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Hp - Partisan Candidates
k Win and Lose
Ifim. PAl'I.. Minn , June ?S Jacob
Em. O. preu* easily defeated Or Hen-
If ftfc Mtlpetead. national nonpnrtlsnn
onndidate, for the republican
|MNMWtton for governor, virtually
BM|Vkt*te returns from the state'*
M|Mry election Indicated today.
i-Jja Hodgeon. mayor of Bt. Paul.
NHp|f*|M democratic nomination for
Mmor over a field of *even as -
pnnta. those returns Indicated.
Anthony J. Vol-
SmM, author of the prohibition en-
Sgantent act, was defeated for ths
nomination for congre**
t Sjt H* T - O. J. Kvale. national non-
IMtisan league candidate, today'*
ijmwr** Indicate. Kvale was leading
vote* early today.
ONtetoad's defeat was credited to
quotations from him that he
SI.M aWoctlon to light wine* and
nhwua gained on return* reported
jmth only 171 *mall precincts out
~offjjM** lb the state missing, the vote
Y*U. m.»TJ; Shlpstead. 1©5.«:«
IxtotM' majority. !».«»♦
entir* ticket Indorsed by the
PifcMbtleon state convention for nom
m*m won out. It waa indicated
. Mhava . was little chango in the
■fiMg'tf candidates for the demo
'mm nomination for governor to-
leading the field wltb
nonpartisan league apparently
L Slegel. St Paul, for aseo
jAjte Justice of the supremo court.
Smds His Apology to Mil-'
f Honaire Soap Maker
W CWCINN ATI. Ohio. June M.-aWII- I
'Jw Cooper Procter, who directe>l
*r';H»Jtr Oen. Leonard Wnod'l cam-|
njpMcn for the republican presidential
SpMlliaOofl. received a telegram of ,
WHonr yeeterdav from Dr. Nicholas >
iptnv Butler, president of Columbia
SlMrersity. New York, for Itutler'a
PiHtHUiii of Wood's campaign meth
' E Br. Butler had Issued a public
■MNMiit In which ha credited ,
H|M'i failure at the national con
fppcMkm to the fact that "big money" j
'«The telegram. In answer to a pro-
Mlogt from Procter, reads:
"1 am convinced that my words.
'wpriMl under strain, turmoil and fa-
Wtlgfm of the Chicago convention, and
abort revolt against the power of
"flknaney In politics, were both on he
;S||la( and unwarranted, and that I
as 4 do apologtse to each and
Bmq one who felt hurt by what 1
l'|f Saattle will celebrate Columbia
HMft. week, from July ird tut nth
■Pntffa, gtouare. and
Haft*** parlors win serve Colum-
CfctH Osln. the an nooln ton lea ling
HpjMk made from malt and
"OohunMa Colo" la better
K Oeefcre should have a supply on
as Columbia Colo la what the
Jejt!Mpte want. Elliott 2497. Columbia
Camels win you through I
their quality and flavor Hi| I
nHE and mallow - mildness 1 j I
Camels blend has proved to smokers that it is M
than either kind of tobacco smoked straight!
Ctmmlm an »oM In **tmr>HA—Hr
• ••/•■< ftr.ktimt of 30 rltmrml«•• lot 10 mmnlm/
# __ « . , •' <»n pmchmimt (200 cigtrlt;) in * 4lh«i»
All we say to you is to compare Camels with mmnd thi% iimrton fnr thm hontm tr sfll«
/ - * # e<fpp/K •' *rhmn ynu trawl
any cigarette in the world at any price 1 * J - *«EaU2tt l £ B co -
Administration Will
Control Democratic
Meet, Says Observer
There seems to he little. If any, doubt
thai the majority control of tho dem
mm lic convention will lie with the
administration This means tliat Mr
Wilson's friends will have their wny
as «o the organisation of the fonwn
tlon machinery «nd the writing of
th« plat form. Kor. while It tuke*
two thirds of the delegates to a d»m
ocratlc convention to nominate the
presidential and vt**e presidential
candidate*, all other convention
business In by majority vote.
Secretary of Stats t'olby la the ud
minim ration candidate for permanent
chairman and. unleaa he la with
druwn In the interval of hartnony. ha
will wield the gav<t Henator Walah,
of Montana. has been suggested for
the permanent chairmanship In case
the administration for>-es decide to
placate the minority, which at the
moment doe* not nerm likely,
Senator Carter (lias* will represent
Mr Wilson u chairman of the com
mittee on resolutions and the l.*ague
of Natlona plank wIU be eiactly u
Mr Wilson want* tt.
