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My Pear Miss Grey: Why all the discussion over women's
They always have and always will wear what they please,
to we men might as well become reconciled.
I am soon to be married to a girl two years my junior,
who is as pretty, refined and sweet-tempered as can bo, yet,
there are hundreds of gossipy women and "old fogjriah" men
who would pass slurring remarks about her because she
happens to wear half-hose.
What immorality is there in a pair of limbs clad in half
hose. any more than full-length ones? If there is such, it is
within the minds of those who purposely lower their eyes
when a young woman gets on a car.
Half-hose are certainly more comfortable than the old
fashioned kind in summer, and at least as comfortable as the
gauiy silk ones in the winter. Moreover, as soon as the
novelty wears off. women will pay no more for plain silk
half-hose than men do, whereas now they pay twice the price
for full length and the half-hose are the same price.
When men began wearing long trousers, their legs no
longer showed, so they took to half-hose, and, altho the length
of women's skirts has become the topic for much joking, how
many girls seen on the street .in reality wear skirts shorter
than seven inches from the ground?
You men who are criticising these common-sense girls who
wear half-hose, how many have you actaully seen wearing
Not one per cent of the number who really do, because
the dresses are not really short enough to show any bare skin
such as you are looking for.
Few girls wear real half-hose because they have only re
cently been put upon the market, but for longer than you
slurring hypocrites imagine, girls just as nice as your wives
and sisters have been rolling their hose down below the
I. for one, say wear what you please, girls, because you
really dress prettily to please your husbands and sweethearts
anyway. You are not making havoc with the average man's
morals any more than a we LI-dressed young man ruins the
morals of young women. TWENTY-FIVE.
a• • |
Not Popular
With Sterner Sex
rv«r Mtaa Grey I wonder tf you
out glr* soma udeire to a poor young
wattflowrr What ran I do to make
young ram fond of m«?
' It la trcry puxaling to ma that I
am unpopular wtth tba hoys, b»-
eaum 1 know lam w*tt liked among
tha girls. I am not ugty. on tha con
trary. 1 have bran spoken of aa a
•**»nr stylish. cood looking girl." and
hare a reputation anion* the girls
of bates "an all around cood sport,
foil of pep and ready for fun of an
ktnda" I am a fairly (Vod darner
and lava all dancing from tba waits
to lb* ahtmmle.
1 am not affected or setf-cfloarton*
wtth tha boy* and always act natural
with them. But even wltk all the**
likable toattUaa tha other aex doea
BOt IMB to furor mi
tf, tm mtMtUm ia the fuJlMri yn
l*M mafleaeA yo» art awra I hat
(M ara not >cflt#gr<-n and da aof
W IB a»—»oMa* f*« MaMTMtlea
at aB Han *r mtk« \r*ar mm mo-
Hatha UU topic a/ eaaaaraaHw, I
IMb* |N skaaJd hmr* plenty a/
JtMk ft ear* that yon ara a bet
•ar Waaar tJtaa a talk*r—*ar» pre
far ffcaf—«ad do net Mie apoa rrerp
aaaat ask* #pro4Ckr< |»a aa year
topical delta and aolc property.
• a a
Daar Miaa Orer t wlab my land
My bad aotna coal. too. What can
I da to arta* her ap to the condition
tf thla apartment hmiae. It'a colder
tIU out 00 tha atreeL The atram
hIMMd on at 7 Uila morn In* and ha
(pra th* chill had gone It hlaaed off—
about I 11, then on again at 11:15 and
\j IBonTbni /
Mb §|L
-^ aoe orfiOnt Zgos/ x s*3
Ijj TRADE MARK— the / |
A countersign of SIUALITY X
HI —•• the name behind mWchonrfitt n v
/ S has been the consistent c\ator of ' 11 A
[email protected] jj better goods at cheaper .. / | (j2jj
lljj BON TON corsets ha\/ [ m j 0
W ' that distinction of /j |jT[| fig]
57 3 trade marked and \ fi 1 |l![t|J §MxVi®A ' X
jra] jj gained renown througifaut \ I * / iY* ,*• • •"%&*'•. IPi
?T | the entire \p ji: -.-«l.w '• |X
fe]J" by the most discrira/nating V' "V "' nPi
5c D women as a gajrncnt of Hum'• -' -'.v'.•;•'•. .' j «X
H | stability and QUALITY. "'?
