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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, October 20, 1920, Image 14

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EVERY BUSINESS MAN and Every Person Who Hopes or Expects to Become a Business
Man, Should Read the News That Appears Daily on This Page of The Star.
Both Candidates Suit Them
and They Have No
Fears ot Panic
prukltnl will not MAKE the
diff'rtßW In bualne»s.
Hotii the candidate* are aafe for bus
lnr> t."
THE* ara the word" of Richard
* H.»W-ES 8T LX>utf. president of
the American Ilankir-. AI."«K-I*IIOII
BO* In session here
rosim-K wicu ii wit
Hawea was miked If there *«•
folni to he any punkky condition
b*for»- or after election that would
be blamed onto the political out
roflif lack of confidence. as tl were
"In fact. I think business la so
Weil satisfied that It la paying no
attention whate*er to the can'
palgr • continued Mawes "I am
poeitlva we will ha\e a rood preal
A more m-utral atand could not
Imagine.) than Hawea tukea. >et
when he la not apeakinc for the A
H \.. but la (it mi hla perannal
View, he esprewa liimaelf fearteae
lj- On the e%e of the liankera' con
vention lw would not l» quote.l on
lb* lea cue of nation* herauae it bad
been dragged Into politic*, deeptle
th* fltct that he has a pronoun.ed
Hawea la head of an oranmmtlon
With ;s.*«o banker memlwra, re pre.
aenilnir th* greater part of th*
world's wealth and being aNe at the
drop ot th* haf to make tiualnea*
good or bad. and the peopl* happy
or aad.
)U«n "" aaya thla. th* orranin
tlon a «(th annua! convention. wIU
be th* greatest It ha* ever held. They
hay a problems nf grave concern to
aoli e Kvery financial Interest In
the Weatem hemisphere will 1»
here, private twnkera. memla»rs
Federal Iteaerv* lloant. governor* of
federal land t«nk* and owgers of
Joint stock land banks. I saked
Hawea what he conaideni the l«ig
geat proW*m bafore the l ountry
"THK 1-HOHI.KM." ha aald.
"I» to write an efficient and *ro-
Beoucally soun l tss law. Thla
la by aU odds th* bigceat prob
lem "
Hawea has a plan that he will
submit to the bankers to have a
commission of finance created, com
poae.l of bankers, representatives of
the National Chamber of t'omrnerva
and memtier* of the National Manu
fa»<lirefs' AkaoK itlon. t« advta* rem
giesa how to write 'lf* law.
"It will take trained economists to
4o ti." said Hawea The aui-ta*
provisions of th* in.ot» ta* law
ahouM b« rewritten in such a way
that th* taz*s will not drive money
•at of industry and < ooMaarce
X A. H KKh
. Inspect Methow- Okanogan
Project by Auto
OBOVfbLE. Oct ** I,«a\Ang the
ram and imow that greet*| th«-m in
the Wenatcha* dMlrkt the member*
Ot th# H#attl# busine** man e trtade
Mat ions party spent th*- second day
of their lour in the sunny Okanogan
valley Thtjr toAiy Ht Col-
Th# day b#gan at * 30. whan th#
VtaUors stoppad at t*h#lan Hut a
•bort atay wan rand- th#r#. and th#
tourlnt* movnd to I*at#r©s and
Hr "water. At the latter town a row
ing demonftration waa nfcortlwl th#
party, re«ld#nta of Omak ami Oka
noiran participating in th# weteooe.
Tli a M#t how -Okanogu n irrigation
projtrt waa inupwtM by auto, th#
travelers returning in tim* to pair
take of an elaborate dtnn#r served in
Odd Fallow a' hall by th"
Woman's Civic club. Thee keynote
of th# apeak inc which followed th#
feast was Okanogan vallay's great
need of water H#attla btisHiana man
war# ure«*d to l*ack up th* valley
ttgina in their fight for favorable ir
rigation legislation that is to I# In
troduced at th# n*xt sansion of th#
atal# lawmaker*
Th# party laft Okanogan shortly
after 2 o'clock for Orovlll#, taking in
Klver*lde and Tonaaket on th* way.
Auto tours, spanking and another
banquet were on the program for the
visitors at Orovlll*. and here, too. lo
cal residents appealed for support in
their various irrigation projects.
The special train left Oro villa at
11 p. m. for t'olville
H A. Wi UK
Ship Long Tied Up
to Be Diapoaed of
After b#ing tied up for nearly 11
months pending aettlemant of Iltiga
tion In the courts, th# stmm
sch'ioner Klrketlnd will bn dla|>oned
of to the highest bidder An order
for sal# of the vesnel waa signed
Wednesday by Federal Judge .Jere
miah Neterer. ujion final
Of all claims against her.
Th# order of sale stipulates that
ho bid of Iras than t150.000 will l*e
I If
' Imrin*. M.7M.T01 »7
Bilinrn 1.7J1.M5.18
Cl«>r)n*fi *11,317 00
BaUnon 1H1.218 00
»'|p,rifi2r' 2^131,00
I'ort land
(.'tearing* 7.057.236 00
(lalanrcM I .<82,310 00
Ship News
Tides in Seattle
«M T tl
llrM l«« Tide
1)t a rn s : ft
M(«l Hl«h Tl«le
IS lit p m. , It I ft
•tnwitl l«« Tide
f It p m . fr t ft
CM r ••
M rmi Imm tide
4 3* « H* 3 1 ft
• ■ .
! : «• w 10 ; ff
Vrtmd l«« Tide
* If l» n» . » » ft
II !■ it rule
11 W |» m . ft ft. M
• •
Fears Expressed for Steam
ers With 175 on Board
JUNRAr Alaaka. Oct ?« White
I'IUU A Yukon railroad offldala are
worried over the non arrival of the
rtv«*r "teumeri ('Hurt, Naaurlln an«l
White florae, carrying over 175 paa
•rngera Tlie motets i%re believed to
he atufk on a bar 100 mi lea ut»atr«<ajm
from l»aw»on No wor»1 haa l«e«-n re
reived from the ahlg* In tha la at
three da\a.
Tliere ia a strong probability that
tli* boats may It* a total loss If they
are caught in th* In* for the wntt. r
New O. S. K. Liner
Arrive# in Port
Completing her maiden voyage
acroaa the Pacific, the Atntanu
Maru. new t)mika Hh* *»n Kalaha
liner, wax due to dock at noon Wed
newday at pter C Hh« will bring SI
ft rat cabin paanenger* and TS ateec
age. In addition to a cargo of t.ii
tone of froorn cargo, principally c>rt
entul egga •
3 of Pacific Co.
