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School Protective League
Attacks School Board on
Vaccination Issue
Vigorous protewt against the whole
gale quarantining of homea In thla
city for amallpox where amallpox
do n not axtat but »h»r« the patlenta
hare merely refuaed to allow the
vaccination of their children, was
regtatered at • meeting Friday night
of the rubllc School Protective league
at the Chamber of Commerce.
It waa voted to arnd a commute*
to Mayor Caldwell to aee prh.it can
be done to atop the health depart
ment from the alleged Illegal prac
tice of thua quarantining boarding
houiM and Oliver homea where the
family la dependent upon Ilia home
to aarn their living.
Several apeaker* warned that pa»
•age of Or* Sheppard Towner bill now
before oongroaa muat be blocked in
order to avert the cntaatrophe of a
'nation being dominated by the medi
cal profession."
The hill. It waa aald. for
tha examination and advlc# of ejtpac
tant mothers by doctors under the
direction of a national board of
health, and la "rary subtla.**
Edward Ju.J.l, an attorns repre
aentlng the league In the aocalled
"clinic soil." Informal the Irajni"
that the him hn.t b»n «r*wd Tues
day before the utitr lupmnr court,
with the probability that a >t«Uion
may be expected early i»tt > rar.
poaoribly ivoMr
The milt wu brought apinst Dr.
Ira Rrown, itilt medical adviser
who la alleged to have cone beyond
hla rlchta In establishing a achool
clinic her*, where l.tM surgical op
eratlons were performed upon achool
children during the ftacaj year of
ltlS-11. and Mt.MO of achool money
expended without lecal authority.
In the matter of vacctnatlnc achool
Children, the league did not take the
■land that vaccination ahould not be
permitted, but that It ahould not be
enforced among people opposes! to
materia raedxa.
Attorney J odd declared enforced
T»rcl nation In the public achooU to
be th* "first atep toward pLarlnc the
asxt generation entirely under the
control of the medical profession ~
He advised mothers oppoaed to hav
Inr their children vaccinated To no
ttfy th* principals of their chlldren'a
achool In writing that they did not
wish It dona.
Many women preaent at the meet
ing, the lanreet In the history of th*
•nfanlxatloo. told of Iruttanrea In
Which they felt they were being ttiv
duly haraaaed by the city health de
portment. Mr*. Clinton 8. Harley
Says Time for Disarmament
Not Yet Arrived
cent: VA. Not *o.—"The hour
for universal disarmament has not
yet arrived." M La Fontaine. Bel
glen delegate, declared today. In ad
dressing tha asaembly of tha league
of nations In public seaalon.
La Fontaine maintained that the
economic situation is tha moat inv
pnrtant confronung tha world. In
stating upon the right of the league
U> "reat upon the strength of tha
Sat tonal armies which are at Its dis
position: then It will tto at tha
Merry of no one."
The question of how the league of
nations will meet fiermany's threat
to disregard the clauae of the treaty
of Versailles. Involving allocation of
bar colonies under various man
dates. occupied much of the atten
tlon of the league assembly today.
While none of the delegates would
consent to be quoted, the Impres
sion seemed to be general that under
present conditions the league would
have to depend solely upon economic
pressure to compel Germany's
acknowledgement of the binding na
ture of the pact.
That this would be efficacious waa
regarded as certain, owing to Ger
many's peculiar vulnerability In this
direction at this particular time.
A» the situation now stands, !-»
Fontaln* said, discussing disarma
ment. the league Is composed of 42
Wtates with armies numbering mil
lions. and yet is unable to save
Armenia. He denyrttded formation of
an international general staff and
tmiltsdUre employment of an Inter
national force, under the league In
behalf of Armenia, "thereby demon
strating to the world the effective
ness of the league."
Disarmament not being possible
now, the members' armlee and navies
should be placed at the disposition
of the league to form the basis for
an International force under the
league. La Fontaine said.
His remarks were greeted with
tremendous applause.
