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.sale: Congoleum mas.
at low prices!
—ovwr 100 assorted taiaes and pattern in attractive
colors are included; pie supply is ltfiied and we ad
vise an early J
M'-R. alaa 1 llllTf gIO.BB
MI.MI, ataa L _»11 f 01M.4H
T.CcMt. eta. _J »tU» *
tca-tt. ataa «L —Jl# —f aT.OB
aaa £ li W 03. lO
tatt-fi. tin 1 1... - - -- II -J 91. IB
—at the same tirnefwc offrr 6 mmtiema in getvaine
Gold Seal Conjrolt iini floor covcmg in wood, tile, or
conventional deaignsnn a varietsof attractive eolora,
which we have soli regularly fat $! — per -square
yard; however, this peak it is Jt hale at, |*Q
squat* yard „,.^a^^U^......./vOC
/a timdv
of ttaokets:
aritll? note
these prices—
«* Am llukits of aJkantial wifkt and drtirable
. qoatity. la Uuree-qaaSer and fall aiaaa, la a great
> ariety of colors, la this idx-day sale—
regular price
. $2.95
SIZE 66x80
t price s6—;
a «Ulo9
1 regular price
1 $5.15
ichea; regular
. $7.35
or fray; regu
a «5.7 D
nches; regular
inches; regular
regular price
> 66x80 inches;
too QC
l $7.85
London's Paupers
Forbidden Gambling
l/mtxm. Oct. t7—lnmataa of
CM Cb*mb»pw»ll poortiouaa here
Miller \says He Let
Weignt Until He Was
Shtdomof Former Self
—--Regaw *BO Pounds
Since Taftrng Tanlac
•I am aevanty year* old, but
M —anni Ilk* boyh®d again alnce
flpUi* haa put me bnk In *ucb fine
hr*lT u " waa the statement made re
centiy br S G miller a retired,
Alaakan miner. living Vt Ortlry
Washington. \ /
"My health waa ■# badlr bMR'-n
\«p thai my frlenda dldn'tml#ik I
i could laat much longer. 118 been
WCU hardly a Mingle day mt%f the
jmt tan yaari. and my ssftnack waa
ao dlaorderrd that I cjpldn't dkeet
* thing properly. MIJ appetite Ya*
wall nigh gone waa akrihr
■tawing to tethj'l went down h
weight ao much I waa nothing
but a shadow c# what I uaad to be.
1 Muld hardlarkeep a thing on my
■tawach. anjrtke pain* and cram pa
completely at time*.
My tumitjm J net aseme-l to may sour
all tha ttfna, and gaa formed ao bed
that It nearly choked ma to death.
•% had rtMumatlam all over my
<£o47, and sometime* It seemed that
•nrr bona and muscle waa aching.
I Just could m* Around, waa la pais
may now play card*, providing (her
do not gamble. "A great deal of
monay la knit a gambling,- aald on*
of th* truataaa dtu-lng the argu
night and day, and nearly
out of tha question. Mf bark *ch<<l
■omethlng awful. *a 0 ilf I etoopfl
over, thai pain vJkt\y killed me.
My nerve* d««i/iMjil wreck. and
I worried to/Jrmy condition that
I Ju«t couldft|M(A my mind off my
trouble*. II" —r all the
time, 1 didn't have
but aUm t\*mr to llva. I couldn't
set utf all, altho I had
Jtlndw of money and baen
hot ajirlntra. Finally,
«ww»n I pun told that my time was
Wnort, I atarted from Oregon lo He.
onttle to make one laat effort to get
"While In Taeoma, a friend of mine
recommended Tan la r, and 1 believe
a» firmly aa I believe anything, that
" "av.<J my life. I've never aaen the
like! Why, It haa made a clean awaap
of all my I rouble*. I have gained
back at Icaat fifty pound* of my loat
weight and my frlenda hardly know
me at flrat sight I am hale and
hearty, eat anything | ever could.
