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*T. TTT-T T. !»?#.
I Only SupfrfrAiuif l*ft«*turr» Arc shown llftv
I Toniffht. Thursday. Friday—Fii>t National's Hilarious
I Comedy Triumph—
I ■! 1
I m
i Constance 1
I - ... W T all ace on the
1 Chlldrsn lie Any Urar I'laying
I **l Uir \ou Sunday"
f Swift & Company's
| Profit
From all Sources
20 year average per dollar of tales 2%/
1919 profit per lb. of all products
1919 profit on invested capital 6%%
1919 profit from average family,
baying only Swift products - - $2.02
(/cm f/ian a nickel a week)
THESE figures show
the small effect that
packers' profits have on
either the price paid to the
producer or the price paid
by the consumer.
The packer is not responsible
for high prices.
Swift & Company "turned over" .
its invested capital (capital stock
and surplus) about six times in 1919.
This fact, coupled with our
large volume of business, made it
f possible to operate on a profit of
' 1% cents per dollar of sales.
Our books are audited by certi
fied public accountants.
We want the public fo know
[ and to understand our business.
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
Seattle Local Branch, 201-11 Jackson St.
J. L. Yocum, Manger
; BillßHttlHl lllliiillll
Does Cooperation Pay Farmer?
jyi jf.3f.jf. Y y
Paulhamus Will Say It Does!
W. H. Paulhamut, hrtd of thr Puyallup Valley fruit growers nrni his two yrantlchiUlrcn.
Ptiyallup spells ino|»milon, or at.
least Hint In that itrvrral thousand
berry and fruit irowrrt of the fa
tuous I'uynUup i alky, a meat Burt
cultural region at Tacoma's eastern
doorway, beiievn.
Wry recently the*# growers took
an afternoon off to cut a big fi
nancial melon. M re than IISI.OOO
In undiv Ided ptoflts were distributed
John B. Orton Treasurer
Wash . July 7
John 11. Orton
of Aberdeen, ts a
republican ca/idt
dute for the of
flea of slate
treasurer tirton
Is finishing his
fourth year e>
treasurer of
tlraya Harbor
John 11. Ortun
IT* l» a rraduat* "f iti» law A*
r>*rtm*nt ft the I'nlvprmty of Mkhl
ran and h*a b»-»n a r*«id»nt Of
Washington J 4 y*A.ri.
T A KIM A Ml»i Udhr V «>*t, of
and flew to Yftkima with PtW H .<1 < m
to r»tch It. but U>« train left before
thry got hw».
Japan Hm lh» {mint number nf
dlvoroaa «M-h yMir of all »h» mnlr>n»
of th« world, while Ihe blttttw
In iwronil
I (or Sjet-WfuUs
If your gums bleed you
have Pyorrhea. This dis
ease should be taken can
of at once, to insure good
For the next 30 days, wc
will give a liberal discount
on all Dental work.
All work guaranteed 15
608 Third Ave.
■PStajoooooo PEUCLL^Vi
■NHL umm it
Jj ß ON_i
mm j* m W%7 V "■* 'i"* l iinriH»Ti«M KlilM
If Ilir'lJli llluitilrn. It iwhm <k* <•■■■• mt«r«
(br i;airn I* knltk. !W UAVH* TItKATMIS*T
' V |2J» prr Ui. UfvrrlpHif bMk
iua-in COKPIRT. T>~a«. Wnk. »m Hto kr UruiMk
At the head of these growers. and I
a farmer himself, la W, 11. I'aul
' humus "I'aul," aa he la known In
the \alley and over the entlra North
. went from a small orgnnliallon In
' IMS "ITiul" has guided the destinies
of tha growers and with their help
l and loyalty has built up a co-opera
i tlvs business that Is now capitalised
at II '•<>» <>oo. and nil owned by thes>-
| farmers and their families. 1
Plan Memorial to
2nd Infantry Men
To organise a campaign to erect
a memorial In honor of the soldiers
of tha old Hectind Washington In
fantry who died during tha late
war. the National Guard association
will me*t at ft p m next Monday
at room *3. Arcade building plans
to make «He organisation permanent
will also he *akrn up at that time
About 10 soldiers of this unit met
death In war service and the as so
nation, mads up of parents of sol
dier* of that organisation, plan to
erect a status or tnonurnent at a
coat of about |lO,OOO It may be
located In Woodland park.
