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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, June 25, 1920, Image 10

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[Genuine Aspirin
Bayer introduced Aspirin to physicians 19 years ago-Always say "Bayer"
TS( "Bayer Cross'' it the thumb-print offl srribed by phyaieians for orer nineteen year*,
gvnain# "Barer Tablets of Aspirin." It pro- 1 Insist on an unbroken package of genuine
tteta you against imitation* and positively iden- I "Bayer Tablet* of Aspirin which contains
Jilci the genuine, world famous Aspirin pre- | proper directioca.
Bayer-Ta blets i n
Haady tia hot— of 18 ÜbleU ml but a few emt»—l+rft packagM.
■ Aj»lrt» u !h* trad* m»r* at B*jrt .f * UUej»•""
man's idra of hnun l»
Hhphkr* whfr.' wives do not aak their
ppMatuind* for monry.
"Right-Hell! #
Might's Right I
and on This
Ship I'm Boss" ÜBL^FJm
The Brute who said will' jE/Bkk I
this will be in Seattle * § MMtt ffl AJj H
Tomorrow in I
Some of the Sensatitas I
A big liner smashes through a I
crowded ferryboat. I
The stirring struggle with storm H
and fog at sea. H
The mutiny on the "Ghost" and I
the mad battle of sailors. I
Wolf's fateful fight with his I
brother, "Death." I
The duel in the ship's cabin with I
the prize a girl! . I
And 175 more thrills. ■
gflpil WIN ELAND I
Arranged and Played by Charles Fisher
\ P DOWS> KEANE in "Romance" I
<■! j^snrl4JilJ
If yoti train xttuilh In th« w»y
thry should bo. the first thine you j
know ih»y «rt> iron*.
IThf »rri|r mui prohtMi ulrrpt
In * hundred l>»<L« or so during a
lone lifetime.
Alice Joyce Comes to Clemmer
Saturday in Drury Lane Melodrama
Atifr Joyre, uho pla|,<v Muriel, the durhent of Denborough
in the tereetl vertion of the famoU* old Dairy lane melo
drama "The Sporting Due he at," 11 hirh trill be the leading
attraction at the Clemmer beginning Saturday.
i mmn —on«» -• i a -rw '
»h>W» I—l. -
(1 I.«*KV /«*» llnr't IHtai W :
(Ju*u «-WM DawMUte hi
"The Hninu (mm*."
«T*IVII h.n. K<«h la lU
■NftRfW." t
nr.* Inl< Mli.bell la -Tast*
a.. >«n« is -K»
lit. I—| Mlt«>»~
" l» 4- i~ (m*, ta Tka Ha-
W»MI llir«l»r **
M «
ONCE «*arh year prportoinen from
alt over tho work! Rather at Kp
>om. in Hurrey. England, ceneraliy
on the Wednesday IWon Whltsun-
Ikto to attend Uia t»erby raroa. They
ur* fjin> ■! in none and Ktory. Many
play* ha** b#*n written around these
races. (hr moat famous of whlrh In
'Tin Kportinc lluchaaa." which will
be shown on the wrwn at ihs Clem
m»r beginning Saturday This play
*«» wnften by Auru»t ltarrla. Cadi
IW<u«b and Henry Hamilton a* a
mam mot li spectacular Iranu to ho
prudutnt at Lh» Drury J-anc thratre
in I«diJa
A lira Joyra fc seen aj Muriel.
dn< h>w of IVaborough. tbo owner of
ITlpjrtooa. This horse la entered In
tha I*i by and upon It tha ductisaa
stake* tier bonoc. wealth aud happl
• • •
In choosing ffca nrrwett art or to
play th# role of "Wolf" Unoa In th#
plrturlntlon of Jack "Th#
Sea Wolf." which open* at tha
Strand tomorrow, Producer (irontr
Mfiford carefully con»wl<-rrd the mer
li." of a down player* of high repute
Tha man finally selected wa* Noah
Unary, who Ix-xldnn being a min of
great natural talent* 1a known a.-
"tha mastrr of makeup" and poa
•www a physique of unusual power.
"I'iaylng "Wolf was Indeed the op
portunlty of a llf# time." said I leery
ukr rrv»roor
| ■WlfT'
full of -
and Thrills
4 Other Features
Wliere Hie Public Hnowt It Srrm (mod hhowa
Saturday brings Firsts National's Six-Act Mirthquake—
Marshall Neilan
J& J
/f'Qont \
!<' _r~i_ ■ mm
A droll tale that breaks all <— —————.
speed records! *-<i-ee« «<■
A peppy play in six gasps and 1,000 laughs!
