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Surround Corps of Troops
and Net Them
DONPON, June IS.—Ow»k troop*
surrounded a Turkl#h corp* at Phil*
dslphta. Asia Minor, taking 8,000
prisoner*, according to a dispatch
from Smyrna to th# tlreek legation
her* today. A quantity of munition#
also waa captured
Philadelphia, the native namf« of
which la Alaslior, 1* the "exalted
city" of the Mohamniendans It 1* a
walled town In the villa yst of Aldln.
IS miles east of Smyrna.
Kendrick Speaker
at Chamber Lunch
W. Kreeland Kendrick of Phlladel
phi*, put imperial potentate of the
Shrine, who ha* been attending the
Shrln# convention in Portland, ad
dressed the Chamber of Commerce
and Commercial club member*' coun
cil at their weekly luncheon held at
the Masonic club thi* noon.
Piles Speaker for
July 4th Program
Ex I'nlted State# Senator Samuel
H. Plica will be the principal speaker
■t the Kourth of July exercises In
the City Hall park. It waa announced
yesterday. Representative J. Stanley
Webster of Spokane will be unable to
be present.
English Prince**
Like* Bull Fights
MAPUIP. Spain. June SS.—Queen
Virion*, an Rnirll*h prince**. like*
boll fsicht* now. When she first be
ctmf Queen of Br.itn she wa*
*hocked by their cruelty, and uwd to
torn her head away »t Hie slaughter.
Now xhe enjoy* the proceeding* and
i»ushs and applaud*.
You Win Be
Surprised, Too!
H j» iIB |Vvi|
Ip - w *| IB W K ftfll
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Between University and Seneca Streets
''Dollars May Catch Him, but Soldiers
Won't," Is View in Southern Capital j
"Dollar* may cat' h Villa. Soldier*
will not."
That 1* the opinion of one of the
old timer* 10 border warfare l'or
14 year* he has been getting close
up* of Mexican fighting. lie know*
Villa well. In spite of hi* pesatml*
Ik? statement a* quoted, he doe* not
believe that Villa has much real
"There * nothing to him." he *ald
"lie I* a good leader of Irregular*, It
I* true. General Obregon said once
that 'Villa la the be*t general In
Mexico." Hut that wa* when Felipe
Angeles wa* with Villa, and even
then Obregon outgeneraled Villa and
gave hltu a thoro whipping at Hal
"Villa* trouble la that he I* too
Irascible and Impatient, ite can hold
his temper Just *o long. Then h*
blow* up. „When he begins to see
red he flr*t ahoot* and then. If necoe
aary, take* to the hill*.
""Obregon admit* that Villa hail
maneuvered him Into a bad position
at Saltillo He waa cut off from his
supplies. But Obregon had the cour
age and patience and nerve to stand
pat. Villa had not By and by Villa'*
unstableneiw began to twitter and be
ordered an attack.
" 'ls Is suicide,' said Angelas. "I*#
men wilt be cut to piece*.'
" *VVah, wah. wall," Villa rave*!
"He sent out hi* beet men. and.
Just as Angs'es said and as Obregon
foresaw, they were cut to piece*.
Obregon captured eight of Villa'* ten
trains Keltpe Angele* quit Villa In
dl-gii*t. The Cnlted States recog.
nixed the Ckrrania administration as
a re*ult of Obregon'* victory."*
The speaker was with Villa at th*
time of thU fight and on many other
o-caslons ll* concede* to him th*
ability to control the banditti h*
lead* They are bloodthirsty savage*
and no mors. No doubt they ar* not
amenable to discipline, but they do
recognise In Villa th* ability to shoot
from any position and at any provo
iwtkm. Sometime* he shoots before
the shootee reoognises that prmwa
tlon has been given. This ha* re
suited in his men treating him wrlth
the greatest oar* He la not a SOoJ.il.
Ist, In the sense that hs has not
formulated any Idea upon economic*.
He I* merely a robber.
"Obregon and hi* party realty wish
to get American capital Into Mex
loo." mid he "They real lie thaj In
thl* way the permanent prosperity
of the country will be sasiired If
Villa knew that a mining c<ynpany
had • ton of bullion he would drop
on It like a duck on a Janebug
" 'Olve me half.' he would say
"Th* other half 1* enough for you""
Ylt.l.\ W il l, lIK TAKEN
In spite of thl*. he doe* not be
lieve that Villa will be captured by
th# Obregonlsta troop* which have
heen *ent against him I do not
know how many aoldier* are now on
their way to Chlhauhua, bnt three
troop train* left her* night before
last and other* left yesterday. No
doubt a considerable army, aa armies
ar# reckoned here, t* on the way.
