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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, June 25, 1920, Image 14

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be the arena of the ye«iiy «*rden feta to be ||VW by tha Heattle I>*Jf
Nuraer) on Thur»da> aftomoon, July it A* In pa«t ymn. ».wiaty U lo«>k
Ins forward 10 this event with a treat deal of tntk'lptlhin, The i>arty will
take the form of a The IVinaant, with an improvised floor out of door* An
added attraction* then* will be fortune-telling, fieli |N>nda and V
a a a
Dancing Party at
Yacht Club
K»r the iilnuuro of Ml*a I,otettt>
and Mian KlUaheth Hampton. o(
Ntiahvllle. Tenn.. and Miaa Utortn
Prfnk, Mr. and Mrm. Krarnl* Ou>-
Prtnk -will entertain with a danclni*
party Thursday evening. July I, at
Ui« Yacht club
• * *
Mrs. Gaffncy Hostess
1« eompllment to Mra. N. W. Hop
Ml tt Syraruw. S. Y.. Mra. \V B
. Qttfllf. will be hoeteaa at a tea next
Tu—do afternoon at her home
Croat 4 until *
• * •
The Misses Sheahan
Honor Guests
I In honor of Mm Janet Bb«*han
a»d Mm Claire Sheahan. Mlaa
b Franklin Crawford wu hoateaa at an
: ItfWlMl tea ye*terday afternoon at
bar home Ml*a l>orothy Allen and
ii MVra Dorothy L*n« pre*Hlrd at the
t•». aaeixtrd hy Mlaa Jill I'erine and
'' Mtaa Slary DeVeux* at urtui.
• • •
Yachting Parly
P Mr. and Mr*. Prewott Onke* are
Witerbunine a party of friend* over
1 the week end. on tha J. 8 Olbaon
i yacht, hydu.
• a a
Service Club
Tha Social Servlca club will meet
MOtt Monday with Mr*. John Rich
Wd Lane tn Mr* Henry Ktever
Treoiper - * apartment at tha Hotel
a a a
Play at Women's
University Club
Titer* will Ma play thia availing
at the Women'* I'mveraity club by
the Player*' Art cut Id entitled ' The
I Roadhoua* In Arden." by PhlUp
MoaUar. to which member* and
gvaata are tnvttad.
• • •
National Guard
Annual Ball
| Tka Ftr*t battalion Infantry, W.
Great Credit
House Sale
tag Um past weak. tha
fnarfcabla charactar
of the Cherry sale er*-
B1 I Mad a unique aenaa
to take adraatagw at
W tha unoaual opporto-
J) nlty to buy an credit
and at the aama tuna
to aaewre tha utmost savings.
TWa great aala goaa forward thM
week with isasaisl activity, and tha
ll«wi<iiua reductione In mats,
■wits. frock*. wacta and petticnata
Make certain that tha oazt few day*
will he tha ncord-breakers of the en
tire avast.
Also wonderful values In man '•
and boys* Mita.
Oirrj'. Malta Style Shop
|TT Rial to Bld« (old Frederick A Nat
son Kid* j. over Plg'n Whlalie.
■ Kuito
* \
V Our Karnllurr Slorc la Oakland. V
S California, baa faiornt u* with IhfH V
■ low prt< < 4 >|trrlal». • nahlinc our run- ■
Unm in Mraltb- to avail tbrmflvm ■
B •( rnal bargama in Umm home ■» ■
A dainty silverplated stand, jh
with daisy pattern cut glass K
Shakers. Worth 50c K
anywhere B
V 25c /
Watch For
Each Oar
WMfc Special*
To Rnncmbcr
Mt »n«1 Mf» ITrftnrla Ottf Frlab'«
dtnnar at t»alf rlab la h«n«r of
Mim and Mlaa Bllaabatli
llr and Mr* Jimn D M««« *
dama at iK>lf *lu»» In h«at»r tholr
and tn law and dftufhtora. Mr
an.l Mr» JtnM f>»|l»ort llulltvan
and UiM Anna Rnb«ria ll"«*
Mr« W II iiatrn*) i at how* far
Mr* N W Hapten. of ll*rarn»r
Tt icm>\¥. jrxn t*—
lira A I Moutfltvr'a ai h«ma f*»r
Mil William TiiM af *aa Kran
WW»M>I)*T, jmm !•
Marrtaaa of Ml« Mftrlaa Trra t«
Mr ('wl Dill mar ai fcema of Mr.
and Mra Chartea Try
Woddtnj of Mtaa Duretby Otadon
te Mr Jwdaen ► •uiknor la Trim
• Itjr fariah ihnrrlt.
nit iwnii, Jt'Ll »
Mr* t »a« Id »* »w»n l*»acha<»a at
tn bene* af Mra Howard
MO>I)4T. J«.Y *—
Nurth«r*it«rit «etf (ottmamrtil tot
\anreu*ar. H C. Uglu.
