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) «muT. mmitmbui T* TW*.
She Hides From Police but
Finally Gives Up and
Tells Her Story
•AfCTA mv/. C*l„ Sept- I«—n
to have lw»n an evening of
lhturhtor and pleaaant direralon with
■••found companion*, a* Alma
**w»a. German aervant gtrt, had
elanrwd it her "Bret party" after
•Wecal year* of cheerleaa toll.
Inataad thera waa bioodahed and
•■Tor. murder and aulcld«K In the
fewtely cabin to which aha and her
®tol friend, with two men, had ra-
Vkirad for their hour of rivalry.
Bought for daya aa lha mretertene
flfure Itv the tragic death of Tbeo
-4m Schmidt and Oeorge Johnaon,
Ulan Lew la remained In terrtfied con
jplmtnt for over a week before *he
courage to tall the police
#fe*t had happened In the houaa
wr» the two bod lea were found.
(Ihe had tried to prevent the ahoot
fell when the men began quarreling
•war a glaaa of home brew beer, and
feSd only fled when Jahnaan, «ho
—ti«i iitentiy killed Schmidt and than
Ao( hlmaelf. had threatened her. a*
iw tatd the atory to oCflcara.
"The moet terrible experience any
can haw la to try to carry auch
ft aaorat aa I carried for * week." ah*
"When I went oat bits the atreet
■a flan Kntn.-ieoa. where I went after
that night, I Imagined every one
tew and waa pointing flngera at
■a, altho tba l»<lw had aot than
inna j
■PB round.
"1 aimplr wuMut stand It any
iKger. and ao I told tba police.
"Johneon ahot Schmidt, after they
had coma to Mowi over tba beer. I
mm htm raach for hla run and caned
% Schmidt Than 1 ran out when
Jptinaon threatened ta kIQ me, too
A few eeconde later ha (hot hlmaelf -
Lewie haa gone back to the
Wt (rem which aba aoaght an
JBafog*a Innocent relaxation.
» "No mat* partiea for m«," ahe
School Grind
Begins; Kids
Hard at Work
»AVOw LhMe Bay lU»sr*g
[ Bat two day* war* Seattle's young
t MVila given to get acquainted at
r —i 111 sign u* tor thalr now studio*
aM fat used ta school after three
Month*' vacation.
Ttrarsriay aamr al th* studouw
maO aottl*d down and starting
tWr di months of solid studying.
aaoapUng tho few vacation* they win
tove Intennlttently In the year.
Many club* and associations hav*
•Irsady been formed at th* various
Mfb sebooia. *
In many of tbo high school* foot
tall player* hav* turned oat to play
Q football thla falL
; and painting haa been don* in
i achaola. Several achoola have
Si addltlona built on.
furious Cop* Tilt
Lid; Finds Grapo
ClHlw to m kfl* tnnrh mull
«U tn a milk can in treat ®f Sam
Lunpitas Store lor* at 4«4* Kovrth a»«.
8, Thmraday night. Patrolman N. P
Anderson And R. F. Baerman llflfd
ttM Ud. Clmpitaa W In Jail frtday
HM can contained grapo.
it's Gonna Be a
Long, Hard Winter
Thl*so*, who made warm winter
.dgtblng their loot, burglarized the
I put* of H. W. Gallaway, Escetator
apartments; W. H. Marks. 8t
hotel, and George Dong. «0» Tester
may. according to reports on fii* at
pgdoe station Friday.
Woman War
Worker Out
for Congress
Hjrw TORK. Sept. I#.—Mia* Dor-
Mhy Frooka. of Haugertlea. N. T.,
la making folka alt up and take notice
her Independent campaign to win
tbo republican nomination for repre
sentative In congre** from the 27th
cobs "saional district During th* war
aha aorved aa ehtof y*oman in th*
navy, and also waa a Liberty I/oon
spaakar. She la a matnhsr ft Uie
Amaiteas Lagtoa.
: tha Texan. "Tour eon and I knocked
around quite a little laat night.
Tou'v* got good water, but Cactua
City la better lit op "
"We're got a few llghta on Broad
way. don't you think. Mr. Plat IT*
"And a good many ahadowa." aald
Piatt "1 think I like y«<* horaea
beat. I haven't aeen a crowbaJt alnor
I've been In town."
