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f FACT 10
K«vfy Kttttnr of TKr Star
on Tuesday be tranaformcd Into » of l>cauty end merriment
Xlr« Charle* Krlcenn Iwia tnum»l charge of the tnu«lc. presenting Mlaa
Mary U>uiar Rochester in a group of her Inimitable eonge. Ml»» loulee
tMUy will superintend the »»le of flower*. with the servl. e* of n bevv >.f
little girl* Mra. OUleaple herself will be the official photographer, while
Jflea A lie* Kay la to have charge of the fUh pond Mr* Kr«l Rurnakle
will mul hrtuiiM, and demonalrate her suoceae with the ouU* board Mi«
Marguerite Oaffnev will have charge of aign*. an.l at the tea hour Mra
Sdwln K. Her* will dispense hospitalltlr* Mm J Richard and Ml»*
Jjuwrr Rtackwcll will ecll Ice creajn ami home made candy. Tlypre will he
BO admittance fee. and mother* and their children are enpecu»ll> Invited
to participate In this novel entertainment, which la for Uie purvoee of
Bfclalng funds for the work of the St da! Bar vice club
* * * J /*! > #
Dr. and Mrs. Bcntley to
i,Entertain Mr.
*■"" l* mmpkment to Mr John McCor-
Mick and hla accompanist. Mr Kd
Wtß Bctinelder, Dr. and Mm. Fitdib
Irk BentJey will entertain at dinner
tttfa evening The guest* will later
IHiiiwi the performance at the
Moor* theatre.
a e e
Dinner at Home
Mr. and Mr*. Harray J. Fatter
«tU antartatn eight lutili in
formally at dinner tomorrow ave
•lac at their home
informal Dance
Mia* Anna Adam* will entertain
Vith an Informal dance at her
fercne on Thursday evening, the
fnaata to Include her Kappa Alpha
Yhata sorority aiatera.
• • •
• • •
'John Bratnober Jr.
to Entertain
IB honor of Robert Rreioke Albert
pn, who returned lajt evening from
school In Vlnrlnla. John Bratnohar
Jr. wIU antertain with a dancing
party at hia hocne on Friday tve
Postponement of
Seattle Composers'
Tha concert to hava been giver
by tha Seattle Society ot Compo»erv
'aa Wadneaday evening In the Fine
Arts atodlo. hi>» been poatponed
(aui autumn. because of the 111
Maa of two of the participant*
Miss Christensm
Wed to Mr. O'Donnell
Mr. and Mra F W. christensen
■■Wiiiiii a the marriage of their
«WWhter. Hilda, to Mr Patrick
OrDonnell. Tueaday. June IS. at the
lew of tha bride* parent*. Mia*
Ckrtatenaen is a gradual* of the
Xtecoln high arhool Mr. and Mra
OTV>nnell will be at hotaa alter July
1 at M> E. SMh rt.
•• • I
... (
Monday Bridge Club
The Monday Bridge rlub will mwl
' Wit w«ek with ML'* Janet Powell.
Mr. moritz gutmann announces
the engagement of hie daughter,
Viola, to Mr. Max A. Sliver The
SMTrtage will take place In the
fUL Mr. Outman will be at home
to hi* frienda on Sunday. June 20
from > until S o'clock. In honor of
lila* daughter.
Were being made Tuesday for Mr*
Margaret Dickson, 67, who 'died
Monday nlgbt at her home. 1141
Taylor ave.
EBB| Conquer that
Bf Mcoaranthd
K remedy
DONT be troubled with unsightly, annoying ®
dandruff any longer. Get rid of it. Have a g
clean, smooth, healthy scalp and luxuriant, well- ■
nourished hair. HAIR-Bitters, the guaranteed "
remedy, will conquer your scalp ills 3
or you get your money back. ■
HAIR-Bitters is a. natural' remedy !'' ' J
containing no alcohol nor other poi- | g
■on. It is positively a proven remedy
for dandruff, eczema, falling hair,
itching or irritated scalp, dry, B
oily, split or brittle hair.
