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Another Murder Charged to
Man Who Is Now Serving
Life Imprisonment
OAKUM). Oal. on :o
;wliv» today aifted a theory that
!Jlh Oulwn «ho waa choked to
laath tn> atertouatjr at Piedmont tax
March «» a victim of Uh- notortoua
Bluebeard" Wataon
Thia thaory oaine to tha front aa
a r»»utt of a letter from a
artmari aaylnti aha had witii«mM tha
murder She «ava a deacnwlon of
the murderer which, accord IHT to
polica tallied with that of Waiaon
In 00-oparatton with U* An|'l«
datoc Uvea. Oakland authorlttaa hare
trtced Wataon'a tuovetnenu at tha
time of the murder and thev aald
todaN tha> ha\a evidence Indicating
lie wa* in Oakland on the <ta> that
Ml** Car loon waa killed
Wataoit now k* tn «*n Qu*ntln.
Ohl- laMMdur —rvtn« a lif* t*rn».
r»lK>»tnc bia cunf**aion lo 10 mur
a wsms ——
Jitneurs and City Officials
Try Again Today
(After afternoon *r»*nt ta tnef
feet tin I verbal comltMt city
offiriilx tnd rpprfwm«livi« wf th»
jttney inttrMtii continued until W etl
ntidi r ifUmoon their effort* to
reach an HTfMlnt rtf»nlin| rout-
Infn to be rnfoirvd un«l*r the nut
tnc Jftnev *
A Mho a coramUMkm. of
c*il H. lirovca and tepiMnU !
Ilv«« of lh«- Jlm*ur* had b*rn ml
work for sum# day* Uirwhini out
lb* tfrtula of lb* cuiuprumwr I'Un
■trknl aifUmirw fcv»loj*l »l
TmkU) » m**tin«
lpot«n«n for th* Sound Tnuialt
W>tny, an or*anl«atlon of )l(n«T
mm obJ*ft*d (o all routing* pro
yotad by thr city. M(«pitU Uitl of
th* Kaat Union lino Th*v took par
ticular ascaptlon to th* r*r«mm»nda
tfon thai Cow*n Pur* Jitnvy* ran
en* war on Brooklyn av*. and th*
eth*r way on 1 Ith |» N*. K
Hot h th* Jltnay Drt\*ra' union
and th* Sound Traruit company op
, |niil th* prorWAM In th* pr*a*nt
<aty irdltuncf flung th* rate of far*
i' M U Mnl» and raatrtoUai th* n»m
? tar af p*—nn<n I* b* earrtad la
1 aaaaa* of th* aaatln* capacity.
I - ft A. WEEK
a JL n tf.A
Mrs.Raymond Robins
% City's Guest Today
t Mr*. KvmM4 fUblaa arrtvad tn
•tattM inhy from Tmnn. ou
■M by • (M*caUoa of promln»n« r»
< publican women and taken to (ha
lit* Washington halal. and win ad
* drCM a man meeting In the Audi
f torture. adjoining tha Preaa club.
>VUi a»». and l*itf>araltjr at I
" 9- •-
| Like (jood Coffee
Like good coffee, a good oil heater makes a
breakfast Filled with Pearl Oil its ready heat
chases away the chill of the morning and cheers
up the whole room. Pearl Oil is clean-burning,
without smoke or odor. Economical. Sold in bulk
by dealers everywhere and by our stations.
Order by name—Pearl Oil.
standard oil company
Frank W. Mondell
Painfully Injured
RIVKKTON. Wn, tx-t.
