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rARE 14
ITH matt of their players being held over for the 1021 Const leatrue
campaign after finishing in third place this year, there's no reason
why the San Francisco Seals shouldn't cut « hig figure in the Coast
pennant pursuit next year.
Another jrood outfielder, an infielder and another hurler who can
win in this
c ompany
are the big-
Ifest needs
of the Seals
for next
Their Infield
■ bar** ui>
pretty well
»Hrht now They will hare to re
plare Ik# Ovaney. who filial in at
urond and short thu year. but the
mi of the inner norlu nhould be
<X K. anothar term In thl* league
Hasbro-.k made good at flrst. judg
ing from hi» nrenh Ha hit thf
tall hanl and they think wall of
him aa a fielder down South. Ha
haunt played here )H
WilUe Kamm will moat likely Play
•Bother yaar In th* Coa»t rlrvuit
Aii hi* hitting during the seaeon
just cloeed didn't warrant him a
trial In the big allow. Ha'a Mill
younv mooch to aerve another ywir
In the r. C. circuit
Whether or not Hoy Corhan will
%l lack at shortatop for (Imhaqp'a
Mtfit remains to be *een He *u
MfftrtnK from a nore throwing arm
Moat of fhe J9JO nwn and he
«mil In the lineup at all during
the clostns werk*.
Dm Walah will probably b« call*!
upon to take care of the aerord
feaae berth tie proved hi* ability
IB an all-around player In hi*
first year's service for the Bay City
•Qtflt and he's a cinch for a Job
With them Mtain
Tbta leave* the abortatop berth
aa the only opcnltur in the Seals'
Jnr.el.l accorilisi to the prroeut
Jo* CooroDr la a mim-thlnc be*
tar the left n«M >ob m the Seaia'
NttltM Ha la another youn*at«r
•ad ha ahows a great deal or
; yroolat. Ha'a a fine fielder, f.
and « rood bitter. Me ouitt to
»g* Hp to the biff ahow after another
yaar In XbCarthy'a c-irvutt.
Joatin PlUaeraid la another my»
' tary aa tar aa rerular play la ran
•ml Ha may be used for uttUt)
tnrt only aa hta arm lan't aa gm'.
aa It on re waa. Chance* are. bow
MM. If Justin continue* to hammrr
• tk* ban tb* way be haa been dotnc
la tb* past, bell work hla way Into
tk* lineup every day aomebow.
•wwm t-
Moot Shirk mads a He bit *»'•>
~%ls work here, bat they don't thtnl
nrach of him down In tun Krai,
ctsco. He mar l» In the Hen
•Stfteld next year and be may nc
They Arc after a rood cleanup h
tar for Bhltk's berth, according I
tbm dope belnc peddled by the fU
Oty scribe*.
The Boals" catching staff b i
etneh to atay lh« way It I*, with
Ram Agnew and Archie Yelle to
do the mask work. Agnew la one
of the heat Me pad men In the
West, whllo TcDa 1* a capable
The pitching ataff should kick
thru next year. The Sea!*" pen-
Bant chances were practically
mined laat spring when Caaey
Smith and Tom Seaton. two of
the best hurling beta In the league.
W*r» released by Oraham.
But before the season was over.
Omham had a food staff In work
tng order.
Johnny Couch. Jim Scott and
Bam Lewis are three capable right
bander" while Slim L<ove and Bert
Cola are two rood southpaws And
then the Seal* have young McOuald
for next year They expect great
tiling* of MrOuald. With another
good righthander to tmlar.-e tbe
ataff. the Reals shouldn't have to
HMD about pitching.
The deals had a habit of playing
111 streaks last year. For a couple
of weeks they played like the
Champions of the world and the
MXt few weeks they would dish
UP the kind of hall that one would
•■pact to see In Athens, tireece.
