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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, October 20, 1920, Image 5

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Tt tabla I* 54 in< hfi 4idf exundi (•• 0(1 OH the B
»>* 1 *ct haa «n flfht'inrh Panel l f I SB
r»u*Mffrd «>ak in thr fumed or g>>l<lt it fin UirjTtT SIZC M
lirfuUr 111 for (iiniflff tU- IXj
of twilx. S
in the gol- Z
t table t« a Wondfrfut *•!»»« It« * t i\ \\ pre- [▼]
rlw. 113 00 now. »i>e *l. ft«a *o IU» : ' 55
h t«.p emtenda to m* ha* 1" VVET pfICCS. ~
>ed««i»tal made of qu«r(rrn| oak ia
i or famM. ✓ SSS
Rainier Cara May
Abandon Street Spur
In an ordinance filed with the city
council Tumday by T II Notion r»r
BUMlon l» granted to the Ihimrr Val
ley railway to discontinue iwlw on
the Washington »t spur No paa
eenger* are carried on thla part of
thr rout'. The arrvii'* la confined to
the transportation of freight for a«»
ml Industrial ront»rn» in that local
Carlyon Road Bill
Boomed at Church
Support of the Oarlyon mud bill,
referendum N» I. *»i urged by C ,
H? Shield*. apeaklng before the Men a
club of the rtlgTtm Congregational
church. Tuesday night The alterna .
tlvr. Shield* dKlwtd. If the Ghrtymi
plan la not adopts will be tha ma
in* of til.tot.too by i#wl tagatlon
g. A. WEEK
Refused to Get
Off Car; Pinched
DALI<Af>. T**.. Oct. St —llerauae
be wouldn't f»l off the »lr»t car i
when Ui« conductor told him it waa
toe fyowdfil to >rromnwd>l> him.'
y. K. VThlimor- waa arrested tin*.
Release for \Vbmen who Suffer •
The multitude of American women who suffer terribly day after day
and year after year from ills peculiar totheirsex is almost beyond belief W
—yet there is hardly a town or hamlet in the United States wherein /
some woman, and often many, do not reside who have been restored kj
to hcalthirom someof the worst forms of female ills,and often avoided t|
operations by taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. IV
These Two Women Tell of Their Experience. 0
Carrollton, Ky—" I suffered almost Onalaska, Wis.—" Every month I /
two years with female weakness. I had such ptiins ui my hack and lower •
could not walk any distance, rido or lart of stomach I could not lie in bed. m
take any exercise at ali without resting. 1 suffered so it seemed as though I a
If I swept the floor or did any kind of would die, and I was not regular either. J
work it would bring my sickness on I suffered for a year and was unlit to do A
I was weak and languid, had noencrgy, my housework, could only waish dishes
and life was a misery to me. I w.ji once in a while. I read an advertise- D
under the care of a good ymdiiiHr mi nt of what I.ydi.i EL I'inkham's I
several months and tried other reme- Vegetable Compound had done for I
dies. I had read of I.ydi* E. I'inkham's other women and decided to try it. It
Vegetable Compound and decided to surely did wonders for me. I have **
try it- After taking twelve (Kittles I no pains, now and can do my own I
found myself much improved and I houseworlt without any trouble at aIL j|
took si* more. I have never had any I will always praise your medicine as A
more trouble in that respect since. I Ido not. befievo there is a doctor that J
have done all kinds of work and at can do as much good for female weak. W
present am an attendant at a State nesa as can Lydla E. I'inkham's Vcge- I|
Hospital and am feeling fine. I shall table (Compound and you may use I
alwaysreeommendyourvegetablefV>m- these facts as a testimonial." Mrs. -*
pound."—l.ili.ianTmaki', h-j4 South <ith Lester E. Waameb, It. I, Box 09,
Street, Carroll ton, Ky. Onalanka, Wis. T
Thousands of Such Letters Prove the Curative Value of A
mm ruirm wi ■ ■ * Mr
■niiirnwaniaiPiiitJ i
Malini Headlinea
Dance of Shriners
MrmbfM of Nile temple, Noble* of
II ho Mystic Shrine, were hoat* to
(heir women folk at the Shi me audi
I lorlum Tueaday night Malini ths
magician headed the program of en
tertoinment, while a chorus under
I **v Id I . Davie• and the Mhrlnr band
furnished muatc.