And it agree* with me no well that
I can't tell I aver had atomach trou
l|f. I call myself a well man. and
I toean, too, by that, that I haven't
»nVJi« or a pain of any kind, t
«m\ great believe. In Tanlac. and
<*n VinaclenUotialy recommend It"
Tanlac la «old In Heattle by HarUll
Drag Stores under the personal di
rection v a apodal Tanlac. repreaen
taUv*. \ I
Sixth Day of the Great
Cox-Harding Debate
I Tha damnrratlc party. aa wall a«
th. rapublloan party, baltava. tn good
I covarnmrnt. an.l atrtvao to th. ut
moat uf tin ability and wladom Ut
j bring "booil time" and to kaap tha
| paopl. utllaflad Tba dam.» r»tlc party
j ilrna U» boat It ran, and Umt la tba
1 and fanlura of th« <laroorratlo party
I tilatory It th. domocraUo party
j (mild,Mo any battw than It doaa or
hatfar (ban it baa avar dona, tha ra
1 «»1t or tbla a taction would not ba mo
I'nquaatlonably tha raaann for tha
ffclluia of tha daanooratlh party la
that It la tha party of aipadlanna
and Inaxpartatu-a, of hfdcitic and
tulbblliif, of amply pnxukaaa and
broken plrdgra and ntranfinca
It waa typical of tha democratlo
party that tlurtaaon should ba flvrt
tha Important ortlra of poatmaatar
Canaral and that A. Mltrhall fulmar
•houhl ba attornay c a nrr*l of tba
Ifnltad Btataa. Woodrow \VII«on,
tba rraataat democratic party pr«w|.
dent tbla natioo avar had. and by ail
inwiu tha domocrattc party'. graat
aat man, appointed both lluilaoon
and Palmar and Inalata on keeping
thara In office In aptta of their rOuuril.
of bad government. ,
A vorr roa cox
a vote roa rAum
AiiiUar datnocnua 1 nhna. with
Coa aa prealdaat. would aartolaly m»
a coatinuanoa of tha Hurlaaoa pall
etaa if sat of tturlaaun Mmaalf. would
maan mora of palmar'a rn.th.da aad
wiggling and wobbling and four
fliuahing. Cob la oontnuttad la diarto
•on and Palmar natkada Mm*
and Hurl.aon ara 1 1 aim It tad to Oaa.
Tou can not aacapa tha faot dial a
vote for Coa la • vpta af MP*""
for b»th Burlaann and Palmar and
an aapremlon of a daalra to oonttnua
tha work* of both man.
fUotambar Burl«a»t? Ra k A*
mat who Inaututad tha •atorratir
rontrol of tha poatal »| atam. Ha la
tha man who, andar a arar-tim. apy
act that narar con*totoi a apy. ean
aorod and auppr ■■■< aatna of tha
fraataat Amartcaa .■WWlwn a and
ma«aainaa for daftof to tall th.
truth. Hurtaaon ml ail th. taJa«T*ph
and ulaphona rataa without juat
oauaa. Hurlaaoa uaurpad tha powaf
of atata rata makiaf onmmlaalnaa
and, rhrthad In raHitaMr war tlma
iww«, kukad th* h«ad af tha Pw
to) T»la«raph company out af «A«a
and Inatallad a Wnrtarn fTtoa* man
airar boaaaa tha Poatol ob)actad tn
unfair and uajudt rata booata. Bur
laaon today la lUwty llmiim
But Burl a. aw .toad, tm Oaa. aod
Oaiaiaadaforßwtma, Ttklaaw
or tha uodantoMa «Mta « Üba earn
And Bitot art Kmart* km Nl
m»r darlarad ha would kmk up tha
park ant" truat Ml n.mim
bar with what a aw af wttot ha
bunctad tha aaal atrdu (rrtlim In
tba MUMBa Waal aa badly that K la
•till oaaattlad aad Ikotimnd. af
miaara ara a* MrMaf ttmaambar
haw Baton. a«M from tha kmi
topa that ba would rruah profttaar
la«? Palmar waa a pood pumliii -
thai waa fcrnaoratm aapadianry
Palmar waa a braakar at pram tow
that waa Aantoorauc party iasompa
Hara t. an. Ktfla Inatonra af Pal
mar'a m»(hod» axpadtawry. loeam
patanoy. broken pi iimtom.