Frank W. M>>n<l*il republican l*ad
•■r In th* hou** of rrptrimuiina
«uff*r*d a brok'n l*» wh*n a Ur»»
Un* of a mt*m aliu«*l. on whlt-h b*
•tapped brok* and eao**d him to
fall Th* acrldont omirrtd on th*
rihoahon* (aai r\ tlion iwar bar*
Mtmd*ll vw Ukm to i hoapllai at
LantW »'r*
1 a nr.rx
Crazed Logger Kills
Woman, Then Self
ABEIIIJKKN. Orl ># rolM»
w*r* unabl* today lo <*M»rmtn* th*
nothr* which pmmptad John Nort,
a woodsman, to alay Urt olga Kan
tonen, M, prop natron* of a bath
hooaa. h*ra y**tartUy. and then tak*
hla own Ufa. Mr*. Kant cm *o wu
*lK>t thru Ut* haad.
ft a. iritx
PORTLAND Or Body of U tl
McDonald r««»w»l ffwi ftuidy rtw
t. leartng three vfrtlma of auto ae
r-Jdeatt unround >l«dy of Edward A
Hartjr waa taken out pmlsunl;
—— f A wr.t.M
!/>« ANiiru.. J Two-bit haircut
<uid Is«wnt »ha«w reuppear h»r«
Accused of Operating Still
in His Home
Aarttaad of oparwrinf a itltl tn hi*
horn* at 1)11 ttaarnn a**. W W
Morrla wit hatd with Q. Oaurappt*
on op*n (har|M \V»dn»«.Uy,
Miitrli waa diarharfod from th* pa
Un* dry wiuad aft*r th* trial of ftargl'
R. K. L. Itet*«*»a, who alao wa« Ala
mtaaad for ao whlnfey daaL |
I1»* «*ll'>na of whlaky and »*0 cat
kma of maah w«r* a*ia*d at Hwftf
homo Mortia waa flr*t arr*wt*d la
an auto H* waa lh*n fnrrwd to tak*
dry aquad Mn to hla bom*. Hw gal
Inna of moonahtna ar* a!l*g*d fa
ha** b**o tn lb* auto.
ft A. WKKM
Everett Boy I* Shot
While Hunting Duck*
KVKRKTT Ort 1* Charles Phil
lips Mumm. |t. wm killed when hla
«un arridentally dtacharsed whiia ho
(« hunting >lurk« ftaturday
Carpenter'* Home
Brew !• Destroyed
• A Cuilo. 11. narpantar waa at lib
erty on (194 ball Wednesday follow
in* hi* arraat by tha dry aouad at
till orrltard at Wty rallorui of
wina (na«t. wer. d.imiaJ and II
i uula of home braw «ilMd
Chilean Consul Die*
of Heart Failure
luis A santander Chilean Mnaitl
to Seilile and twlfaiil professor In
al pan lah at tha I'nlvaniti of Waah
in*ton died of heart falinra at ht«
h®m» Tu'adar H. la *wm»ed by hla
widow and two Malar a So fuaaral
arrangement* bar. yot baan mad.
1 rouß I
B ■
I Do you Vnow that I
I they are like a fil- I
I ter, separating out ■
I the poiionoui I
I wastes of the blood? I
■ In thin cold. moist I
I climate the pore* of I
■ the body do not do I
I their share of elinv- I
I inating tiody wastes ■
■ through free per- I
I spiration. This bur- I
■ dens the kidneys I
V with extra work. I
I People in the North- I i
I west should pay I
I especial attention to 8
B the condition of I
I Tynon's Kidney I
■ Tablets are liest for I
■ bladder troubles I
I and lame back. I
■ They are a uric acid I
I A s °' v e " 1 4,1,1 I
I 5sJ '* c *-» ken after I
| RK each meal. I
Burglarette Gets
3-Year Term; She
Smiles at Judge
(luir4*rnm»ri from tha naw
ln<li(»lritl hnma and cllnln for women
(imika and iruf addlrta dt iMl< al
i mU* wan to taka May <sold#n, H*«it
tli>> prrtty II yf«r«ld buiglaratta
and orMkMWiMrun, to the homo to
day to aarva a tat m not to «ucoa<l
thrra yrara
•i >« ouiniand." Ml<l l>»f>uty Pmaa
rutor John l> Curntwly I" lutl«»
Kin* llykMnan )r#*t»r<U|r afi»rt>o«n
"that (hi* young w<iin*n b* a»n
l«n' *d to »»r»* not to #*«•«••<> It
> Mar* "
Mr*, OoMfB c*<i*ht tha adira of
tha ratline l«fora lb* )inl«f * barifb
and «>rinnl to *wonn Quickly rom.v
•tint, hnwrvr. *h* *>"•' C'iutii««ljr a
diadalnful alanro and aald:
"Judi*. your honor, t'm portactly
Innocent of t|iia eilma** \
Hha had been convicted by a jury
of breaking a window in the homa
of (V M Itudaon. II!# I|t>««ll «<
with bur«lariau. lal'nt <»rly on tha
murnlng of Aufu*' 17. whll* und*r
**nla*n« , « *» a va<fr*nt
Mh* had prayU u*ly. It la *aW.
