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ISPAT. Jrvr 59. !»*•*
TI'KSI) \>—l.ood Ihc to Dmotliv (ii.vh in " Kcmixlcl ■
inn Her Husband." K
THHKK DAYS—Starting Wednesday— jj
Mistaken identity, a touch of second sight and all
the thriUs of cunningly-concealed crime committed
and detected, are some of the things that go to make
up a highly interesting story.
SWPHOVT JOSKrif M itinera. !■>. After
ORCHKSTRA ktU/1 «J* He: OU.-ony IV.
daring Sappe't In t Children. Hp hi; time.
"pKjOf Dhw" Tenor Soto All prior* Include Lax.
County Cannot
Pave Lake Dell
ptfM In *a opinion submitted to the
((I .iounty co*nml»lsoners late Monday,
yfi uascutor Kred C. Brown held that
•' King county Is without legal suthort
>ijr to aid the city In paving Lake
Sell ave., Lesehi park.
The improvement would cost |TI.-
©•0. The municipal Improvement
district could be taxed only 117.000.
and the city had asked the county
to furnish the remaining $54 000. on
the trrounda that the paving would
eonautute an approach to the county
ferry dork.
It Isn't Necessary
to Suffer Pain—
Dentistry Today Is the Highest
Perfected Specialty of All Science
It b quite true (hat the
public Is ImpowJ upon by
many who practice the pro
fonuon who have Inferior
ability. nrxkilN and c»r»-
lean, rarlnt little for
DKNTISTRV W an rract- ■ M^\
..f the
nxmt iWirate nature; tlm
work Is almost entirely u|k>ii ' ■'
live tiseiie, treating dkicases,
correcting deformities
reproducing nature. To
thin successfully, we must
have a complete understand- ni . , .
big of the bony structure of niAfiNOSIS Is probably
the bea>l and fare a* each lh ' ,n ""t perplexing an«l diffl
canal. prominence and open "»•» problem ot any profes-
In* has a aperiflr Importance "»<*>• »'"« *»>' * f ru
and carrier or protect, rary bi only ar«,.i|red by a
vtiaj organ. tlioroogh knowlmli»« of hta
WK Ml ST BK FA MTU AII »"<l «*"•• observ
with nil tiie Imjiortant mos- °" n " r «*»"*» "n- 1
rle- • tiw-ir lormtion. attach- etpeHc.ee, hnnmty. and
menU and offW-es. for inler- *""*'• sound Judgment With
ferlng with the fn-e „He „f »njr one of U.ese ~ualifl
muscle Impair* the power of «_*"""»• ******* fIUJu "
mastication and probably r ™" -
changes the entire enprm- RKPRdDITnON OF NA
tlon. n HK to the extent of doing
WK MI ST KNOW the ex- nature'* work, together with
act local I'm of arteries. «Hih the blending of the feature*
or the part* supplied by *o that the work cannot be
Uiem, we having probably detected frmn nature'* own.
imire to do with the nerve* in Mich a manner that It I*
than any other tissue of the clean and congenial to the ll*-
hodv . lor through a thorough »uee, at the *ame time perfe» t
knowledge of I lie nervou* ly comfortable to the Imlivld
aysteni, their exact location tiai, I* a science, not «ur
■ml the part* tliat Ihey *up- |uwwed by the greatest artist
ply, we are abb' to ih *»*n*lU»e or tlie m's-t *kllle<| Kwl>s me
ai any point, enabling us to chanic. Thie work I* being
extract teeth, remove nerve* done without pain by our
or perform any of tl»e opera- modern dentists of today. 11l
tlons pertaining to dentistry, fitting ikntal work Is not
absolutely without poin or only unsightly, but Is tin
dfctcomfort to the patient. To clean, giving cause to un
do all of this, we have ar- healthy conditions and di*
oompUahed only 4. small part eaec, a lons of \ iUiiity aJid of
of our obligation. ficieiicy.
It WW Co«t Yon Nothing to Ilare Tour Teeth Examined
J. R. VAN At'KK.N, Mgr.
Ixscaled for Tear* at ft. K. Corner First and Tike
I'lione Main 2553
Meier and Evans
Go to Bellingham
Corporation Counsel W miter K.
; Meier and Robert 11. Kvmna, an as
sistant. are In Belltngham. Tnewday.
representing Seattle's appUcnUon In
the superior court there for the entry
of an order of public necessity in the
condemnation proctelngs of the
Skagit project.
POSTOFFICK authorities he run.
Tuesday, the auctioning off of 1.300
uncalled for packages at 1»21 Sec
ond ave.
