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; TN COMI'UMCNT TO lIKK IIOCSK OI'KST. Mim Corn.Ull* Hliu;k. of
i X Chlmgn. Mm Jan* Perking will 'ent.-rtaln twenty (unll at the dinner
; daro at th. Golf dub Hilii evening. Tha party will Iw chaperoned tiy Mr
» #nd Mr* William D. Perkins ____________
.• • •
• Wr. and Mrs. Frink
: to Be Hosts at Dinner
j ■ Mr. and Mrt Francis Our Frlnk
£ will bo hosts at * dinner of twelve
w. • t the Oolf club Saturdav
1 atoning In honor of Mm Isilette
< %nd Miss Elisabeth Hampton of
: Nashville. Tenn_ who are the guest*
t»f their daughter. Mi» <il>"i* Krlnk
Th. dinner wtll prtonlr the dance
v -to be (riven by Mr. and Mr*. J allies
Dsiur Hoge
• • ♦
Mrs. Skinner
Honor Guest
Mm Herbert O Swalwell was
kntnu thia afternoon at an In
formal tea at her home In com pi I
men! to her *l*ter-ln law, Mr* (111
* "bert Whlttemore Skinner, who ha>
''"been making her home In New
Tork city. .
a a a
. Tennis Club Tea
At the regular Thursday tea t»
ewfrow. at the Seattle Tennt* club,
lira. Robert Wilson and Mr*. Don iM
Hartxe'.l will preside at the ums. aa
dated by Miss llasel McMillan Ml>*
Mary Dudley Walker. Ml** Mildred
and Ml** Emily Jerome.
• • •
Mr. and Mrs. Talbot
Honor Guests
f- In compliment to Mr. and Mr*
* William II Talbot, of San Fronclsoo.
Mr. and Mra. Bert Karrar will enter
tain ten guests at dinner thia even
Inc at the Oolf club.
a a a
Complimenting their house gue«t.
Mra. Charles Wilson, of Victoria. Mr
and Mrs Thorn** Bordeaux will en.
terrain Informally at dinner this
owning at the Oolf club dinner
dan ae
e e e
Wedding Announced
Mrs- Jessie Wallace, of Yakima,
and Mr. Andrew Skoglund of Seat
tle. were united In marriage Tuesday
Wtcrnoon. June SI, at the Klrst
Methodist church. The wedding
caramony was performed by Rev.
G. A. Landen.
e e •
Dinner Party at
Golf Club
To compliment Miss Lolett* Hamp
* * ton. Miss Elisabeth Hampton and
Mlse Gloria mnk. Ml«s Alice BUke
* - win be hostess at a dinner of twenty
cover* at the dinner dance this
evening at the Seattle Golf club,
e • •
Out-of-Toum Guests
In honor of Mr. and Mrs A»h
ntun Brown, of Washington, D. C-,
Mra. W. E. Humphrey will be hestes*
at a dinner of eighteen covers Thurs
day evening, at the Sunset club,
e * *
. Miss Mitchell Hostess
7- Mlaa Doris Mitchell was hostess
* «Ma afternoon at one of the prettiest
•' tencheor* of the season at the Beat
tie Jacht club. In honor of Miss
"Irene Fischer and Miss Louise
* 'Vbeard. two bride ele*-t* Covers
were laid for seventeen ruests at a
1-table adorned with a basket of pink
. H
''' c
I Do You Know What
Constitutes Food Waste?
The scraps are only a small part of it. Even if you had
no scraps, there still might be a big waste.
Waste means any food that does not fulfill food purposes,
or food that is not digested or does not maintain vigor—
saves money and develops strength because it is all
food—no waste either in the system or the kitchen.
Every piece can be used in a lone line of dainties from
toast to puddings—
Eat twice as much and feel better
J t
* —■■ i
To Remember
wkhm mhat. jisr. ti~
Fortnightly dinner danca at Naattla
Tan nla r|ub
fortnightly dinner d«nr« At JWattla
tW>lf . lul.
Tin 24—
ton it 1« l»« at rlubhouaa
MIIIUY. JI Nf tft-
Jttntor I'rm Ur« club at
bo ma of Mr and Mr* O 1> Htlm
•on at tha llighlanda
Mm ft A ItaUlngart lunch arm at
tha Hui'Mt clu*> for Mra. frank
It Ingeraull. of Manila.