N II lUndall ami W. F Finn ley
are leaders In ths memorial cam
18 Seattle Boy*
May Go to Lakes
apptl' an'a for Ihf Seat
tle rerrutllns lUvlnton of Ut# navy
«4,J eligible for th« training
arhoot At the Great I .aken atauon.
*<eordinj| Ifl worl rtieltr>| by the
C*haml-»r of Corainffcf. The courae
wilt op*n Jul) IS. to continue »:*
Applicants Kftptfl mini
pay th-lr fnr» to the »chool. He
turn transportation. subatvtenre
during tha tnutw, and urlfirms
wilt be furnished by the fovcm
Hold Funeral for
Boy Who Drowned
Donald Cole, IS-year-old ton of
Vern A. Col*, of Chelsea, who wa*
drowned while on a fishing exrur
•ion near UlympL* la«t Sunday. wan
hurled Tuesday. Bervlcss were from
E. Ft. lluttsrworth A Son*' and In
buy w4* a high *<hool slu
dent. The accident was a result of
hla bout capulxlng und»r • In* boom
III" father was formerly sales man
*r»r of the Shlslds-Livengood Motor
Car company. He wa* a grand
nephew of I>eputy Sheriff W. W
Wettrick It Back
From Rate Parley
S J. Wettrick. attorney for the
transportation bureau of the ('ham
t>er of Commerce, haa returned
from Chicago, wher» he took part
In the hearing and arguments on
the graded went hound commodity
ratea a*ked by the Intermediate
|late a**oclatlon. The caw la now
under advisement, announcement of
the derision to be mnde later by
the Inlerauie commerce commls
nr • v
-dp* - *
jg* J39L'?j
Ilumanoloprist rind Vocational
3-Free Lectures-3
The Science of
How to Read People
at Sight
July 6-7-B—B P. M.
Knights of Columbus
1101 Harvard Ave.
Class Work—7 lessons
ItcirinninK July 9.
' The I'uyallup valley fruit and
herry uxruiiion probably Ukn
front rank with the few »uere»aful
no-operative aaitorlallona In tha Unit
ed Klatoa. for a *r«uit bualnma haa
>*-en built up and the grower* are
now eroding the product* In eana to
till the market* of the world. The
annual builnr«* controlled by the
•farmer* rtmx Into million* ea<h year
S. F. Police Say They Have
Dope Ring Leader
HAN KRANCmoO. July T Wong
Chung, a flashily dressed and dia
mond-bedecked Chinese, was taken
Into custody here todny. Twenty
cans of opium which state inspect
ors say they found In his posses
sion wers confiscated. The opium
Is valued at IMOO
The ln»|w-rlor* i»»«ert they have
evidence to th<iw that the prlaoner
ft'-nvl u a dlntrtbutinc tfriit for a
drug ring In California, Oregon,
Wajhlngtnn and Nevada. tl« had
a bo«k. they aaid, containing over
104 nam'* and addremes.
Horde* Flocking
to Mt. Rainier
Rwrifjji of tourist travel to llelnier
National pa* were broken during
the nine days ending July 4, accord
tn* to Information received by the
Chamber of C.anrnerra. iMrlng this
period >SO euro carried 8.075 people
to the park, as compared with 701
autoe and 1.0(4 pawnjters for the
corresponding period last year. la.M
Monday 101 cam entered the park
with J. 004 occupants. There is ample
gasoline available for travel In the
parlc. and no earn have been Mailed
because of empty tanks.