New Vice Preaident
of G. N. Settles Here
t C. Oilman, newly elected vice;
prwaident of the Oreat Northern rail- 1
road, has armed In Seattle and willj
eaiahUah hia permanent headquarter* l
here Oilman la preaident of the Spo j
I kans. Portland A Seattle railway, and
'bat hi* reeigr atlon from
that company will become effect Ire
within 3t day* no that be may take
up hia new duties
Gravel Spark Seta
Spokane Cotton Afire
KPOKANK. Oct. 16 A bit of
ffcravel got Into the machinery at '
Ihe Harmon Manufacturing Com
pany and *et fire to aome cotton.
3*!! A . _
By Louis Joseph Vance
<<«pyrtafc<. I •SO. by Uala Jaae»k Va»ee>
ItH.h 111 HI ttMIU
l«»nnra flnill lirrarlf In ih» l>la» *>
ha* oMtnrti thr siir»t <>f liirani* Fa'-a*
**ala «u h th'» l«rnlm in h*r taorhle
Uf- u»r air I Ia not h»ra*lf. hut a airan«*
«n*nan flatbed in her own fleali Har
naif mflHnuHi by h*r '>•" bod* • aid*
ohaervaat aa •l*»ay« Mar|«, ha "f lb*
aa>«il> fin* far*. har on har wi*
lo lh« r«n4«itnua of h»r *•"« *»> d »•»!*
.1r« lar*« bla lot* It* !»♦-«• h#» la da»*rt
j h»r pnKwni life wf id»»nlurt and |n»aatbla
rrlma, na«t marry him Hut l.«onara
f«ar« f«r klitiMif • * »ali aa har Hb*
laapa it*d «mI4 hiii h*r if ba kn*»
Finally "h» t»?*amtara t •' i Mario aa
i »tvtn aa aha ran breah »llh tta«l ®nlrr>
j ln« tha room tn Ittalorl • r*alaurnt»i.
I ffoaara ta confronted aub «h* •««|»t« m«
• t th- «<h»r mvmtxti of iha « ma
cf ih*m lim been afrwird and th« mn
. luaion la (hut anmanm h«a aqu«al*4 "
I .mmori «aa lata and furthermore haa
ha«n m«a aftaa »n athar ftarta nf iawa.
t-aautifully |a«nM While tb*y demand
; oipUnation* from har, ®ellinab>
t'uno lata th« r ■•»■*. deai*»ra«* Ma haa
. ail:*<t a |>«»!|« rrnnn. and la |»ur»«ad
Wh»n the t»oil<r hammar n« thr daar iha
ianf by »h* fl»»
t .eon or a la |tuah«>d thru the ttindn*, |t*d
ihotfia a p.iiir«maM aha haa hfokan Iha
i|M«r At lUd draaa d»»wii lh»
flra #arap«. crnmini haa Haad uriln
• galnat th« ainiloa «aah. and t t»a light*
I dim ••li4lf
now i.o o\ with thr *rr»m
(Cunlinurd From Our ld*t lw»ur)
Tlir \ntas"ni»ta
1 L'UIH* 11.1.A
Tlnuunc on an ell»ow. I*rta> ilia
Mama fouiut harin-lf aarake arHh a
riuiiur hrarl and a rntiuf thru which
iht* ffiflcctlon of • M-oman'a arrranw
ran a thraad of parplf H*hl
Yet h«r» wtui only durkntiß, with
•tlenoe atMOiiitf • * •
t'ruffifNl with lw« of drwm. her
witi* at flrwt refuiwid to Uk<* hold on
reality Then with a (fu*p of rtM«f
; whe rpran* U|» from the divan,
' ntumhled to the trill arwt floodwl the
ntudio with alectrte liffht
It waa true, then; ahe had merely
'trrnmrt! II dreaftt. one more of thoa#
tuiu/infly reul dream* whlrh ih#
1 ifflrnMl to na |h«MNMfIiA of
) niumtx-r, atmrularly harmle»a. and on
the whole rather amuainir
Ho at iMuit they *eem«<l till lhl»
nlffh* Preaartni' pal mi* to templea
that tlirohhed with thought* of fr»#ht
and horror, ahe made her way to Iht
bathroom and bathed hrr face till
whe ktan to f**el mora- »*lf pNMOaad.