With three appropriate «<'rvlre*,
the Flrnt Church of Chrlut, Sclentlat,
at l*th »ve. and Denny way, will be
dedicated Sunday. Service* will b®
at 11 a m and at 3 and * p m The
dedication mark* the clearing of the
church Indebtedneaa.
Klrnt earth for the church wna
turned in 1»0» The building wan
completed In 1»14. Service* were
held, meanwhile. In the quarter* of
"the Sunday achool, In the basement
The edifice, one of the finest
church building* In the city, l« of In
diana Jlmeetone. It* seating car**
city I* I.MO or I.JOO. not Including
the Sunday achool, which ha* seats
for 700. It coat $170,000.
by Patrolmen M J. 1 "aimer and V.
All'mwnkli. whrn a 31 oalll»er r*-
volvar and six .hr 11. wm fdund lit
hi* pooketit Ho noJil he waa broke.
Jtng Sin*." 1». a Chlneae iMNlunt,
In held In the city )all on)an o|»n
clMr|< following ht» arreat early tiv
day at Kifth ave. H «nd Jark*on at,
by Mototvycle 1-atrolmen lieorge k'
lteynolda and W \N l>cnch. who
My he waa carrying a revolver and
i\ riiiNM \ niMidiT
Four bunlvtot, thrre of them
within a radius of a faw hltvk* In
the Phtnney dlatrlct, were twin* in
vvstlftttd by police Saturday The
Mm* band of prowlers »s blamed for
the burglaries at the bom*** of M
Hor»nwm. 11l N. ?7th it, II A Wil
•on, 90R N 94th St.. and J. 1L Kwj
nedy. 702 lllift st.
Three ring*. a pearl nerklaca, two
lav a liars and a stlckptn ware stolen
fn>m dortnion'i ho«na Tfom Wll
•on ware taken a watch, a paa alsed
nugget and two sterling silver hair
pins. Kennedy waa r\>bbed of a
ptiraa containing $4.40.
l>r. 11 A. Wright, Jill N Hroad
way. notified police that a larga
amount of linen and )rwelry valuad
at aavrral hundrfd dollars, had bacn
taken fr\>m hla boma.
NEW rORK. Nov. 10 Profiteers
an partly reeptnwlble for the **>
called crime *>ra now affecting
many eection* of th* country. Ml**
Julia K. J affray, eetritary of th*
commute* on pri»om» and prlaon la
bor. declared In an Interview today
Aa w i itary of thla bo«Jy. which
la a national organisation. Mlaa Jaf
fray declared ah* had found that
• torfew of the aucrv-aaful operation*
of profiteer* led to a reckle*« bell«-f
among eaellv led men that they could
get away with" smaller Crimea and
Prison aurveya recently made show
a Croat decrease In petty offense*,
with a croat IncrMUM In crlmaa of
I'<~l war relaxation. nntlceahle In
all cUaawa of aociety, freedom from
military discipline and rwtlan from
th* apirttual exaltation of war time,
contribute to the present wave of
crime. Mlaa J affray declared. Tha
period of readjustment after prohibi
tion. ~wlth police not readily arras*
inc men for drunk en mw," also playa
• part, ahe said.
"The reconstruction period after a
cr».«t war always has remitted In a
so-railed crime wave," Mlaa Jif fray
"t)na of other cansaa of tha In
crease of crime la rarely taken Into
consideration—th* opportunity which
a time of unreal afford* for tha man
d- termlned to 'get '•Ten' with society,
to wreak hi* vengeance.
Tour hundred and fifty thouwind
men and women are dlarharced an
nuafly from prtaona and lalla and
workhotiaea throout tha country, a
cood staad army, disgruntled, on
trained. th* output of our pnaaut
medieval prison system.
"Th* no* prartlral etep toward* th*
prevention or mlntmixlng of aimllar
clime wave* in th* future. li*a In th*
reorganisation of prlaon ayatem*
alone «»n* and eonotructlv* tinea "
m dent on tha ground. and they
called that the Columbia river.
