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iTells G. 0. P. Pro-Leaguers
Party's Americanism in
Campaign Is Spurious
nv i- r. m vrtin
thg that tti® Amcrlc.inia*!ion which
Senator Harding and the rrpuitlloan*
Iwvr been preaching In the preeent
CMnpatKii la "apurlou* anil invented
for party purpoeea only."
VUfOT today delivered a brief "tate-
Viniu to the delegation of pro league
(•publican* who called on htm at thr
Whit* ltou«r
T(w president said he
that thr league of nations l*eue was
interminsid with partisan mum
"It l» to be fiaml." thr president
mu. "that the supreme lasue pre
for your opnslderatlon in thr
lyaaoni campaign la growmr more
ttMcuri' rather than clearer by rra
M*>a of thr many arbitrary turna thai
•the ha* taken. It la with
m 4eaire to reclanfy thr laaur ami to
ItMUI that I take thr
iHfeertv of stating again thr case *ul>
■tlttnd to you In aa simple trrma aa
tpoaail':.- "
VHIS PlJf A 1 .
The statement. which thr president
>** ad. was one he h«l prepared to Is
VW* as hla final ramiv*i ipi document
fcand era* adJnaml to "my frllow
The prasident *aWI that the war
kMlai barn won, "It ta my privilege
"M aammon you now to th« cont-rn of
yaftra and tha completion of thr
v«at moral achievement* which thr
represented "
Thr trzt of President
)M(ii' of nation* atalrtnrnt, rra.l to
• felegaliou of pro league republicans
White House today, follow*
"Mr fellow country m-n
. "It la to be teml that tha au
fNB« tarn* preatnted for your eon
ytMsrntion In tha praarnt campaign la
tprawlng mora obscure- rathrr than
Wtucr by nuni of thr many artjl
%My turna tha dMvihm of It haa
(am. Tt>« editor* and publlaber* of
oooutrr would render a pwi
jparvice If they would pobttah tha full
Vrat of thr covenant of the league of
MaHnnii, because. having read that
Mrst. you would be able to judge for
, MBwlvn a |nat many things in
migli you are now In dancer of be
■toff waled. J bop* sincerely that It
Will ha v«ry Widely and generally
■ebUahed entire. It la with a desire
n clarify tha Issue and to assist your
paisment that I take the Übarty of
■Mating aiala the case submitted ta
aw la a* al tuple terma aa poaalb'e.
P mure* yean ago It was my duty
M summon you to the concert of
Mir. to iota the free nation* of the
war Id In meeting and Odlßf the
jaaat sinister peril that bad ever
%atia 4aveJoped la tlw Irresponsible
VollUea of tha old world. Tour re
Mponae ta that call raally aattlad tha
fortun«• of war. Tou artll remember
that tha morale af tha Oerman pao
pH broke down kfn* before the
Mgaasth of the Oerman armies was
broken. That waa obrioaa because
flay felt that a general moral force
trhkrh they could not look la the face
lad come iato the conteet. and thai
thenceforth all their professions of
Vtfbt war* dtarredttad. and they were
to pretend that their rontta
gallon of tha war waa not tha eup
Part of a government that had
'ftalated erery principle of right and
eonaiderarlon of humanity.
"It is my privilege to anmmon you
•fw to the concert of peace and the
Completion of tha great moral
fjaiUi rum it on your part which the
•War represented, and In the preaence
• »f which tha world found a raaxanir
■ace aad a recovery of force which
. K could have experirncrd In no other
tray. We entered the war. as you
not merely to beat Oer-
Way, but to end the. posalMiity of
tha < renewal of such Iniquitous
fttemwi aa Oetinany enrertalned
~n» war win be fought in vala and
Mr Iwmenae sacrifice* thrown away
■Blaaa wa complete the work we be
"jpaa. and T ask you to conrlder that
is only one way to aaaure the
Warld fit peace: that Is. by making
tl aa dangerous to break the peace
Chat no other nation will have the
ppdacity to attempt It. We should
tMt he deceived Into auppoalng that
dpaperlalistlc scheme* ended with the
Mait of Oermany. or tbst flermany
la the only nation that entertained
•Och schemes or was moved by sin
ister ambitions and long standing
'Saklouates to attack the strut
tare of civilization. There are other
( fwUona which are likely to be power
tjdly moved or are already moved by
PHjpmercial Jealoal**, by the deaire to
,#oaeln«t' and to have their own way
•a politics and In enterprise, and It
|g necessary to check them and to
H»lln them that the world will be
against them as It was agalnat
pariasny If they attempt any sim
ilar thing.