Fleet on Way Here
Thraa vaaaal* of lh«» Pacific Ht*an»
•hip Oo.'a Orwnui fla*-t may I* in
port hara at th« *arnr tim«\ aarly
M«**t moiWh The ('ft**
K»j*. Kndlmtt and IroiUum ire dua
about thr Kim* tima
Victoria Delayed by
Bad Storm and Ice
Th* Alaska Hnar Vlrtaria ha* an
rounti>rH a bad atorm and prrma
tore |ra. wbirh haa d+Lty+d lighter
aga work at Ht M lobar I Th< ahlP
wilt not b* abl# to laava for ftaattt*
until tomorrow Allowing *ight da va
for th* trip, tha llnar ahoutd arriva
In Keattta KTN lay. Octobar ?!.
Shipping Board Ship
Arrive* for Cargo
Tha f'nltad Hfatra Hhipplng Hoard
»t»amahlp Oraal. In tha a»rvlca of
Willwnu. A Co. op* rating
latwiwi |*arffie porta and tha north
rrti part of Rtiropa. arrived Tuesday
night at tha lahdot at. dork Tha
ahip ca**ia hare light, but la aipact
ad to carry naarty I.OOfl »ona whan
aha laavaa for Kurop*. railing at
othar Cauat porta *t» rout*.
a a a
Announce Sale of
Steamship Westmead
Th# »t«-rI steMinahip Weatnwid ha*
be* a sold to (hi HtniKUrd
Co for 11,41!,< C, It wm annotinrw)
by the ! niimt Stntswi shipping hotrii
yr»ffnto> Th# idiip «m built by
the Arm 9hipl>ulldiQ| A Pry Dork
company in 1911.
Weather Bureau Report
TATOCMOf iSt.AN'Iv Ort tt • A M
N!lni| tar*m«t#r f|ou<W wind awuth
»*•«. I*• rr»ll« «n hfivr o«#t «ir
J A MtoffMt at 4 «• leer MfM. Mr A !
mtral firnml at !• laai a two
n«*t*d At i e m
OeCeWr tt—ll If A M 'CMMr;
anuth, 1# mllM an hour in Str
Alabama Mam at nrwn ! f II |'aai*<l
in Str f»ranl . r M Cloudy. wind
•puts. 1$ milf« an h«wr.
Arrivals and Departure*
A rrhrrf
Ortobar II dir A!a'«ma Mam from
Manila via port* and Victoria It C atr
Quabban from Men P»4/« via Point Wtiil
at ♦ a m air Aiaaka fr»m Krmtii*»a(
arn via Wonth«#n»rn Alaakan perta at
noon «er Prior a Albert from Vantoever,
H C . el 11 IS a m
<•« tober It—atr Admiral k«-Iman from
Houtheaatern Alaakan porta at noon, air
Uvada from Ta«*>ma at 4 p m.
Otnb»r It -Str H|M>|aM for flout heael
arn Alaakan porta at •3t p m atr
Horar* X Hait*r far Harbor and
Tatoma at 4 IS p m air Jefferaon for
Mnut heaatern Alaakan porta at I p m .
atr Argyll for I'ort San l,«m at n«>n atr
la>a>U for New for* at 4 to p m,. atr
Kv*ratl for San Pedro via Ktafatt at If
p rn.
Alaskan Vessels
Vald** Mailed OrtoWf 11 atr Alamo
da. weat bound, at It II a m
liiseau Sailed *»« tobae it atr City of
Beajtla, aoutbbartind. at 1 p. m
Vessels in Other Ports
Hal boa Arrival Oetobar l» atr Ha
warden from rlaattla a«id porta for t nlted
Honolulu- Mailed Oetohar It S> hr Ila
flanra for Pug»t Mound porte. motor a« kr
Piortaar for Puget H»und porta
Man Pedro- Arrived Ortolaor It atr
Admiral Hrhiey from Seattle via porte at
7 a. m and eall«>d northkound at 4 p
m Arrived rprtokar 14 Mtr Admiral
Dewey from Seattle via porta at 4 p in
Man Kr ana lace Maileii Or lobar 20 Mtr
Mte»i Ktportar for M«>attle via Portland.
Mailed (htobar It Str Mtanwom! for M
attie and Taroma at midnight atr Kl
Meg.indo for Meat lie at I p rn atr Preal
dent for Seattle at noon
Vlrtoria, H C Mailed Or lobar 20 Htr
Aial.ama Maru for M»atria via Port Town
aand at 2 a. m. Arrived Ortoher It Mtr
lloaati- Mahony from M»att|e via Taroma
for .llmea I aland at S p m
I'or! TowiiiMtnd I'aaaed In r»rtobar SO
Mtr Aiaaka for M*attl« at t a m.
I'ort iiambi*- Arrived October It: atr
Orlffeo from Meattl« >
Kagle Maflmr Arrived (»<tol»ar It Mtr
flora'a X. Master from Mrartle and Ta
Taroma Arrlead firtobar It Mtr Itor
ara X Hall* g from Man Pedro via Mcei
Kveratt Arrived Ortobar It Str Kv«r
-[ ett from Mad !• ram ia<-o via Meattla.
a a a
Reported by Wireless
( anadian 4*o«ernmenf
Ortobar ::0 utr fforaiaan Maru bound
for H«att>• 2 400 milra from Ketevaii at )»
a rn , atr Alameda two houra' run from
Meward at i«0 a m atr Hondowoao |
iKxnid for Nagaankl 1,140 mllea from M«
artle at 4 p m gtr f'oafet bound for
Kobe from Portland 1.200 mil# * from i
Portland at t3O p m atr ('apt A F
tamaa 620 mllea from ('ortfova, north
t»ound. at I p in . «tr Admiral M*bre» off
Cap'' Muds*", northbound, at 4 10 p rn
atr Aiaaka mllea eaal of ('ape reok,
aouthhosad. at 4 p m
I . S. .\aval ( ontinit n I rat lon a
October It Mir J A Moffetr. Mealtle
for Man P«»dro via Columbia River, l.0»:.
Oiiice aorik ol frui Ptidru ai I y.