A litUa mora than a yaar as* tha
Cuban aucar (rowcra aafcad Prato
d.nl Wilaon to buy thrlr rrop for
«H east, a pound. That would baaa
kapt tba pnrw of near down to a It
em maximum to you. Mr. and ktra
Votar WUaon oallad In Palmar to
advla. him. Palmar mid It waa un
nnwamry. that ba had H.aoa.toe
with which to braak tha barh »f
profltoannc, that ha would k.ap tha
aucar prV* down. Tha Cuhan aucar
crow ara facod Bnaiw-ial ruin. Thay
oallad an the cyndloataa of profttaar.
and got tha monay for thalr crop.
A uttla latar tha LotlWtana aucar
CHI war. rallad on I'alm.r Thay loKI
him th.tr crop «u abort. Thay
aakad pai nilmlon to booat tha pcica
to I? or II ranta a Bound. Palmar
■varantmd that If thay did h. would
not prnaacuto th«m for pcofliaarin*
Itrmrmbnr, ha hadjpat prmnlaad tha
panplo ha would rruah profltmrtnc
and kaap tha anew prkso down. That
waa damocraUo party protnlaa bcaak
Rot. Oiat Ml all «f It* Mary
Th* Ixnilaiana migar rrowera aold
th'lr crop and ImporM mora from
Cuba. They aold their Cuban «ugar
at 17 and II crnta a pound, i'almar
didn't pro«*«uta than for (hat.
either Thru tti« nrndMlM thft eon
trolled th* augar market got buay.
You know where th* prlra want. You
know what you paid right during th«
running aeaaan Th# augar hoaar*
told you th*re waa a shortage. But
that waa a falsehood. for there waa
planty of sugar. Tha warahouaaa
war* flllad with It
got urn* (iKortow:
And did I'almar mnke good til*
promt** to atop profiteering and
to keep tha augar prlca within r<-a
•on? Palmer'a »leuth« arrested a few
atract comer grooms. but tha big
augar profltaara aanapad.
Thla augar aplaoda In Pahnrfs po
lltlral life coat tha paopla of th*
United Siataa |»08,0<I».00#. You helped
pay It.
fulmar played erpedlenry when he
pr»mla*<l to kaap Uin augar prlrea
down, lie played expediency when
ha promised to rruah tha pronteera.
PuJmer abowed hla expediency when
he failed to advlae the buying of tha
Cuban augar crop.
Not one word liu Candidate Cox
ever *nld about the sugar nlTalr <lur
Ins hia campaign Kxpedlcwy again:
democratic party etia-dlency.
Cot. tlurleaon. Palmer—ad fn the
name bo;it. Thry are. Ifou win not
honeatly deny It They *re Irrevoca
bly Joined torfclher In one rampnlsn
to perpetuate and their
If yon vota for Co* jroti rota for
Burleeon and Palmar.
If you vota for Hardin* you vota
for th* overthrow of Rurleaon. I»a|.
mo r and tha democratic party expe.
dlentfy and Incompetency.
World'* Getting
Worse, She Thinks
t-RXINOTON, Kv. Oct, J7.—The
world'* getting worn >, anya Mra. Hain
P. Jonea, widow of the famoua (van
re||*t "Human life I* becoming too
ohsaft" ah* daolarad bar a.
I am In favor of tha auction of
JtMQriS Coi bnauaa ha la a positive.
I am .opposed to Mr. Harding be
muss ha la a negative
I prefer Jimmla fog to Mr. Hard
ing for tha aama laasons that I pre
for black Ink U> rad on tha ladgar.
leaving nthar thing* out at aonatd
aration 1 am for Cog because ha
t ippuaad «a Harding kwnsa ba
For Cos bo»ausa ba fufbi la
•tap out' and meat tha folka
opposed to Harding baraoos ha
prstsra to Bpevid moot of hla tlma.