Zlabaum lad hla up gtatra to
ahow the aamptaa of aulta.
"Aak Mlaa Aaher to come.* ha aald
to a elark.
Mlaa Aaher came, and Piatt, of
Navarro A Plait felt for tha flrat
time tha wonderful bright light of
romance and glory deecrpd upon
[ him. He atood attU aa a gnqnlt* cliff
above the canyon of the Colorado,
with hla wide-open eyea fixed upon
bar. (the noticed hla look and fluah
ed a little, which waa contrary to her
Mlaa Aaher waa the crack model of
Zisshaum A Son. Rhe waa of the
blond type known aa "medium." and
her measurement* even went the re
quired H!MI atandard a little bet
tar. Bh* bad been at Uaahaum'a two
year*, and kn*w bar bualneaa Her
eye waa bright, but cool, and had ah*
choaen to match her gaze a gal net
tha optic of the famed baalllak. that
fabutoua moneter a gaze would have
watered and softoned flrat Incl
dentally, ah* knew buyer*
"Now. Mr. Piatt." aald dxsfeatnn.
T want yoa to *ee thee* prince**
gowns In the light ahadea. They will
ha the thing In your rllmat*. Thla
flrat If you plaaaa. Mlaa Aaher."
Swiftly In and out of the dreaalng
room the prise model flew each time
wearing a new ooatume and looking
mora atunnlng with every change
Sha powed with absolute aelf poaata
#on before the stricken buyer, who
atood. tongue tied and motlonleea.
while Zlzzbaum ornted olUly of the
atylaa. On the mode!* face waa her
faint, ImperaonaJ professional am lie.
that aeemed to cover anm*thing like
wearineaa or contempt
Ulini the display waa over. Piatt
ae aiued to heal tat*. Zlzzbaum wa* a
little anxious. thinking that Ma ro*
tomer might he Inclined to try else
where. Hut Piatt waa only looking
over hi hla mind th* be*t building
alte* In Cactua City, trying to select
one on which to build a houe* for hi*
wlfe-to-b*—who waa Ju*t then In the
dreaalng room taking off an evening
gown of lavender and tulle.
•"Take your time. Mr. Piatt." aald
>, Zlzzbaum "Think It over tonight
Tou won't find anybody ml** meet
our price* tm goods like fllese. I'm
afraid you're having a dull tlroe In
New Tork. Mr. I'latt A young man
like you- -of courae, you mlaa the
aociety of the ladies. Wouldn't you
tike a nice evening* Mlaa Aaher.
now. la a very nice votmg lady; ahe
will make It agreeable for you."
"Why. ahe doeen't know me," aald
PUttt, wonderlngly. "Hh* doean't
I know anything about m*. Would
I «he go? I'm not acquainted with
j her."
"Would ahe go*" repeated Zlzz
; bftum, with uplifted eyebrow*. "Sure,
ahe would go 1 will Introduce you.
Sure, she would go."
He called Mlaa Aaher loudly.
Rhe came, culm and alightly con
temptuous, In her white ahlrt walat
and plain black aktrt
"Mr. Piatt would like th* pleasure
of your company to dinner thl* even
Ing," aald Zlzzbaum. walking nwav.
"Sure." aaid Mia* Aaher, looking at
the celling. "I'd he much planned
Nlneeleven Weat Twentieth atreet.
What time?"
"Ray aeven o'clock."
"All right, but pinnae dont come
ahead of time. I room with a achool
teachar, and ah" doean't allow any
gentlemen to call In the room. There
! lan't ajiy parlor, ao you'll hav* to
! wait In the hall. I'll be ready."
At half paat aeven Piatt and Mlaa
Aglier aat at a table In a Broadway
restaurant Rhe wa* dreaaed In a
plain, filmy blatk. Piatt didn't know
that it waa all a part of her day'*
■ work.
With the unnhtrttalve aid of a good
waiter he managed to order a re
ape<tabla dinner, mlnua the Usual
Broadway preliminaries.
M!** Aaher flaahed upon him a
dazzling amila.
"Mayn't I have something to
drink?" she aaked.
"Why. certainly," aald Piatt. "Any
thins you wV
"A dry Martial," ahe Mid to die
Whan it m bfwngfct and w< b*
for* h*r. Plait r*acli*d awrn and look
It aw*y.