Stocks at New York
Open Slightly Above
Yesterday s Market
HI; W YORK, (k'| tl* -TM Block market opened higher today I'rlcea
Included Heading >7 off New York ('"Mftl US up '% |laldt»m
111 # ip %. I'tllH Kiatea Hin'l l*S, »P S. Northern !*•«• I f»« M'* tin
«ha-ige.| Canadian I'tdftr 121 V «»ff 1 Htudebaker off Houthern
I'•rifle 995. up . tnited Htatea Kubber 7«*+. Up Mnun I'etrolauta
Its Sup I
The tene of the market continued firm, aitho there »»» no d»»tin.l
trend In either direct ton Mexican l*« t r«»!«um reacted ahghti>. but other
oil* held up
The market ctoaed ,
With the etreption uf Italian. H< indlntv Itn and Oerimn rate*. the for
algti en hangea were Pettrr
4 e • e e V
N'EW YORK. Oct Jfl The Keening Mm financial rrview Bald thte
aft r moon:
White it wa« apparent that Wafl •( wan improved today. trad<n* wi«
•rartfljr more active than In peevtoua eee»l«»na thla week. There »«i
fairl? buying in the rallretd lift. Canadian l*a*ifie. '«#»o»» I'acifii
Nt I'aut. Near York <'antral and a few other* leading
'Thru moat of the acaaion the price Hat «a« in truth irregular, but with
nothing at all to iui«eit weaaneaa 1 nn«d Htatea Hteel fluctuated veri
narrowly thru the forenoon and at mid day ahowed aome inclination to
harden tlethlahem. Crucible and ftepublb* Iron A Hteel made a better
•bowing, aa did llaldw In, the olla and eharea like American Woolen,
t'nitrd State* Rubber. Kelly-Pprlngfletd Tira. American Kuiar defining
and ao hh tine of the few reactionary fan I urea waa International I'aper
which loat aome J pointa The motora did very little. Cotton waa firm
Chicago grant* wen under moderate preaatire.
*H "a 11 loan* renewed and ruled at 7 per eent Time condition* werr
quoted to I per rent bid. according to the nature uf the collateral
offered, but bualneaa were merely nominal"
Market Opens Firm but Is
Hit by Selling
niIC'AOO Dull trading
<* lower el A# I Iff BfKra ..it Hi*
Chit-ago fi<>«rd of Trsa» «<>da> Th«
market opened firmer on • ink *»f
but t his was of far* in
l»"r lr*din« by a fair amount «>f
iwltinf '
!»«*• .*mher vh#it dropped
whin the market »uffered i sharp
hfAK on h*a«f unl'>«4mt of wh<-«i
for t hot m«>n(h I Mcrol-rf «h^i
t r M-1 at •«? f *•' in
and r|oa#d off Mar< h wh««i
o|»*>n«>4l uf it- at lift'* »nd rlosad
off l<v
r«rn opened at up
If. and rIMM |o«n JS<r. Mar rorn
oprnrd up S«* at 4*t%« and clm>d
Perrmhsr <<a*.S. «( the Aprn'nf **t
St\. Was Up S*- *Ut *( the r>o#r
d*«lm»d May »«(• »p< ne<t n
• •Sr. dnwn t%r. and «-l»»se<| up
ifton* rlowd Mrtdjr.
• • •
<W*t. J# C«fh «*he*»
No 2 r*d. I- Si V N- J spring 13 04
• • •
Chicago Board of Trade
WTIHI- ' 'pen tt'gti ! <t**S
lit; is •• uttH i?t>\
ftlsrea..., IHI| 144 fc lit
r»- *i\ t«\ ti% v i *4
Mar .... l»% i*S lIV
»•' its l«» 4 .it .ltH
«•» .. "S lt| i#»4 t»*
I'wl - -
<vt M> . ,v ,*,!*•»»_ 15 »i
cNatnlnaJi —ft tt
Ur4 •
Ort ?• If tt It N tt tt It
St It ft till It ti ItS*
«Vt . ... —~ (NnmiMl) i: w
Ji> n.o. (Koalftall— lt.lt
• • a
Chicago Car Lot*
Para la had If I tt Manning A .
tit «aa«wd A**n«f
Orala— R#»u C*»at. Katd l.i tt
Hh.at It • U It
<*am ......... It* It* Ml 111
Uot* lit 111 I tt It?
Chicago Live Stock
CHICAGO. Ort 10 Met* Receipt a.
'lt MS haad mark*' ?*• to »#< |ewer.
Hulk "f eel-a. in iff |« ;« hut. here,
intlfllit pa*-king. 11l ].(«IIH
ngar i.Mtf.id pio.
ro-tghe tH#!! J*
Cattle Herat pa*. ItM head market
; llf Ik Iff her Haef. ||o|| It buirhar
rt t '■ f n > a»n»r# arvd •
II >«t TS. atoekera and feedera fa veil
111 7» rove rail aWaa 113«1a2t
Haeeipta. 14 *OO S*ad market
• '-ad> Lamka. It .%flt d. eaaa |>2«
San Francisco Produce
I aA* rHA*CiarO. Ort ?• Hat tar
Katraa, Ik par Ik. prima flrtta. lit par
i ik
Kfta RiirM. IP par dot dirtlaa N»
|l. T|r par dm «Stra pullata. |H»f par
dot Nt»deral**d pntlats. IIS r par do*
| < *ha*aa -'altfornia flats. fas« T. Sir par
| Ik. flrata. J3 Hr par Ik
. H. A H FFK
Foreign Exchange
\T.W T'iHK fVt ?• Por-tgn
I ehanfa apanad hiahar today. Utertlnf
f 4 rantlma* lire *.•; Up 4 cantlrn*a
i mark*. 1 4k. np 3 rantimaa
Tha markai »■ «.a»d firm Prleaa ware
1 Mforllnt. I> franra. < 4lr. lira. I Tlr,
lira ratlaa. S T»< mark* 1.41 c.
~ h A «*/:#; K -
Portland Market Report
1 P'IHTI.ANf* '»M 79 Osttla
Ut hand market alow to ataadr and
unr hangad
II .g« llaralpta. 11l head market slow
to «reak and «nrhanr«d
Nhaap ftaralpte 114 head market '->4f
I loner Prima lamie IttPt 10 «ull lartiha.
|lt< Vearilne* nathara. I<tf
I |4 ewee I! 2', # «
Mutter |»ar ll'
® Rage 4"-*7lr par dot
Mena -S4tft<« p»r lh
I'heree Triple l«r par 111
etr Admiral Knrragut Startle for San
| P*ran<la«o. f7 mllre front Naatfla it I p
: via I nlcm liar, 3 tit milee from »'ai>a
via t'nlon Mav. a.tit mllea from rape
Klai'ary at * p m atr Art) 11, Seattle
for Oleum, '\o mllea from ')l»nm at t
i p in . atr Kaetarn ftalle. San rrni'lim
| for Seattle, 3S>4 mllaa from Man Krwi
| r la* oat I p in atr <duaht>ls. Man I'edto
, f<»r Meattla. -10 mli»a from Mrattta at I
■ p m
a a a
Vessels in Port at Seattle
: Smith ('ova t»rmlnat Mtr f*lt|r of Spo
kane. atr Maqnan
I Pier 14 atr Talthytdua.