I Kll> 41. Jl I.Y 1—
Ur« |>aOd fV»«»a at
at h«»mo ta hoiver af Mra William
rut hauay, jvi.t
Mr and Mra rnok
danr* at Yarfci club la fconor «»f
lli»ir iau«fit«r. *-•« tll>»rta Mnk.
aad tha Mlaa** l*»t*tta and Kli»a
b-th llaaipton. of Na#h«Ula Taan
mi DAY HIT p
Mr and Mra Jahn M Dead and
Mr John H r»rri|U dartre at
Tarhl elnV
N Q„ headquarter*. regimental In
firmary and ataff offlcwra will glva
their annual hall tonight ti tha
Armory Got Lout* Hart and Mrs. |
Hart will lead tha grand march
• a •
Picnic at
Golden Gardens
Thr Misoca Elol»e Moora, ll'Wii
Wmton M«rr>r»t K«" Ruth I>ulln
and Clifford P»*k, W»lla» lln*»
t>err«U Hranan and .Herbert Shoely.
chaperoned by Mm W. W Waaton
were hoateaae* and hosts at a picnic
la*t Tuwlaji at Ooldao Harden*
• • a
Young Men's
Business Association
to Give Dance
The Young Man's Rwtnww aaanct
ation vUI ba hosts at a danca til la
svsnlng It tha Seattle Tarht club.
"AJ» Amrtcu Dasart Cafe." a
•my concoction of ssualc »rvd dancing
la an *nt«rtaJnlng feature off the new
bill which opened yesterday at
l/otrWt Caiare Hip. The tx»< k* round.
mifiaaUva of a refraahing ranting
place In an arid land. »how» paJru*
and camels. with bnlltant lighting
effect* Mian Prancia Morton, a
prima ttottoa whoa* blonde prettlnem
and soprano role* pleaaa. bead* a
•mat of comely gtrta. and In a num
ber of song* Comicalities of life,
aa offered by Prank Walmaley and
Mac Kmting. are original and ara
rewarded with galea of laughter.
Jimmy Roaen and company have a
decidedly different bit of humor In
j their farce. "Call M» Papa" Henry
IJ. Kelly, billed aa tha Irish Amert
tan «In iter, divide* hi* offering fifty
fifty, devoting part of It to up to date
Americana, and part to amusing
Irlah stories. Some gymruvatir oddi-
Ilea, together with pantomime com
edy. la featured by the Hlmboea.
1 "Wit va. Wli" I* the utle of th« f«a
ture photoplay.
» V n mini h iin
Lxtth daughter of Mr. and Mra. Harold Warner.
—Portrait by Grady.
Baby Clinic
Cnder tha auspices of tha Central
Council of the Congress of Mother,
and Parent Teacher aasueuuons tha
baby cilnlc at Seventh and Madlaon
will be bald Saturday. June M. (ram
I to It. Ka«tatraUoa will close at
II fc BL All children under ail
yeara of ago are carefully examined,
and whan mciaaary special taala are
Tha clinic wftl hold until tha mid
die of July, when U will be cloaed
for tha summer.
a a a
Pythian Water* Dance
Tha Pythian Sisters will give their
monthly public dance at the Knight*
of Pythiaa hall on Saturday evening,
i Jtlne si.
a a a
Ranlnra Star flub
■astern Star club will keep open
houae at 4DM Ar ad* building, com
mendng on thla dale. June 17 and
SI. for all Shrtnera passing thru He
attla Shriners are asked to make
uae of thcae room*. Telephone* and
checking r«itn are free.
e e •
i King County l,eglel*tlv Federatlan
King County legislative federa
I tlon will give It* annual picnic at
tha home of Mra. L Kllen !>ay. at
Suquamlah Taka steamer Hyak at
V a. m at pier S.
