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' IWeather
■■■ ■ ■ Tonight and Tuesday, prob
■ I I I I ably showers; gentle
I | 1 R | southwesterly winds.
J 111 I Twii|iw«lwf |jw>t *1 Hour*
™ 111 Maximum. M Minimum, 11.
I P 1-b. v noon. SI.
5J7! N my nwri Tig mall I find
fit I four enthuvast Ictte *
SHm from lo«-«n admirer* of
SiKy \lr I>e*t* and his (>ar
~ ' d>-n of I 1.-n entcrpri «
•I Atascadero, California Tti«
writer* are a* unanimous In prnis
In* Mr. I ewl* bji they are In ob
Jwtln* lo my r*t»nt criticism. A*
I said tw-fore. I do not know what
Mr. wi« Is doing with 111* colonv.
has had a spectacular and
far from peaceful cjirn-r, and .vi a
promotrr. enthuser and advertiser
I* without par. not even ex. eptlng
Tom l,aw*on A* a builder. a lead
er, a rapialn of industry. a* well a*
of Imagination. hla past career has
be<-n lem effective. If he today la
making good. and Is coming with
in sixteen furlongs of performing
h!s manifold pledged mlraclr*. I
•111 be cheered. Indeed, for It will
bo the first time in history that
•uch an ent>-rprt*e, handled by
•uch a mnn. a drejkner ever made
goy for the small Investor
If, 101 l doea It. he will come
proving that the communal
ta i»>a*ibte than any
one *l*e haa done to date not ex
cejitlnj our fervid Bolahevlki of
the bu-fck stepj>e* and bloody hand
T d<w>t know whether or not
l.ewj* f» making good K\ery law
of chanca la against his program,
and the oiltsklrta of hi* site looked
far from flourishing a few weeks
ago. but that's all I know about It.
which. I believe. Is about what 1
said before.
Maybe seme time Hi discover
that the Job Harriman socialistic
heaven In the hot hill* of the J|o
javg desert has made all Its citizens
plutocrat* Tou certainly never
can ted these days.
A critical study of the llttl* land
and co-operative movements th*
country over for the Uxt nUtjr
y*mm wttl jm»v* to any one who
Ukn the trouble to discover all the
rvidenc# that all of ttiem. In tiro*,
failed, and most of them failed
miarnblv. upeedity and to the im
poverUhment and mental anguish
of poor women and deluded men
who had banked their all on wm»
body * pretty theory. I neelt to do
no enterprise or man an injustice,
but I would be a poor editorial
apeclincn, Indent, did I not warn
Ignorant, unskilled. Ineiperlem-ed
city families of some of rert.ita
deadfall*, and trap*, and ambu*
cades that have been aet In the
past by aperulatort. and dreamer*,
and promnrter*. for the ru:n of hon
est. eager townsmen aeekin* a
"Latin land and liberty."
• • •
fnneßß IS a letter that n«
I J~€ I tied dg*n In the midst
of the morning's mall.
and that seems to me to
1 spe
rial ptibllratl'in I hot>e the thief
sees this and has a change of
heart, and I a!*o hope that If the
thief Is not repentant, somebody
will Investigate a bit and come to
the front and renter with a hit of
first aid for thla aged *oldi<-r on
life'* firing line.
"Mls'er Thief: Do too know that
the carpenter's tool* you stole on
your two recent night visits to
that North Knd tool shed repre
sent the only m'ans of livelihood
to an old man of 75 and his wife*
-With the tools, that he loved
from 40 years' attachment, he was
able to do odd jo he Karh tool
had a memory; now he Is helpless,
without hA old friends
"I do not think you would have
chosen his tools had you known
the circumstance*, but if thla
meets your eye yo>i still have the
©«--M>rtunlty to make good. Phone
m' and I will call anywhere for the
tools, or. if you hive di«iK»s<d of
them, better send the money to
purchase more. The tools were
worth $5O on the market today No
questions will be ask<-d Here la
your chance to rlßht the wror.K
you have done |t pass and you
surely must pay sooner or later, as
every Intmtional wrong must be
paid for.