J flraat Northern terminal Str Kaahlma
filer I Motor a< hr f»*rno.
Pier t. hi r |>ellftht
j 'lmml Trunk dorks Hlr Admiral Kvar*a
J Hell at terminal Motor a. hr Kamchat
ka. atr Mnrveyor
i l'i«*r A Mir Admiral fto«lman
Par Ifl»- < <>aat Kntlnaarlns aorka Mtr
Keetern leader
[Lander at terminal—atr Oranl. atr ftya
Kan Waterway terminal Str Weaf Jvla.
Todd drydorka Mtr Waatward Ho. atr
Klkton, atr Kaatam Maord. atr Hoalta,
atr Qua an.
( Pusat Mound Hrldse A tlrrdgltiß aorkt-
Itr Pattara#»n, etr Italnhow
Amea yurda M'r ftooaevalt.
: |.aka t'nlnn Mulla Ahllla. Almoka. Ahy
doa Addlaofi, AlUnhurat Ahmik An
thnn. Hayden, ltlngarnon
Hiatayle. Wolf Itlanford f»e|.
win. Houghton, I'tauta.
Caharan, t'apraria, Card la. Canlna,
Chsrua, Cliraterfleld. Ohalrla. Clnraa,
» tnyraa, Coras. Co*lan. Cola, Clone,
I.liana. Hladra, Kridymlon, Fort liar*
rlaon, fort Jarkaon, fort MtHimli.
Kort t'nhm. Irnufka, Unii, Kltan,
Vlnrennea, atr Hrookdala.
Ileffrrnan drydo« ka Mir Junrau, atr Ita
k Waal aaaltia eU valor-Mir ITrUalaad.
N. Y. Slock Exchange
Uf I II 4 4•.
CI9 li»nad I « f«M
II if ft U>* (*!<>••
Alrh'ttn l»S 11 « MS
Am«» H»»i Au««r . !IS ?l Tl
A m.f < *r A »Mry 111 in IMS
Amrr ln(rrn«tiun«l *l*4 " S Tl S
Aftt*r flumatr* MS IT I %
Am«r 91% MS MS
Atn*r Tel AM IM »»\ l»\
An*'Mi<lA -IS II'«
luiniiitr* A • '» IT *4 I" S
IUM«i> i It \ 11l S IH «
* \ T| ?| \
■ «m4i«n V*'(ft* IST * |: '* l!'-S
<'«ntr*| l«*«th»r ... I?S II '« H '%
C M A IH I' ... I! , I) V ** '
•'•«»«■ tfutfar .... I« *| s Us
fori* Fr«4«r<l »... II lIS II S
«Ti#l*U .....Hl* l!»S l?l
lis !• S
< iMllfk h M S II I#
<ii««i S»riH«rn »»\ I S >' V
I mlu«f rt%! 4l<oh«t IV l«S l<S
iMfirt' «i ........ t'H lIS l>*
k»MNWI It<| lIS US
Uri««a««t ..... US «*S
H»llr«n IViw'mn lII', lIIS HI S
Pmrt/U ... US ?' t7 %
lf*««« ..... US IU HS
I'.'ifK MS M MS
!*•« Aft*f fVir«lt«» MS •• Ik •• S
h»»»• Arr»« .. II I»S US
K ft II '» •IS **S
lf»«4t»ff H I'S •* S
r.*»i««i« it % i« lis
M*r « AM ........ 'IS -IS II
1-.V- k Ul«»4 II S I* '• tl
M*rt«ir (>i| .•••«•*. 13 US ll \
*r»«<h«rn N'llW ..IHS MS MS
N*HIK«p#I Hallway ll\ II « 31 S
HifmnWf« ....... TIS M lIS
iMiHlthghar ...... II ll S *? S
T«U< IS»(WIY>««... US lIS MS
T«m« rartfi* tss >'H Sis
Tst*"* ta i«S us «i
i mm>« nil «r tM ... lis 5 * s '''%
I fik«n VS<-lftr ins tlfS llfS
l'«iud lUitll BlorM "is "IS
V n HvbWr TTfc TIS ?IS
t'lih Cnfycr ..... US II •*
\ Ivn» AM1..... II II MS
\\»h+9* lIS US MS
W >«'lnfllnuM l?s ITS ITS
NiMr* lIS lIS US
Total mI»«. HI 'l# ii)if»i
I llilJd \ MIMM
lUriM- ii if ii u* n®*
rim 9s '• .Mil ii <1 u-i
rtr*i is ... ml
M I « • II II
PINT I*« • •• *I It •• m M
AV ••»«! IS* I*l* Mil II *»F
Th f l I t • »l II II T« II *1
?«»«R«h IS* . ... «• L* I*l* MM
rt'in is * mm msi Mil
ruth is • MUM 32 II II
I Vital Statistics]
westover K M I lay C«r Or. gin
nakamura Katsujl, lit 2&tb a»e M.
hino Junich. II r n No 2. K*nt.
yamonisto masutaro H K f> Ma I.
riot *7. Iw.v
aoyama koichi 111 Trrry avr . fifl.
watanabe yozo 122# K Hprura it.
scruggs T M, Ml? 21rd av# . Ctrl.
rimmer J. I« 111 VS Mr(2ri« l»«jr
swenson hilmer 1121 California
i*» . hoy
burns C\ W . ?•! f*lnr »« (Jifl
womach. A 11. 4141 2Mb ar* H.
pratt renten HI? v\ ifeab hoy
schubert John /„ I mi H J»7th. aftrl.
ishmael william SOlO \\ 17th h«»>.
yeager. Fred 70S: W ilth hoy.
mccrary george |f|| nth N.
carmaugh james J Kv«r»M bot
Payne raymond HI W Itn4. b»y
pederson peter *l2 W ftlrtl girl
harvey bernard Mil w |7th §rtr l.
Jones 1 M 101 l»lre«t«»r at , b«»y
preston II II 1111 W 741b *irl
atwood M w. *l* N Mlh m . boy.