An tnflelder. a hrac* of utility
Mn, a hard-hitting outfielder, a
Steady pitcher and a little mora
•van playing would mak» tha ileal*
rcaJ contender* In 1921.
—■ ■«
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\ JONRTH UlljrtwiS
Nominee for
Aa Xbi KflFieJ oppo
and his
was Mr Wll-
Uams. born In llli
no\m.Jfn >.H* native born
Amar-an In Ihl^Wnti-et
[—LOEWS ——
NEW aHO W —Jptjj&tß Tomorrow
1,000 "»4WEATS 22C
v a iplijnjtx e
SEATTLE'S OtfN "K. C. B." and EDITH I>4Y in
All-Coast Teams
Hrrr'it the second installment of All-Star scUctions for the
Coast league sent in during the contest just closed by Tin
Star, took 'em over ami sec how some of the twys mul girl*
would like to line up a team for a rare in the Coast circuit.
i.iurs Mil nirvHS
Walter Ben won of the Cidflr apart
menu Is partial to southpaw pitch
era. Ha picked two- WUII* Mitchell
and Paul littery fnr hl« hurting
corps on hla All Star (Vail leaffVie
team III* complete tram follow*
lll*#, ruellaiuf. flr*t hMfi Cat-
MID San »r*ihear,
llohitf s<aUl», Ihlrd haee'
Ml lake. eh«rletnf» Head "»•'*
lAk*. left fleM; r«rtUi«l.
<«M#r field. » Mml. nealUe.
fleM. A|nm » ■>*•!
U*m« I Seal tie I, rmlrher* l.eary
v.HU K Ariel! .Oakland*. Ill
ter> iHamimrtilt) and W Mitilidl
11 erwon • p(i« here. W aleh. Hau I r*»-
iAer«*. utility.
muccts BEE*
Four Salt T-ake Bet* are given
)ohe on the All f*tar Cuaat leairur
team tent In by K. H. Rtagtn, 114
Harvard ava. N. Here's how be
pick* em:
Mtftlf, %kH take. flrtl kaee-, Kruf.
N»ll Ukr Mrtmii hMM: IWin», V«l-
De. Ikird Um, J aim •<»#». Hill I eke.
• h»r(•(•>(« < >wip<M fm. ram Ml*. I»fl
field; KMn< Hmille. realee field.
i nmf«r«l. I m Aaaelee. rt«hi fi»M;
AdMiw l!«Mlll«) •»<! l<*M|rr «I ae
AafrlMi, ralrltm. MH»r»
nirnl* ■ <Mi(h»rUnd i rerl land >. I»ell
I rrn«n tml «Mr«#d *atl Ukel,
pilrbrn. Krnwvrtlir HealUe. «Ulll|.
Ike Caveney. the veniaflle Inflelder
orf the Sun rlub, la *lven
the utility berth on th« AllOittnl
leajcue train K>nt In by It II Ikahr
of 4(11 Othello at. Ilere'a the way
11 H would line hla wjtiad up-
J4iiwm. Halt I mk+. »H»n»lin
tUhn', Vttlll*. Ihtnl tmm*.
N«IIW, l#ft fktkl, *%l* Uk*.
f ir%4 huo. ( riwfaH, !«■ *»|»l«i.
itflil fWid; Hr«( Ndt Uk*. ittmmd
h—9. I hii<b«nfw#. > >m«n.
n»l«l \f»»« |nmr|K*i
l *•*!(!» >, > alrhrr* ; W.
ICJtafc#Jl <e«*ry ( VklU* I.
liana trv nearly completed to
handle a KTMI crowd it the fltan
rord Washington rani* Haturday. No
vembor «, on
roughly eetimatad that nearly 21.000
people will view the tltt.