"What la thla?" ho aAo4
"A cocktail. of co ura* ."
"I thought it *u oofno kind of
too jrou onlnM. Thla la llfliiw. Ton
«a'l drink thla. What la your tlrot
"To mr tDthnato frienda." aald
Ml** Aaher. freeaJngly, "It to
"IJ»«en. nelen." aald Piatt, tmnfcig
T»er the tab)* "Fur many year*
ev*ry tlmo th* aprtfig flowers hioo
wßwd out on tho prairie*. I cot to
thinking of *nm*fcotty that I'd n*vw
■mii or heard of. I know It waa you
th# ml nut* I aaw you yenterday. I'm
going back homo tomorrow, and
yog'r* going with ma. I know It. for
1 aaw It In your oyao when you flrat
looked at me. Tou nudn'l kirk, for
yoo'v* got to fall Into Una Hara'a
a Uttlo trick I picked out for you on
my way o»»r,"
Ha flicked a two-rarat diamond
aolltxlr* ring ai ruoa tbo table. Mlaa
Aaher flipped It bark to him with
bar fork. v
"Don't got fraaK" aha aald. aa
"I'm worth a huiwtied thousand
dollars." aald Piatt -111 build yoo
tha fmaat houaa la Waot Tezaa."
"Tou 'can't buy ma. Mr Buyer."
aald Mlaa Aaher. "If you had a hun
deed million. 1 didn't think I'd hav*
to call yoa down. Tou didn't look
Uka th* others to ma at flrat, but I
f— you'r* all allk*."
"AU who*" asked Piatt.
"Afl you buyers. Tou think be
caus* wo glrla hav* to go out ta din
ner with you or loa* our Job* that
you*ra privileged to aay what you
pleaae. Wall, forgot It I thought
you wara different from th* othara. i
but I aa* I waa mistaken."
Piatt struck hla flngrra on th*
tab!* with a geetur* of sudden. IV
lumlnatlng aatlafartlon.
"Tv* got Itr ha nclalmad, a I moat
hilarioualy "th* Nicholson place.
ov*r on tha north aid*. There's a big
grove of lira oaka and a natural
isk*. Tha old houaa oan be pulled
down and tha now ona aat further
hack "
"rut out your pip*." aald Mlaa
Aaher. "I'm entry to araka you up.
but yoa fallow* might aa woll gat
wlaa. one* for all. to wh*r* you
iUnd. I'm auppoaad to go to dinner
with you and h*lp Jolly you along
ao you'll Irada with old Zizzy. but
don't expect to find ma in any of th*
aulta you buy."
"Do ymi mean to tan me," aald
Piatt, "that yo«f go out thla way
with <-uatom«ra, and they all—they .
all talk to you like. 1 hay*?"
"They all make plava." aald Mlaa
Aahi-r. "But I muat aay that you've
got 'cm beat In ona r«or>". t. They
generally talk diamonds, * hil* you'v*
actually dug one up."
"How long have you been working,
"Clot my nam* pat. har*n't you''
I'r* been aupporting myaelf for eight
year* I«u a carll girl and a wrap
per and then a ahop girl until I waa
grown, and then I got to be a ault
modal. Mr. Texa* Man. don't you
think a little win* would make thla
dinner a little lea* dry?"
"Tou'ro not going to drink wine
any more, dour. It* awful to think
how -I'll coma to the atore lomor
row and get you. I want you to
| pick out an automobile before we
lea ve. That'* all wo need to buy
I her*."
"Oh cot that out. If you knew
how aick I am of hearing auch talk."
After the dinner they walked down
Hroadway and came up Diana'a little
wooded park. The .tree* caught
I'latt'* eye at once, and he muat turn
along under the winding walk ho
neath th<-m. The light* ahona upon
two bright leara In the model * eyea.
"I don't like that," wild I'latt
"What * the matter?"
"Don't you mind." aald Mlaa A*her.
"Well, It'a because—well, I didn't
think you were that kind when I
flrat aaw you. But you are all alike.
And now will you take me home, or
will I cull a cop?"