Kioske II K, Hot l»uw«nn*h av».
griff Norman f'an«y Apt# boy.
brewer J I». i'bikflr«|i>n h'.j
berglund J 11. Ill 9 Fifth ava N.
cichetti Salvatore, 2201 Nurmtn it,
prentice H U. 201 Nob I III! avr
pande gunar 177 27th avr, N, girL
keeney J J. Kugrnr. nr.. boy
warfield fja©r»*r 52 127 Bi>'h av»* R.
rust John H. §S. 211 f K «*hirr>
eicher homer infant |, 1121 loth
avr N.
rawlings infunt. I*H 2.1 rd ave J4 W.
weinch paulina *2o y. ftsth
clifone rasaria S.f. PIN 2'iiti «%«»
santander r luis A . 47. 40:« C N'mth
ave N K
wise bertis K 41. T»08 N' IJnd at.
crenshaw Jamea. bO. 2517 V* Pra
NilHf and Hraldenra. Age
whitmarsh forrest lafayette rile, He
attlr . ... ... SI
branstettler Myrtle K, N'hiii.- ..'£2
goodfellow William Korrmt. i4r
* 111»« ... 29
holmes Anne M h- hiii- j . 2J
bancke. charles K.. Seattle lyrical
kellogg Mary louise He*ttlr
jessop edward. Vancouver. It. <'..22
lewis margaret i, Yaneouvor. II <*. If
bechel L I*. Jr.. Hratll* .. . I««• «rnl
enos Ida. H«*attl<* , . |,<>gni
le beck maxwell VN HrHttlf t «chl
keenan laura S«<at(l« Iwkhl
milosevich nicholas H«*ati|» . hrgal
Mlloaavlrli. Ellen H«altl« I.«*kml
schmitz dietrich h <J., Hrat 11«». . . I.*•*«!
huteson Mukhi'l, Hrnftl.
fowler robert it, S«-iittlr l^kriil
shove May K., Hrnttlr I.***nl
simpson george T . . . . 22
wright M-iignrct Violet, Vin
* t It. i' 21
ahrenkiel pete I'. to. I .*•««!
bishop Alma I . M*»attl»- !«••««!
* .4 w i:I:K
Timber Co. to Open
Dry Storage Yard
Tlir I'ugrt Hound Timber Co ha«
purchuPtM) Ih nrrfN tit th'- aotllharn
rrwl of 111** iMiuuminh wntrruuy, Tht
l onahlrratlon in r«porta<l hm $27,760.
Blinaol Hunch t'o. wrrn tho ftirinrr
fia'nrrn Tlu- altf» will be d**vHoprd
mh a dry atoratfc unu cluaMiflcatlon
Quinces. Persimmons and
Pomegranates Abound
Qtilnrea, per*immon*. pOßMMfran*
aIPN llivm Viiftal fruits of full, nr#
mui h In cvltfmen along thi Weatem
HVR curb. QUI li «'«*« arc quo led at
|a '•<» for a |Hnr box. Yellow per
ilmviiHia from California. tba ilw of
N Urgr apple, are Nrllliig at 13 60 »
No nnvi«lHMi were rrportwl In We<l
nr mlun rn<>rn loir
flutter HII'I firf« maintain the
aaint* and )ot»l»era are now
predii tln« l)ul (ha *>(( rn.arke( haa
ffni hH i(a peak Hut the) kno« k
en wood
Local Markets
rrtr## r*a d Hbflaan* ru*i«n fa*
?e«a«abtaa rn* frail
Mirlmliaa for »!,»• T It#
«'••• Ut §r+*rn, per T% lIS# M
W«« t|
ft~ta ew M, k t »«# I U
n#H r n»e»n i*tv i«a . . tit
« aM.*«( live II
' areola i'»r aa< fc . . llt
« a«lirt.M»*» p., rrata ltl#ltt
* i **<-a I i*f l»i .... I••
♦ •'»»'.»« MotliMtM. p»r Am. Tl
r «i rtaal r Waah raaaa. t••
OarlW Car Tt> . II
!-e-a' (Mr !b . ....... tt
I'paru Car »h ... '•
It'dhrlU f*» r | U g
C|r*taad ( hfrf|« par Wi f • •#*
l'«"w U-«l, |M>f > rata . .... .1 M#t M
MutlirMna |. rf f>. M
«»»••»,. r~ t. i!«
OnloM r«r II tb ®o • I
iat %
* Waab
... tl\
Pampblaa -t*»~ai par fb ••
Mlol.nrt. f*. 14# tl
fta«abta«ra far Mrh •••
S««Mh lltihfcar.l •' '»
•waa* r «r« » al r .*r aa V * It# I»t
I'ftUiM* r»» »» ... t«l» *a .
f-«<aio~ out4oor ll# I It
• J»a»n Kr tl
t«r«||M !.*v»l p»r M'l *T§
r#Hn« par lb .... ttH
r oi err iu# .... ! ••
lla»r«« |*»r I* ....
t ataa UuliUnt . .... tl
r w . ••*.#• tt
l«aaat «m||m i ftftN
*"••••' r««o rwrta*. i«> ttt#»t«
r*al t It# > *t
W>a*»aa e>» r% ....S ItH
r*mm r»f rf«l« ttt
(anlalMiiM r Waah *n#tat
r«MiNi* r*f o t:u t:s
t IVr |ft| • •••
pet t«f .M.I »l#ltt
i rmmH+rrU* |'#f tw| ... tl«# t*
• . . 1 ' # ?t
tla* l>rt«l Maett, pr A, ».
- an |k« Mi ..%.... I**
<*ra»wa n /
#*«.», | ft* v««k*t tl
U«t !»•«••« . .... «?t#<l*
*»a«*#t «. .t t ti
Tak«> t*+* lac #. • It#: Ti
I'fftr • r«n fw 4«. o*r r«*a ttt#t »•
H«*»i pM*» era a ...... Tit
%*trala*4 i»»# la . Jl
H»Um r«f 1 ... tl H
HtrlMumWl Rlu* r>*f rrata. 111
I'* < »»•« Wrleita Pat fl>
IMMM Vmt bwt
«»»»r «•*•# ..... i it#* <*
IlMOa I tl
aalvar I Ti#* ••
r*mr» Mar« *4t. I»«ai ... Itt#!ll
rail catta# I Tl
aartl* I Jl
fiolainai I'M t<i«
r :«•<>«•• ... a It
r«NMfliaa§l«» Pm lot llt
M«la.«a Vmt lari* boa t-•
■Wrtaiaim* RmrWaMol. rei. Itt
Ta#klaa» MiUai -- f tfciaa M»
a?. l te#* ta
Wilnwiiaa Pa» ft .. tU# tIH
Mi»» ratal at trWaianla
4taaaaa* '•» «ft Jl
Meatll P*f Tb . . .ft
(Vaatia CaJ. pat tb . ... tl
rirw#ia i*#t n. st# tl
at»laa«a MaartkuHaa II
IM ii# ••
Taaaata TlrftaM Raial'>tt i. tt
• . ' •*. pot ft II
r*rtM rar ft .ft
rrtraa PaM I* aaiapaia
J'fMh oft- h ....
l't|ll»U .... ..............
