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3TTST. ?»,
Pre-Inventory Furniture Sale
RIDICULOUSLY tow pricos have been made on all odds and ends, broken
suites and discontinued lines which have accumulated during the first
six months' selling of 1920. Hotel and apartment house owners should take
I advantage of this sale and supply their needs at prices away below the preaent-
I day market Home owners will find many very advantageous offerings, also.
| Look at These Special Sale Prices
| $55 #8 Mahocany Library Table. *v*>'l*'93B.OO $lO «0 flolden KitenMon Tabla,
I II? 10 K-umrd 0«k IJbrary Tabla, »p*clal 97.80 4J Inch. ipeclal at 912.00
•s« 00 Kumn) Oak Puofold. .pe.lal 9&7.80 ' SSCO **»<"»•* °« k Huffet. Brutal 980.00
I »:ss no Mahogany J piece Livlnr room $«0 00 OoMen i>ak Buffet, upeolal 9-17.80
Suite at aiTT.SO I*:. 00 Kxtanalon Table. uprcial 908.00
(33 00 Mahogany Tapestry Rocker. *paolal lit 50 lUri'ii-eya Chiffonier, apaclal... 937.80
" WT.OO |st OO I>r»a»lnf Tabla. apaetal 13T.50
SI 25 00 Ta pee try Chalra. tpeclaj. 99ft.00 sj|« so Walnut Chiffonier. »pe. lal a«IO.QO
110*00 Tapeetry Chatra. uperiiU 97J1.80 tli M Ivory ctilßtonler, npeotal fftO.OO
$34 00 Fiber Chairs, epeclal. 9-7.R0 JIT !R Kutl Rise fled*. Vernla Martin. Ivory
$45 00 Ree<l Chair, apart*!............. 9&7.&0 and Knamel. special 911.80
*4 off on all Tea Wajrona. SSS SO Kull Si»e Ivory tied, apevlal..... 940.00
Special prtrea on Hraaa Be>la < Prtoew on ltorkera cut •ImMt &0 per rent.
All Piano and Table Lamps 1/3 Off
This includes all the lamps in stock. Mahog- ___________
any and metal table lamps and piano lamps.
Extra Special Extra Special
$115.00 Turkish Chair, upholstered in 3-piece Living-room Suite of nuihog
genuine leather of finest quality. \ erv upholstered in fine quality blue
large and comfortable. Only one at the
:r" prict $60.00 ZZT'.T. . 590.00
♦160.00 Turkish Rocker, upholstering $86.50 Beautiful Walnut Bed. full size,
to match chair; very finest quality _ ... . .
582.50 $45.00
Sold on Easy Credit Terms
hiwKtl Wiiaiai Cli ■■>■■■ hiiiHai r«. Xwm,
Where Pike Meets Fifth
Asttna Safferers
If yon are an*, and har* b*«n
unable to ir»t p»rm*nni( re
lief. writ* to Mr W J Kn«-
lar for (be preaeriptton which
be took He for
)r*»n with • moil terrible caae
and i* ni» a n»w man. No
matter what mi or age, rou
can probably ba benefited the
earn* a* he and oth»r« ha«-e
b»»n by hi* wonderful now
formula. Addraas
W. t. ROMLm.
"• ** *»a ». iNNIf, Weak.
Oxfords y Pumps
Silk . Hosiery a^O
At Baxter's
Semi-Annual Clearance Sale
Pumps ~Oxfords
Dun KJd. Patent and Haßn; l«ul* <3i Ltl\ Wtilli Kid. I»uU Heel Oxford*:
heel; *urji maJcea aa Baker"* and LffICfCDV hljheat rrade *hoe« made; all *lze*
_ , _ ~ r, and $16.00; now... 97.55, 98.AS
Pumps In White and Black Kid. The Van Ra&lte
Patent. Gray and Brown Buck, one other famOUS Black. Whlfe and color* In Kid and
and two-eyelet tie* and tonrua »f- maltpn it Cm " Oxforda, Military and txiula
feet* *old regularly at $12.00 to heel*, were 19 00 to $15.00, all high
$l6 00. now OnO / n K"" s ®
•r.85 $8.85 urr 96.85, $7.85, f8.85,
•9.85 •10.85 50.85, 910.85
Pumps and Oxfords y $2.85 y $3.85 y $4.85 y $5.85
Broken Lines on the Rack
Broken line White Keignekhi £9 QC White KJd and Relim*kli» Ox- A QC
Oxford* W>oO forda S4iOU
White Buck and Retgnxkln Ox. QC Broken TJne* Good Pumjm and fcC QC
ford* or Colored Kid Pump* VwiOw Oxford* «J)0.O«5
di f s ' I MEN'S SHOES C7O C I D T , en
White \ V-'A These are hitfh-srrade IAtICS
n;„ .r, \ shoes that sold at $l2 to . •
DIUCK, \ 115. Complete lines that 1 Cfl/ltl-
Colors I L 80ld ®t $l2 to $i 6, now levers
$6.85 to I *l' 85 t0 s 6 ' Bs to
$12.85 $11.85 $12.85
"Tall Youth With
Pale Face" Attacks
Ao ooknowo acsaltan!. preounv
iN» a drum addict. pouoo«d upon J.