"The mothers and sisters and
Wives of the country know the sac
I ttflce of war. They will feel that
we have misled them and com
pelled them to make an entirely
mftecesmry sacrifice of their be
, loved ones If we do not make It
,as certain as It ran be made that
rfio similar sacrifice will be de
flirted of mot her* and sisters and
Wires In the future. Thin duty Is
ao plain that It seems to me to con
•titate a primary demand npon the
jMonaclence of every one of us.
"It la Inconceivable to mont of
to that anr men nhmild hare been
'to taint or no heart lea* a* to de
! rlare that the women of the town
! try would attain hare to auffer
j the h»tol»rable burden and prlva
' tlon of war If the league of nation*
»Were adopted.
"The lea mi* of nation* la the well-
Monatdere'l effort of the whole group
lof nation* who were oppoeed to
| (J«>TBeny to *erure them*elve* and
the reat of mankind ag*Jn*t a
(■petition of the war. It will have
back of It the watrhfulne** and
(naUrlal force of all these nation*
#nd I* atich a itnuantee of a peace
ful future aa no well-Informed man
MB queetlon who doe* not doubt
the whole *plrlt with which the war
,tMM conducted m«alnat Germany.
"The great moral Influence of the t
Mist Helen Lee, prrmiVrr danscute uith "Chu Chin Choir,"
coming to the Metropolitan theatrr in November, if a protege
of Mile. Guida, the French creator of ttallets, uho staged the
eloquent ensembles in the London production of the big Oscar
Asche spectacle. Just a feu years ago little Miss made
her professional debut as a member of thr Princess theatre'
chorus and attracted first attention u-ith her nimble toes.
I olted ftatea Win be absolutely
thrown away If we do not complete
the task which our so idler* an*!,
sailors ao heroically undertook to
"One thing ougltt ta he raid, and
Ktld very clearly, about artk* ten
of tha covenant of the league of
nations. it is the specific pledge
of the member* of tha league thai
they will unit* to re*tat exactly the
things which Oermany attempted,
no matter who attempts them in
tha future. It la just such a deflnl
tioa as could be applied In genera!
terms to the outrage which Germany
would have committed If It could.
"Tlermany violated the territorial
integrity of bar neighbor* and ftool
ed their political Independence h>
"nlar to aggnuidlsr herself, and al
most every war of history haa oiig*
[ mated In such tlortgns. It Is Mg
niflcant that tha nations of tha wnrtd
should have at least combined to
lefina the general rauae of war. and
to uarriaa auch concert aa may be
nere**ary to pre rent such method.
Articl* 1» therefore Jm tbs sporiflc
redemption of the pledge which thsae
free govemmnta of the world gar*
to thetr people When they entered
th# war They promised their people
(P»I<1 AdvarlliwramO
( oAmsndfr of the famous Lo«t Battalion / the late
Vmr, and other REPL BUCAN PRO I.EAGI E
\ SPEAKERS, including J
Formerl\ a member of the Republics/ National Ex
ecutive Committee of New Vn, and
of Connectmt, one of the mom brilliant women
or*tor* of America, wilnpeak at
Thlrd\Avenue and fry<ll won Street
•u 2:15 p. i^. —and
Col. \\ o\i>f th^outstanding heroen of
the iate war, thThero J th«f ArgjAne who, after hin
battalion ffomJne American forces
told the German confianVr to "Go to heU," when
a«hed to surrender. Me ki\ws what real war means,
and is for a LEAGUE OF which will min
imize chanced of fiJure wat\
levy's Orpheum theatre Theatre
At 2:15 9-fa- Hrom 3 to 6 p. m.