Milk Par cw« 121
fait Wkalaae*# iHaian
liNior . ea^aa
|lf if V '• .11
!««• t»«ah raa« U .. •!
rullaaa .............. tl
Of irtpiaaa J*# H
WHa/-aa*oi rfMia l»ri. k .. ta
Mtaharitr a?
T."«ag t'ltarlra .... .....
mark laiaa tl# II
Waah inpiata 12,
rvtaaa Pall by Itheleaala Datlaia
la aktppara
f>«rka ll# II
|li«. I ttia
a ll#a *r><l ap ........ .It
Hr»lUfa All valcMa ... |«
>naa«ara It
(i#*a» I4va . .tl
IMal«a llaeaa Mta f»ar f|» ~ II
rilaaa rail a k«iaaakva
lin'ka I• f *••"1 ai
Hfollarv t'r»«a4 at# al
Maw* loaaaad ..?!#!•
lurWrra DrtMi ll# II
Prlraa Pait la Jklppara
H«ara raar» ft# II
Ul raacy ;t# j?
tfadium IT# If
(laaiaiUM ai llaalfaria
frimN .. I ? tt 9| 7 at
IfMllof* t« rhi.lra ialt«M?*|
HtMi«h aaaajr liao#ll«*
r««• ii tan ii tt
li*a* aia#ra t|a#!ttt
Milium ta rk«'ira ltd# a tt
t i-«t rata ar.<l h*lfara T 210 t Tl
nutia a ta# t at
raivta T tt#n at
a print lamba It ?R#t| It
T»arllnara T It# a tt
Waihara ... a 'o# 7tt
c«»* I M| a tt
Wknlaaala rikt r«» laa (1(y I'rlra
|l»rl*r W hoia It tt
| itullad 13 tt
rilppea 17 tt
Oat* ItMllad <t Ot
Wiaia la tt
c «.ra Whale al •«
(*ra« had t7 tt
|-|M»P IT tt
(•round llMtta as Ot
Mill Ktia «t tt
Alfalfa ... 21 tt
Alfalfa M*al . 5a tt
*« ratrh I'woal ~.,71 tt
M lira( B i Ot
(:uf k i o«d iu tt
( upr* II 00
( •lion Hwl Mm* l 71 ot
Halt Meal I! 7 ot(
Urlta I a 01
Marble t.r((• It tt
I Inaerd Metal 02 00
K|| PrMtliarrr .7100
Meal and lloaa 11l 00
Mrat Ni rupa 112 tt
Mlirl# Mnal «!»! . 2101
Oyaiar la 00
a<i|« llaaat Metal ~T lot
I Imar IV hht . . 1110
I/iulo Chlnoac marrhtnt. wai
fllird $7OO by Fodnrml .llldar Neirtrr
whan hr plaadad Kiiilty In thr
r nit ad Hiitir* dint rift <H»tirt Wrdnra
day to p<»hhi'hhion of narrotlrM.
In pronouncing r»«'iit4»nfr. Judirr
Nrtrn-r *"*prcw«rd the tonvlitloti
tint I v lOIH T ioti of th' l fiiirrotU' lUUH
v*aa una «»f thr worat tiffroara with
which thr courta had to deal, untl
ntatrd that only thr prrvloua Rood
record of thf defrndant auvrd him
Xiom u tcriu in the ponlUnUury.
A Little Story
With a Moral!
- Ileat platform of *
Cow en Park oar
Time Nln* u'i IfN k, WHnm
diiy mornliiK
•'•"i One aober man. one not
|T"I Nllltf (
Hatnl the Inrrutiot fjlnper Ja*
"Quit ahovin* me. you' Wnnna
ft*hi* l*o >ou need H ahav*• or
I" that Ihlnic H beard? I dotr*t
lit" - your tn*r !i*v«tn't I Mfii
»ou Itrfomf'
Hhul tin* party of ihr *ect»nd
purl "Yen, I lieiieve you IMVC
w*n m» hrfnn, IH« friend. ft
limy no Im» Ihil you mill nr*- riif
uicnin My nam* IN Judge * K
l'lii>pmi|. I'm drput) proaectlt
ln| Ktturney for King county,"
Haiti the Joyful June .lu«f
*1 >h*"
Moral It'* A wl*e drunk thai
known hi* own prim** utinic al>
That official* of the Hound Ti%nilt
■ «»ritpan> purporting to repreaant
owner* of Heattle jitneys have r«'
fuv*l to mert thr «Ity half way in
it* effort to r<«( h a compromise
working agreement with the Jitney
internal*. was ilitiiirMi by Mayor
4'aldwell at the limrlDf on the Jit -
nr> problem before Iha Judlclitf )
omifiUttM WedMadfty.
lUprtM>ntotla«a of the Houtnl
Tranait company, the jitney tlrtvera'
union and H fleevea. jtuperin
teiwtent of put»ll<- utilitie*. wt ra ap
|M«inted la*t weak by the «oun
til to work out mmpromlM plana
for Jitney r m 11 Jit 1 ion
(*lty offit ial* t htir*e that the
Hound Trattalt peoftle are lIIM< K irtac
the comprami*# by uiicj witwahie
detna nda
"1 hnv* nn doubt l)pil thi city
ha* an atamlutr ri*hl to laglftlat*
ronrrrniM* tha tur of lh* ilrfrti."