C. Nuh. 1407 Sid »v*. a* N'ajih nu
uoaalng o rara&t lot at IJd *v«. and
E fnlon it, about 11 e'dcx-k Iwt
nlftit and oil bat otw|>owr>d Him.
N*»h b«ot (lira off. aftw tho other
moo hod dr«car«d him half ocroo*
the lot. Th« uatXuit la d*«fit>rd
oa b*ln« o toll youth with pal' foe*.
Eight thou»and MrnnoniU* now In
Western C anada arc *c«klnc home*
In Miaalmppt.
Three of His Wive»
Put in Good Word
LOMDCO*. S» All CJ«onr»
TL "wlvco" *pok* w«ll <jf
him In court h»r* on o ch«rt« of
higomjr. Mrace had thr»a living
and dim d*aJ U<v« ha* ■'vent!
war decorations. >l* la held (or
The prmldNil of rubo nliinitrt
lh« pr»»*nt tunr crop sbortaf* on
ihat at >00.900 ion*.
lyt ■ cat at Boldt coxy box** for
the who!* family —Advertisement.
Appropriated tI.AIHI lo purrhaat. animate of leml to wipe oul Uie prwlifer
oii* rar»lg.
Ilefirrnil lo the flrwinre committer a minmt from t lty Comptroller Harry
Carroll for 1.1,000 to ( lir* U iianm on llik Jllitry prlitinu filed la*l I rtilat
Authorl/r<| r.prmllltiriw of |:ioii,lH| for Halarlr* ami nagra. aial
for malrrlalu anil auppllra fur the muuklpul railway ayalrm lor IJir month
of July.
Adnple«l revolullonii fur Improving Hie following »lrret», aHlliig July I#
at J o'l lm lt aa Uio Utile for puhlli hearing I on»lrurtlon of a Irunh aewer
and «uh aewrra on Kant Marginal way from I- Indlay at. lo li.wmhi xt. and
adjacent alreet*; (railing and paying W .Villi >l. from llili ave. \V. lo
:4th ave. N. \V., and Shllaholr ave. from JIUi ave N. W. I«i lllh ave. V W.
Itrfrrri'd lo Ihe utllltlea and flnanre rommlllee an ordinance providing
for a lfl< ml fare on the bun lliir* opri*inl by the rlly, wlUi Uie privilege
of ln» traiiKfrra to anil from the miiiili Ipal rar |liim.
tirantril a llretiar l<> the Sealtlr I'ark to. to conduct an aniuarment ri»
»ort at I.una (uirk for one year.
Approved paving of l;rpi<hlU'*u at. front Wr»tlaJ»e ave. N. In llroa<l
Krtcrri-d to the publn Mfrli committer an ordlnanre auggratnl by I'hfllp
| Tworoger retiulrlng aiitoiiiobllra to be rqulpprd wUti .ixwal regulaUng dr.
j ilrm.
1-• * •
City mum-It fane Monday after
noon wltne**cd Uie Introduction of
an ordinance having to do with auto
buaae* operated by th municipal
Momlay-'a ordinance provided for
10-oaiit fared for tiua-rldero with frec
trunafer ptlvllegea to the muny oar
i'ei lodlrallv the rttv fnthere legl*
late on matter* concerned with the
auto blieaei Thie. d capita the fart
that the rlty legal aharka have band
ad down opinion* to Uie effect that
the city haa no power to o;>«rate
auto btiaaea.
, Of murae, thla horrible far* la
never alluded to. It la on the blind
■id* of Mia city council, and It can't
be am>n.
