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larding Prepairng
Acceptance Speech;
Will Meet Leaders
V I»AKHIWmW, June I.'. Sena I
If iß* ** r ' lln * l»P»n prepare
■ HHM of Ilia apeech formally accept-
K ':tac the republican nomination fof
t apeech will Iw llanllnß'*
|Mn pariKMi-i[ platform on which
. he will (to before th* country.
. Jodjri nl' liy his punt utt*r«nc*a
W quoatlom of thi" day, tlic apeech
Will adhere to the republican plat
$ Hflll adopted at Chlcafn
I S| Th' ■pooch will probably I* da
Him I •«! July 1. at Marlins's home
vj. Mk Marion. Ohio.
, Before completing hla addreaa.
Mfcrdln* will hold numfrouN con
with republican leaders
■EpS* will talk over financial problems
ljeelle M Shaw, former sec
fMtary of the tmtaury. today
S ' Ha haa already conferred with
K fefenator Fall. New Mexico, rf«*nl
' "§St->IMt Mexican affair* Senator I<odjra.
L WIII Haya and otheni will aee liar
K4lbc Murine the week
(rln* hla conference* here.
will leaye early neit aeek
e aeaalde reaort. where he
nd a week or more t»forr
for to deliver what
tbahly I* hla flrat IMtl
>f the campaltrn
a# will retain hla s*nt In
ate until hla term expiree.
4. next, he announced to
la added that hie petition
ilectlon to the aenate filed
itnhua Uat week, will be
If he hnd any Intention
nlnir from the aenate. Har
• la ahaolutely no poaatbil
that. I du not Intend to
'pom the aenate but In ten I
( my term out "
•eaicnatlon of Henator Har
Uf Obregon Says Some Repub
licans Are Fiery
Mexico citt. June u- pw
tol relations brtwwm Mexico and the
■ UMM States will continue, re card
U iHa of policies that may be pursued
j? tqr tha naxt American admlnlstra
(, ttan. officials of tha revolutionary
W pisiii imii nt declared today In dla
tsasslng tha nomination of Senator
| Warren O. Hardin* as presidental
| MMMxl* of tha republican party
Oen Ota(<un said ha believed Mar
£ was a friend of Mexico
"It is quit* true tha republicans
1' ten some leaders who are fiery In
| their views toward my country, but I
jf do not believe theee sentiments will
)! prevail w«h tha more level-headed
I iHibllCMi leader*, - ' Obregon said
W "American policy toward Mexico will
4- B» JSctsM. In tha last analysis, by
E Answti si> public opinion, and I am
'# CoafMent tha American people desire
St» Bee in paana with this republic."
FwiMmt Adolfo de la Huerta re
I fused to com want.
Are You Spending Too Much?
If you are spending too much for clothing and shoes the Bargain Basement
offers an opportunity to cut down expenses without sacrificing good looks or
quality. This saving is accomplished by the Bargain Basement system of "No
Credit—No Free Deliveries—lnexpensive Fixtures—Minimum Sales Service—
No Alterations to Garments."
The Latest Arrivals!!
Dainty Silk Dresses
In Three Attractive Models
For Afternoon or Sports Wear
Pr at ed s 14.75
One style is of sheer white Georgette over China
silk. It has short sleeves trimmed with parallel rows of hem
stitching, a full skirt with hemstitching in ten parallel rows,
ribbon-trimmed girdle and at the neck an accordion - plaited
The Sports models are of Crepe de Chine with a
blouse effect in Navy, Rose, Peach or Scarab. The white skirt
18 accordion-plaited and has a three-inch band at the bottom in
the same color as the blouse.
In Sizes From 16 to 38
Novelty Straw Shapes $1.79
. A splendid selection of large and small shapes with wide and narrow brims
is offered at this very reasonable figure. Both dull and shiny straws are in
cluded in black, tan, blue and green.
din* from th* aenate would prob
ably retvilt In the overturn of th*
republican majority In that l>ody
iui tlovernor tV>x of Ohio, a demo
crat. |>roliat>ly would appoint a
democrat to nerve out llardlnir'a
term Thla would make 4* re
publican* and 4* democrat* In th*
aenate. elvlnir Vice l'realdent Mar
aball power to break the tie
Friendship with France will tie
on* of Senator Hardlnifa Interna !
tlimal pollclee If he la elected, h^ (
Informed a correspondent of it i
French newspaper
"If I t»come chief executive of
the nation I can aaeure you I will
foat*r th* spirit of friendship with
France." Harding aald "1 have
the ut moat admiration for th*
founder* of the republic of France. '
Democrats of Idaho
to Name Delegate*
IJCWIHTON. Idaho, June I&
Democrat* of Idaho gathered here
today to aelect delegate* to the
national democratic convention
Senator John F Nuit*nl prohahly
*lll head th* deleirutlon 14 with
on* half vot* each. The delegation
will be unlnatructed. but favorinx
McAdoo. It Is aald.