"2312 N. 77th nt.
"Phone Kfn. X 04."
Sfallng |wnn|e* from a blind
bemtar ha* been *uppo«e«l to be
the lowfut depth of ra*'-allfy, but
to rob an atr<d man of hi* tool*,
of hi* llfelonsr friend*. of hi* mip
jxirt, that Ih far won"-: Jijhl ax an
horie*t man who works for a li i/1if
Ih a better m.»n than the one who
be«* on the eorner
You don't n«< - <1 thoee tool*. Mr.
Thief, not at the rout of your ("-If
re*Ti*rt and Much tattered raei of a
m>ul an % wnenklnK, Bkulklnu IJfe
may have left you.
They're Smoking
on Hoffard Now
Ole Hoffard, eriiclnerr with the
»it;ite hl*h way depart merit, dmtrih
uted ritrara thru the County < Ity
buiidiriK Monday.
••It'* a «rlrl," he nald. "Nine
pmindM. Heattle fjeneral."
The Hoffard'i live at 122< n.'.rd «ve
fi. K H'' i» a form'T I uivenilly of
Waahington footballer.
Tattered But Faithful Sol
diers Carry Plain Wooden
Casket From Dingy Train
m RAi ril II Tt'KNMt
MKXIfO CITY. May ?l \
dingy liltle train of three
wooden roaches today brought
tlv remain* of \>ra>lialM <ar
ran/:*, murdcrrd president of
Mexico. hark lo hi* former c*pl
Drawn by a rusty, rrl|H'l«l
engine, the train »|ouly puffed
it* way into the city al V.»fl
a. m. on llie narrow gauge
Not more than 1&0 persons wit
nessed the arrival of the body.
Ttie faithful wax hers included most
of the foreign diplomatic mrpa.
(Jeorge Summerlln. the Arnerloan
rharge. was conspicuous '» a l>lgh
ailk hat.
The other watcher* ware chiefly
newspapermen, photographers and
the mourning-clad m*mh»r» of the
dead president'* family. A f»w men
from the Carranza regim*. who had
uvt fle<t the capital with their chief,
were waiting They also were
dressed In mourning
1.1 \KI» I \*I>I."T
The sun was Jusi rising when
railroad offlcluls announced that the
train was approaching tha station
and would stop at a crossing about
200 yard* away.
When the word was pasned about
the little crowd filed down the
track*, ihru the early dawn.
As the train stopped at the rros*
Ing a band of faithful Carransa
•ntdiers, who had arted as Its
guards, clambered stiffly to the
ground, e They were ragged, dirty
and unshaven from days of the
hardest kind of campaign in the
mountain* of I*u»Ma
Itererently. sombrero* In band,
'he soldiers lifted a rough wooden
bo-x from one of Ihe coaches It
was the casket containing the bodv
of Carr&nxa draped In tli» rational
colors of red, gr< »n arid whits
Th»n. a« thr sun roe*, th* rrm
nan?* of thr or« r proud f'-'irran
*l«ta army, a tattered group of
idwplww, hungry men, lifted the
rjutket solemnly on their shoulder*
nnd started tht taut marrh iftth
their ehlef It was an impressive
testimony of loyalty. Fallowed by
thr mourner* thr little hand movrl
off tow iM Oarranzn
Thr pholormphw and newspaper-
brought up In thr rear.
ll\l V.mt'MS HKt KIVI-:
Ilk- V \TllfCl<
A* the »rs. lener the prorra* »-n
broke up nnd tha body waa placed
.n pO***r»,slon of the field prraldrnt's
d«QVl)t#rib Julia and Virginia. #ho
w*re to r.nance for thr funenil.
