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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, September 22, 1920, Image 5

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11 PyElemoTUPoiter »
Jil copvrioht ieao [fl
((VinUnunl from V<*lmU>)
Ho ntme JUMt on th« dot. anil 1 let
him In and look him Into the library.
Then I wrnt uiwtalra and told
Mother there waa aome one down
•tulra who wanted to mw her.
And ahe mid. how funny, and
waan't there any nam*, and where
waa tit* maid. Hut 1 didn't irrm
to hear. I had son* Into my rtwm
In quit* a hurry, aa If I hud for
cotton aoftiethlng I wuninl to <lo
thera. Hut, of cturw, I didn't do a
thine «"*!*i>t to make mire that ahe
went dowriatalra to thn library.
They're there now togrlher. And
he'a been here a whole hour already.
Seoma aa If he ouirlit to any aome
thin* In Uint ten if ill of time)
After I *u aura Mother waa
down. 1 took out tftla, and began to
write In It. And I've been writing
ever alnr*. nut. oh. I do ao wonder
wbat'a «otn« on down Uiera. I'm »o
excited over—
On* week later.
At Just that mlnuta Mother name
Into the room. 1 wtah you could
have aeen her. My atara, but ahe
looked pretty' —with her ahlnlng
eye* and th* lovely pink In her
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Ml Umpire flldg.
Hrallla. Wash.
cheeks. And yotiug! Ilnncstly, I
helleve she looked younger than I
•lid that minute.
Hhe Just came and put her arm*
around ms and kissed me; and I
auw then that her eyes were all
minty with teara Hhe didn't any
a word, hardly, only that Father
wanted to see me, and 1 was to go
rtght down.
And I wi-nt
I thought, of course, that she was
coming, too. Hut she didn't. And
when I got down the stairs I found
I was all alone; but I went right
on Into the library, and there was
Father walling for me
He didn't say much, either, ftt
first, hut' Just like Mother lie put his
arms around me and klsaed me, and
held me there. Then, very soon, he
began to talk; and, oh, he raid such
beautiful thing*—such tender, lovely,
sacred things; tim sacred even to
write down here. Then be klsaed
me again and went away.
Hut he came bark the next day.
and he's been here some part of
every day since! And. oh, wbal a
wonderful week It has been'
They're going to be mnrried. It's
tomorrow. They'd have been mar
ried right away at the flrat, only
they had to wait-something almut
licenses and a five-day Dotloe,
Mother said. Father fussed and
fumed, and wanted to try for a spe
cial dispensation, or something; hut
Mother Isughed. and said, certainly
not, and that she guessed it was Juat
as wrU, for she positively had to
have m few thing*; and he nexln't
think he could walk right In like
that on a body and expect her to get
married at a moment's notice. Hut
she didn't mean It. 1 know ehe
didn't; for when Father reproanhed
her, she laughed softly, and called
him an old goosa, and said, yes, of
course, she'd have married htm In
two minutes If It hadnt been for
the Ove-day notice, no matter
whether she ever bad a new dress
or not.
%nd that '» the way H ts with them
all the time. They're too funny and
lovely together for anything. (Aunt
Hattle says they're too Ally for any
thing; but nobody minds Aunt Hai
ti#.) They Just can't srern to do
enough for earh other. Father was
going n*(t week to a place 'way on
tbe other side of the world to view
an eclipse of the moon, but he said
right off he'd give It up. Hut
Mother said. "No, Indeed." she
guenaeid she wouldn't give It up; that
be was going, and that she was
going, too—a wedding tnp. and that
she was sure she dldnt know a tot
ter place to go for a wedding trip
than the moont And Fat bar waa so
pleased. And be said be d try not to
pay all his at lection to the stars
this time; and Mother laughed and
said, "Nonas nee." and that she
adored Mars herself, and that be
must pay attention to tha stars. It
was his bustnesa to. Then she looked
very wise and got eff something
she'd read In the astronomy book.
And they both laughed, and looked
over to me to see If 1 was noticing.
And t waa. And Bo then we all
And. as I said before. It Is all per
fectly lovely and wonderful
Ho It's all settled, and U>ey*r« going
right away on this trip and call It
a wedding trip. And, of coarse.
Grandfather had to get off his Joke
about bow he thought It waa a pretty
dangerous buslneaa; and to see that
this honeymoon didn't go Into an
eclipse while they wrere watching the
other one. Hut nobody minds Grand
I'm to stay here and finish school
Then, In the spring, when Fattier and
Mother cone back, we are all to go
to Anderaonvllle and begin to live In
the old house again.