more IVlarttla Maine than "
• • •
A twttterinir rwallwl her
to tha atudio Hat-elver to ear. »he
**»<!. "Yea" Who In It?" and heard
the affHated trie* of the elderly kl»u»-
wom.ifi whom the called aunt, and
with whom *he hud her home
"frlitilla! Where have you l«e*n
all evJwnir* 1 have been half frantlr
• • • Why didn t you let me
"I haven't been anywhere, dear
only asleep here in the atudto**
"llui I i a led Ih* studio lane, and
central aaxt yaw didn't ajwwsc "
"It waa one of my famotur aound
alee pa. dear You know how Impoa
aible it la to wake me up when I'm
aincere about aleeping" Xhe beard
a complaining vague murmur—"that
dreadful studio" and laughed light
ly "Ileaw> don't be crow. Aunt
Klrther. I didn't go to do it I
didn't! About half after five I
at op pad pointing and IliWaWI d Y*at |
a little before coming borne And
now It'® a a a** Hhr* oonatllttM
and frowned r<*pro% intfty at her
wrlai watoh* "I think my wat«h
miiat be wtonjt What lim© ta ItT"
M A Quarter to eleven. I'll aeitd
Arthur with the oar at one#.**
Hhe donned hat and cloak bafora a
mirror, in whuar deptha ahe aata the
f«> r of the Rirl aliryn In her diauina
»he knaw aa l«eonora; and yel It wan
Itkewlar the fare of l*rlm llla Maine
Vainly with lttt|Mirlunale eyaa ah»*
<lt|f Mltirie.l that counterfeit of two
rountenancea How «*nuld thla thin*
Ix*' Wan aha one wrmuut HakniK
and another when aha Waa
there in har a dual |»eraotiallty aurh
aa readmit had tauffht her to aore|>t
aa a payi holoffi<-al (Hiaalliillty * lH«f
two naturea atruffffle within har. ona
prevailing in her houra of alumb«fr,
anil not alwaya even then?
That train of r*|ie«<ulation hhe waa
afraid to imraue too far • • •
llaaide the mirror a lon# pier
fflaaa ntooit a full lenirth ranvaa. an
unflviihhe«l portrait of hrraelf in the
Kinittra ilreaa aha had on< e worn at
a coatume dame Damn lon* ago.
o»* a day * hen a model failed her,
and carried out ln« onnecutlvely.
"when aha felt to the mood.'* the
painting now • ompletiott In
Nt>e< tinir It with fault rittdlnjr eyea,
ah/ aaw that her work waa good,
almoat aa good aa her father'a Hhe
tould give heraeif no higher praiaa*.
and ahe wua hard to pleajaa when her
own work waa In quaation Hut here.
Incontaatalily, aha had done well
Her trouble*! icnre turned Urk to
lh® mirror'a faithful prwu-ntmeni of
a slender, iDoduhljr go*nfj young
worldling. tbe ftnlnhtol product of a
a little proud,
rts'tVid, thoughtful. r iquHld
• • Pnacllla Maine
Itut (he girl on the canvas *»#
I emirft. Am! In hrr Helf both live*!
Hut which was whith? Which falae.
which true*
Hhe had long since made up her
mind »he mutt never marry while
this 4rr«in life continued to egert It*
wtmlt influence upon her To rink
transmitting to her children a mental
taint wa« unthinkable Ho tho ahe
met love aa often as a wum.ui will
who has not only beauty, and charm
of brooding. but »e<ur* position and
« omfortahl* fortune, resolutely ahe
ha<! put love ajude
Now of a ,sudden she remembered
Mario (or wm he merely a shadow"*)
and recalled the magnetism of hi*
presence. and fell anew the preaiur*
of hia It pa <»n hem.
On her*? or l.#onora'g?
if PHitnU* ronpimc
About throa in tho moniln*. And
■ ing aha rpuid not sleep. t*rla« ilia
1 went to her dealt, whero for two
houm aha wrote gteadlly. setting
\ forth, an memory aerved. erery item,
'incident and circumstance of b»r
j dream.
f'nawara of weftrlnapa ttU ahe had
written tha last wnntkbe fouiil bar
•alf heavy with *|ecp
Toward nbon awoke
for bar rnakt. ftecollaction of the
dreajß rtciavpad tardily, but when
•be had ho|||««L she read what ahe
ho*t written In tha night with « are
1 "Ut t ing aaide tlia mainuriipt ahe
was aware of an imperative n«*d for
enlightenment. The thine l*ad
grown 100 aerioua, waa figuring too
largely In her life.