Ilka a frahla old nan. on hla front
porch, and have tha fulka ooma and
look at him.
In favor of On baeaaaa ha aaama
to think tha folks ara mora Important
than ha la.
Agamat Harding >ii«m ha aaama
to think ho la mara Important than
thay ara.
Kur to« bw-auaa ha thinks and
■tmki for hinuwlf.
Agalnat Harding banan ha lata
ntharg go hla Uualuag and talking
for him.
Agalnat Harding baaua* ba "vtawa
with alarm."
For Cog L« naaaa ha aata hla Oww
Agalnat Harding hacatjaa ha "tama
hla bark" and look a backward
For Cox bacaitaa ha rrpraaanta
<>rpoonl ta Harding hacaaaa ba
rafKaaanU raat-tkm.
For t'oi bxaiiaa ha baa aald: 11a
•ho tuma away from tha tragadlaa
and obllgallona of tha war. not oorv
arcrmtad to a arnaa of honor and
of duty wbirh raalata ovary baaa
•uggaation of p»-raorai or political a*-
iwdlotwy. la unworthy of thr aatoam
uf hla oouatryman."
Agalnat Harding hacauaa ha haa
•aid: "Mut'h of tha aanttmant uttafad
conoomlng our part in tha war la
For Ong bacauaa ha knowa whara
ba la going and la on hla way.
Agamat Harding harauaa ha to
loot in tha wooda of rompramiaa.
I r IDI tocauaa ha la a av»
Agalnat Harding banauaa ha la M
For Cog haraaaa ha ti "Jhrnala."
Agaiiwt Harding banauaa ha la fhr
ovar -Mr. Harding."
It's poaltlva va. ingaftl^
Whan I apaak of CM aa a paaltfia
aandldata 1 hava In at tad tha ktad
of poaltlva rapraaantad In Unt. 001.
Chaa W « •;«. v
Whltttaaay. yon WIO I all wauliat. IB
tha fonnar mmmandar of tha "lam
llatutlon." who. whan aurraundod
by tha liarmkM and eallad on to our
randar, aant thla bn«f but poaltlva
"<)o to hafl""
why wmittumr
w fdr nnt
WhUtlaaay la a rapabliran and ha
la not going to vota for Harding. Ho
baa Jiut announced ha la going to
vota for Cos. Ha glvaa thla atato
mrnt aa tola raaaon
*1 don't think that this or any
to think tha folka ara moat Important
oparatlon of tha laagua. and ! think
TUB WORI.D For that nawa I
am going to vota for that party that
sranta tha laagua of natlona. NOW.
-Opposition to tha laagua of na
tlona la almply tha manlfaatatlon of
a rwarttonary aptrlt with whleh a vary
graat movamant la hialory haa had
to oontand."
of MHr«r wUI *lllll • mui noutk ft'
!«w Is wW lw*f • man «kfc for
■ kmc tint* fcfl«r bo C'la *•«.
■H ••
I BXTm //V
I The llJult of A^
I lv*« Itirtl ' I ■
General Barnett on Stand in
Maval Court
WAJWTWroM. Oei. »T.- -Briga
dlar lltntnl ll«ir|( liarnatt'a rharga
of "UullmtluliuU killings by Ajnart
nun martnaa occupying Mailt
liajßid on hla randlng of tha pmrosd
lnin of two rourta martial, thi* form
<-r mttlna commandant told a naval
oouri Inquiry hara today.
Raman aald h« had no sparine
anowladga of say kminin of natlvsa
la Ham baynnd thooa brougM out In
tba court martial proceedings. H»
da.|ired. howovsr, that thar« waa "a
■tat* of mind" whl.'h ha fsarad might
oauxa tnjuntlrra to the natives.
j Detail* of tha two ouurt* martial
were not brought out In liarnatt'a
early taatlmony. It waa understood,
however. that they Ware oonrta map.
tial of a sergeant who had been found
Inaana at the time ha ordered Uia klll
ln( of Haitian* without trial, and of
tha man undar tha mfatoL They
werw acquitted on tha ground that
they wra only carrying out tha
orders of a mipertor.