/ RftLLry
Bon. Moras Sheppard, U. R. SenaVr from Texas,
and author/of federal prohibition amendment, will
speak for (*x and Roosevelt— \
Under tie auspices of the Women's Democratic Or
ganizations of Seattle, Mrs. W. S. GriswoldVpresiding.
/ 329 Lyon Building
Telephones—Elliott 2188; Elliott 5352
not only th«t firmany would bo pr»-
vonlMl from carry In* out hoc plot,
but Uitl tli« world would br wf»
cuardtd m th« futur* from aim liar
~W* hit* now to pt>iw» »h«hor
wo will mail* land or nail. Wo h*»o
Joliml Imw. and (ho bag* I* h»rw*on
•ho *pirtt init purpooo of tho t'nttad
Mtat»« tn4 tho oixrtt and purpooo at
Imprrtallxm, no mat:*r whrro N
■how* llwlf Tho ■ptrit of
i«m Hi nhoolutrly oppoood lo firoo rtir
ornmont. to th* aafo Uf* of fro* na
tions, to tho il«v*>lopro«Bt of pwi»
fnl (r, biMry. and to th* rotnpfcatlon
pf thr rlchtou* pro* i —ll ■ of n villa*
(lon It win* to m«s and I think
It will omi to yotj. that It Ui oar
duty to «hmr thr tndomlpihl* will
and lmwl«tfW» maJ«ot> of tho high
purpnao of tho ITnltrd Mtataa *o that
U>* part wo pUyrd in tho war a*
•oldtor* aad aallorß. may bo crownod
wtth tho ariitovamant of laatinc
"So an* Wtwi appny nllflnt
Con of lb* Umtjr or Vrralllw and
of/the Soul"
Pre* &iatniM KtereoptWin
lecture. itWier Xnaplcw of R<wV
crucian Fefltaphip, We.lnee.lay,
Oct IT. I p ij/L 314 Globe Bids,
Plrst Ave. Ht
thr Adoption of the rflirnani of the
I««KUr bf nut lon ■ him proponed any
other adequate means of bringing
ritxHit irttH There In no
other available or pOMflbto vnrAfm.
tint! thiM iihuiin la r«i»4y to hand
Tflry have, on th« other hand, tried
to |>erfiu«ide you that the very phdire
contained In Article 10, which la the
«M»mtlal pledge »»f the whole plan of
»«M'urlty. Is Itself a threat of war
It la, on the other hand, an aaaur
ance of the concert of ad the free
pmplre of the world In the future,
M in the rwrnt peal, to see JutftW
don<* and humanity protertad and
vindicated Thla la the trur, the real
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on Tuesday, the SECOND day of NOVEMBER, 1920, in I
the County of King and State of Washington, an Election will be held for National, State, Dis- J
trict, County and Precinct Officers, as follows: 1
Seven I'rwtidcutial Klectont One Superintendent of Public In- Two State Representative* for the One County Coroner
One I'nited SU<n Senator utructlon 45th Legislative District One County Commissioner for
One Representative in Congrem One State Insurance Commissioner Two State Representative* for the Fin,t Commiaaioner's District
for the Flrnt (Sngrewtional Dis- m.,..,.,,,, 46th I>eKWlative District One County Comminhioner for
trict T™** Judgea of the Supreme • Third Commissioner's District
■ - *"• "" T '™•' o». J-U™ »f .1., r»~. .»~ P .