Police Mystified by Disap
pearance of Carl Zeller
Car! Xnllor. of Tticnma, fiance of
Mia* Kuther Hrehm. 3*ll Whitman
ave , thla r|t), whim* capalned ram*
w»» found off liallcy penlnaula, In
Ulc Waahtngton. lata yeaterday.
may attll be alive.
IVlloe quit driuritlng the lake for
hla iHHIy today and admitted Zeller
may have arranged falae evidence to
Indicate aulrtde In cover u|> an In
tentional dlaappeu ranee.
It «m Uyirned at hla Taeoma
lo.lßli.im. soom K nth at . It la Bald,
that he had u quarrel a If* iluya u*o
with aomeona.
I1»|s«l\ IIIMSKIJf
Shortly after tha quarrel ha la
aald to have l>een aeen with a bottle
of raitallr arid with which ha de
clared he would polaon hlmaelf
Sunday afternoon he came to Se
attle and rented a canoe from <"ua
todlan lUfc-elow at l<earhl Imatliouae,
paying rent In advance for four
hour*' line of tha craft.
When he did not return, a aearrh
wna commenced. The canoe waa I*
ported found lata yeaterday.
Zeller'a •■o.»t. found hang In* In tha
boathouae, contained a bankbook la
[Mad to hUn by the National I lank of
Commerce, Taoom*. by mnana of
which hit lodging* wora localod,
and later, hla flancca.
Miea llrehm. tha police any. aeem
ad greatly affected when told tliat
Stellar bad vaniahed, and at onca
concluded that ho had ended hi* life.
The lake about llAlley penlriatila
via dragged for neve nil houra laat
evening In an effort to recover ZeJ
ler'a body, but without resyilL
n \NC I K « ITII
/.Kl.l Kit s\ll ItllAT
While tha police do not altogether
dlacrrdlt tha aulcide theory. they
contend lhat had Zeller wlahed to
escape tome enemy—the person with
whom he had the quarrel—ha might
have daclded upon a fake aulclde. In
which ca»e ha would very likely lurva
arranged tha evidenoa exactly aa It
haa been found.
Mlas lirehm told Detect Ira It F.
Benjamin that aha waa with Zeller
on Saturday. When they par test,
■he mid. he promlaed to call on her
again Sunday, but did not.
Declares He Is for Progres
sive Policies
The abolishment of ueelea* nffVea
and pUrlm on tas rolls •very-thin*
MitltM to b« tax I*l. ««ri the meth
ods auggeated by Plata Senator
(iwrtr H. tramping for the reduo
t on of the high (aim, In an addrras
Monday no>>n before tha Wnmeo's
Kins County Ilepublloan rlub
Mer*** cafeteria. Senator lamping
derlaxed there «u too much duptl
ration of work In city, county and
atata offleea.
Declaring hlmaelf a progressive
republican, ha said:
"Today there are In tha hearts of
our people two great causes for un
"Klrat—High taxes. or lha great
coat of our government;
"Second—High coat of living, or
profiteering In the necessities of
He arcu»»d TJoT»rnor llart of pro
ven tin* the enactment of the
Lamping bonus bill In 191} for
Wire Briefs
| H A CRAMKNTO-I-one bandit shot
In attempt to rob 8. I'. Atlantic Kx
! p resa.
State police railed to stop religious
feud tliat renulted In a gun fight
i Hun<lay.
I OA KI .AND Prohibition officer*
arrest enretaker and iaptur» atiil in
I faahionablo home in Piedmont.
IflftT ANOFn.K»—Jack
I' luirles llassourh, Janiea lialough
and Nick Akaloff arrested, charged
| with having stolen a large quantity
of T. N. T. from tho government
(aches near I*ake Cres< ent.
| TONOPAH, Nev. Buspected of
having held up tha Desert club,
j'ieorge Strickland shot and wounded
by express messenger.
HONOM'I,I" South f*hlna foroee
I capture Yuen-rhow, North China
i stronghold.
POTTHTOWN, pa ' William C.
WaLsht president. James A Maney,
superintendent, killed, and Knuik
Walsh. Injured, In explosion at Vulc-
I wc!d Tire A Rubber Co.- plant.
ADAMKDA W. A. Hhaw, wealthy
Hawaiian cattleman, cvirnrnlta sui
cide by leaping from second story
window of his home.
VANCOI'VER, B. P -New Tgures
1 give Vancouver's population as 10S.-
1 229, lnerea«» of 30,000 since 1919.
This does not include 16,000 Ori
MANTRA—Sngar producers plan
merger to control market.