Tha hurt ttma 1 worked for Paul I
had a hard job. Hla ramp waa too
big for ma! I Would hlra nice,
rlean flunkeys and send them In
tba dining room with grub and It
took ao lone to gat to tha and that
It waa their grandchlludren r»m»
back, and some of them happened
to be girls. and It's simply hell to
mix girls with boys in a logging
amp. w 1 quit
meat bvrner
Police Prowler Car Smashes
Into Street Car
Pursuing sn auto believed to have
been a whisky carrier, i'atroltnen
O. W. Christy and C. E. Tedri'k. In
a police prowler car. crashed with a
liallard North street car at Fifth
ave. and Virginia st, at 12:40 a. 'm.
Saturday. No one was Injured. The
police car was badly damaged In ttie
The alleged whisky auto escaped.
The policemen were not close enough
to It to get the number. The chase
started at Fifth ave. and Spring st.,
when the police saw a sack being
passed from one auto to another.
Hold Funeral for
Veteran Mariner
Funeral services for John T. Will
liamson, Northwest pionr-er and flmt
marine en<rln**r to riotlv« a lirenn*
on puget wound, will be held at the
Jlonn*y-YVatjion Co. *«tahllMhrnent
Hunday noon. Williamson firm ctffls
to Fugtt *ound In 1 *59, ** v*n your *
after the aettlement of Henttto.
will iifm Mm# m »nff, tmr whlfl we
will sir# thaaki rrkhrat. at my fel*
I'rlw 'I hanlixKltlna Hard Tlmea Ball, Kri
rt« j , lb. n«oa. Hall, Zed A ftrnrr*.
a»h will fee awarded tkow feral portray-
Ina ifer and all wba wrar any ■.
flnrrr flNrd. Adnalaalani lit. for ladle*. ..
men ». in. Indian mr Tbr 11.-or la
■ real, and r*tra laualc engaged.
Rrßlanrra' elanaea ThnrMaf, KrMaf A
aalurday. I'rltafe Iruoaa all day every
day, at HI" I
Story a Jay
Helping the
Other Fellow
Cofyriffki t fffd. hy PtHiMfday, /*a<ye
«i tV ; puhliMKr.t by tfv i ii .»rrany*-
tnent With (A# \\ Hrrlrr
tfynitU iktr. / n*\
Ttut mn tblm that belt* others
help thlmselvea?" Mutvaney.
Thla In the atory that William
Trotter told me on tha batch at
Aguaa Presi-as while I watted for the
rig of the captain <»f the fruit steam
er Andador which was to Inkn me
abroad. lleluctanUy 1 was leaving
tha land of Always Afternoon. Wil
liam was remaining. and ha favored
ma with a eondensad oral autotitog
raphy as w sat on tha annds In tha
ahada mat by tha I4<{ttegtt National
Aa usual. I became aware that tha
ituu) from Jt»ml«ay had already writ
tan tha atory; but aa ha had com
pranaad It to an rlrht word aantanca.
1 hava ttftcom* an r xpiuialoniat, and
hav» <|utita«t hla phraaa abova. with
a|i«k>ih< , « to him and baat rctfarda to
a a a
yon O'r hara a da«lra to
Co Ijack to tha land of drrby hata and
atarchKt rolLara*" 1 a«knd film. "You
arrm to ta a handy man and a man
of action." 1 oontlniiad, **al*d I am
at ins I could Hrul you a comfortable
)o4» aontawhrro In tha Htatca."
] iLagged. aMflleaa, baref<»>t*d. a
confirmed eater of th* k'toa, William
Trotter had pleaaed me much, and I
hated to ae* hun gobbled up hy th*
"I've no doubt you could." he mid.
Idly splitting the Isirk from a motion
of lurur can*. Tv* no ilouM you
could do much for me. If every man
coufcl do aa much for hlmaelf aa h*
can for othera. every country In the
wt>rVl would I* holding millennluma
liuttend of centennials "
While we were talking, ther* waa
| a Bound of flrlnc guna four or five,
rattllncty aa If by a aquad Th*
rhaarful not** cam* from th* direc
tion of tb* curnlel, which la a kind
of makeshift twrrai ka for tha aol
dlera of th* republic.