This Is the firwt time that fftanford
»nd Waahlnaton have ever met on
the gridiron. aad the rivalry la keen.
find f-itia cannot uk for a better
•nme than lbs Waahlnjrton-Oreiron
contest laat Saturday. but It
npwlnl that the Cardinal team
til dish up another exciting and
mm content for the university end
!>e»plte the fact that Wsshlnglon
loot to the Arlm laat Saturday. (he
Purple and (lold are alight favorite*
to win over Stanford when the two
team* mix a week from Saturday.
Oiid follower* who have bean
moaning about town that the Wash
ington team haa failed to show any
of the Ol'l Ooble fight hare reaeed to
Moan. Every I*urple and Gold war
rior who waa In the tilt laat Katur
day waa fighting a* If hla own dear
life depended on the came, whirh ac
counts for tha fart that the heavier
A(fl« team did not rrosa the Waah
inifon goal line.
The team will he out with thin
same brand of fight In the ntanford
tilt, and a (Teat throne la expected
to be on hand to see the laat Varsity
earn* In historic old Denny field.
The Stanford alumni will havs
their big reunion here J net before tp»
came, and the Cardinal team will got
suffer because of lack of supyrt
/ 110 nroadwuf 1
N#w claj\Mn ballroom dArlr.u
foan*rt W\Mf\r*\ Im Ool'l^r
fjf c t 1 <\M> ri I
■prp n viiru •<) rlaaaea. T
/ naii«fb i
«i**>!rr"' ,,ort do ****** Admifio
fftffh Hohool C \nmpfn at ll 00
•very Saturday nfrilnv.
l'hon«> Pniat I#KS
Halhivlftnd i|'<tr(Un<l> and Hailing*
|OdilMMl>. ,»!!« her* 1 (aiW), M«
ImiriMo, utility.
picks mi Ki'tiY rim tiukii
JamM 1: Hmatl of HOI N. 41st at.
want k I toil Murphy on third b*tae for
his All Kti%r outfit. Here's the rest
of thacn
Itlaa. rartlMHl. fire* Um: llaher.
\ vriMD ae« and haM MarfMi; IWw4-
U*. third haa>- WllrhrM. \ wirna.
ah«art*l«n> I r«« I An|H»>,
mill field ft Idrwf. Seattle. tenter
fleM. filler. Oakland. left fleM (
\-la«i> ivaillt! ami Hak»r il'»rt
land), rati hen, Ihiinilan .Hell
lake. Inmi , sia Iraarlaea). %%.
MH » . i ! \. r , I . I r Mm
rameiila ■ |>lt«lieni Nf»rmaf er, l*eri
laml. utility.
NO HOI Ttlr *wn
ItrnnlA llftif «»f lft rat are.
doaan't want any |%ft handed pitch
•r* on hla squad At d« a«t ha didn't
pick any Here's hi# outfit-
Wierlf %ll lake, fleet baaa; Kreg.
■all lake. a»«««««I »aee; Kamm, nan
I rai.<tw«, third haee . J »I|>mii. *all
lair Miller. Oakland l-tt
field, t Idred. teal tie. teeter field i
l r«a ford, laa ln«ele«. rtghl field j
|W \ urmar ileman> anil l|nee *»an
»'rmar|eia». talrkernj l»eii <%ernaa>,
ntraad iiell lake t a* eh < "an
franc Weal and % flail (Oakland*,
pit* her*.
U«m»v J. I'arker of 1300 Mich
land ava , Hranterton. Waatu la |>ar
Ual to Seattle plityer* tla pl'kn all
Meat tie men foe hla Allbaal anrr<-
gatlon Ilia team follow.
f, %»t« I J»k#. flr«l l«w
wwrtlty. (mm* . Itohn#,
HmIII# IHInl Imm itthuMW. Hll
|«k». •liatlalap, Millar. t>»kt»n<l I#ft
f»e»«! lMr«4. r..i.i
IHilrfc. •»*« I rlfbl fWU|
A4*ra> VaNlo. >mi• hr« , DiUrf
l%rOMn«nU' . M VNiltHI i% irw > ,
IMUf M 4 <.«•/♦ p4l« !■ -
+r». kuaiii <«M » r—wlw. .