e a e
Ahi arc 1/wralne HoclHy in Meet
The neat meeting of Ihe Alaace
Ixirratne society will he held at the
organisation's hall, at the Geneva
j hotel. SOI Marlon at . Saturday even
ling at 7:4f> After a ahort business
: session the evening will be given
over to card playing Light refresh
ment* will be served. All m'mlern
lire urged to attend and a cordial In
vltatlon Is extended to any Alsatian
or Lorraine m»tni>er In tiie city,
a • •
Women's King County Republican
Women's King County Republican
i cluh Will hear Colonel fjeorge B
, Ijamplng. candidate for governor
diacuaa party regularltlea at It*
weekly luncheon Monday noon at
Mevea" cafeteria. Mr. Jnm"« |{
Harvey will alng and Mra .toaephlne
Lathen will apeak The club Invito
all who are Interested to attend.
• • •
Rainier Chapter, D. A. R.
Ralnlnr chapter. U. A. R. will meet
Tuaaday. June S9. at 2 p. m at thr
T. W C. A auditorium Pro pram
, In In charge of Junior committee.
• • •
Wisconsin finldenrod
The Wlaconsln fioldenrod cluh will
meet with Mr* Ina Kldrldge. S7SS
iKth ave S W , Wnlnewlay. June
10 are refftieated to meet a'
Pioneer arjuaire nt llrftft Tnkc Weal
Seattle car to Stevens at All former
Wisconsin ladles welcome
• • •
Seattle Business CJlrls' flub
Seattle llus'ncss Oirla* «ltih will
enjoy n Irlp to the homa of Mlaa
K'ldella Havla and Mis* Kat» Holmes
at Indlanola lie«<h on Sunday, June
K vary thin* In tlw way of wui*
material known to man. It la In
enrirelTable. the niHfrrlal we can
turn Into money We want old
clothing;. hata. rap*, wante
Iron, chair*, rnkea hooe. ahovela,
new*paprri and mui(nr,lrH-e
Jumble Shop In toeing wonderfully
maintained hy the woman of He*t
tl». th«-y requeat Iflftg of a Utile
bett/r quality than th# Salvage
I tepartment
Seattle lout over (00 man In the
war. There are *llll laiKe num
ber* Incapacitated who rnuat be
Taiephoan Hltott 1511
17. I*««va pirr 1111 It I in Itriiut
lunch and bathing a una
• • •
Klnarr J. NoHIa I'o.t
Dtr-r J Noblt p-oat. Anirr ir-*n !<#<
fine, will glva a dan* al th*
Knlghta of Oolumbua hall Krulay
avatilag. Mtula will ba furnlaha.l by
tha pout'a ovii ordintr\ which will
maka Ita Initial bow at ihia 4ao<a.
ProoMda will ba ua*<l U> halp organ
la* tha N«bl* poat band- All m*tn
ban u4 thair frlanda ara lav! tad.
a a •
T. U L Dm**
Owtng to tha grand au oc a— of
lhatr la at Vanatlan Moon faatura
dafwn, tha T. I. I haa tacuad In vt.
tattnn* for anothor daocw- "Itoaa
Hop"—to ba (Ivan at tha I<aaM*hl
l"*rfc pavilion. Thuraday avanli vg.
July 1. Tha aunt oummllt** will ba
In chars*
a a a
Daofhtra of M. Oaarp
Mr«. C Klaua antartalnad th»
[%U(hl>ni of HI Oaorga at h«r
homa Tuaaday. June 32. I'arda war*
playad and taa aarvad.
In Seattle
I |
Conducted by
Violin Recital by
Pupils of Miss Miller
A larg* and Intrreaied audience
hoard Ml** Marjorte Miller'* violin
pupil* In a recital at the Women'*
t'nlvendty club Tuenday •veiling.