"Haa*4hat T* aald Wintaio Trotter
~T.et me tell you alout It.
"A year ago 1 landed <*> thla noast
with one aolltary dollar. 1 hare th*
anm* nm In my pocket today I waa
aeoond cook on a (ramp fruiter; and
they marooned ma her* early oee
morning, without benefit of clergy.
Just because I poulticed th* fara of
th* flr*t mat* With rh*e»* omelet**
at dinner. Th* had kicked be.
aauaa I'd put horseradish In It In
stead of cheeaa.
"When they threw me out of the
yawl Into three feet of surf. I waded
aahore and aat down tnider a palm
trea. Br and by a fine, looking white 1
man with a red far* arvl while
clothe*, genleal aa poaalhla. but
aomewhat under the Influenea, came
and sat down baelde ma.
"1 hid notk<-d there *u > kind of
I a V.llage back Of the iMrh, and
' enough srenery to outfit a down
moving plrtiir* hIh»& But 1
thought. of course. It wu * rannlh.il
ralxirtv. and I wu wondering whetb
!er I wu to t« Krv»d with (VtoU
or mtialirooovv And. an I »r. this
itmaxl up man alta beside m». and
I ws heroine friends In the spare of a
mlnuta or two, For an hour w«
Ullitd, and ha told ma all about It.
"It a««nia that ha waa a man of
parti, conscientiousness. and plauai
blllty. braid'* being educated and a
wrerk to hla appetite*. >l* told ma
ail about IL Colleges had turned
! him out, and distilleries bad taken
him tn. Did I tall you hla nama?
It waa Clifford Walnwrlght. I didn't
exactly catch the cause of hla bain*
raat away on that particular stretch
of Kouth America; but I rarkon It
waa hla own business. I asked him
If ha'd ever bran a»«-ond nook on a
tramp frultar. and ha raid no; ao
that concluded my Una of surmises
Rut ha talked tha encyclopedia from
'A —Berlin" to "Trllo—Zyrla.' And
ha orrM a watch —a silver ar
rinffm»nt with amrka, and up to
data within twenty-four hour*, any
I bow.
" I'm pleased to have met you."
says Walnwright. 'l'm a derotaa to
the rreat Joes Hooxe; but my ruml
rtatlng facilities are unrepaired.'
any* ha -or words lo that effert.
'And I hale." anya ha. to see fools
trying to run tha world.'
"'I never touch a drop,' says T,
'and there are many kinds of fools,
and the world runs on Its own apex,
acorrdlng to scienoe, with do med
dling from me.'
1 'I was referring,' saya he, *to the
president of this republic. His coun
try Is In a desperate condition. Its
treasury Is empty. It's on the verge
of war with Nlramnla,' and If It
wasn't for the hot.weather the peo
pie be starting revolutions In
every town. Here Is a nation.' goes
on Walnwright, 'on th(< brink of de
struction. A man of intelligence
could rescue It from Its Imperilling
doom In one d»y by Issuing the
necessary edicts and orders Presl
dent Gomel knows nothing of states
manship or policy. Do you know
Adam Smith?"
" 'Lertime see," wiy« I There was
a oneeared man named Smith In
Fort Worth, Texas, but I think his
first name was
"'I am referring to the polltloal
aminomlatt* aaya Walnwrlffht.
" 'Knoth»r Niuith. than,* pays I
Tha ona 1 apawk of navar waa ar
**Walnrifht and ma parweatas
thru the tirwn. and ha halts at a
rum dUpenaary.
"'Have you any money?* hs sska.
"*1 have.* aays I. flihlm out my
•User dollar 'I alwaya gn about
with adrquata turn* of mon**?.'