In all the world aha knew but one
person In whom aha toufd conceive
It poamltfe to rapoae auch confidence*
Hhe took the telephone from tha bad*
aide at and • • •
"I'hiHp, dear! I haven't aeen you
for afen!"
"It'a your fault You will insist on
drenching your life with turpentine
ami varnish overlooking the moat
Important thing* entirely*
"What do you consider the moat
important thing In life? Youmolf?"
"No; you And ne*t to >ou. lotting
me make love to you."
"Ilanaa* I called up to aak a very
aerloua question."
"What*a a pavchoanalyst, Philip"*"
"Well. I'm ono .« croaa between a
quark and a confidence man."
"I know, |»ut what do you do to!
make people pay you fat fees?"
"Why, I pry Into their aoula, If
they happen to have any, am) ferret '
out their aecreta those they them
aclver don't know about m
"!>o many people have secret*
they don't know almut^"
"More often than not we suffer
from the preaaure of secret* buried
so deep in the subconscloua we don't
even suspect their existence"
"I see • • • Philip Will you
psycho anafyme me? | think I've got I
a burled aecret. and 1 want you to
eghumo It and aee what It'a made of"
"Are yon aerloua?"
"t»e*perately .**
"Mm • • • What are you i
doing this afternoon?"
"Having you to tea. If ymj can!
Clips Nearly 24 Hours From
Oriental Mail Time
f/fi»vln(T th« Hoeing hnncar «t
3 40 Tuesday afternoon. fCddle Hub
bard. Mir mail pilot. returned from
Victoria at *3O with .100 pound* of
Oriental mall. H" consumed 1 hour
and la minute* flying time each way.
The mail Hubbard brought, from
the Alabama Maru, will have been
distributed houm before that venael
arrivM In Heattle at noon today, an<l
practically 24 hour* earlier than It
ftvould If carried to Heattle on the
boat under the old «y«lem.
This la the third round trip of the
newly established Heat tie-Victoria
mall a#rvlce. The next la scheduled
for Thursday.
fi A. WE KM
Birth Record in
Denver Shattered
DENVK.R Olio., Oct 20 All
pravloua birth records for Ilenvrr
were, ahalterod yrmtardwy when <2
certKVatea were filed. It was mi
nounfed today. The births were not
all on one day, but extended over a
period of severn 1 diiy*. It was ex
plained. IJoya outnumbered liic girl*.
■a to ia.
"I'll rome whether T ran or not
But what ulmhii Aunt Kuther? W«
can't have a third |>rMNlt If w«'ft to
talk confidence)."
"lift'n have !w At the Itudlo"
•'fUirht o! The atudio. Whi! tlm»?
I'hlllp Koadl«*k hnd a wsy of lm
pliant init confidence, und I*ri«H iIIh
found it tmpoaalbW. when he entered
th** atudio, to terrain from •imwrring
hi* amile with one In kind
"I aua parted it," he announced
"You're ufrnhl and thank «lo«l for
that' llut fflve mr tea, pleaae, and
tell mr all."
Hhe made a little moil# of pettf
Itnre *'| knew you'd laugh at me!"
"I hoped I would "
II ontinu**! in tMir Newt l«Mir)
13 Eggs A Oay From
17 Yojfflg Pullets
Mr*. Nllti Start* t month* Old
Pullata Laying. Tail* How.
