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f AGE 3
i ] four days more of Seattle's
J most talked of sale event!
I ~—the success of this great sale is reflected in the remarkable
I results of the last week, the extreme reductions throughout
I the store show our determination to make this JULY SALE
I produce greater results to you and to us.
LJi~•'l'oiir Credit It Good" at these reduced JULY SALE prices!
[I bedroom furniture, like all other
■ home-furnishings, JULY SALE priced
U at reductions that are nothing
I short of remarkable—FOß EXAMPLE
I this Louis XVI bedroom suite
reduced from $360 to
—-foar-piece Period suite in beautifully matched American walnut The ornate de
sign for this suite was faithfully copied from ancient original*, and worked
wit in American walnut with beautifully matched wains. The bow end l>ed is
very attractive, while dresser, chifforole and vanity dresser are large and pro
vided with ample drawer space. All mirrors are large and of excellent quality.
The four pieces are ornamented with carved design and scroll mouldings. For
the four remaining days of this JULY SALE the price is reduced from $360 —
to HSO-
9 Standarwi^mmiitnrcCa
morris Hart, postmaster of I'ort
Gam hi*, who <l|ed Ust Saturday. will
be bald at 2JO o'clock Wednesday
afternoon at the (ieor**to*n under
taking establishment.
P«ot Dept. Treasurer of Woman's Relief Corps of Washing
ton and Alaska
Mm 4 W Dr. iMtkiVi Ovn», and aavtirra friends and relallrfs that
all true* of RhranMtk Fain and HUffneaa have dluHipeared. Mr*
RMn roldm at KirkUod, Wvh. K'wl ber Mter hejow:
For about four years I have suf
fered continuously from Rheuma
tism, and a few day* ago I was right
down on my hark with terrible pain
1 called Dr. Leughney.
Hs aent his car after me. I had to
be aeslstert Into the ear.
I was enrolled for treatments. I
eaperienoed a most wonderful relief
from the first bake.
I bave taken but a few bakes to
date—l am entirely free from pain
and stiffness. The numbness that
was continually in my hands and
feet disappeared after the first two
bake*. | can do all of my hnus"
work sliu-e then without the slight
est discomfort I have not Mt so
well for many, many years. I will
continue with the bakes further. In
the thought that If a tittle la so food.
Bore is better, and I believe my good
results will te permanent then.
A treatment so wonderful should
be generally known, so I volun
tarily give Dr. Loughney this letter
of Indorsement, with my permission
to publish it. and In the hope that
others afflicted as I wae will be In
duced to take the treatment and
have Dr. Lough ney correct their diet
as he did tnlne
Residence —Klrkiand, Wash.
Ju*t thirty-five minutes' ride from
the b&ri of Bant tie. Take ferry at
M*4taon park to Klrkiand, Wash..
•04 walk three blocks to right, or
phone Red 122. and auto wUI Oie«t
NEWLY BISECTED offi<»r« will!
be Installed by Haattta lodge. No. 10,
Knlghta of Pythias. at tha new Ca»
tl« hall. Third av», and Virginia it .
Wednesday evening
Dr. Loughney's hours nt his Kirk
land Sanitarium are t p. m. to 8 p m.
dally, Sundays Included.
Chronic arthritis, neuritis and kin
dred invalid cases especially solicited.
La/1 y nurses in attendance.
Seattle Office Hours—Dr. Lough
ney can bo seen personally dally
from I >. D). lo 12:30 p. m , at the
Hotel Congress, corner fourth ave
aue and Marlon at.. Seattle, Wash.
Have Dr. Loughney make a pains
taking diagnosis of your casa.
Deputies Arrest Him as a
• Booze Dealer
Kin* county deputy sherfff«
swooped down on an old offender In
tha bootlegging line In Renton Hat
urday, and were ao successful thai
Mike Tompkins. of the Tompkins
pool room, in that city. Is reeling.
Tuesday, In th« county jail, awaiting
Mike fell foul of federal officers. It
14 said, some weeks ago, and, after
paying a fine, declared he would
soon be at the "old game again/*
Deputies, under direction of Julius
Von 'iarste, dropped In on Mike lat'
Malfirday night and "shook down" a
patron. The patron Immediately de
clared Mike in on the deal whereby
he obtained ills bottle of moonshine
Burglars Escape
With Lavallier
\ Isvalllnr, set with a large pearl,
surrounded by six smaller diamonds
and other Jewelry, all valued at 1200.
was stolon from W. J. Hudd's home,
<l4OO lieacon ave., during his absence
since Hunduy.