The alomnl ulrMiiir hava
on* iMJon of Ihf rr»n<lfiA(id.
Graduate Menajrer I>arwln Mela
neat «nnoun<-«w that there will be
the earn* eeatirur plan an In the Call,
fomta Thankajrtvin* *-a*i * text y*ar
i 'owrtnulJon of the row* of eenta
around the mnntrur trark wtll be
completed aome time tht« week.
NFTW Oct I« —Tulane
botnU of thV< Ainemeii who wers
named aa ,\ - • ) aar
They ar« llynfSMilleu and for eat.
NnrtliwmHTß ItAlnnri t ol|e t e -
\*x 7 \
bf * 1 , M
\ il K4CTORT
f M.IM ,TI Y^V'
/ B. fine It \
n#ri.«*Tow a*i> K«rr pKk
TB I'rwmpHy Illicit
t S
Camp Lewis Wireless
Zft.flOO I'.XArmj O It Nlilrtif
all sizov.Vnule txu I^T
S.WO I H. \Wn y () if). Njrts.
site-, ja |o K' j. 'lt
smi j- fh.zn
V. R.Ma Issue O. all
.JY.. . »7.00
2')i*Army HouArV' nt *> KxlH.
600 I'. R ",W T<-nl\ nx», 12-
ounce, « toot mill
• *• • • • **>
Hal^yOfvl ii rted by \
Wit Third Ave. '
Heal lie. Waah.
Zuppke Has Illinois in Running for "Big Ten" Title
Whether It I* an uphill fight or j
not. the and of tha *ea*on generally
find* Robert C. SCuppka, football |
mentor of th* University of llllttola.
. playing on* of tha leading role* in
i the Wextern Conference.
roach Zuppke put hi* tnarhln*
thru the iflt aaaaon with a rlemr
claim f«ir the title. Wlten In mld
eeaeoti the Iludgera took llllnol* into
i«mp It looked like their chance* for
1 the title had gone r Simmer lag.
Hut «rt. r that Ztippk* (ot down
Ito biißlnmi. ll* mirfftnitM hU
I .<|ti,.it within ft wNh'i Mm p and mm*
l>ai k anil ran uvar Chirm" That a
| tha kind ut a fl«htar tha llllnuM
t-unch la
Whan '/uppk* cam* tn llllnola In
III! tha l»*t that tha Illinl had rvar
<k>na In tli* fuottiaU i«nnonadlnK
»aa to Ua MlmtaaoUt for th* chaw
| plonahlp In 1(10.
Thn n«xt fall Zuppka produerd
I a famoua taani llllnola won tha
<'onf*r*n<a rhampionahlp. d*f*ai
Ins Indiana, ohlo, Northw*atcrn.
i'liira«ii, Wlaxonaln uid Minna
In l»IS Illlfiola tlad Mlnnraota
for the tttlr. In l»l( It trtmmrd tha
, rrack Mmnwu eleven, whuh other
wLaa would have tied Ohio for Uia
j tltla. In ltl7 Ohio and Ulnneaota
j were th* only two tuuiia lo beat
| /upt'k. " yrtd machine.
Hut In I*ll Zuppke'a grlddera
! wrre bark mr>m In full blo.»m-
I Tliey not only won tha tlianipion
j *hlp, but h«ld the unique record
I of not M»t ar»re<t on by • Confer
en re twin And taat year lh*y
I rnppad acwln after that never lobe
I forgotten uphill fUtbt.
Men whom Zuppke aspect* (r<mt
| thlnna of thla >nar are Iteplar.
, canter and captain, Ilob Kletrhar,
! <tuarter; Italph Kletcher, halfback,
1 Walqulat. halfbark. tYanfla, full
lauk. ami Carney, at end.
"I can't way who wraa tha rraateat
! player I ever aaw," H)l the lUlnuia
1 coach.
