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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, October 27, 1920, Image 15

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*"Knvr*mtT. orronww n. rm
Ciar*. •
r*Ke 192
IIVIK llttl* city ni growing.
A T»l»r'i Mill hummed away
ter after day and turned the hl(
kti frvm riant tree* into lumber
for houm. and pole# for tfl»
graph * Ixaa. and ti«a for rail
Pourtmn years had puwl idnee
tho Indian War. and Seattle folk*
war* feeling pretty aafe and pret
ty much at bora# In Uielr now .
Already K waa a turn it. and the
people who loved the doop wood*
and tha rolrg out after cam* l» ;
Iran to make camping ptrUw !
which took them far Into the
torn foraat
Once upon a ttm# a pretty llt
tla girl wife wont with hor hua
band on I trip Ilka that, and took
hor baby with hor.
Bh# waa a pioneer rtrt and aho 1
knej It. tho living In a waa eabln. i
carrying water fn*tn a claar
•prtng near by. and being alono
thru tha day with only hor hahy 1
and tho chipmunk* and Uia blrda
for company.
I But aha did not TTke being alono
Iftw dark—aha didn't Ilka tho j
Might aounda. nor tha fool of lit '
tlo animal* scampering ao near-
It mad* hor creepy.
Onoa whon a long tramp had
takon lha mon further than th*y
Intended to »o II rrow quita dark
bo for* thoy returned.
Tha baby whimpered and «ho
tried to hush tt to aleop, but it
waa roatleaa and frotted and boar
•bout with IU llttl* flat*.
"Tea. my procloua," tha WO*
mothor whUpered. "mothor know*
you aro moat atarvod. It'a boon
two whole boura tinea you had 1
1 V OIW> Rubwty Rytol-
R // you could have teen the lovely basket Mrt. Woodehuek
on the piano.
■ The lfHdmr Orovs school »U
jWvlng • plmlo. Mr. Scribble
SlMtck, thu (tlryntn schoolmaster.
•■Bounced tt on Friday ifttrmca
•Iter r«c«n. and »uch a ncM you
amr beard—*uch squealing* and
•(Makings and croaking* and
whistlings and koslDti and evtry
thing. Even Nick, who always IrM
to bo dignified (being truant offl
cor, yon know), threw op bio rap
aad caught tt on his too, and Nancy
UMa happy tttUo He around tha
! They wm to moot on Saturday
Under tbo big wtllowtrea oa the
adge Vf Lily Pond and each family
wu to bring its owa banket of
good!**. Of course, all that night
tkor* wore the beat •melts ever In
Meadow Grove Und. becauaa there
Wore r iMi» and plea to bake and
■aadwlchea to be made, and wlid
bsrryade to bottle. Mr* Squirrel
Striped Chipmunk*» Happy Thought
IfftTBII'KD CHIPML'NK *at on a
P moaay old log, laughing until his
|Mn ached. "Ho. ha. ha! Ho. ho. ho!
■Oh. dear! Oh. dear' Ho. ho. ho. ho.
kaF* laughed Striped Chipmunk, hold
onto his aide*. Over In the Green
P fMt ha onuld still hear Chatterer
M Red Squirrel crying: "Thief
[Robber!" as he chased his big cousin.
Happy Jack the Gray Squirrel, and
| (Very time he heard It Striped Chip-
I Binnk laughed harder.
1 Too see, Btrlped Chipmunk had
I known all tlx time that Happy Jack
I «ta spying on him. and ha had had
So end of fun fooling Happy Jack
| fey suddenly disappearing and then
bobbin* Into view. He had known
that Happy Jack wa» folio win* him
ao as to find out where hie store
tmuee wan. Then Btrlped Chipmunk
i had r«m»mb»r»d tha atorehou** of
1 Chatterer tha Red Squirrel. He had
> filled th« pockets of hta cheeks with
anorna and gone straight over to
Chatterer" a atorehouae and put
them inalde, knowing that Happy
jac k would follow him and would
> think that that waa hla storehouse.
