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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, June 22, 1920, Image 9

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—Sale to continue three days. For
Wednesday, the second day, there are
quantities of sjyecial sale items not before
advertised—from all departments.
—Fan-Ta-Si Sports Silk, at $4.95.
Whit« washable and colors in two
tone effects.
Regularly priced at tit it.
—Crepe de Chine, at $2.45. 40-
inch, in street and evening shades.
Repyiarty priced at 13 90
—Charmeuse Satin, at $8.45 a
yard. 40-inch, in a big range of
medium and dark shades.
Uetrolarty priced at ISOt and tS.it.
—Fancy Radium Taffeta, at $3.45.
French Imported Taffeta, with
novelty effects.
R*p*l*rty pnced at tsy) to I7.J*
—Sillc Jerseys, at $3.65. La Jerz
Washable Silk, White and Flesh
Pink, 34 inches wide.
tUpmlarly priced at IS Ml
—Tricolette, at $4.65. Black and
colors, 36 inches wide.
Regularly prtcrd at IT J* to If 0
—Black Peau de Soie, at $2.45.
Repulartp priced at IS it.
—Black Satin Messaline, at $2.45.
Bcpvlmrlp priced ml tIM
—Black Peau de Cygne, at $2.45.
Ksprttarlp ywtctd «t ISSS • yard.
—Black Chiffon Taffeta, at $2.15.
Mfrpmitrlp priced tl IS M.
—Black Satin Duchesse, at $2.45.
iepnimrty priced at IS St.
—Black Dress Taffeta, at $2.45.
Bcpalarly priced at H it a yvd.
—Flr»t Floor
Novelty Ch""
... ■■■gi'- ■ ■ . ■Bgtgg^
—Pottery Flower* Bowls, with
holder to match, at 50c.
Regularly priced at SjC.
—lvory finish Jardinieres, ai 25c
Regularly priced at *ie.
—Sandwich Baskets, with t bamboo
frames and decorated insets, at
Refularl]/ priced at t: 90,
—Odd Pieces of China, at ll.Ofl.
Including hand-decorated china
and pottery.
Regularly priced at SI JO. tt.ll and tt H
—Firth Floor.
Floor Coversmgs
—4B Remnants Linoleum and
Pabcolin, at 60c. Lengths 4 to
15 square yards.
Reffularly priced at KSr and tIJS • mruare
Bring pour room meamtra.
—9 Rag Rugs, size 9x12, at $15.75.
Regularly prleeil at tti-H
--—IOO Rag Rugs, size 25x50-in., $1.75.
Regularly pri ced at it
—4OO yards Velvet Carpet, $3.65.
Regularly priced at tS.SO a yird.
—Fourth Floor.
W©m® ira's
Maimd!k®[email protected]
—Novelty French Handkerchiefs,
at 15c.
Regularly priced at tie.
—French Unlaundered Handker
chiefs, at 50c. Pure linen, with
* hand-embroidery.
Jtrpularlv prired at $1 to
«■— Handkerchief*. Klwt Floor.
©ir MM°¥®nr §[email protected] Sufe
Extraordinary Special Values for Wednesday's Selling
—A complete clearance of all broken lines and surplus quantities which have accumulated
throughout the entire store since the January Clearance Sales.
Asrft [email protected]©dll®w®irk
—Finished models, from $5.00 to $25.00. 1 hind
embroidered Children's Dresses, Scarfs, Pillows,
Centers. Nightgowns and Combinations.
Our gu«il(T to onc hal,' let» IKaii rtgutar pri-er
—KfU|tto Floor.
Woimm's Skoss
All Sizes
—6O pairs Black Kid One-Eyelet
Ties, at $9.85.
Regularip priced at til tt.
—6O pairs Brown Kid One-Evelet
Ties, at $10.85.
RryuUxrlv prUfd •/ |/|M.
—4B pairs Gray Kid Oxfords, at
$9.45. Repuliriy priced at 111 OA
—4B pairs Ivory Kid Oxford.'!, at
$9.15. Regularly priced at tISOt.
—4O pairs Brown Kid Satin Heel
Quarter Oxfords at $10.85.
Regularly pried at lltot
Girls' Dr®s3ss
6 to 16 Years
—Chambray and Gingham Dresses,
at $4.95.
