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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, June 23, 1920, Image 9

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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•■unhidAT. mm n. im.
—Thursday, the final day of the sale,
offers many nne its ins at very great
Store opens at 9:00
Children'* Underwear
—Boys' and Girls' Union Suits at
95c. .
Rffulmrly prie*4 ml ttJ*. tits mmd till
—F»r»t Floor
SHip-Ora Sw«nH«rs
Special for Thursday
—2O, in Buff, Peacock and Ameri
can Beauty, at $4.35.
tUfuHrtv pruxU 1 tilt
—Rw«b4 ri»«f
• AffftJ§<scftii(g>!ra
Lamp BA&bs
—Pplyehrome l4iinp Rases, One each
—Reduced from s3i>.oo to (22.00.
—Reduced from 927.1>0 to $lB.OO.
—Reduced from $86.00 tp $20.00.
—Junior Floor Bases, reduced from
$25.00 to $lB.OO. —Fvurth n»°r
Framed Picture*
■, ■ i . ■ |IM j ■, g. Tnrrr — -m
—A variety of well lrnowrusubjecta;
all colored pript*.
Kftiior lit ml 11*
Sl.lt at lito
—K.urUi rtM*.
Stamped! Good*
Extraordinary Valuta
—Children's Pique Hat*, Children'*'
Dtmim, Pillow Coven, Boys' Suita,
Children's Rompers and other pieces.
OW-ttX ll rn half off the rtpubtr pricms.
—Fourth Flv«r
Hngk Gradta L^nggag©
Special for Thursday
—Two Fiber Trunks, $19.50. —Fiber Suit Cases at $7.95.
Rapularip price* at Its H. Reputartp priced at tit It
—Two Dress Trunks, $15.95. —Kit Bags at $39.50.
K<rily% priced at ttlM. Regularly priced at VtM.
—Four Walrus Bags, $11.95. —Gladstone Cases at $24.75.
Regulwtp primed at tltM. Regularly priced at tit. M.
—Four Fitted Ivory Toilet —One Hartmann Wardrobe
Rolls, at $8,75. Trunk at $39.50. >
Rcgnlartp printed at tltM. Regularly priced at tltM.
.—Brief Cases at $8.50. —One Hartmann Steamer
Repuiariw pnred at nt s*. Wardrobe at $39.50.
—Brief Cases at $9.50. pncM at imm.
Rerrtmrtp priced at t ism. —Three Liklv Country Club
—Brief Cases at $13.50. Bags .....
Repmtmrty priced at tUM. * —Fifth Flaor.
» *
—Printed Georgette, $1.95 a
yard. All-Silk Georgette, 40
inches wide.
ftrgulerty priced mt It.lt • yard.
—All-over Laces at $2.25. Metal,
Venetian and Nets.
ITlfr' —*|f priced at ti.75 and H-tl.
—Lace Edge, in broken lines, at
Regularly priced at Mf !• H*
—Soft Finish Embroidery Edge
at 18c.
tUpntartp priced at Ifc
—Frilled Dress Nets, 40-inch,
at one-third off.
Regularly priced at 1115, tUS. tit*. 1511
and It 00.
—Silk Laces and Trimmings,
Jleguktrtp priced at 11.71 and tt.it a yard.
—Swiss Embroidery at 59c.
Regularly priced at 7 Sc.
—Embroidery, 40-inch, at $l.OO.
Meputarty priced at tt.lt and It to.
—Flr«t Floor.
Special for Thursday
—6c Picnic Pl*t«« at 8e » bojf.
—6c Rolls Sandwich Paper at 3c a
rtfll. —Stationery Metton. nrit Float.
Thursday, the Last Day of
—All broken lines and accumulation of surplus quantities throughout the entire store,
sharply reduced for quick clearance.
—This is a jnost important opportunity to secure desirable goods at savings greatly out
of the ordinary.
Iryrax Gila** Satts, $5.95
" ' ■■■■imui ii ■ ii- —iHiiiw iWn ■ um\ ■yi'ira'i.i
Special for Tkurstlay
—Eleven-piece Sets, with covered casse
role, bread pan. pie plate, oval baker,
round baker and mx ramekin*.
Krpulmrty priced at ft«
---r»«h n»f.r
Girls' Dmsss^s
Of Chaxnbray and Gingham; sizes 6 to Ifi
years, at |4J6
KrpultTly prWnl at It It to II it
Ginfham Dresses; sixes 6 to 12 years, at $1.95
ftrpuiar Ip prv rd «l II S* o»<l 11 Ii
Gingham Dresses; sites 12 and 14 years,
at *3.00
lisp* tarty pru-eJ at Hit to IS tt
—Third Floor
*— s. - . . .*
Reduced in Four Groups
Blouses at $3.00
Regularly priced at ti.95, $6.50,
and s7jso.