They planned to hold It elthrr thl t
afternoon or tomorrow. Iturt.il will
In the I adores cemetery, thr
rfmettry of aorrow*
(Jen. Munruta. Aruirre. B»rlanga,
fjrnarlo lionillaa and C»rn.
who rodr to thr city on the death
tram, abandoned It at thr suburb
of Oupadaloupr, finishing the jour
ney by motor.
The brother* Cahrrr* w era rf
ported wife In a town In Purhla.
It was learned therr will be no
military honor* granted by thr na
tion. The revolutionary leadrrs aaid
In thrir opinion Carranza wat only
a private cttlsen whrn he wbi ax
laminated last Thursday.
A telegram to funeral Obregon
jcave additional details of the mtir
drr. Thr driK»ftrd prrald' nt, afford
ing to thla t<K>k thr a«<
HaNnln, Itudoifo H«*rrero, Into hla con
fldence beraUMf Mrrr« ro waa familiar
with Puebla mountains.
The murder oc< urred nt 4 a. m.
Friday morning, thin telegram aald.
Carrunza was aalerp whrri llrrrero
and hla men of»mrd fj r r. Friends of
president rushed to his aid and
battled with thrm In thr darkness.
(Jenrral Murgla was described as r»».
perlally daring.
Carranxa's body was riddled with
bullets, advices said.
The special revolutlonnrv eommls
slon, appointed to investigate the
fighting In whleh Carranza m«'t his
death, haa left fr>r Puebla.
Minimum Wage
Passed by Senate
senate today planed the Nolan John
;<>n minimum waw hill, fixing f:i a
day as the w/|ge that ran he
paid to rlvll nervice cmployia of the
The Seattle Star
■ atai*<t u Claaa Uolt.r Ma/ 1. I'M. at lha •>• Mallll. Wuh undar tna Act nt ronirraa Match I. IIT». f»r Taar, t>jr Mall. I. to ••
Beauty of Seattle Women Challenged
***•* * * * * *
Ziegfeld Seeking Prettiest Salesgirl
Doloren, who t> rallrrf hy Florcnz Zirpfeld, jr., "thr mo.it beautiful rrraturr alirr."
Seattle today was challenged to produce a more beautiful woman than the actress
| Dolores.
The challenge came from Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr., producer of the Ziegfeld Follies and
other famous beauty shows.
He disclosed the fact that I<os Angeles and Denver have laid claim to possessing
the mo*t beautiful women in America.
He indicated that a «ix weeks' trial engagement with a Ziegfeld beauty show will be
Two Telegrams:-
, NKW YORK. May 11.
Kditor. v-atlle Mar;
I am looking for Ihe misl beautiful *ale*clrl In An ler Ira. I will give
her si* nrt'ltk 1 trial in one of nt} New \«rl< beauty sboxr* and also
euaraiilce her sl» «e<l»«' tryolll as a movie net res*.
The editor of llie I.oh \ngele* Iterord recently told rne his city had
the moat beautiful women in Amerba. This statement was instantly
I hallenred by Ihe editor of the l»en\er K\press. My clipping agency
has been washing the "Seattle Style" lealure uhirh you publish daily,
and il onurred to me thai "wattle uNo li.ul a possible claim to the most
beautiful women.
In rny opinion the arlres* Dolores Is Ihe most beautiful creature alive,
but if jour i ll) or an) other city can produce a woman as beautiful I
\« ill gladly admit it.
I'roducer /Icgfcld l oliiee.
• • •
SKATTIJ:, May ?l.
1 loren/ /irifrld, Jr.,
New Amsterdam Theatre,
N>* \ork.
Anybody who think* 1 oh Vrntdw or Denver ha* prettier women than
SfHtllc in uofully i*nortint. \\ irr fuller detail* of your offer. In it
limited to aal4**ladie», and if so, why?
Tin: skattmc star.
Dwelling Is Damaged $5OO
by Blaze
Not only did a btirstlnr stent a
t>ur«e contnlnln* SI from the
home of Ma* Harrison. .124 JlOth »ve.