"Mome of the beat barka I aver
eaw are: Maaeen of Mlrhlcan. l'<H»y
Clark and l'o«ue of llllnola. W yttmn
of Mlnneaota. Ilailry of Olno Hut*.
(Ma of Minnesota, attd Kckeiaall and
Ni •' yu n of Ckka|*,
"Tha beat Hnetnen I have aver
■*en are; ll*Meeer and Kr-klund.
j tackle* of Mlnnea. ta. Ila*t»n. end of
! Mlnnaanta; Dea Jardlena. center of
j Chicago. Chapman, All American
• uard. of llllnola. Iletdlng, and of
j'"hi.-ajr-i and Carney, end of llllnola
"I would hat* to a«y who waa'tha
beat player I ever aaw, for 1 don't
i believe any Uvlnc man could do
: that.
'"Tha fht irreateat player* I ever
crm bed w>r* -|*ot»y" Clark. I'»ne.
both of IlltnoM; Johnnia Itarrett.
later of Waahlncton and J»ff*r»on:
l"ata Ituaaell of Chlcaffn, Milton tlhee,
I later All American quarterback, from
j Dartmouth.
"I think, peraonally. that every
r-na of the above me& arc All Amer
] lean mat^riaL
"l"rom our aeetton of the country
j thla year I would say that tha All-
American material ta aa follow*:
"Oaa. eaally. If he playa up to laat
yaar'a form.
k "Depler. <-enter and captain of III!
nota. will brar watchlmr.
"Cranate. fullbark for Itllnola, w.ll
alao be watrhed cloaely.
"And Klatcr and Ulenn Dnrtue of
tovra are sood men.
"I cannot very well talk In term*
of AU-Amerlcan team*, becauae I do
not bell*ve In thai Inatltutlon
•"To me the All American tram la
! a ludli-roua conception I would u*e
At mgt rcasViahlq/pricfH.
out ptiin or\)Ll Jitter ef
Phone Elliott 36.'i:i \
Third and James Street.
BAN mAHI'IHOO, Orl 27 An In
and out toftftt. good today, p«>or to
morrow—that In the way the plgakln
t haaera at UiiiMl Btmnford unlveral
ty ahow lit* early In the araaon.
Known thruout the country dm
fighter* iiml *teilar i>erform*r*, tt»e
Cardinal footballer* thla year are r**-
? • uted by a train w hlrh In Ita flr*t
f«»ur lainm loat twi« t» com par a
lively inMlltxtl train* and won tWIM
from imallvr *chool* by narrow mar
gin*. lark of co ord I nation bat warn
tha forward* waa marked In Mich
Kiunr played Fumbling. too. I»a«
beam murh In avldanco. The heavy
line, strengthened by aeveral vat
eran* of laat y**r, lack* tha *i»e«"d
n<H-f**«ary to break up *t»ift play*
around tha and*.
Lack of gfKxl matarial ha* llfart
ad tha *4|iiad. Tfce rerent addition,
however. of M Hwade** Klghter and
Jack I'atrb-k I* l*»und to help tha
Cardlnala out of tha doldrum* Tha
main troubla with tha front line dr
fen»e *o far h** barn at canter but
lllghter la known thruout tha Weat
aa a canter fr<xn < Center villa.
NATI'RAI rum n
Patrick la ona of thoaa natural
ground galnera whwa» ability la *poll
nl by too rnurh coa< hlng He can't
move an Inrh If the bail I* turk"d
away under the arm In the approved
American etyle, but If he la allowed
to park the Waither aa nature in
tended in hi* cane- way out In front
of him ha ran certainly pick the
hole*, when ha lan't worrying about
tha ball, other* may fumble when
«-aiT)'lng tha liall thua, but Patrick
refuae* to. And when he pa< k* It
under hi* arm ha can't make a foot.