The irtigram opened and c!o#ed with
••nuemble number* two charrnlnr
duo* very creditably done Catherine
Thelma Line* and Maaa Pu
rtiya did particularly nice work on a
program of which Mia* Miller may
well be proud. Tha following nutn
ber* were rendered;
Trio Air d* l**ll«t
UllteriM LaaM*y, Vernon lisdslron
ind Henry Hale
Roman*-* ftorMin*
Llttl* I'runuuM .. I'aplnl
w*r?t» Fit solnimen*
To th* Kvenlng fltar Wairner
Him pie Av* u Tliomo
fnoriM Clark
Jfourenlr F>r dls
Mm* Kuruya
'lovotl* *
Mr<titat|r>n ....Uuoemt
H*nrjr Salo
Melody Dane!*
Kathortne Oar rod
Duel- -follah Imnce Weharwonka
Tholma Uno* end Mian Miller
f(»rreti** Iljrnakr
Heronade Hadtne . .QabrleJ-Marl*
Mm Furuya
Altmmplatt W*«n*r
Hcher*o*o ...» liohin
Vernon »l*dstrom
Ave Maria 8« hub*rt-Wlth#lmJ
devott* .'... Popper
f'eth*rln* Iji»hley
Trio —Turkish Marrh. Mnsart
\ stood HHitrom, OathirlM
end Merry Bale
• • o
Lillian B. Schroeder
Concert This Evening
Five voir" pupila of l.llllan It
Schroeder will be heard In recital
Krt<l«y evening at the T. W. C. A
auditorium They ar. (iertrude
lUi6dca, Frank O'Hrlen, M™ Helen
C. lilrd, Daniel Vlnoent O'Hrlen ujicl
MarßHret Hubbard. Ilnae A Man. a
pupil of (Iraca Tm, will noritrlbut.
KMVfrul pin a. solna ami will accorn
pany the vole, pupila.
ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., June 2fi.
"Hun klMHrrfJ monogram*" are ml
ludy'a n«w«*nt fail here. The meth
od In nirnple and tht effect strtk*
In*. A pair of plump ahouldan*, a
frw ntrlpn of deatgnod court plan
ter and a penknife or pocket ac la
no m do the trick The nun tJUis tht
exponed Mkln, leaving that under
the ntrlpn white and gleaming when
the planter la removed. Such a
monogram ran t>e ne«>n for iongdla
tancen. And, of course, decorative
akltl needn't bcftonfim d to mono
HI ■
Mrt. Charlea Wllium, of Victoria,
n C., who hu been the houae gueet
•if Mr mvl Mn. Thomaa norintu),
left ynatarday for her home, called
liy Iha audileo lUnraa of her Utile
| laughter.
•• a I
Mra. *Char|ee It Caatlen. who for
the pant two weeka haa bran 111 at
ilia Providence hoepltal, la nonvaJao
| lug at tha home of liar mother, Mr*
J. 10. Oalbrallh.
• • • f,
Mlaa Virginia rvmk la attending
• lha week an the houae gueat of Mr
anil Mra. Kdward A*now el the
lllghlanda. •
a a a
Hn I. N Oott returned w*4n»
lay from Ftpokana. where aha baa
. I'ran vtelting t"T alt weeka.
a a a
Mra. Julea K Hnlder. of Da Una
Tezaa. la apendlng lha aummer Willi
liar aon In law and daughter, Mr ami
, Mra llruce Unritn.
a a a
Mr. and Mra A ft Htewart re
(11mod Wednesday evening frtm the
national republican convention In
a a a
Mlaa Dorothy K.wlng la edbvalrar
in* at har home from tonallartomy
aaa o ®
TV Mnnrw llorton Irft the
flrat of th" waek for a three weeka'
1 crutae to Alaeka
• a a
Mr and Mra. Oeorge W Altera
and dauihltr, Mlaa Oeneva. who
I have apent several ntoniha In Cali
fornia. returned thla *wk and era
uuNila at Lha llot»| Sorrento.
• • •
Mr and Mra. Kdward I, Oarre»t
hata aa their ho una gumta Mra I-ea
I'armar and email daughter. Itoea
mary. of Dttluth. Minn.
• • a
Mra Horatio Hright With h»r eon
in law and daughter. Mr and Mra.
Ed Davta and lit 11* daughter *Au
ru»ta llrlght iMvla. formerly of Han
Plego Cal.. removed today fmm lha
Motel Washington to III! T. Roaion.
• • •
Mra Teorg" Pope and daughter.
Mlaa Zemqla I'ope. of Aagolao,
who have w n the roaeta of Mra
Pop*'» mother Mra J C Manna
duke, at the New Waahlnglon for
wever.il weeka. will leave (iunday for
their home.
a e e
Mr and Mm Frank K Caae, Mr
: and Mr» Itru.e Khort. Mr and Mra.