• • •
Borah Won't Talk
on "Bolt" Report
<"HR"AIiO. June II Senator
William K. Horah. of blaho. r»fil*ed
to dl*cuj>-s report* that he plana
to bolt the republican party
iloruh added, however, that he had
made no atatement that would Justify
the circulation of report* that he
planned to bolt.
Utah's Delegates
Are for McAdoo
11.—William Olbhe McAdoo la the
choice of the I'tah drmorntlr
IIIm for nomination m iimMknl of
the I'nited Statm The eight t'tah
delegates to the Han Francisco con
mllon yeeterday by the
■tat* convention will bo headed by
Senator Wlllum 11. Kins of Sal'
L*ka City.
Johnson Resting;
Continues Silent
WASHINGTON. Jun* >1 -firnator
HI nun Johnaon tu4»r wu at hi*
hom« In Rlverdale. Md , a Washing
ton suburb.
At tha houa*. It wa* mid. It mtxht
b« a day or two b»fnr« Johnaon
would m> to hi* offlc* and that ha
would probably hava nothing to My
on politic* in tha ntwillmi
Johnaon hlmarlf r*fua*d any state
ment a* to hta plana whan ha ar
rlvad In Washington laat night.
$750,000,000 Is Due
From Income Tax
WASHINGTON. June !».—The
estimated yield from the second In
stalment of Income and excess profits
taxes for the year Itlt. due on June
11. for the months of June, la
9750.004.900. the bureau of Internal
revenue announce*! today
Democrats Will Find
"Jazz" in Air When
Frisco Meet Opens
Buoyed up by tha cool. Invigorating
sea breeses from tha (lolden Gate,
tha democratic national convention
opening here June 21 will hate Itself
to blaina If It lan't full of pep and
ginger None of the stifling heat
that oppreeesd tha republican dele
rules will greet tha democrats here
Protracted seas lons cah go on. while
wily nlflil In* drifts ahout tha ex
position auditorium and gtvea the
convention a new shot of ")axx "
Whether the delegates will be able
to get their "Jaat" from any other
source has not yet been determined,
but It Is believed that at some place
In this dty will be found the stuff
to cheer the camele on In their fight
to make the democratic party the
champion of the ~we«s."
The half doxen national commit
teamen here In advance to see thai
1 arrangamanta am mmpMi for tha
ranvanU.ll ara spending thalr time
largely readme nr«i|a[«r reporta
from lha Kaat and okrhlng or kill
Ing off tha atortaa origl!.atlng In
Washington and <")il<««o
For example, thay hava okahed
tha auggeatlon frvm Washington
that IWtnbrMca Colby. awt»Ur)f of
•lata, shall be frmanMH rhalrman
Tlia tip haa bean pamed out that
tartar Olaaa may find himself chair
man of tha rianliitjnna romnntlea
Todif they viewed tha report from
!<lll«|ti tfial Thomas R Mara hall
"looms aa damnrrallc candidal* on
ft molat platform." Thla. II «u indi-
I rat«l. probably la ft clavar mora on
tha part of tha administration to dl
Mda tha "wet" atranglh betwaan
II iovarnor Mintda of Naw iaraay
; and Marshall, making that faction
lam affactlva
Martha!! la an routa hara from
1 Nevada. romlr.f by ftutomobtla. Ha
may arrive today Anton* yaatar
day'a arrivals was Wilbur W Ma rah
traaaurar of tha national committee
and rommltteaman from lowa. E
It. Muora. namjalcn manager of
linvcmor Co* of Ohio, rauna In from
Senator Hohart Owan of Oklahoma
la lha flrat randldata on
lha ground. Ha la busily organising
for an attempt to awing lha con van
lion In hla favor.
In an addreaa ha declared tha con
vantlon "will not ba dhlalad by tha
Only five of tha national commit
tee * subcommittee on irrtri'mrnu
have arrived They are Chairman
I lomer H Cummlngn. J llruce
Krwn»r, Montana. Montana. vlof>-
chairman of the committee. K. <1
Hoffman. Indiana, committee mx-m
tary, P. If Qulnn. Hhode Inland, and
Charles lioeachensteln. Illinois.