"■•rlf In Nowmbff, I t>oogbt •
tarbag* oI lH#n hung and atari ml ftv
nig ii to 17 May nuilata ii» th' irat
So 4aji (kr; laid I*H lovely All
tbro<igb r>rfwmb«r I tot tl to IB egya
s?iif± in*:'*-?", i J
Cl|rC mrv. Ind
Mr» Nllea fonnd knw
JL •• » f »rt ?ou»| pullota
f f !■»>"* •'"! k'rp lb'-Hi
■paaa—wtntn 'i b»
Mtu* n.'ty.i b#oa
tfer«ui ti tb# moult, a »d Aria Ibnn lay
lag You ««ii t»al tbia at our rlak
litva >aur k*r>a Poa Pun( and witfl
veealta for one moritk. If you don't Sad
that tl |ita for Itaelf ar>d pava you a
good pruAt la aidra. alniply tall u« and
your aionrf »ni !••• rb«rrfully rff<i».'l»«l
iioa s «iug tt'blarao for rgg Utluat ta
a arttolldr loulr and eoodltlonrr It ta
raaily ptrn In tbr »hr
bra a boa It b and tnakoa bor atrong»r and
w a aet It teaea mp «»«• «gg lating
organa. and fot® tbr rgg« au BiatUf
bow cold or wnh tb* woatbor
Toil e»n oh'iiln !»«»»* B*af from voar
druggl»t or poultry rewrdy deakr, efd
aoad 9104 tln< ludra war tat) for a
par bag aby mall Hurrollt>uM»r t'o .
JHfWon-t.la lad
Ckinaaa for Egg4aying
Catarrh Germs
Move Out When llyomei
Moves In
Sr\ atomsrh '1 ilnf fty«mel Is
made chiefly of oil of eucalyptus
iKkrn from the eucalyptus forests of
inland tu»lralm end ri»mblß»d with
Mher n« ell«nt sntlo^pti'-s
In inland Australia the atmos
phere no t rr> pregna tr d with ha J warn
thrown out by the oucalyptua treea
that frnn do not thrive, and in
enntM|ii«nr« roufha col4e. catarrh
and other noae and threat afflictions
are pra«ti<-alty unknown.
|tr»athe lty«»mr» end ««*t the same
pleasant frrm Willing effect a* you
would gel In the eucalyptus forests
llyumrt !■ • id by Kartell I»rug
Co. and 4ruift»U> e%erywhere on a
guaraat »a of satisfaction or money
Ends indtee^tkNi
It relieve* stomach misery, aour
stomach l»eu hia* and all *>t<'iaa< h
diaeaee or rwuaav bark l-ar*« *<■%
of tablets at all druggists in all
We Said
That's all you need pay
today to have this hand
some Columbia (Jrafonola
sent to your home, and
you can pay the balancc
as easily as $2 a week.
(WMT\ ]
We will send with it ten
selections of your favor
ite music, 500 needles and
a record brush, all for a
first payment of only $2.
Between Second & Third
The Rhodes Co.
Special Prices on Selected Itrvix in Cotton Goods,
Continued. From Yesterday
Men's Sweaters Specially Priced
Reduced to Fall and Winter Suits
$3.85 $25.00, $45.00, $59.75
npillS special V' Pttn " u P V OU cannot zftorA to overlook this unusual
L Sale of sweated* in oj>- X opportunity to replace or complete your
portuncly offered just an u»rdmlw
the cold weather is ap- ,"J .
proaching. A medium '' OT ' 125.00—TTiete suits in wool velour,
weight coat-style sweater, serge, silvertone and tricotine in youthful flare,
"V" neck, with pockets, in straight belted models.
brown heather mixture, in \i „..ij i t _i j . „„ .__
Bizes 34 to 14. Regularly *° uld * at $29.50, $34.75,
sold at $5.00; special for $39.50 and $4^.00.
Middy slip-over sweaters I.OT 2 $45.00 —A ?pe
with roll collars,'in sizes 34 cial purchase enables us
to 42. Color combination* -iQV to offer these suits, which
are: would Bell very much
Black with Orange collar, VjT higher, if bought in the
cuffs and buttons. i .. ,
... . *iZa regular way. hffectively
Maroon with orange col- , ... ,
lar, cuffs an<4 buttons. A \ trimmed with seal, opos-
Green with red collar, /J\ • i T™ d nutna fUr '
cuffs and buttons. A/\A 8 embroidered, flat silk
(Jreen with yellow collar, \' \ Vji t braid and bone buttons, in
cuffs and buttons. . \ fine velour de laine,
Not each size in every yivj' broadcloth, tricotine and
color. frjfl ' 1 xrft.
Regularly sold at $1.95; LifiJ ' 1 lUB 'V Sizes 16 to 46.
special, |3.85. Kr* i| ?&ir'
LOT 3—ss9.7s—lnclud-
Bedding Specials 'ij H in the are
% h ll these high class suits,
TO HELP you prepare j\ j I featuring excellent work
for colder weather we I fH manship and material, in
are offering fine, white, W . ... , , '
fluffy cotton bats for com- [7 H latest models -
forts, 3-lb. rolls, full size jj II are elaborately embroid
7Zx!H), at the specfcl price /7 F. ' ered with rat-tail braid,
oi $1.50. Regularly priced £• silk floss or silk stitching,
at $1.70. Pr Also fur trimmed in mole.