• Than wa will drink.' aays Wain
"'Not ma,* anys I. *Not any de
mon mm or any of Its ramification a
far mine. It's ona of toy noo
wnak n«<eeea *
• 'lt's my failing.* says ha.
your particular soft p*jlntr
"'lndustry,* aaya I, promptly. Tm
hardworking, dlllfrnt, lnduatrtous
and tnwietlr.'
** 'My daar Mr. Trottar.' aays ha,
'•uraly I've known you long enough
to tall you you ara a liar. Krery
mm muat hava his own particular
wrxtknwv and his own panieuUr
«tr«nKt)i in other things. Now, you
will buy ma a drink of rum. and we
»U* call on Praildant Oomea.'
"Well, sir,** Trottar want on, "we
walks tha four miles out thru a vir
gin conservatory of palms and ferns
and othrr roof ganlan product* to
the preaidant's summer White llouae.
It was blua. and ramind«d you of
what you see on ths stiff* in tha
third act. which they describe as
'same as the first' on tha progmma.
"Thr-re w*a mora than to iwopl*
I waiting outald* (ho Iron fenca that
' mirroundad tha houaa aj>d grronrvln
. Thora »m tfti'tuli ami afltator*
. and oparirnra In gold la. Ed uniform*.
<u>4 cltlaen* In dlamonda and I'ana
ma tiat» all waiting to i«t an audl
enra with th* Itoyil l»raw
And In a kind of a aumtncr houaa In
front of tha manaton we could m a
harntalonna man eating break faat
»ut of (old dlahaa and t.ikliiK hia
: Urn*. I jiidr* that iht crowd out
*M* had com* out for their morning
• ■rder* and raqueat*. and «u afraid
1 to tntruda.
"Ilot C. Walnrlght waan't. Tha
| **!• »u open. and ha walked Inatd*
[ and up to Uia praaldant't table aa
; <-onf>d«<nt aa a man who know* th»
| hand waiter In a I!»Cent reataurant.
| And I went with him. ticca ua* I had
only 71 eon la. and thera wa* nothing
• toe to do.
'Tha 'et»o« man rtaaa from hta
cjiair. and luoka, colored man aa ha
*u, Ilka ha wta about to rail out
for corporal of th* ruard. poat num
•»r on a. Hot Walnwrtght aaya aoma
phrajaea to him In a peculiarly lul* 1
i-»ttng manner, and tha ft rat thine
ran know wa wu all thraa of u*
aoaWI at' tha taM*. with coffaa and
rolla and Igtiana cutlet* coram* aa
faat aa about >0 paona could ruatla
"And Own Watewrletit l»*>tna to
talk, but th* p real dan t Interrupt*
** Too Yankee*. ■ any* ha. ponta,
'aaanredly tak* oik* for a/anir
anra. I unn you' "or worla to that
"ffart. Ha apnfca Knrliah better than
you o» me 'Yoo'va hart a km* walk.'
*y> ha. T»ot It'a niter In Ota cool
morning to walk tluvn to rlda May
I itinnit aoma rofmahmentaT My*
• *"Rum, # aay* Walnwrtght.
"* 'Gimme a rlgar.' aay* I.
•"Well. *tr. Ih« two taJkf*d iu) hour,
keeping th# general* fend equltlea all
in th*if good uniform* waiting out
aide the frnr#. And while I mivkd.
ailent. I Ilfitrri<vl to Clifford Waln
wrtght making a aolid NptiWg out
of th* wiwlc of out. I didn't follow
hi* argument* with any *pe«-u\l rollo
ration of International Intelligibility;
hut h* had Mr. (Jflmni'i attention
IThird and riveted. He takea out a
pencil and mark* tha whlta linen
tablerloth all over with figurra and
**timatea and dedurtlona. He apeak*
more or leae diareapectfully of Im
port and export dutlea and cuatom
ho tine receipt* and tAXea and treatiea
and budget* and conmaaiona and
aurh truck that poll lira and govern
ment require; and whan h* get* thru
the Qofnex man hop* up and ahake*
hla hand and aaya he'a aaved the
country unri tha people.