Columbia Colo Is better. Adv.
Cut-Rate Optician
'•liiiff •tie* f#r r*t4l»ac w H»-
IdfiM hf rrgf»tr red # 1 £»A
AiM we Mil Kf7»(ok
tor Ims BMHiay
69-70 Pike Place Market
(Wear Carwattea Milk flMlh)
turbulent scrna. IIIn f*i« *n« tense
In one hand he irrtpix'il a walking
gtlck. Kor hours lis had bron flght-
Inir MrAdou's fight. Now tha lime
liml oomt for surrender
Itublnnon had to gavel repeatedly
before the din died down enough for
Anildon to make himself heard. and
tho fHlll cif tha long hattla of bal
|ota had pome In a cl«ar. ringing
voice Anildon made his formal mo
tion. that tha rulea I* suspehded and
• 'nl declared tha unanlinoua choice
of the ronvrntlon. It was iomi min
uted before the resultant demonstrw
tlon em>le«J sufficiently for Hnhlnenn
lo put tha queKtlon. Tha pit bafnro
the rnetrum waa Jammed wlih dls
hrveled men and women, the aurglng
mass bristling with atata standarda.
flaga and banner*, and welting up
from It a volume of nulaa that made
the air tremhla.
There was only a momentary
pause, long enough for a great shout
of ayes, then supPr-bedlam.
Park horse talk was rustling thru
the convention halt when the t'ei
drive that captured the nomination
developed. The plan had be«n to
give each of the thr%e leading can
didates. Tog. Mr A doo and Fainter, a
try for the nomination, and then
nimpromlM on a hark liorsa.
McAdoo led at the outset. but anon
waa |*uml by Con and when tha
Ohloan failed to go over, another
trial waa given McAdoo t<alu>. In
diana cava him all Ita votea save
una, but ha could not get wtthtn
reaching dlatanra ft tha prtaa Then
followed Palmer * ahow 1 yesterday
aftsi noon. It failed to develop dan
gerously to tha other randldataa, and
aftsr tha dinner recess thara waa no
aarloua effort to keep |t going
The outlook waa fur an indefinite
ointliiunc* of the deadlock. when
without warning Charles C. t'arlln.
Palmer's manager, appeared on the
platform and mad* the momentous
aunouni anient that 1 "aimer waa out
of |L
The first mrlliiii to thla during
the tints that the delegates were
mmtlng to decide what to do with
tha I'almer votsa- waa that It was
a clever strategic move, that Me
Adoo and Cox would conllnua bat
tering away at aaeh other without
gaining materially until Painter
would be * "ailed back as a oompio
mlaa oanJMtti-
Tha Georgia delegates. released.
went to M Adoo aUimiv. a a did lbs
bulk of tha Pennsylvania contingent
Put despite this, the solid steadfast
strength of Co* mads Itself fall and
It soon deve|pped that "M> Adoo was
on the run Cox had To votes tn
Near York. lowa solid, most of 1111-
nola. *ll of New Jersey and other im
portantb larks that had stood with
him thru most of the ballots With
Ihees as a nucleus, hs suwa begau U>
overshadow McAdoo
The latter * floor manager* sahort
«d their delegate* to "hold tha tlna"
But Oft'* coming victory was In ths
air. and McAdoo * ballots began drib
bling ovsr to him In ever Increasing
number*. ' TV.* Cox organization
helped thing* along with great detn
oitst rations at the announcement of
his gains at ths *nd of each ballot.
Their band paraded tha galleries,
mhleh were but partially filled, as
most of th* spaclatora had departed
a hen mldnlaht passed, and It looked
as If th* deadlock wrre permanent.
Chewing Cox d*legnlea mad* the
walla resound with their noise.