Mr an 4 Mra. Fran- t« Otiy Frlnb'a
«t|ni.#r at golf rlut> In h«»n«>t of
Mian tsutatta nn4 Mtaa Klliabath
Mr an<l Mra Jamaa P lloga'a
danca at tiolf rlub to bonar Uitlr
aon In law and daughter*. Mr.
and Mra Jamaa Colbart rtulllvan
anil Mlaa Anna l;t>«*arta lloga.
rt kmoay, at
Mra A I HoufTlaura at hnma for
Mra William TaJbot of Kan Fran*
Marrtaga of Mtaa Marhm Or* *•»
Mr t'arl Dtttmar at homa of Mr.
and Mra t'bnriaa Fry*
Wadding of Mtaa Do rat by Condon
to Mr Judaon Faulknor In Trin
ity Fartah rhurrh.
MOM>AY. Jt I V b
N»»r ♦ hwaatarn golf fnnmamtnt In
Vait>vu*tr, It. C., Uglni.
peonlea and bright blus anapdra
* e e
Tennis Club Dinner
The second fortnightly dance of
the season, to be given this evening
at the Seattle Tennis club, promise*
to be a popular affair. Among thoae
giving dinners are: Mr. ami Mrs.
Iffuc Morgan. Miss Margaret Stew
art. Mr. and Mrs Rex Stafford. Mr.
and Mr*. Malcolm Bruce, Miss Kllsa
beth lan ul ton and Mr. Lawrence
I ves.
. . .
Announce Marriage
of Daughter
Mr and Mr*. John L. Taylor of
thia city announce the marriage of
thetr daughter, pearl Jennette, to
Mr Jim mecartea of Mount Vernon,
on June It.
e e e
Garden Tea
Due to unfair weather conditions,
the Social Service club was forced to
postpone the garden tea which was
to have been given Tuesday after
noon at the home of Mr* Andrew
Gillespie. The affair will take place
the first week In July.
2 pound* •pinah
1 cup white sauce
4 cup grated rlieeae
!) cup bread crumbs
! lahUvpoons butler
Sail and pepper
Wash and.cook sptnach. Chop fine
In a buttered baking dish put a
layer of spinach, sprinkle with salt
, .nd pepper and add a layer of white
I sauce. Sprinkle sauce with rheewe
Continue until ail Is used, having th.
; iast layer of white sauce and cheese
j Cover with bread crumbs, mixed
I with melted butter and put In a hot
.oven to melt the cheeae and brown
1 the crumb*.
X/McdQ Jfeslilcsi
JL jf JL rrarrr>i ■jm ■ A 9jrr±VK*C\\)a}l-*J\tMJSK\} fTEJtX
Little daughter of Mr. and Mr*. F. IDavis
—Portrait by Grady
lM u ,i!£
Conducted by
Pupils of Miss Ross
in Kecital Here
Twenty pianoforte pupils of Ml**
Agnes Ross will be heard In recital
this evening at the T W C A. Audi
torlum An interesting program has
been arranged Mis* Ross will, be
at the second piano In the duet num
Seattle Post Auxiliary
The Ancillary to the Seattle Post
No. I*. of th« Ameriian l-egton. will
hold their regular meeting Friday
night. June 2t. at I o'clock. In th.
Veteran* hall. In th* armory. They
are also to be guests at a recpetlon
and entertainment Thursday svening
flven by the Rainier Auxiliary, in
he Veterans hall the Armory.
Iter* as 4 girls are l«*mli«t mmmf sew
farl. sH*w4 <valif Ir.n, IKe ip* lal
•erle. »t wtirln rawlai 4ailr Is Tlh
•Mmlti. *t*r. I.IIIM T*. Star Saslll.
St.ry Hwk
Bring home soma cf Bolijt's Lunch
Pastry and Hard Roll*.
Mrs. Jkmm I»k and Ulm Allan
Ivp« arttvvil from Honolulu yeatar
day and ara gtieata at the Hotel
Mriwat, Han Kriuicl*a>. Tin; u«
(ipiclid hum* on Sunday.
•• • ~
Mm Clifford WU«T. HIM Marlon
Wiley and (ha M«ji>n John And
Jamas Wiley will arrive from New
York July 10 Miss Wiley m irrad
uatad frutn Smith onilrgs Juna It.
a a a
Mr*. H K. Williams and Miss
Matilda Magnus of Chicago, who
| have been guests at tha Holil
Washington fur ssveraJ days, laft
laat evening for (hair boma via
Vaniouver Mra Wll Ham a and Mlaa
Magnus have spent tha wl tiler
' months In California.
a a a
Lieut Rbeafe Jnalrn arrived lan
«venlng to spend several inortha
with hla mother. Mra I'uwatd joe
' lyn. at her homa at llellevu* on
L*ke Washington.
a a a
Mr and Mra. f "handler, Mlaa
Laoulse < "handler and Mi*a Julia iMae
of Yakima motorad homa yenorday
Mlaa Chandler and Mlaa Uose hava
, bran attending lite University of
a a a
Mr and Mra. William (h|M hava
a* thatr houaa guests MP. Oagan's
fathar and mother. Mr. and Mra
John Gagan. and hla aittar. Mlaa
Hannah (lagan, of iJenver, Colo.