'JThen Btrlped Chipmunk had hidden
' titmaelf where he could sew all that
happened. Ha had seen Happy Jack
look all around to make aura that
no ona waa n«*#, and then tear open
tha little round doorway of That
terer's storehouse until It wa« big
enough for him to thru He
find aeen Chatterer <ome up and fly
I , Into a race and pull Happy lack out
I'fcy the tall. Indeed, he had had »o
1 elap both handa over hla mouth to
keep from laughing out loud. Then
Happy .tack had turned tall and run
.war, with Chatterer after him,
Pghontlng Thief and "nobber" at the
top of hla voice, and thle had tickled
Btrlped Chipmunk atlll more, for ha
knew that Chatterer hlmaelf la one
•f the greateat thieves In the ftreen
foreet Bo he ant on the moswy old
jog and laughed and laughed and
yinally Btrlped Chipmunk wiped
taara tress his s/as asd jumped
your bottle, but tha milk ta mit
In th* aprlng keeping c«al. **l
you jo to a loop—bywaeoe by* a*
ee" ah* crooned.
Ilut tlka baby ertrd mora and
Bo at hut aha had to go oat ta
tha eprtng, no matter how much
aha mxM a/raid of the big dark
mi* waa afraid to too to tt>a
baby, too, *v»n for a little whlla,
for fear aoma annual would allp
in and got It.
Ilut aha foft atte had ta take tha
Hak. ao ah* cloaed the door behind
hor and ran fnnt aa aha could on
th* rough trail to th* ■ptirtg.
Suddenly ah* Hopped What
ma lhatt It aoundod like her
baby'a orlwv and yet—no, It
couldn't be the baby—that long,
dismal pitiful wall and It name
from up the etde of the hill, not
from tho direction of the houea.
Her heart pounded In hor stda
and hor hand* ahook *oh* al
most spilled tha milk aa ah* lifted
It from the cool apring.
Thera It waa again—a lit Ma
nearer —aucta a wailing anhblng
aound like *ome little lo«t child.
Hat It *u«'l * Itttls rhl'd. aM aha
hoe# It. k*r faal fair I* flaw tMf the
r»vM aa aa« mad* hor way ha a
le tha rahta.
And hardly waa ah* tnatda hofnra ah*
haaM th* rwtllni of hranefaa* *var
har window*. haard etaalthr **ddtai(
footfall* autaUla h#r Imi. haard the
whlnini cry ae rleea ea rlaaa
gha rauiM har eulld le har kraalt
an.l ahook with terror aa a haary
hodv hurled !t*atf aaalnat tha heaoa
Hut tha atroa* door hold, aad whaa
tha tnaa ram ta hahy alayt aafalr.
kul tha yaun« father aald. "Ma mora
ramplaa aut far you, n>r daat." and
took tna llttl* aiathar hoaa heat day.
didn't go to bed until II aad gat ap
at a, and Hn Bunny didn't go to
bed at aiL
lira Woodcfcunk kept at It antU
old Oranddaddy Mole, who alway*
said ho wm bard of hearing aa well
aa earing, had to rap oa the wall *o
be could get mae Bleep.
But. oh boy I If yaa could bar*
•eon the lovety baakat Mrt Wood
chuck finally let oa tha piano,
piled ap snowy and round Ilk* a
gtpey wagon, only with mystertoua,
delictoua looking lumps sticking up
bar* and there under the neatly
•tretched napkin, and tha lovely
pile* of starched "ooatiss" laid an
chair* for U» family to Blip Into at
daybreak, you'd hare derided, I'm
aura, that It "didn't hurt aid Mr
Mole ana bit to toee an eyeful or
two of sleep. But the mean thing
told It all over that be d lost 40
lOwrkM, in*. If. R A.)
up. "Uy. my; this will n«*ai toV
said ha.
Mia haaOa as* 141 a f*W
K«fr fliUd a •t«r«hoa« 7«Ct
But ao l'<r« h»«rd mj.
Into mis'hur aurttf |«L
"liar* It Is almost Thanksgiving,
and " Striped Chlpmnnk stopped
and scratched hi* head while a
funny little pleased look crept Into
hla face. "I wonder If Happy Jack
and Chatterer would coma to a
Thanksgiving dinner." he muttered.
"I believe 111 aak them, Juat for fun."
Then Striped Chipmunk hurried
home, full of hla n«w idea and
chuckled aa he planned hla Thanks
giving dinner.
Of eourae, ha couldnt hare It at
hla own houae. That wouldn't do at
So Tie Sat on the Mosny Old
Log and Laughed and
all. In the firm place, tha doorway
would he altogether too email for
Happy Jack. Anyway, hla home waa
a secret, hla very own secret, and
he didn't propoee to let Happy Jack
and Chatterer know where It waa
even for a Thankaglvlng dinner.