F. Miller to n'lrlress Hremerton Re
publican club Wednesday. •
Daniels Will Give •
It the "Once Over"
of th#» Nnvy
DatilHfi ha/i irrfptH th# county
invitation to iniipMt
th#» Hand Point landing field,
July 9. #iooor<l»np to vord
t»y Claii'lf r, Rarnwiy, rhalnnun of
the board, Monday afternoon.
79, He'll Celebrate
by Walking 100 Miles
CINCINNATI, June 29.- Daniel
O'fy ary. veteran walker. wa« to cele
brate hi* 79th birthday today by
walking 100 mllen. O'Lcary Im ntlll
rohtiwt and 1h one n f the gnu tent
walkerM the world h/i«i ever known.
He him engaged In long-dintanco
matchen for morn than 60 yearn.
It lian bt*H Mlaied that package
frelgtit. ori« « 4 lomlifi, could !»»• carried
from New York t*> llray.il more cheap
ly than it could be movocJ fr<»tr» one
pier to a neighboring una within the
■am« harbor.
r~*y JULY p /
if An Established Merchandising
it Event Offering Fine Furniture at jL ||
¥ Remarkable Price Concessions H jj
0 o
!We are determined to make this our greatest July—and this our biggest D
Furniture Sale . <67
f THE JULY f '
\J Provides furniture for every room in the home—every article offered in
this sale bears the usual guarantee of Grote-Rankin—
Standard Quality
—Discontinued patterns and odd pieces —Living Room Furniture luxurious,
1 left from suites at greatest reductions. upholstered pieces and suites—offer* I
A A ►—lnexpensive plain line Furniture in wi . de variet 7 and lowered M
ylf excellent taste, at decided savings. prices. M
3} •—Matched period Bedroom Suites in — ln f * ct * hundreds of interesting arti- A
ivory, walnut and mahogany are de- c,e * of Furniture await your judgment IQ'
q cidedly reduced. —Shop today. rt
}< Literally, the vast stocks arrayed on our six floors defy description—they demand ?5
r- inspection and invite comparison of values, and we cordially welcome you to exercise
Wf botn of these—your privileges. \ If
1 if i You will see more furniture at lower prices than it has ever been possible | if
W for this store to show at one time. W
Fair Sex Puts on
Legion Program
More than t>oo member* of the
American with their friends
took txirt In the first program put
on by women letfonal re* at Veter
anH' hall. In the Armory. Monday
evening. The ho»te**e* were former
member* of the army nurw corps,
and other branches of the service
admissible to membership In the
Get All Set! R. R.
Boost Is Coming
Seattle citizens are being prepared
for tin additional boo*t In the H. f
of 1.. In the form of a statement I*
sued Monday by President H. K. Hy
ram, of the Milwaukee railroad. In
which he tells what a hard time the
railroads are bavins In making a
go of It,
WfHrrn CnnMlit Hjia 190.000,000
irrrfi of *nibl* lnnd not under cultJ
vntlon, an rompai*d with 36,000,000
thnt nro tilled.
How Nuxated Iron
Feeds The Blood
Helps Restore Wasted Tissues and Give Increased
Strength, Power and Endurance
"Without Iron there ran hp no ulrong, «tur<ly mm, or healthy, rosy
cheeked women," way* Dr. Ferdinand Klrm. N>w York Physlrlan and
Medical Author. Iron Is red l>lood THK TKHT THAT TKIJ.S—
food, and when the Iron In your ■
hlood runs low your red blood If mu «r« not aur. of your
i i , n ||| lnna «».„ condition. go to your doctor ,
rorpu-Irs dlr by millions. thr snd l,s>n htm tsks your I I
utr* fifth goen from your body, thfc count an.! nee wlhw you atand
color from vour fa«' r thnt mirror or ei*c nuke t!»** following teat
i# i . .... ( ,ru i,f*ion yourself: how long you ran
~f yourself -ind your every action „k w ho« fir »o« na nlk
layk* In pownr. without becoming tired n**t
take two five rru!n tahleta of
Ntiialod Iron three timet per
Actual Mood teata «how fhat a tremen- after meal* for weeka.
do it nl v large number of people who ara Then teet your etrrngth mk .In
i« • »,i nill i and how tnurh you ha?a
weak and 111 lack Iron In their Mood. gained
and that they ajo 111 for no other reaaon —_
than lark of Iron. Iron deficiency par- fty enriching the Mood and creating
h-.Hhy. forcful a.ilon. pull. ".I blood "11.. iron
. atrengthena the nervea. rehullda the
down tha whola organlam and weaken* wr-k , niM j tleauea and helpa to limtlll rr
tha entire ayetetn. A pale face, a nervous, n«we<l energy and power Into the whole
trrltal'l* riLiwsitlon. » lark of strength system
• in, _ 1 nllke the older Inorganic Iron prod
and endurance and tha Inability to copa or|> N(|Jll|(rd , r „ n „ Ha ,, y aaalinllatad.