In from three to four applica- /'ITIH
tions marked results are noted in ' QH
even severe cases. ~ fl H
Try HAIR-Bitters today. Ask Bj
your barber to apply it or get fi H
bottle, $2 and |3 each, at any R
drug store and use It at home, Bj
Remember, we guarantee relief. 'J""*' R
*•£>» H
ftp.r».y Hi
\gL (InjM/GbuQfar-
Hostesses for Golf
Club Dance
Mra. Clarunoe fl'ethen. Mr* Jay
I Uurand. Mr*. Harry Anderson
K1 eager and Mra Robert WllMin
compose the list of patronessc* who
will have charge of the dinner
dance to be given at the Seattle
Coif and Country club on Wednca
day evening. June }>,
Miss Condon to
He Honored
Mr*. Rcmw Wllaon will »nt»rt*ln
with » lucheon of twelve cover* at
the Seattle Uolf ami Country club
on Friday In compliment to Ml**
IVirothy Condon. wh< -e engagement
to Mr. Jutleon Faulk no/ ha* hern
Miss Sin ale toil'B Wedding
i I/O l
The murrutise of Ml*" florida lee
Singleton and UeuL james barrett
Mockbee, Jr.. to be thla
afternoon In the chapel at the Pre
lIkJIO. h*J» been postponed Vmuw of
the audden lllneaa of Muw Singleton.
Mr*. Hinirteton la with her daughter
at the Hotel Fairmont. San Fran
Thrift Shop Bargains
A chauffeur** ault In medium *lae.
with puttee*. la moderately priced at
the Thrift Shop today and tomorrow
Alm an rvenlns ault In a medium
site Dm* •.hlrt* there are In great
number*, pru-ed at tha rldictilou*
flfura of 10 cent*.
The marriage ot Mr* julia sas
nett Dt*na and Mr J francis
Hemenway wa* aolemnlaed on Sal
urday afternoon at i o'clock at the
Kplacopal ractory In Tacoma in the
preaAce of relatlvea. Mr and Mr*
Hemenway left Immediately for C*n
ada on their honeymoon, a»d itp»n
their return will be at home In We«t
Baa 111*
Marriage of Miss
McHugh to Mr. beezer
»y - - •
Mr. M M. M<Uu|h announces
the marrtaur' of hi* daughter. Ml'*
Frances teresa M'-lfugb. of Buckley.
Wash. Ui Mr. eagle F Rwtrr, unti
of Mr and Mm Louis IVwr of this
City on Saturday. June S.
The ceremony ww performed In
the Httl* Rl AU)y«l"ii« church In
Buckley with the brother of the
bride, the Rev Father A. M* Hugh,
of the Cathedral l"ari«h In Meattle.
officiating. Mm lira/"* MrHuih
xieter of the bride. and Mr. Ray
mond R»<**er, brother of the grt»m
wtf the only attendants. Only rela
tlvea and InUmate friend* wllne»»ed
the ceremony. After a wedding
breakfast, siren by the bride's
father, Mr and Mm. R»exer deieirt
ed on the V. S. 8 Treatment for a
wedding trip to California. After
July 1 they will be at home to
their friends at til! First ave
N. W. In this city.
#Masfci IL4!l Ik
.JmimJLW JL ragnwj>fjjjjjii liflß M. EszzssxmaaxiiMatiLmß U »a»a l —'i
Mr flllbert Skinner and Mr Ned
Kdrls accompanied hy Mr. Jack!