We are also offering a , Dutri » or seal - Bo *
wonderful assortment of and straight models pre
satin finished bedspreads, dominate, in velour de
full double bed size, 80x90, laine, veldyne and tricotine.
of a good heavy material, ic tr.tr
scalloped and cut coiners. S,ze " 16 to 46 "
for $6.75. Regularly priced Would be regularly priced at $75.00, $85.00,
at $B.OO. $95.00 and $125.00.
A |irl la am loo* to be gl*en In
■n/lrrlaf* and • »om»n U giaA
lan't sold.
% lUwaarkabU M-*ae
tiITM b? Ow Wba Had It
ta tU# nprins «f i««* » •"
ky Mtiaeutar and lkit> a cuts Rbeu
-i i mftand swl> tbaaa •*»<>
Imvn M khA« tor e*er ttif»e TSf» I
rM r af'tr r»mnl) nr»*t 4octor
»f?rf aoctar, »«ut ea'h mtlef a« 1" j
i n<»ad «ns »»fiir leaiperarr Finally
I foand a tm«tm*«t thai ">r»4 »•)
<*«Miplnt«!y. and It ha* »*«*rf r»twr«*d
I he»n «!»•!» It ta a namt/er »lt« wnra
t«'Mt>iy afflicted and «»»« I»adnd4*n
■ lih fhnutnatlaw* norn* of them 7f
• o yain old and renulta «or« lb
• *m* In n»r oorn «-an»
I want e»#rr avffnror from sarh
forma of rh«wM(i< imubla to try this
a*'f*loui heallnf l»ow*/ Ikjo t n»nd
rv simply ovnji yaor nana sad
it' - and I will n»n«t it fr#« t« trr
After ;au ha»« aaed U. • aad It han
r nrn Itaelf to bo that lost »o«hed
f.,r mmm cf f»tlln« rid of your rheu
the r" - * '
«n» dollar, bat understand. I do set
K«nt > f»tir mnner unl«o« )*M sro t»*r •
llr naftsfted t«» eend It I»n t that
.Vhv Suffer any l«nter whoa
roltof U thua offered yoa 1 raa T Don't
Jelnv Write l«day
Mnrk II Jarkson. Ma U» G Dura
ton Hlds Hyra<-uae. N. T
Mr .»a-kn«n is reap<»nsiMa. Abo»»
•t«irmrnt true
Rupture Kills
7,000 Annually
ftaaan tfcoaaand p*re*»na *•<-* r aaw
laid *<**> th» hurlal . ertifVata being
n> a' kr<\ ftupture " Whr ' tha
unfortunate onaa hail n#gla< ted thatnaeleaa
or had merely taking car a of tha
•<gn tawalllng* of the affliction, and pay
lint no attention to the « aua** What ara
you doing* Ara you neflaetlng murwlf
h) wearing a truaa. appliance or whataver
name ><»u rhooaa to «all lit At t«eat the
truaa la oniv a makeah«ft—a falae prop
>train*' a « ollapaing wall and cannot ha
e«p«cted to ait aa mora than a mara me
vhaniral eupport Tha binding preaaure
rctarda blood circulation. thua robbing tha
•eakaned muariea of that which the)
ne<*d moat nourishment
11 u I aclanr# ha* found a war. and aaary
truaa auff*mt In tha land la Invltad to
mak* a KRJ.K teat right In tha pri\acy
of their own noma The FLAP AO math
i>d la unquestionably the moat arienttfl
logical ahd au«« rnaful aelf treatment for
rupiura the world haa aver known
Th* I'I.APAO PAD when adharlng
rloeely to the b«»dy • annot poralhly alip or
■htft out of pliro. tl.arafora, cannot i-hifa
•• t |>|n« h Soft aa v. l et eia\ to ap|U
To he used whllat you work
and while you ala«*p. No atrapa, hueklaa
or aprlnga attached
t.rarn how to « loaa tha ham'sl opening
aa nature Intended, ao tfca rupture CAN'T
. .#mr down Hand you-- name today to
t*|«A PAO CO.. Work T2l. Nt lahil« MA.
for V'ltFF trial liapao and tha informa
tion nereaaarv
Thiali turning an old aaylnl face about.but
modern met had. of reducing tit la** and*
this ttviaoo poaaibie.