When 'lwrfU swung ovar to Co*,
bedlam prevailed. and when Pennsyl
vania delivered the bulk of l<a
sireng'h. abandoning M< Adoo. the
end «w In sight The voices of M<-
Adno men pleading w|tb their dele
gates to stand pat were drowned In
the swelling chorus of victory fiom
tha Ohioan a supportera. With every
shift from McAdoo to Cox tha noise
pressure w«a tremendous.
NlcAdoo's stalwai ta. who only a
few hours before had held a rally
and cworn to atand faat to tha last
ditch. flocked ovar to tha Co* ramp
In dnjves Aa a last desperate ex
pedient effort* were made by tha
McAdoo generals to adjourn the *••»-
Sinn until today, but they wore
bowled down, and tha atampede de
veloped a verl'ahle landslide that
swept all before It, and carried
"Jimmy" Co* Into the nomlnetton In
the wee ama' hours, whila most of
America slept.
e e e
Says Honor and Responsi
bility Conferred
DAYTON, Ohio, July Cktrer
nor James M. Co* today sent for
mal scewptanee of the democratic,
nomination for the presidency In
this telegmm to tha democratic pa
tlontl committee at Han Francisco:
"lion. J. T. HoMnson. chairman
demorrntlo nntloniU convention,
*Vn Krnnclst-O. CaL
'•l<et me thank you for your felici
tous message. I shall accept the
standard from the democracy of
America, conscious not only of lite
honor, but the great rMponslhlllty
conferred As Providence gives to
me of strength and vision my firm
resolve will be to Justify tl.e con
fidence which has been officially
"The shrine of government la In
the communities of the land, near
to the homes that have given ser
vice and sacrifice. To them we will
carry our cause, with the assur
ance that the faith shall be kept
and that Uie Institutions of a fi en
people are alwuys sufficient to the
needs of time. If they are held true
to thn policies which we pledge.
I'lease convey to Uie delegates of
the convention tny grateful ac
(Signed) "JAMTCS M. COX."
Three Injured in
Auto Collision
An autooiobile collision Monday at
Seventh ave. H and Jackson st„ re
sulted in the Injuries of A. It. Hat
ton. 1 <llO 19th ave.; J. A. Hsley, 4(117
I«tona ave., and 11. P. McQlothern.
91# 30th ave. s. McOlothnrn's Jit
ney collided with Haley's car, throw
tnjr the latter to the pavement. Ha
was treated at the City hospital
Fought Gamely But
Couldn't Stop Rush
lit II N l(l« M \
(fcnrmor M. < <>i. of Ohio,
ww nomlnalril (or |irwkl< nl by
llir dniiwralt nn t)w lllh liitilat
•I 1:30 TunMlity morning.
Tlm> |>r»i|ilp fought
g amply la llir la»l bill finally
uciil ilon-n In drfral uiwlcr a l»r
-rlblr pounding liy llir Cut lurim,
Kmirtcn taillota Imm 10 o'clmk
Monday tnornln* to t o'clock In tha
Kflortiuun failed to break tha dead
Ink wUich lielil lliu itmvunUuh aa in
a vIM.
Then from aherr •ihmmtlnn and
In the hop* tliitt during an adjourn
mrnt aoma aoiutlon of the pAblem
of how to get tha 771 votes for
Homrbody iihkM found. an ad
journment wu taken until IJO In
lit* evening Ourlng the fmirt ee n
tail lot* Ihr pendulum of favor awung
lauk and forth fruin I'll! to Ml A duo,
tha net advantage brill* with M<
Mi A duo «tartp«l tha day with >44 S
votaa and l'o« with 421. At 0 o'clock
adjournment McAdoo had lncreaa«-d
to itt and'< o* had fallen hark to
177. IVlmer got a auddpn boost Juat
before tlia adjournment and fiaiahed
with 341. hla liiggaet vota slur* the
Ulh ballot and wltblit 24 of bl* high
at any tlinn.
During tha adjournment. Palmar
anil hla l«*«d« ra funfwtnl and It waa
d<-t Idad that If. ilurlnir tha two
hiiltvta at Ike evening aaaatoo, ha
fell l*i°k. Hp would r< traaa all w hi*
delegiuea from any furtuar vt>M«a
lion lu him and l* rmtl them to «oU
for whom they pU-aa*d.