Hut Juet Imagln* what an awful
hollar would rlne from the InglMla
tlva rhamher If the Jitney* wer« be
log run "agin the law"' •
It maW<■* a lot of difference, antna
tltuca, whuae tooth la being pulled.
• * *
And now r».m>" Philip Tworoger
with annther ordinance f.>r regulat
ing the apeed of the apard manlaoa
lie would have a governor on every
car which would automatically rut
tha awltrh when the machine was
•*> ruling !0 mllea per hour.
for, aaya Mr. Tworoger, thera la
an average of three had auto acci
dent* In Heattle avory day; nor*
than it) per cent of the accident* re
■utt In one or mora death*, and alnce
Want Wild West Show at
Chehalis Tame
Pellttona aeoklng to prevent bull
dogging. iiwr roping and bronco
huatlng at lb* Wild Wm| ahow at
Chfhalla nrit month were being cir
culated here lixUy by tha Jack
Loodon club. an organisation ot*
poeod to cruelty to amma!a
Th* petition* partlc ulnr!jr ©h)ect
to child rrx) of the mat* In4u*trl*l
*'houl a( Oi*h%JU» betr.* allowed to
view the efoertarle. It I* under
stood the »how management ha* ad
vertieed tliat the«e children wIU be
fUNIi of the *tx>w f>»r one day.
Mn Han ford Bertrand Hlnaby
of th* club, aald cup
f the petition be »ent to CJov
Uuli F lyrt. H I. fnrr, •K-rrlnrv
■ f lli* «ta" human* bureau. and to
th* mayor of Chrhalla.
Among th* *!gner* are: Al*xan
d*r M)m. Mary K Myer*. A A
Sutherland, May Munirvltti, U. C
MrGllvra, John Arthur, Mr* 7m
mora C Cauffman. 11. B Pear or
lm>l F Warren J W Welborn and
Ivdward J. Fuller
Hen. Elbert D. Weed, of o*htc"*h.
Wl«. crand worthy president df th«*
f*>aternAl Order of Km glee, will ar
rive In Brittle Tu«a<lay on it %i*lt
to the subordinate hod lea of the or
der In the Northwest.
Mr Weed waa pre»ent at the
Washington atate aerie *ee*lon of the
order In Vancouver on June SI and
24. and wa* In Portland during the
Roae Featlval, and the guest of the
Portland Fnglea. *
I On Mundajr he vlnlted the ICaitlee
at Hnqulam. On Tueeday, June 28,
he will be the irueat of the lodir* at
Kverett, on Wednesday he pay* an
official vlalt at Hn«homl*h; Thtira
day, July 1, he will be In Ttuoma,
and on Friday. July 2. he will vl*u
Heattle aerie. No. 1, the "mother
aerie" of the «rder.
We will sell Bicycles from the Piper & Taft
stock, practically brand new, for
*26 85 «"> *32 65
. Sold always for $65, $7O and $75.
301 East Pine Elliott 997
• .
January 1. mom flnittlr realdente
h*v* Imii killed by nuto arrident*
tIWD wera killed during the entire
••• • •
Morlturl fl»luUmun, or wr>rd« to
th.it effort The pemifcrou* earwig
l« fated .to go Full of imfniif of
lead. furnl*ti*d by the board of pub
lie work*, he will turn up hi* hun
dred toe* and die the death. A ram
I'HlKh waged by realdenf* of Queen
Anne hill, ha* renulled In an appro
priation of 11,100 to wipe out the
■hrubbery-lovlng Ineect.
600 Overblouaet
Below Cost
Walrh for Thuratla} '• Ad.
107 like Htraet
Prtc Arid rauar. mora •uffurlng
and diaeaji* than anything el** with
which the human fleah ha* to con
land. I'rartirally no one In thl* ag*
of fa*t living. ln»iifTr»*nt etwHia
and ovetwatlng I* eiempt frt>m t'rlc
Arid aa«-retlon* In ona or mor* of It*
terrible symptoma
lUieumatlam. Itaadaetva,
■ta. Uver Trouble*. F*rment*tlon 1*
th* Itowrl* and Htomarh. Brlghfa
IHaeaar. Heart I)lw«aa*, l*oor Otrcu
latlon. Kidney and liladdrr Troo*
blea. Bl«»ple«inea*, Nervounnaa*.