K I. Kennan and Mr and«Mra
Miller Kreeman will leave the flrat
of ne*t week for Kaet Mound, to
apend the month of July.
a e a
Mra. William r>onglaa Ftevenaon
»nd two children will leave the flrat
of July for Pelllagham. U> be gone
•ereraJ mo n lha.
a a a
Mr. and Mra. Frederick C. John
atone returned laat evening from a
waafc'a vUlt In Portland.
a e e
Ml* Ruth nam ford, wtto haa been
vtailing fiienda In Portland for the
paat two week*. will not return until
the middle of July.
e e e
Mr CVa«4us M WlKlaroe returned
thla morning from I^trtland.
Hwwmt> of llie nnJindoj fun and
Tippled mule
Buy Where Your Money Goes Farthest
OHe ®' payinjf bijc price# for year merchandise elsewhere when we offer the mint things for less?
' a ' r "Ires* on big values, for they are whst help to cat down the high cost of living. Let us help you save.
Buy at our store!
Boys' Suits at Reduced Prices
These bargains will appeal to thrifty mother* and
to the boys, too. They've got all kinds of style and
pnap to them and they're at hargain prices.
There are lots of different patterns—Light and
Dark Mixtures. The*pants are full lined and the
coats have good mohair linings; belted styles; slash
and patch pockets.
$lO.OO to $17.50 Suits reduced to 57.88, 59.98,
911.08, 813.25 and 813.98.
. Men's Shirts
Splendid value* In Madras and Crepe Cloth Shlrta for men.
Striped pattern. In varlou. colors. French cuff. Those th.
Arrow and I'araKOn branda and they may be depended £0 |J A
ujHin to (five good aervlne. I'rlnrd at
Men's Neckties
Theae aplendld Four In Hand Wide End Tie. should appeal to men
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Good strong Sateen Work Shirts for men. Cut full alxe and well
tailored. I'rlced roaaonably. A «
Huh yl .Ov
Boy Scout Shoes
This is a dandy shoe for boys' wear. They're well
built and strongly sewed, making them practical, good
wearing shoes. The uppers are of good brown wax
calf and soles of elk chrome, lace stvle. Sizes 9 to
13«/ 2 . Tair 83.50
Children's Pretty White Dresses
There are aorpe of the dcnre.t and aweeteet atylea In White
Hummer l>re*aca for little folka you ever hum on dixplay her.
They are In aplendld •(UhlMicm of orgnndle. lawn and mualln. and
made up In the moot pleasing at.vlea. The nice part of It l». th.y
nr« ao Easily laundered and they wear Juat great, Cft tJP
They come In alxe. 1 to I yeai m $1 ivv
New Style Sweaters
The very latest notions in style ars embodied in
these new pull-over Sweaters. There are plain weaves
and basket weaves with rippled cuffs and peplums;
short sleeves, square and V-necks. All are of the best
woolen yarns and come in plain colors and combina
tions of colors. Priced, sB*so and S&*so.
Crepe Chiffon
Afternoon Dress
Has Hem
h'e%B York'i futMi Authority
Kntira dreaaaa of georgette or chif
fon cJoth are aatremely popular for
afternoon or restaurant w<*r. Al
moat Inavarlably they art of one
color wiUl a girdle or Mah to give
the acoeol. Mara la a brawn crepe
chiffon ever cream-colored aatln.
which Otviatratea thla rood*. Tha
aklrt la caught up at tha foot,
bareovwtaa and the bodloa la draped
low oeer « ooraelat of ehtffon aad
lace. It la rut klmooo-fashion, lha
ba« k. including tha back of lha
aJeevao. tie log carried right oa down
to form lha aklrt.
PAKIH. Jun. 41 1 Tl>« mtnlater
of •rtrtillun hu decided. pmriM
Ui. rl>H of th. nowMl luu-vmt
pnran np to •iprrUlloni, not to
im{>ort from Abroad during tit* con
in* y««f
Low Prices in Men's Wear
I/iNIXiN, June 16 Addrcwln*
m*rnlwra of th* federation of Worn*
*n'a Institute*. l*<ly Aa'or nuld
thar* wu a grr»L cl»nl wrong Ui
villa** life; It w«ui the llf* of on*
or two ruling paopla. I*atronag»
could be taken UjO tar; It drfmted
tli* spirit of Inlatlv*. Now that
wom*n hud th* *ot», ah* said. what
war* th*y going to do with It?