Korllon of New York and Mr Jloyd
Royal of l*Utsburg, arrived last
night from a, motor trip across the
• • •
Mr and Mra. Robert O'Neil art
receiving mr«ia*e» of rongratula
lion 011 lha birth of a win Satur
day at the Oolumbua sanitarium
Mt> O'Nell will l>e remembered aa
Mlaa Flora hickey
• • •
Mr* Harry Keyea Rmoke and
■mall ion. Thomaa Krederlck llrooka.
of llend, Ore, arrived In the city
Sunday to »l»lt her molher, Mr»
M K Down*, and her brother and
■taterdn law. Mr. and Mra. M Roue
(towns, at their home on E. ICver
ett at
• • a
Mies A Ida Hulbert of Everett.
who has been the gueet of Mlaa
Virginia Cook at the Hotel Bor
rento, returned yesterday to her
a a a
Mr Robert Itrooke Albertson re
turned U»t evening from Virginia,
Where he hs« been attending achool,
and I* at the home of hla aunt.
Mra Cluuiee K. Whittlesey.
•• • •
Mra. Jer*e Ivee and daughter.
Mill Alice Ivea, muled June U
from Honolulu, and are, expected
home Sunday. Juna S7. Mr and
Mr* H K D. Jarksod, who ac
companied ihem. will return to their
home In Westfleld. J.
a e a
Mr and Mr*. Raymond Fraxler
will remova thla week from the
W uahlngton apartment* to their
• uinnirr home at Spring*
a a a
Mr and Mr* Walter Clark of
lulling*. Mont, and Mr and Mra
Frank >*lark of Chicago arrived laat
week b> motor to attend the bank
era' convention and ar» |uHta at
the Motel Frye
• a a
Mr. and Mra. Fmmett C flrown
have removal to thetr new home
In Denny HlaJne park.
• • •
Mra. Frank K. Jlurn* and Mra
M Ruck departed ye*tar
day for Alaak*. to remain two week*
• • •
The He«ttle vlalt of Mr Mark
Perry Peigotto, father of Mra. t>rury
K. Aitama. ha* been poatponed until
July I, "win* to bualneaa appoint
ment* lo I'aria
a a a
Mra John Plarce and entail dattgh
ter of Olympia are houa* neala of
Mra Pler>e'* parvnt*. Judge and Mr*.
Illram K. lU.lley
• a a
Mra Alfred Raymond and dmieh
ter. Mlaa Ixiulw Kaymond. together
with Mra. Ito Hw»en«y. will ieava
Thursday for California, to ba gone a
a a a
Mian Kllen M-«aer I* egparted home
July 1 from Wick ham Rite, In Con
necticut. to apend the atimtner with
her parent*. Mr and Mra. H. R.
a a a
Mr* Oiarlea K (lb«*»nr of Albany
N Y la m»kin» an extended vlalt
with her *l*(er Mra. J A Morrlaon
Clever Use of
Taffeta Makes
Youthful Frock
,Vnr Ynrk'n Fashion A uthnrit y
Taffeta l« so cleverly u«ed this
se.uion that He popularity l» not at
all surprising. Once upon a time It
was conMclered an "old" material.
No*- It I*, perhaps more than other
fabrics, youthful, due to the nklll of
designer* In evolving skilful touches,
auch touches, for example, aa are
•hewn In this effective frock that
Ina Claire wear* In "The Gold Dig
ger*" at the llelasco the*t re.
The [x'tllcoat Ih limped and given
a decoration of applique rosea and
ribbon underneath a full skirt of
tulle The hodti e, with It* shallow
neck and shoulder sleeves. Is simply
a little "round" affair, gathered a
bit about the waistline Into a shirred
handing two Inches wide.
This shlrrtng figures a* a waist
band and sash tied carelessly at one
side, with one edge unoorded so that
It Is free to flare; It Is sewed Into the
arms!sea to serve as an apology for
sleeves. •
New, Positive Treatment
to Remove Hair or Fuzz
(lleauty Notes)
Women nri> fn*t h'nmlnif the value
of the UN** of dHatnne for removing
hitlr «r fur.z from fnw, ni'k or irrnn.
A pa*t« In in.iflc with anm* powd»r«d
d«laton« mid waUr and uprnid on the
hHlry auriar». In two or Uir«« tnln
iitaa It la rubbed off. the nkln waahr-d
and every Hit of hair li*w disappeared.