fijjj Ask Yotm- Dealer jjpj
li oj-cyl i!i
pel Corset corset boning \fK. I "A
yl] tuft Wnndifcoha hwvlemirfc- 1 H
Sr FINCH, •diiwlbuiMlarkiifwJrfa \ Kr
jpjl 8 TWIST, SpHF.AK k»4 BON TON comm. WiO \ \ (j M
(jSjl . alw>T> STMYS FLAT. «* RUST nor BREAK. \ \ 11 l®|
j)s j Worcester- Corset Company, WoratsTw, Ma»l\ X
g| " f Brunch Offices and Seiesrooms. it Geary Street. SAN FRANCISCO • " p]\\
" think? Write Cvn
thia Grey, care of the
Seattle Star.
off a rain at I! 30. flare It Is Ip. m
and aa chtUy aa ever. M no time
waa the radiator too bot to touch,
nor at any time could the heat be felt
more than three lm he* from the
radiator. I am paying for heat, but
wouldn't dare aay a word to her
about not letting It. Oaa, bat it'a
coldl -KRKKZINO."
/ must a<fc4M v<w, Ue *««** M f
«r\o reported lark of
Ami litaf trrrJt, to take tho cm*e up
trith th* luelth mmmlooinnrr fa thr
public Mfrtp bviidlnft There is a
fair which compel« tHrt«eal htm**
operator a fa kc*p the temperature at
a healthful deffrrc. It poe* ttuhous
oayina that tMs. 0/ aC tkovtd
he r%ffuDp enforce*.
1 lanra eaullllowes.
t earra.
t tablrwpoona fle«&
1 table*poona milk.
fa teaapoon aalL
t<at cauliflower stand In cold water
for about an hour. Cook In boiling'
•altrd water till tender, about II
mlnutaa DWtde flowerettea and l»i
cooL Make the batter aa follow*
Beat eggs very light, add flour and
milk alternately. Add aalt. Melt
butter In frying pan. When It haa
atopped bubbling, fry piece* of cauli
flower which hava been dipped twice
Into th* batter. Fry a light brown
and sere* rary hot.
I'M) pages no woman can aIEM to miss
JGEES> Pirrx^rrrrjrxx^TTfa: ,\ v-^v•-vTT, rr \ :;.v>u.; 1 "*
Lace Frocks
Retain Favor
for Winter
It itrmi that ■# frocka are not
to be put away with the re*t of the
nininwr wardrobe thla y ear, but
aril) atay right on dome duty u
dance dreaara
tn thla modal «ketrhed. a wtde
and a narrow flouncing and broad
Inaertlon ar* Involvrd with io*e
imrirttf tn a remarkably lovaty
confection suitable for a forma!
afternoon tea or for a dance at any
tuna during lb* wava.
Tba dreaa la mad* erer a allp
of butter-colored taffeta ar*l tha tar*
Itaalf la of that aama rt- h ton*
whlrb combines ao effectively with
roaa or any of tha soft. medium
tAto<» arm »feV and #afit to Get
W*l\and Keep \Wt|. Writ* for llt
nituk that tell* Mwlntl Why thin
and Wonderful view
alamenX bring* rtlM to to many
auffar*% from tthnAiatiwtn. 9riat*
Ira. <k»u% Neurit In. f'urtlf!*, N r»
irou* Pr oration. IBkh fitood f*r*a
<ur« and War«*«*a Mt tha fit
Itrsri. Urn M#r, and
other lilinrlu. V#u wur I**«rn«*n a
Hadia-Aetiral%fto|pr Pad day and
night, re«*#|rmjf#tha fladlo* Activ*
Raya root M»#« yntjr ayatern.
eau«lng a h*a!t* «l reflation. over
■ • % »' i thr r rjr n'f
impunlln tha tJa*u«-«i
and ■ toflk nnma
and th«* naxjvthinAiou know jreu
are tr«ttinf all. Y
Hold «n aft #<at f> "fen aft to a. T«>n
ara th t ';■■<> Ml iflll •
in* you Vror« the m-pUan. «
yr»ura Noßlnc to do wur it.