There la a lot of loom talk about
trying to repudiate the I.eoitue of
Natlona In the committee and falling
there to carry the fight to the floor
of the convention.
The effort will probably be made
In the committee. It may ba made
In the convention. Hut It M certain
to fail
Two other .predictions about the
platform may we made with almost,
but not quit* the earn* certainty. It
will be silent aa to liquor and It will
nit contain a plank recognfting the
Irish republic.
Itryan will go the limit In tbe torn
mittee certainly, and possibly on the
floor, for a bone dry plank commit
tin* the party to the moat rigid en
forcement of the Volstead act. Hut
every Indication points to hto failure
Just aa all tba Indications point to
tbe failure of tbe group which will
ftKbt to coaunlt tbe party to light
win en.
The administration force* know
perfectly well that the mention of
liquor In tbe platform, either favor
ably or unfavorably, would make
that the paramount Issue of the cam
pal rn Mr. Wilson Is determined
that tbe l/eamie of Nations Is to be
tbe paramount Issue.
ftryan will have to -be mlisfled
with silence aa to liquor and will bo
allowed to claim a victory for keep
In* tbe party from going wet.
With the adoption of the adrnlnlo
tration platform by a majority of tbe
delegatea controlled by Mr. Wilson,
the convention will pass from tbe
majority to tbe two-thirds elate >
It la ntremely doubtful whether
tbe adsnlalatration control extends
to two-(birds of the dele cafes.
My own Judgment is that it doaan't
and that, therefore, the administra
tion is not In a p—lti«n to mm tba
candidate, even II It wants to. As
suming that Its candidate Is Palmer
the administration'* chance of nomi
nating Mm la to convince Bryan
that II Palmer laa't nominated Cox
wilt bo.
Tba administration and Bryan to
antbor, assuming that Bryan can
control 1M delegates. might bo able
to nominate Palmer But it mby
no means certain that l*almer la the
administration candidate.
II tba administration decided to ire
tiehlnd Cox aa the most avullnhle
candidate and the one inost likely to
defeat Hardin*. Hryan could not pre.
vent his nomination
Ths administration delegates plus
the delegates pledged to Co*, plus
the New York, Illinois and Indiana
delegates, who at heart are for Cox,
would Insure the' Ohio governor'*
nomination with a lot of votea to
spar*. Cox has one great advantage
over all of the other candidate*
II I* that practically all the party
leaders excepting those tied hurd
and fast to other candhlatea admit
that he la the strongest man who
could be nominated.
If Cox la nominated In aplte of
Hryan. the Ukellaat man for second
place I* Meredith, of lowa. *ecre
tary of agriculture Hryan recently
spoke quite kindly of Meredith,
who Is 100 per cent dry and Is said
to have a big following among tit*
farmer* of the Middle West.
To Buffalo'
Golden Gate
News Writers
■kl<l you ran t buffalo newspaper
men. but In Kaa Francisco ll'a going
to be dona.
They're going to be buffaloed Into
drupei-i*. ll'a (nine to be a regu
lar Ro>al Onrn —in says Victor
Ifertster, world-famed chef of the
Hotel Kt Prsncls, who will preside
over tha groaning board at the moat
unique fra«t to which a horde of
hungry Journalists were ever led
Two young buffaloea will be the
sacrificial offertnga of tha Wrst to
the quid nunra of tha democratic
conveatlon The buffaloes are now
fattening In tkiMen Oate park. Vic
tor will atari with buffitlo tall soup
and work up thru buffalo r<**t and
■teak and what not to the neck.
The names of the two young btilla
to be devoured aren't given nut yet.
but there are plenty of folka here
who'd like to believe they re named
liar ling and t'oolidge.
Tha feajit room will be dona up lit
old Spanish atyle with live modela
all around. The waltera will wear
cowboy "chaps."
Vlce-prealdent Marshall will he
there, and will be presented with
the two mfronted beffalo head* as
trophies of the feed.
Platform Conferences
Are Ready to Begin
SAN FRANCISCO. jifne »—plat
form conferences are to begin here,
among democratic leaders Immediate,
ly after tha arrival of beaalor Glass
of Virginia.