Thla aeema to be the popular fault
with the entire team temperament.
Karh man wanta to play hi* own in
dividual gam* In hia own
ICll.lt I MINK
In Art Wllcoi. captain of the team.
Coach Walter IMwell haa on* of the
bralnirat and faatrct quarter* oti the
Cuaat. K. He h laudetna n. veteran
n*tn and. Pembina rlaht tackle held
over from laat year, aixl Ktita. rl«ht
guard. <ompri*e a right wing which,
playing a three-man game, could
hold th*lr own wMh almoat any taam
*een here in yeara f>eema, another
veteran, la atlll fighting It out with
Htlce for the honor of being lllghter'a
right-hand man
Hut, M every ram* tf ne raaary.
the fttanford aquad. living tip to the
tradition of yaara pa*t. will he there
united on November !•. when the an
nual Htanford California gam* la
plav*d In Berkeley. No dope go**
when theae two team* cUah. ICa al
waya any tuau'a gam* uoUl tha last
a more irtrennoua word, bot tha word
'.udicrou*' la about aa rldlculoua a*
I can think of."
Zuppke la g*tttng a good start an
far In thla aeaann. llllnola awainpe.l
Irrake. 41 to t And then followed It
up by defeating lowa and Michigan.
Their route cord caila for cta*h*a
with Minnesota, Chicago.
and th* final* with Ohio Htata.
It'* a long hard line of t*ama to
buck. I tut leave It to Zuppk*. He'*
out for tha title a«aSn.
&tdA, MonAou
\ /
\ • /
6ef O/ let" Atouj AO. W- S(V >uuml£ jjfyou/ Mr <ffA X* KSw
|o{«v "fuAl/ Axt jMv<UA, fitfurwn tuAvnL&iv ffcuftc&ite focfaitt' CVrtL <x>
c. Jtt^nE.—-Ifu !L /UU| dLott tfa&< l*C+i ffuJrt&Jroj oVt*-.' fl*d/, SAW/A&1&
" ru*v*u*g Wi saciv .utruki. jJojLnir U&yj -*■]&>*- mr\a<S^r\aXitr^ t
j v A l -' u-vtfc, oit xjour /
ig-fitf /
<o<Ti£iYvmi/>tf cli/ucf"/(o Aftfu/~tfuxt~£veu{
-W£d< 44V Iftf,
£t\OU/J& yitvCmLC- Atavmfi&Jb .poutyjfcr Oo <ytUp&£ot& 0f tfi/ iuiindLbom&ShAur
MI/Or\%ttnr\-SoJh#n pOvf" office, fybr~&£JLr oft AUcJv GL> tfu/n<j?
Chnti, >u<ju/*xucimt to yeJT a* tuttfu&L]!cu*ru{ /aurrc K<uv 15.000
picrp£is l Irt doum aaa* Kix (RupotdLt» aa&sa\ i&jb M&i&rtkt, 6&U/7
Vwtr /i>aur .Aadv/ a/ Guja»utf«, ' ut # /^ ,t ' £c*k/
MXtnr tfuvr £wr /6cuy aT cl (?rvr\^^nr\ gauie.l
(l£ftr, /ti/mf. AJMW OiqfJ- fa Ca*r\dL> xx\ tta f^wuu i CoM l-aeK <m u^?a>
s'it aW* fihtoth,—ahofuiE&\ r Ctqqngtk out
O/nu pAOcx &rk/,
jtor ffut-dxnn
7&e» -$UAt£At" AuurtevA-Jto C<r>K|)aA£y £a/mE£fc> tcaaAAtti.
A/w "J&i, AtrOrCd/ ' fIAC. /l_cxrc£<xf<.-Ovv/!