No tfotjhl#»r •ffH-nt*. inmthe 01 oat
*on4«rfuva«i about tb# V»pn«n< e
»a that It ft a-.ld ao reM»nA{« that
it la wifln the reach of am both
I a 1 il" %
So how had yoar al%»nt
nr how Bona: atandtnff, wa
pl**aedßo have you try it at \nr
riak Vor full If ' 'ftnatlon * r •• t
day—not tomorrow Hatfium Appti
anra Co., 1113 Ilradbury Hids. L-»a
Anir«lea, Calif
Confessions ofaßrkk
L (Copyright 19PX) by HieHfutymperEfrtrrprix^AgQcialion)^
Th* dusk closed down rapidly. It
■hut m« In Ilka a wall with that
draggled little bat and Ita lorn veil
and their hint of a horror bidden In
a (angled eftr-jblwry.
1 barked away, »trp by atap, eofl
ly, aa If the cracking of a single
Lw ix beneath my frit uilght wake
tbe tic art
Ilea, hin* a broader path, t turned
and ran. Hy Ut* tune 1 raaclied
the main drive I woe out of breath
and ataggertng.
The wltlr of an approaching auto
gav* me courage to pause and a
chance lo breathe. 1 stood al the
edge of (he drive and waved my
handkerchief frantically and tried to
call out but my own voice choked
Katherine** car was oomlng. Boh
was with hsr, and for tbe only time
In my life I didn't cars beoauae
they were together.
Hob leaped to the ground and I
•lumped tnto his arms. bid my face
on his dear shoulder, fell safe, and
"Hob! Hob! Thera—to th* bu*h
'What are you trytog to say,
Jan*T" Hob drew*me into the circle
of light made by the lamps of Kalh
ertiu a ear, and studied my fata.
"Ann"" I shivered liv hi* arma.
Bob caught tha terror that poa
•es«ed me and murmured under hi*
"Vou mean Ann—ln th* buehe*?"
"Ann"" cried Katherln* Miller.
"Have you found th* tlttto •lllyT*
1 did answer her, for Bob had
picked me up and aa* lifting me
Into (he cut
C»n you wall fnr m» h»r», rtrln*"
\ Why Maple Karo has the largest sale jl
of all the different kinds of ' I
maple syrups sold / Ij
: \ (American housewives 9
' bought averjpve million jfj
: cans last year. Delicious a !
j flavor anjf moderate price |
i /he reason jl|
J ys f\\ \ 1/v^ ',//1 Nothing speaks loader than facts. For f|
J fn sf / / 1 those "yt\o relish the delicious flavor of ||
; v m ' j \ eiaple, Maple Karo ii preferred : «
S ( 0) \ j y\U Karo b not an * imitation J
* LbJ \. nvor." The Com Products Refining J
* xw v Company, makers of Maple Karo, are »
* J[J [ \ \ \\\f f world ' a ' largest users of the beat
' MW^wfOr // // ' \ \\yx f sugar. {I
I [J / / i Each year over a thousand tons of
| Mrf, \ the purest maple sugar are used to make
I f This sugar comes from the richest t|
* V__\~— 1*37*1 J \ maple groves in Vermont and Canada. jl
Nv / % There isn't a delicacy that comes to
* >v j \your table that you will enjoy more than t|
\ / \he new Maple Karo—on waffles or hot ||
< cakes or as a spread on bread, or crisp, l|
/ but Wed toast 51
Jkk V AncVthe price is remarlcably moderate jl
y*V j —in than any other syrup of jl
Karo in Can. It is guar' SI |
TheNe\v 1
fining Co.. P. Q. Bo*l6lffome York. M ML WMF ML •■
/ X ~ - *v I
• / ' J
he asked. "You're not afraid?"