Cm hi w*|| iin ur«l "If I hi* Mound
TmnnH romimny r*f uMt» lo iho*
any dlaf»oallion to m*#t Ihr citjr
half way. than wa will ignore their
t)*m*nda and so ah»*d with our
rvfuUitory ordiniiirr "
T*rn) Inf that hr h«4 Ifw ndvo
pa>m«nt of th* Hi Hi (MM) f»r
ihf *traat car lyiiftn on' of IMfml
la ft* Hon M*)or Hufh M CfcMwatl
W nlowlay ifiitfrH tha lattar of
th* Ch*mb#r of CnmrnTrf Taxation
burfati o|»|M*ing (h* i«a>m*rit of the
railway by city taspayrra
"t pa> m»*nt of the
•treat cat debt from tha raneral
fund aa on a of the poaalbla couraa*
which mUrht wnfrcnl tha rlty In tha
railway problem." tha mayor a* Id
"Itut I navar Advocatrd tha mf*A
ura -
Oaldaratl declared that h!a object
tn ffivinc out tho figure* on the
atreat rar ay at em and euvvrattn*
varlmia cw>uraea of»en to the elty waa
to arouae the lntere«| of all element*
of the community In the atreet car
"The line of lr*a»( raalatanea for
me would be to advocate aome tern
jwrary e«client. ** the mayor added
"but I cannot etM*ape the conclu
sion that aome permanent feaaaible
policy will hav# to be ad«»pted aooner
or later "
OAKI.AXD. Gai., Orl 10 Thr**
prn*on» arena dfA<! today a nd' in
othrr dying from poiaontnjr aald
to havr followed raiting * ran of
fttrtnc limd* inti Hpiiuich wn'fd
at a local hoapttal.
Thr drml .rr I»r Kdllh Htron*.
of Ht. Anlhon)''< ho»r>lUl. Mw
Kiilivr R«-no.. nun* .it thr ho.pit.l,
MI«« M;«r> RUMMH. nurM>. waa r»
IKirtM nrur rtrnth
ot th, ront.nt. of thr
ran wrrr M*M trwlay to thr t'nl
vrnitly of ('.llfornt. luhoratorlMi ut
Itrtkrlry :in»J lo thr- \Vr«.trrn I.V
nrntorlr. In San Fmnclitco for
rhrmlml analy.i*
a A wnt:x
N. Y. Coffee ancl Sugar
Slew YORK. (Vt tl - Rutar —Oranu
lat"it 119 19' per lb
foffer No 7 Rio. »c par lb Kantaa. tl
#ll Ht par lb
Public Markets !
Piilli It-IT. |-lt» < an r»d Kara imip
T-Jir. I-lt> ran maplr Kurt) aymp. lit,
I < * fround . hnrolai* llr l-Tti
I '*n H**ll I" VU«t K\ff i-offM. air B>
| 2 lii 11 99 Haraoh<>>'• • «>«•«»•. 10. Tti
l>«i( gunpowder tn Sir H» Wall S4. po
II T"k«v gr*t»+a if«• Th
10-11. irnnh rhtii**. Tie It' : il»fr
• iriik lit* IT* t»aron J'n Tt> At at J 111,
I ; cart* Da) Montr l>rai»« lie I ran*
Hunktat tAmato aaura. fir. ran* corn.
Hu«<r atall. * bara N<> ttub S'apilia
"I®, I »'«ra Sunn* M >mla> **>ap. *•«•
TIKI ri irk
atail 1?. lava < an* auiar " tha ftr. 4
t Tt«a l.'i Htall ?*. pur«* frrah milk, llr
•l t Mi all «« tall «-an Carnation milk.
l?*+r fat all 31. ml anap|>rr 2 Ilia !tr.
I halibut i hr«h», ?l« n» largr Norway
harrtag ' f"i sir Mtall 12. to tt> pail
oirßhum. I **o j Tba macaroni ail
mill .ana stall ;.S t*r> atal V> l.lta
aoa|>. 4 4< bar. J bar* l<#rios a«»ap. Ir.
Italia .17 t. n.». M J l» coffer.
|1 »». 4 • Itural baktnir i»n*.|»f
Hiall 41 l&r I n> ran Kogara baklnf
► j.oadrr. ?i« I tT» ran |1 or* Napolaon
I ollva oil. |« on aal |l 10 S -aal II « gt
Htal a 7 * ». Upton a tra «»• t»» ; lie
Mot ton ihukrr Halt 10. . Wo .an l>rl
Monta b»»i*na. 11 «• Htall fr«-ah walmun
f, rarh invrraff wrlaht 7 to 10 Th* »
fraah bonclran anlmon. »0c lb Htalia
i I onbtna. It lb* Kraatl pap pat*
in. lb siall 27. lv»*ro ajrmp. lie.. It..
'» brat pranut buttrr 11c S Iba
16c. t'arnatlon milk. IJ'to «*an.
Htall 1« b*nat buttrr f !. T*> . J Tha Tttn
buraer, H*lm cbr»*«a»», 4ir lb Htall
110. lanrb aboublcr, ljc Tb . rib atrak.
Ift.- H. mutton rhopa. *&r It' Wall 14.
a|l\»r aalmon. lie th . :: lha 3lr. canning
aulmon. 10r. It» ; rrd unapprr. X Tli« 2lr;
akli>*i*"d *o|ra. ? H»* 2fcr frc*h black roil,
J n.a fsc « rab*. I f*»r lie. lfiaairrn
oyatrr*. He pt
Htall* *0 ?t brat frr*h buttrr llr Th
2 lh* |1 ?."• fraah ranch rata. Isr do*
Htall* 11-11. Miimm for canning llr th .
large aalt mur krrel. 2fir th . arallopa. 7fir
pi Htall lrg «»f pork. *S<- Tb . pig
h*ad». llr lt> pork r«ta*t, 20- lb Htall
111. «tralnr«i honr> 4.*>< pt Jar, I rana
torn, f.O. Htall 4*>. «9-lh -iv k It#* bard
whaal flour I *» 10 P »••• 11 Karo syrup.
n.".< Htall* ?4 .Iti, M .1 II coffr®, I lb
4 it . tb* II .10, Cttrua pon drr, 17c pkg .
t'.oldrn Wrat coffrc. lie tb
H. A. \\ EHK
UmiH'ii la IK ntiml Imnihihc mm) iiit
100 politx' lo interrupt tlicio. 1
Relative Declares Defendant
Is Insane
CIIICA'JO. Oct ?0 Wh'th'-r »
man who l*»ta hi* alack on n pair
of tiiiM a an<l walka around hi* < hair
to nbiini* hi* luck IN of atn* 1 rnlnd,
wita a »|u««tlnn the jury In th* trial
of f'arl Wanderer «■* wrrnv offper,
iu>ru«*d of murder, waa fa<-*d with
Wanderer. with "lay In*
hid wife and a tramp he hired to
»UJC#» a fake holdup. la Inaan# wit
n tedtlfled.
li**rnard Itoth a r«l.itl*f, dHlirwl
there wimn't any doubt In hla mind
~m to WindTfr n lnaamt>
"Ife'd l»et hid atar-k of rhl[M on a
pair of nine* ' dald Hoth. "and c«*t
t up and Hdlk around a chair when
iptaylnir poker,"
Mujror lluih M Caldwell appoint
ed A IV llamill. prominent Seattle
Mialne** mnn. to the lamrd of |«fi(
'« omrnifwuone ra Wwlnraiiy. to iur*
lt«»ii#rt H. Oalttffan, who dM
ilidl Wffk
Ha null haa liwn prominently Plen
tiful with the commer* lal life of th#
«ity for more than 20 year*. Me m a
memlier of Hamill Mrothera, manu
facturer*' ayenta. 110% \V»atern ave
(Wore rominf to thla city, h»» «n«
refary to the mayor of lluffaio
J He im a member «»f the Arctic rlub
'and of ihe Chamber of 4'omfnerve.