S'll ?f)i££/ >U<ju/ Cl/ MXLOTE Qjuaxjk CU> D (je4~ a, ij
dt CLortWA-', \,
0' II Ojl>Eiv xuxj /Uf at-CauXa/ %svn(m>^>^(^ , • JLu
"ft£AtA ft/ Aira/d/ d iUurt. XO/ Aiucx • '*
/ QP H
f *— —* «=^^nyULt^»
TTint Waahinxton standa a
rhume of winning tha Htanford
game than any other gujna arhad
ulad thla RfMion, I* tha opinion of
many local grid follower*.
Washington will far* tha Cardinal
tr«am Saturday, November I, on
Danny field. with a rmatJy
at nngthaoed lineup. and If tin old
W&ahlngton fight 1* there, it look*
like a I'urpla and (told victory.
tluy "Tubby" Norrl* la U<k al
hi* old Jo!* at half after receiving
* *r%«-ra Injury In the flmt game
<»f tha aaajuiQ againat Whitman.
Norrl* t* connliiirwl ona of th*
hard eat hitting t*M-k« that ha* av«r
donned a l*urple and Gold Jeraey.
t'aptaln Tad Faulk, left end. will
be bo< k to fIU up tha big hole that
ha left vacant when taken away to
tha Minor boaptuU baeauaa of an
Infection In hi* arm. Tha *cor«
of tha Aggie Wuwhington mime
would protiably lm different had
Captain Ted and hi* right boot l»een
there to drop kirk tha ptgakin thru
tha whita gi«l po*t». In the Moif
tana game, Faulk'* aliaanre wa*
notired moat tanrauaa the li*rd hit
ting (irtxziy bark* nuida gain *fte»
gain around tha aod that Ted usual
ly play*.
ftemiafi Miller 1* another of the
aheentewa who I* expected to g«*t
in tha Mtanford fray, Uletin Mouth
wi'k. Injured in prmrtlca early thla
*ea*on. la back In a auit, and will
probably fill up ona of tha Una
bo I a*.
Jimmy Olllully, ona of tha nrrap
pleat Httla man that ever played
for Waahlnictoii. la out again and
la putting up a strong fight for
With Captain Fautk bark In the
linaup. Trura" Dailay will be moved
bark to hi* regular position In tha
hark field. "Crum" haa played ba
hind tha lln» every *lt ha firwt
handled a ptgakin. but did remark
abla at and, convtdering hi* lark of
ex partem* a* to the duties* of an ax
trernlty player.
If anytxjdy da—rvaa to play In the
tftanford content. It la Itay Rrkmann.
tx kmann I* tha litUa at rapper that
la In lh" fray every second of the
time, beoide* keeping w*> morale of
tha taam up.
lloyl* waa appointed head rrew
roach at Cornell unlveralty yeater
day. He will aurce*d tb* late
Charlea E. Courtney, the nationally
known rrew coach, whom Hoy I* aa
atated for over JO yeara
OIK'AfJO, fht 27. Kormal Jrv
diet man t of bnariiall playara and
xamblera Involved in tha •fixed"
IWl'j world aerie* will be returned
ihl* week by the f'ook county gr*tid
Jury, which haa been lnva*tlgxtlng
l*a*«-l#all acandalx, it w*a cxt>acted
here today.
Cvidetx e taking wax ronrlude<J
with th*' teaUmony of Joa ciadar>n.
HL I/)iit« Amer|f an league aanond
l»aa« rnun. The Jury will now d*.
vote Ita attention to haaeball pe/ola.
expecting to firilah In a few day*
and repf»rt.
That Charlea A. Comlxkay, owner
of the Kox, had knowlrdic* of the
brlh«-ry In 191t, wm* the etatemerit
of Harry Jtedmond of 25aat HL
lynila. 111
Itadmond deeiarad ha eat In at a
meeting of tha "fixer*" and later
told the *tory to t'omlakey.
Indictment* charging a conspir
acy to do an Illegal act have a)
ready been voted by tha grand Jury
agniriMt 10 baaeball play era, two
(rambler* and At tall. Three of tha
pla>er* confe*#ed.