Bowman to Build
Luxurious Hotel
NEW YORK. July 7.—The erec
tlon of a S,OOO room hotel on the site
of the old Murray Mill hotel ha* been
announced by John MrlC. Howman,
the hotel man. The new hoi el will
be the moat luxurious In the world.
Mr. liowman alao Intend* to add an
addition of 1.000 room* to the Com
modore hotel, and thta will Increase
the capacity of the Pershing aqua re
Kroup of hotel* controlled by Mr.
Itowman and his associate* to 10.000
Can't Joyride With
Corpse in China
HONGKONG, July 7—Weird and
wonderful to behold »ri> tha traffic
law* her* "A driver shall not carry
a corpse in a public vehicle," say*
one new ordinance. That mean*
that each man Intending death shall
provide himself with a private
hearse, aay Rome. Then. It I* unlaw
ful to drlva a private automobile
bteween 1 a. m and 5 a. m. ex
cept to rush a patient to a
or to go for a doctor.
Autos and Accidents
Run Hand in Hand
NEW YOKK, July 7—Motor uc
cldent* are on an alnrmlng lnc«ca*e
here. In the first 2. r i day* of June
72 per*on* were killed In automo
bile accidepta while In the entire
month of June, 1919, only 67 were
killed. I>e*ptte this Increase, auto
mobile club official* In all part* of
the Cnlted Slate* aay that Increase*
»re proportional to the Increase In
Ihe number of vehicle*.
Girl, Age 9, Traps
Giant Wildcat
BANGOR. Me., July 7 —Louise
Smith, a 9 pear-old girl of Northeast
Cherry, Me., 1* the champion girl
huntress of the Pine Tree state, t'n
aided, she trapped a big wildcat In
the woods, clubbed him Into Insensi
bility and then carried him home on
her back.
Marine Syndicate
List Signing Up
Most of the signatures for the
"American Marine Insurance Syndi
cates" have been attached by the
eligible companies, according to an
announcement by Admiral W. S.
Menson, chairman of the shipping
board, which haa reached the Cham
ber of Commerce.
Easterners Seek
Fruit Lands Here
Many Inquiries nre reaching the
atiitc development bureau of the
t*haml>er of Commcnc fmnt Kaat
rrn residents who nre anxious to
Bern re fruit lunils In the I'uirei
Sound region, or Irrigated tract*
In the ugi kuII ural aoctlona of the
Satisfactory Terms Always
.OTTO F. FXOU. President,
If' ... ' ']
i. : V,'.<l ■{.:<>. ■ „ IV
The July
Furniture Sale
Reductions of Importance on High Grade Bedroom
MANY odd pieces and matched suites are included in the July Sale
at pricings of very material advantage.
Here are Dressers, Dressing Tables, Chifforobes, Chiffoniers, Twin
Beds and Metal Beds that are well constructed and beautifully finished.
Ivory Enameled Chifforobe... .$50.50
Ivory Enameled Chiffonier...s3-1.50
Large Mahogany Dresser.. .$125.00
I.arge Mahogany Chiffonier. .$08.50
Night Stand $21.50
American Walnut Dresser, Queen Anne
design, at $12.50
Mahogany Dresser in Queen Anne
design, at $59.50
Four-piece Walnut Bedroom Suite,
Queen Anne design $107.50
Ivory Enameled Dresser in Tudor
design, at $35.00
Walnut Dressing Table, in Queen
Anne design $43.25
In the Clearance
of Cretonnes

are still plenty of attractive patterns at
67c, 83c, 95c, $1.37, $1.45
and $2.15 the Yard
THESE are Cretonnes of conspicuous artistic merit and well-known
superior wearing qualities.
•* .
The aggregation of designs at six very special pricings set forth
above, embrace a goodly number of distinctive patterns and a satisfy
ing variety of correct colorings.
The savings are so important that it will be wise to make selections
at once.