Blouses at .. .* $6.00
R( ffularly priced at $B.. r >o
and $lO.OO.
Blouses at $B.OO
RipuUrly priced at tlt.SO, 515.50
and $15.00.
Blouses at $lO.OO
Regularly priced at $17.00, $18.75
§nd s£o.oo.
—Third Floor.
U rad® rgannm® rate
Ideal for Traveling and
Slip-on Gowns at $5.75
Skirts at $3.95
Bloomers at $2.95
Very special valuet at ihete prim.
—Hooond floor.
Wool Sw®aft®irs
Special jor Thursday
—5O Sweaters, 6to 14 years,
at $4.65. Colors are Copen,
Rose, Green and Buff.
Regularly priced at 17.50.
—flacond Floor.
Ea®ini Join® C®[email protected]
iipi iw.' nniisur
—A discontinued model for the
average figure. Sizes 21 to 30.
Regularly priced at It.!'>o.
—Sarond Floor.
WiStrTT. T $112.75
, ' Sptciil far Thursday
—Sire 27x54 Inches, in scroll, floral and
Oriental dcsijrns.
Hrvvlorly pricad at lll.lt.
—Fourth Floor
Pmit© Silk Umlbir«llas
Umbrellas, colors and black, at... .$6.95
Hrjvlarly priced at It H. tt o*. It it and tit
% .
Umbrellas, colors and black, at $7.95
lUeularlv priced at lit id. HIM. HIM. Ilt«t. HIS*
-I'mbnllMi Vtrrt Floor.
■bk.xs' —<—»■ - -riTr "ir*~l "~r •"*
For Wom«mi s.rA Misee#
—Taffeta, Satin, Georgette, Crepe Meteor,
—Black, Njivy and colors. Sizes 16 to 42.
—Reduced in four groups.
Dresses at $25.00 each
Regularly priced at>s29.so, $35.00 and $45.00
Dresses at $89.75 each •
Regularly priced at $45.00, $50.00, $55.00
and $58.75.
Dresses at $54.75 each
Regularly priced at $65.00, $75.00, $85.00
and SB7JiO.
Dresses at $79.75 each
Regularly priced at $95.00, $lOO.OO, $llO.OO,
$115.00, $125.00, $185.00, $165.00
and $175.00.
—Third roof.
TaiM® Lamps
Special for Thursday
—Many different styles, $9.85.
Regularly priced at tit i 0 and SIS.OO.
—lOO Electric Desk Lamps,
with cord and shade, at $2.19.
Regulirly priced at /.I 00
—Metal Desk Lamps, with ad
justable shade, at $3.29.
Regularly priced at H SO.
—Fifth Door.
Special Price Basement
100 Womnnsini'a amdl Misses' Coate, $15.00
—Polo, Cheviot and Tweed Coats; new styles
and colors. Sizes 6to 16, 18 to 34, and 36 to 46.
Regularly priced at $18.50 and $22.50.
Ck&mnnc® ©IF Novdlfty Slknirtta, $lO.OO
—All Wool Velours, in Checks, Plaids and
Stripes. Black and White, Brown, Green, Blue
and Tans. Large range of sizes.
Regularly priced at $12.50, $15.00 and $17.50.
-*-Hpr>«l*l f*rtc« UitaamaOL
Worn® mi's
r=--=-- —■. ■
Jersey Silk
—Women's Jersey Silk Bloom
ers at $3.35.
Rtgutarly priced at tJ.M.
—Women's Jersey Silk Vesta at
Rapvlarlv priced •( H 00 and UK).
Knitted Union Suits
—Women's Union Suits at
Regularly priced at SI 00 fa SSI I.
—Flrat Floor.
Silk Ho««
Sperial for Thursday
—l5O pair* Women's Pure Silk Hone at
$1.50. Full fashioned, in Black, Brown,
Gray and Field Mouse.
KrwUrty pricad at 1(41 and ttSL
—Flrirt Floor
Printed Marquisette at 35c
Hrgulorly prirrd at IJc a yard.
Novelty Cretonne at ....65c
H«i/uimrlp pnrad at II.CO a yard
Drapery Silk at $1.25
Hauularly prirnd at It ti a yard
Ruffled Curtains at $2.25
Hroutariy prUrd at Hit • pair.