Won't It be lovely? It Jwit seems
too good %6 be true. Why, I don't
iare a bit now whether I'm Mary or
Maria liut, tbrn, nobody elite does,
either, lc fact. b< th of them call
mn tbe whole naxtie now, Mary
Marie. I don't think they ever said
they would. Tbey Just began to do
IL Thai's an
Of course, anybody can see why;
now each one is calling me the
other one's ntune along with their
own. That la. Mother Is calling me
Mary nlong her pet Marie, and
Flit her Is calling Mc Marie along
with his pet Mary. ,
Funny, Isn't It?
Hut one thing Is sare, anyway.
How about this being a love story
nowT Oh. I'm so exdtetf!
Which ia the Teat
Anderaonvtlle. Twelve Years I-ater
Twelve year» yra. And I'm
twenty-eight yeara old Pretty old
Pt" tty old, little Mary Marie of the
lon* ago would think. And, well,
perhaps today I feel Juat as old an
she woNil'l put It.
1 came up Into tha attic thla
morning to pack away aome things
t shall no longer need, now that 1
am going to leave Jerry. (Jerry lw
my husland.) And In tha bottom of
my little trunk I found thla manu
script. I had forgotten that such a
thing ejtlsted; but with Ita laborloun
ly written pages before me. It all
cam* back to ma; and I began to
read; here a sentence; thoro a para
graph; aoinewhere elae a page.
Thin, with a little half tfttlffa ISd
half aob, 1 carried It to an old rock-
Ing-chalr by the cobwebby dormer
window, and aettlad tnynclf to read
It atralght thru.
And I have%end It
Poor litle Mary Mart*! Pear little
Mary Marie! To meet you like thla,
to share with you jour Joys and sor
rowa, hope* and despair*, of those
years long ago. In like witting hand
In hand on a sofa with a childhood's
friend, earh listening to an eager
"And do you remember?" falling
constantly from delighted Hpa thai
cannot *eetn to talk half fast enough.
Hut yon have taught me much,
little Mary Marie. 1 understand --oil,
I understand so many things no
much better, now, since reading thla
utile atory In your round childish
liand. You see, I hud almost forgot
ten that I was a Mary and a Marie
WJTAL M Vf Bun rfMl far RftlCnifATOM Hi KlidrW
Jf Ijlf "UfV IHaordara. It reiuaara tka nut and reataraa
fl'"' 1, f\ J* ihr ajritrm ta kfaltt. M DAYft* THMTWUI
m prr ba* l>«>rrl|>llir knak frra.
KiR RD COMPART, Tacarna, W'aah. rat aala k» Uraillita.
—Jerry colls me Mollle mid J had
wondered what were those contetid
li>K forces within me I know now.
It Is tlie Mary and the Marie trying
to settle their old, old, quarrel.
It was almiist dark when I had
finished the manuscript. The fur
corners of tho attic were peopled
wllh flint antic shadows. and tlm spi
ders In the window were swaying
luxy and full-stomached. In the midst
of the day's spoils of gruesoms wings
and leva, t got up%'slowly, stiffly,
shivering a little. I felt suddenly old
and worn and Ineffably weary. It
la n long. lon* Journey bark to our
childhood sometimes, even tho one
may t>e only twenty-eight.
I looked down at the last pare of
the manuscript. It waa written on
the top sheet of a atlll thick pad
of paper, and my fingers fairly
tingled suddenly, to go on and cover
those unti~ d whit* sheet*- tell what
happened next~t«ll the rant of the
story; not for the sake of the story
but for my sake. It might help me
It might make things clearer. It
might help to Justify myself In my
own eye a. Not that I have any
doul'ta, of rourse (shout* leaving
Jerry, I mean), liut that when I saw
It in black and white I could Ist even
more convinced that I was doing
what was best for hlin and best for
ma i
Bo I brmight the manuscript down
to my own room, and this evening 1
have commenced to write. I can't
finish It tonight, of course. Hut I
have tomorrow, and still tomorrow
(I have so many tomorrows now!
And what do they all amount to?)
And so I'll Just keep writing, as I
have time, till I bring It to the end
I'm sorry that It must be so sad
and sorry an end. Hut there's no
olhor way, of course. There can be
but one ending, as I can se*. I'm
sorry. Mother'!! be sorry, too, Bhe
doeant know yet. I hate to tell her.
Nobody knows not even Jerry him
self—yet. They all think I'm Just
making a visit to Mother—and I am
till 1 write Uiat leter to Jerry.