No failure" will result If you art» rai»-
ful to huy if"iiuin« delations.—Advnr
Mix* Pntriria Fotheringham hrrane the hride of Enxipn Mr nil Frederick Sproul. V. S.
S.. lost Wednesday evening, vith a beautiful ehurrh ceremony.—Portrait bp BushnsU.
I (Clkmlb &F
Profre«»U* Tlxncht f tub
" The annuofplcnl. of the
«|ve Thought club will be held at
Woodland park Jlrtng box luncheon
at II o'clock
(•otdrn Km (Idk
Men and women pant S* year* of
•are are lnvlt"d to the meeting of
the Oo|d*n Kia rlul> from 11 a m
to 4 p m In the Udie*' parlor of
the l*re«byterlan church lirln*
lunch, but o>ff»e will be nerved
Allruielie flub
Mr*, fhinle! Olxiry. 201 yueen
Ann* ive, will he honte** to the
AltruiMlc club at 1 p m
• • e
lonia Social flub
lonia Rot Ml elub meat* In the
card room of Mueonlc temple at
I p. m
> Women of Mooaelieart leflon
Women of M'Kweherirt
meet at ' p m at Mooae temple,
M) «tie 4«wr( No. 40
Mjntlr .lew«'l No 40 Auxiliary
■f 1 BOLDT'S I
■ —from the m«>i»n»irlrijr
and weighing of th* In-
H ln the ftual H
baking thrre In alNNft* H
■ lutel? no Miimnrnrk, WO ■
■ that M'B»IKOIl!HITV" l« M
M guaranteed from the
vnry bent recipe# of H|
fl "loi»a-pro\ f« ■ HTrM," ■
H Kv+ry mouthful Ip de- H
llrlmiH and xatlafytntf. ■
H koih I
■ i.oiation* ■
H f»I :t ftrc«»nd Avfnnr.
V 1414 Third Av«nur. IM
A MndUan MnrHH, iff- A«9
H NRil MmlUmi. fIH
I'arlfle Market,
H Pike fttreef.
will rnrri at the home of Mr*
Klmer H»pkin*. J»6J Ferdinand *t.
Lupcheofi >1 I p 01
I ad; Kaclc*
The I-ady Kay!"* will meet In i-'or
'.iter*' hall Wednesday. June 11. at
1 o'clock for a trtialneM* ncejrton
lard* will be pUyed from 2 o'clock
to 4 o'cliw k.
lodic*' Aid Sorlrty of tlnlUrd
The 1.. A H of th<- Italian! I'rw
hyti-rtan chur< h will rue*t in the
church nonet at 2 o'clock.
Mlraif* Womm to Giv#
Th«* of purUum< Mary
proo+<lur« of th* Minute Wom#n'» I
orfuniratmn will ilvr a brrakf**t \
Wednesday At 1130 a. m. In tha •
lion Marcha tna room In honor of
Get a $7O Bike for
Piper & Taft warehouse stock —smoke and
water damage only.
Sale Starts Friday
Motorcycle & Bicycle Co.
301 E. Pine St Elliott 997.
Mr» Ceor** N. Mclaughlin. who
ha* been giving, » cour»* In par
li»m'nUiry ptw»4uft to tba Mlnut*
Wimen* nri»r;ull»n,
W«Hl>Ta/t Thimble < Inh
Seattle Woodcraft Thimble club
wilt »rt*e a tard party Wednesday
afternoon al SIS In the club roomn.
11l Ilallway Ki< hance buiMmgl
• • •
Ijullm' Auxiliary nf llikiir f hnluni
Auxiltary of «'onisirKatlon
niltur t'holum will meet Wednesday
nft<raoon at J o'clock In the vestry
room* of th« nflliKoinM. 17th ave
nue and Ve«l»r w«y.
• e •
HHtlili Ameriran Outdoor Meeting
The flrnt rammf outdoor meet-
In* of the ltiltlKhAmcrtcan Anno
ririllon will he held at Alkl thla
ovtning at aevefl o'clock. All mem
l-ery and frlejida invited. Hnmr
your lunrh.