H,, early Monday mominit, but *et
fire to some clothlnic in the bath
room. caualnK a blare tluit damnired
the dwelling to the extent of t£>oo.
Whllr firemen were pumplnit wa
ter Into Hie Harrison home, th«
prowler rontlnued hi* activities In
the nelßhlrorhood, and from the
home of Jam'"* 8 llolme.. next
door, stole a watch and |i;i belong
Int to Mrs. r, liinory.
On the Issue of Americanism There Can fie No Compromise
Burglar's Orders
Strictly Observed
Just a* Mr. and Mr*. K. IV lluff,
Ir» 12 40th ave, ft. W. walked Into
their house, late Sunday night, a
burslar stepped out of their bath
room, flourishing a revolver.
"Stand right there until I get out."
Instructed thr burglar. The Huffs
were obedient. A thnro search of tha
housr showed nothing stolen.
Seek Negro Who
Burglarized Rooms
Police are eearchlnjr Monday for
an amiable and well dreused neitro,
believed to be the man uho crawled
Into the rooms of l„ .1 William*.
1542 Hran'lon sL, and Ihtvld I.loyd.
.'.lit'-, Kliik 1., early Sunday morn
init William lo.it $35, while I.loyd
palled Willi
Coffered to the most beautiful
saleswoman in America.
She also will get a six weeds'
try out in the movies
The Stsr Imni'tliatrly wired
/b'fffeUl for more drtail* of hi*
plan. uhi«-h it W e\per ted will
l>e reeeived in time for tomor
row'* paper.
Interest wss nron*e*i by thr statr
mrnt in Zirgfeld*a offrp that he re
jrnrds the nrtress I Hdores an the
"rn«*st tirhutiful creator* alirr *•
Oalsy Henry, Who writes the ••Se
attle Style" stories, said:
"At lcnj*t one third of the women
who have come to Th* Star office
to get their theatre tickets, after
s« emg their snapshot* In The Star,
have t,een more t>eautiful than IH>-
"If all Mr. Ziegfeld require* is a
woman more bountiful than Dolores,
It I* rrrtaln that some Seattle girl
will lierome nationally famous
Believe He Buried Five
Wives in Alberta
BJIMONTON', Albertn, May 24
niiiebe.trd .liirnen |>. Wittmm, liehlnd
the burw at San Qtientln, may still be
Imrund, autlHiiltlee her® nald todftv
Canada l\ar< definitely aet out to Ret
and hoiiK lllnebeanl.
To till* end Alberta prnvlnelnl |in
lice today ate illßK' iR on n lonely
rum b owned by Wnlwn, f.O mllei
from [nrilufttll, Allx'rta. Thl« ranch
l« Hold to have l>een the private bury-
I nit ground of five of the murderer'*
Dtocovery In a trunk cheeked by
Wateon at Kdmnnton of a. pick and
nhovel and earth stained huntliiK
clotheH. led to the theory thut Wat
Hon burled five women on hie Isolated
homeetead, which In IlT> in lies from a
If a body In discovered, Canada
will make every effort to have Wat
eon pardoned In California, brought
North, tried and baiitfud.
Will Report on Possibility of
Suit in Street Car
Corporation M»'lrr win rc
ply or We*ln**wday to May
or Chldwflt'i letter Inquiring Into thp
poaalhllity of a city euit for the r*
rovery »»f part of (he $ 15.000.000 paid
for th«* «tr*fl railway system.
Th*» mayor H«»nt* the city's attor
neyp to determine whether a baa la
for fraud art ion exl*ta
Mrirr hm an ailelit aa the
Sphinx regarding ht« |»om«ibl«» reply
Coin* Idrnt with the mayor'* letter
to Meier, The Htar announopd a re»
ward of fi <H>o to any one who would
present fu«'t* ujwin which a suit
could b* lataed. *m the mayor indi
Ho far, no one haa offered any
• • •
With the rent »-arfare ©rdi
nanre of Councilman R IL Thomaon
heforf tha city council Monday, indi
cation* at the nty hall are that the
bill cannot t*uut in ita prfjwnt form
Councilman John E. Carroll and
I*hllip TtndaJl are expected to lead
tha movement for a six rent fare.