We reneamred him on that p<4nt
"Where?" waa the alngle word bo
pul to ma.
"Ily the Ikm benob. Under It.
Hark of II,"
Hob waa off Into tbe deepening
night ahadowe and the etlllneea. I
waa shaking, trembling from hemd
lo foot. In eplte of every effort to
control my nervea, ehaklng ao that
I K-tH quit* unable to anxwer the
string of question* Katherln* put
to m<v
"Waif" waa all I could matter.
It would lake Hob but a minute
to find out If murder had been done
-or sulrlle. The longer ha elayed
away the greater grew my bop*
Ibat he waa finding nothing In the
thicket more pitiful than th* Wreck
of (ho eipenrtve new hat
lie came at last, running fajrt, and
carrying poor Ann'* *poH*d finery.
"Thla la all, Jane dear," he said,
aa ha studied tha thing* under th*
glare of the lamp* Even In th*
inldwt of my torturing doubt. It
good to hear him rail me "Jane
■tear" right before that horrid tiger
woman! Hob went on:
"I looked thru a big circle of th*
brake. Thank Clod, thl* I* all I
found! t«ef* hurry. I'll get ont the
men with flashlight* and comb tbe
place "
lie sprang Into the c«r with an
abrupt "Hit It up. Kalh*" And *o
foolleh *M I, even In that awful
hour, that I resented th* familiarity,
True, the l»rtmere and Miller*
had lived *ld* by *ld* for twenty
year* To have called hi* neighbor
anything but "Kathf doubt leu
French lotrnt in bHtrr if inadA of !
quitn frnnkly ntrtlr
One f|{K or two may N» u«w! wllti
milk, mill an<l u grntiriir of ntitXßftff
for th« mixture* iti which to dip th«
brea/t Fry quuhiy in * iun»U
amount of fat.
would h*v* l>e«n sheer affectation
on Hob's part. All thl* I knew well
And I could see that for the m»
ment my Jenlousy was upsetting my
m>nt«4 polsa. Even a murder
eouldu'k keep ffny mind from my
pet ot>*r»elnn!
(To Be r>*,lltMK«n
Make Your Own
V Gray Hair Remedy
mV A. IHxovf a well known
llroomrn tritinrm nurse, made tire
followMLr st/i(ej»nt regarding grsy
hair "(weak*M. f.old"1 "r tre*y luUfl
.an be turned blrn k. brown i
or light nnin by the uae of the j
that you can make
at \ <m\v f \
"MrjJfy ge%a bo* of Orle* i>ow
der ajffcny druV'tore It '■oat* very
no to buy. I>la-'
mimt It In I o*/w distilled or rain j
M«er and comb lf« h rough (he heir,
direction* and use
a gold l>ond gunlunlce coma In
e».-h bo*. On* bo* you for
"It I* *afe. It doe* off, I*
not sitcky or the!
hair IWfy. II grny- i
halr'd iSbaonyears younger"
people take anil flu
reir,. .lies, Medicine Mfg. Co., !
Rugs an/Carpet*
The Fua»A'urzy Rue Co.
rhoiyc%qUo\ im
A glass wnshhoard, altho It breaks
more easily, la (o be preferred In *
metal one, because the corrugation*
The Wonder of the Age =
From the South Sea Islands |
j Works\Likfr Magic! 1
|§ ' to see §j
H | >Dur S
H ! ' Educational —\>mical S
EE K- - s
I /mst Hattiwe @j
3 / door fa Sb/utmtnM' yfnw j a
«r« roundel »nd th« friction on Q»
la )'••*.
Uowwr, If * m*t»l w**hbo«r4 l«
iiwd. It *houM b» thoroly dry b«#or«
)>Hnc put sway no that It wUI not
wHrii or nltrar-t wat'rhuKm

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