Goth Window Shades at... .65c
Heyuiarly priced at IJ.Ot tarK.
—Fourth Floor.
Wom®ra's Primps
ffiimdl Oxfordls
Special for Thursday
—4O pairs Brown Kid Pumps at
$11.65. With buck h«el quarters.
Regularly priced at Hi tt
—4O pairs Black Kid Oxfords at
$11.65. With buck heel quarters.
Ileaularty prierd at IH 09.
—6O pairs Brown Calf Military
Oxfords at $8.85.
Kfgitlarly priest at lit M.
—fit»on<l Floor. '
[email protected] Bfilk's
—Black Peau de Soie at $2.45. 1 —Crepe de Chine at $2.45. 40-
Kffmiarty pr+x* at us*. inch, in street and evening
—Black Satin Massaline at $2.45. pncr* at ;im.
Repvlarly priced at JJ M. .
—Charmeose Satin at $3.45. 40-
—Black Peau de Cyjpie at $2.46. inch in a big range of medium
KreuH.lv priced at UJi a part 40 " " lu ' c Shades,
Regularly priced at StOO and SSJ*.
—Black Chiffon Taffeta at $2.46. —Fancy Radium Taffeta at $3.45.
Kepuiariy prtcad at u to. French Imported Taffeta, with
_ , _ , _ . novelty effects.
—Black Satin Duchess at $2.45. Regularly priced at ss.st ta nm.
priced at _Tricolett« at $4.65. Black and
—Black Dress TaffeU at $2.45. colors, 86-inch.
Hr„ularly priced at IS.it a yard. Regularly prior* at HM U SS.SI.
—Fan-Ta-Si Sports Silks at $4.95. Flesh
White washable and colors in two- p ink( M inches wide .
tone effects. Regularly priced at $5.05.
Ragularly priori at $10.56. —Ftrwt Flooe.
Special for Thursday
—All pure linen Madeira Hand
kerchiefs at 48c.
Regularly priced at TSo and $l.OO.
—Hand-embroidered Handker
chiefs at 15c.
Regularly priced at tic and iJe.
—Flrat Floor.
Pknlnppm® G©wis.
Special for Thursday
—2B Gowns, of flesh batiste;
hand-embroidered, at $4.50.
Regularly priced at SS.tS.
s > —Sccond Floor.
—Hair Bow Ribbons at 50c.
Regularly priced at 60c and Ho.
—Fir at Floor.
—Any of the sale mcrchnvdise which
was advertised for Tuesday or Wednes
day, and in remaining on Thursday, will
be continued on sale at the Special Sale
30 Cr»j»e die CKime Go>m»
At $4.3>S
Jlsffulvrly pricrd a'. $8 04.
—Second Floor.
liraiFainfcs' Tosrvi®#
Special for Thursday
—27 White Mercerized Silk Toques at
Rrpvlam priced at ttJO
—Second Ttoor.
For [email protected]
—2OO Munsing Union Suits at
$1.35. Lightweight lisle, short
sleeves, ankle length, white and
cream. Irregular qualities,
slightly imperfect
Repular </uaUtiei itO for SZ.il.
Men's Bathing Suits at $l.lO
—35 suits, of cotton; sizes 36,
38, 40, 42 and 44.
Regularly priced at tt OC and St 54.
Silk Four-in-Hand Ties at 67c
—Beautiful silks; slip-easy
bands; wide-end style; novelty
patterns; many colors.
Were exceptional folurt •t the regular
pnee. tl 00.
Men's Silk Shirts at $7.95
—Broadcloth Silk, Habutai,
Novelty Tub Silk and Crepe de
Chine. Sizes 14 to -17.
Acpviarly priced at tit SO. tit SO and tH 00.
—First Floor.
' JJ®w®!iry
—l6 Pearl Necklaces, princess
length, at $2.60. Small gradu
ated pearls with solid gold
JUffMlarlv priced at ISM
—l2 Mesh Bags at $25.00. Of
fine baby mesn, with real jewel
Betrularlv priced at IS I.SO to tHSO.
—Lockets and Pendants at 50c
each. *
Regularly priced at tt.Ot, |(4S and SI.SX
—Novelty Bracelets at 50c each.
Rfffularly priced at $1.09.
—Novelty Necklaces at $2.50.
Regularly priced at ft.SO to $6 50,
—Novelty Bar Pins at $3.95.
Regularly priced at tS.OO to J7.SO,
—Lavallieres at $2.50.
Rcguiarly priced at IS.OO to 1/0.00.
—Fir»t Flooe.

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