We offer* subject to Prior Sale and Change in Price i
The L nHold Portion, City of
Province of Alberta
General OMiffation 6% Gold Note*
FROM ALL « _ f*f
Thie rear's *h*at rmf of ih* IMmonton diitrlrt he* b«*n *elei»H a«
• I M#.»H bi»ahele It li *ip«rie4 to nrp«M the r*cor4-brMklM >1»I4 ef
ih* t-mr l»lS Ketl«*at*-4 >»» Me for <*thrr rrtlni »*• m '>* U.
ft: bgihr.i. ««*r«dhf n»irlr «* buih*li U Ih# acre tarl*y.
••• buahele run&ini about !• I uth»li per a*-re, and rye. 1.7M.9H boa hoi*
atiib «A tmtft )kl4 of M buahela aa acvt
Prices Subject to Increase Without Notice
UATW) KKmURRR I. lIN H— mmhmmlUaa. |tM. MM wi tIJM I
Met ortt yae lolleea PrtoclpoJ ami eem» aanoal Imoiaell
n„e M»..t t if i»r • mm 'March I aa-! Kept'mbe# 1. payable H»*.
Pt»e Kept J. It.. rrtr # a# tf { . n (JoJ4 rMm 1(| s#>w y#f . % aa4 u
(hm ftept. I, l»I3 Price •: <1 off}.«o of Morrta Brother#, Inv f\|
" mnotKHiT »v|
• raoo oeo»«M--<1 »iu*ll"n |*«it Via#
Vaiae Muni«tpel Properly mot iw !udir| Public Vtliltiae). II.tS&.JTCM <(
N»« Debenlore Deht> M
«•»••«* from Public ruilliei »ah««c eoet of «.perat»ee »... H7,:71 M
N*l lmprw*emeet [>rM irate pey»re* ikarer MII UIM
In addition to being General Obligation Notes,these are
secured by long-time debentures totaling f 2,.',9X.J,J0.
»W"iH kr VilMf. Mmtmmr * IMI, TmaU. "miti
Tl.l H HU\>. oil TRI.n«*M OHIIKKn AT Oi l KXrKXHB.
r— The Peewitee Maalrlpal M N«d**' /
r«leiiH«tw 4 "hitlle, ftaoh,. Vo l ( aalnil Hld|, Paaiul
Mela :tf7; KIIMI Mia. JT
lVHaaijiOfe.. Morrh Hall4ta«. M
M ••»**» Ttcoma, 1 Mh . 114*411 y BolUllof. HlUlao
<on lory. MOB Iraarhw. <ol. HrerhMU Mhr^
V, NaihMl Book BulMtow V—_-
For I? OA we will »hip prepaid to any principal city In Svfd<>n.
Norway Hfnmtrk or Finland on- box ««f Fancy Yakima or We
natrhee Apples To any place outalflr of the principal citlen. the
<«>n»igner will pay freight fr.»m neareat main city Shipment* each
until Novtrnttrllth. I*2o
\\> will attend to each order peraonally: your name will appear
on ea* h bo* a* the vender Apply by mail, phon** or at office
*eaH««Ml lIhINIm> Seattle. Wash. Phase Mala lf Hi
Write coniigrne* name and addr. M» fully, a* followa;
To .
AddrrM J
Nearfnt principal city... . 4 i
Province Country... S
Number of hove# and amount endowed \
Winter Playground of the Pacific
Where the climate brings sunshine
and flowers the year round
Play golf over splendid courxr*. tennis on championship court*;
JMIIO on field* of International renown, motor over perf.vt high
ways. horaelwek riding along picturesque bridle paths. aurf bath
ing on smooth sandy beaches.
Choose Your Winter Resort
and travel via Ihe Shasta Route
California booklet* will help you *«.|ect the resort of your choica.
Secure your eopy now. They are free on request.
Apply to Railroad Ticket Agents for Informa
lion as to farea, route*. train aarvioa and
sleeping car accommodation*, or address
t.ern l'sn*r.Agt. IMat. I n * r„ n(tr A|rt
Portland. Oregon. SeatUc, Washington.
Chicago Board Presider
Answers Charges *
CHICA(K), Oct JO Tradio* j
rraJn '.n th«- '*hlr*«o lio«/d of 1 -•<»
i. on Ih. V r. <***•.
fieri I of tti<- t*i»rd, <oli> <":<•« r*<
I Watkln- itatlatUlan for '*>• f»«l«H4
1 r,i4« o.fnmlaai'.n h**r* loday.
Walk In* In lnv»*ti*atln* • tjf
rn«d« fcy K»n»t»r r»pp»-r *l»d On*
|«-n hottl of Knfi»t«. tb»» IT™ 1 " P'
tiro manlputAtMl by b*»ard
t h.«t gambling In grain l« oon<»u<*H
■>B an nttwlw »c«4j» „
I "There la no manipulation t
. or rambling on Uw bo*r4'^
Halm aald
Ttie .tJilrrn-m waa mad» In a p v
vat«- Interview Mw*n Walking %
j th#- board of tr»d«- pr*»M>-nt
I klna will not rondu<-t of.»n
t.ui will Interview omrlala of
trrNir*la of tr»d»-a In ritjew where th » ,
Tlx- rr'ont drop of « i*nl« Ir %
l.rtre of trbml wm due to the "•
.mount uf Canadian grain
Into th» country." fhitrm d»«:l»r«d. Bg
Municipal League ;
Raps Jit Mea»ur
At It* maetln* Tuwltr, the Iff
nu I|ie I leaifiie Ktoptid a report «vf J
milted l»y a »l'*« >al
< lartnir ajnunat th# jitney I
which will »t>p«ir on tn
IMIIOI Nwtmtor 2. The rnmmiHi
«onaiet in* of O B TliorfnmJJ
Joseph Ja-robr. H. M lirai kett #
Monw and Marlon Kdwajß
j point**! out that the meaxure 4cn
not r*»rulat* jitneyn at all

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