U you are o»er<«t; oppoaad to phfakll an
ert Ion; fond oI the table and its good thing*,
and at 01 want to reduoa your excess Beat)
■trend pound*, go to your drvgglat (or
writ* to the Marmola Co., t6Garfi*ktßuila
inl, Detroit. Mich.) and gi»e him. (or
send them) one dollar, thuamatiaf Tint your
ambition for ■ trim, aiim figure, by raceis
taw a good tie box of Marmola nno»
tion Tablet* (rrmrwunded In accordance
with the fattMMia Marmola riaautpttoo):
take on* ot the*e pleasant candy tabtaa
■lter each meal and at bedtime, and you
will loae your (at at the i»te ot two. Utraa
or (our pound* a week.
Then continue the treatment until yoor
weight i* what you Marmola
Cesciiption Tablets are not only harm
■ but real)* beneAcial to the general
health. You don't need starvation diet or
weakening exertieea. Just go on eating
what you like, leas* exercising to tha
alhietea. but take your Utile tablet faith
fally nnd without a doubt that flabby fleah
will quickly take utHo itself wines, leas ma
behind It your natural sell, neatly dotted
la inn fleah and trim muaclea.
Tried to Run Off
With Auto, Charge
W M Quiiui. 11. a printer. la held
IB the city Jnil today for attempting
lo run away with another mini
automobile. Follcf say he wan drunk
at tit* tint*.
He aru »rre«»*>l early thin morn-
In* when J T Mead, of Tukwnla.
• war out of the FairUtnks rafe, First
are. 8. and Main St., and found
tjiilnn at the wheel of his car. with
the engine running Mead grabbed
Uulnn. while a friend called the
He Denies Reservoir
Would Hurt Property
With City Knjlneer A. H. Dimock
'.n the aland. the hearing on t |»
lltion of Capital hill r>-mdenta to en-
Join th« city from building a rewr>
voir In Volunteer park waa continued
today befora Judpr Clay Allen.
I'lmock denied the testimony of pe
llUooem Kltneane* that a reaervolr
would threaten destruction of prop
erty below It.
Time'* rwifteM fliclit In caused by
the m*ht of a promiaaory note.
October Houseware Sales
$1.25 O-Cedar Mops
Special at 85c
Thursday we are going to
offer O-Cedar Mops at this
extremely low price. You can ffe&rrz \
keep your varnished and r i*!iT jjk
painted floors looking bright 'Sj|L
and attractive by going over i* , V
them with an O-Cedar Mop.
These Mops are treated with
O-Cedar Polish and artwmnde I
in the
ing it easy into cor
ners. Special at 85<■ each.
35c Brown Knit Gloves jn
Special at
19c Pair Epßfj
Here is an unusually big value—Brown gftHf
Knit Working Gloves, fleece lined. Spe- Uift
cial at 19< a pair.
16-Inch Air Tight Heaters
Special at $2.19
One of these Air Tight Heaters will make that cold
room warm and comfortable. This is the 16-inch size,
with the extra lining inside. Special at 92.19.
Dandruff Surely
Destroy* tne Hair
I Olrlii—lf yon want plenty of thick,
beauttful. gio»»y aiiky hair, da fcjr
all means get rid of dandruff. for W
will starve your hair Bad MXln It i£
you don't.
It doeant do much good to try tS
brush or wash It out. The anftr
«ure way to get rid of dandruff M
to dissolve It, then you destroy It
entirely. To do this. get about Ahu*
ounce* of ordinary liquid nrvoa; Ap
ply it at night when retiring; un
enough to moiaten the scalp u<
rub it in gently with the finger tip*.
Ky morning, moat if not all. of
your dandruff will be gone, aa6
three or four more applications will
completely dissolve and entirely de
■troy every single sign and titoa
of it
Too will find, too, that an Itching
iund digging of the scalp will atom
and your hair will look and fael a
hundred time* better. You can get
liquid arvan at any drug store. It
i» Inexpensive and four ounoca la all
you will need, no matter how much
dandruff you have. This aimpto •
remedy never falls.

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