STS^r—tttt.. to Nta' '■<«" *■»«•*' °~ rt 1? "!• «•«"» no,h '\
for the Second ConKrt-Maional Three State Representatives for One (ounty Auditor Kent and Renton /
District V' 40th I legislative District One County Anschhot One Constable, except In tfP
for th * (ounty ProsecutinK Attorn *y iid l ReS f toi üburn ' BotheU ' 9**
!! ne car*mm. Two State Representatives for the County (lerk Two JuKt j rcs 0 f the the
One Lieutenant Governor 42nd ]if{rlH|]|tive District County Treasurer towns of Auburn, Ik>thfl!, Kent
One Slate Treasurer Two State Representatives for the On® County Sheriff and Renton
t>ne State Auditor \ 4.lrd District One County Superintendent of Two Constables in IW towns of
One Attorney (General \ Two State Representatives for the Common Schools Auburn, liothell,/ Kent and
. One Commissioner of Public lands v 44th legislative Dlatrict One Dounty Engineer Renton /
Proposed to the People \j the Lefttlnlure Anfendment to the Constitution Proposed by the Legislature
l KKK I KfVlrt'M nil I SO 1 RnUUMI- "* n ,or ,h *' <* H«*»on IS. Artlcla I. of t'h«Mtat« ConaUtutlon i*UUii*
"A* art iimvulini tar Um oorurtrmttoa of • atata n**tr> «f tron* Una h«/.1 aurf»<* to .minant by <1«-l*rin(i that tha '*»>">« "t b* ttoa »tat« for I«n4
hl«h»ir» fravldln* for tha la.u»nr» ard aal. of >tat« ben<la to .T»wU a fund for aurh rwtamatlon and »attl*m»nt la a fwbllr oaa/* M
porp.™. and <h. of .u. h bond, from motr, K »,h6-l. Ilr-ru- f.a and. If U- Kt>H tha propr»a«l ama.,dißant to Sactton Uof ArtioU ttoa ConrtttiUon. -... CJ
from .u. h f«a ara ina..ffl. lant, l«yln« • tai for au.J. dtfldaoaj.• AGAINST Uia propoaod aroandmant to Bactlos IS, of yfl' I* Lof ttoa ConaUtuUon □
n»lt lt<rfarandum Bill No. I. □ M t
AdAINHT Rrfaramlutn 11111 No 1.... ... -£j ' M
' \ Amendment to the Constitution P/b posed by the Legislature
Proposed to the People by the Legislature "An art for tha amanlmnit of l4, IS. 10, n and 22, TTL of Hit
nrrrnrvnru tin i v.i i rmirtad * Stata Conatltutlon by Haln* tha annual rnlarl^ of oartain atata offlcara aa ftllowat Go*
! •a.'.-i' , !«,, , Iha naTiiiant «.r aanallaad Ltt-ii ta ratarana of tha war amor, tan thouaand dollara; Lieutenant Owyor, two ttoouaand Hva hundred dollar*
"To, " ' Waahtn,t..n fhere.ary of State, five thouaand dolUra five thou»nd dollar.. Auditor, ft*.
! M th. tin,, of their entry tolo tha authonain, t»- «d «Ua of .tat. bond. thou«n.l AUorney Oenarmt al* dollar.; Superintendent of Public I»