And then—
1 t*|lev# now that HI wait tm Tve
finished writing this. I'll feel better
then. My mind will be clearer. I'll
know mure what to aay. Just the
effort of writing It down-
Of course. 11 Jerry and 1 hadn't—-
Hut this Is no way to begin. Uke
the Uttle Mary Marie of long ago 1
am In dAnger of starting my dinner
with Ice-cream Instead of soup'
And so I must begin where I left off.
of course. And that was at the wad
I remember that wedflng as If It
were yesterday. I can see now, with
Mary Marie's manuscript before me.
why It made so great an Impression
upon m*. It was a eery quiet wed
ding. of cootm —Juat the members of
the family present. But 1 shall
never forget the ftna, sweet loveli
ness of Mother's face, nor tha splen
did strength and tenderness of
Falher'a. And the way be drew her
Into bis arms and klsaed her. after It
was all over—well. I remember dis-
Enjoying Good Health for
Fintt Time in Many Years
—Gives Tanlac Credit
T am not only enjoying good
health for the first time In years,
but haye also gained twenty pounda
In weight." said K M. Ilougb, Al
bany Hotel. Helllngham. Waah., a
well known employe of the IHodell-
Donovan Lumber Co. In relating his
remarkable experience with Tanlac
"For a number of years I suf
ftved from Indigestion, rheumatism
and other allmenta. which pretty
near put me out of commission
Hlch fuods of any kind always
caused me to suffer agonies, but no
mutter what I ate I bloated up fear
fully with gas and suffered from
shortness of breath and palpitation
of the heart.
"I aim had rheumatism. which
irot »o hud last year that for two
solid month* I wan unable to do n
IH k of work. The pains In my Icgn,
especially In my Joints, «frt no bad
I waa barely able to hobble about.
"At night I wa* so nervous and
racked with pain that Bleep waa
nearly Imposaible. 1 suffered rnn
stantly from headaches and a pells of
ilixKlneaa. My appetite left me al
moat entirely. I loat weight and
Hot weaker all the time.
"Well, It wan certainly a lucky
day for me when I got Tanlac, for
I began to Improve as aoon aa I
started taking It- Meal time never
cornea quick enough for me, now,
and I ran eat Juat anything and
everything 1 want and never feel
a touch of Indlgeetion. 1 have been
built up wondnrfully In weight and
all that sluggish, tired feeling haa
left nw,
"The headaches and dlxalneaa
have stopped bothering me, the
rheumatic pains have gone entirely
from my leg* and I can get about
aa good as anyliody. I am no longer
nervous, sleep like a log at night
and wake up feeling fine. In fact,
I am Just In Uie pink of condition.
Tanlac Is the best medicine In the
world, for It has put me on my feet,
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tinctly that seen Aunt Battle choked
op and bad to turn her back to wipe
They went a way at once, first to
New York for a day or two, then to
Ander*>nvine. to prepare for the real
wedding trip to the other side of the
world. I stayed in Boston at school;
snd Ixwause nothing of consequence
happened In all those weeks and
months Is the reason. 1 suspect, why
the mannerrlpt got tossed Into tbe
bottom of my little trunk and stayed
In the spring, when Father and
Mother returned, and we all went
back to Andtraonvllle. there followed
another long period of Just happy
glrlhood. and I suspect I was too
satisfied and happy to think of
writing. After all. I've notlMd It's
when we're sad or troubled over
s6methlng that we have that tingling
to cover perfectly good white paper
with "confessions" and "stories of
my life." As witness right now what
I'm doing.
And so It's not surprising, perhaps,
that Mary Marie's manuscript still
lay forgotten In the title old trunk
Should a girl kewp bar
husband or sweetheart
The Inferior Sex* ■
A Simple Way to
Remove Dandruff
There la on* aura way that haa
never failed to mrnvc dandruff at
one*. and thr.t la to dissolve it, than
you destroy It entirely. To do thla.
Just ir«»t about four ounce* of plain,
common liquid arvon from any drug
atora (thla la all you will need), apply
It at ulght when retiring; use enough
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gently with the finder tlpa
lty morning most. If not all, of
your dandrtiff will be gone, and
three or four more appllcationa will
completely dlaaolvo and entirely de
stroy every alngle algn and trace of
It, no matter how mugh dandruff
you may have.
You will find all Itching and dig
ging of the ncalp will atop Inatantly,
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glosay, silky and soft, and look and
feel a hundred tlniea belter.
Safe Pills
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antee of reliability. Gentle
in action, they are entirely
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and are intended especially
Bfor constipation,
biliousness, indi
gestion, torpid liv
er or inactivity of
the bowels.
Your druggist
after It waa taken up to tha attic.,
Mary Marl* was happy.
(ConUmad Tomorrow)
Edible oysters, that live Ilka fos
sils embedded la solid rock, hare
been discovered In Coos Bay. Ore,
rjz -'i
"" II st asr MsSsn'
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rn u,i las I Man iajaiwt mm wan tOaa
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