*f pttmm f .'•«•. fckc
V r ifc
k:«Rt r«*r««w (i<4c f*» «oi lie
r»r dot. +atf« pu!l»«i 3>' |>*f do*.
<}*r*t»*4 pullet*. t«Ht |»«f d««
< h*»«» f)4tt. (afirf, tl'tf
p»r |h flrttl, 11S f lb
—T —-T^r 01 that speak (
\ •* '.ic-tf I themselves / I
\ .»« ** db, ?,!v*pb° n * I 1 I
\ Kr ®hovi' r * U \ / V I
#it»2SA msm^
yfeesss n Mm
Man seeks the Job Job seeks the Man^^
Laad a good haatthy tita
Laarn a trad* or gat a
ac hooting r
Oat military training
Ma with man from your
own homa Stata / -3
Kara arc ytntr Home
Scat* RaglmMti of the
Dnnillf Arm»
lit R«(l, Infnnlry
Now at l.nvim.
nr«u iirni. c. a. c.
Now at t'ump Lcwla,
tilth Hricl. < nvnlrr
Now at I't. 1> A. Hua-
Krll. Wyn
mk Heat. I'lrM ir
Now at ramp Orant. 111.
Mh I'.natnrr r»
Now at £1 ra»o, Ti-iaa
United states army
llalancaw I.?r)H,UiKO3 |
rjearlnia 127.2G* 00
lialanteg 130.040 00
ifH|*»li 4IU»
riearlnita 2,046.071 00
Bulanoea f1!,378 00 j
PN irl««i 1.47aMl us i
' hMiiinitu i,o;y>,fif»7 'l4
M •
Tritnaportalon of ore from A lank an
mine# to tldrwa<*r hua b#eit rut. off
by the wa about of the Chltnu
l»rldK»*, b#tw##fl Cordova and K#nnl
oott The air*amer NOfthw##tern wna
fort ed to nail aouthbound with only
> ntrKu of 100 h<»«»a of fliih l>r*e*liae
of iht« hoi.j lip i,f or# traii*f>ortntion
l«owly brown roffe# baana hop
pad Into protnlnmre at th# New
Wnahlniton hotel Thurnday, Coffee
roaata*ra <»f tlie I'arlfle conat were
holding a t w»day aeanlon. Nathan
prt aldt nt «#f H«
llron. A Co., pr*Jt!drU.
_____ i. o m w • ■ _____
IHravllatt of Atkaywian I Itarrig
1101.1. % MI-IHM KM I 1.1. ( O.
With Tlirir lUaaKful lloraaa
OTMKIt • llll*" Ai ra |.;«|| ai.i.t
Aa i.OOD
Paalura I'halWfilap
I K VII It A 10111
t# HI « 4l'|t Ol."
MOORS ?\\r,Vr M
Ha4lM«—Tkr HMrllna— Hl»«-
>1.»,rl 4k Mrrr»w
TMICK IIAII.V—» M awl ( It
Haflarra «>ia. Mgkta f aai I
lOW PtaAYlNft
rtldloia I.lay da Jraalafa A Mark
l arly A l-al«fct HaU#-l*a#t««*
I Italda d«»n Mlllalaa raata#aww#a
AdMtlaalaHa Muliarra ?*r| Sifhla. |fr
n«tk »i i*v>« Kui#ti im
"Vkli W"k-H>ll»r «al«r4«F
Mghla llr lo |l ##
"IMir." Had **<•!.K**
-I I |*ni*a Hut" \ 111 I** 4
Mghla t*aaHlMpi, !#• Mala. <ao«apt
■aaiari LaHaV Mmlm
• ao« af»t aaawdnyai, lie
Mallaaao, I M MftMa, 1 til aM 1:11
1««l*kt I niII aai«Ma? Mfkl
Mallaaa *>aiw»day
Mafct* Mr «• II.W Mallw* I*l.
Mr i# ||4u. I-1.. Mar Tai.
Army serves;both
MORE than one hundred trades are being
taught in the schools of the new demo
cratic peace-time Army.
Thousands of men who have joined are fitting
themselves for bigger jobs, for earning more
money. Employers in every State, in almost
every line of business, are looking for men with
this training.
K ■
Chicago Grain Market
Mar !• —<»raln future# rai
11*4 altar »>.jr nn tha rhlcatfo litard of
Trada t«.<la» after an aaa> opening Tfc'f
t»a« a altered epilog at the opening. tut
ahorta Itiitk profile «>u tb» dip and ha id
ffi# n.arkM in rh«*k. lAfr on ren#w*d
btifinf the mftlk«t «-|lfnl»#d again Trad
ing i»nlinw<l |»h*ftlty dull. Ke*elpta
ki r« normal F>|>ort« '«f ram In tba r-orn
t,*M a Lullieh fartor aod Inriu
en« ad a a.if lit r tee
|*ro» lator a a»ft hl|h»r.