"I found out afterward that Wain
wrigtit waa a regular tienchcoraber—
the amarteivt man on tha whole roaat,
but kept down by rum. I llk«Hl him.!
"One day I Inveigle*] him Into a
Clean your bowels. Stimulate your circulation. Pile
up reserve ntrenjfth. Get into condition.
At All Druggists
We Can Prove What We Say About It.
Geo. R. T. Mack & Co., Seattle, Wash.
Distributors for State of Washington
For Thanksgiving Send the Folks a Nice
'Mlverrd to Any Kiprriw Office In United Stalin
«P£i Packed and Re-iced by Express Co. Until «|)m
Destination Is Reached.
Snfn Arrival <)unr*nl4v>d
501 Seaboard Iluilding, Fyurth and Pike
walk out a couple of mllea from tha
villa n9>\ whin thara waa an old graae
hut on tha teuik of a llttla river
While h« wm alt ting on tha graaa,
talking tieautlful of tha wlialom of
tha world that ha had learned In
IxMika. 1 took hold of him eaay and
tlad hla handa and feet together with
leather thunga tiiat I had In my
" *l#le a till,' nava I, 'and meditate
on tha exlgenrle* and It regular itiea
of |lf« nil I K rt back '
"I want to a aback In Aguaa Frew
caa, where a mighty wim gtrl named
Tlm«»te* carrlao lived with har moth
**r. Tha gtrl woe Juat about aa nice
aa you aver aaw. In tha Ht.it* a aha
would have bMtn called a brum-t. but
*he wan better than a brunet 1
ahnuld aay »ha wo* what you might
term an ecru nhaila X knew her
pfftty well I told her a>M>ut my
friend WalnwrlghL Hhe gava me a
double handful of hark 4 cullaaya, I
think It wm and aorna mora herba
that 1 waa to mix with It, and told
ina what to do. I waa to make tea
of it and give lUto him. and k«*ep hlrn
fro«A rum for a certain tlma And
f(»r two weeka I did It You know. I
Ilkad \\ ainwright. Iloth of ua waa
broke, but Ttmotea aent ua goat
meat and pUntalna and tortillaa ev
ery day; and at laat I got the curae
of drink Uft«*d from Clifford Wain
wright, lie k»at hla taate for It And
In the cool of Oie evening him and
ma would alt on the roof of Tlmo
tea * mother n hut, eating harmleaa
truck like coffee and rice and atewed
rraha. and playing the accordion. •
"About that time !»r*aldent <Some*
found out that the advice of C Wain
wrlght waa the atuff he had been
longing for. The country waa pull
Ing out of debt, and the treasury hud
enough boodle tn It for him to amua*
hlm«elf occftaionaJly with the night
latch. The people were beginning to
take their two hour electa again ev
ery day which waa the aurcat aJgn
of proa parity.
"Ho down from the regnlar rapftaj
ha een«la for Clifford Wain wrlght
end makea him hla private aecretary
at 20,000 feru dollam a year Yea.
air -ao much W alnwrtght waa on
the water wagon—thanka to ma and
Ttmotea and he waa anon In clover
with the government gang. I>on't
forget what done It —eallaaya hark
with them other herba mixed make
a t*a of it. and give a cupful every
two hotira. Try It youraelt It takea
away the deeiro.
"A* I aald. a man can do a lot
more for amother party than ha can
for hlmeetf. WainwrlghL with hla (
bra ina. got i whole country out of
trouble, and on ita feet; but what
could he do for himaelf? And with
out any epecial brain a, but with
aoma nerve and common aer.ee. I put
him on hla feet, becauae ! never had
the weakneae that he did—nothing
but a rigor for mine, thanka. And— ~
Trotter pauaed. I looked at hla
tattered clothea and at hla deeply
aunhurnt. hard, thoughtful face.
-I>ldn*t Cart wrlght ever offer to
do anything for jrouT** I aaked.