»lr, are aotne of the mor* romtnon
allmenta artalng from an agcoaa of
t'rte Add In the
The Kidnaya are th« naKnml filter*
of the blood. and whti th»T ara Ofmr
vnrfcM and ran not property carry
oft tha polaona, t>i» «*r«sM polaon
(T'tir A<ld> M aba<»rt»"d tn»o Uia «y»
t*m and In time crywtatltw*
Wi«n this t'rtc Acid HU'li «b*
inuarlaa betwxn tha )o»nla and thara
U no iba condition la known
Wh«n It la depoalted IB 'ha flbroua
Uaauaa «rtirroundlng the )otma and
caiiMa Inflammation. fraal paJn and
•we'.Ung. changing frotn on• )olnt ta
lt Is ratlfd LAMMA
pnaiadty aftacka tha narraa ot U»a
Join (a. lamlnf a* vara pain. thong*
with linia or no irwalllnit It !• knows
ftctatlna. Ootrt. and
kindred d.w*~w aee all reeulta from
the Mm* mu> -an *«rr«ei of llrtc
Add. brought *bo<it by an impairs
artkm of th* Kidney*.
Oet ii<l of th* r-avj*»~ 0>» organ*
can not properly fulfill thetr norma)
function* until thia condition I* rem
edied r>o not doe* youreelf with
Khcumatlam Orrca and Kidney Medi
cine* aa no permanent relief will b*
experienced until th* I "rlc
And I* removed and th* Kldneya
aaaume th*-# natural action.
llur-hu and Marah mallow Com
pound la tha 11*ate*t t'rtc Acid aol
v»nt mad* It la not a patent inedl
do*, but the reeult of the aorumu
latad knowledge of experienced cJiem
bit* and aev*r»l thouaand phyaloUna
all frrer th* country. W* ha** man
ufactured thl* remedy for 11 year*,
and th* marveloua reunite obtained
warrant our cjalm that It la th# boat
remedy ever compounded for thla
purpoee One bottl* often reatoree
the Kidney* and Hladdar to their
normal health and strength. Rven In
th* mo*t aggravated caaea or thone
of long *tandlng. the Improvement
ahonn after Uklng th* flrat bottle
ahould be ao marked that th* treat
ment ahould no longer be eonaldered
an experiment.
Sold by good
every place or sent, post
paid, by Joyner Drug Co.,
Spokane, Wash., on re
ceipt of. price, $l.OO and
$2.00 bottles.
Smart 4th of July Apparel
is made a .spocial feature of this week's displays throughout the store,
and presents for your inspection ready-to-wear garments of the latest
vogue for strt-et, outing and sports wear, together with such accesso
ries as are important to the completion of correct summer dress.
The Rhodes Co.
Black Trimmed Hats
Costume Velvet Jackets Sr t!^ l if' 9 ' s

A j /hiA nr r°n * Fourth of July FaJa
At T\lm r the Millinery Section hag
L tp A. kJ a I Kj taken from regular atoclc on*
hundred Mat*. Including dark
Kmnnd Muiir light ehade* a* well a*
A SPECIAL purchase of . r'l wh,t * Th,! ««*■
.... m . Mik&&2 pri««©« lar** tailor* an<l small
IK Black \ Civet Jack- "VPV|r» turban*. *uitM In *tyl% and
ets has arrived in time to } + ' trimming for outing and «tr*et
f. wear, over Sunday and Mob*
offer our customers an PL day, and other m miner daya.
unusual value in smart fi hi F ' J " n * r ! 1 ), fA ,7 5 ?: n s !?°°
_ , , j'\ At an < J *l2 5® Cholcg while they
rourth of July apparel. /j j Uu,t, at 93.05.
The example sketched pic- //J Yvi I w«rh Mat* for th* Fourth at
turcs the attractiveness of \ \ j 7B *' ® s * * rd • 1 - a5 -
_ , - . , \ Nil J ~ J Hport Hat* at 92.05,93.95
Tuxedo front, the two \fTf? '■'ffi *»•<> u p "> 9f.so.
novelty pockets finished / |"~7 . . .
with narrow silk braid and C-l jiij I'«
the patent leather belt. .Jj |;s .j ;;i SIIK GrlOVeS
The fancy silk lininjr adds ;!l '-M / fi,*,
the touch of dainty com- , ,JP ! | \
, . ... .. " f IjS T | \ H-button lergth In blark and
pleteness to this other- S I \ j- A • white, at 92-25 and 93.00 a
wise'charming black velvet J} > * f |,aJr
jacket (-Mooter L 1, \l Twaei»* P sim ok.ve« m
) ca 1 111 \ blaek. white and oolora, 901-
Sizes 16 to 42. (—t—L^Llik—^-I—_J to fa . so a
White Silk Hose, $1.25 to $2.85 a pair—Main Floor, Rear.