May • <>rn lata at f1 •?. tip J r .
an-1 reinalneal unchanged. Juljr r«ni
«!>«•*] ed iloan S< at |i.€ 7 and
trained 1 <«< . *ept#ntb4r corn opened at
|| fc?. down *»(. and later wai «.p IS'
Mar jjf « at fl #4. down ||fl^
and at#r ga' .a.l IV , July oata
d' «B< *|f at ••»%« and later waa up
I (Upitmbtr oat a opened ai
do*a and latar gained %c.
n~ —-*
Chicago Live Stock I
*— - - -
rHI'AOO. May "• II aff a - Reeelpta
tl.lfl be*4; market lie htffcar. Bulk at
aalaa |IJ » ut< here. 11140U
|m«. |-a a:ng. I\Z «M > light. llf.Mfl
|l« Bt til raufb4
• ii i*
o*«ile- R#<*#lp»» 11 •«« r»*«4. mirkH
•<*»<lr Hatl. lit 13 # ll.it MfMr
Ask if there's a vacancy,'
Garden, right in
Seattle this summer
Valuable tract. In the tTnlverrlty district, only fifteen minute*
from the f>-<leral building, are being Mild ho < heaply that hun
drnda air living out ther<- gardening on th'rn while making
the Invr.triient for 110 to 140 a month I'M than they formerly
Of rourae, th.re Mg tr*ct» are being tuk'n op fa*t. Rome are
putting up temporery littl* wood arid canvaa homee, Intending
to build (nor* permanently later other. tire getting from on*
to • tru' lB to hold a. an lnve*imerit. Tha property will cer
tainly rapidly Increaee In value. t>e< ,iu*e H<attle I. expanding
ao .trAdily In a northerly direction.
View lota, reatrlrted residential lota and big garden tra/rt*.
Including the taut forty ncree Ju»t npen"<l up, are Included In
thin big nia.lml price fcaie of Crawford it Conover holding*
J'rl> e« range from s;■.:& to »KOO. Term* I&0 down and 110 a
month. There sue about 300 lot. und lra<t* yn to be moved.
They mini go quick. That la why terma and prlcea are way
down end euay.
Take Itavenna fflooeevelt Park) car to end of line, then waTV
In earn* direction, eastward. four block. to our branch office
• t the corner of Thirty fifth avenue northeaet and Kant Fifty
fifth «tr«" t. Or drive out along Montluke boulevard, turning to
the left and up hill at unlvermty treftle and continuing to our
offlie at above addreee. Mr. I*. 11. Hrown la manager In
rharge and In on the ground, rain or thine, every day in the
Have no regret In the tutnre, when thl* opportunity la gone
forever -tee for youraelf thia very day —NOW.
Goodwin Real Estate Co., Inc.
F. S. (ioodwln, I'rrnulmt V. J. (in*n, Salea Managvr
312-314 liuilding, Seattle Main 4357
(toodwin Real KHtate Co., Inc.
312-314 Building, Seattle r *~*
<VnU#m*n' Without oMiratlnr w* In fcnf wiy. a*nd I I
plat km] 'Wall® of Crawford ic Co Dover opportunity I
in th* rnivirnty district. L*J
H#n4 »utomol!l« Mat#) at (Jxoury I |
t«, mk' out to Crawford * O»nover property and I I
bring n«« ba< k. abaolutrly *itbout obligation. L_J
Nam# ............
Ad l ! .. ie«....e..M.».e.......e ee ......... ... • »• • »•«•••« ..«•
H-i»* i(>- * 0
Mutual Life Bldg.—Pioneer Square, Seattle
rtnofrt ißd rvtta»r%
l'-9* *•. aucktrt «r 'I f*»<3erfl, t* Si#
in - . (•; in#
»i i#
h!i. '-p~ Ip'a. 11.to* h»td: nuM
m»».ir |i< itail *t. •«*>. It#
113 I
Two oil tank*. with a total rapacity
of 500,000 .gullona will It* at
Smith Cove port terminal by John
K. ilillrr k Co., for 17,200. Contract
awar<J«-d by the port roramlaaioa
A 1
Mark*. Franca. Lire, Krona
buught. noid and quoted.
Circular on re<jue«t.
114 Sr<-ond Arcane, RmHJ*
Phooea Klliott 434» 2CO«
pact ia

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