AOAIN9T Itafaran-lum IHH No. I □ ">* —-O
The polls of said Election will be opened at eight o'clock A. Y. and will remain open «<£ **42 ' I
incorporated towns and cltle*. and in all predncta outside of su<* Incorporated towns and dtieo the Mir of opening shall be nine o dock A. M.. and ■
"Th V Ort.b». V D. 1520. /. NORMAN M. WABDAU. j
(Auditor's Seal) J County.Auditor. M
; XlaJa-S saemirM tk kkt—r—ra ssscri bli. 4* rtrst«rr-o«ra. . n*o< ■ anc tk k»rr_< .at a. rakskr-i abor rt^rKwr— o«rr«
nepUDIICM 1 ICKet m- nalkaSl rmlarl— I rAmlUi AHara.y— A««ar»ey Cearral ■
PnaMnOtl SUaa*aaa— \/&*7* J Brow™ _ Jama. M. Phllllga ■
K.mma Hmlth l»V»a William A rrta.Uay. fw. aE. UJtainan ; /n. tr . simu.l 7 tayth ■
B-Hr.- -i=-" n ssjs-—' ".1 1
Luthar WM4la w w Daala. - ¥'ank \ I JFhorifm 1C Dampaay Alfa Salmon Yentaka I
H I. il«arr imtoa af Ike raaaa-SIHS Bwt tSaitaMa—faSy SSarHf ■ la'y Faaatr 4iiW— <Hata laaaraaee laaaUalaart— I
<).. r*. J. Stewart raaetwat— #*'■ M \\ I A Jo— pb Will lam a A. M Mecklem 1
rail.a ata tea anataa- Itamu.l K K.nner W'a M <akle— fl*laj f Caaty Awe rta tea Seat at Caaaan RTATK HKetIMBTT ATITKS
■* .al.y I. Jonaa Jaatlea af tka raaea-SSa. ' m U» Hranjpn IM /, _ *rk<Jt- 4Mb Rtpmralalln Dlatrtet—
naaeaaaatatlaa la r.a.i m. tat , e«aa» i C—atabtr Jlw SSataea l*raMH» Nina OBtuchaaaa tVot* for three)
IMatrtet— A. FT«»a»ura £ John C glaay f\ | Caaaty Aalae»r— Jarob firha.ru I'ederaos
Jr.bn r. Millar Jaatlea af tka raaa a Swta. TJ- (uiii l| mli Tmll/ if M.7.. .. . . ■ John Kl.mln*
lUynaaatatlta ta faamaa. Bad „ *•'••• . „ # Clt Itll M 1 rawatSVaraaer— Joa.ph K. Co.tallo
IHatrtat— * "• earkaa _# ( aaaetaa Wv.lar>A tlat Reareaeatattee Dlatriet—
IJndlay IL Had ley Jaatlw af tba rial. —Oeaar Iwei ( . T \ faiaatlaataaer. lat Caauala- (Vote for two)
Uararsee Teeetaet — I . v ■ ■ ■ alaaer'a Dlatrtrt— Wiley M. Scott
uia r Mart John / ,Tt , !T~r?StaJ'^r"" Joa. pk A. Hloan W Uuck I
Jaatl.a at tbe raaea Cherry fIW >~ <1 r / ) Caaaty CawwUalaaar, M Catamla- *2m4 ReyreaeataHre Ptatrtrt J
, rreelaet— T taxable—l.ahe t/a rreelaet— , d.,,,. i.utrtet— (Vote f.»r two) J
J ° r ' m Marry Itean " I Klrhard ('aimijr g, n. w »i| Liorena Wlawell WI1«»B W
r-B—ChH-W rreeuet- tbe A.kara Fee- 1
TTT'T—T Jam.. Hart raaalakle— n.alaet— V Vote f <, r (V(Ma for two)
Jaa'lea af tbe raw.. Oaalßatd raw I»an H HrJTT .Illa KmminueT M Fol.le
" w n wTwiis. n 7T m u^r mmt "" rk m,w