Oliver T. Krickaon la atrongly op-
I-lined to an Inrreaae of .tny aori. li
lt ffeak*tti and A T PfWcO are out
of the city on le»\ea of absence.
Councilman Thoiunon Is the only
councilman to date who h;ui drfl
nll<• 1 y unnounrc*! hit Intention to
flcht for lh» wwinnil farr. altbo
It ta likely that hp wlil I*
n ppnrt rt\ by PpuMtnt 11 aa* and
William lli kman M'w>rc
Tlir plan urrrd by Mayor Cald
well muuld place the farr rate at tux
51,000 REWARD
For Information That Will Result in
the RECOVERY, Thru Proof of
Fraud, of Any of the Fifteen Mil
lion Dollars Paid by the City of
Seattle for the Municipal Street
Car Line!
If Seattle can get any] per will pay, when the
of that money back, we city regains any of its
may t>e able to SAVE monev ' or when a court
. * mvm orders it returned to the
the FIVE-CENT FARE. .... . „
c, , . . city, $l,OOO in (.OLD.
The Star does not charge,
that there has been Information transmit
fraud. nor does The Star ted to The Star will be
assert that we can get turned ov * r ~t o the
, , , i proper authorities, or
any of the money back, published, as conditions
Mayor Caldwell thinks may warrant.
«■<■ may. The Star. « » „w0 or MORE
servicc to it. 1 - loaders snlls furnish information
and all the public, de- that, separately or in
sires to help him. conjunction, accom
„. , ... r , plishes the desired re-
Thcrefore this offer: the reward wi „ be
To any person who divided as seems proper
has information that to Mayor Caldwell and
will indicate fraud or !£ eol
Al , . If the Mayor and the
conspiracy in the deal Editor cjm m)t afrree on
by which the city of Se- (| lO correct division of
attle acquired the prop- the reward, they will
ertv of the Puget Sound leave the matter to a
Traction, Light & Power third person upon whom
, . they will mutually de
conipany, and will trans
niit this information, ' . . ,
, , ~, _ Send information to:
openly or in confidence,
to the Editor of The Se-, THE EDITOR.
attle Star, this newnpa-|THE SEATTLE STAR.
09th E3
fax. mil
Good News:
Food Prices Decline.
Tomatocx Lead /{ace.
Butter Cheaper.
Ranch Eggs Drop.
Th* regular blmontYily re|>ort
on food prlcea, compiled by Mis*
T. M K leemeyer fertility of
the King county fair price com
mittee. indh-ate* a halt In aoar-
Ing omU for the 15 <lxty i>erlod
rmltnK May IS.
All meala have remained sta
tionary, a* contraMed with a con
Ktntrnt upward ahown In
all report) hitherto
Vegetable* are on the decline,
according to the figure* given.
Tomatoea lead the field with a
do< rea*e of 15 cent* a pound,
while potatoe*, cabbage, carrota,
turnip*. lettu<e and other* ahow
aubatantlal reduction*.
Butter I* 5 cent* cheaper a
pound than it wax laat month,
and ranch egg* have dropped 2
cent* a dozen.
Chicken halibut alone defle*
the g»neral contribution to the
decreaaed coat of living, by going
up from 21 to 25 cent* n pound
retail. Thla la attributed to .the
Hinall catch ao far thla year.
Oakland Mill Man Tells Po-
lice His Secret
OAKLAND. Cal.. May 24 l*n
able to con oral U* story longer. P. S.
Parker before da y break today told
the police of a death trap
laid by him. and of the death of *
IS year-old boy, who had been killed
by the trap
Parker, who la managing owner of
the Eureka Mill# company, Maid he
(•tumbled over the body in hi* office
1 last nurliL He said he became panic
stricken »nd fearing dJ*covery
wrapped the body In oanva* and
dropped it in the estuary back of the
mill. The body was found at 10 a
m. today. It ha* not been Identified.