I'latt took her to tha door of her
boarding houaa. They atood for a
mlnut* In the veatlbule. She looked
at him with auch acorn In her eyea
that even hla heart of oak began to
wavsc. Hla arm waa bait vajr
Writes Death Note to Aber
deen Paper
potlro ar« endeavoring FYI
day to Irtn the g*»«nnm in
tie If poealbto of J. C. Baer. of Cos
mopolis,. who. anrantlßg to a letter
pk»(vkl Thumli; by u AlxrtHn.
Wuh, nf*ip«p<T. planned 10 com
mit suli i.»e by jumping from a eoaat
arte* eteamor.
The letter to tho newwpaper *e*e
irrttln on a'atlopery of tho ll«W
Italnler. I*l Main H, fcmttle. Tbo
letter dwimd tho writer had mora
trouble than he rooW endura.
"I plan to null* the ehella of Q»e
ocean my <i»alh bod." ho wwt* A
It Mil «>■ Incjoded la tho enrelete
for edHortal cbW|«
Inqulrlea at tho Rainier hotrl
•hownt (hat Btw had not r«<titmd
Several letter*. howerer. a*di eow»l to
But, w»r» i*rtl»«l at tho hotel »».
rai ago. and were returned to
the pootofflco.
Pittsburg Ashore on Russian
WASHINGTON, *•!*. t« The
navy department today *
more detailed report on Um cruiser
PltUburg. which h*« jone aground
three ml lee ««t of IJbau, on the
llUßltn coast.
Moon after recatvtng the report, na
val ofPrlaJa dlreMed the l\ H. H
rreinlrk to transfer lie paaaenger*
at Antwerp and go to the aaalatance
of the rittaburg.
Admiral Hura. commanding the
rittaburg. wma recently aent to Dan
«lg to protect Americans there, but
later «■« ordered to return to Keval
Weather Holds Up
N. Y.-Nome Aviators
PA WWW. Kept. 10 —rnfavoAble
weather forced three of the New
Tork Nome planea to returne here
yesterday afternoon. The fnlted
State* army "*hlp«" encountered the
poor Tying weather on Naglna sum
mlt. .One plane continued ite flight.
It had not been heard of late laat
night, but It thought to have pro
ceeded to Wrangel) or to the lending
field at (lienor*. which la ten miles
from wire eommunoation.
around her waist, wh»n she struck
him a stinging blow on Uie face with
her open band.
As he stepped back a ring fell from
somewhere and bounded on the tiled
floor. I'latt (roped for it and found
"Now, take your useless diamond
and go, Mr. Fuyer," she sold.
"This was the other one —the wed
ding ring." aald the Texan, holding
the smooth gold band on the palm
of his hand.
Miss Ashrr's eve* blazed upon him
In the half durknesa
"Was that what you meant? —did
Homebody opened the door from
Inside the house.
"Oood-nlght," said Plstt. Til see
you at the store tomorrow."
Miss Astier ran up to her room
and shook the school teacher until
she sst up In bed ready to scream
"Where Is It?" she cried.
"That's what T want to know." sajrl
the model, "You've studied geogra
phy. Hmna, and you ought to know.
Where la a town called Cac One—-
Carac—Caracas City, 1 think they
called It?"
"How dare yon wake me tip for
that?" eald the school teacher. "Car
acas Is In Venezuela, of course."
"What's It like?"
"Why, It's principally earthquakes
and negroes and monkeys and ma
lartal fev»r and volcanoes,"
"I don't care," said Miss Aaher,
blithely; "I'm going there tomorrow."
Paper money, called "flying mon
ey." was fljrst used by liie Chinese,
2187 a C, w '
Weeks Expected to Be Sec
retary if Harding Wins
■en doga In the navy department al
ready are putting In a lot of time
figuring their chance* fnr promotion
or demotion aa a mult of tiia No
vember election.
If Harding wlna. no Irs* than a
acore of rear admiral* now heading
the various bourda and bureau* will
doubtless get their "aallng ordera."
But chief speculation center* On
who will head the departmeut after
Mai i ll 4. n> it
To date, guesses are about eren
that In event of a republican victory
th# n«-*t aecretary of navy *lll be
former I'. H Senator John W. Week*
of Miisaachuaetta.