Enough pep in it to blow up a superdreadnaught!
recently. There !• no screen actor*
living who would not jump at the
chance. It to one of thi> strongest,
mont striking role* fv»r conceived.
1 hop* I have done II full Justice."
Tom Forman ami Mabel Julienne
Scott are Included In tbc supporting
• • •
T»orothy Otoh prove* In "Remod
ellng H«>r Husband." the comedy
drftitui * hlch open.* nt the Coliseum
Saturday, that If It'll not daac*H>ua !
to marry a man In order to reform
him. It*« nt least exciting. A* a
protective bride, the vivacious star
I* warned that the man whom she I*
almut to marry Li a confirmed flirt,
but she Ray*. "I do." Just the same,
letter her friends* dire prophecies
seem aliout to be realized, until the
youns bride a novel meaiia
of preserving her domestic happiness.
Needless to nay, her remedy to of a
laughable, lively variety.
l.llllan (Jlsh makes her debut A* a
director In "Remodeling Her Hus
band" and .Tames Rennle I* the lead
in* man. It Is a Paramount Artcraft
• • •
"Don't Kver Marry" the In
junction given Joe Benson Just three
hours before lie wros secretly wed to
(lie girl of his choice. "Troubles al
ways start with marriage" was the
rest of the warning, and within 12
hours after hla wedding Joe bad ac
cumulated enough to lost an average
man thru a lifetime.
"Don't Ever Marry" is the title of
(be latest Marshall Neilan produc
tion. which tells the funny, fascinat
ing story of the troubles which Joe
Itensoii ran Into by marrying. It will
be the attraction at the Liberty b»-
Klnnlng Saturday.
• • •
One of Mary Plckford's liest pic
tures, "Rebecca of Hunnybrook
Farm," la coming to the Hex Sat
A »rreat writer once called Re
here* "the minniest. nicest child in
'all American literature." Hundreds
of tlioiiHitnils have read the novel
jby Kate Douclhh WlKitin Play-
Koers have ainlleil at Rebecca's
good nuturad antics im the slitKc.
I The character lows none of its up
i peal on tbe acreen.
| Such fuvuritca aa Kugcnc O linen
Harry Carey comes to the Colonial
Saturday lo his latest pbotodrama
"Htiman Stuff." This picture Is said
to be different In many ways from
the usual Harry Carey vehicle. Many
of the scene* are laid In fashionable
Kartern circles.
Carey has the role of Jim Pearce, i
Jr., son of a wealthy manufacturer
who Is looked upon as the successor
lo his father's position and Interests.
Just as he Is ahout to admit he Is a
failure In his conventional surround-
Intts lie decides to go West and as
sume the management of a ranch
owned by his father.
Here he meets with adventures
and trials a plenty.
and Marjorle Paw are In the cyst.
Marshall Nellan directed the pic
• mm
Anna Q Nllsoon used to model
for Penryn Stanlaws. Her pretty
face has appeared on hundreds of
matnutlne covers.
Lift Off Corns!
••y Doesn't hurt! Lift touchy corns and
•i * v\ / calluses right off with fingers
' y/ Apply a few drops of "Frtrzone" upon that eld,
y bothersome corn. Instantly that corn stops
'•JC hurting. Then shortly you lift it right off (
; } root and all, without pain or soreness.
" '•."i. \ Hard corns, soft corns, corns
% 5 \ between the toes, and the C
' h*»J skin calluses on
\ bottom ol feet lift Y" |
;'l Jr right off—no 1 I
jf hnmhi|£|
S/ \ I
ra \J .
i 7?«j Aert/« </"'' />«%#*/''
S *«< «fnu emu at dr*i rttrm
mm at, Trrtrr. n, r*n.
Coal Dealer Learns to
Read; He's Only 58
LONDON, Kng.. June IS.—A Jury
man at the Old Bailey court, who
stated that he was a coal dealer,
t.ild the recorder that he could not
read. He said he could calculate
the weight of coal and the amount
due him. but had never been to
school. The recorder advised him
to read as soon aa be could, as he
waa only 58.
Crime a Profession,
Growing, Says He
Cardiff, wales, June jr.
Crime Is. unfortunately, a profe*
slon, said Sir Leonard Dunning, in
spector of constabulary, addressing
the Cardiff police. He added thai
It was a profession which each year
hecomes better educated and bettft
equipped. In his opinion there art
more people living by crime today
than wan ever the case.

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