• • •
Ml*s Marlon Tworogar. who re
cently underwent an oparallon at
tha Rich hospital In Tacoma. la ran
valeaclng. and haa (wn removed to
(ha boma of har parents, Mr. and
Mra i'hllllp Tworogar.
a a a
Mr. and Mra. Frederick T Fischer
Kav« aa thalr houaa guaat Mra
Frederick Fischer of I/ue Angela*,
a a a
r>r. and Mm Frederick Bantley
and tllahop and Mra. Kradarlck W
Kaitor of Tacoma laft on Sunday
for New York from whara tl>ay
will Mil for an extended trip
a a a
Mra Grant McMklen laft thla
morning for Victoria to ba gona
several weeka
a a a
Mr Forest Tuckar laft last Sat
urday for a month's trip to San
a a a
Mlks Dorothy Allan returned yes
' tcrday from Tkcoma, whara aha haa
been tha houaa guaat of Mlaa Bin-
Itarrlaon for seven] day a
Mra. Fred C. Schramm laft to
day for Soap l.ake, Washington, to
apand tha aummar months.
a a a
Mr. Richard Pwlght Merrill, ac
companied by hi* two daughtara,
Mlaa Virginia and Mlaa Kulalle Mar
rill, who hava be»n IC.ist at school,
returned thla morning.
a a a
Mr and Mra Walter Beal* left
Monday night for I'ortland to attend
tha Slirlners' convention.
• • •
Mr. and Mra. William Hunter
McEwan hava aa their guest at tha
Country cluli, Mlm Olive Kerry, of
a a a Ji'
Mra. Roger Hon* la upending a fort
night In Portland visiting rrlatlvea
and frlendai
a a a
Mra. C. A. Peplow and daughter,
Marlon, will leave tha flrat of July
for Han Francisco, to spend the aum
a a a
Mr. and Mr*. Harry Schumacher
nre lenvlng next week for Moulhern
California, for an extended trip.
• • •
Mr. Robert K. Dwyer left Tuesday
night for Aberdeen to be gone until
a a a
Mra. N. Tyler Fulton haa gona to
KllenMburg, where aha will Join Mr.
Fulton. They will remain Indefi
Tfcn## daily *dlt«wi*la |n Thi» R(«r ar»>
the llfMit, iimml IJmrly, raull/
Mimmmt tm. tutri »i lon of, nation*!
anil lor*l Uaim that you rmm r«'l nnj
*!>«*• ilMiund Mi huoua mmlurm
mid common wmw.
1 CH-anlb g
ci,l its ron nu iwDAi
KanoMne (.ullrt
The Hun*liltie cfulld will meet at
the home of Mr* J W llarper, 14<»
W. 64th at., at II a. m.
a a a
Heal tie (tiatrirr, Ne. M, O. R.. 8.
Seattle Chapter, No. 11, O K. M..
will meet In Cortiithtao hall. Maaenh
temple, at I p m Initiation,
a a a
Heatftle (ounatl of Minute B'flrnw
Th* Seattle Council of Minute
Women will hold It* regular meet
lng at 2to p m. In assembly hall
of the Chamber of tVimmerre, Arctic
building Th* Seattle officers ate
Mr* Kred W Ilert, Jr., councilor,
Mr* II D Hurley, secretary; Mra
Itaymond l-Yaaler, treaaurar. Ill"
Kuth (Saxxam, regUtrar.
a a a
fMe f'lrrle, NelgMtetrs of
Seattle Circle, Hclo. Neighbor* of
Woodcraft, win hold a summer
<lance at I«17 Eighth ave. N.
a a a
laatilc Day Nursery Asportation
SAttle lay Nursery aaao< latlon
will meet at 140 p. mf at tha home
of Mra Krederli k liauaman. 414
Harvard ave. N.