Week* I* a close personal and
political friend of Harding. He I*
closely Identified with the *enntorlal
group thiit put Hording "airoe*" for
the nomination. He 1* a graduate of
the Annapoll* Naval nendemy, cluss
of 'SI, and nltho he retired from the
service after having nerved twq
year* aa midshipman, following hi*
graduation, he la actually a "navy
I Next to weeks, mi probable chief
of the department in event of a O.
O, P. victory, navy gossips put Gov
ernor Rol>ert 1,. Kwkmiiii of Rhode
Inland. Just why, no one seems to
On the democratic side there I*
mneh speculation whether or not. If
Co* is elerted, he will retain Secre
tary lianlels. Many lielleve he will.
Tim navy's war record for effl
clency l« irtlll, In the public mind,
one of Ihe bright in the his
tory of that conflict. Admiral Rims'
criticisms In the main have been dls
counted on being inspired either by
political Or personal pique.
As the man who has lifted navnl
contrai-ts out of the realm of graft,
who has freed them from the abso
lute rontrol of the armor and powder
Interests, who sponsored and has put
thru a program of naval construe
tlon that will give the United Ftates
by 1#23 s navy "second to none," It
Is believed In the department that
he Is one member of the cabinet
who should hold un-i should Co*
w in. ■
Make your clothes money go
farther this fall

YOU'LL find that we are trying to help our
customers keep down the cost of clothes by
two means
' Ist—The best quality in clothes—Hart Schaff
ner & Marx goods.
2nd—The lowest possible prices for Such qual
ity. WeVe marked our prices for fall as "close
to the bone" as we can possibly go. We're going
to do our part in that respect. We expect that
we'll break about even on some of these goods;
The main thing is that you'll get the kind of
quality that gives long service; that will make
> your clothes money go farther than ever before
• «
* _____________
Corner Second and Seneca Street
/ I
Vicarage Entered While the
Pastor Raps Worry
LONDON, Sept. 10.—After preach
ing at the evening service on Sun
>lay from the text, "Fret not thyself
because of evildoer*." and advising
the congregation not to b* anxious
or worried, tha Rev. Hagset Kerry,
vicar of Chriat church. Becklngham,
Kent found the vicarage had beon
entered and robbed'
The piLßtor hail drawn about l"">0
a few daya before from the bank.
Tlila, together with hla wife'* jewel*
and money a servant wanted him to
take care of for her, win stolen.
And Lots
* •
If someone should dis
cover. tomorrow, vast
mines of diamonds—
enough to shatter the
value now attached to
those stones- -would you
be one to wish you had
Invested In good old de
pendable real estate?
Home sites, such as we
offer, are safe from the
erratic value of diamonds
—they are dependable.
We can show you Just
what you want—lota at
very reasonable terms.
Real Estate Co.
E. S. GOODWIN, President
V. J. GREEN, Sales *Mana«ar
IIS Jjearr Rldg., Hasttts
Mala 4357
Information Charges Him
With Shooting
Prosecutor Fred C, Brown ha* filed ■
Information charging murder againet
J. E. Hill, produce merchant, accused
of killing Christ Grecori, proprietor
of a aoft drink establishment. The
■hooting occurred August 11.
Hill, who has been held In the coun
ty jail since the ahooting, will M ar
raigned Friday.
The ( nlted Mate* trained 15.000
air pilot* during th« war.
l£j WHAT IS ssqus qu ? "||f
I ' la It merely a five dollar bill to bei Gul
I ' apent at the whim of the moment' til
I or are you one of those who real J K3H
■ | lae that it ta the 5% Dividend on al Hi
■ of Dollar** M
I Learn the Real ||
|j Value of Money 9 |l
I ' along with our seven thousand 11
■ j Members whose Savings fori KjfH
Hi I the past nineteen years hartj HB
■n ,never earned less than fll :
ft | Resources Now Over Four Million Dollars | n
M •, Saturday* 9 I and 6 P
| PiigeU Sound Savings) I
M & Loan Association, L
Where Plk* Street Crowes j
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br Miss M. H. Rieben 19.15 First
are. S. E.. for stealing a dlamoaS
ring. valued at $4OO, from her pocteat
on a downtown street car Thursday
The K&van&gh
Hat $3.50
two mm
flnt u< HadlMi
Klrat ml (alea
A Watch Repaired by 1
Jones Is Always Rigfcjt
Telephone Elliott tWI
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