• • •
Three Demo Chief*
May Support Cox
FRENCH I.ICX, Ind.. June ll.—
I'realdential aspirations of (ioveroor
Jam'* Co* of Ohio today were be
lleved to have received the Indorse
ment of Char lea Murphy and (lover
nor Smith of Now York and Thomas
Taggart, Indiana drmo< ratio leader
The three leader* here were re
ported preparing lo hark Ibe Coi
booru at Iho Han Francisco conven
Predatory Spirit
Must Go, He Says
John A. (Sellatly, of Wenatcher,
rouiillriatA for republican nomination
for governor, In a foe of the hl*h
rout of living.
speaking before the Kln» Poun'y
Women * Republican rluk, he de
"We nre all out of patience with
the nhort weight, do aa-llttle-a*-
you-can. get-all-you-can nplrlt whlrh
aeema to posaees people at prcat nt.
Thin ha* got to change."
YAKIMA, June 15.—Kxplulnlng
why there are not more female b;iw
hall tnama;
Mr« L. R. L>ancaater went to aee
the local club. Hhe disagreed with a
declalon. "Ilobber!" ahe yelled, and
heaved a rock. It hit the chief of
police. Mra Ltnnuter will explain
to the Judge Friday.
Johnstown, Pa., I«
Gaining in Census
June 16.—John*,
town. Pa., wiped out by the flood of
11X9. now hiin a population of <7.327,
according to the 1920 cennun flgurna
made public today. The city Rained
11,14S since 1910, or 21 S per cent.
PITTHBUFIfi. June IS.—While pro
hibition offlcera were Heeklng to Htop
the 'Meak" from bonded warchounen,
a pair of trunka In Union elation lie
gan to melt In the heat. Two ease* of
whUky were confiscated.
Way Cleared by Purchase
of Landing Field
Army aviator*. bu*ln«>e» men and
flyln* »»|»-rte were enthuaiaatlr
Tueaday over the purrhaae hy ;he
county rnmmlMlnnm of the Hand
P'rfnt airplan* landing alt* on
I,a k e Washington.
II la lirllfvul that ll» acquire
ment of the airdrome will reault In
ih» inauguration of an aerial |->*ial
wnW for H»attle In the near futur*.
and will trnd to bring n*v*i. army
and commercial planra lo Kcattle
The field l« declared by eiperla to
ha one of the f!nc»t landing field* In
the country It combine# factlltlea
for the landing of bvth i«a plane*
and Uind *hlp*
Th» «lto obtained by tha county
ronaiata of ill arrea. The prlca waa
art at SIM. 001. Aa tha county
trailed In it acre* of property lo the
north of tha city for lII.TIO. ther*
la left only 1137.H1 du« on the entire
The county alao obtained an op
tion for two ynara on 40 addltlnnal
acrea at the «ame prlre |IK—In
raae It I* found adrlaable to enlarge
th» Unpins fl 'ld In that time.
Thr acquirement of a landing field
near Heatile may reauit In the ee-
of a permanent amy
aero trjuadron occerdlng to milllary
authorltle* «hi have been urging
the purrhaee of a field here for
nome month*
Thai the government nuy aen 1 a
aquadron to ru-op*rate with the
coaat defence force* haj> been under
con*lderatl<>n by the war deport
ment ofririala for aome time, it la
Is Captured With Booze
Aboard Ship
Krnest F Kruw. captured Sunday
when the revenue cutter Areata
overhauled Ih« fishing hoal < lood
Hope with 400 quart* of Canadian
whisky alxwrd. now face* two
i h*r*« of smuggling whtaky from
The first I* In connection with the
Meadowdule bnoce rtng. of whli h he
1* alleged 10 be the eleventh member.
Cnder the alia* of Harry Hrooks,
Kruse *U to have ap|>eared In
court Wednesday lo plead guilty. He
did not »how up, and wa* no! seen
until captured Hundjiy afternoon.
The second charge wa* placed
against K ru*e by federal prohibition
officer* Monday.
Hall of $l,OOO on each charge wa*
furnished by Kru*e Monday after
noon. He I* scheduled to appeur be.
fore Federal Judge Cushmun on
Polls Remain Open Until 8
P. M. Tuesday
fleattle began ballot In* at H o'clock
thin morning on a proponed # 5 mill*
.pedal tax levy to mine tI.KOO.OOfI
to cover Increased expenaen for the
district for the next nchool year.
The polln will remain open until
* p. m.
If the meanure paanea. the achqol
tax for the year Ixginnlng July 1,
l»20, will be in f, mllln, a 10-mlll tax
being allowed by law without the
approval of voter*.
Urgent need of the npeclal tax wa*
argued at a max* meeting In llroad
way high nchool lint night, under
the auapices bf the Know Vour
Hchooln club.