with tha atrong, vlgomua folka In tha <joe« not Injure the teeth. maka them
rare of life -three ara tha sort of warn- black nor ui»«*-t tha atomach The manu
. .... v.*..-. .i val 111* farturera guarantee aumraaful and en
lug I. tl»t Nature «lv.» when th. f)rp|y lnry ruu | U to rv , ry pur
blood la getting thin, pale, watery and «haar>r or they will refund your inun»|,
lltat all* atarvlng for want of iron. It im dlepenaed by all guod druggist*
Optometrist* Hold
Short Session
With a short business session and
* talk by Dr. M B. Ketchum, Los
Angeles. the second <lay of the
Western Congress of Optometry
opened In the Chamber of Commerce
Tuesday. The talk, which waa on
"Htrahismua: Ita Cause* and Condi
tion*." waa followed by a cllplc.
Dr. DeKeyser will speak on the
"Anatomy of the Eye," while I>r.
f'harlcs Shcard. Cambridge. Mass.,
will lecture on "Dynamic Kklametry
and Dynamic Test*," at the evening
session, which will start at 7:30
o'clock. The aeanlona will cloac
$500,000 Will Be
Spent in Alaska
Morf thnn $500,000 will be f»l>ont
on Improving Alaaka highway*. Col.
Jame* (i Rtcom, Alaska
mil rand rommliwlon. hn» announced
Colonel Htera®, a Seattle visitor, la
en route North-
Music Teachers
of State Meet
Music teachers of the state nmorn
hied Tuesday at Me.my hull on the
t'nlvorxlty of Washington campus
for the fifth annual convention of
the Washington Suite Muhlc Teach
ers' association. J'resklent Henry
Muxzallo welcomed the visitors.
At the signing of the armistice,
there were 11,000,000 yarda of army
ordnance silk, popularly known a<v
cartridge cloth. In the |K>Hses»lon of
the ordnance department.
PadiUa Bay Lands
Skagit County Garden Lands, 8 miles
west of Mount Vernon, the county seat, ad
joining the famous La Conner flats—>no bet
ter lands in the world—and we are offering
this land, free from stumps or stones, for
only $lO per acre in tracts 15 acres or more.
You must see these lands. You cannot afford
to miss petting some of them. Only a lim
ited number of tracts left—if you delay you
will be too late. Then we will be sorry and
so will you.
Auto excursions to this land June 30th,
July Ist, 2nd, 3d, 4th, sth and 6th, leaving
our office at Ba. m. Call and make arrange
ments to go. Write or wire for seats in
machines for the day best suited to your con
You will never have another chance to buy
pood land at this cheap price.
Open evenings.
Come —let's go to Padilla Bay.
Soft Drink Shop It
Raided; 3 Arrested
Federal prohibition officers raided
the Flora soft drink manufacturing
place late Monday afternoon and ar
rested P. Maanne, hi* wife, May, and
J. Giordano following the discovery
of a still In operation. A half gallon
of moonshine and four barrel* of
mash were found.
Th« I/ondon Daily E*prea* Is of
ferlng a prljie of $50,000 to aviators
making a flight from Great Britain
to India and back.
funeral SERVICES for Robert
B. Mark, secretary of the Mark Mo
tor Co.. who died Sunday, were held
Monday at 4 p. m. from Butter
worth's.- The body waa shipped to
••Toney." and M OI«"
•DADDY KO. 2**
Nlirht* (Sunday). 40c: Mats, (ex
cept Monday). 27c. Indies' Mats.
(fxcrpt Sundays)* 13c.
Mat*.. : 3P. Nlghm, 71T. and SIS
I. O R W * * ■mmbmhhb
Direction of Ackerman & Harris
CSlrla. Twirl# and Melody
Feature Photoplay:
I'.mniT Wehlrn In
Greene snd Parker; Palo and
Palct; Anita, Pin* Monkeys; Nov
elty Clintons.
TWICE 1»A1LY—2i.10.8I1I
Mat.*.. ":3<T Xightn. 7 and S.
Kiew Plßflng
oni v a
Alice Manning: Hriarre and Kin*;
Coaklev and Punlevy; Manning
and Lee; Pennon and Clifton.
Greatest Comedy Hit
Kvea M ROc to $2.00. Mat. Wed.. BOc
to >l.OO. Mat. Sat„ 50c to >1.60.
jrtrth-lMne JEIHM »_
This Week—Mats. Wed, Hat.
A Farcical Mm«w«
In Three Aria
Bvea. Slo to 11.00. Mate, ITe te
ißc - ■

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