Attaewey UeaeraS— Jaatlea af tha r»a.a Oaai ha- faaatahl. Preetwet— R alfe Loren A Roy.e
'* ' O Hart-- o K |X. Jaatlee %f tbe ftata OHStla Pre
' «-"B«a r ,.„ |>aa Watwaa ' *** r> "** r J vluTfJr'"tJ^iT
aapertataaaewt af rwbUa taatr.a- Piaila" t a.'aayjft— Taaaer Prerlaet Jaatlee a|V, raaea. Hawta. rta- «!*<'>• ""'J. 1 '
[ Joa.phlna rorll.. Praatow , , <t . rt..r r.~—-- tTjlifklr 'Tahwila rt.alatl <Vo». fofctwo) t«tk Heaeeaeatatlva DlatHet—
'u**, r rreatwet Jo. W,.od \ (Vote for two)
.-a..—r ITI TnTr JW.nk lx»*tjtojr \ Illnnle K. Ault
j WI AIKUK I 4TIV Ul "■ J B __ _ rsastskl# SratfW I'rrrlnrt
Jaatlee af the riA«l trutatt rw /Democratic Ticket J..ba H. W trth Iteprea.atatlV. Dlatrict—
wlYi-V T7-, (aaalakle, lreetwrt— (Vote far two)
r II raa.n.u.h _ A frrealdeattal Kl.etara— (\'ot- for two> Joe Smith
FH"j T s!r J ~X~- r *~ K "* W M". 0 ry N B A lUr m k« J. K. J. n.en \ tV.^y'T.dn'.X
""ftZrrtrZZJ**"*- N Hear. / /•','« V."irrarlhy Opwauiie, Daa MataX PraaSacSa- Hyron Pbalpa
X£Z {hT A».,Henee » r^atyr™^
tSad_ l<" J'naoa _ _ C !-I:.A P *S^r""p^ r^7 1
(\ota for | wo)— •« '«••• l,fl y rf *" 1 altrd «Ulrs jOClftlllt I lUCCt r»nn(y Clerk I
O.orir. T KMck"*n Oao*»radflald J n '* 21 -I I ■ -1- ViV j, na». let t)ta- s»ae« rr.aSßaatlal c.aatr *A KK Mr I
H.TphllKnlpp r f M ',| r,>hy rii / n »• Dta - R.Hty \ Vr.-d NH,..n
«t(k neareaaatattee Htatrtet— r **" Irtet— ,^ ||R Ko(r , r , > Caaaty MaperiateaSeat af Caaaaa
(Vol. for two>— # —' Walter I'rl.e \ V.
Hror*. y M..< h.m P ILlf.ro J t.aaeraae— W. H Waynlck \ M.ry 1> ra*.e ,g
Vr.nk II Mvi"fti. .. . . . Caaaty Kaalaeel^—
talk it.p...rat.tl.e Dlatrte*— Jaattee af tbe rrarrf Klrtilaad Pae- t-leatewaat "a»*aai- . . \ Krank H. Con.nt
(Vol. for two)— etael— / _ M ? IK'hlk. SoCiallSt-LaDOr 1 lCKet Caaaty taraaee—
f. !■: Illicit.. a 1 Hin*»»ica / Secretary af ktate — ** L T <>r * n Wat.Oß .
Hob.rt 0r... Jaatte. af tba parr—Maary Pre- (l.oru. ll.s.ard terra rre.ltleatlal Klectara Caaaty toairal*alaaer—tat Cautla^jl
talk Hepeaacatatfee IMatftat— etart— / State Trea.arer— Andrew Rynnln* \ ataacr'a nutrtct— VII
(Vote for two)— J. M * ■ *- "Ibaon J.ni.a K Stark X'larenc. 8. Tripp
Adam Heeler Jattlea af the#aß«« SSeKlalay Pre* State Au.ltar— (l.or|[r II S.rß.nt Cayty Caattalaalaaer. 3rd Oaauila- |
Adolph ll.hr.n. rlaet— g Krcderlck Kiirtmmaa alaarr't Dlatriet—
tTtb Neyrawatatlaa ntatrtet— R. P. ftherl#»«l Attaraey (ieaeral— Joa.ph Tottrnhoff J-ißn Otrmlch.cl !