The "lotted •« the Kdllor. pahll.hed
daitjr In The Nlw, >e graula. epl.tle.
m-etreil from It. eeadera who "hriM.li lain
print" to give their liooe.t opinion. nn
■übjeet. a I Intern) | a them. A. .urh
they wee not only Interring. but m
liclitealag. and an well north reading.
Beds and Mattresses
at Reduced Prices
Steel Beds at delitrhtfullv low prices—mattresses to go with them at
e<jua! reductions.
Uuy the twin beds one or two at a time, whichever you choose.
Cotton Felt Mattresses ______
Special $9.75 11 I I I I }
(iood Cotton Felt Mattresses—easy to lie ■ i"| V-f* fQ
upon—well made with attractive cretonne | j -i f| I , —r C*M|
ticking. Size 3 feet 3 inches. Specially *r -t; rr\\ I U
priced at *9.75. fH' l Iplr " A \LX*
40-LB. FULL SIZE COTTON FELT f*fe4: ( H'" 1
SPECIAL $10.75
11 Steel Beds
Reduced to
(iood Steel BHs have
their prices lowered for
thin sale Wednesday.
Both full and twin »iie;
white, cream and Venus
Martin. Value you will
appreciate at $11.17.
Wash Dresses
for Summer Days
Models in Plaid Gingham with
novelty pockets and pleated frill
of contrasting plain color, and
with a draw tie of black velvet
at the neck —$6.95.
Another style is of Checked
Gingnain with panel skirt and is
piped with white pique and
trimmed with small pearl but
Business Men's
Luncheon 60c
Cream of Fresh
Broiled Salmon, M ait re
Braised Beef —Young
Roast Spring Lamb
With Jelly
Creamed Chicken Patty
Mashed Potatoes —
Escalloped Corn
Hot French Rolls
Apple Pie Custard Pie
Vanilla Ice Cream
Tea or Coffee
Half a Carload of Wash Boilers
at Greatly Reduced Prices
Any one in Wash Boilers will find
stalionary wood grip and fit-in covers—
Copper Bettom Wash Boilers to $2.65
"Mode!" Wash Boilers made of medium weight tin with heavy copper bottom.
Have wood grip handles and fit-in covers—and specially reduced for this sale to
Extra Heavy Boilers Reduced to $3.95
Wash boilers made from extra heavy tin, with extra heavy copper bottoms.
Will give good service for many years. If you have your washing done at home
now is your chance to get one for less.
7 Steel Beds
Twin Size—Special
lxx>k at this, Twin
Steel Beds, sire 3 ft. 3
inches; strong and dur
able, 11/j-inch continu
ous posts with
fillers with a selection of
finishes. Sold by pairs
or singly.
June Offerings in
Cotton Goods
Dress Voiles 75c
New patterns in Dress Voiles—3B
inches wide, light and dark shades:
fine hard twist.
Dress Voiles $l.OO
Dress Voiles—36 and 38 inches
wide; beautiful patterns and colorings.
White Pique 50c
White Piques—A yard wide, lengths
to 10 yards; good quality.
White Gabardine 50c
1,200 yards White Gabardine—fine
value, lengths to 10 yards.
Women's Pumps and
Oxfords $6.85 Pr.
Women's Pumps and Oxfords—
patent leather or kid with high or low
heels, either hand turned or welt soles,
with buckles or without—in a broken
line of sizes—but all sizes in combined
lines. Special $6.85.
Women's White Cloth Low or High
Shoes, high or medium heels, broken
sizes. Pair 93.35.
Wednesday Economies
Kach item of this special list is marked at a spe
cially low pricf for Wednesday selling: only.
Strap Purm, Morocco or Slip-over Apron* of fine
long (rain leather, In a variety mudnu gingham In stripes or
of (hap** QQ plaids, In sixes 36 and 38 only,
and *1 OSfC Trimmed with white at the
Boy*' Waeh HaU In rah rah SECOND FLOOR
or middy atyle with white
rrowni and stitched brims in 36-inch Trirolftle in plain or
■ummer colora. Fine outing drop stitch and shown In two
hat* for the gQ shade* of Drown. Oray, Rose,
boys 05/ C Taupe, a Q(«
Infanta' Gingham Apron
Dreiwe* In two styles and In Lightweight L. •» there tte
size* from I to « years with Traveling Bag*, fitted with
* half belt and pocket. These look and catchea; 17-Inch alie.
ire In neat chock* in Blue or reduced d|l QC
Pink or Black and >7P to £ ea/O
White effects I OC BASEMENT—-UNION
10 Heavy Twin
Beds Reduced
to $14.80
Steel Twin Beds, good
weight, with 2-inch con
tinuous posts with 1-inch
fillers. White, cream and
Vernis Martin. The price
is dropped to $14.80 for
a day.

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