Nor I* there any doubt that the Oh
regonlsta troop* are well equipped
Th* new administration propose* |o
get Villa, "dead or alive." It* lead
er* know that nothing would give
them more prestige at home, and
thai nothing would give foreigner*
more confidence In the stability of
th* new government except, per
hap*, the ptmlshment of Carranxa's
"But men will not get him."* Insists
hi* otd friend. "Perhaps dollars will."
With Villa are three or four for
i>er general* of th# Carranxa foreea.
a total of perhap* 1,000 men. Thl*
1* a very formidable fores for hill
fighting If th# Carranaa generals
are loyal to Villa they will have the
advantage of time and posit.on upon
th# federal forces.
They can select the battleground
and the condition* under which they
will glv. battle. Thl* mean*, of
coui ■». that they will retreat to the
hill*. It the government troop* are
decoyad Into one of the bo* cAnyon*
which abound In the Chlhauhua
mountain* the machine run* will be
turned on and prwto—«b* battle l*
Hut they are twfnr led by men
who are quit* a* much at home In
mountain righting a* Villa, tho not
aa much at home In the Chihuahua
mountain*. It 1* more likely, then,
that Che government troop* will
hang on Vllla'a rear and haram him
without attempting to five battle ex
opt uiWler favor able condition*. In
that event. Villa wUI do what h* n«*
done before. lit* taetlcx do not vary.
; "H» will disappear Ilk* water In
hot aand. Ill* men will be turned
loo**. They wfll hide their runa, and
go to work a* peon* on ranche* and
In mine*, vuia will dlmrulse him
■elf and hide out. He did that once
before for eight montha. »By and by
the word will go out that he |* dead.
When he thlnka the time la ripe he
; will rain* hi* (taniiard again, hla
men will flock to him. he win begin
to rob train* and hold up town*, and
the Villa trouble will be on Ita feet."
Vllla'a wrakne** today, the old
timer think*. 1* In that offer of a re
ward of 100.000 pe«on for him "dead
or alive." Home man or imme (roup
of men may think that money worth
the r»*k and trouble of earrln* It
Home of them may be killed In kill
ing Vina, *nd other* may be killed
by their comrade* before they get to
the capital with Vllla'a head In a
sack. ,
"Hut aome may be found who will
think It a good *peruli»tion." aald he.
"That la a lot of money In Mexico.
I remember riding all one day with
a man who hud a aack mvung at the
horn of hla noddle. Toward night I
happened to notice that the bottom
of the aack wa* black with clotted
" "What ha»* you In there?" I
" TTI *how you when wa make
'•amp,' aald my trail companion. At
ter we made the fire that night and
liad had our flairjack* and bacon, I
brought the subject up again. He
untied the mouth of the aack and
picked It up by the bottom. Tho
head of a man rolled out In the
a*he*. It had hern rudely hacked
off at the neck.
" 'That'll worth IfiOfl cojih to me/
said my companion. I nlept rather
fitfully that nlgtit. I wa* not afraid.
There wa* no price upon my head
and I knew I was *afe."
ANOTHER V11.1.A I'Kltll,
Th* other danger 1* from the Car
mm* general* who have Joined the
Villa force*.
A general I* nn uncertain and fluc
tuating quantity In thl* country.
They may make term* with th* new
administration a* other general*
fjeneral peine* who ruled the oil
OMJntry. ciirne Into Mexico City for
a conference yesterday. If they do
rnnko terms they may try to deliver
But the old timer think* that Villa
I* a hard man for n general to
catch The eajder way to get him I*
to shool him from behind a bush.
"If they do not." *ald he. "Villa la
sure to persist about thl* country,
l-fe can he downed, but It I* hard to
keep him down."
Wh«T» (ho bout foodstuff* ro>* the
I.rto cat at fck>l<lt'«.—Adver-
[downstairs stobe
Another Instance of Downstairs Economies in Smart, A Small Croup of
.Up-to-date Apparel Trimmed Hats
New Top Coats at $17.50 Reduced to $4.95
r PRINCIPALLY dark col-
the most part these Coat* are in the conservative orings in this group,
JT three-quarter length—smartly tailored from soft, and sparingly but smartly
woolly polo cloth and wool velour, in HyApßf trimmed, especially emphar
Cerise Light-blue Tan Copenhagen sizing the cire ribbon ef
f\ Mustard Brown • V' •>/ fects with their suggestion
It\ \Wo « a . . „ . . , J a of leather, and Batavia
/n \ A l\~\ Some models may he worn open in Tuxedo style or y\ yl tt 0 ; 0 email an <l
fid \\\ ( clo»ely buttoned as desired—and nearly all make use /f i- / tk ,Pr
\ ' of button trimmings. / ' Pj/ 7 medium sizes.