Repularly priced at tt.it l» IS St
—Gingham Dresses, at $1.95.
fUffularlp priced at IS St and IS fi
—Gingham Dresses, at $3.00.
Regularly priced at I i-it to IS 00.
—Third Floor
Mwsfc M®S?s
—Black Crepe Grain Cowhide.
Regularly priocd at t€ 00
—Ki/Ui Floor.
Tcoiilleft ArKadlcs
—soc Face Powder, at 25c.
—2sc Rice Powder, at 10c.
—2sc Talcum Powder, at 15c.
—soc Compact Powder, at 10c.
—soc Compact Rouge, at 10c.
—2sc Cuticle Remover, at 10c.
—51.50 Toilet Water, at 75c.
—sl.oo Shampoo, at 50c.
—6sc Cold Cream, at 35c.
—6sc Vanishing Cream, at 35c
—6sc Massage Cream, at 35c
—3sc Liquid Rouge, at 20c
—3sc Depilatory, at 20c
—2sc Powdered Inccnse, at 10c.
—2sc Liquid Rouge, at 10c.
—lsc Nail Polish, at 5c
—2sc Cold Cream, at 10c
—2sc Nail Polish, at 10c.
—sl.2.', White Ivory Drcxxinq Combs
at 65c, —Unit Floor.
Salk Haiadl Bags
15 Rags, regularly \
$13.50 1
2 Bags, regularly I
$15.00 • .... ....... J
16 Bags, regularly/
* l6 - &0 \ ® A
3 Bags, regularly / qJD) JJ, \JJ
$17.50 1 Y
2 Bags, regularly \
$18.50 I
4 Bags, regularly I
$20.00 1
5 Bags, regularly \
$22.50 ) fa
5 Bags, regularly /
$27.50 ( H(S
2 Bags, regularly / q)M II <Q)
$28.50 1
4 Bags, regularly ]
$82.50 .*'/
—Flr«t Floor. /
Wednesday, the Second Day of
Go-Curtis and
•Jr • ' ~
—3 Iloed Sulkies, at $18.50.
Regularly priced at ISS St.
—4 Sulkies, with hoods, at
Regularly priced at IIS St
—3 Folding Co-Carts, at $19.50.
Regularly priced at It 5 00
—2 Folding Co-Carts, at $22.50.
Regularly priced at It* it.
Fifth Floor.
—-tieenttd floor
Silk Umbr«I!l&8
All Colors
—T'mbrellas, colors and black,
Regularly priest #« W. t!> 00, Jfl ',O
and til 00.
—Umbrellas, colors and black,
Rcg-wirly priced StOtO. St/ 90, Sll'o.
tit 00 and tit SO
—Flr*t Floor.
JtawfcSry Nov«3ftn«#
—Mesh Bags, at $lO.OO.
Regularly priced at ll' o In ttiOO
—Shoe Buckles, at 50c a pair.
Kepi ilarly pri<*d at ft.oo. ft.so and f 1.75.
—Novelty Bracelets, at 25c.
llemlarlv priced at 50c.
—Novelty Brooches, at 50c.
Rn/ularly prUrd at 75c an/J tl 00.
—Pearl and Novelty Earrings,
at 39c.
J-tcgulariy priced at 50c, ft 00, ft 50
and ft 00.
—Novelty Necklaces, at $6.50.
ReQxdarty priced at f 10.00 to f1H.50.
—Vanities, at $7.50.
Rrgularly pricrti at ftOOO.
—Lingerie Clasps, at 29c.
Regularly priced at 50c.
—Novelty Brooches, at 25c.
Regularly pricrri at 75c and fl 00.
—Novelty Necklaces, at 50c.
Regularly prucd at ft.oo and fl 50.
—Flr»t Floor.
—3OO 1 oxes, ail white, at 25c.
Hegulnrly priced at iOa.
—872 Writing Tablets, at 19c.
Regularly priced at Sic.
•—Flr«t Floor.
Siflk [email protected]§§@§
For Wom«m anndl Miasms
—Taffeta, Satin, Georgette, Crepe Meteor, Char
meuse, Black, Navy and colors. Sizes 16 to 42.
—25 Dresses, at $2.1.00 each.
Regularly priced at $29.50, $35.00 and $^5.00.
—23 Dresses, at $39.75 each.
Regularly priced at $15.00, $50.00, $55.00
and $58.75.
—BB Dresses, at $54.75 each.