"Don't b* tak*n In lijr people who
have the gift of rub," she aaid
"Do your own political thinking
Th* world la auff*rlng from a la< k
of thlnk*ra. For a Christian p*<>
pl« tnoliliiihnMi I* th* moat rtdlcul
oua thine In th* world; It Is a form
of materlallam Try to unit* with
th* thlnk*ra and not wlib th* P"«
We have Just received a shipment of
the old, well-known Holland pianos and
player-pianos, contracted for at prices
very much lower than the present mar
ket. These are instruments of artistic
design and various fine woods and fin
ishes. Their tone and action is excep
tionally pleasing. On account of our
advantageous purchase of this ship
ment we will, until further notice,
make a special introductory price of
only $4lO on the straight pianos and
$615 on the players; easy terms to suit
tfW W« respectfully or** yon not to
rx "ooHiimnuta the a*l* ef piano or
player until you bar* mveatlratwl thta
offer. Thay ara fully warranted by
th* manufacturers and ouruelve-. which
gives purchaser atnaoluta protection.
Be* th< ra in our show windows.
BM inm *ad Pmi.s.*«| Mral
(OrrMtt* futnw ikMM)
In Busine** Sines 1871
Boys' Pants $1.50
A a perl.l offer of I*ant. for boys. Theoe are made of onion
caaalmere*. In light and dark mixtures, and are especially .uitable
for everyday wear. They are cut full Mia aud well tUiiahed. You'll
find them a dandy buy at this price.
Men's Wool Pants $7.50
The w*U known Oregon Caaslmere All Wool Pants an being of
fered to you at a very reasonable price. They are hi Brown and
Gray Mixtures, medium weight. You can depend on these for ex
client wear. All alxea
Men's Hosiery
Especially fin* quality of Fibre Silk Hum, In t wide choir* of color*.
The tor* and heels are strongly reinforced and they have double
»oles. We Know you can't g< t better waaring hose than these
anywhere and the price is reasonable. Pair. , , fOC
Cotton Hose
We hare Just (rotten In a bis new atork of Cotton Hum for men.
Colors are mark. Brown. Gray. Blue and White; rein- OC
forced toss and heel*, fait color.* Per p»le - .....
Men's Union Suits
Dandy wimmw weight Union- Suits for men at a sals prira They
come In white and ecru; ions or ahort aleevea; ankle length. There
is no need to pay a high price, when you can get a As OQ
food garment like thin «p 1 "
Men's Undershirts
Regular II 15 garments reduced for clearance. They are made of
fine cotton yarn* and well finished; medium weight: TO
uru color. Bach I J/C
Children's Play Suits
For the children who have to play and who are hard on their
clothing, we recommend those Play Suits. They are of sturdy
glnghams, double stitched and cut full size; short sleeves, red
trimmings. These are especially suitable for A« <\/v
Hummer wear. Each .... «.... $ 1 «UU
Ladies' Envelope Chemises
Indies! You should take advantage of this special offer In Knvelope
Chemises. Th.-y are faahioned of fine soft muslins, pink and
white and prettily trimmed with lace and ribbon runs. They'll
yrash beautifully and render excellent service. A « O C
Priced low at ■ $!•««)
rmnAT. jttw* n. »»»
At flrat thought, a cup of hot mn.
n»tnm* or bouillon *** ma out of pliic*
In th* *ufnm*r diet. But wh«n w*
think a*»ln and get down to braa*
tiuka, w« «** that th* hot *oup la
really th* bast atlmulanl f«»r a sultry
aumranr 4>y.
Th* d.***4lr* orf* n» DDI •*
toned to tlx- point wh*r* th*y win rtt.
xporid quirkljr to food. Th* hot soup
do*a thla. It alao Induraas perapira,
(lon, which* In turn, causns avaponit
Hon. On* of t*« moat offacUr* maaris
«t cooling th* body la thro «»*por«r
After th* dlg*i<tlr* syntem la *t
work, *olld food I* readily as*lmlt*t
. d. and chiliad naiad* and Icoa ara not
A widow imrir call* for hHp wtieti
a man attempts to klaa her. It 1M
usually th* man who n**d» help.

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