, tVnt. for two) — Jaattee af Jwe Paaae Slereer Pra John W llann. n.nlel I. Ilarnet liitlw af tbe Peaee, Seattle Pre-
F 11. Dill. clact —I Cammlaataacr af Pabllr l.aada— Abraham 1. ll.arcllff clßrt—
lt>Bi«rt A Trlppla M H. Inrrranfl Albert Hclionl.y flateraar— Wlllikiii Pneß
• aaaty Audltar— Jaatlee / the Peaee—Saait view R Bp .rtateadeat af Pablle laatrac- n»ald luirte*. Jaatlcr \f the Peaee. Aabara Pla-
I». K. I Vrau.on Pi i aaet— ilea— * , rlat \
I onaly Trraaarer— Ch.rlA Urtimton Albert. Catherine Monttromerr n I*l ••• ew», i . tVotaVnr twol
Wm A. d.ln.a Jaaitrf af th. Veaee— Slarth Bead ■...r.a.ce t aaia.laalaaer— Prohibition 1 ICKet Qeorite <L Hydora
Attaraey— P^etaet — Je.ae F Murphy ]\, ,
Malcolm fiouctaa C./. r.rjienter aTATK NMPRKSBNTATIvaS Seeea Prealdeatlal Kleetara— t aaatnblc. aWttle Preelaet
I Caaaty t Irrh— Jaa«c af tbe Praea Pactn. Pre- 4#lk Kepreaealatlte lllatrtet— Arthur S Catoß Wan 8 llilVrd
; (l.orj. A Or.nt . (Vote for three) Olln L Fowler Caa.tablr, Attßura Preeiaet—
A S~ m Z"Vr /obn l , .rh.r_ r K W eat I.ucy C Cotrael (Vote for flro)
Fr.nk W. Hall 4Batlce af tba Paa«. Baeaaaa Pie- K M R, tP | t ff. W K H.yeor Natli.n Pairc.Vr.
<4»s«Mt]r Sheriff— I Hnrt— Mftttl« Reynold®
.. Hlirwloh f "■ __ 41*1 |<ei»reaesi«a(lve DlalHet— W. A. I>ivlp t asiMtahlr. Ilolsr %erlnrf~
twaaty af CaaiaM Jaattee af the Pe.ee—Reataa Pee- fnr fwo) Btnmett D. Nlcbol. Tony Snrtorl. A
T^:rr, f „,a. / T r r'!l„ hV,'„r.d Il.rrl.onW M««m CanataH.. Knumdmm Preelaet—
fa««?V-.1- / Richmond r w ,„ Bhiff , r _ - _, , . U.ortr. Kuchcnh.%
I l£oma. /{ neemaa / Jaaflee at the P«ie^_«l.h—d «ad He,,re......1r, l.latrtet- FariTier-L&l>Or Ticket P^aUet
i ... _ / fv«»te for iwo) l vote ror two) m
Wllfl. II enraon / John Waltoch nJr?'"*'itodadnn .T'urVh Jn' Kl "' n * Ve *"t=»ell \
"* c T K!iJ:beth 0
Hiudi <* Unmany / .l liowen _ *J" or two) l»ortha Inu « «• • * pp.\
t aaaty r.anUalaaet, 3rd /taak Jaatlc af the Paare Saaaydale ?!' i ,f.,V" r i""V. i ftludicial l ICKCt
alaaer-a Dlatriet— / Pc.lact— John N W ll.on I. It Itlch.rd. waa.a». 'VBVI j
Ti.ni liob.on / A. K Tlioinp.cn tt'b Itepreaentattre DlatHet— C I". Culllaon Jad.e. af the state Suprefe Cant
Jaatlee at tbe Peace—SMttla Pra- Jaatlee ar the I'raca—Taaarr Pre- (Vote for two) Kdlth Downlnr Six-Year Terta— \
clact— / Clact Ry.n t alted Ntatr. Senatar— (Vote for Three) \
John William Hoar / Hcott Wllbnr Kmma A ll.ti.m.n ('. .1 Franca Warren W. IVlinaa \
Jaatlee af tha Peaee~/Al«aaa Pra- Jaatlee af tbe Peace—Tahwlla Pre- t#tk Itrpre.ralatl. e Dlatriet— lleprraeatatlta la ( an.reaa, lat Dla- OR. Ilnlcomli \
etaet— J rlaet— (Vol. for two) trtet— J. It Hrldß.a \
Ital Kmltti / J Durbln K. J. h'ortn.n Jaine. A. Puncan Jadaea af Kaperlar Coart— \
Jaatlee af the I'iair—Alptaa Paw- Jaatlee af the Pewee—Warrem Pre- ttepre.eatatlre la Caasreaa. tad Dta- (Vote for Klght) \