a a •
Woodcraft Toteen ChiV
Woodcraft Totem club will roeel
at 2 p. m. In the club room. IUUI
way Exchange building. Subject
t'nlon Daaies of flvl War
Dnion Dames of Ovll War will
etve a picnic at Alkl beaeh. Bring
well filled baskets.
a a •
Railway Mail AworiaUan
The ladles' Auxiliary of the flail
way Mail association will hold a
picnic Thursday afternoon, June 24,
at tha home of Mr and Mrs. Prank
I 'linger, SOU* Alkl. Take the Alkl
•mr, get off at the sUKkada, ax J
walk west.
e e e
Alpha Omk-ron rt
The Mothers' club of Alpha Oml
cron n will meet Thursday after
noon at th* home of Mr*. C. E
Hogacdus, 221 14th N. All active
and alumnae girls are Invlfcd to
bring thetr mothers.
Rainier Feart U> Utve Pretl—n
Women's auxlll#ry. Rainier Tost.
No. 21. American l«gVm. will enter
tain th. ladle.' auxiliaries of the
Elmer J. Noble. Seattle and Uoyd T
Cochran |«*li and the commander,
and adjutants of ths three posts
Thursday evening, Jane 24, at I
o'clock. In Veterahall of the
Armory. Mr. E B. Klebba. sUte
superintendent of the poeta, will be
the guset of honor.
A delightful program baa basa ar
ranged by Mrs. WJ II Klnck and
Mm William II Nelaon. with the
fnllnvlril nominlttn In rKircf: Un
Mauil-e Tl ompi-on, rjmirrom of th«-
reneptlan '<miinlltee; Mr* I'acll !U«
ley. obalrman of Jha program < <*n
mlttee. and Mr*. Mdr«u-I Taylor
In charge of the dining room. Th*
ladle* In charge uf the nffnir are
looking foiwtyd |<| a lug* uttend
• • •
Knight* of (otrnnbiia Dmn
The Kntahla of Olumbua mill an
tertaln BiHr member* and friend*
with a/i Informal dance on Thuraday
evening. June 14, at » p. m , In th»
l>ei*-hl pavilion. Hpe.lal mualo will
t/e featured.
• a a
Sfiankli Vatnrmn*' Auxiliary
Tha Auilllary to the Hpanlah War
Veteraua, will hold regular
meeting Thursday afternoon, June
54. at 1 o'clock They will have their
regular noon luncheon preceding the
Tha auxiliary will furnlah tha an
tertiiinment, for the ramp at their
monthly dance In Konnevelt hull the
nuioe evening beginning at I o'clock.
a a a
Mother* and Parent-Teacher
Ajmi failom
Kin* County Congre** of Mother*
and l*arant Tearher aaaoriation* af
filiated with the *tate and national
organ)ration will hold the annual p|<>
iilc Thursday at Magnolia Hluff and
Wmt Twenty eighth street All P.T.
A. worker* cordially Invited. Com
mlttee will meet Fort I .aw tori car* at
10 10 a. m and 12:10.
a • a
Kaat I'nton Club
Kaat Vnlon club will meet with
Mr*. Agnna Bcbrn«'ldi*r, I*ol Jlat
avenue, at 1 o'clock.
a a a
AJoralamliw Koriety to Meet
The next meeting of the Ataace
r<>rraine aoclety will be held at the
organisation'a hall, at the Geneva
hotel, }OI Marlon at., next Saturday
evening at 7 4S. After a ahort burn
naea aeaalon the evening will be
given over to card playing IJght
refreahmenta wtll be served. All
member* are urged to attend and a
cordial Invitation ta extended to any
Alaatlao or Lorraine member In the
a e e
Onnaai Clab
Th» Over*eaa club will hold their
next summer danra on Monday.
June {l. at tha Moose temple, at
1:10 p. m.
' t
f Women's white kid plain a
Open Pumpa. French heels,
turn aolea Women's whlta / V
kid l-eyelet Oxforda. turn / J
sole*, French heela. Women'g j I 7
white kid Lace Root French J *J j
heel, plain toe; medium vamp. BHr J•• J
$7.45 j j
Women'* plain Opera Pump, I J 1
black kid and patept kid leath- If f\
»lack kid and patent Colonial J D \
Pumpa. Jet buckle, tan leath- J
kid i eyelet Oxford, medium |
Women'i and Growing OlrW
brown oalf Lace Roott medium /
vamp, military heela. Irmck kid l
a itd <*Jf Iju?« Roots; leather f M //
U>uia and low £OC -M M
walking heela.... vvtvv aßsa* l #
Women's whits fahrlo Ox
fords. turn soles, wood covered %
military heel*; earn a In plain
Pump. Women'* plain and Co- ,
lonial whlto fabric Pumpa.