5 L
Men's Shirts Choice at $2.45
Main Floor
WE are confident of this: That if you inspect this special purchase you will
buy one or more, as the values are more apparent when 6een than by the
written word. They are designed in coat style, with French cuffs, of fine per
cales, madras and corded fabrics, in a wide ranjre of fancy and plain stripee.
Sizes 14 to 171/4, but not each si/e in every stripe or color. While they last,
choice at 92.45.
ItrlUMi war loaim to alllffd rourv
tries to t a led »«.300<>0»«.00#, cxrhislve
i>t additional advance* mad* by
Urewt Hrltaln for pout war reoStv
15c 15c 15c 15c 15c
15c I—————— 15c
15c A 15c
loc Fine Lunch
15c With *sc
15c BEST |sc
}* COFFEE \t
™ and Real
15c Cream 15c
15c _ 15c
15c HOYt'S 15c
15c m p,kr M ith 15c
- _ We Ne*«r CJcm ,
15c ____J 15c
15c 15c 15c 15c 15c
Don't Spoil Your Hair
by Washing It
When you wa*h your haJr. he care
fill what you uae. Mont aoapa and
I.re pared *h tun poo* contain too much
alkali, which I* very Injurious, a* It
drle* tho acaJp and make* the hair
The beet thin* to iwe la Mulalficd
rrw ountit oil ehampoo. for thl* I* pure
and entirely grc«u«ele*a. It'a very
cheap and beat* anythlns elae all to
plcc«-a You can net thla at any
dniK atore and a few ouncee will
laef the whole family for month*.
Slmplv mol*tcn the hair with
water and rub it in. about a teaapoon
ful I* all that la required. It make*
an abundance of rich, creamy
lather, cleanse* thoroughly, and
rbisee out easily. The hair drle*
quickly and evenly, and la *oft, fresh
looking, bright, fluffy, wavy and
eaay to handle Healdee. It looaena
and take* nut of dust,
dirt and dandruff.
You will enjoy
refreshing relief
and comfort after
an application of
ml Bmt-tm)
trw*. Lmw^ac*.,n.y«
nn»mwi Ir f \a^sJF OP,M
Tfttntnm— occp
•"° oT
n.AT cn»N-'nwtATiN®
i Cal-o-dile positively |lvm quick relief
, and lasting rciulu It penetrate* the
. pore* and remove* the cauae. (Plaiter*
•• In aach package for Stubborn Corns)
All dnif More*. JSc M«fcoC* tartoa.otMo
. Display* of fireworks tn the even
In k and 4*rial stunts In the mom
ln» hare been to the i<rofrr»m
for Seattle'* community celebration
of the Fourth of July, according to
H. C. Pu'ler, executive secretary of
Ms/or Oild well's committee which
wiH have charge of the affair. •
The fireworks will prohoMy be
Civ»>n in Woodland park, where the
afternoon prtiprara is to be held.
I/val aerial acrobats will "stunt"
their planes over the downtown dis
trict during the morning parade,
according to present arrangements.
Wednesday we are going to offer a large factory
shipment of odds and ends of dinnerware at prices
tliat mean a biff saving. You will find a good assort
ment to choose from in both plain white semi-porce
lain and decorated patterns.
Special at 15*, 25*, 35* and 50*
Fancy Decorated Covered Dishes,
$3.50 Willow Laundry Baskets
Special at 52.49
These are imported willow
clothes baskets, made of select «| V
grade willow, strongly woven;
special $2.40
Automobile Luggage Carrier
Special $4.49
This is an adjustable luggage carrier that can be
attached to any running board in a lew minutes.
Special at 94.49
40c Adjustable Window mm||
Screens at 25c Ir
Special for Wednesday—Conti
nental adjustable window screens, K
size 9 inches high, extend to 38 E
inches. These screens are made of
select material and are.well con
structed; special 25* HHHIBUHP
'l.'. IMS
What Was in
the Chest
Buried by \
Captain Kidd
on Cape Co<:
And Find Oat
at the

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