Senator Olase. who la stated ta
head the resolutions committee. Is re
ported bringing with him the draft of
a platform bearing tha approval of
President Wilson. Olaaa conferred
with Wllsea before leaving Washing
Olaaa* arrival sttmulatea Interest la
the three platform planks conosmlng
which there may he disputes before
the reeolutlons committee and per
haps before the convention These are
the LMf«e of Nations, prohibition
and the Irish planka
"Dark Horse" Talk Increas*
ing at San Francisco
ilKtnm rnlli convention apparently
fair* a dradlnck. I,c«il*r* today da
dared that the I'slmer and Co*
forces would control mora tlmn 400
votaa rarh, «#ili McAdoo not flgur
inif and thai « compromlss h»l»«n
thrill would bo out ot the question.
With McAdoo In It. muklng three
leader*, inMrad of two. a rompro
mine would mora eaally have t.e*ii
arnuiged. II wiui argued.
Aa a rrault of thla altuatlon, "dark
horne" talk la Increasing. Vl<* I'rral
dent Marshall, Amhaaaadnr John
liuvia and Hfimlor Hubert (Iwtn ba
in V tha moat prominently mentioned
Th" aspect ad deadlock. liowevA.
prolielily will not carry tha conven
nwlng to othar candidate*, leaders are
making reservation* to leave Han
Freiu i*co Hatuiiluy, July a
Altho McAdoo'i repented declare
tiona that ha doe* not want hla nama
to befors tha run van Hon ha*
oauar<j many McAdoo supporters to
swing to othar candidate, leaders are
not counting him entirely out.
I'lffrrent constructions contlnua
to t*a put on hit ineaeajc* Horn* re
«ard It especially significant that ha
not yet flatly esld bs will not
run even If nominated.
Western Delegates to
Meet on Saturday
ft AN FRANCISCO. June 11
Delegations from tha eight Weatem
•tatra and Hawaii and Alaaka will
meet Saturday night to formulate a
program for the damorratlr national
convention. The mealing was called
by Calvin MoNab. who denied to
day that any attempt had been
plannrd to awing theaa atataa for
i Governor Co*.
'Theae atates merely wleh to rot)-
fer on matter* of peculiar Intereat
to our section." aald Mr Nab He la
national commit teaman for Califor
The eight atataa are thoao went
of and Including Wyoming.
Democrats Busy on
Sightseeing Journeys
l,ar>l to get a quorum on any kind
of pro-»>nventk>n committee J net
now. Everybody la tlad up with Im
portant and unbreakable f ngage
nienta The nature of theae engage
menta la usually not epacified, and
It la not convention etlquet to In
quire Into them too cloaely. I know
what they are. however, and I donl
mind telling. TIM democrata are
out aightaaetng
They are wandering up and down
tha streets. that somehow donl look
Ilka tha alreeta of any other city.
They are motoring thru the brow*
bUla In the aun and wind. They
are riding on the bay and prowling
ihru Chinatown and climbing Ta
malpaia and trying out all the res
taurant a that might poaalbly atjll
have "aonta." and In general having
the time of their llveg
I climbed Into a rubberneck wage*
'yesterday. It wag loaded to the
gun era lea They ail are On on*
aide of me waa Mm. K II Towt* nt
Bourbon Loaders Say Attack
on Wilson Fruitless
HAS K»IANf*(HC»I. Juna II Thla
la an administration convsntlon an
far. Not only hava moat of tha
early srrlvsls l>een srdent adtnlnls
tratlon supporters, but all tha pre
convention machinery and tha
greater |*rt of tha prs-conventlon
■u'tlvltlea hava been directed by
Much antl administration rum
bllngs aa hava aarved to dlaturb tha
sersnlly of tha Wllaonlan namp at
tha l*aUee hotel hava noma from
out mde
And they hava had llttla mora of
fart than yesterday's esrltiquaks at
I <oa Angrlea «van Including tha
antl-Wllson attack niada by William
F. MM'omln, Wilson's former man
, agar, at Chlnagv.
Moat of the leader* on tha (round
'•(let, or at leut prat and to agree,
antlrely with Homer Cvmmlngs'
I character-nation of tha McCombs ut
trianira aa "a negligible factor." In
other wnrda. tha prealdent la vaixir.
ally regarded by tha advance repre
! eentauvea of Uie party now In Itan
Francisco aa their leader Mid Cum
mings aa hla mouthpiece.
Among tha administration leader*
here thera la cordial support of
I'oatmaatar OeneraJ Durleoon'a dec
i laratlon at Han Antonio yeatsrday In
favor of an "open" honeat aland on
i all tha great laauaa new confronting
I tha country.