TH« f« lIM- r.«!lt«r."
•UJy In Tt»# Mar. mrr iniNinr rfiiMlf*
, r*r«t«e«t fmm It# r**wt*r« wlm "hf-wli
" t*» |lw thr-lr li«wt opinion* M
mibjfHa ot Intfrrsl lo litem An »urli
il»r.> *r«* IM»« onl> iMamlUii M m
liclilMtliif. MUI art wHI worth reading.
ISVIh In Seattle
Tonducte«J hy
.John McCormack's
Enjoyable Concert
John Mrt'omwrk, who ha# won the
title of the world • moot popular
tenor. received an ovation that »»*
Overwhelming last evening by uri au
dim'-* thai filled t)i# Arena 111* rx
qulalte and artistic interpretation
was evidenced In every song He
poawseea a supreme vol™, of It* lyj>»\
lovely In quality. cjear a n<» am pie In
power. Ilia Interpretations are mark
ed by sincerity and an emotional
It le the Irish songs that have
brought him fame the world over and
which MrCormack Interpret* with
surh genuine feeling and expression,
that endear him to the American pub
Hi mul charm hla hearers.
The opening number, Ha*-red Ilap
turi»." from '"Kaiome." by Handel,
received well merited applause.. Then
followed m group of aortga. of which
"1a Caravans'" by Krnest Chaueson
SJ.J ~L'A Iha Hejvir*" by Pernio Tostl.
were the mom enjoyable. The other*
were "(Jo Not, lltppy Day" and
"Ixjve'a K>-cret~
Then came the Irish folk song*.
"The Jlarp Ttiat Once Thru Tarn'*
Hal la." "The Next Market Day."
"Bendemeers Ktreun," and "Drumln
t>onn Deeliah." His last three num
bors were "(Wily for lfou," by Bdwln
Kchnelder. Mr. McCormack's accom
panist, which was enthusiastically re
ceived; "Thank God for a 'larden"
and "Ah! Moon of My Ijellght" from
| "Persian Garden" by l.lta Uhmann.
were beautifully executed and were
two of the chief feat una of the pro
McCormack waa appbiudefl with
fervent enthusiasm and responded
most generously with the encore*.
"Dear Old l"al o' Mine." 'Ko«*-a of
llrardy." "Little Mothe r o' Mine."
•That Tumbled IWWD Rhack of Ath
lone," "Mother Machree." and mm m
fitting clone the stirring patriotic air,
"The Americans I'ome "
Mr. Kennedy, crilAt. played three
delightful numbers, "Variations Bym
phonlque" by lioellmann, Haint
Ha ens' "Homince" and "TarantaUe"
by Pf>pf»T. For an encore be gave
l!ul«n*t*ln'e Melody In F.
Mr. MrOormack's concert here last
evening was one that will leave a
\ rry pleasant recollect lon.
• a e
Paul Ist Choir,
With Father Finn
The I'aulUt choir of New York,
under the direction of
father Finn, will rtve a oon«rt
here on July 11.
The choir «u founded II jwi
*«<> by Kitliar Finn, who la (till the
director and conductor. There pre
seventy ohortatere In the (roup,
forty of whom are email boys from
•II parte of the United State#. Dur
ing the time Ihte choir baa been in
exletanc* they have riven over two
thousand concert* and have suns al
rmiet every type of muale from the
moat Intricate polyphonic motets of
i the middle ace* to mmple folk eonce.
John Flnne*»n, the well known
| tenor eoloiat of 8L Patrick*. New
Double Inducements
Just what you've been waiting for—some real pretty summer
nalats at a special price. These hare Just come In and they
embody all the newest Ideas In waist styles. They art fashioned
of mulls, voiles am! cambrics, long and short sleeves. There are
plain white ones, some striped and others are white with colored
collars and cuffs. Tou are sure to baplwmid with these and will
find them unusual values at this price.