"I had been bothered by sneak
thieves," said Parker. "It exasper
ated me and I determined to stop the
thieving So I rigged up the trap.
Last night J became curious to know
whether It had been sprung When
1 entered the office I stumbled over
the body of the boy."
California Makes Heroic
Spurt During Last 200
Yards But Fails
I niv«r»lty of Washington oarv
men won the collegiate I'acific
r oast rowing championship when
their shell finished six feet ahead
of the I niwrsiiy of ( alifornla
crew at the end of the thre> mil*
course cn lake Washington
Monday morning.
The winning time waa 14 minute*
and 35 aecond*.
Weather condition* were Meal.
California ra a length behind
when the shell* were within 200
yard* of the finish. With a magnifi
cent spurt, the Gold Bear eight at
tempted (o |>ull ahead, but failed —
by nix feet.
Callforhla's stroke was f**tT than
Washington s. but the Southerners
splashed considerably at limes, wrtiila
the Northern eight, with beautiful
steadiness went ahead with a
I'learvcut. nicely-timed pulL
\V ashlngton's fre«hmen defeated
the California vearlinjc* "Asiiy, and*
were more Uuui three length* ahead
at the finish.
The regatta w*» postponed until
Monday after the Washington *hell
swamped, and the California crew
rowed off the course Saturday eve
ning. Ueferee Max Walske, former
AH American oarsman, ruled the con
test "no race."
Thousands of spectators lined ths
shores at l.ske Washington to wit
ness the crew classic of the year.
Small crafts dotted the lake along
the course while steamships loaded
nith students followed in the wake
of the raring crews.
V i.«hlngton took the lead during
the first mile and led at a half
length. Increasing their lead until
the shell was a length ahead a
quarter of a mile from the finish.
Then the California oarsmen quick
ened their stroke and crept up on the
Washington shell until It looked like
they were going to pass the Bun
iKxlgers, but with a last effort
Washington held their lead over the
finish line
\\ \shin<;ton cia.w
Washington's crew seemed the
si ranpr and finished the race
f rentier than California's oarsmen,
who** spurt had a telling effort.
The freshmen race wag over a
two-mile course and the Washing-
Jon frosh won handily, making the
distance m 10 minutes and 64 sec
The Washington eight has a fine
■ o to nice In the Inter collegiate
regatta at Poughkeepste July J. ac
cording to Coach Kd leader. The
dei rnlon will lie made liy the unl
versity officials within the next few
days so Ooach I.eader can prime
Ills men for the national struggle.
Tliih would t>e Washington's third
crew to race in the national event.
One Proprietor Arrested;
Seek Missing Partner
Charged with selling liquor at the
West Side Inn, 1703 California avc.,
K. W. Williams WM at liberty on hail
Monday, while deputy sheriffs
sought F. W. .Johnson, alias "Red
"Spikeco-proprietor of the Inn.
Two secret officers of the sheriffs
department went to the Inn with two
women. They chiim they were given
whisky after proving themselves to
be "all right."
The raid, directed by Stringer, fol
low* d. Altho no b*H>*e was found In
the house. Wringer says he diseov*
ered a crooked faro box In a trunk.
The Inn is surrounded by shrub
bery. It Is a pioneer home, furnished
with valuable antiques.
When deputies attempted to raid
the Inn on another occasion, a police
prowler car drove up to the Inn and
flashed it* lights on the windows,
Btringer charges.
"When the deputies went in, the
Inn was as quiet Us a church,"
Striiitfer said.
VsttlNliTONs May S4. —.
rrt-siiloiil \> i 15.,11 i.kluj in n nim
>*«(• to fimtrwi a»Ui-d flial lliU
rminlry urrr|it u uiuiHlaia MW
i Ainii'ititk

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