I Thla arinoun-winrnt waa mad'
a/tar tha ISlh hullol, tha aocood tnU
.lot of tha avpitlng aeaalona, and a ra
'■■eaa of 20 tninutaa waa taken U> give
tha UrAdoo and Co* managers a
<-lmnra to work on tha rtlwaail
I'nirnar drlagptro.
ON imi B AI.I4>T
I'urlng the Mth ha Hot. following
Oie rwHa. the air waa electric with
suppreaaed excitement. Would Me
Adoo or Col get the hulk of the
Palmer vote? Georgia s votes
went to McAdoo and tha VlcAdoo
de iogate* psntded and yelled for five
minute* The Mnanrhiiatfts Palmer
strength wmt to Co* and. led by
Henator Walah, the Man* • rhuaetta
tie legatee headed a Co* parade which
lasted 10 minute*.
The Pennsylvania delegates stuck
to I'almer an thla ballot, the net re
suit of the ballot being In Col s favor
Th* flguree were. M 'Adoe 440, Cos
4(1. and tha deadlock was tighter
than ever
On the 40th hafl"t tha Palmer vote
In Pennsylvania began to dlslnts
grata. MnAdoo got 44 of them and
Cos 14 the balance still voting for
I'almer tm tills ballot. McAdoo
gained ST, going to 4(7, and Cog
Rained 11%. going to 4*o. Da via got
"4 votes, his high, and Owaa was
etiU in with 11. With all but It of
the I'almer votas divided. Cog was
istill 221 short of the neemeary twee
third* and McAdoo 211 abort oa tha
j 40th ballot.
"llera is whera w* dig In and
stay." waa tha sentiment of both tha
M 'Adoo and Cos leaders at midnight,
as tha 41at ballot waa being taksn.
Cog gained and McAdoo lost slight
ly on tha 41at ballot and at 11:11
a. m_ a delegate from Oklahoma
moved to adjourn until 1# o'ciu«k
Tuiadav morning
The purpuae of tbla motlorf wu
obviously to ftv« the Owin pnpln a
th»»r» to ajl i ronf»ronm in<l try
to arrange to have Owes chosen tit*
dirk horse.
0»«n aml hlii delemtea (had Iwe-n
busy all day »n the tkw, ind in the
oorrtdora, trying to popular!*# the
Owen lijm, and he waa* probably aa
mu' h talked of an anyone eli* as ft
dark bora* poaalblllty,
Tha Co* delegittea ro<M araHiat
| adjournment, and the MrAdog d»l»
galea In tha main for It Tha Co*
people wimfd to l>e afraid that a
jtleal might b« mnd* to lln« up all
til* opposition delegates, either b«-
ihln.l McAdoo or aoma other admin la
tratlon ca.ndld.ita. Tha motion to ad
')" urn via defeated by a ma/gin of
about ZOO vutaa, atul at KJO the
clerk began culling the roll for tha
42nd ballot.
Tha convention had reaolved Itself
Into a run trat of physical endurance.
When (iaorgtu'a twenty.sight votna
were shifted front McAdoo to Co* on
the 42nd ballot, the Co* delegates all
over tha hall yelled Ilka Indian*
Then they began working Ilka tro
pins among thn McAdoo delegates
trying to follow up thetr advantage.
That they worked to good purpose
i HI
Humanologist and Vocational
3-Free Lectures-3
The Science of
How ta Read People
at Sight
July 6-7-B—B P. M.
Knight*' of Columbus
1401 Harvard Ave.
Clara Work—7 I<efmons
Beginning July L
wan shown by the result of tha bal
!>> ■€♦» (10, McAdOO 127.
Thi" put Cox within five votes of
• Majority. II wag Hi" hi*hint vota
polled by any candidate »ln>« Iha
txillotlnw began and It wiui freely pro
dlctwl ihut If li« fmld reach the ma
jority lila iiOmliiitllon befoio the
ronvi ntlon waa permitted to adjourn
wax extremity proluihle Cox got Ml*
vein* on ttiln ballgl, 13 mora tluin a
majority, und when Die vela wu un
noun end, Iha convention was in un
uproar McAdoo had dropped to 112
The Mi Adoo people, fighting every
foot of the way, again tried to get
nn nmciit but wcit howled
A* the roll call started for the 44th
ballot, word was paanad thai the en
tire 76 votes from I'eunsy IveiiUt
would go to Cog.