» '
* ' "™ — ~ -
Elastic Brassiere* Muslin Gowns
An extremely stylish and Thr,,r ar * T «*y attractive
„ , look Ins gowns, made of a
comfortable brassiere for la ROO<i quality of
dies' wear. They are flexl- muslin: short sleeves; em
hie. t>eautlful and especially broidery trimmed with rib
good for bust reducing. Made **>«> "»* ">und and
, .. . . v-shaped necks. A regular
in a fine elastic web. Triced 0Q vii , u< . n()W pricvd a ,
$3.00 and $3.30. 51.50.
_____ ~ > I ———————
Rubber Aprons Knit Bloomers
An ejctremely practical apron Wonderful values In Cotton
for housework; rrotects the Knit Bloomers, with eomfort
outer garments a*d saves lots abl , fu „ ftnd rathrrf . d , n
of laundering. They come with
a bib and look like the ordlnar> elastic bands at waist and knee*,
gingliam apron. Triced $l.OO These will be found complete
and up. nnd very serviceable. Closed out,
per garment, $l.OO and $1.!5.
Ony, !?rt # *ish drop. Muslin Undenkirts
stitch fiber silk stockings for Fine grade of soft muslin un
ladles' Wear. Knitted In fine dersklrts for ladies; knet\ and
gauge with a seam Uick. which full length; daintily trimmed
Insures perfect fit. ltoyhle gar- with embroidery. All are cut
ter top; heels and toeji rein- good and full. Knee length
forced. l*alr $2.00. SI.SS. Full length $1.50 lo $3.50
> ' " N ' 11 —— i —v
Embroideries Maline
We have a splendid assort , n n , auk Wh , t MaU .
tnent of Kmbrotderiea. i
Flouncing*. Insertions and Taupe. Brown.
Allovers. In neat patterns; Light and Dark Blue; best
well finished; suitable for quality; rainproof; faat color
trimming underskirts or Bnd vcry , )rtced
drosses for little folks. Trlc.cs , >r '
are low,
TtnurrjAT, imm n. i»m
w t * M V* ' •••» —' '
llefore UKtnK Jam or mnm for <■*»* ■
nln(? trull It la nwnurr to ■UrttbWl
Waah th« nm In hot anep *od«. '
Itinae in hot wjt»r lx*t <*n rrMjl, 1
l),i>n fill with cold water I'ut In •
k*ttle on a rack and *tjrround with
cold water. Ilntl "lowly t/> the boll-
In* point •rid holl 10 mlnuta* ft*,
move from wnlw, empty. and If vm
■ Ibl" (111 while h<* I-"t the cover*
nland In bolllnK water 10 minute*.
A»lde from aterlllxlnii the Jar* thMfl
IxiHlnx pror'-a* l/»u«rtiTn the Klaaa.jj
Itut In the*e liny* of "*afety flrM,"?
It * a icood plan to put fhe }ar* on » ,
i loth ttrurtK out of hot water whll* .
nPlriir th'-m with boiling fruit u>4
To rrmov« lodine lUlw frofn llnao
or cotton, wet th« *pot with alcohol,
rub ktwrrri the hand* and then rtBM
In <*»! d running water.
York. Ui on* of the soloists. who »H4 j
other* will ancompany the boy# oa ,
their tour
Th* program will oon«l*t of IhfN ,
parts. the flmt Including wortutajy
I'alest rlna, the w«ion<l Bach
modern JUissian school, and th«
third folk «on«« and ma/lrlgals. „
Critin of Kurope as w»ll mm 1
ica claim thla organisation l.aa th«
roost perfectly trained voices of any
organization of ItVklnd In the srorld.
More Muscle
and Strength
—Ottrm la more materia)
available In a single pound
In tl»e aame amount of
nuat or tsp.
Nothing more pissing or
raster to prepere—delicious
and aandwidiea In
fart, many of the moat
appetizing d tehee are
founded upon It. '
12c a half pound
Fresh and Sweet
It»<■>*« Am PrtwnJ er
Can Be Bought at the "VP
*"*LLLK>TT 223

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