Tfaas be Uwugbt ot U>s pig, amouUh
mossy log he had been sitting on that
very morning.
"The very plane!" cried Striped
Chipmunk, and scurried sway to
find Happy Jack Squirrel and Chat
terer the Bed Squirrel «o Invite them
to bis Thanksgiving dinner.
Na*t ■tarn fWrlpad CMpamnk'n
Thaakaglvlng Dinner.
Too Many Up# and
Down*, Says Wife
Objection to being a gambler'a wife
on the ground that It la "too pre.
carious," la the burden of Mrs
)*ura Ragland'a plea for dlvone
from Hhelton Ragland In her com
plaint filed Tueeday. Hhe clalma he
let hef quit work when he waa fluah.
but aent her ba< k to the grind when
he waa broke.
Zetpo, the Clean, Antiseptic
Diauid, Just You
Ifeed. Is Not (/easy
Don't\grry about mama or other
»ion troubfV Vou m>n have a clear,
healthy akirWby /tmo, Ob
, tained at store for 35c, or
extra Urge bo t tip or $l.OO.
I Zrmo Ee'iejpV removes pimples,
blackheads, fa#wh|| eczema and ring
worm and Maktx Ac akin clear and
healthy. Jrmo is a rWn. penetrating,
antiscptj^liquid, neikrr sticky nor
KreasyMA Mains nothing. It is easily
applis#and costs a mere wide (or eai k
apuWation. It i« aiways dependable
JrTto E. W. Rom to,CI«»tU«xJ. U, J
If yon wrSbai owing «f hear
ing an«l W'»*tr\*un or
If you hsv« r'lnum, ruJSbllng. hl««-
Ing n'ijn*>n in yoV '«# go to jrmir
drugglut and g»t of I'armlnt
(double utrfngth) 018 ft'*'* to It *%
pint of hot w»t»r llttla gran
ulated imir, mbleapounful
« tlmra « <1 ay .
Thl« will oftaiWlirlng qinck relief
from tha dl«tiw»l"g
riofCM nnat ld op'n, r%*al h -
Ing and lha mucu*^|i>p
dropping lliroat. II In ir%
to pr* little, and la nli-aa
»nt lo Any on» who la threat
mud ndni Catarrhal Deafneaa or
who lis* head notara ahould give
thin praacrlptton a trial.
Rheumatic Pains
Qftfekly Imml By fiJlntei
Hamlin'* Wizard tfll
A tnd effective preparation
to pain* of Rheumatism,
Sciatica, lßrnr Barked Lumbago
lt pene
trate* quicknk drijjp out the aore
tea», and the itifl ach
is joints and\p*clc».
Wizard Oil dependabla
preparation ip ' n , ' le mf< ""
cine firaVaid when th#
doctor maybe far Vou will
find daily uaet it in caaes
of miahap* oW accidents
such m aprainn, bruiaea, Ati, burna,
itinga. Juat
toy for earache, toothanie and
umip. Always keep it in the house.
aU* boHU ilo.
W u you «ra trouhUd with
'•r olek h»adMh« try llaralln'i Wlaard
I.lvtr Whip*. Ju«t pIMSABt ifttil Plall
ylll* »l 4j-uf«l«U Uit
Danny Is Getting to He a Hard Guy
We Hope He Finds Out!
Ye*, It's Getting Worner and Worner
ou iicp
Just th« mrnnfu/m appfy Men
| tho-Hulpliur to an Apilng. burning or
broken out ltching atopn
anil healing beglnK *wa a noted akin
nprclnllat. Thl«#ilpli»- preparation,
made Into a aniaant%rnl>l cream,
give* aui'h aJhulck r«wf, even to
fiery ecsemafthat nothing has ever
been found M> take It* plwv
Because ylta |rnn (Vmnmlng prop
erties. It Xulckly subdues Itch-
Inn, lirttallon 111 n 1 nula the
up, leaving a\ clear
anionthFakin In plaoe of ugl;Aerup-
pimple* or roughnAi.
Y<m do not have to wait foj Im
provement. It quickly Hhows. You
etui get a little jar of MruOio-Uul
phur at any ilrticr atoro.