hal|««d rtaek a aafa
A sold Hn« ">al HuO«on Idntlflwl
M hkvlni Mn iMli'ltfd thru In*
brukan window was found In »-«-r
(i11wMi Minn whan I'olira Mar*t Uui V.
lUaaalbktd and l*Ktrolinan J. O. Or*
lor mrnlD h*r
Ju<»K« lukcman d>ara*»r<l<-d Cur
mwlv'a rw*>niii»i><»non.
'*Thla rtr« h'i(i<p m Medical I«rt k • ~
h. Mid. "la a reformatory Inatltu
tk-n If thla girl la U> I" raformad.
Ih- reformation altould ba hotir«»bl»
within a |mi or tao It la than
Ih-i tniaailila that tha bratd of rati
tr«l 0«i her parola.
"fount woman." ih»x»un added
•fiU ar» atnrularly fortunate In be
in* aant to thla homa. Had you
rttme hero a (•» a«u 1
% j
' ■*? • *
■ K
<OS* if&lofu
/That's why Spur Cigarettes have won. There
are plenty of cigarettes of merit, some claiming one
pleasing feature, some another. But there was room
—at the top—for a still better cigarette—one that had
all the goodness of the others and then some.
Spur's new blend of choicest Oriental and American tobaccos
gives greater richness, aroma and mildness than you thought a ciga
rette could have. Spur's crimped, not patted, seam makes a longer
lasting cigarette. v -
If you're looking for the highest possible quality at the lowest
possible price—that't Spun
should hava had to aand vou to tha
Mia Ooldan an*ll*«f aa aha turned
• Nha la tha flrat womnn oon
vlrtwd uf n felon \ to l*> aant from
thla i'/militv (o tha new institution
K«-\# r*4l young woman drug a/Jdicla
havt alrtady t**en takan thart.
Th# l/iw provtdra (hat women ron
vlrt*d of rnurdnr. araon or robbery
cannot b* aent to tha homo md
ellnle, hut muat go to atata penal
* a arr.r.g
Defendant Freed
in Slander Suit
HAMITUN, la. Oct. 20—A 41a
trlrl r-ourt Jury today return**) « r+r
dirt for the defendant In tha oajt* of
I»r C V. Oabor?i« ag tin at j»r A J
tfohaon. In which tha plaintiff «ake«t
17* 000 il.nnai;i« for ailagrd a hinder
Tha venllct aiui rearhed after right
hour a dHUxratJon
Thr ault w*4 baa*d on * at»t»ma*nt
altogrd to hav* madi- by Ur
Mobw'ii Ui a n*wapap<r of
■l Caul. Minn that a Hampton ho*
pltal «<u rwift'H'M a* a private
b«r»in for ttr Oaboi n» and that Ilk
*al oprratlon* <r«r> bain* pa--fi.rmad
th-ra. '
Thruot»t tha trl»t, fir Hobaon d»
■lr<i h* mii)> ibMM r-tn.uk a
- * a wrrg
Colorado Railway
Men Are Robbed
(IRAHP jrSCTIOS. Colo. Ort
;« A lone bandit, tinmjakfi and
uaing a lon« knifa aa a parauader.
hold up Jeff ttuilth and K H Near,
railroad firemen. IB the yarda here
lata laat ni*ht. Th» robbor obtained
lit] from the man.