Notably good values at f 17.50. [ \/ Motoring Hats, hats for
Vypjl 1A -the downstairs store 1 / S wear with tailored suits
/ i I \T; \y roc^B may be chosen
/ / i?i) • «f .i. \v at considerable saving from
Charming Veilings this offering at $4.95.
17 $l.OO and $1.25 Yard jqq ew Extra-size
\ff TNTEKESTTNGLY' chenille-dotted are many of these n .. 01 • ,
J I 1 Veilings, in Blue, Black, Brown, Taupe and Purple, K'QQllfn
—•fjft and others depend upon their intricate fancy mesh for r
—hOT * ~ their chief charm. Priced at fi.oo apd 91.25 yard. [ n a New Purchase to Sell
Saturday at
28 Boys' Gray Tweed Suits
To Sell at $5.95
THE popular waistline
models, some with
belts, coats lined with twiil
and trousers full-lined with
gingham or ch am bra v.
Number of suits avail- ll(
able in sizes IS to 18: vrfc^Kj^J
Sizes 13 14 15 16 17 18 jJJ
Number 3 3 8 4 6 4 j
Good suits for vacation "* I I f\
or school wear at a sav- V-V —■ ■■' i
in*-*5.95. \\ //
BOYS* WASH TIES in ex- \\ /\
cellent as«nrtmeata of
plain white and striped ™
patterns, 25f. —the downstair? store
An Odd Lot o!
Japanese Luncheon Cloths
Present* Decided Prtce-advantages
rr this offering. Downstairs Store customers share
in the advantages gained in a favorable purchase.
The Cloths are in the characteristic blue-and-white
effects, priced as follows:
23 Cloths in 48-inch size, $1.43
31 Cloths in 54»iaeh size, $1.93
28 Cloths in 60-inch size, $2.13
IS Goths in 72-inch size. $2.4.»
Women's Stockings, 50c Pr.
REINFORCED with double heel, sole and toe are
these Black Cotton Stockings and made with wide
garter hem.
Sizes BVs> to 10, 50# pair. _ TUE downstairs store
Girls' Underwaists, 65c
STRENGTHENED with many stitched bands are
these Muslin Underwaists and fitted with tape
juttons. Made in back-fastening style, with shirred
fullness in front
Waists for boys are in front-fastening style, with
idjustable shoulder straps.
Sizes 4 to 12 years. Priced low at 65*.
Rich Groom, 77,
Takes Bride, 73
LONDON, June 25 Sir Mark Old
royd, founder of tHe Dewsbury wool
en firm, and Mian A. J. Pattloon
were marrU-d recently at Haalemere.
Hlr Mark la 77 and wait knighted In
190(1. Hi* bride In 7S and a very
old friend of the family.
Women Who Smoke
v Pipea Diaappear
LONDON. June 25.—"1 don't
know If Cigarette smoking ha* done
It, but the old pipe sucking English-
u ardar la Introduce aur new (whalnboat) Plata, attrt la the
aml itraarvt plata kun, «mn vary llttia "of tha roof of tha mouth;
. r« can bit* lira mil It* Nk; guararw
ms «f heft .....fg
Crowm . ...S4
B ....54
rswiaas kxthaction
All wor* guaranteed for IS mt l*»|w««e*aa tafcaa la tha
morning aad gat taath same day. Ksafulnatton and advloa fra*.
r«n mm* ,M l.ailH ml Oar Plate aa4 Bridge Wait. Wa Maai (W
Tni at liai. Moat of our praaant patronage la recommended by aur
early patlaata. whoaa work la atlll giving *aod aatlafaetlon. Aak our
patlanta who have teatad our work whan coming to ear office, ba aura
yvu ara In tha rlikt place Bring this ad With you.