Chimes Are Changed
for Dying Woman
Faw umlaratond why tha program
•aa rhangad whan Edward F. Ifar
halla gava a recital en tha naw
rhlmaa aractad In tha IVaabytarlan
rtiurrh towar A talapbnnta maaaaga
from tha baaida of a dying woman
aakad for "I'm going homa to die
no mora" /
TM aid maid la aiwajra a itlrUna
woman. I
% ' - J I
each tnoXtfihurmn the
hour* of Vm| 10:80.
No coAMk obtlyttoc
vhttmr// K
Wo h#ft JWno, broad
now X-tfTr Afcina which
wo oro m»r\m \ your dis
posal bo
tionod Above. T
wnw yirtjf in
M. ka am, -—A
A«M wiup atrkiiX
PhfM>U| Atnmm Mm MnO
IM UM Mtflhi
Tnqqjrlnf tamrfer;
Ih» rota M Um high roal of living
rrduml jui) f
J. U nrVKRH. attornay. Ifaw Tort
building f think clothing prlnaa nrr
on the tohoggnn. I ■»* no r*4m
Uon at praaant In tha food ttna. How
a»ar It wnii lo ma flit) thtr* I* p>-
Ing to ba a riuiK ul reduction from
now on,
kOM. WAirrj!* rmnr. i«i tm
ave.- A Urn* number of pmpl*
couldn't bur anything, »r«i If prlosa
itid K" di*a. An *»fui lot of man
urs out of work thla wlntar.
nn. a. n noun imotf, m
ntomlway Can't aay that Tva BO
tload any drop In prtcea. Medicines
ara at 111 about wbera lliey wara
boosted during tha war.
If IM at- What? I'rtcw reunion-'
Nut that I'ra heard of -and I'm lla
Isnlng all tha tlmal
j R 1L MaCLOT, consulting
! glnesr, Mutual Ufa building -Food
la • Mttla lowsr; lumbar la going
ftnarn. steel products ara about ata
,llon«ry. Clothing manufacturers am
quoting lowar prices, t understand,
und I bellevs thla la reflected la U»»
retail prloaa.
Capt. Pullen Back
From Alaska Work
OapL R H I'ullan, aaalßtant bv
parlntrndant of tha Alaska road com
iniaßton, haa arrlvad In Haattla for
tha winter, Pullm waa famous aa a
craw man and football star at tha
Unlvarslty of Washington a faw
>•ara ago.
John Wallace Is
Rotarian Speaker
liotarian John Wallaca waa tha
f«atur«il •poakar at tha notary rlub
lunchaon at tha Arcads building al
noon Wadnaaday. Hla topic was tha
A asocial ad Induatriaa and what thay
ar» doing for Maattl».
§f Now^layfng ,, wiffi;i*on~
Serful cast, includmgS « j
TOM FORMJjfii 'fWtJjk 1
w Hft -»\
XJ / Bvl •' % |MB
\%, 1( NO IB \ f Mtsw
JMH ■■■ \m Vk Y B % wtHju I I ruilf
Qw \ J| 1
ajl w \
"Oh Death, Where
Is Thy Sting?" Choice
OOLJjMUT'H, Oct. SI. —■ Whan
OMf|« N*' btjr, M. A*mm hand)!,
kwraad 11 mnntra b»f"ra h* w«»
A «m 4 MM 4a • UtapmM . MM
tc/ort dinar r. ,
N? « ©•••% \
wemmmAT. #*?rmr
r .. „ .
•nhwliiTM to 41a ta ft>« *ct*W GMT
that h« had tarn ******
month to IIr«, he fcy P l **
m« U>« roll** •»•«. "**». TOmto J.
Wh«r« fa ThjrW"!'" « "•
*raph In hU nftt __

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