-Wainwrlght,** corrected Trotter
"Tee; he offered me aome pretty
good Jolaa. Hut I'd have had to leave
Aguaa Freecaa ao I didn't take any
of em up Hay. I didn't telj you
much about that girl - Ttmotea. We
rather hit It off together. Bhe waa
aa good aa you find >m anywhere
ftpanlah, moetly, with juat a twlat of
lemon pee| on top. What If they did
live In a graae hut and went bor*v
"A month ago." went on Trotter,
"ahe went away. I don't know where
to Hut—"
"You'd better come bark to the
Htate*," | **l can promt*'
you powltlvely that my brother will
give you * ponitlon In cotton. nugur,
or *b*r tingn I am not err tain
**l think wh# wtnt hark with her
mother." Mid Trotter, "to the village
in (he mountain# that they come
from. Tell me. what would thin Job
you wpciik of pay?"
"Why," eatd I, hesitating orrr
commerce, M | phmiM aay fifty or fi
hundred dollar* a month—maybe two
hundred "
"Ain't It funny." eald Trotter, dig
ging hla to** In the Rand, "what a
rhump a man Ui whm It com«-e to
paddling hu» own can«»e? I don't
know. Of course. I'm not mAklng a
living here I'm on the bum Hut
well. I wiah you could have ween that
Tlmotea. ftver/ man hM hi* own
weak ■put"
The gig frtmi the waa
coming eabore to take out the ri»p
tain, puraer and inyaalf, the lone
"I'll giiafttßtae," muld I confident*
Iy, "that my brother will p.*y you
a« venty tlvii doiiura a month." •
"All right, then," nn i«i William
Trut tor. "I'll "
Hut a eoft voire railed aeroaa th«
bluxing aamla. A girl,■ faintly Itrnon
tinted, atood In the ('a lie Heal and
called. Him wan ban* ut med—but
what of that 7
"It'a her!" wild Wllltaxn Trotter,
looking. "Hhe'a coma bark! I'm
obltgad; but 1 rant take th<» Job.
Tiianka, juat the uuna. Ain't It
funny how we nui't do nothing for
ourNlvtta, but wp'v«' all got our weak
polnta7 Tlmotea a mine. And, eay!"
Trottrr had turned to luave, but he
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retraced the atep or two that he had
taken. "| like to have left you
without aaylng goodbye," aald he
"It kind of rattlea ybti Wheh they
go aw ay unexpected for a month
and come hack tha aaina way. Hhake
handa Ho long! Hay, do you r*
member them xunahota we heard a
while ago up at the cij.irtel? Well.
I knew what they waa. but I didn't
mention It. It waa Clifford Wain
wrlght being ahot by a a«|uad of 00l
die re agalnat a atone wall for giving
away eecreta of atate to that Nlca
mala republic Oh, yea. It waa rum
that did It. lie ba< kHld<*d and got
hla. I gdeaa we ail have our weak
polnta, and can't do much toward
helping cmraelvea. Mlne'a waiting
for oie. I'd have liked to have that
job with your brother, hut wa'va aJI
got our weak polnta Ho long!"
• • •
A big black Curlb carried me on
hla back thru the *urf to the ahtp'a
1 boat. On the way the puraer handed
I me a letter that he had brought for
I rne at the la*t moment from the
poatofflr#, |n Aguaa KrMGM. It waa
from my brother. He rw)u<«t«d mo
to meet him at the Ht. Charle* hotel
In N**w Orleawa and accept a poai-
Uon with hla houee in either cotton,
Nugar or ahecUng, and with five
ihouaand dollarm a year aua my aai
When | arrive#] at the Crenrenl
'ity I hurried away far away from
the fit. Cbarlea to a dim chamfer*
I gar file In Hlenvllle at. And there,
looking down from my attic window
from time to time at the old, yellow,
n bain the houae acroMi the atraat« t
wrote thla atury to buy my bread
' and butter.
"(Jan tidrn tliat helpa othem help

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