French heela. Women's white r
•aitvaa Keda. high lace shoe and
• tary heels, rubber mlea. All J^H B^fca
to, $3.15 pr'MSSnify J
leather Ixiula plain
medium vamps, white kid
£ Shoes, cloth topa. J>ench heels;
and leather trim, flexible sole,
\Mlaaea' and Children's Mary 'L
Jane Pumpa, black calf leath
pair' $3.45
L " Men's Tennis and Ox- N
_ forda, Keda white or black; WHITI
rrr^ 8 *.5i.45 Mggg
Roys' Tennis Oxfords, white a
only. Sixes 2V* QJJ
Men's R ej'elet Oxford, dark browm to «, pair OvC Touths' Kedp, Oxfords or Balk
calf loather. semi Kngllsh last; welt Wack and white. « (•
soles; same In black calfskin. Black Roys' Tennis RaJ, white or Sixes 11*4 to 2. pair.. 91« lv
Kid Oxford*, broad toe last, fjex- black; rubber soles. Slxe* 2H We have many other bargains
Ibla welt soles. All y||J to «, d» < thnt w * haven't space To feature,
reduced to, pair V / puir «P i •*<w Kxchanges cheerfully mads.
stores Buster&mwh Shoe STORE sZh
1411 Third Avenue, Between Pike and Union
4507 Fourteenth Northeast
Linen Model
for Home
Srw York * tiM hujn Authority
The woman who cen do at least
some part of her own dreermaklng
Is a fortunate person In these days
uf the high coat of everything. and
here Is a model that Is bound to |
appeal to her. It is linen In a soft,
old blue.
An oddly shaped panel that etarta
out to be nine Inchea wide at the
top, gradually narrows Into a width
of four Inchea where It falls In
with Uie rest of the skirt. At either
side are hung saddle pockets, roomy
things that are alao highly deco
The surplice blouse has a long
collar .and shaped cuffs which, like
the pockets, are embroidered with
an effective vine pattern In deep
pink linen floaa.
With this Miss Eva IJt Galllenne
wears a hat made of the linen band
ed with a narrow strip of patent
An Oregon fruit grower has per
fected a seedless apple. In fom It
resembles a banana.
w*Tw*!n>AT. jrrni u. it*.
Women's Clubs
Name Officers
for New Year
I>KH MOINKH, low*, Jana Sl.—
The (Juirrul Ke<lrrallon of Woman's
club*. rneetln* here, ha* eelectad
Mr* Thorn** M. Winter, of Mlnna
•poll*, ax ll* president, accnndjn* <a
announcerrvnt I/xUy of the rota
rjtft Tuwlur,
Mr*. Winter recdyed 770 vote*,
nirnliuit 471 chat for Mlju OeorrU
Huron. of Worreater, UtM, her op
fnh'r national officer* elected
ITnit Tire preoldent, Mr» William
Bherman Jenkln.i, of Florida. *ccond
vl« e preeldent, Mm I R. Bchermer
horn, of New Jemejr; re< online »efl.
r<Ury, Mr*. Adam Welm, of Cal»-
rurto; Irejuiurer. Mi*. B B. Clark, of
Iowa; auditor, Mr*. H. A. Guild, of
Mr*. John W. WatjieV, of Daven
port, wax elected director for lowa
In *uccee«l Mr* llufner Miller of l)m
Indian* In the NorUiweat hara
formed a flaherman * union and aa
a reault have realised richer return*,
from flahlnc proceed*.
Jtrtng horn' »m« of floldt's Lui
I'.'mUy and Hard Roll*.
Great Credit
House Sale
' n "Pit* of an the "
nlri in profTese dur-
Inc the put wwk, the
ri-nurkiMt character
of the Cherry Ml* «*»-
V< 1 i H *v<l a unique Mo»
All ' '
1 Buyers war* eager
v / to take advantage of
V_/ the unusual opportu-
Jv nlty to buy on credit
and at the came time
to secure the utmost saving*.
Thla greet Hale goes forward this
week with renewed activity, and Uw
tremendous reductions In coat*,
suits. frock*. waist* and petticoats
make certain that the next few days
will be the record breakers of the en
tire event.
Also wonderful values !■ nn's
and boys' suits.
Cherry's Rialia Style Shep
207 FUalto Bid*, (old Frederick * Net
son Bide), over PUfa V>'hie tie.

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