The** voles alone would not gtve
him the two thirds. but would put
him ao close that it practically as
sured his nomination. Tlte greatest
excitement prevailed as tlia roil was
called and stats after state allowed
gains for Cog.
Pennsylvania ,r*m« thru with O
out of 74 for Cos and II w«a all over
ImM the shouting There was plenty
of that when A. Min<l<>n of Kansas,
MH of Ihe floor leader* for Mi 'A don,
moved (hut the rule* bs suspended
and IJiat t'ov's nomination be made
by acclamation It hum, and the lid
«as off The convention then ad
journed urftll 12 o'clock Tuoixlay.
Is "Relieved and Delighted"
He Escaped
mm relieved and dHlifhti-d that the
nail did not com* to m«'." Mid Wil
liam O. McAdoo today when In
formed of the nomination of Gov
ernor Co* for tho prwrtdenry by the
democratic national convention.
M<A<loo aald he would withhold
any fur' In r comment until the con.
ventlon completed ita work.
Shortly l» fore l«>avln(r hla nHHWf
home h"-re for hla office. McAdoo
aekfd (Ike r«*p<>rt«ira to "aay UuU I
am grateful to my frlenda for their
aupiort "
McAdoo aent tha following tel<v
frnm today to Governor Co*:
"Hearty crmcratuln' !"!<« and U
aurancra of my cordial aupport."
Bryan Hat Little
to Say on Choice
an In ev«ry battle be waged In the
conventiaa. William J. Bryan today
had IllUe to say regarding ths selec
tion of Coventor Cos as ths party's
pr.wident *j nominee.
"I have already expreaaad my
views » n tha candidate and what he
stands for." said Bryan. "Repetition
is unneccaaarr at this time."
s s s
Cox Selection Was
Geographical Affair
OOI.VMIII**. C#ll«. July •—Hala
tion of OoTemor Co* u tb« dem
ocrattc national standard hearer
was a matter of geography, In the
opinion of Hurry M I>aughterty,
who successfully engineered lh»
nomination ram palm of Kenator
Hurting. Cox's riv«J for preaiduiUal
"The democratic national <*inwn
tlon being held in Han Knuiciac«
whs a sight seeing proposition."
Daugherty aald today, "and the
•ole question upon which the nom
ination turned finally was ona of
jeography. I am triad the two
nominees coma from our own
lb' >
■A "*e ' jfl
IX. L R (M
each morning between the
hours of 9 and 10:80.
No aost or obligation
We have a fine, brand
new X-Ray Machine which
we are placing at your dis
posal without charge be
tween the hours mentioned
Please come as early in
the morning as possible.
D>. U a CUrK Mimiw
Narthveat Ohwr Third Aims
and Union Street
■fccmittr Acreei the Rtral
(ran KM I'satsWlw
Utr »M"< tjrn Did a* Aa
President Expected to Make
BY llfCltllKKT W. WM KKR
a*auranc<* were (Iven lit the-White
Hoilee toiiuy that Prealdent Wllaon
pinna in take nn active part In the
■ impnign to el« I Gov, Cbi us hla
It »n« Indicated that If hla health
permit* the preiildent will m»ke aome
Mump ip»'fh»a for ttia Obluan anil
otherwlae will um all hla Influence |
an hend of Oia parly to win a demo
cratic Victory In November. An early
conference b»twwn Wil»<»n ami Co*
probably will be arranged. U wti
Allho Dioaa rlona to tha *dmlnl*
trallon several lima* during tha laal
week have Indicated that Cog would
not be un.i<x*ptable. there la llttla 1
doubt that lha Wllaon lieutenants fa
vored the nomination of VlcAdoo
Cox waa not tha ft rat eholna of vlr
tually all Ilia uabinet offlc«n at the
convention, and tha aame feeling h»a
pervaded lha White |I«UM Ctlllces
during lha voting.
Co* la considered here to ba a
warm admirer of the president and ,
haa been a I-eague of NaUona ad- |
voonle from lha Aral It I* believed
Cox a vlawa on thta lasue are fairly
well expreeaed by tha treaty plank
In lha piriform.