Restore Holy Road
After 400 Years
I/)NTK>N. July 7. After a lapse of
nearly four centuries the Holy ltood
In Well* cathedral ha* been restored
to It* original position In the Invert
ed arches which support the central
tower. The cross wa* erected by
Hishop I.Ugar, who died in 1459. 11
disappeared during the reformation.
It ha* now been dedicated to the
memory of the men who fell in the
war. .
M. Hart, former postmaster at Port
• lambic, who died here last Satur
day, were held Wednesday afternoon
;it 2:SO at the Georgetown I'ndertak-
Ing company.
After you eat—always take
Instantly relieved Heartburn. Bloat
•d Getty Feeling. Stops food nouring,
repeating, and all stomach miseries.
AMa dilation ud apvMHa. Kaapi atomarh
ia«l and atront Inrraaaen Vitality and Pap
RATON IC it th.- haat rainady Taaa of thou
aanda wonderfully banafltad. Only coataa cant
or two a day to uaa it Poa*ti*aly guarantaad
to piaaaa or wa ytll rafuod aunty. Cat a ble
tea today. Yw will tee.
I Bartoll L>rus Ftoree— Five Itetall
Turns Over New Leaf
in Matrimonial Book
TOI'EKA. July 7.—Another Page
has been added to Topcka divorce
court records. W. E. Pago said his
wife didn't want him arotmd any
longer and that therefore he wanted
to start life again with a clean page,
with It showing May Crowl, her
former name, Instead of May Page.
Kidney Remedy for 40 Years
a Pronounced Success
When kidney diseases have been
successfully treated for a period of
more than forty years, It is reason
able to assume that the remedy
therefore must possess unusual
merit. Such Is the remarkable
record of Warner's Safe Kidney and
IJver Remedy. Without Its ability
to give relief and benefit Its users
so that they would continue it* use.
It could not have existed 40 months,
much less 40 years of Its enviable
record. Many letters have come to
u* U> prove that It has been a
household remedy for years and
years. Here Is what one grateful
woman has recently written:
"I wish to say that your remedies
have been used In our family for
ir> years. We are never without a
bottle of Warner's Safe Kidney and
Uver Remedy In our home, and It
h*a saved many a doctor's bUL It
Walnut Chifforobe 972.50
Walnut Chifforobe ..........953.25
Walnut Chifforobe .. - .., .9-11.75
Walnut Dressing Table ......934.75
Ivory Enameled Chifforobe.. .972.50
Mahogany Chifforobe .......997.50
Mahogany Twin Beds, pair. ,9135.00 *
Five-piece Ivory Enameled Bedroom
Suite at 9225.00
Seven-piece Ivory Enameled Bedroom
Suite at 9572.50
Mahogany-finished Steel Bed, with
square posts 958.25
Mahogany-finished Steel Beds, with
square posts ............. >955.00
Airplane Patrol
to Protect Forests
Establishment of an airplane po
trol to delect Incipient forest Area
Is to he urged by the Chamber ol
I'ommprcp, which advocates the
Sand Point field a* a base for this
service, to lie Inaugurated next
Columbia Colo is better.—AdT.
Is a wonderful medicine for all dis
eases of the kidneys and liver."—
(Kilned) Florence E. Schmidt, R. P.
D. No. 1, Dunkirk. Ohio.
For the elimination of poisons due
to impaired kidney action, Warner's
Safe Remedy was famous for
25 years bi'fore this woman so
Judiciously began Its effective urn
There are thousands of people wh«
realize that »ieir general health de
pends upon their kidneys and have
found Warner's Safe Kidney anj
I.iver Remedy a reliable familv
medicine. Forty years ago It wa»
named "Safe" because It Is SAFH
absolutely; equalizing the work 01
both the kidneys aad liver. Sati»
factory results are obtained In th»
most severe cases, and It is sol*
by drumristn everywhere. A sampW
sent on receipt of ten etnla
Warner's Safe Remedtoa Co* IMpfc
| Ml. KochwUb *• t.

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