Wllsf- UK liKrKTVKD
Hiirfmi of Ku\jm*n and Ar.-
Navy I**n». Wanh-
InictfinW. o'cloi-U a. m..
for d«rli\ <*rtnK
utram '1 ptimpM to the
Navy Hound. Wa*h
Anpiy tha nupply
lo tha ItumMl of Hup
plljgPTnd HAMI'Uf. Mr-
r«ym«Htnr QenilHl of th<»
Wjrjk W% fMU w " •«««! fir ItlffCfTllATf*!■ Ml Rlalfti
Mm Z1 fT lkA«vM Cfca rmm— and raatavaa
fMrai&u UtMriptlu kMk ffVM.
IUI-M GOHTAIfi ttrnsMk -
ky firm)
Old Port Wine
awl Olive Ojfls
All doctors Vtr»W)o Olive Otl and
Tort Win* aa \t<m& tonlo. Rich old
Port Win* connpu Iron and other
body bulldtng ylwdlenta, and pure
Olive Oil la food when
made In a tnCture ikli aa Portollve.
Tou will nyr rogalAyoar strength
or hoaltly taking woWileaa drugs,
mostly Try latum'* way
and KfJhow quickly yA Improve
and gA back your atrpnOh. Tou
win C&l like a ne# person Apr one
wcejfs trial, rortollve It cm sale
at flmX. Swift's and
c]£m or sent direct by jwiroel port on
receipt of 91.78. Portollve Company,
747 North MoJn street Los Angelas.
You Can't Brush Or
. Wash Out Dandruff
\ V
TtV only *ure way to get rtd of
dandivf la to dissolve ltj then you
entirely. To mn this, set
about folVouncea of nrflnnry liquid
arvon; apjW It at when re
tiring; use though A moisten the
scalp and rulmi ltvfcrnUy with the
finger tips.
I>o this tonlrjjf and by m<wi»tng.
moat If not dandruff will
be gone, andV four mora ap
plications Ji\ conmletely dissolve
and ruitiMf de»trf.y\ every single
sign andKrac* of It, n\ mutter how
much you may^bivsi.
find, too, thatVjl Itchtnc
and fUcKing of the scalp *ri|tatop at
oooe. and your hair will
lustrous, glossy, silky and soft, and
look and feel a hundred times better.
Tou can get liquid arvon at any
drug store. It la Inexpensive and
never fails to do the work.
I I coUWnublaai nightly—
▼ JrAinaßuß
Superfluous Hair, Roots
and All, Quickly Go!
»«w H—» M yto
For tht\n( time In hundred
yar» a genCnely effeijpve method
of hairy
growths ha* djfFovered. Tha
new phelactlna doe* not
merely taka off tjLhatr endju it
actually remove* lt mom
this quickly and Ipraiwly. It doe*
not act anythfnafflke tlimdopllatnry,
electrical, or otAr l'helac
tlne I* non-adVuui. nan-nbonoua
non-Irritating# Get a Bttoflkof It
from your dnitit, follow
t>le InstrucUßn*. and have the *atl»-
faction ofJteelnK the roota thea
*elve* remAail at laat.
Why Physicians Recom
mend Magnesia for
"TakeXa little magnesia after
meals" IsViow a fawrlte dyspepsia
prescript ioXamong/thousanda. The
reason for \s Hear In the fart that
practically of all atom*
*ch trouble to Add which
Irritates and IfMames the delicate
niucoua lining uf the
Hiomach and «kV natural dlirfa
ll on Impossible Medicines. druse
and dleta a\f fnll pimply because
they do notfremova\h« add, the
cause of M\ the (Vuible The
valus of ninnvsla. whia la neitlier
a BtelNW nor & ftrufllit the or
dinary weaning of thAe word a,
lira In Jno fact that i\neutral-
Isea thm acid. Of the tn&mv forma
of maapesia auch ae the oxma, car
bonate. milks and fluids, best
la undoubtedly Uleurated MaVnesia.
a teApoonful or# four tablAa or
which in a 11tMv hot water. %ft«r
meals. Instantly neutralizes the acid,
stops the fermentation of the food
and thus Insure* painless, natural
digestion. Pure Blsurated Magnesia
can be obtained from any reliable
druggist and atomacU suffer ere <
afcutUd «iva U a trial

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