Among delaga'ea generally, re
gardlaaa of their Individual vlewa
, about the Usegils of Natlona. pro
hibition. labor, government own
etahlp, ate . aantlment la appreciably
.I > »talll«lng In their dlrmiwi <,f
eurh clear pronouncement of party
. principle, aa will obviate any poaal
bla charge of "atraddling."
ANAOOrtTKH -rolls. I year old
eon of CWI Andrnon. drowned when
ha all pa from log boom.
MKXtOO ClTY.—Yellow fever re
ported to have broken out In Vara
Omaha, a Bryan worker, on the
other waa Mra. Charlie O. William*,
of Mampbla. a delegate from Ten-
nooniiNo to ut nm
The morning fog touched our
theek* like a cool, soft hand. Tha
hraawa .meilad of euoalyptua and aalt
I air and the flower atanda on tbe
CO roe re. Wa knew we wouldn't get
back until I o'clock, and wo didn't
No other national convention,
probably, haa had eo Maautlful a get
ting aa thla one Ban Francteeana
Ilka to algh ovraathe lrrevooaW* ai
moapbare of tha oM city before the
earthq* . Excuaa tat, I mean
before the flra, But U>e new city
I haa aUnoaphere toe.
The women bealde me had trav
| 'led. They talked of Maxloo and of
noma and of Alaaka. Hut aa the
bua waddled alowly thru the lovely
canyona of tha downtown aeotlon
and the megaphone bawled the In
formation that all thla had been re
built elm* l»0«. they fell silent.
Mra Towl spoke flrat. "lt'g a
giod thing tb* fire happened before
the war and the labor troublaa,"
Mid *ha. "It couldn't have been
dona Bince."
Typical of the ctty la tlta dvic
oentar. with Its great gray white
atone buildings around a equare of
tree* and graaa and *tatuea.
Tbe oipgfephone waved at on* of
them "In thla building." annnaoo.
Ed the lecturer, "the democrat* are
soon to aelect the neat president of
ths United State*" Th* applauee
made It perfectly clear that h* had
a convention crowd on board.
Acrose ths firs llns we trundled
fftru street* nf old frame building*
—all that remains of th* San Fran
ciaco of the alstles—along the wind
ing road* of Oolden Oats park, till
ths I*aclfto opened before ua.
Convention* must be principally
politics, of course, but ths democrat*
havs be«n wlss enough to rsoognUs
that politics can be played just ss
well In a pleasant place, and In a
f*w days, when ths struggls begins,
there will be many a democrat who
will forget polltlca for an Inetant to
remember a vlalon of wet rocka
with aeal* writhing on them, and
gray guile wheeling above a Mus
ocean, and broarn. windy hills, and
a beautiful and Joyous city.
Colby la Silent on
Third Term Talk
CHICAGO, June 21 —Secretary of
HUH Colby hu Hot dlacuaaed k third
t««nTi with President Wilnon. he de
clared on hla arrival tmlay from
Colby, delegate to tha national
democratic convention from the Dis
trict of Columbia, la crcdltrd with be-
Ing President Wilson's persona] rep
resentative at the Sun KnuicUxto con
"I haven't discussed a third term
with President Wllaon or any one,"
Colby *ld today.
Gomperi to Stay
Only Two Hours
Ham Gompcra, prcaldent of the
American Federation of I-Jibor, wtll
reach Renttle at »:I5 p. m. Thuraday.
lia to accomfiariled by other labor of
ficial*. Gompers la en route to Han
Franclaoo, where a labor proiram
will be presented to Uia democratic
William Hhnrt, president of tha
the state federation, and local tabor
leadera will entertain the A. K. of l»
head at a luncheon until 11:50 p. m.,
when the party leaven for Cali
Knight* of Columbus
Will Hear Foch
Ferdinand Koch, generalissimo of
tha allied forcea, will addresa the He
attle representatives of the Knlfhta
of Columbua on their tour of the Ku
ropettn hattleflalda, acoordlnjr to an
announcement made Wedneaday.
The local delegation, not yet mad*
up, will leave the city lata In July.
Our Semi-Annual
Clearance Sale
Clearance of
$135-3 for $4.00
AthleGc Union Suit* of white checked nainsook, with elastic in
serts at the back; including "B. V. D."; sizes 34 to 46, but not all sizes
in all styles. t
$1.65 $1.95
Athletic Union Suits, M Vassar" Athletic and Knit Union Suits—
make; Knit Union Suits, "Globe" "Vassar" make*; knit suit* in long
make; long and short sleeves; cream and short-sleeve styles; cream and
and white; sixes 84 to 46. white; sizes 34 to 46.