dart— J clact— ttltk lle.rracatatlTe Dlatrtrt— Irtet— J. T. Ronajd \
J J Younr J • J It Tucker (Vot. for two) William Pouck Klna Pykemau \
Jaatlee .f the P#aee— Arthar Pre■ Caaatable—aeattle Prectact— Cha. 11. l-'illl.n t.otcracr— A W, Krater \
-'J"* 1 " . / Jam." M. Ijambcrt Mlanon Ad.ma Hotirrt nrtdfre. ltoyd J. TaTlm.n %
. '.« , r? a. . _ Caaatable—tl.oaa Preelaet— 4Ttk Itriirracat.tlre Dlatriet— l.lrateaaat (iateraar— (Itia W. Itrla'ker B
.71.. ??''.*T*"™ r *»- K (Vote for two) K K. Ilowlca Mitchell nilll.m \
t-aa.table—Anbara Prectaet— R. .1 Hory.r Secretary af Stata— Au.tln K. (Irlfflth. \
1 R Wail*. 1 Vol. for two)— Klla Tr.ynor C A. Harlln Calvin S. Hall
Jaatlee .f Akl r.. M - . f w ' <1 Mc(umbar Coanty Audllar— state Trraaurep— .ludac af Superior Ceart—
Prerlnef— Auituiit ""' hl Mary \V. Il.rrett Frank Pea.e (Vot. for One) .
F N l-.fla iTik Preelaet— County Trraaarer— State Audllar— John 8. Jurry
' H ,l - Smith A. K. Flat! Robin Adair ' Kverett Smith
kv «h. ? 1' i»f , "*}£' !) a ,r. «bove and foregoing list of nominations is a true, full and complete lint of the nominations certified to me
, Kln * (<,ttnt y- Washington, as herein set forth.
I f A..iit^ y a "fv *" offlcial Mal 25*»> **y of October, A. D. 1920. NORMAN M. WARDALL,
I 1 Auditors seal) - Audita^
Am<*rlrftnt«m. Thla l« th* role of
Inadrmhlp and ah«mpton«hlp of th*
light which th+ J«Nu»et« «»f <h« r*
public Intended U»AI It AWiM l»Uv
The- nucaUml Aiimrlmvil#rn, Which W*
htutr ma tu»i« h proline about now. I*
ipurtouftly invented f«»r party pur
(MtMNi only.
"Thla la the arupretfte choice of the
proarnt numpulcn. It In regrettable
that thla obolra ahould l>® auaHH-lat
f<l with ft I»rty eontert. Am cum
pared with Iha cboloa of a ouunta of
action that now underlie* ayery
ulh-r, fata of partlaa la * mat
ter of indifference l*arti*« are *i*r
nlflivmt now In ibU krtuw
thr vot«m muni rn«k« up their
mind* wlili h of the two pnftlm In
moat llkelv to *e*;ura the IndUperia
"The nation wan never rwflrd upon
to mnk* a more aolrmn d"t<*rmlr>a
LU*n than It ti»uf»t now make The
whola futura mot a I force of right
in the world depends upmi the Unft
ed Mtalea rathtr than upon any
other nation, and It would 1*- pit!
ful Indrxw], if, aftrr ao many great
free pnoplm had entered the grrat
league, we ahould hold aloof,
"1 auKgcat that th* uandldary of
every o#»ndldaf«. for office. «
l»e te»(ed by !hl» quMtlon: Hhn^J
we o» thall We not, redeetn
Rrent moral obligstion of the United
HUleer -
Woman Recluse Not
Undressed for Years
UAMHfiATK. Kaii*. Oct. W
HtMted to lived for frmr* In
one rtNigi and nr#er undrwswl, Mr*.
Kllm Khuw, m(ed 71. luim Ju»t died
A daughter wild her mother would
not allow b«r to do «nythlnf In
the room.
fEMNMDAT* OTTr»nF:n 71 !•?*
Kmt Tn\tf Krn.

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