Hecrelary Alexander of the com
mart* department, *ho two week*
ago predt<i"l < ox would receive the
nomination, aald:
fo* will give Hardin* ft food
race. I believe he will carry Ohio hy
• tug margin. Thia shoal* Irurnre
tha sucreea of tha democratic party
nnd put the governor In the White
Recrelary Tinker pledged Co* hla
full support in * which
"Accept mr baartleat congratula
tion* and all the aupport 1 can five
in the campaign."
"Oovernor Cos will draw exten
sively from the liberal element of
the country and yet at the name time
he haa a reoord In Ohio for law ep
foroement." Senator Hitchcock. Ne
braska. former administration senate
leader and a "wet." aald when asked
about tha prohibition aspect of the
nomination. .
"It ia a very strong nomination,
and I believe the governor haa a j
iha nee of iwrrying many doubtful I
■latea pest November." he added.
Report Bolshevilci
Defeat Polish Force
LONDON. July «. Bolshevik
troope hsve defeated the Polish
foriie* along the entire front between
tne rivers Berealna and Prlpet, to
cording to a Moscow wireless (Us
patch today.
Mayor Fleet to
Saints' Rest
What's la a name? Mayor Hugh
M. Caldwell is spending a short vaca
tion at HaJntg* Heat, a summer reaort
on Discovery bay, directly across
from Vancouver island.
The Hands That Make It Painless
* 4V,''« I
% < ivl I
Health and Teeth
They are very closely related. We don't
hesitate to say sifter our long years of exper
ience that if you have bad teeth--decayed
teeth, unsightly and ill-shaped—or abscessed
teeth, sending their streams of deadly poisons
into your system 24 hours of the day—the
chances are very strong that you haven't
perfect health. In some cases bad teeth—
abscessed teeth especially—have been known
to cause very serious ailments, indeed.
You will find it is good business—indeed
it is good common sense, to have your teeth
examined by an expert dentist' occasionally.
And at this office you will find nothing
but expert dentists.
Furthermore, this office has a reputation
built up by many years of conscientious
service to the people of Seattle and vicinity.
You will get the "square deal" at this
We will be very glad to examine your
teeth thoroughly and give you expert* ad
vice regarding your dental needs without cost
or obligation to you. »
The Boston Dental Company
1422 Second Avenue
Opposite The Bon Marche
TrrcmAT, m.r i. in*. '
Cox Receives Presidential
fTjT.rMR'H, Ohio, Jnlr
"Plea*# accept my hearty congratu
lation* and cordial l<aat wliihu."
Thla wo I'rwldt-nt WllaoVa con
gratulation to 'lovarnor ''og, re
mtved »t tha gove i aur a office thla
Congratulatory telegram* from
prominent rt'mwr&tj tbruout tha
country began piling up at ttie gov
frnor'fi office early today. Head* of
ata'a delineation* at Hun Kraocl*ca
war* among the first to wire the gov
ernor to a*»ure him that their atataa
woiilil be In tha democratic column
Oil* full.
"It wae Georgia'* great pleaaura ta
utart tha ball rolling for your noraw
nation." read a marmira from tha
Georgia delegation. "and we hall yoa
endiuetlially now a* our great pre«V
Tlii Kh'>rt*»t ttl«rrwn mm* finm
lh« fovrrnor'M ttcrrl&rj, Cbartea
Morria, wfio waa' In Han Kran<-l»c®
at th<- ronv«nUoo. It r«»dL "CoUr
If rmulnUoua."
m m m ■
Ambassador Davis
Congratulates Cox
J/WDON. July American
AmtiMNWulor John W. r»avla today
cabled congratulation* to Oorernor
Jamea M. Co* of Ohio, on the lafc
trr"* nomination for president by
the democratic convention* at fWn
"You ran and win lead the demo
emtlc party to victory," Ixtvia aaid
In the cablegram. '
Cox Friendly to
Organized Labor
nor Junra M. Cox, democratic prwk
dential nominee, stands highly with
organised labor In Ohio, Beerata.iT
Frank Morruon. of the American
Federation of 1-abor, said today. Mor
i-twin refuiw-d to make any further
comment on Cox's nomination until
Samuel dumpers reaches Washing
Columbia Colo la better.—Adv.
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