Lisle Sox 30c Madras Shirts
4 for $l.OO $2.85
In black, white, cordovan, navy Woven and printed fabrics, in a
and fray; sices 9>/fc to 11. Not all variety of attractive designs. Sizes
sises in all colors. Slight imperfec- to 17%.
tioru in the weaves. "a* 1 '■eaMe "umT dJ*''** Mrm '" *****
Clearance of "Klearflax" Rugs
Broken lines of Rugs in taupe, rose, green and brown—not
all sizes in all colore.
Size 18 by 86 inches, reduced to $2.45.
Size 27 by 86 inches, reduced Size 4Vfc by 7>/i feet, reduced
to 13.65. to 112.65.
Size 27 by 64 inches, reduced Size 6 by 9 feet, reduced to
to 63.65. $19.65.
Size 80 by 60 inches, reduced Size 8 by 10 feet, reduced to
to $5.45. $29.65.
Size 86 by 78 inches, reduced. Size 9 by 12 feet, reduced to
to 96.75. $39.65.
—RarDMiatlelMflwifk. FlHl flMf.
Clearance of .
Wash Suits Greatly Reduced
"Oliver Twist," middy and belted models, of Lawn, Chambray,
Pique, Galatea, Rep, Poplin and Linene, in plain colors and nov
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sizes in all styles.
Corduroy Suits Shirts and Blouses
$lO.OO $1.25
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Pajamas Wash Knickers
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outing flannel, pink and blue stripes, cloth—fabrics whlKi launder well,
silk frogs; sizes 6 to 10 years. Sizes 7 to 16 years.
Straw Hats Checked Caps
$1.25 $1.15
Turned-down brims, emblem bands Many color combinations. Sizes
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Wash Hats Reduced to 65c
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black and white. Sizes 6Vi to 6%.
—Maeneagall-Keathwlrk. Third Floor.
IN «®nd. •!<•» '»■ » ili«i"
jam the rmmU Itrtpi M> f""H ■ "•
Star. There - * Mkrulininl fee every
wakr 1 the (MKllr la m*h day'* fceaa.
Rugs and Carpel*
The Fuzzy Wuzzy Rug Co.
•late ltM
Pbooe (apltot 1213
New and Wonderful
Hair Removing Secret
(Maw ta f«e« Bid ml H—U a»< Alt)
Tha eecret la out! Any woman
bothered with superfluous hair can
now rid herself of thl* trouble ab
■olutely—not only the surface hair*,
but the root* a* well—-by what I*
known aa the "phelactlne proce**."
The new method doea away with nu
merous and expensive visit* to the
electrolysis espert. Does away with
depilatories <rr shavlnc at frequent
Intervale. Nothmjr like It ever
known before. Oet a etlck of phe
laotlne from your druggist, follow
the easy Instructions. and have the
surprise Of your life.
You do the work In a few second*.
In your own home, without the least
Injury. The hair-root* come out be
fore your very eye*, leaving the *kln
■ oft, »mooih. hairless I'helartlne
I* odorleaa. noil-Irritating, and so
barotites you could eat 1L
Mother Gray's
The Medicinal Tea. regulate* the
>yit«m and give* quirk relief to
\Vr*knc*« and LtmentU «»f the Btok
and Kidney*. Nrrv.umni'n.r and the
t>ull pain* of the head. AHOVATIC
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which *n unfltß one f«»r the dally
tank*. Oet a uarkage at your druir
&lat» or hy mall, GA centa. Addreaa
[other Gray Co., l*e|<oy, N. Y.
Aft«r jrou eat—always us«
mm im iihih mmAanmKu
—one or two tablets—oat like candy.
Instantly relievos 11 eart burn. Bloated
Owijr Keeling. Stopa indigestion,
food souring,renaating, headaobeand
Ibe many miseries can—d by
KATONIC U the beet remedy, it take*
the harmful arid* and gases right out
of tha body and, of course, sou gel
wall. Taos of thousands wonderfully
benefited. Guaranteed to satisfy or
money refunded by your own drug
gist. PoataUJda.. Phase try itl
BtTTE. Mont.—-A negro, believed
to have been demented, shot and
killed by deputy sheriff at Deer
Iyodne last niitht.
Let h eat at Boldt'a; cozy boxes for
the whole family.
SamzQMa£tfqjCUwtwi> 1
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