Regularly priced at $65.00, $75.00, $55.00
and $87.50.
—47 Dresses, at $79.75 each.
Regularly priced at $95.00, $lOO.OO, $llO.OO,
$115.00, $125.00, $135.00, $165.00
and $l/5.00. —tmm noor
In the
Specicd Price Basement
—lOO Blouses and Overblouses, at $5.95. Tricolettes
and Georgettes—the newest styles—a complete color
range. Regularly $lO.OO, $12.50 and $15.00
A Clearance of Garments at $9.50
—39 Women's and Misses' Coats, at $9.50.
Regularly priced at $15.00 and $18.50.
—9 Women's Silk Capes, at S9.GO.
Regularly priced at $15.00 and $18.50.
—24 Women's Silk Dresses, at $9.50.
Regularly priced at $15.00 and $18.50.
—5 Women's Serge Dresses, at $9.50.
Regularly priced at $15.00 and $18.50.
—Special Prlf* Huimeiit
N«cik IPn«c«a
—2 regularly $6.50, at $5.00.
—l6 regularly $lO.OO at $7.50.
—4 regularly $12.50, at $9.00.
—2 regularly $16.50, at $ll.OO.
—2 regularly $19.50, at $13.50.
—3 regularly $25.00, at $17.50.
—6 regularly $35.00, at $23.50.
—2 regularly $39.00, at $23.50.
Fir»t Floor*
V«ilmgi '
.*■ -
—250 yarda Veilings, 60c a
Regularly tic to tf.&t 9 vied.
—MI Slip-on Veils, 10c.
Hi gulnrly pre rd at 1.5 c.
—Klr»t Floor.
—Pearl Buttons, at 10c a card.
HrouUirlv priced at lie and tOc.
—Hooks and Eyes, at sc.
Regularly priced at 7c JOc.
—Linen Thread, at 19c a spool
Regularly priced at HOc.
—Crochet Cotton, at 7V*c a ball.
Regularly prtrad at lie.
—Darning Cotton, at 3c a ball.
Regularly (irV<il at ia.
—Safety Pins, at 7c.
Regularly prvvd at 19c.
—Sanitary Napkins, at 10c a
Rr&ularlv priced at ISA.
—Howard Dustless Dusters, at
Me IT"l<*rlv priced at f9tv
—Cotton Tape, at 5c a l>olt
Regularly priced at 7c and tOc.
—Dress Beltings, at 8c a yard.
Regularly priced at 15c and 10c.
—Household Rubberized
Aprons, at 69c.
Regularly priced at tt.99.
—Flmt Flow.
—lOO Hats at $4.95. Smart mid-summer hats,
trimmed, semi-tailored and sports styles. Many
Jtepularly priced at 17 00 nnd It St.
—Millinery, Third Floor.
—B5 yards Novelty Ribbons, at
Regularly priced at tlO.Ot (o 1/8.50
—169 yards Velvet Ribbons, at 50c.
ICri/ularly piurd at 90c and tt 00.
—250 yards wide Wash Ribbon, at
Regularly priced at II 09.
—790 yards Hair Bow Ribbons, at
Regularly priced at tOe and 75c.
—72 Hair Bow Fasteners, at sc.
Regularly priced at iOc.
—Kirjt Floor.
Br::,Tg. " - .u.— 1 'i ;■
S to 6 Years
—4 $6.50 Colored Organdie, at $3.50.
—2 $7.50 Colored Organdie, at $3.95.
—8 $8.50 Colored Voile, at $1.95.
—2 $lO.OO. Colored Organdie, at
—1 $25.00 Pink Silk Net, at $13.75.
—1 $29.50 Georgette and Lace, at
—1 $12.50 White Net, at $7.50.
—3 sri.7s White Net, at $4.95.
—7 $3.00 HTiite Dimity, at $1.50.
—4 $3.50 White Dimity, at $1.75.
—lO 65c Infants' Slips, at 39c.
—l5 50c to 75c Wash Hats, at 39c.
—!t. r , $l.OO Soft Sole Shoes, at 60c.
—l6 $l.OO to $1.50 Creepers and
Rompers, at 89e.
—3B $lX r > Boys' Wash Suits, tto i
years, at 75c.
—Second Floor.