Thla la tha fourth of a avtx of
|«I 4 hnidopa In w-rlvrm Colorado In
tha lam weak, neitlti* tha outlaw*
• ioaa u> 111 •»«
Deputies Wreck Plant Found
in Deserted Cabin
It'puty flharlffa Matt Btarwl.h.
K.irl lUnuir, N. I< Uftll »"<
II Kmrnry nmuahed a atlll and
nut ftv« twrnla of nw-'-n
hliliio Honor found In a f-ahln In tha
W00.1., five from laaaquah, yea
rlday- Thi- cabin «ni d*»»rtwl
MIAMI Ha Th« Itl K Hah" aaa
(liana, with t*n pwnu'ruTi, mlaaln*
Sirica flunilajr, mad* a.ifc binding at
Nuaaau. according to wlr'laan r»i>ort
One of Seattle's Largest Clothing Store* Lets Go—
Prices to Receive Real Jolt—An Old
Fashioned Slashing Sale
Tliere hn* been mu'h talk aboui r»du<tlon In nothing prloa* Morh
lix* Ijwii publiMJied uo the ' hut now aomm one of iiautUea
widest and inoet reliable clothing with a aala that wit] put info
■> tuaj rftn l an it,at the public can deaire In the way of actuaJ and
i in if# r*du<*tkJi>*i.
The Hub i*luililn« '.'ompany la one ot the wry few Seattle
mm »rna that nui point to a ninorrnil nlalenra of mora thaa a
<iu»rtrr ot a rmtury. During alt theae )MTI It haa remained on
I'uriievr Hquare. oaten nc to the bualnaaa and work in* man of that
-•••Hon liii( (It* eubotnnlUl character of bualoeaa tr»n»acled arid the
dependable quality of m«r< handle# carried oouplq£> with eonalatentiy
low prUm I,a« wnunurd to attr:»<rt trade, not only from all part* of
--eaule. I>ut fr<mt alm<MM rvcry part of tba Northwaat and Alaaka.
Naturally the announi»m« fit that thla well eatabllatmd cioUnng inert
tution la going to unload It* gr«.at tu»k and do It In tba old faahloned
way by draxtloally and unmercifully cutting prlaaa win atinu* oiiuaoal
attention. It la brine whlaperrd about that tha reduction* will ba at
mui'h aa 0 per rant. It la probably that fuliar dntalla wfll ba pub-
Halted In The Mtar tomorrow night,
l or Ih» flrai tlma In many >«are tha Hot) Clofhlrg Ulai wfß ba
ttloard Thuraday and Friday In or>l*c to gl»a a big foroa of ol*r%*
opportunity to bring In good* frnt,. warehouaaa and to go orar every
■tern In etc* k and mark ilown the prion.
wr.rwKfTDAT, «*TQHKr. to. <**
Fresh Snowfall Blots Trail;
Seattle Man Thought Dead
Ttir"> who wwnt to liv
/l*n M ond.' y to a»arrh m«oni*i»
fui«tnra»» far wniUro H'nrr Htarr,
inlmlnir H«-«ttl» *'*' hnnur. rattim
j e<l lat* >*«tar<l*y. Thi hunt hu
ivwn *lv»n up.
Two faat of mow. fr**M7 fatlafi.
prwirwl furUiar aaaraii at Uil*
HU rr In now daad.
—*. 4. WF.KK
' PAWHON.—I-aat Chan«a h»>t»!. •»
Ilunki r rra*-k, bum#d to ground.

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