I>ee Job neon, the mlored battler,
who Jumped Into tha limelight after
winning a declaion over Ham lang*
ford laat weak, will be *aen In action
tonight at the Mtlwaukla arena
agMlnat Tarry Keller, another Kaat
!tattling '/.'itu take* on Frankle
Murphy. Marrario Floras will fight
Johnny 1 lake and Kddle Rok* fight*
Kddie M<ior« in tha other bout* of
tha avaning.
WASHINGTON. Oct. *7.—Oeorß*
town unlvcralty ha« adopted the rule
of the revolving captain ayatera. A
different player captain* the eleven
each weak
U «a»rrt»r| D
■I aad mm f aJUf vpravra tke II
y mpprmrSmffm rVbr* bat It H
B rene««# aaahea fl
D j?jr '■ U
TvrnvrffnAT, OCTOBKR TT. W.
NKW YORK. Oct. 17.—A1l
(frrmrnl for a match h« b*
twern Oiampiou Jack IMnipiT
Mud (jnr(« <jtrj>rnllrr *lll be
alrned when til"- artlclea hat"
Im-ri redrafted, Maaager Jirli
Kmhu iUiiKunrril for lli-mpw)
Mkr It »a» lirllcved Ihe agree
Hunt would be riwlml Ul* l»
Keam*' ablrrUnn to Hw Mlt
rim wv thdr provUton for llw
d< (himUiik *rf fnrfHt*. (HJlf*
Let-ma wiTr ullWuinT.
NEW YORK. Oct. n.~ Bffor* «j
nightfall the acrlbbled «I*7iHt'ire« of |
J*/ k D*mirfwy and r;eorg«a Orpen- 1
tier may be on a «hect of paper ;
pledging them to liattJ* for tb«
heavyweight chatuplonahlp of tlia
world. ,
Knim a virtual certainty, the long- ,
looked for bout turned oTernlght Into
a probability. ,
After nit agreement to bring tha
champion with bla fountain pen to j
the Clatldge hotel thja morning to
KiKn the contract, Jack Keariyi i
changed hi* mind. 12
A clone pcruaal of the contract ;■
brought out "aleepera" that ha caa- I
not agree to. Kcarna nald. I
After a wi"k of conference. ffl
Kruno and manager of ■
ihe Krenehman, met yenterday and I
agreed to the tertna offered by Te* I
Klckard, Charles B Cochrane, the ■
I»ndon promoter, and bla Amerlca/i |fl
ally, William A. Brady. ■
Around midnight Ream* foimd tha 91
"ImpoaKtbllitiea" In the contract.
The promoter* expreaaad nurprtea
»h'n Informed of the temporary
blocking of their road.
The term* of the contract wera
held up until the agreement la
actually algned.
However, It la understood I>e»np
my haa been guaranteed 1100000 for
hl« end. while Carpantier la to grt
The t>out "not lean thnn 10 rounds
and not more than H" to a declaion
or a mwlectnioo. aa the locality will
permit, will be hekl between January
1 and July 4. 1 >2l.
Th«! promoti-* munt tartan the utt*
and post a rorfett <rf |i 00.000 before
January 1 The two principal* must
po«t $',0.000 each and be notified at
lMi*t 60 day* before the fl*ht.
If the atate boxing commiaahrn will'
•cvnctlon the affair. It will be fougt<t
In or around New York, probably on
July 4.
BOSTON, Oct. 17.—80b Martin.
A. K K. h«v)w» i*ht champion.
knocked out Uury WllUama. of
Bridgeport, Con*, to one roood,
here laet ni*ht. J
NBW HAVES', ConfL, Oct.
Coach Tad Jon«*s h<n hope* of
In* a star ha*kfi«»ld man out of
Krmptnn. who vu r<*plac«sd at q uar*
ter by Thorn Murphy, since xhe Boa
ton collofa diaanter.

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