Pkash Sc&irlfs
—7, regularly priced at $7.50, for
—B, regularly priced at $13.50, at
—lO, regularly priced at $15.00, at
■—B, regularly priced at $lB.OO, at
—4, regularly priced at $24.50, at
—4, regularly priced at $37.50, at
Silk and Wool Scarfs
—9, regularly priced at $7.50, at
—5, regularly priced at $12.50, at
—Ftrat Floor.
22S Ymrdls
$1.95 aYairdl
—All-Silk Georgette, 40 inches wide.
Regularly priccd at $2.75 a yard.
—Trtmmlnif*. Flr»t Floor.
—Women's Silk Hose, at $1.50.
Dropped stitch, in Black and Cor
Regularly priced at $2.25. N
—Children's Hose, at 30c. White
Regularly price-d at iOc, £sc and 50c
a pair.
—Pint Floor.
Elscferac Grills
—For frying, toiling and toasting.
Regularly priccd at fi.SO.
—Fifth Floor.
—Any quantities from Tuesday's fea
ture items left after the day's selling mill
be continued on sale Wednesday.
100 Mera's Silk
Skirts, S7.B>S
—Broadcloth Silk, Habutai, Nov
elty Tub Silk, Crepe de Chine.
Sizes 14 to 17.
Regular!y priced at lll.it. tIS. W and tliOO.
—l'lr.t Floor.
—2 Fiber Steamer Trunks, at $22.50.
—A Fitted Suit Cases, $47.50.
Regular!y priced f6i.ot
—1 Kit Bag, $49.50.
Regularly priced tfS.OO.
—2 Hartmann Bachelor Wardrobes,
Recnilarly prirrd i 100 00
—1 Hartmann Steamer
Regularly priced tft.Sd.
—2 Patent Leather Suit Cases, at
Regularly priced IffS.J*.
—2 Overnight Bags, $19.50.
G«a>rg®£ft(s Blouses
White and All Costume
—Georgette Blouses, at $3.00.
Regularly prirrd at ti-9S, SC.SO and TlJt*
—Georgette Blouses, at $6.00.
Regularly priced at tS-ZO and f/OOA.
—Third Floo*
[email protected]°[email protected]
—2O Lace-trimmed Gowns, $L 8&
Regularly prlcrd at S3 09.
—7 Embroidery-trimmed Gowns,
at $1.85.
RepttUirly prirrrt at
—8 Lace-trimmed Gowns, $1.65.
Rtgulirly priced at J2.7&.
—5 Lace-trimmed Gowns, $2.45.
K»*ffnlnr\y priced at SS.S&.
—6 Embroidery-trimmed Gowns,
at $2.45.
Regularly prtred at SS SO.
—3 one-piece Crepe Pajamas, at
Regularly priced at S3 00.
—8 two-piece Crepe Pajamas, at
Regularly priced at tS 00.
—2 Filet lace-trimmed Philippine
Gowns, at $8.50.
Hcgularly prlcrd at Sit SO.
—ll Filet lace-trimmed Philippine
Gowns, at $6.25.
RrQMlarly priced at 110.WL
—2 Filet lace-trimmed Philippine
Gowns, at $5.50.
—lO Filet lace-trimmed Philippine
Gowns, at $5.00.
—l4 Silk Negligees, at $14.95.
Rrpularty priced at ttO.OO to SSS.OO.
—1 Wool Challis Negligee, $B.OO.
Regularly priccd at tlt.Ti.
—2 Apricot Crepe Negligees, at
—2 Pink Crepe Negligees, $4.85.
Frpularly priced at SS.SO.
—3 Cotton Challis Negligees, at
Tom minings
—Allover at $2.25.
Metal, Venetian and Nets.
Regularly priced at t5.75 and JJ.I J.
—Lace Edpre, in broken lines, 89c.
Regularly priced at SOc to 85c.
—Frilled Dress Nets, 40-inch, at
one-third off.
Regularly priced of (Ml. JJ.95, ti-SO. JS.JJ
and $6.00.
—Swiss Embroidery, at 59c.
Regularly priced at 75c.
—Embroidery, 40-inch, at $l.OO.
Regularly pneed at lI.IS and HOIK
—Flrit Kloos.
Regularly priced ttlZO.
Regularly prv- d Jli ot
—Fifth Flood,
Regularly priced at SS fi. _
litjularly priced at St.SO.
—Stent Floor.
Repuiarfw prheed at JS.J#.
Regularly priced at SS.O9.
—Sfrond Floor.

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