»,«a lastdaya FVaaa I ta II far WwklM Paa»la
1 ,m UUVtmam it, S|,»»W« rraaeg-rafasa (Ma
man whom nothing could disturb has
been upact and I* illaappntirtng."
raid Sir Robert Raden Powell. "We
have (rot rather a southern or Ital
ian spirit into u*." he continued,
"whl.b I* not bo stable, tho It may
that of the old stolid Kngla-shman."
lie more clever and full of wit, an
Our Guaranteed 7%
First Mortgages
Interaat *eml-Annually an Vl'aah-
Inglsn lanprovrd Karna, Varloua
Amannfn. 1.. A. Hath*.
Kara Msrtgagr Ct H lifarj r-v
Special 55c Pound
CREAMS, hard centers
and caramels in de
lightful assortment, ail
with coating of ricfi
chocolate. Special, Sat
urday, 55# pound.
For Summer
$1.25 Skein
LOVELY colorings for
sweaters are featured
in these soft Yarns—weigh
ing nearly ! /i pound.
Choice of Red, Blue,
Turquoise, Navy, Black,
White, Pink, Purple, Gray,
Brown and Nile-green.
Priced at fl .25 skein.
Pearl Bead
Necklaces, 50c
r' is unusual to find wax
filled, gleaming l*eads of
such good quality at this
low price. They are in
graduated effect, 14-inch
Particularly good values
at 50^.
Stockings, 45c
Medium-ribbed ef
fects for dress wear
in these Cotton Stockings,
yet surprisingly service
able despite their fine ap
pearance Brown and
Black, sizes 6 to 10, 45#
Bolivia Asks for
Seattle's Trade
Comes now Bolivia and a*k« for
Seattle'* trade Senor Oeorge Sanr..
Bolivian banker, speaking at a
{ t£E*
You can shorten your path to Success I
I by careful saving now. For Ruccess
| j comes through ability to recognize |
b! | your opportunities and cash in on j|
them. You can do this if you have a M
snucr sum on a Savings Account in the
| j banK. Begin today. ||
Si H
|j> Wavlna* Department epen every
j. Saturday l:> rnlsn from • ta 8
for yaur convenience
| The Seattle National Bank |
I 1 Hnourcm Wore Thnn 7 >iirly Million Dollar,i
ff v | Second Avraw at Columbia •'
-• '" 'fa
F)ESIGNED with a
■*-' thorough understand- fllo\
ing of the needs of the A rll jc\ «
stout figure are these mlf mRJ;: I
Skirts of soft-draping Mflj |i* Jw
silk-mixed Poplin, in rljl j l; N?ft
Navy Black Taupe .\| 1
—ranging from 32 to 40 111
waist measurement I if
Light-weight and cool, 1\ \ I
these Skirts will be appre- \ J /
ciated as much for their
season able ness as for the J I \ I
exceptional values they J\ I \
offer —at $5.75. VA
Barefoot Sandals
For Misses and Children
ABOUT as cool as they
can be without dia
pensing shoes entirely
I are the little feet encased
Barefoot Sandals.
These are of sturdy
i f* .smoked horse and brown
calf, with extra heavy soles.
Sizes 3 to 5, $1.85 pair. 9 to 11, $2.25 pair.
6 to 8. $2.00 pair. 12 to 2. $2.45 pair.
Men's White Cotton
Night Shirts at $2.00
OF' considerable importance to a man's summer com
fort is a good supply of cool nightwear.
The' Night Shirts featured at this price are of soft
finished white cotton, with collar attached, and trim
ming of white or colored braid, $2.00.
Night Shirts of similar style to above, but lighter
weight, with V-neck, $1.25. _ raE downstairs store
Cretonne Canoe Pillows, 95c
JUST the sort of pillows one likes to pile up luxur
iously in canoe, couch hammock or on summer
porch. They are in 18-inch, circular style, covered
with gaily flowered cretonne and filled with soft,
fluffy cotton. Excellent values at each.
—the downstairs stork
luncheon at the Rainier club Thurg
<l*y, explained the South American
demand for Seattle export*. Senor
San* I* on the North American
continent for the purpose of aug
mentinc inter-country trading.
Hal*. >Vedae*4ay aa« Satlrtar
The Chicago Company
Wltfc the llfHtteal
Cast* larlvdtaa
CiTfory Kelly Graf* FHkiaa
Robert Adaiti* Ruth G«(4m
Byron lleesley llelty Murray
(iuy D'Rnnery Clara Blairifek
.luiuen T. Ford Joe Wallace
Krenlaca. SOe <• »2.M
Maliner WeiiMiai> (Brat
Healiil, #I.M»
Matinee Saturday, SOe «• |IJW

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